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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. breaking news in the country of turkey where it is the middle of the night and a group in the military is trying to overthrow the government. they have taken full control putting the country under martial law. there are reports that they have fired upon government supporters trying to catch the bridge in ankara, and putting some in danger and some are hurt. and they are urging people to take to the street in support of government and there are reports of low-flying jets and gunfire. the group cited increase trark as a reason for -- terrorism as a reason for the takeover. john kerry is hoping for
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stability and peace in turkey. all u.s. citizens there have been told to stay in their homes and not attempt to go to the u.s. embassy or the consulate. turkey is a key u.s. ally. stay with abc 7 news and follow us on abc 7 news bay area for updates throughout the afternoon and evening. and with that, we say good evening, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. wayne freedman is in san francisco with local reaction to the coup underway right now. >> reporter: good afternoon. with short notice, this is as close to turkey as we could get, the ala turka restaurant on gary street where the food is turkish and the people who work here are turkish and the only thing they are talking right now is the coup going on in turkey. let me show you video. a lot has changed since the revolution in 1984. but they are using social media to watch the play-by-play as it
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evolves. >> we want a democratic country, we don't want a dictator -- >> this is good for the country. >> you are saying the revolution is good? >> yes. this is everybody's -- [ inaudible ]. >> we may have gotten our wires crossed but the guys were watching it very closely. they all come from that country. they are very concerned, not only about democracy and about freedom in turkey but also about their friends and their families. they are looking at this on social media and staying in touch with those people. we'll keep an eye on them as they keep an eye on turkey. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the u.s. state department has told all u.s. citizens in turkey to shelter in place and we'll continue to monitor the
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situation there throughout the evening. you can always get updates any time with the abc 7 news app, just enable push alerts. turning to the other big story internationally, the deadly terror attack in france. >> you see blood and bodies everywhere. >> there was chaos in nice, france, after a truck careened through a crowd killing 84 people and now a uc berkeley student is among the missing. >> reporter: the white jump suits investigating the promenade on nice, france. we're learning about the man that left 80 people dead, including ten children. >> translator: he was a delivery man, he was a tunisian nationality and he had a wife and family. >> his ex-wife detained by investigators as they try to peace together how and why this occurred.
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surveillance cameras capturing the truck as it drove over a mile along the crowd watching fireworks along the beach during bastille day. inside of the truck, guns. they are saying it is an attempt to attack the liberty of france. >> why nice? it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. and why the 14th of july? because it is a day where we celebrate freedom. >> reporter: among the victims, two americans, sean copeland and his son brody and a uc berkeley student who is still missing. and here in the u.s., the flags over the white house lowered to half-staff. >> today our hearts are with the people of france and with all of the innocent men, women and so many children who were hurt or killed in this sickening attack. >> reporter: the world responding with silence and
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reflection. >> the suspect was not on the authority's radar for terrorism. though he should have been in prison. he had been sentenced to six months for assault back in january. but received a suspended sentence. abc news, washington. muhammed beulah picked up the truck last night arriving on a bicycle. his father said he suffered from a depression and have h a nervous breakdown and had a drinking problem and was not religious. more than 200 people were injured. they will begin a national day of mourning starting tomorrow. and we'll show you how far the truck traveled in the attack. the truck knocked over and crushed pedestrians over a distance of two kilometers, about a mile and a quarter.
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that is the same distance from the foot of the bay bridge down the embarcadero to the implora torum so it had momentum and speed going through the crowds. >> and a uc berkeley is among those missing. >> several other students were injured in the attack. leslie brinkley is live at uc berkeley right now with the details. >> reporter: i spoke today to a father whose son is close friends with that missing cal student. he said a group of students were on the beach watching the fireworks and thought about going up to the prince williaom decided to stay on the bridge but that might have saved their lives. >> some ran, terrified there could be gunman at every corner. they took shelter in a comic book store. people returning to their student housing. but one student did not return.
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20-year-old nick leslie from do mar, california, is still missing. classmates and the u.s. embassy is searching for him. he was enrolled, as featured in this video on the uc berkeley study abroad site. they have an in tensive four-week program in nice. two were hospitalized and a third suffered a broken foot and they have not been identified. the program is suspended for three days of national mourning in france but will continue until the plan end date of july 24th. three students have chosen to return home to the u.s. right now. >> i have a few friends who are there in nice right now, in france, several people provide us facebook suppose dates that they are -- updates that they are fine and safe. >> reporter: this congressman is on the house intelligence committee and said things have changed for good in western europe. >> here at home we're hoping
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that those that are missing or wounded survive or come back and we could find them. >> reporter: they told abc 7 news they are searching for him in all of the hospitals in nice. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the eiffel tower was lit up in french colors this evening to honor the victims of the deadly attack in nice. you could see the blue lights and they have three days of national mourning getting underway tomorrow. a san francisco city hall prepares for tomorrow's vigil. the french flag was lowered to half-staff this morning. flag was just put up a few hours before the attack in recognition of the field day. >> a news crew captured a simple message in front of the french consulate today, some wrote pray for nice and left candles and flowers as well. we spoke with a man who stopped to reflect. >> i was just horrified. a lot of the people -- like on
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july fourth, it is their bastille day and it is fun. >> the french consulate is organizing a vigil, at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon in front of san francisco city hall. >> and you could show your support for the people of nice by sharing this image from our abc 7 news facebook page. you see the hash there, pray for nice. and still ahead, a tragic accident in the bayview neighborhood, a child killed while playing on a car. plus -- >> it took 400 years for us to get here. i'm hopeful it doesn't take that long to get switched up. >> people in pacted by police use of force share their concerns and how you could join the conversation. i'm spencer christian. say good-bye to inland heat. the cooling has begun. i'll show you the changes coming our way for the weekend. as we come up on 4:10, a live look at traffic. it is gridlock all over the place trying to get into san
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francisco is a nightmare. this is a live look at the mcarthur maze and this is even bound traffic on 80 that is backed up a long ways on the right-hand side. slow-moving cars as well. but a little bit of daylight for folks trying to make the right-hand turn into san francisco and near the bay
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see the secret life of pets, in theatres july 8th. happening now, we are updating our breaking news out of turkey. you are looking at video of prohist government protesters in the streets of istanbul.
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the country is under martial law because of a military coup. the president has urged people to take to the street in support of the government. a lot of explosions have been heard and the state reporting media is reporting 17 police officers have been killed in an attack from a military helicopter. all parties in turkey should support the democratically elected government and show restraint. we'll keep you updated as the story develops throughout the evening. back here in the bay area, we have developing news in san francisco. a tragedy after a child was killed while playing on a car. >> it happened at ruel court and hudson in bayview neighborhood. leen has more. >> reporter: police are calling this an accident. the little boy, 7 years old, was found trapped in between a car and a structure beam and quickly taken to san francisco general hospital where he was pronounced
4:14 pm
dead. now let's show you the gray car where they found him. police say he was complying inside or next to the minivan when somehow the car started rolling forward, trapping him. a neighbor told me the car you see there had been damaged a few days ago and was parked inside of that carport for the time being. police think the car was unlocked. >> there was an unoccupied vehicle that was parked. the child was near that vehicle. the vehicle moved and the child made contact with a pole and the vehicle and he was trapped between the two. >> reporter: and neighbors believe he was playing alone. his parents were at work. but they quickly came home when they heard what happened. right now investigators are talking to people in the area would tried to come to his rescue and police will also take footage from video surveillance cameras in the area to get a better idea of what happened
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here. live in the bayview district, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. well happening now, a massive sinkhole has closed part of lawrence expressway in sunnyvale. video from sky 7 hd taken about an hour ago. you could see the sinkhole is blocking at least two northbound lanes north of east arcez avenue. they hope the repairs are finished by 6:30 or so. they are advising motors to avoid the area. a recall is underway for the mayor. outside of city hall, some support him and others got into a shouting match. they are upset at high housing prices and the shootings and treatment of homeless people. >> there is no more housing. he's benefited developers more than the businesses of san francisco. >> he was able to build 7,000
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units in two years, since 2014. 26% of them were permanently affordable. >> the grupo posing the mayor -- the group opposing the mayor needs to collect 40,000 signatures for a re-election. a shake-up in b.a.r.t. service this weekend. no service between south hayward and fremont station starting at 9:00 tonight because of repairs in maintenance. bus service will be offered instead. b.a.r.t. had a similar closure during july fourth weekend. air-conditioning will now come standard on new buses as the drivers were clamoring for better climate control on the crowded buses. the new system will be state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly and send diagnostics to muni mechanics and provide a more pleasant ride for drivers and riders. >> and the president made a statement regarding race
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relations in america. >> it is going to take a while to get to the point where we want to be, but nobody is more hopeful than me. >> that is the surprise during a national town hall meeting about race and violence in america last night hosted by abc world news tonight anchor david muir. they invited local law enforcement and religious and community leaders to watch the event. we had the privilege of moderating a discussion here. jessica castro has more on what was said. >> reporter: continuing the conversation on a local level. the idea behind our own town hall at the abc 7 studios. the discussion following and got heated at times. >> you want to put it in the context of a few years. since ships landed on the shores of africa, black people have been under siege. >> reporter: the "black lives matter" movement and how to move forward in america all discussed
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in an honest and open forum. >> as a white person i'm here representing surge and showing up for racial justice that really got its start when president obama was elected and leaders in the south -- black leaders in the south came to white anti-racist leaders and said we need you to step us because the backlash against this president will be so intense. >> reporter: participants reacted, some saying they were disappointed. >> i think it was underwelming, especially by president obama and this conversation in the past five or ten minutes has been better than the whole presentation for the last hour. >> people attending appreciated being able to talk to other community leaders. >> i thought the conversation was incredibly enlightening. i think that was the intention of it. to bring in people with different perspectives and give us a chance to share and listen. >> law enforcement vowing to keep talking to communities and practice better policing.
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>> a lot of heart-felt sentiments, which are all valid. these issues are not new. >> i thought this was a conducive environment for that and i'm grateful i was invited. >> in san francisco, jessica castro, abc 7 news. we have received hundreds of comments about last night's town hall meeting on our facebook page. to join the conversation go to the abc 7 news facebook page. i have to tell you, you did a great job of moderating that. so many different opinions and perspectives and it was really emotional at times. you hear from a wife that lost her husband and her little boy sitting there without a father. it was really powerful and absolutely amazing job. >> it was a great discussion and we're so glad everybody could come and be a part tv. let's turn to the weather. and spencer christian had made us a promise. >> here is live doppler 7 hd. we have mostly sunny skies over inland areas. a few high clouds around as you
4:20 pm
could see there. and we have a lot of low clouds at the coastline. and the 24-hour temperature change looks like this. it is 9 degree cooler in fairfield than this hour yesterday and 8 cooler in concordment so quite a cooldown in the inland has occurred and this is the reason. the cooling, the coastal fog over the bay from tractor-trailer tam right now. 62 in san francisco. 23469 oakland. 75 at mountain view. 80 in san jose. morgan hill, 82, 59 at half moon bay. here is the view of the scattered high clouds from east bay hills. 78 in voez, 73 in napa, 81 in novato and -- and the bay bridge is socked in with low clouds. these are the forecast features. cloudy conditions near the coast and bay with patchy early morning drizzle and cooling through the weekend and we expect below average temperatures generally early next week. lows tonight will be mainly in the mid-50s. although closer to the coast and
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up in the north bay valleys, lows dropping into the low 50s. here is the forecast, starting at 7:00 this evening. notice high clouds will pass through overnight and low clouds and fog will linger near the coastline. and locally inland into the early-morning hours but will pull back to the coast by mid-afternoon as we take you down to bay level, you could look at just how foggy it will be along the coast tomorrow afternoon. and then the similar pattern is in store for sunday. and we'll see low clouds at the coast lingering in the afternoon with sunny skies over the bay and inland. highs tomorrow from up 50s at the coast to upper 80s inland. and on sunday, cooler in some spots but mild to warm. cooler still though on monday and breezy. and then tuesday we'll see slightly warmer conditions inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. there won't be a lot of change in the temperature range through tuesday of next week.
4:22 pm
mainly 80s, mid-70s around the bay and 60s on the coast and mid-week next week we start to get milder pattern coming in. so we're now just two days away from aids walk san francisco which takes place sunday, july 17th in golden gate park. to register call 415-615-walk or go online. it is a great day for a walk this sunday. >> thank you, spencer. up next, tom brady gives up the fight in the deflategate scandal as the 49ers announce
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tom brady is giving up his night against his four-game deflategate suspension. announcing today he is dropping his appeal saying this is a challenging 18 month. his decision comes two days after a federal judge rejected his appeal of the suspension handed down by the nfl. he could have appealed to the supreme court, but the league punished him for his role in a scheme to doctor footballs that
4:25 pm
were used in a january 2015 playoff game. the 49ers defense took a hit today. the nfl this afternoon suspended linebacker aaron lynch for four games. he violated the league's substance abuse policy. and the nfl didn't say what substance he is guilty of using. he can participate in preseason practice and games in the preseason but he will miss games against the seahawks and the carolina panthers. facebook has vowed to make the work force more diverse but according to its own research it is not making progress. they began tracking workplace diversity in 2014 and for the third year in a row, the numbers remained the same. african-americans make up 2% of the total work force across the u.s. and hispanic count for 4% and the percentages smaller in the tech sector, and there african-americans account for 1% of workers, and hispanics 3% and
4:26 pm
people of asian decent represent 38% of the tech work force. we're following breaking news out of turkey where a military coup is underway. we'll have the very latest. plus -- >> i didn't realize what was going on. but then i saw people running. >> a walnut creek woman was among those who ran from terror in france. we'll hear her story. and the gop convention and the bic talk is still on donald trump's pick for vice president. >> and the search for pokemon leaves to
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and the breaking news is in turkey where it is 2:30 a.m. and this is new video just in showing the protests in the streets in istanbul after the country went under martial law just a few hours ago. a military group is trying to overthrow the government. president obama has just weighed in telling all parties to show restraint. earlier multiple gunshots were heard near government protests in the capital of ankara. state media reports 17 police officers are dead and several pro-government protests have been hurt. all flights to istanbul airport
4:30 pm
have been canceled. all united states citizens have been told to stay at home and away from the consulate and embassy. >> and we're joined by the uc berkeley exchange program and we are seeing madness and pandemonium in the streets and professor, what are you seeing in the streets in istanbul right now? >> it is difficult to judge what exactly is happening right now. just about ten to 15 minutes ago i was out in the street and people, there was pretty much nobody out there. people were staying at home, people apparently were waiting to see how -- how it was going to play out, which side the military or the supporters of the erdogan regime, which side would gain the upper hand. now we're getting reports coming in that forces that are loyal to
4:31 pm
president erdogan might actually be gaining the upper-hand here. so people who support the president and his regime seem to be getting out in the streets right now. i hear a lot of cars honking their horns right now out in the street. but when i look out of my window, i see nothing. i hear the sounds from further away, i have heard that this is happening on the major thoroughfares and not in the neighborhoods, not in the residential neighborhoods. >> well it is good news if you are safe where you are and you are not seeing what we are witnessing on our screen right now. i saw some wire reports earlier that indicated that this was not just the work of a handful of colonels, that this was a very carefully orchestrated plot involving many sectors of the government and the military. this is your specific area of
4:32 pm
study. >> it would have to be -- it would have to be. because, as the a.k.p., the justice and development party chaired by president erdogan has over ten to 15 years in power, pretty much infiltrated and put its own sympathizers in place in all parts of the turkish state. so staging a military coup against the party that has been such strong control of the turkish state would have to be a very complex and very well-thought through undertaking to the point some people have started floating the idea that this military coup might, in fact, have been a charade in order to create a state of emergency to strengthen president erdogan's hold on the country even further. >> well that is a pretty interesting concept, if that is indeed what is going on. that requires a lot of planning
4:33 pm
and work to set that whole thing up. i have just one last question for you, because we obviously know about the attack at the airport in istanbul a couple of weeks ago and the -- >> absolutely. >> and the pretense for this coup is that the military wanted to take control and stop further terror attacks from taking place, does that seem legit to you given your area of study, or is that just an excuse to take over? >> well this isolated terror attack would by no means -- i mean, that would absolutely be an excuse for this kind of action. it would have -- if this military coup is indeed a genuine operation, this would have to be born out of more of a decade of resentment on the part of people and organizations that are opposed to the erdogan regime. >> professor, really appreciate your insight and please stay
4:34 pm
safe in istanbul. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> we'll move on now. here are your headlines at 4:30. today french authority as announced that children made up ten of the 84 people that were killed in a terror attack in nice last night. more than 200 people overall were injured and some are in critical care and half on life support. a missing berkeley student is in nice. three other cal students were injured but survived. at 5:30 we have more about the attackers history of violence. that happened through a one-mile stretch and an east bay woman was in nice as the terror unfolded. laura anthony talked with her today and joining us live now from walnut creek. laura? >> reporter: this trip to france was supposed to be part vacation, part education for this walnut creek family. but what they got was the scare
4:35 pm
of their lives. among those running for their lives in this horrific attack in nice, a walnut creek mother and her two young children. sarah luca and her 8-year-old son tiger and 6-year-old were with thousands of others, many of them with families with children on the promenade. thsis i sarah's video of the bastille day fireworks seconds before the attack. just as the fireworks were ending, the truck came barreling toward them. they spoke with us by telephone from nice. >> i saw this truck coming. at first i didn't realize what was going on and then all of a sudden i saw people running and i started hearing screaming, moms screaming for children. >> she told us she grabbed her two kids and began running. she couldn't see his face but got theism appreciation the driver of the truck was trying to hit as many people as
4:36 pm
possible. >> how could you run over the people and they scream and at the same time he was shooting at people. >> reporter: tiger and her daughter went to the school in oakland and the trip was to help them learn about the country and the people. after surviving this -- >> it is like winning the lottery for their life. >> reporter: they were supposed to stay in france until the end of next week but are now trying to get out as soon as possible. in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> and stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the attack in nice on air and online. get up dates any time on twitter and abc 7 news bay area. turning to the race for the white house, trump making it official on twitter today announcing that indiana governor michael pence will be his running mate and this comes days ahead of the start of the rnc convention. >> marcy gonzalez is live in cleveland with a preview. marcy? >> reporter: larry and ama, they
4:37 pm
have been busy here in the arena, blowing up balloons and testing the microphones and getting ready for an eventful week following today's big vp announcement. the republican ticket now set. donald trump tweeting, i'm pleased to announce that i've chosen governor mike pence as my vice presidential running mate. >> very humbled. >> reporter: party leaders praising the choice. >> his experience -- he shores up a conservative base that is important and i think he is a complementary to donald trump as far as personality. >> reporter: and with hillary clinton campaigning with a potential contender, virginia senator tim kaine -- the presumptive democratic nominee is blasting trump's running mate calling pence the most extreme vp pick in a generation and tweeting this video. >> i long for the day that rowe
4:38 pm
versus wade is -- >> reporter: here in cleveland, the world's committee is in meetings, working out guideline as head of the republican national convention with anti-trump members hitting a major road block and still trying to amend rules to keep trump from becoming the party nominee. and we're told they plan to make one final attempt on monday but they are not expecting to succe succeed. live in cleveland, marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, marcy. and the republican national convention starts on monday in cleveland, ohio. abc 7 news anchor reggie aqui and laura anthony will provide live coverage and be at the live coverage and be at the democratic natio live coverage and be at the democratic natio ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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the most awarded suv of the century.
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happening now, protesters marching in oakland. right now they are at the federal building in oakland. this is part of a nationwide day of action for supporters of the "black lives matter" movement. police are keeping an eye on the situation. right now we're told it is a peaceful march. in fact reporters on the ground are saying it is both peaceful and polite with protesters stopping in the crosswalks and not disrupting traffic and they are stopping at red lights to let people go on their way on a friday afternoon. so let's hope it remains polite and peaceful throughout the evening. we'll keep you posted. an emotional funeral service in louisiana today for alton sterling sterling.
4:42 pm
he was shot and killed by baton rouge police officers last week. ♪ >> music and tears flowed during the service that included a eulogy by reverend jesse jackson. they shot the man outside of a convenience store after a threat with a gun and his death was followed the next day by another deadly shooting in minnesota and then the shooting deaths of five dallas police officers. tonight abc news is taking a closer look at gun violence across america in a special edition of nightline called shots fired. focusing on june 24th through the fourth of july. a nightline investigation found hundreds of people shot, killed or hurt. watch it after jimmy kimmel live at 12:35 a.m. turn to the forecast now. it was sizzling inland and then you come into the city and it is -- it's chilly and breezy, spencer. it is a typical summer here. >> from inland to san francisco, it is like going from sizzle to
4:43 pm
fizzle. and that is what our little heat spike has done. it has sizzled. our live doppler 7 hd. mainy sunny skies over inland areas with a few high clouds and cooling low clouds at the coast and that pattern will continue into the weekend. and now tomorrow statewide look for high temperatures of 95 in chico. 92 sacramento. 95 at yosemite and 102 in fresno and 109 in palm springs. 79 is the high in los angeles. here in the bay area tomorrow, the cooling continues with clouds at the coast. highs from upper 50s at the coast to 60s and low 70s around the bay and mid to upper 80s in the very warmest inland locations. and speaking of inland, here is a look at temperature trend and the seven days ahead in san jose. the average high this time of year is 84 degrees. for the next several days highs will be bow low average. 80 for the next several days down to 78 on monday which is the coolest day around the bay area and the seven-day forecast
4:44 pm
period. temperatures rebound on tuesday and then wednesday through friday of next week we see high temperatures and a more seasonal and average range and that is reflected in the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooler pattern continues through the weekend and into early next week but wednesday and thursday of next week look for inland highs to bounce back up to 90 degrees. nothing extreme. just a bit of a warm-up. >> thank you, spencer. i'm michael finney. for many people, summertime is time to head to the amusement park.
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm zero to happy. here is another example of what could happen when pokemon go players don't pay attention to what they are doing. out of san diego county, two men fell off this bluff while playing the game. that is a 75-foot drop and both have moderate injuries. a witness said that one player fell to the beach and the other got stuck on the hillside. the men walked straight through a fence and then either didn't see or ignored the warning
4:48 pm
signs. >> how about one guy look for the pokemon and the other guy look where you're walking. fairfield police are using the pokemon go app to alert gamers to public safety issues. officers took part in a pokemon hunt at the city civic center pond. this is a chance for the police to learn more about the app and how it works and to get to know the local community and reminded players they have to stay safe and do not get distracted while you play the game. the san francisco zoo getting into pokemon go. they say players are more than welcome to hunt pokemon with paid admission to the zoo. but they do ask that you yield to the real animals over the cartoon animals. >> you still have to pay to get into the zoo. we'll ask pokemon finney here, seven on your side michael finney answer questions. who receives the food that you collected for the food bank and how do they screen the recipients. >> that is great. because we give so generously
4:49 pm
here in the bay area. and the bottom line is there isn't a screening. the rules are you are supposed to be in need and make less than 200% of the poverty level for a family of four is around $24,000 a year but there is no vetting process. the basic theory is if you go there and get in line and only those in need want to do it and the food banks want to spend money distributing food and not vetting people. so generally it is -- everybody is on their own best behavior. >> here is an interesting one. michael s. from san jose e-mailed, is it legal for an amusement park to base your ticket price on your height? >> that is a great question. we came up across this with a restaurant that charged by height. it turns out it is all absolutely legal. you could charge by age, height, there are no rules. just as long as you are not discriminating against somebody. so legal. they are allowed to do it. most of them put it on your website before you go to an
4:50 pm
amusement park check and see what they are going to charge you. >> does anybody do that? >> yeah. some of them do. not around here. none of the ones here but in other areas of the country, yeah. >> better to be small, i guess, in that case. i don't take up much room on your ride. from sunnyvale, our backyard fences need to be replaced and one neighbor is fine with paying his half and the other two are rental properties and the owners don't want to pay their half. is there anything i can do? >> beg and plead. if there is a safety hazard or a health issue, report it to the city and the city will come out and take a look at it and then they will write you up and say it has to be fixed and then you have to come up with a plan or else you keep getting fees from the city. so that is one way to handle it. the best thing you can do is just pound away and see if you could come to an agreement. if it is just ugly, you are on your own and have to pay for it yourself, sorry to say. >> thank you, michael. well nasa is touting another discovery by the hubble space
4:51 pm
telescope. the space agency said this photo shows what is called a star burst galaxy. it lights some 300 million light years from earth. the bright object to the right is a star in our own galaxy. normal galaxies produce a couple new star bursts a year but a star galaxy has a high rate of star formation. >> so striking. this will mark three decades since the first san francisco aids walk. >> next on abc 7 news at 4:00, how it helped give hope to hiv and aids patients who at one time almost faced a certain death sentence with their diagnosis. coming up, breaking news out of turkey where a military coup is underway right now. the president has called on his supporters to take to streets. also french nationals living in the bay area react to the latest deadly attack in their country. we're going to talk to them about what they
4:52 pm
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here is a look at what is coming up in primetime, secrets of the force awakens. that is at 8:00. what would you do at 9:00. and then 20/20 at 10:00. and i would invite you to join us back here at 11:00 for abc 7 news. and you could watch all of your favorite abc shows on the updated abc app. see the latest episodes of current shows and full seasons of throw-backs like ugly betty and original series. the abc app is on apple store and google play and some do require having cable or satellite. our aids walk is come this weekend. >> and we look at how much it has changed since the first aids walk in 1987. >> if you weren't at the functions --
4:56 pm
>> david howard described in 80s and 90s, the fear of contracting hiv spread through the fashion industry where he worked. he was diagnosed in 1984. >> my lifestyle and how promise cuss i was, i can't blame the world. i own it. >> reporter: howard's life was extended thanks to anti-viral drugs. >> they were like horse pills, three to six times a day. >> reporter: today he is one of patients at positive program at general hospital. >> ward 86 opened as an outpatient clinic and today it is the oldest hiv clinic in the world. >> okay, big deep breathes. >> reporter: a program to care for older hiv positive patients is being developed, called the golden campus. as the patient grows older, the virus will manifest themselves.
4:57 pm
>> those infected early on, there are higher rates of heart attacks, higher rate of community disease and cancer. >> this doctor is the medical director of ward 86. like a campus, the program will focus on four areas of care, the heart and mind and their bones and dental and vision and hearing and well being and social networking all in one place. >> it is so hard to navigate health care and it is so hard to navigate public transportation when you are older and feel frail. >> reporter: howard said so far life is good and ready for the new stage of his life. >> obstacles are going to come after you or not, whether you are healthy or not. it is meant to come at you to help you go forward and not get stuck. >> reporter: this is one of three sponsored programs this year by aids walk san francisco and with their support the program will launch by january 2017. in san francisco, leen mel mel,
4:58 pm
abc 7 news. >> call 415-615-walk to join or go to the website. >> and i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. >> abc 7 news at 5 begins right now. chaos in turkey. we have team coverage. and people across the world stand in solidarity with the terror attacks in france. and a young child killed while playing near a car in the bayview neighborhood. >> abc 7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. turmoil in turkey tonight. tanks in the streets, riots, explosions and right now a live look at istanbul where it is in the middle of the night, early
4:59 pm
morning, probably around 3:00 in the morning and the military rising up against the country's government. good evening. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. state run media is reporting a dom has hit in the parliament in ankara and protesters were jurd. >> shots have been filed. president obama has weighed in urging everybody involved to please show restraint. abc news reporters are following the latest developments. >> reporter: fighter jets flying low over the turkish capital of ankara. tanks overtaking the streets in istanbul. these photos showing armed military personnel engaging in an attempted coup, locking down the bridge, the main connection between the european and asian side of istanbul. the u.s. embassy warning americans to shelter in place
5:00 pm
and stay indoors. adding that martial was imposed and telling american citis in turkey not to attempt to go to the u.s. embassy or consulate at this time. >> i hope that there will be stability and peace and continuity within turkey, but i have nothing to add with respect to what has transpired at this moment. >> reporter: clashes and explosions have been heard in the turkish capital. and we are learning elements of the military have seized control of turkish-state television. turkey has a history of military coups. the last one taking place in 1980. >> the tush. >> prime minister said a group within the military is engauged in this political coup and that security forces are doing whatever is necessary in order to resolve the crisis. abc news, new york. now


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