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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. >> a time to grieve, reflect, and find strength and hope. how san francisco today paid tribute to terror attack victims in nice. hello, i'm eric eric -- eric thomas. sergio is live at city hall where a vigil is being held. >> reporter: unfortunately there has been a series of these vigils by french people living in the san francisco bay area over the last couple of years. today's was moving for its
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silence. there was a small group of about 50 to 60 people following the charlie hope dough attacks in -- charlie hope dough attacks, then the bataclan attacks in november. french men and women came together to show solidarity with families back home. this week take added a new dimension to the -- the attack has rattled the people. >> like, the question is, which city will be the next one? >> all these attacks are against our values. they're against our freedom. they're against our way of life. >> reporter: the following a minute of silence to mourn those killed in the thursday attack, the consul general led the crowd in the singing of the french national anthem.
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now, you'll notice the french flag hanging front san francisco city hall. that was raised thursday morning as a small celebration of bastille day here by the mayor. it was also a bit of a welcome to the consul general since he has only been here the last month or so. unfortunately, the mayor had to then call him and offer his condolences after the attack in nice later that day. reporting live at san francisco city hall. abc7 news. >> thank you very much. here is the latest on the attack in nice. the city's famed mediterranean seafront where the attack happened re-opened. the was growing memorial for the people killed. a statement from isis said that an isis soldier was responsible. french officials say the attacker, mohammed bouhlel was radicalized rapidly and had not shown up on anti-terrorist intelligence radar. the family o a uc c berkeley student is missing. nick leslie was at the
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festivities when the attack happened. he has not return to student housing. leslie's uncle has been searching the area hospitals. other cal students were hurt in the attack, one broke his leg and is in the hospital, and two others suffered broken bones and have been released from the hospital. a total of 8c berkeley students were in nice you. nice. you can support -- you see the hash tag, pray for nice. >> thousands become on turkey's streets to show support for the government after last night's attempted coup. the gaterred following a call from the president to defend democracy. crowds shouted, our land cannot be divide. thousands turn out to help repel the coup. president erdogan is blaming the
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coup on a u.s. based cleric. he is demanding the arrest or extradition. he lives north of philadelphia and is an erdogan rival who leads a turkish pop list movement. he has been out of turkey for 16 years and has nothing to do with the coup. people who live near the center in pennsylvania are praising his followers. >> nicest people. they give us food and they always invite me over for dinner. they gave me work when i didn't have work. people fear what they don't understand. and they're different. >> last night's uprising led by military faction left at least 265 people dead. military tanks blocked streets and bridges and bombs were thrown at parliament buildings. hours after the coup began thousands of military officers were arrested, including top ranking officers. many more later surrendered. stay on top of the attempted coup with abc7 new's app.
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enable push alerts to get updates. he was chosen as one hoff the 50 greatest players in nba history but this morning nate thurmond lost his battle with leukemia. he was 74. this morning the between tweeted we're sad 'ed be the passing of a true carers legend help was also a fixture her on "after the game" working with larry beil. larry has a look back at the life of an nba legend. >> standing 6'11", and weighing in at 235 pounds, nate thurmond had no trouble living up to the nick nick, "big nate. "born in akron ohio in 1941, nate thurmond was a fours in college at bowling green. drafted third by the warriors in the 1963 nba draft. a big man with a penchant for rebounds and blacked shots. d blobbed shots he played alongside rick barry and wilt
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chamberlain. >> incredible defensive basketball player. >> and more than held his engage kareem abdul-jabbar. >> if you look at what he was able to give to teams he played for, he is one of the greats ever played the game. >> a seven-time all-star, thurmond played 14 seasons in the nba and tallied more than 14,000 rebounds. became the first player to ever record a quadruple double. 22 points, 14 rebounds, 13 assists and 12 blocks, all in one game. nate once pulled down 42 rebounds in a single game. and his number 42 has been retired by both the warriors and the cavaliers. dubbed one of the 50 greatest players of all-time by the nba, thurmond averaged 15-points and 15 rebounds per contest. in his very best season, nate averaged 21 points and 20 rebounds a night in today's nba, he would be a
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$100 million player for sure. he was elected the basketball hall of fame in 1985. >> we walk to the naismith memorial basketball hall of fame mr. nate thurmond. [applause] >> nate the great wasn't just a force on the court. after his playing days he became a force in the kitchen. the opener of big nate's barbecue in san francisco. he served as warriors community ambassador, classy and generous with his time, and he was a fixture right here on abc7's "after the game" where reprinted the title and his parade route male. >> turkey leg. >> why turkey leg? >> just have something to eat while you're waving. >> nate may have fallen short of winning an nba championship as marry but took part in the warriors parade. >> we were here when we didn't win and now they're celebrating the world champions. >> and received a ring from the
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team owner for his role in the organization. >> nathaniel thurmond. hall of famer, nba legend, husband, father and friend, leaves behind a legacy as tall as his stature. >> a true gentleman. and we will hear from larry beil who will share his memories with us at 6:00. ♪ ♪ >> in texas, the final funeral was held today for the officers killed in dallas. a catholic funeral service was held for patrick zamarripa today in firefighter firefighter. he -- in fort worth. he was one of five officers killed. several bay area police agencies sent officers to attend the funeral. including concord, san
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francisco, and richmond police departments. gun ownership and gun violence took center stage in oakland today during a visit by a member of british parliament. leslie brinkley is live in oakland with details. >> reporter: hi, eric. a clash of cultures was quite evident here at the alameda county courthouse ahead. this morning, guns, guns, and more guns, used in oakland homicides and shootings were out on open display. >> these are the kind of guys you can by on the street for . >> table after table were filled with the fire power seized from criminals in oakland, prosecuted for murders and shooting. this gun killed 145-year-old girl. the was the gun used to cull journalist chauncey bailey. >> you wonder what on earth would you buy that for? that's my reaction. what is that used for? why would you wouldn't something like that in your house?
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>> reporter: ing this member of british parliament is shadowing congressman eric swawell on an educational trip to the u.s. and this was real eye-opener. >> people on the terror watch list are able to buy a firearm. >> proposition 63 on the ballot this november would impose mandatory background checks to buy ammunition. some gun owners who chose not to go on camera, say california is punishing law-abiding citizens. >> criminals, terrorists are not somebody who is going to follow the law. they're not going to abide by these restrictions on ammo. >> reporter: these guns go back in a vault but plenty of others are still out on the streets of oakland. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> in the race for president, democrats are slamming donald trump's pick for vice-president in, indiana governor mike pence. trump made it official during an announce independent new york city. >> we are the law and order candidates. >> donald trump is a good man and he will make a great president of the united states.
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>> in a new video hillary clinton calls pence the most extreme vp pick in a generation. world news will have more on pence next year at 5:30. a typical trip to the dentist turned into a frightening time for a girl's parents. ahead at 5:00, what investigators are saying after a three-year-old became unresponsive at the dentist. more than a pothole. an update on repair work on this huge sinkhole in the south bay. a breezy afternoon bringing the clouds back around the bay, and i'm tracking cooler days ahead before we return to more typical temperatures for july. i'll track the changes in the
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we were in san ramon following reports of an unresponsive child in a dental office on dearwood road. emergency responders rush to the it to. police say a three-year-old girl was undergoing a procedure at the dental bliss office when she developed complications. >> win we arrived here fire was on scene performing cpr. they transported to a local hospital here. >> officers don't believe there was any negligence involved. the girl's parents went with her to the hospital. a crash on interstate 580 killed a motorcyclists last night in oakland. it happened just before 11:00 last night in westbound lanes near the lake shore avenue offramp. the crash involved a motorcycle and what looks like at least four other vehicles. the chp cleared the lanes at 3:30 this morning. a fire has forced a livermore family of three out of their house and killed a cat. the fire started outside the house yesterday evening around 5:30.
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the family is staying at a hotel for now. flames also threatened a neighboring home. no word what caused the fire. to developing news. repairs on an eight-foot sinkhole in the middle of a south bay freeway could take all weekend. sky 7hd was over the damage yesterday. take a look. it's on the northbound lane of lawrence expressway. crews had to close three lanes in sunnyvale to make repair is. county officials say water was found at the bottom of the sinkhole. ahead, work of art that pays tribute to those who love the sea. check out how the sculpture is about design. outside, a mostly sunny day. get ready for a dip in temperatures. we'll find its when cooler weathe
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we were in richmond to celebrate a home-grown sailboat design with the unveiling of a new sculpture. the el toro style was developed by a group of sailing enthusiasts who wanted to build a simple boat that kids could sail. they designed it so the hull could be cut out of plywood. thousands of sailors learned to sale in an el toro. >> good day for sailing, drew? >> a little breezy. got a small craft advisefully effect around the bay. temperatures slightly below normal. live doppler 7 painting a cloudy picture especially along the coast. away from the coast, good amount of sunshine. so a live look showing you the bay waters. a whitecap on the waves, small craft advisory in effect until 10:00 this evening. you can see the sailboats are
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rocking. current temperatures right now, san francisco, 60. 67 oakland. antioch, warm, airplane from the -- away from the ocean influence, 94. tonight, many spots will see cloud cover, along the coast likely see drizzle developing as a weak wave of energy passes by to the north though future weather shows you tomorrow morning, likely that coastal drizzle, fair amount of cloud cover, that cloud cover once again like today slowly pulled back to the coast. still a little fog around the bay and we'll have the clouds continuing along the coast through much of sunday afternoon. so if you are headed to the aids walk in san francisco tomorrow morning, a lot of cloud cover, perhaps drizzle early on. peeks of sunshine in the morning and early afternoon but bring the layers. highs for sunday, 70 in oakland. 63 san francisco. 80 san jose. 86 in livermore. 78 in napa. 80 in santa rosa. right now, santa cruz, a lot of
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cloud cover. this beach day not the best. and tomorrow will start out with clouds. we'll see some breaks in the afternoon for some p.m. sunshine but a cool day along the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast, another breezy afternoon on the way for your sunday. look what happens on monday. it is rather cool for july. inland spots struggle to even get out of the 70s, and then by tuesday and wednesday, we are warming back up. looks like by thursday we lose that marine layer sunshine from the coast to inland and temperatures rising back above normal next weekend. >> thank you. rick quan has a preview of sports. >> okay, eric. coming up we'll show you if phil mickelson could hang on to the lead at the british open. one day after being called up by the a's, ryan
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>> as we reported earlier, former warrior great nate thurmond has died after a short battle with leukemia after the seven time all-star retired he worked for the team as a goodwill ambassador. the 6'11" thurmond played 11 seasons for golden state. he averaged 15 opinions and 15 rebounds a contest and holds the franchise record for rebounds. a true gentleman off the court, thurmon was named one of the 50 best players in nba hoyt. he was 74 years old. the british open has pretty much come down to a two-dual between phil mickelson and
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henrik stenson. these guys are looking for harry potter. mickelson was working on his magic. he gets a two-stroke lead and then made a young boy's day by giving him a souvenir. after stenson pulled even, mickelson regained the lead with this birdie on 16. but a bogey on 17 will result in a two-stroke schwin and as stenson birdies the hole the swede now leads by one. so this is your leaderboards after three rounds. stenson on top at 12-under, followed by mickelson. despite giving up the lead, lefty was okay with shooting a 70. >> today could have got away from me but instead i shot under par. ed like to play the final round like the first two and give myself a shot. >> one thing tomorrow, know he is not going to back down, and certainly going to try to not back down either.
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so should be a -- >> a's won't likely make the playoffs this season so they're start took look at their youngsters. among them, ryon healy who was cold up yesterday. he got his first hit in the second off r. a. dickey. he points to his family and an emotional moment for the clan. his oakland teammates gave him the silent treatment before letting them know how they really feel. sonny gray wasn't great but got the win. he gave up three runs on six hits over six innings. in the third, edwards encarnacion takes him deep. the a's win, 5-4 and go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon. the tour de france continued today with stage 14, 130-mile race. germany's cotel has the leave but mark cavendish sprints past
5:26 pm
him to win with the time of 35: 43.49. his fourth stage win this year and 30th of his career which ranks second all-time. chris vroom retains the overall lead. in ten minutes the giants take on the padres, jeff smardzija will be on the mound. >> thank you. up next, today's worldwide debut of pokemon go didn't go as
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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change your thinking about buying your next one.
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coming up at 6:00. larry beil joins us with a touching look back at the time spent with hall of famer nate their mon. thurmond. >> a fast spreading grass fire in the north bay dawes of an everyday chore. apparently not everybody in the world is a pokemon go familiar. the mobile game was supposed to launch in 26 countries today but it crashed. a group of hackers are claiming responsibility for that. it means for millions of people they'll have to wait. that does it for us here at 5:00. thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas. for drew tuma and rick quan, thank you for inviting us into your homes.
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see you begin at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." countdown to the convention. donald trump makes it official. >> what a difference between crooked hillary clinton and mike pence. >> indiana governor mike pence joining the ticket, trump calling him his first choice for vp. new questions about when trump actually made up his mind. hillary clinton wasting no time firing away at both men. country in chaos, dozens killed in that failed coup. americans trapped at the airport with no way out. turkey's president saying those responsible will pay. >> new details about the attack at france. this image of the final moment just coming in. what isis is claiming tonight. plus the agonizing search for an american college student still


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