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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the uprising in turkey. an attempted coup, the country in turmoil. tanks in the streets. america's key ally in the war on terror descending into chaos. soldiers surrendering on the famed bosphorus bridge. the president now insisting he is still in control. was the mastermind living in pennsylvania? new details in the france truck attack. the claim of responsibility. what we're learning about the driver and witnesses telling their horror stories. >> we were just turning down alleys, kind of looking for somewhere that might be safe. >> two americans killed including a young boy. >> it's heartbreaking. plus, the hunt for an american college student still missing this morning. presidential ticket.
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donald trump picking indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. >> very excited. very humbled. very grateful. >> their first official appearance together coming this morning. hillary clinton already on the attack. and going rogue. your sneak peek at the first "star wars" stand-alone movie. stormtroopers facing off against brand-new characters. >> may the force be with us. >> the new theme revealed that has "star wars" fans buzzing. hey, good morning, everybody. let's get straight to the breaking news overnight. an attempted coup leading to chaos, death and instability in turkey, a key u.s. ally. a major strategic partner in the fight against isis in a country where millions of americans go on vacation. and we want to show you some pictures that will give you a
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sense of how quickly these unfolded. this shot is from early friday evening on the main bridge in the city of istanbul lit up to honor the victims of the recent terror attack in france and then just hours later, this same bridge, look at it, blocked off by members of the military who were launching that particular coup. >> and what followed was hours of tanks and soldiers in the streets and then massive street protests and violence. we are hearing reports of hundreds of people killed and many more wounded. >> and as we come on the air this saturday morning, there are signs that the coup has been thwarted. the government says 2,800 plotters have been arrested. we do have team coverage this morning, and we begin with abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: it was chaos overnight across turkey as part of the country's military attempted to seize power in a coup, which this morning appears to have ended in failure. more than 100 who helped stage the insurrection were killed as well as more than 160 others. turkish president recep tayyip erdogan who was on vacation quickly flew to istanbul and dramatically vowed to crush the uprising.
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he blamed it on the followers of an exiled turkish cleric living in pennsylvania and called on his supporters to take to the streets. this crowd answering the call confronting the soldiers and climbing on their tanks. hours earlier troops had shut down the iconic bridge over the bosphorus, which connects the european and asian sides of istanbul. a statement by coup organizers declared martial law as tanks took up positions at the entrance to istanbul's airport driving alongside cars on highways. jets and helicopters buzzing overhead. >> they were very noisy and there were so many of them. >> reporter: explosions were heard in the two biggest cities, istanbul and the capital ankara where there was a blast at the turkish parliament. shattered glass and doors ripped off their hinges. according to state media, the insurgents used whatsapp to communicate. this video released this morning. the u.s. watching the sudden
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uprising with concern. turkey is a key nato member and u.s. ally in the fight against isis. they host an air base used by american warplanes that bomb targets in next door syria. by daybreak turkey's government had said it had taken back control arresting around 3,000 connected to the plot. turkey's president calling it an act of treason. amid the chaos turkey's main airports and land borders were shut down. inbound flights were diverted but now that things appear to be calming down, those flights are slowly resuming. dan. >> alex marquardt reporting in this morning. we want to turn now to someone who had a street level view of the chaos overnight. monique jacques is an american freelance photographer who lives and works in turkey. we spoke moments ago. so, monique, at what point did you realize overnight that something was amiss in turkey? >> yeah, i was at a friend's house. we were sitting on a rooftop terrace, and there were several helicopters flying over.
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shortly after that we started hearing jets and on twitter we were hearing threats of the bridge being taken. >> so you went out into the streets. how dicey was it? >> the first thing that we saw were people were lining up at atms buying water, food, other essentials just in case the night got quite long. >> and when you were out there, was there any violence? >> there were shots fired. the crowds got quite large and people were firing into the air to disperse crowds and kind of create panic, but we saw several people injured, but it's not confirmed that it was from gunfire. >> we know elsewhere, however, there were many people killed and many people injured. >> yes, people up on the bosphorus bridge, as well as many people in ankara. >> and ankara being the capital city several hundred miles away from istanbul. now, did things calm down as the night progressed?
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>> what was happening was that the jets were flying over quite low creating what's known as a sonic boom. some windows were actually broken because of the sound. and this was deemed as a show of support by the military. >> and as we speak, have things calmed down? is there a sense that the coup failed and everything is now behind us, or are we in a time of continued instability? >> yes, i mean the government came back very strong. there's calls today for pro-government protests, measures of support and such. the government is calling it democracy day. so it's -- the coup is very much over. >> monique, we really appreciate your firsthand account. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the coup may be over, but a lot of questions about who launched the coup and does this mean we're in for a period of continued instability. >> we're going to get into that more in a moment. we want to turn now to the
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bbc's katy watson. she's on the ground in turkey for us this morning and has more about the turmoil as well as the chaos on the streets. katy? >> reporter: these tanks are being taken off the bosphorus bridge. now, this bosphorus bridge was the first sign we had heard of the events of last night. this is where we heard that there were tanks on the street and there were soldiers blocking the entrance. of course, this is a bridge that takes you from the european side to the asian side of istanbul. now, when the military said that they were taking over, they imposed a curfew and martial law but that was flouted by many people. president erdogan came out to say that people needed to come onto the streets, the squares to protest against this unfair takeover. so what you saw, you saw military and you saw erdogan supporters, some clashes. most of those were in ankara but there were some in istanbul here, as well. now, the bridge is now open, you can see, the traffic is moving. it is relatively quiet for a saturday, but nevertheless things are getting back to normal.
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>> and as many are calling it democracy day. we want to thank katy watson for that, and we want to bring in abc contributor steve ganyard. steve is a former deputy assistant secretary of state with extensive experience in the region of turkey. steve, good morning to you. first and foremost. >> good morning, paula. >> we want to say there is unrest all over the globe right now. but why is our government so concerned about this particular uprising? >> turkey is a key ally in the fight against isis, so there's an air base called incirlik in turkey where u.s. jets recently have been flying missions against isis and syria. it's only about 200 to 300 miles so the ability to influence the border along syria to get supplies in to the rebels to conduct air strikes from turkey is very, very important to the u.s.' fight against isis. >> and alex mentioned it earlier in his piece, steve. could the mastermind be living right here in the united states? there is a powerful turkish cleric living in pennsylvania. the turkish president even went so far as to say his country will not be run from
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pennsylvania. so what do you make of all of this? >> mr. gulen certainly is an interesting man and lives in self-imposed exile in the mountains of pennsylvania, but his ability to spur a coup or to run a coup is probably doubtful. mr. erdogan tends to use him as a whipping boy any time anything goes wrong. so i think in this case that mr. gulen's denial of involvement is probably accurate. >> okay, so if gulen is not behind it, who is? who are these plotters? >> that's the question. you know, i think -- i've been talking to turkish watchers for the past day or so. nobody seems to understand who this might be, and that's still a mystery at this hour. there have been four successful coups in the past in turkey, but they've always been run by senior leaders, by usually within the general staff, so this seems to have been a grassroots movement, and most turkish watchers even yesterday as it kicked off thought that this coup would fail pretty quickly and that seems to be the case this morning. >> again, steve, we know you
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spent extensive time in that region. we want to thank you for your insight this morning. dan. >> yes, steve, thank you. we'll be covering the situation in turkey all day long on abc news and but we do move now to a major new development in that horrific terror attack in nice in southern france. this morning the islamic state is claiming responsibility. we're also learning more about the man behind the wheel of that giant truck that barrelled into a crowd of people out celebrating a national holiday. abc's clayton sandell is on the ground. clayton, good morning to you. >> reporter: and good morning, dan. in addition to that new isis claim, authorities here overnight say they detained five people who knew the gunman including his ex-wife. they want to know if he had help. this morning, new details about the man who committed the rampage that killed 84 people. among the victims, american sean copeland and his 11-year-old son brodie from lakeway, texas. they were on a family vacation. >> it's heartbreaking that wonderful, talented child is not going to be finishing what his dreams were. >> reporter: authorities say
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this man, 31-year-old mohamed bouhlel, a former delivery truck driver from niece was behind the wheel. more than 200 injured and now an urgent search for university of california student nicholas leslie is under way. the school telling abc news the college junior and 84 others were traveling across europe. among that group three suffering injuries. other americans also witnessed the carnage. >> you know, we were just turning down alleys and kind of looking for somewhere that might be safe. >> i see blood and bodies everywhere. [ sirens ] >> reporter: police say bouhlel drove this 20-ton freezer truck into the crowded seaside boulevard at 10:45 p.m. >> what's happening? >> reporter: for 1.2 miles the truck plows through the dense bastille day crowds. when officers close in on bouhlel, these images showing the shoot-out. bullet holes left in the windshield. the driver dead in the passenger seat with an automatic pistol, four fake guns and a
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malfunctioning grenade. french prosecutors say bouhlel had no known links to terror. overnight authorities now digging into the tunisian native's past taking his ex-wife into custody for questioning and searching his home in nice. and even though isis is claiming responsibility, authorities here have said the gunman had no known ties to any terror group, but this investigation is far from over. paula. >> important distinction, clayton, thank you. we want to move now to politics and the race for the white house. donald trump is set to formally introduce his vice presidential pick, indiana governor mike pence. abc's mary bruce is on the beat for us this morning. mary, good morning to you. it's going to be a busy day for trump. >> reporter: hi, good morning. this was a bizarre and bumpy road. a veepstakes like we've never really seen before, but this morning the running mate reality show is finally over, and mike pence is officially the winner. overnight, newly dubbed vice presidential candidate mike pence seems to be getting on the same page with his running mate.
7:13 am
>> donald trump is right in calling for a temporary suspension from countries that have been compromised by terrorist influence. >> reporter: a reversal for pence who once blasted trump's proposed muslim ban as offensive and unconstitutional. trump and pence set to make their debut this morning. >> very excited. very humbled. very grateful. >> reporter: but it came down to the wire. sources say trump offered pence the vp spot thursday. the indiana governor arriving in new york walking into this manhattan hotel believing the job was his. but trump seemed to be having second thoughts. >> i haven't made a final, final decision. >> reporter: but by friday morning trump was confident announcing on twitter that he had chosen pence as his vice presidential running mate and unveiling this new logo. for the unconventional gop nominee, pence is an un-trump-like choice. he's a traditional conservative, a former congressman who rose to a top house leadership role.
7:14 am
a safe pick who may be able to get the party establishment on board. >> it's no secret i'm a big fan of mike pence's. we're very good friends. >> reporter: the new ticket prompting new attacks from hillary clinton blasting pence for signing a religious freedom law which was widely criticized for allowing discrimination against gays and lesbians. now, republicans are hoping that pence may be able to tame trump a bit, bring him more in line with the party. the first big test of that, of course, will be right here on this stage now with the convention just two days away. dan and paula. >> taming, yeah, i'm not sure that's in pence's repertoire. we'll see. all right. mary, thank you. for more on this, let's bring in abc news political analyst matt dowd who is in austin. matt, good morning to you. >> matt, on the subject of taming -- good morning to you, as well -- what was really intriguing about this choice picking pence, he's publicly disagreeing with trump on several key issues, the muslim ban, abortion. we could go on but overnight on an interview on fox news he basically reversed himself and
7:15 am
fully aligned his views with trump. are you surprised and that he's not taming trump? >> i don't expect any taming of trump. it's like a little bit like the lionkeeper sticking his head in the lion's mouth and then expecting everything will be fine with that. it reminds me of how donald trump has assimilated mike pence of the board in "star trek." it's like resistance is futile and it seems to happen over and over again with these folks that are so anti-trump. as soon as he brings them in the tent, they become completely pro-trump overnight. so i actually think it's a smart pick and will help him unite for the convention but it really won't have a big impact in the fall. >> that's what i wanted to ask you about. do vp picks ever move the needle at the end of the day and is pence likely to do so in any meaningful way? >> well, dan, they usually move the needle, but it's usually moved in the negative direction. there's usually a vp pick so you want to do no harm with a vp pick. i think the vp picks are much about the convention and much about uniting what goes on and
7:16 am
much about sending a signal of the kind of leadership you're going to have, but changing the demographics or geography of the race, vp picks have hardly any impact on that. >> what about on the democratic side? as you read the tea leaves, where do you think hillary clinton is leaning with her -- in her veepstakes that she's running right now? >> well, dan and paula, i think the interesting thing about hillary clinton right now is i think the events that happened in france and now in turkey are going to influence her pick in the course of this. i think now the stakes have been raised about the need for some leadership on a global scale and i think that could actually push her in the next few days over considering somebody that would have a bigger impact internationally than would domestically. >> fascinating. we will be watching, matt dowd. thank you, sir. and don't miss our extensive coverage of the gop convention which kicks off on monday. chief anchor george stephanopoulos leading our coverage. i'll be there for "nightline." >> great. i'll be there for "the view." >> excellent. >> want to go to dinner? >> maybe. >> okay.
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wow. so the gop convention in cleveland, you say there's going to be some storms in cleveland? >> yeah, monday, tuesday so if you hear some booms in the sky, first thing weather before you think of anything else. might be some rough weather there. also some rough weather yesterday across parts of western kansas and oklahoma and eastern parts of colorado. a big tornado that touched down there. luckily in a pretty rural area and it was on the ground for probably an hour. we certainly had a tornado warned for over an hour and winds gusting over 115 miles an hour in parts of this area due to straight-line winds not associated with that tornado. we also had some damaging winds across parts of north carolina with trees coming down and power out there. 65-mile-an-hour winds, and yesterday we had severe storms reported from new mexico to childress, texas, all the way to rhode island. today rapid city, minneapolis, damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes. that's the threat zone today. tomorrow slides a little further east into milwaukee, maybe green bay getting into chicago and as mentioned into cleveland i think
7:18 am
on monday and in through parts of tuesday. and then the big warm-up. boy, it's been kind of nasty across parts of the midsection of the country in the past couple of weeks and it will continue today and tomorrow and that gets in the northeast, kind of steamy this weekend. good saturday morning, we're going to have a nice sunny saturday for inland areas and around the bay but it will be cloudy and cool along the coast all day long with only 59 in half moon bay. san francisco at 63 degrees, oakland will be comfortable at 68. the warmest areas will be coming down and we'll see the upper 80s today, 88 in >> talking about the heat and humidity but a lovely day for parts of the great lakes. we'll discuss that in your beach forecast, of course, on this saturday in just a few minutes. >> with a beach ball? >> the beach ball. [ applause ] >> yes, absolutely.
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>> we actually want the real thing. >> just curious. >> the real beach ball. >> one of these summer weekends we're going to do that. >> we can find it in the budget. no question. let me just say speaking of money, i just want to say that i will, by the way, dine with paula in cleveland if she pays. just for the record. >> i'll pay. >> a lot of other news -- yes, she will. >> oh, my gosh. chivalry has died. >> maybe it is. let's check the other developing stories this morning. back over to you, sir. what's going on? >> i'll let you know in a second. good morning, everyone. we begin with the obama administration releasing 28 pages of classified documents suggesting a possible link between two of the 9/11 hijackers and saudis who may be connected to the saudi government. those pages from the 9/11 commission report were held secret for more than 13 years and intelligence officials call the information preliminary and saudi officials who have denied any connection to those attacks say the report actually exonerates them. a former atlanta police officer is being charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist. an arrest warrant was issued for james burns for fatally shooting
7:20 am
allegedly deravis rogers last month. prosecutors say rogers posed no threat to the officer when the fired the officer into the car. and burns was fired from the police force several days later. a manhunt under way for a murder suspect escaping from a florida courthouse. surveillance video showing dayonte resiles fleeing through an emergency exit after getting free from his shackles somehow and shedding his jumpsuit during a hearing. and deflategate is finally, finally over, dan. your favorite quarterback, new england patriots quarterback tom brady saying he's not going to appeal his four-game suspension to the u.s. supreme court. brady said on facebook that he is done with the appeals, however, the players association says it might petition the nation's highest court for suspension over deflated footballs in the afc championship game back in 2015. >> so it's not technically over in that the players union -- >> we'll see. take a l look at this. we have video that's going to show the olympic torch relay in brazil, a protester coming rushing at the runner carrying the flame and trying to douse it
7:21 am
with a fire extinguisher. that person was tackled by police. the flame never went out. it makes its way to rio de janeiro. and finally this story out of georgia about a college student who arrived early for school but had no place to live. his name is 19-year-old fred barley, he showed up to register at gordon state college on his little brother's bicycle. the only way he could get there. it was a six-hour ride from his home and the dorms were not open yet so he was living in a tent but campus police found him there, paid for him to move into a motel. barley was also offer ed a job at a pizza place and now, check this out, a go fund me page raised more than $100,000 to help him. >> i love that. >> which will pay for his tuition and pizza and beer. and whatever else he wants. >> and maybe a bike that fits him. i love that. >> big bike. a full size bike. >> we're expecting big things from that guy. that's awesome. >> go, fred. >> thank you, ron. much more to come on "gma" on a saturday morning including this rescue at sea. a coast guard helicopter
7:22 am
hoisting two people from the waters off of hawaii nearly a day after their small plane went down. how they were finally found. and "star wars" frenzy, your first look at the making of the first stand-alone movie called "rogue one" and a whole new cast of characters. sara haines breaks it down for us. stand-alone? >> stand-alone. "rogue one." >> a whole new cast of characters? >> a lot of new faces. >> i'm ready to geek out deeply. >> great. "good morning america" is brought to you by pfizer. u by pfizer. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these,
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good morning to you, breaking overnight in the east bay, a crash on interstate 580 killed one person last night in oakland it happened just before 11:00 in the westbound lanes near the lakeshore avenue offramp. it involved a motorcycle and what appears to be four other vehicles. the chp cleared the scene at
7:28 am
4:30 this morning. >> here's frances in for lisa. good morning. >> good morning, everyone, a cool start in san francisco, it's 55 degrees and oakland and mountain view at 64 degrees. half moon only warms up to 59. oakland, 68, san jose warmer and plenty of sunshine inland. interior locations getting in the upper 80s. >> thanks to you for joining us. the news continues r
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7:30 am
and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, turkey's president says he is in control of the country after an attempted coup. turkey is one of america's most important strategic allies in the fight against isis. the turkish prime minister says more than 2,800 people have been detained after a night of chaos on the streets there. also right now, a funeral for dallas police officer patrick zamarripa who was killed in last week's ambush. 6,000 people are expected to attend this morning's service. hundreds of mourners attended a rosary service last night in ft. worth for the 32-year-old father of two. and utah lake is closed because of a toxic algae bloom. the miles-long bloom contains a concentration of algae that's three times higher than what is considered a health risk, so stay out of those waters. >> yeah.
7:31 am
we saw this in florida not long ago. nasty stuff. coming up, a must see for "star wars" fans. behind the scenes during the making of "rogue one." what we're learning about this first stand-alone "star wars" movie. the new stars who will be in it and where it fits into the time line of this epic series. >> you realize your voice inflects and gets a little higher when you talk about "star wars." >> it goes up an octave and my imaginary lightsaber is out. anyway, it's all coming up. >> okay. >> first, an incredible and harrowing rescue story out of hawaii. >> let me rescue you. two pilots plucked from the ocean nearly a day after their plane disappeared from the radar and abc's eva pilgrim joins us with all the details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning ch. relief, two missing pilots found swimming toward land a mile and a half offshore after their small plane went down, high-fiving rescuers as they were taken to safety. an amazing rescue this morning. two pilots are alive and recovering after over 20 hours at sea. >> still don't have any aircraft in sight. >> reporter: thursday morning, the honolulu control facility receiving frantic radio
7:32 am
communication. 26-year-old david mcmahon and 22-year-old sydnie uemoto reporting they were in trouble. >> we're having engine problems. the engine keeps cutting in and out. we have no power. >> reporter: moments later the tower losing contact, the dual engine plane disappearing from radar. the next morning debris of the piper pa-23 airplane was spotted just off the coast of kona. nearby the two survivors wearing life jackets and swimming towards shore. a rescue helicopter hoisting the two survivors flying them to the airport. the mom of the co-pilot was waiting as her daughter arrived to be treated for her injuries. mcmahon's father relieved to see his son again. >> the timing was so perfect. the stars aligned and they didn't find them last night but they found them today. >> reporter: and both only with minor injuries, cuts and bruises being treated for dehydration and hypothermia but otherwise surprisingly and thankfully okay. >> thankfully. eva, thank you. >> so much relief.
7:33 am
let's check back in with rob for a look at the national forecast. rob, you're clapping your hands. good news? bad news? >> we'll do the beach forecast and talk about people who are going to purposefully go into the water for pleasure. and it will more pleasurable across the southeast. we're starting to get temperatures that are in the mid-70s. across jersey and long island still in the 60s across the cape. this is lovely weather. might see a thunderstorm late in the day in sporadic spots but all in all not a bad spot. down across the southeast more widespread thunderstorms but temperatures here for bathwater like and pretty pleasant. 89 degrees expected in panama. speaking of pleasant, we'll get rid of the heat and humidity across the western great lakes here. chicago, the pitchfork music festival looks perfect. 78 degrees and we'll heat things up as we go through the beginning of the week, so enjoy today. fire weather watch continues, breezy and dry out west for the intermountain west. troughiness across the pacific northwest and 102 in bakersfield and it'll be breezy across lake tahoe and getting into salt lake city where the high will be 94. widespread heat will build really through next week,
7:34 am
potentially longer than that and the core of it is going to be across the midsection and northern plains where minnesota will easily get into the 90s and heat indices well up and over 100 degrees in some spots so this could be a bake-a-thon here right on through friday or saturday of this week. we're going to be see cooling temperatures inland, san francisco cool and cloudy as well with 63 degrees there and the clouds will >> this weather is brought to you by kellogg's raisin bran. go out there and have a great saturday. >> by the way, paula, he said bake-a-thon, not bacon thon. okay. sorry about that. >> oh. >> thanks for pointing that out. >> i'm not mutually exclusive. >> she did perk up. i could see out of the corner of my eye. >> i always perk up when you're giving your forecast. >> well done. nicely done. >> yeah, nice save. >> i'm sitting next to her. i'll tell you off camera what she's doing during -- >> he's sitting next to me with
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his imaginary lightsaber. >> all right. coming up here, going behind the scenes speaking of "rogue one: a star wars story." the new cast of characters and the familiar faces, what every "star wars" fan needs to know. and also ahead, dan, you realize this is fodder. dan literally turns himself into a cartoon character. his journey into the land of disney princesses. >> oh, boy. >> yep. you chose to do this. >> i should not have allowed a camera in. >> you did and it's coming up. hould not have allowed a camera in. >> you did and it's coming up. r. they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... uhhh... look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops... in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. by taking steps towards a healthy heart, jay knows he'll be ready for the turns ahead. hey don't forget to put up your kickstand. ring (bell) sighs. kellogg's raisin bran. and try kellogg's raisin bran crunch now with more crunchy clusters. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain.
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♪ [ playing the theme to "star wars" ] if you're anything like me, you can't get enough of "star wars" and now there is a whole new story line to get geeked out about. sara has more. >> yes, i am. the stormtroopers are back but there are lots of new faces in "rogue one: a star wars story." it's a stand-alone prequel to the very first "star wars" movie made and fans have been buzzing about some newly released behind-the-scenes video highlighting all the drama. this is not your usual "star wars." >> what will you do if they break you? >> it's a style that's unlike any other "star wars" movie. >> on your own from the age of 15, reckless, aggressive and undisciplined.
7:40 am
>> reporter: this action-packed frenzied new "star wars" story may be full of new characters, but there will be some familiar faces and familiar places. >> the major weapons test is imminent. we need to know what it is and how to destroy it. >> reporter: fans at london's "star wars" celebration convention getting the first look at this new footage giving us our first peek at "rogue one" as stormtroopers roll down the street in tanks, rebels fighting back on tropical beaches. >> what will you do when they catch you? >> reporter: led by captain cassian andor played by diego luna and felicity jones, outlaw turned resistance fighter jyn erso. >> may the force be with us. >> now, this does look different than any of the others we've seen. >> it looks awesome. >> i love the alien in the beginning, and james earl jones might be coming back to voice darth vader. >> and this is the beginning of all of them? >> that is what my understanding is.
7:41 am
>> yes, where does it fit in? >> so there were nine planned. the first three that came out were actually the middle three. >> four, five, six. >> four, five, six. one, two, three. >> yes. those came out and now we're -- >> prequel to one. >> the one that came out recently was -- >> the seventh. >> the seventh. and this will be which one? >> so it's out of that trajectory completely, and i don't know exactly where it fits in. >> pre-1 maybe. >> worthy to be excited about. >> thanks for saving me. >> we find out who rey's father is. >> no, we won't. coming up here on "gma" now that we've confused you further, the fashionable jerry o'connell from "people's list," the people's list" which airs right here on abc has a new way in which designers want men to dress. do we approve or disapprove? >> i thought it was a mannequin. >> so did i. it was freaky. it was freaky. but it came with some baggage: opioid-induced constipation oic.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
shaun white, common, nick cannon and me, we're all fashion week ambassadors so i thought i'd bring "people's list" behind the scenes to find out what will be hot in men's fashion next summer. there is the host of "the people's list," jerry o'connell in good company there and learning how to be fashion forward. he's with us now to talk about what's on the show tonight. what did you learn in fashion week? >> well, one of the rules is no socks in the summer. >> really? >> whoa. >> you can't do that. i was a little worried you could see them. i was a little worried -- >> don't pull a hammy. >> oh, oh, medic, medic. i was a little worried about blisters, a lot of walking in the city. you know, i'm someone who wears sock, but no socks on men's fashion week. also you got to accessorize. we have a lot of tricks that we
7:46 am
show tonight. >> how do you feel about no socks? >> i like socks. >> oh, you do? >> i'm pro-socks. >> i'm not surprised. >> for a whole bunch of hygienic reasons. >> we always like to have a good time with you. fun and games. you got a fun game for us to play, don't you? >> we do have a fun game in honor of men's fashion week where we have a special on and we'll show you photos. you guys will either be obsessed or unsubscribe so we have photos here. little "gma" fact, rob marciano was a fashion model for many years. >> is that him? >> in milan and paris. >> i believe that. i don't know if it's true. is that him? >> that is not him but he was -- he was -- >> he's blond. >> rob marciano was one of those like grunge models back in the '90s. very, very popular. >> i am obsessed with that. >> i won't get rid of it. thank you. >> now we'll look at some looks here from men's new york fashion week and you'll either unsubscribe or be obsessed. okay, here we go. a little check outfit. i think this would work on "gma" in the morning.
7:47 am
>> i like it, obsessed. >> yes. >> strong look. >> unsubscribe. >> i always disagree with anything that he says. >> oh, okay, i like it. >> exactly the policy. >> kidding. >> let's look at another men's fashion week look here. oh, look at that. >> i like that. >> stripy pants, sneakers, tight fitted sweatshirt. >> i like it. >> solidarity here. >> you guys are both obsessed with it. >> i don't think i can pull it off but i like it. >> you guys are fashionistas. >> do you have one that's moderately obsessed like i just like it? that's not an option? >> maybe the more photogenic thing like a flashing -- >> do we have any other looks? >> well, let's see. let's see if we get some photos here. oh. the little -- >> what? >> the little construction boot -- i think that is rob marciano. >> it's not rob but i unsubscribe from that. i'd rather wear an asbestos suit in a viking suit. that is a weird outfit. >> just remember,
7:48 am
no socks from here on out. >> it is crazy. at fashion week you do see a lot of crazy sort of outfits. you know, i just went sort of with the suit. i can't really pull it off. i don't have that rob marciano look. you know what i'm talking about, work it. >> you can get much more of this, much more of jerry. >> i'm obsessed with you. >> jerry, nobody rocks your look better than you, baby. >> it's on tonight 8:00 eastern right here on abc, and "pop news" is coming up, jerry, thank you. we are obsessed with you. >> thank you, guys. always a pleasure coming around.
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by a zillion things home. >> time for "pop news." all right. time for "pop news." sara is already giggling. we don't even know why. what's going on? >> because the last thing i heard in commercial is what do you weigh, dan, 120? i'm sorry. okay. jennifer lawrence is -- >> i shouldn't have asked that question. >> -- is truly an inspiration from her ability to pop up after a public spill to her academy
7:53 am
award and now for "star trek," yes, you heard me right. actor and screenwriter simon peg reveals that lawrence served as an unlikely muse for "star trek's" new character. j. law, specifically her role in "winter's bone" and her infamous nickname j. law, the actress that plays the tough as nails alien saying she comes from -- >> do you need ron to finish for you? ron, pick it up. pick it up, ron. >> very strong race of aliens, physically extremely strong, jennifer's influence is clear in that respect, and the character will surely live long and prosper after "star trek: beyond," which hits theaters july 22nd. >> are you really -- >> are you okay? >> do you need ron to keep going? >> next our very own dan harris and his many talents. we all know him, but this one, hey, he voiced the character of disney channel's "elena of avalor"?
7:54 am
is that right? >> yes, "elena of avalor" featuring the first ever latina disney princess. >> we really have a lot to do today, princess. >> your majesty, pink or purple? >> this breakout role -- >> nailed it! >> she cannot talk. she can't talk. >> this is unbelievable. >> i've never seen anything like it. this is amazing. >> this is supposed to be dan's breakout role. >> want to pick it up? paula? >> i think this is going to be -- >> okay. this could be the -- okay. i got this. this breakout role as a professor could be the one project to impress his son alex. >> alexander. >> alexander. sorry. i call him alex. sorry. "elena of avalor" will premiere in a one-hour event july 22nd. >> you've got this, sara? >> it will be the only thing i've ever done that will impress my son. >> i think i said that already. >> i know, yeah, i'm sorry. and one model is showing that felines are not only a man's best friend, but also the purrr-fect workout buddy. travis deslaurier from canada captured the
7:55 am
attention of 16 millioners viewers on facebook all with the help of his cat jacob. >> don't remind me or i'll start laughing. >> i don't see a cat, sara. >> you don't see a cat? >> i don't see a cat. i still don't see a cat. >> yes, you do. posting, it's nice he doubles as my training partner, medicine ball and weight set. that's dan at home. through all those reps, his furry friend remains stoic and determined to get results. jacob and travis' dedication to fitness is enough to make anyone a cat person. do you do that at home with your cat? >> i don't think my cats would ever put up with that and steve is a little too fat. >> it's kevin. kevin. >> intimidated by your muscles. >> yes. >> okay. what do you got? >> lays has just unveiled four new mystery chips, the flavors are chinese szechuan, chicken brazilian picanha and wavy greek tzatziki? >> tzaziki. >> that shouldn't have been a question. and tikka masala all inspired by the olympic games in rio so you
7:56 am
got to check that out. >> starting later this month. >> that was -- >> i'm so sorry. >> that was awesome. >> typically those fits happen during commercials. >> i don't know who will do "pop news" tomorrow but join in. >> i'll take it. 467 i'll take it. >> thanks, everybody. good morning, everyone, i'm chris nguyne. opponents of the project launched a legal game. the firm left on thursday due to strategic differences and the mission bay alliance filed the lawsuit saying city officials
7:57 am
violated environmental laws and lawyers pushed back plans to open the chase center until 2019. companies that want to advertise on the warriors jersey starring in the 2017-18 season will have to fork out millions of dollars. espn reports the asking price from 15 to $20 million. the nba approved a three-year program to allow teams to sell a small patch on the upper left of jerseys. the warriors say their star power combines the big market and makes the high cost of doing business worth it. let's get the bay area forecast from frances. >> good morning, everyone, you'll need to grab a jacket if you're planning to head out the door. live shots shows you the clouds near mt. diablo, temperatures in the mid-50s to near 60s, san francisco 65, oakland climbing up to 61. san jose at 60 degrees. the clouds will pull back to the coast by this afternoon and
7:58 am
we'll get plenty of sunshine inland and around the bay. we'll see those typical temperatures range from 50s at the coast where it's breezy downtown san francisco, 63 and warming up to mid-80s inland. we're in a cooling trend and i'll let you know how much cooler it's going to be soon. >> coming up, an abc news special report with geor, offic announcing pence
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're getting ready for a special report this morning, as donald trump is expected to introduce his running mate for vice president. indiana governor mike pence has accepted trump's offer for a spot on the ticket. pence tweeted he is honored to join trump and work to make america great again. this is a live picture from new york right now, where mr. trump will make the announcement. abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos is in cleveland where the republican national convention will be held next week and he'll anchor the report coming up at any moment. it's saturday, july 16th. i'm chris nuquen. francis, good morning. >> i'm starting to see clearing around parts of the bay, showing you some clouds along the coast. filling into parts of the bay, but clear


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