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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and stay indoors. adding that martial was imposed and telling american citis in turkey not to attempt to go to the u.s. embassy or consulate at this time. >> i hope that there will be stability and peace and continuity within turkey, but i have nothing to add with respect to what has transpired at this moment. >> reporter: clashes and explosions have been heard in the turkish capital. and we are learning elements of the military have seized control of turkish-state television. turkey has a history of military coups. the last one taking place in 1980. >> the tush. >> prime minister said a group within the military is engauged in this political coup and that security forces are doing whatever is necessary in order to resolve the crisis. abc news, new york. now the president of turkey
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urged on the pro-government protesters and he went on face-time from an unknown location to call on his supporters to go out into the street and take ownership of our democracy. president obama spoke with john kerry this evening and agreed all parties in turkey should support democratically-elected government. this is a photo of president on the phone call. there is uncertainty surrounding a flight due to left sfo for turkey later this evening. we are at the airport as passengers check in. it is supposed to take off at 6:00. so in an hour. the in-bound flight from turkey landed safely a short time ago so the plane is ready to return if the airline decides to fly. passengers aren't in a rush to travel given the situation. >> i'm going to check the news, you know. if everything is okay in istanbul, i'm going to fly. if not, i'll be here.
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>> there is no word from turkish airlines on whether the plane will talk off or be delayed or diverted to another country. >> the head of the turkish studies professor is local and he said that it would be difficult for a revolution to take foot. >> staging a military coup against the party that has been in such strong control of the turkish state would have to be a complex and well thought through undertaking. >> the professor said such a coup is very difficult and there are people in turkey who believe all of this may be a charade, something to create a state of emergency and bolster the president erdogan's support. >> turkey is no stranger to
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military takeovers. since 1923 they have staged coups in 1960, 1971 and 1980 and intervened in 1997 leading to the resignation of the prime minister. the ruling justice and development party, the akp actively pursuit the goal over the military founded by the current president erdogan. he became prime minister and then president and reports are that he has now fled the country. >> wayne freedman is at a turkish restaurant in san francisco tonight. wayne, what are people there saying about the attempted coup that is going on in the home country? >> reporter: well, larry, they are saying they want more information. mostly, one benefit to living in an international city at a time like this, you could always get reaction. ala turka restaurant here is a very good example. the food and the language are
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second nature to these folks. they have been watching closely. a lot has changed since the last revolution in 1980. every man came here for freedom, they said. most of them are kurds, which would explain where they thought the government in turkey has become repressive. here is max, who owns the restaurant. >> i'm worried. we want a democratic country. we don't want a dictator country -- >> so this is good? >> it is good for everybody. politically. >> you are saying revolution is good? >> yes. it is for everybody's good. >> so as we watch this evolve on multiple streams, they are doing so but not with pleasurement and if you come back live, you see them here. now they are watching coverage and watching that coverage on their cell phones. so as everything is fluid in turkey, it is fluid here. the food is very good, however, i could tell you that. live in san francisco, wayne
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freedman, abc 7 news. twitter tonight responds to reports it is blocked in turkey. the company tells abc news there is no reason to think that they've been fully blocked but they do suspect there is an in tensional slowing of the traffic in the country. for the latest and up to the minute information on what is going on in turkey, download our abc 7 news app and be sure to enable the push alerts. here is latest on the attack in nice, france, right now 52 people are in critical care with 25 on life support. 84 people were killed by the attacker. he is identified as a chauffeur and delivery man. he has had several run-ins with police and he was unknown to french officials and they never flagged him for signs of radicalism. >> nick leslie is one of 85 uk berkeley students on a program
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in nice. his classmates are researching for him. cal students near the promenade took shelter before returning to the student housing. but so far, nick hasn't shown up. >> here at home, we're hoping that those that are missing or wounded survivor come back and we're able to find them. >> nick's dad said they are searching for him in all of the hospitals in nice. french nationals in san francisco are dealing with their own rage and fear in the wake of the deadly attack. eric thomas has been talking with them and joins us live outside of the consulate. >> we're hearing different things here. hope for victims of the attack and unity for all french people and thanks for the support they are receiving here in the bay
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area. >> reporter: this is the manager of this cafe in san francisco. he is going home to france for a visit on sunday. not to nice, so he is not afraid for himself. but -- >> i have friends over there. it is just awful for the people over there. >> reporter: it is not much better for the french living in the bay area and that is why the french council general held a statement of unity mixed with reality. >> there is no safe place in the world any more. and the country is -- from around the world fight together against the origin of the acts of terror. >> reporter: the deadly attack in nice yesterday is the third major act of terrorism in france over the past year and a half. some french citizens have turned to the church for sol is in these difficult times. this priest will address the issue at sunday mass. >> i will advise the people to
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pray for the victims. not only those who were killed but those who are still wounded. >> reporter: in san francisco, a cultural center for french nationals, they've been fielding calls from frightened and angry people who want to vent and are responding with a message of hope. >> yes, wur in mourning but we'll carry on and peace and justice will prevail in the end. >> reporter: the french consulate is expected an honor outside of city hall tomorrow afternoon. eric thompson, abc 7 news. travellers are aren't letting the most recent terror attacks halter their plans. we were at san francisco international as passengers checked in for a flight to paris. people said fear of an attack is not enough to keep them from visiting france. >> the whole point of terrorism is to try to make people terror fied and we -- terrified and we can't live our lives that way so we're going to go and have fun
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and hope for the best. >> we're weary but we can't stop traveling and give into the terrorists. >> travelers tell abc 7 news they are on high alert as they make their way through europe. the eiffel tower was lit up in the french colors tonight to honor the victims of the deadly attack in nice. you see the red, white and blue. flags are flying at half staff in france and three days of national mourning will get underway tomorrow. now you could show your support for the people of nice by sharing this image from our abc 7 news facebook page. you see the hashtag pray for nice. happening now, protesters are marching in downtown oakland, part of a nationwide day of action for supporters of the "black lives matter" movement. it is a peaceful gathering with a "black lives matter" banner. oakland police are keeping an eye on the demonstration but don't expect any problems. and an event is scheduled for the civic center plaza. police are calling this a
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tragic accident but investigators want to know how a 7-year-old boy died trapped between a car and a pole. the boy was playing inside or next to this minivan in the bayview district when the car somehow started rolling forward. a neighbor tells abc 7 news the car was damaged and in a carport and police think it was unlocked. >> there was an unoccupied vehicle that was parked. the child was near that vehicle. the vehicle moved and the child made contact with a pole and the vehicle and he was trapped between the two. >> police say neighbors tried to rescue the boy but he was later pronounced dead at san francisco general hospital. watsonville police say a four-month-old boy who suffered severe injuries was the victim of shaken baby syndrome. his babysitter has been arrested and charged with injuring the child. he is held in santa cruz county jail on $100,000 bail.
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the baby's injuries were reported on june 24th and he is still being treated at a bay area hospital. a massive sinkhole has shut down part of a major south bay thoroughfare. we have video from sky 7 hd. it is in the northbound lanes of the lawrence expressway in sunnyvale. repair crews have had to close three lanes. officials now say repairs may go through the weekend. sunnyvale police are advising motorists to avoid the area. health officials are warning residents of the continuing risk of the deadly virus. the virus is present in deer mice in the san bruno mountain area and it was confirmed from testing done in the past two months that people become sick when they breathe dust contaminated with saliva, urine and droppings of infected deer mice. the virus is present in san mateo since 1998 but no human cases have been report. pleasant hill police say four people who robbed a
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marshalls store on monument yesterday are part of a organized ring of retail thieves. the four suspects, two men and two women were arevved after the gretaway broke -- arrested after the getaway car broke down. they are expected to have stolen thousands of dollars in the past few months. our coverage continues on abc 7 news. >> that is not islam. >> the muslim community here in the bay area reacts to the terror attack in france. and trees down but why. the search for whoever is cutting down trees in the south bay. i'm sandhya patel. our national a.c. back in business. i'll show you how much cooler for the weekend coming up. and the new home tonight for and the new home tonight for orphaned bear cubs and the new home tonight for orphaned bear cubs i found a thai place. oh, good read a review. there's no review it's just a phone number. how am i supposed to eat there if i don't know what other people think about it? get high speed internet from at&t.
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the muslim community here in the bay area after the attack in nice. muslims are condemning at tack and offering prayers for the victims. vic lee is live at a milpitas mosque right now. >> reporter: the muslim-american community is reacting just like everyone else. they are reacting with anger, they are reacting with anger and sadness and horror and they are saying that the terrorists once again are hijacking their religion. this is exactly what was seen on television. another massacre, more incomprehensible panic and blood shed. watching this numbed him. >> every other day or whenever such kind of atrocities are per traited by somebody, we as muslims, we hope that it doesn't turn out to be a muslim. >> reporter: he became angry. >> that is not islam. they are far removed from islam and from god and they are
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satanic. >> reporter: they are leaders of the bay area muslim community. they were here at the mosque in milpitas for friday prayers held just after 12:00 noon. he is president of the silicon valley chapter of the community. >> muslim itself by definition means peace, submission to the will of god and the will of god is to be peaceful. >> the perpetrators have hijacked islam and for their own twisted means. >> reporter: on the lawn of the mosque is a sculpture of the american flag with the word "loyalty" inscribed on the side. >> islamic requires us to become loyal to our country. >> reporter: after the attack on america on 9/11, the muslim community launched a national campaign to spread the real truth about muslims. their message -- >> peace. universal brotherhood and tolerance and acceptance. >> reporter: a message they say becomes more important after each terrorist attack. vic lee, abc 7 news.
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an effort to recall mayor ed lee got off to a start today. we were outside of city hall as groups opposing and supporting the mayor got into a shouting match. they blame him for skyrocketing housing prices and say his policies are pushing middle income residents out of the city. >> he started out as a housing activist and now lower income and chinese residents are being evicted as a result of the developers he's wooing into san francisco. >> we'll do everything we can to mobilize the grassroots to fight against this. this is baseless and senseless. >> the group now needs to collect 40,000 signatures to force a special election. vandals have chopped down about 2 dozen drought-tolerant trees in san jose. they were planted by our city forest volunteers several months ago. they included some 80 different types and lined parts of
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meridian avenue. forest officials think the vandals cut the trees down overnight or early this morning. they say they found 23 trees so far sawed off at the bottom. three orphaned bear cubs have a new lease on life in south lake tahoe. they were rescued after their mother was hit and killed in yosemite national park. staffers and volunteers at lake tahoe wildlife care monitor progress and clean and prep their food. they get watermelon and grapes. that is the current favorite. contact is kept to a minimum so they don't become dependent on human care giver. right now they are just like any other growing family. >> they are exactly liked toler. they sleep a lot in night and day and get up and play and eat and when you eat and have a full belly, it is time to take a nap. >> they are adorable. the bears will stay here through the new year. even going into hibernation and they will grow from eight pounds to more than 100 and after their long sleep they will be tested to see if they are trod be
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released back into -- tested to be released back into the wild. >> hibernating sounds good. >> for a long period of time. beat the heat, until it cools off. >> it is supposed to cool off. sandhya patel is here with the accuweather forecast. our sources tell us it will cool down. >> wait a second. you didn't feel it today. come on, larry. >> i was drenched in sweat. >> you still had 90s in the inland valleys but we were out of the 100s. the breeze is coming through across the bay. and low clouds across the bay and high clouds as well. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. larry wants to pay attention, especially if he wants to be a junior meteorologist. we have the low clouds near the coastline and it is socked in. as you take a look at the 24 hour temperature change, down 10 degrees in concord, 11 degrees in fairfield. feeling it in the north bay. 7 degrees lower in santa rosa. winds gusting to 20 miles per hour at sfo and novato 22 so the
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breeze is picking uch. from santa cruz, some people are enjoying the beach but we have the low clouds in the distance. so not completely clear. 62 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. we have upper 70s around san jose, morgan hill and mountain view 74 degrees and from emeryville camera, the combination with the clouds up above and down below. 76 in santa rosa, 73 in napa, livermore 90 degrees. this is a picture you never get tired of seeing. watching the fog roll in over san francisco. a pretty view. cloudy at the coast and bay overnight. the cooling continues and will be below average in terms of temperature into early next week. tomorrow morning we start out in the 50s. it will be a cloudy start, near the coast and around the bay as well. here is the look at the hour by hour timeline. tonight a combination of low and high clouds at 7:00 p.m. going into the morning, the high clouds pass on. we just see those low clouds
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around at 7:00 a.m. so if you are an early riser and going for a run, a great morning for that. and as we head toward the afternoon, the sun will shine bay and inland but not near the coast. we'll continue to see the gray skies which is typical for this time of year. if you have visitors in town, we'll fast forward to sunday. overcast again on sunday morning, a little bit of drizzle and then into the afternoon we'll see some sun inland but the temperatures will fall a few more degrees. how much cooler? well, take a look for yourself. a couple of degrees lower. 80 in san jose. santa cruz 70 and 83 in gilroy. on the peninsula, palo alto, 77 with mountain view and 75 in redwood city, upper 50s coastside. a breezy one as well. 57 with the low clouds lingering in daly city, 63 in downtown san francisco. 50s at the beaches and the norm bay. 74 at san rafael as far as the north bay, temperatures in the afternoon. 80 in santa rosa.
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still need the sunscreen. 70 in hey word. inland areas, mid-80s. livermore and concord and walnut creek and 88 in antioch and 88 in fairfield. sunday you see the temperatures drop more. mild to warm with inland areas in the 80s. cooler and breezy on friday. some of our inland valleys like livermore down to 80 degrees. tuesday it will warm up inland and as you take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, you could replay the forecast for a few days, after tomorrow, upper 50s to 80s with the morning drizzle and mid-80s and then upper to 50s and low 60s coast side and back to the 90s on wednesday and thursday. that is when we see our spread again. >> ama, i was paying attention. i listen to every word of the forecast at 4:00. >> i see how it is. >> we have to go. next it is time for finney on friday. >> and michael will tell us which museums you would get into
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for free tomorrow and what is coming up at 5:30. a breaking news right now, a military coup underway in turkey. tanks on the move and jets overhead and passenger jets forced to divert and stunning images from france after a terror of the 20-ton truck and what we've learned there. a busy night ahead after abc 7 news. saving the forest by cutting down trees. new at 6:00, a look ♪ ♪
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we're taking a live look at istanbul, turkey, where a military coup is underway. and just a little way ago the u.s. embassy in ankara warned americans for travel to turkey and within turkey. all flights to the istanbul airport have been canceled. the president has pledged support for the turkey democratically-elected government. it is friday so that means time to check in with seven on your side's michael finney.
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his friday free stuff. what do you have? >> we have a fun day and we have food. want me to start with food. >> yes. >> we always like food. >> it is right there on the desk, right in front of you. we have got -- let me get this right, salsa, cream cheese spread from challenge dairy. this is absolutely amazing stuff. ama was getting into it. >> i dipped my spoon into it. >> is it good? it has only real fresh ingredients and tomatoes and hall happeno pennos and -- do you taste it all. >> you could taste the salsa. it is not just the flavor. you could taste little bits of salsa. >> perfect. and you want in on this. it is ama-tasted and you could attest to that. now that we fed you a little something, let's give you education and entertainment and
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it is down in the tenderloin. the tenderloin museum is open for business and celebrating the one-year anniversary. they are giving everyone complementary admission tomorrow and the museum is located in the tenderloin area of san francisco. it is open from 10:00 a.m. to 39 p. 9:00 p.m. and programs from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. and check out their art treasures and art work. that is a $10 value. the salsa and cream cheese is $2 is not too bad. >> how do we get this wonderful and delicious stuff. >> great question. you dial this number. 800-kgo-7177 or log on to >> that is yours. >> thank you. journey to a new world in a galaxy far, far away. >> next, behind the scenes look at the next
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, witness to tragedy in nice. >> i'm seeing screams and little kids screaming. >> tonight an east bay woman who survived the attack with her kids recalls the experience. >> and how the east bay police sex scandal could possibly impact a murder investigation. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 tonight. well tonight, we have a behind the scenes look at the newest film in the galaxy far, far away. >> this afternoon in london the creators of rogue one unveiled this behind the scenes clip. this is a pre-quell to the first star wars and a parent company of abc 7 and the movie is out
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soon. >> i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil, for all of us, thanks for watching and tonight, a major breaking story as we come on. a military coup under way right now in turkey. tanks on the move. military jets flying overhead. passenger planes forced to divert. reports of gunfire. chaos in the streets. arrests now under way. the u.s. state department warning americans in turkey to shelter in place and stay indoors. as the white house now monitors this closely. a major u.s. ally, where this coup is unfolding. we have team coverage. also tonight, the terror in france. the 20-ton truck. new reporting on the driver. the american victims. the father and son. and the urgent search now for the american student. amid heightened security here in the u.s. could an attack like this, a truck, be prevented he


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