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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. police officers across the country are beefing up their security after the ambush in baton rouge. good evening. i'm eric thomas. the gunman was shot and killed by police, but not before taking his deadly toll. 35-year-old montrell jackson, brad garafola and matthew gerald. our team coverage tonight from baton rouge. >> good evening, eric. as you can see here, it is still very much an active crime scene in baton rouge as investigators are trying to piece together the details and understand how the shooter gavin long, an ex-marine traveled from kansas city, missouri here to baton rouge on his 29th birthday and opened fire. [ siren ]
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[ gunshots ] >> target blue again. >> one subject, all black carrying an ar. >> officers in baton rouge responding to reports of a gunman dressed in black, found themselves suddenly in his sights. >> officers down, shots fired, officers down. got a city officer down. shots fired. unknown where the subject is shooting from. >> walking into the line of fire. >> i'm hit. >> back here. deputy down. >> trying to leave the scene, he was running, but he had an assault rifle in his hands. >> as reinforcements arrive -- [ gunshots ] -- a fierce gunfight breaks out and the gunman goes down. >> officers engage the subject at that particular time, and he ultimately died at the scene. >> federal official says the shooter was 29-year-old gavin eugene long, an african american ex-marine. authorities in kansas city, missouri now scouring the suspect's home fors through. >> we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement.
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>> this comes as baton rouge is still reeling from the killing of alton sterling. nearly two weeks ago police confronted sterling, shooting him during that struggle. video of that along with another black man in minnesota set off nationwide protests. and in addition to the three officers who were killed, one remains in critical condition. nicholas tulie, an 18-year veteran of the force. tonight prayers going out to him as well as all of the families. abc 7 news. >> and the shooting of these six officers in baton rouge triggered strong reactions here in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim joins us now with that part of the story. lilian? >> reporter: eric, bay area police officers weighed in on the violence with concerns over how it may affect them and how they do their jobs. the baton rouge shooting no doubt has put bay area officers on edge. the san jose police officers association is now demanding
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action. in a written statement, the sjaoa says it is past time for our political leaders to step up and support law enforcement with the necessary staffing and equipment to keep our neighborhoods safe. author dr. ron martinelli. >> officers are going to have to be even more vigilant. you might see law enforcement change to something that we don't want it to hang to. you might see it become force protection. >> reporter: >> in san francisco they say they won't let 90 incidents like in if one in baton rouge cause a wedge. we will continue to work hand in hand to forge ahead to promote peace within our community and unity in our cities. dr. joe marshall is a member of the san francisco politician police commission, which sets department policy. >> and i hope people don't let this deter, you know, the efforts to make things better for the community and the police.
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because believe me, everybody wants the same thing. everybody wants the same thing. >> as for oakland police, it's been double staffing patrol cars in recent week, and so have other departments. whether there will be even more precautions remains to be scene. lilian kim, abc 7 news. just days before he was shot and killed sunday morning, baton rouge police officer montrell jackson wrote on facebook, i swear to god i love this city, but i wonder if this city loves me. in uniform i get nasty, hateful looks. and out of uniform, some consider me a threat. i've experienced so much in my short life in these last three days have tested me to the core. you can show your support for the officers in baton rouge by sharing this image from our abc 7 news facebook page. you see the #there, pray for baton rouge. a somber mood tonight in berkeley three days after that deadly terror attack in nice. uc berkeley announced today that nicholas leslie was among the 84 people who died in thursday's truck attack. leslie was one of 85 cal
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students who were studying in nice this summer. abc 7 reporter sergio quintana is live on the campus with more on the story. >> there had been a glimmer of hope since thursday after that attack because there was at least one person who said they saw him running away from that incident. and then there was even people passing out pictures, posters with his pictures on them in nice in hopes that he might be spotted. unfortunately, he had been identified today as one of the people killed in that attack. it's summer term on the campus of uc berkeley. so news a 20-year-old student nick leslie is among the dozens killed in nice, france is slowly circulating to the few students are here. >> he going to rise up. he in a better place now. >> this is the time when parents are touring their teenagers through campus as they prepare for start of their college career. but for current student, there is some shellshock. >> i knew some people that were in the crowd as the truck was coming through.
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>> matthew greathouse is preparing for a semester in france that starts in a few weeks. >> besides just berkeley students, how many people have been losing their lives to such a senseless killing. we hear every single time this happens the same thing over and over again. when the hell is it going to stop. >> three cal students were injured in the nice attack. 21-year-old darius midora got a broken leg. the same for 23-year-old vladislav. diane lange got a hurt foot. jayne among people killed in bangladesh there was a vigil on campus a few days ago. even with so much sadness and uncertainty, students are still curious about the world. >> i would never let something like that stop me from experiencing the rest of the world. that's something i definitely want to do. >> a vigil planned for nick leslie monday afternoon on campus. sergio quintana, abc 7 news.
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a hit-and-run crash led to two people being arrested. san francisco police also found about $4,000 worth of stolen items in the south of market area. you can see what happened when a red honda plowed into a pole at sixth and harrison. that's near the hall of justice. sfpd officers happened to be nearby when the crash happened around 7:00 this evening. >> a unit half a block away heard the crash, came over the check on their well-being. the person inside the vehicle took off rung. we were in pursuit of them. and subsequently we caught them. >> officers say the wrecked honda was linked to an auto break-in. they arrested both the driver and his passenger. the passenger went to the hospital after being hurt in tonight's crash. neighbors can go outside again after san mateo police asked them to stay indoors following a mountain lion sighting. you're looking at a picture of the mountain lion snapped by a neighbor just after 8:00 this evening. officers carrying rifles searched for the big cat carry. they focused on an area next to
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junipero serra. two police officers are recovering after a violent confrontation with a suspected hit-and-run driver. police shared this picture of shaina, the k-9 officer is recovering after being stabbed. that is of course the suspect, rolando gonzalez. officers say gonzalez drove off after hitting a pedestrian last night. they also claim he hurt another person after nearly hitting them with his car. both of those victims are recovering. an officer suffered minor injuries after gonzalez plowed into a police suv late last night. there is new effort to stop those who want to recall san francisco's mayor. >> there is no justification for anybody saying you got to recall ed lee. >> abc 7 news was in chinatown as former mayor willie brown and six city supervisors came out against the recall effort that started on friday. even though who have been critical of mayor ed lee said a recall is not the right move because he hasn't done anything illegal.
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the group trying to oust the mayor blames him for the city's housing crisis. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, a new request by law enforcement today in hopes of making tomorrow's republican convention even safer. also, a couple dozen north korean defectors visit the bay area. why they say their visit is important. and walking for a cause. the abc 7 news family helps the fight to end aides and hiv. and we finished off the weekend with a bit of a chill in spots. and i'm tracking even cooler air arriving before the numbers rebound. i'll have details in the full accuweather forecast ahead. the big moment for spacex tonight. why employees from the company are celebrating another successful mission. stay with us.
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the race for the white house now centers on both parties political conventions. republicans begin theirs in cleveland tomorrow. democrats will follow in philadelphia next week. and no matter what your party affiliation, security tops the agenda. abc news reporter marci gonzalez explains from cleveland tonight. >> hi, eric, good evening. security is even more of a focus here now with protests already beginning here, and even more planned for tomorrow. anti-trump protesters marching through cleveland. a peaceful demonstration ahead of the republican national convention. with police here on alert, especially following the deadly ambush on officers in louisiana. donald trump tweeting "we grieve for the officers killed in baton rouge today, and we're trying to
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fight isis. now our only people are killing our police." this as cleveland's police union raises concerns over ohio's open carry law, which allows citizens to have firearms in public places without a permit. >> a bushmaster predator. >> the union sending a letter to john kasich asking for emergency executive action to ban open carry in cleveland during the convention. kasich saying in a statement "ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested." and the theme of opening night of the convention is make america safe again. it was chosen before this latest attack, but organizers say it is now especially fitting. in cleveland, marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony and news anchor reg ski aqui are in cleveland tonight getting ready for the convention tomorrow. reggie posted this picture
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tonight to facebook saying compared to aye eight years ago when he covered the last one, the security is intense. he says downtown cleveland looks like a militarized zone. look for his reports during the abc 7 morning news tomorrow. laura will be live at the convention in the afternoon and evening. a couple dozen north korean defectors are in the bay area to bring attention to the sad situation in their home country. the group arrived in sfo this afternoon. most now live in south korea, was are here to share their stories and those of their loved ones still in north korea. members of the full gospel san francisco church and the western addition are hosting the church. most did not want to be recorded for fear of being recognized. but a few who agreed to wear sunglasses told us why it was important to raise awareness. >> translator: it's my home. it's where i grew up. now i'm living in the south. and i have everything i need and i'm living happy, but my parents they are still in north korea and there are others in north
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korea still suffering. so i feel obligated. >> the group plans to stay in california through thursday. elon musk is celebrating two big space events tonight. >> three, two, one. >> one of musk's unmanned spacex rockets successfully launched from florida on its way to the international space station. dragon is now in orbit carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies. that is set to arrive on wednesday. minutes later, falcon returned from space and made a successful ground landing for just the second time ever, reusing rockets is the ultimate in recycling. spacex tweeted this picture showing one rocket going up and the other one coming down. a walk in the park today with a life-saving purpose. the annual aids walk san francisco raised nearly $2 million online and brought thousands out to golden gate park. ♪ but i see your true colors shining through ♪
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>> broadway star leslie mcdonald captured the emotion with her rendition of true colors. aids walk san francisco is all about putting one foot in front of the other through beautiful golden gate park. abc 7 news is a major sponsor of aids walk san francisco. and dan ashley was master of ceremonies. >> are you glad to be at aids walk? 30 years. >> and in 30 years participants have raised $86 million for hiv and aids programs and services here in the bay area. john started coming in 1989. >> everyone gathered together and like a big happy family. >> comedian and entertainer carson kressley co-hosted the aids walk. there was dancing as well as heartfelt testimonials from long-time survivors who have seen a once killer disease become a manageable one. >> my t-cells have rebounded. my viral load is undetectle.
11:19 pm
and my hepatitis c has been cured. >> and the amount of hope in his heart and every participant's heart is off the charts. ♪ >> nearly two million this year is pretty good. but wait until next year. we'll do better. drew tuma joins us now with a look at the weather forecast. drew? >> eric, if you saw it today in golden gate park, there was a lot of cloud cover throughout the day. tomorrow a similar story is setting up over san francisco. live doppler 7 showing we are precipitation free. but we have a fair amount of fog that has pushed in and around the bay. we'll go in a little tighter on live doppler 7. you can see the gray shading from oakland, hayward, pushing inland around dublin and livermore. we do have the fog setting up shop that will greet many of us first thing tomorrow morning. current temperatures are outside in hayward where we're sitting at 60 degrees. it's 57 in san mateo. 56 in napa. 65 in antioch, though. a bit warmer in san jose than most locations at this hour. it's 60 degrees in san
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francisco. currently checking in with the temperature of 56. so as we get you out the door tomorrow morning for work and activity, first things, there may be a little bit of drizzle confined right to the coast. a lot of cloud cover by 7:00 in the morning. we're starting out with many spots in the 50s. and by 9:00 in the morning, we're starting to get some clearing in our inland communities. so future weather as we go hour-by-hour, time out the temperatures in the fog first thing in the morning. there is the low cloud cover, encompassing much of the region. and the 50-degree temperature readings. but 11:00 in the morn, a northwest breeze is going to try to keep some of the cloud cover around the bay. it will gradually pull back to the coast into the afternoon hours. san francisco for much of the day. you will be this the cloud cover like you were today. and into the afternoon and early evening hours, this northwest wind is really going to keep temperatures below average. look at our inland communities, trying to struggle to even get out of the 70s for the afternoon high. so highs on your monday, away from the coast. we have that sunshine. but everyone is below normal.
11:21 pm
78 in san jose. 61 tomorrow in san francisco. a cool 68 in oakland. 76 napa. and 80 the high, the warmest community tomorrow in antioch. if you're headed to the oakland coliseum tomorrow to see the astros take on the a's, grab the jacket. a lot of cloud cover, cool temperatures. first pitch 64 degrees. by 10:00, we're cooling off to 60 degrees. you want the warmer air. next weekend is really going to be for you. you do notice future tracker temperature showing you next weekend. 70s and low 80s make a comeback around the bay. and you're going to need that ac inland as we go back into the 90s. even warmer temperatures hit us on sunday. there is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll show you that cool day on the way for tomorrow. the silver lining, that's the coolest day we have on the seven-day forecast. from then on out, we'll start to gradually warm up by friday, we lose the cloud cover even along the coast, and next weekend it's finally going to feel like july. hang on a couple more days if you're not a fan of the cooler temperatures. >> all right. hanging on. thanks, drew. still to come on abc 7 news
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at 11:00, an event that has gone to the dogs and cats. how pet owners are getting help
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abc 7 news was at oakland animal services when pet owners took advantage of a free vaccination clinic for their dogs and cats. a group called pals organizes the event for low income pet owners every month. local veterinarians and vet text volunteer their time. the goal is to keep pets healthy so they don't wind up in overcrowded animal shelters. rick quan is in for mike shumann. >> amazing golf played today. a fantastic finish at the british open as henrik stenson and phil
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> after cruising to the all-star break with the best record in baseball, the giants have hit a road bump. they were trying to salvage the finale of a three-game series in san diego. giants fans have made their presence known this week at petco park. with johnny cueto on the mound, san francisco had been just about unbeatable. but in the fourth, he gives up a home run to matt kemp. make it 1-0 padres. two batters later, christian bethancourt gets all of this pitch. cueto who started the all-star game had not suffered a loss since april 21st. padres pitcher edwin jackson had a no-hitter until august 7th. conner gillespie cut the lead to 4-3. but san diego would get some
11:30 pm
insurance in their half. solarte homers down the right field line of hunter strickland. that made the final 5-3 padres. so they sweep the three-game series. the a's day got off to a bad start when rich hill had to leave after five pitches because of a blister on his left middle finger. it's been an ongoing problem. oakland rallied in the sixth. marcus simian with a solo shot. it's his 20th home run of the season. then with two men on, yonder alonso comes through with a double into the left field gap. both danny valencia and khris davis score, and the game is tied. but with two outs in the ninth, former athletic josh donaldson rips a double into the left field corner. two runners come home. jays win it 5-3. just an amazing display of golf today as 46-year-old phil mickelson battled sweden's henrik stenson in the final round of the british open. we go to royal troon, scotland where this kid would see quite a
11:31 pm
duel after stinson bogeyed the first hole, mickelson would make birdie, thanks to great approach shot. lefty takes a one-stroke lead. but then stinson got on a roll. this birdie on two tied him with mickelson. and then another on eight gives him the outright lead at 16 under par. mickelson shot a final round 65, but it still wasn't good enough as stenson had the round of his life. on 15 he nails a 50-footer for birdie which gives him a two-stroke advantage. stenson finished with another long birdie on 18. in all he made ten birdies en route to a 63 at 20 under par. he wins by three strokes. stenson takes home the claret jug and becomes the first man from sweden to win a major. he dedicated the victory to his good friend. >> i lost a dear friend on wednesday morning back in the states with a battle against cancer for a few years. and i feel like he has been with
11:32 pm
me all week, mike, this one's for you. >> a nice gesture by stenson. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show, nascar, the tour de france, and you'll hear from a's pitcher rich hill on
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headline, the san jose police officers association is calling on political leaders to increase staffing and equipment for its officers after today's deadly shooting of police officers in louisiana. this morning a sniper in baton
11:36 pm
rouge killed three police officers and wounded three others. police returned fire, killing the former marine. uc berkeley is holding a vigil tomorrow for one of its students now confirmed dead in last week's attack in nice, france. the fbi says nick leslie was one of 84 people killed. the 20-year-old was in nice as part of a study abroad program. three other cal students were hurt in the attack. the republican national convention starts tomorrow in cleveland with security on everyone's mind. anti-donald trump protests are already beginning, and police are on high alert and ready for anything. our live coverage from cleveland starts with the abc 7 mourning news at 4:30. a shooting in baton rouge intensifying security concerns in cleveland tonight. the convention center there surrounded by fences. nearby roads are shut down, and thousands of officers from all over the country are there too, prepared for any threats. abc news senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has the story.
11:37 pm
>> against the backdrop of today's horror in baton rouge, cleveland is deploying an army and building a fortress to protect the republican convention. it's not lost on law enforcement officers that they have a target on their backs. just ten days ago, that ambush in dallas. protesters running as snipers take aim at officers. police plunging into the chaos to save lives. five officers losing their own. >> police officers who did not return home from work. >> and it was just three days ago that president obama sat down for a national town hall meeting on policing and race. >> we have to have police that are respected and we have to recognize the fear that their families go through every time they walk out that door. >> tonight law enforcement sources tell abc news they're bracing for perhaps the most volatile and complicated security picture in recent memory. those dump trucks are there to stop car, trucks or anything else from getting access to crowds there are thousands of livers in the city, including many on bikes.
11:38 pm
the goal is to be flexible to get to anywhere quick lift and the cameras throughout the city give complete situational awareness. and all this taking place in ohio, an open carry state where citizens are allowed to carry guns in public spaces without a permit, even outside the convention center. >> on my back is a bushmaster predator. >> but even this second amendment adversary warned today that people who support open carry should not bring their guns when the convention starts. >> i don't encourage anyone to come down here tomorrow or during the time of the events carrying, if you have no need to. >> pierre thomas, abc news. in the east bay, a big crowd marked a dark day in history. abc 7 news was in concord for the 72nd anniversary of the port chicago disaster. u.s. secretary of the interior sal jewell joined many remembering the 320 sailor, mostly african americans who died in a ship munitions explosion. it was the worst home front disaster during world war ii.
11:39 pm
sailors were court martialed. the tragedy eventually led to desegregation in the military. a national park and visitor center is planned at the site of that disaster. abc 7 news was in berkeley today for the unveiling of a new sculpture. a memorial statue for william byron rumford went up in front of his old pharmacy on sacramento street. rumford was the first african american elected to state public office in northern california. he passed the statewide fair housing act of 1963. berkeley city council member darryl moore tweeted out this picture of the statue after it was unveiled. tesla's ceo optimistic that the software can be updated after a driver died after his car failed to sense a tractor-trailer in bright sunlight. musk believes tesla can deliver significant improvements to drivers through over the air software updates.
11:40 pm
an oakland neighborhood celebrated the restoration of a creek in a natural area today. you can see on the map where the creek runs through a hilly area of diamond park. abc 7 news was in oakland for today's grand opening. they spent nearly $4 million to help restore the creek and the natural habitat around it. >> this is one of the most awesome parks of oakland. it has more amenities that are natural than almost any other park. and we like to keep it that way. >> park visitors also had a tour, bird walk and insect safari. the state of florida is allowing a man to keep an unusual pet. >> are you happy a alligator? >> david van buren has had a pet alligator named gwendolyn for the past 40 years. the gator is actually male and lives in his backyard, eating a steady diet of cookies and pizza. in 1994, the state took the reptile away after getting a complaint, but he won him back following a court baptist.
11:41 pm
now a new complaint brought state fish and wildlife officers out again. the two have been together since van buren was nine years old. he each took him away to college. >> once he was in the house, he didn't want to leave. i think it took us three weeks to get him back outside. he was on the couch all the time or in the bathtub. >> after investigating, wildlife officers found gwendolyn had grown too big for van buren's yard. they agreed to let the gator stay as long as he makes changes to his home. a place that has been making dreams come true celebrated an important milestone today. disneyland turned 61. there was a big parade today led by donald duck, goofy, and of course mickey and minnie. the theme park opened in anaheim in 1955 with just 18 attractions. now there are nearly 100. disney is our parent company, and they provided us with this video. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, you know the saying, can't see the forest for the trees? well, a uc berkeley program aims to save forests by cutting down
11:42 pm
trees. only abc 7 news travelled to the high sierra to see the work in progress. find out why it helps in the long-term, next. well, an active breeze overnight tonight will help to keep temperatures below normal tomorrow be
11:43 pm
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california forests are under extreme threat right now with more than 60 million trees killed by insects and drought in the past five years. and it's not just dead trees that create problems.
11:45 pm
tonight only on abc 7 news, anchor dan ashley reports on a groundbreaking effort to save our forests. >> all this tree cutting is happening in an unlikely spot, sage hen experimental forest, run by uc berkeley in the high sierra near truckee. it is protected and designated for research with all kinds of gadgets and cameras recording decades of data about this very diverse ecosystem. even a rare wolverine was spotted here. now like a lot of the sierra, the forest is sick, with too many trees competing for too little water. >> ecologically, it's a mess. >> the manager jeff brown used to think he would never approve of cutting trees here, but that's changed. >> so the prescription in here is any tree under 10 inches is gone. >> on this day more than 30 people from 18 agencies are here to see a range of forest thinning operations that could become a model for the western united states.
11:46 pm
>> we designed the project to figure out what it might look like if we were mimicking the more natural conditions. >> natural conditions include variety. and that's what this project is aiming for. some sections are being thinned by hand crews, taking out small trees with chain sauce, leftover logs and brush are piled up to be burned or taken awayfully the future. acre by acre goes from this to this. >> these big trees will now be able to get the resources that they need to thrive. >> researchers believe the thinned out area is what much of the sierra used to look like. >> when you read the stories of people that came through here in the wagon trains, they could drive wagons through the sierra forest easily. if you look around here now, you can't do that. >> that's because decades of putting out fires made forests much more dense than nature intended, with lots of unhealthy trees, many ravaged by insects. a watershed expert compares each tree to a straw. >> it sucks water soup it can
11:47 pm
make its leaves and continue to grow. the more trees on the ground the more straws are pulling water out of our ecosystem. >> the project also includes areas being thinned with a huge machine called a masticator. it essentially chews up smaller trees. this is a faster, cheaper method. but the results are more extreme. so scientists want to see how the ecosystem responds over time. other patches of forest are being left alone for animals. >> most of the wiwildlife likes safety of dense areas. but they tend to do their hunting, their foraging along the edge, looking out into a more open place. >> the sage hen pilot program got input from both environmental groups and the timber industry, and both are watching very closely for results. the tree cutting research will cost about $700,000. paid for with a combination of state and federal money. dan ashley, abc 7 news. time now for another look at the weather forecast. here is meteorologist drew tuma. >> and eric, we're starting to
11:48 pm
see that fog expand around the region once again. that marine layer is deepening tonight. and most spots waking up to low clouds tomorrow morning. live doppler right now showing you that gray shading you see on the screen that is the low cloud cover that live doppler 7 is picking up. it continues to expand around the bay at this hour. future weather as we go hour-by-hour, first thing 7:00. as you step out the door, most areas will have limited sunshine first thing. you want to grab that light jacket, we're starting off with temperatures mainly in the 50s. as we go into the midmorning, by 11:00 in the morning, still a fair amount of cloud cover south of the golden gate around the bay. you do notice it will pull back to the coast similar to what we have today. the coast will stay in the cloud cover. away from the coast, you'll see more in the way of sunshine. take san francisco for example in the afternoon. limited sunshine. by 2:00, peeks in the financial district, soma, even the mission district and the castro. but that cloud cover quickly fills back in. we're going to see another cool day across san francisco for monday.
11:49 pm
tomorrow, you notice the highs below normal for this time of year. and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you warmer weather will move in. but it's going to be gradual. by friday, especially next weekend, that's when we'll see the numbers finally back above normal for this time of the year. >> drew, thanks a lot. rick quan is here. he'll have more sports for you. >> you are correct. the ace of the a's pitching staff suffers a set back. and henrik stenson battles phil mi
11:50 pm
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> when you begin down by 1 and shoot a 65, you expect to win. but that wasn't the case for phil mickelson as he lost to a red hot henrik stenson at the british open. we go to royal troon, scotland. this kid got to enjoy the ride and a pretty good show after stenson bogeyed the first hole, mickelson makes birdie thanks to this brilliant approach shot. lefty takes a one-stroke lead. but then stenson got on a role. this birdie on two tied him with mickelson. and then another on eight gives him the outright lead at 16 under par. mickelson was superb, but stenson was brilliant. on 15, he nails a 50-footer for birdie, which gives him a two-stroke advantage. stenson finished with another
11:53 pm
long birdie on 18. in all, he made ten the birdies en route to a 63. at 20 under par, he wins by three strokes. stenson takes home the claret jug and becomes the first man from sweden to win a major. >> to come out on top after such a fight with him over these four days, it's -- it makes it even more special. >> i played a bogey-free round at 65. the final round of a major, that's usually good enough to do it. and i got beat, you know. i got beat by 10 birdies. in los angeles, the lpga marathon classic needed four extra holes to decide winner. lydia ko would defeat jutanugarn. san diego got some payback over the weekend. giants fans have been out in force at petco park, with johnny cueto on the mound, san
11:54 pm
francisco had been just about unbeatable. but in the fourth, he gives up a home run to matt kemp, and it was 1-0 padres. two batters later, christian betancourt gets all of this pitch. cueto, who started the all-star game had not suffered a loss since april 21st. padres pitcher edwin jackson had a no-hitter going until the 7th. connor gillespie breaks it up. that cuts the lead to 4-3. but san diego gets some insurance in their half. solarte homers down the right field line off hunter strickland. that made a final 5-3 padres. so they sweep the three-game series. the dodgers were at arizona. jake lamb goes deep in the third. the d-backs would build a 6-0 lead. l.a. cut the lead to one and had the tying run at third in the ninth. but jake barrett strikes out chris taylor to end the contest. arizona wins 6-5. so the dodgers stay 5 1/2 back of san francisco. the giants' next play at
11:55 pm
boston. the red sox lost to the yankees. masahiro tanaka struck out seven, including david ortiz. jacoby ellsbury with the rbi single. the yankees win, 3-1, snapping boston's six-game wing streak. a's starter rich hill is being scouted by several teams. but he was forced to leave after just five pitches today because of a blister on his left middle finger that will not help his trade value. after toronto took a 3-0 lead, oakland rallied in the sixth. marcus simian gets his 20th home run of the season. then with two men, yonder alonso comes through with the pitch hit double into the left field gap. danny valencia and khris davis score and the game is tied. with two outs in the ninth, former athletic josh donaldson rips a double after john axford. two runners come home. the j's win it 5-3. after the contest, hill talk about his blister problem. >> i really can't explain it. because i've never had anything like this before. i've had blisters on my finger
11:56 pm
in different part of my finger before. but nothing, nothing like this. the a's host houston tomorrow. today the astros beat up on seattle. jose's two-run homer, went 4 for 5. in the 70, carlos gomez connects with the bases loaded. astros win 8-1. so they take two out of three from the mariners. at the new hampshire motor speedway, matt ten seth tries to get out of the pit, but finds himself boxed in. he did finally get out. and with 44 laps to go, kenseth passes martin truex jr. to take the lead. kenseth went on to win the race. but his car failed a post race inspection. it's unlikely he'll are the rickry taken away. but there will be a big fine and loss of points. stage 15 of the tour de france had the race entering the alps. columbia's pantano won the 99-mile stage in four hours, 24 minutes, 49 seconds.
11:57 pm
it's his first ever tour stage win. chris froome retains the yellow jersey as the overall leader. the tour ends a week from today in paris. and that abc sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. eric? >> rick, thank you very much. for a busy day in sports. >> it was. >> that's it for tonight, folks. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. again with live coverage from the republican convention, for rick andrew, thanks for joining us. have a great evening and a better morning.
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