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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 19, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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don't miss the wta action while itford. good morning, america. donald trump makes a grand entrance at the republican national convention. >> the next first lady of the united states. >> melania steps into the spotlight. >> donald is and always has been an amazing leader. >> but now questions about her speech. did she plagiarize? >> that your word is your bond. and you do what you say. >> that your word is your bond. that you do what you say you're gonna do. and uproar on the floor. [ chanting ] >> point of order. point of order. >> the last-ditch effort to stop trump goes down in flames and only on "gma," ivanka opens up about her dad. >> i worry about the safety of my father. >> gearing up for her speech in the spotlight. breaking news, terror in germany.
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a 17-year-old with an ax and knife attacking train passengers before police could take him down. isis now claiming responsibility. severe weather sparks a travel nightmare. deadly storms from virginia to maine. now much of the country facing dangerous heat. the plains and northeast on alert right now. and behind the scenes in cleveland. the celebrities who took on a starring role overnight. and the real show-stopper who brought the house down. ♪ and the home of the brave [ cheers and applause ] what better way to say good morning, america, than with that moment last night at the convention. marlana vanhoose with a powerful
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performance and you know what, she is going to join us live later this morning. and another moment many people are talking about, donald trump, oh, that's one way of making an entrance. >> vintage donald trump right there, watch him bask in that applause. coming in to "we are the champions," shadowed but then stepping into the spotlight to introduce his wife melania. the introduction was short, pretty sweet, as well then she came on to the stage. and she seemed to enjoy her speech last night. she charmed the crowd. they loved every minute. but a few hours later, social media started to explode, as some noticed strikingly similar passages to michelle obama's convention speech back in 2008. now, the trump team has been forced to respond to the charges of plagiarism overnight. the trump campaign chairman paul manafort says it's crazy to think that she cribbed any part of that speech. and we have lara's exclusive interview with ivanka trump. she'll introduce her dad on
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thursday. and she opened up in that interview on republicans like mitt romney and the bushes who are refusing to support her father. >> she did not hold back. speaking with lara. first more on last night's big moments full of show-stopping speeches and also some protests. tom llamas has all the details. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, the trump campaign in damage control this morning. initially melania trump receiving praise for her speech. but now many are saying she stole sections of that speech directly from michelle obama's 2008 convention speech. and the comparisons are striking. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: donald trump making a larger-than-life entrance into his convention. >> oh, we're gonna win. we're gonna win so big. thank you very much, everybody. >> reporter: trump breaking tradition not only showing up to his convention on day one, but also speaking. there to introduce his wife. >> the next first lady of the
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united states, my wife, an amazing mother, an incredible woman, melania trump. >> reporter: in her first major address since her husband announced his candidacy, melania winning over the convention crowd. >> there will be good times and hard times and unexpected turns. it would not be a trump contest without excitement and drama. [ applause ] >> reporter: part of her role to show trump's softer side. >> he's tough when he has to be. but he's also kind and fair and caring. >> reporter: but this morning, the former model facing backlash for seeming to sound too much like another first lady. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> and you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're gonna do. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise.
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>> that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> that you treat people with respect. >> reporter: critics claiming melania lifted parts of michelle obama's 2008 speech at the democratic national convention. trump standing by his wife, tweeting, her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible. the theme at the rnc on the first night, make america safe again. >> i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter in america! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: from baton rouge to benghazi, primetime speakers arguing hillary clinton is unfit to handle these dangerous times. including the mother of one of the benghazi victims. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> reporter: also making that case, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> what i did for new york, donald trump will do for america! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> reporter: primetime seeming to go off without a hitch, but earlier, chaos. [ chanting ] >> point of order. point of order. >> reporter: it started when delegates were denied an opportunity to vote on the rules. some saw it as their last chance to take the nomination from trump. >> you are ignoring delegates who have been elected to this convention. >> reporter: but their call rejected. >> all those in favor, please signify by saying aye. opposed? nay. the ayes have it. >> reporter: the anti-trump forces failed. but the protests a sign some in the gop refuse to unify behind trump. now, back to that melania trump speech. she says she wrote most of the speech and overnight the campaign putting out this statement saying in writing her beautiful speech melania's team of writers took notes on her life's inspirations and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking.
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melania's immigrant experience and love for america shone through in her speech which made it such a success. as george mentioned at the top, paul manafort, the chairman of the trump campaign, is denying that melania trump stole any section of her speech last night. robin and george? >> okay, tom. thanks very much. let's talk about this now with matthew dowd and donna brazile. let me begin with you, matt. you've seen the response from the trump campaign. i spoke with a couple of their advisers overnight. they say, listen, this was 7% to 8% of the speech. it will blow over. she was a big hit last night. how big a deal is it? is someone going to have to take the fall? >> it's interesting. she said in last night's speech, with any trump atear ffairaffai contest, there is excitement and drama. she added to it in the course and the aftermath of this. look, this will be problematic and make it look like the convention is already beginning to be mismanaged in the course of this. when donald trump needs to have a moment where he actually gets a bump from this convention it's going to be problematic to get a bump from the convention. though i think something else is going to happen tonight that we'll probably be talking about tomorrow morning.
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in the course of this it is a big problem. >> something will definitely probably happen. what do you think the democrats' response will be to melania's speech, donna? >> first of all we want to applaud her. after all, michelle obama is adorable. she's phenomenal. and the fact that melania would, you know, take many of her words, some passages 22 out of the 26 words in at least two, you know what, that's great. lift up -- lift the country up. i thought it was great. it was a positive speech. >> how much irony is in your voice right now? >> a lot. but -- >> it's the highest form of flattery, isn't it? >> it was a positive speech and she looked great. she sounded great. and the fact that she was inspired by michelle obama's example of 2008. you know what? donald trump may be inspired by president obama of 2008 and take some of his words, lift them up. why not?
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>> the hope is right. you think basically they'll be able to move beyond it, at some point, something else is going to come up. but break down overall what we saw during the course of the day yesterday. did they do what they needed to? >> the thing we talked about coming into this is can they be disciplined enough in the course of this week to get through one big message that the american public feels? right now, after day one, they haven't been disciplined enough to do that in the course of this. i think it looks a bit mismanaged. and the thing that i was struck by more than anything last night is their number one only real rising republican star at the convention ended up speaking to a basically an empty hall, joni ernst, the senator, and to -- not -- out of primetime. that was a big problem. >> so that was yesterday. day two, today, what do you expect? >> a lot more acrimony, a lot of perhaps disgruntled delegates who will probably try to express themselves one more time when mr. trump's name is placed into nomination. a lot of red meat, more red meat than outback steakhouse. and who knows? we might get some, i don't know, some joy out of this. >> you know what i think for sure is happening today is that
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they are scrubbing donald jr.'s speech and tiffany trump's speech to make sure there's not a single word in there that somebody thinks could be plagiarized. >> you two, we'll hear from you. >> a lot of joy here. >> donna brazile. >> i love michelle obama. now i love melania trump also. >> we move on to hillary clinton's bold move addressing the naacp calling out donald trump. as the republicans, of course, hold their convention right down the road. a time when opposing candidates usually tone down their attacks. cecilia vega is on the trail there in cincinnati. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: yeah, they usually tone down the attacks, robin, good morning to you. they often sit this week out. not this year, not hillary clinton. the republicans may be center stage, but hillary clinton isn't giving up the spotlight. >> donald trump demeans women. donald trump wants to ban an entire religion from entering our country. >> reporter: not far from cleveland, clinton campaigning in cincinnati at the naacp convention blasting donald trump for skipping the annual
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gathering which past republicans have attended. >> donald trump cannot become president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: on day one of the republican convention, clinton made two stops in ohio. >> we're going to hear a lot about taking our country backwards because that's really what they mean. >> reporter: her army of supporters taunting trump too, clinton aides in their own counterconvention camped out near the convention center launching rapid-fire responses to republican attacks. a pro-clinton superpac targeting cleveland with these ads. linking trump to former kkk leader david duke and her campaign releasing at least five anti-trump videos in just one day, using everyone from children -- >> that means we stand against you. >> reporter: -- to the chaos on the convention floor. >> the podium has been abandoned. i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: -- in their counterpunch. and just this morning the
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campaign released another video this one slamming donald trump on the economy. and that is the theme of today's rnc. hillary clinton's team has two dozen staffers there, on the ground, right there next to you guys in cleveland, george. all of this for this big counterconvention that they're launching on their own. >> no question about that. i'm sure we will see republicans from philadelphia as well. let's get more from jon karl. i want to begin on picking up what donna was talking about. we saw that uproar on the floor yesterday. that chaos created in part by those never trump forces. you told me you think they are completely killed after being shut down yesterday. but they're likely to try to come back today. and there still is some unifying to be done at this convention. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, george. that was a loud and raucous rebellion on the floor. and you saw the colorado delegation at one point, actually get up and walk out. i've never seen that at a republican convention.
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they got up and they walked out. they did, of course, come back by the time primetime was happening. they will try to make noise. they will try to make their voices heard. there is clearly a minority, a loud minority but it's a minority on the floor that is simply not happy with donald trump as their nominee. >> as we enter the second day we know in our own polling, we show about a four-point hillary clinton lead coming into the convention. but let's take a look at the electoral map. and a sense of what donald trump needs to do if he's going to start to catch up. >> reporter: george, at abc what we have done a ratings of all of the states. if you look at the map now, the states that are in red are those solidly donald trump or leaning donald trump. states in blue, hillary clinton or leaning hillary clinton, we list right now at this point only six pure toss-up states. so to give you an idea of how tough the map is for donald trump, he could win the big ones -- he could win florida, he could win virginia, he could win ohio. and he'd still come up short. he would still need to win somewhere else, perhaps iowa and new hampshire, so this is a map that at the very beginning of
7:14 am
the race goes solidly against donald trump. hillary clinton, all she would have to do is win the state of florida. >> yeah, very little margin -- room for error for donald trump right there. jon karl, thanks very much. george, we turn to the latest on the ambush in baton rouge that left three police officers dead. investigators now say there is no question that the officers were targeted. abc's steve osunsami has the latest. >> reporter: the images police are sharing this morning from surveillance video show 29-year-old gavin long dressed in all black and a face mask carrying one of the semi-automatic rifles police recovered as he guns down cops. >> these officers were intentionally targeted. >> reporter: police say he used the rifle and a pistol to ambush police at a spot where officers from different agencies fuel up and wash their cars. they found the third rifle in his rented white chevy. >> when he came back around these two baton rouge police officers were right here standing, he shot both of them. >> reporter: investigators say he ignored civilians as he searched for officers. >> i'm hit.
7:15 am
i'm by the car wash. i'm hit. left arm. >> reporter: police say deputy brad garafola died a hero after running to help a wounded officer caught in the gunfire. both were killed. this morning 41-year-old baton rouge corporal nicholas tulier is in the icu fighting for his life. ♪ children out there hurting >> reporter: at vigils overnight families mourned the three officers who were killed. investigators say long posted this video online praising the dallas shooter who killed five police. >> with the brother killing the police, you get what i'm saying, that's -- it's justice. >> reporter: in a touching moment, the father of one of the fallen police officers shared a hug with the aunt of alton sterling, whose death at the hands of police lit the match. she tells us her family is calling for peace. >> i don't condone what happened with those -- with what happened with those officers. i think that's a horrible thing and my condolences go out to the families. we want to keep the peace. >> reporter: this is the gas station where the bullets were flying.
7:16 am
local police come here to fill up. there is a police officer here right now. the fbi is now working with investigators and this city is planning the police funerals. robin? >> all right, steve, thank you very much. we'll go back to new york now. amy, say good morning to amy, michael, and lara. and amy, i know you have the morning's other top headlines. good morning, all. >> that's right, good morning, guys. we know that isis has now claimed responsibility for an attack on a train in southern germany. police say a 17-year-old afghan refugee armed with an ax and a knife injured five people including a family of four, yelling god is great before he was eventually shot and killed by police. investigators say they found an isis flag in the attacker's room and a note indicating he may have been self-radicalized. the victims survived. but two of them are in critical condition this morning. turkey is formally asking the u.s. to hand over a muslim cleric it blames for organizing friday's coup attempt. fethullah gulen lives in pennsylvania. the u.s. has requested information about turkey's
7:17 am
claims before considering his extradition. health officials are investigating a puzzling new case of the zika virus, a person in utah who cared for a zika-infected relative also got the virus. but without any sexual contact or a mosquito bite, which are the only known sources of transmission thus far. the relative had traveled abroad and had a high level of virus in his blood. well, professional wrestling is facing a new class-action lawsuit over head injuries. dozens of formers wrestlers including jimmy "superfly" snuka say the wwe failed to protect them from traumatic brain injuries and hid information about neurological conditions. the company says it is confident the lawsuit will be dismissed. and finally a whale of a surprise for a woman paddle-boarding off california. gotta look at this. watch as a humpback whale breaches the surface, boom, right next to her board. it was feeding on herring. let's look at it in slow motion. you can see just how close this encounter was when the video is
7:18 am
slowed down there. she says she plays the flute for the whales, and they come to her. maybe that's like a whale standing ovation. i don't know. just a thought. >> i guess, now fish tales have the gopro. to be told. like it really happened. that could have happened ten years ago. we would have never seen it. >> that's right. >> wouldn't have believed it. >> it's hard enough to stand up on those boards but with a whale there? but ginger, you have something -- some news about the dangerous storms. and a heat wave in the midwest? >> this is big. this becomes dangerous. to go with me here to this picture where we saw the damaging winds blow through the northeast and those storms out of here. much cooler and less humid behind but unless you're in the center of the nation where we have excessive heat watches from wisconsin, through parts of iowa, to louisiana, where the heat advisories are in place. it's not just today but tomorrow, it's thursday when the peak of the heat settles in. feels like 108 in kansas city this afternoon. look at the numbers for minneapolis from madison by thursday. this is big heat that lasts through friday.
7:19 am
: >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. quicker sunshine, warmer today. clouds and cool conditions return at night, and i will want it this weekend when the heat wave develops. today we go from 62 at coast to 82 in antioch so a lot of upper 60s to low 70s in the bay and mid-to-upper 70s inland and tonight, in the 50s, again, with most us dealing with cloud cover. my seven-day forecast is back to average on friday, and look at the heat, saturday, sunday and
7:20 am
coming up, lara's exclusive interview with ivanka trump. defending her father as major republicans refuse to support him here in cleveland. >> was that hurtful to hear, though, that some major figures in the party would not -- >> no, that's their choice. if they don't want to be part of the future. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night. the unique secure barrier system gives me triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture - so i can keep being a sweet dreamer. tena overnight underwear and pads. only tena lets you be you.
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the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. good morning. we want to show you video just in to the newsroom. take a look. you can see a firefighter putting out a small fire at glenn cove elementary school. reports of the fire started to pour in at 6:00 a.m. the fire was contained to the playground. no one was hurt. school officials and police are looking in to what started the incident. a traffic check with sue hall. >> good morning. issues with mass transit. a muni delay between 4th and king street due to an equipment problem. b.a.r.t. looking good. 60 trains on time and ace train three is delayed this time in to
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fremont. a late exit out of stockton. car fire slowing things on 101 sfx: turbines revving up, you hear that? and louder that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at
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low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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good morning from the misty roof in downtown we are in the 50s everywhere. as you look at the day planner upper 50s at the coast. upper 70s, low 60s in the bay. look at the accuweather seven-day forecast i put together for you. what you will notice is temperatures bump up tomorrow. hold steady through thursday and warm back to average. that means near 90 inland. 80 in the bay, low 60s at the coast. heat wave near 100 inland. >> thank you, mike. ivanka trump is speaking out on this big week for her father
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♪ we are the champions welcome back to "gma." there was that big moment from last night, donald trump coming on stage on the first night of his convention, breaking tradition right there, enjoying every minute of it and he enjoyed it last night, all eyes on that stage again today, robin. speaker of the house paul ryan will address the crowds and may see donald trump again. he could introduce him. >> we know we'll see donald trump jr. he will definitely be speaking. tonight. a big night tonight ahead as we said. and a big morning in times square, isn't that right, michael strahan? >> that is absolutely right, robin. you know, coming up on our big board, we have a huge story breaking on the olympics and that major doping scandal which you won't want to miss. and we have that coming up. back to you, george. >> that is coming up and right now, we're gonna have lara's
7:31 am
exclusive interview with ivanka trump. she's been called her father's secret weapon. one of his most trusted advisers. she'll introduce him thursday night. and lara, all year long, ivanka has been very poised in the spotlight. >> poised is the right word and ivanka says her father's candidacy is all about looking toward the future, something she is very excited to be a part of. and she's also not holding back about some big republicans choosing to sit out the convention and her father's campaign. it was just over a year ago that you announced your father's presidential bid. >> it is my pleasure to introduce to you today a man who i have loved and respected my entire life. >> in just a few days you'll do it again, this time, though, as the presidential nominee. what has this year been like for you? >> it's almost impossible to describe to meet so many people, to hear their enthusiasm for his candidacy. he's the messenger of the people. he's the people's candidate.
7:32 am
>> do you worry about his safety? >> this young man allegedly had been targeting trump for some time. he also had a man try to rush the stage at an ohio rally. >> we live in scary times. i worry about the safety of my father, but i worry about the safety of every american including my children and myself, my family. >> this convention will come to order. >> i do want to ask you about the convention. the bush family, mitt romney, john mccain not attending, what do you think it is about your father that makes him such a polarizing figure? >> my father is an outsider. and we went through a very tough primary. and he emerged from that the winner. but there were certainly ruffled feathers along the way. >> was that hurtful to hear, though, that some major figures in the party would not -- >> no, that's their choice. you know, if they don't want to be part of the narrative, if
7:33 am
they don't want to be part of the future -- that this really is about a forward-looking moment. >> hillary clinton has an ad out. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. okay? it's, like, incredible. >> have you seen that? >> i have seen that, yes. >> as a parent, if your children were to see that ad -- >> when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. >> what would you say to your children? >> i wouldn't have my children listening to those ads. the negative ads, especially those and almost all of them are a complete manipulation of his words and packaged for maximum impact. despite what anyone may say, including the opposition, i know the man, and so do my children. >> your father relies on you a great deal, though. your brothers, your father. you're such a tight unit but none of you have political experience. and here you are on the national
7:34 am
stage, front and center. one of his key advisers. >> i think that i have strong opinions. i articulate those opinions when asked. and he raised my brothers to be the same. >> your brothers and you were given the opportunity to talk to all of the vice presidential finalists. if you will. what were you looking for for the person who stood by your dad's side? >> we wanted to ensure that personalities would be complementary. that track record was well suited to the task at hand. >> the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. >> governor pence has done an unbelievable job in the state of indiana and also really the person, getting to know him and his wife and his children. and who they are as a family. >> did you and your brothers all agree? >> it was my father's decision so -- >> but you weighed in. >> we did weigh in.
7:35 am
we did weigh in, but ultimately it was his decision. >> have you given him advice on how to change the perception that some women have about him? >> well, i think the perception is a flawed one. people talk and talk about gender equality. but do they actually live it? my father has. he believes in equality amongst the genders economically, politically, socially. my father has empowered women, including me, his whole life. >> we will have more of my exclusive interview with ivanka trump. she's opening up about her big speech and her father's tweets coming up in our next hour. we'll get right back to you, though, george and robin in cleveland. >> all right there, lara, thank you. >> yeah, and, lara, boy, when you talk to her about that vice presidential search she dove right in there. and they really did have a big role. >> she had a lot to say about it, george. and she's very, very pleased with her father's decision. >> okay. >> and her father, of course, lara, thank you is known as a
7:36 am
billionaire businessman but funding the gop convention in cleveland hasn't exactly been easy. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on the money trail for us, good morning, brian. >> good morning, robin. these political conventions cost big money. and they're also a place where big money is raised and big donors are rewarded. for the first time in recent memory, the republicans are having to deal with a lot fewer donors and a lot less money. it's costing more than $60 million just to put on the convention. from the opening fireworks to the 125,000 balloons overhead waiting to be dropped on the last night. but even as the delegates were gathering, the republican party was scraping to come up with the cash to pay for it all with major corporations reportedly sitting it out or backing out. >> some gave reason, some did not. some that gave did talk about sort of the publicity around just this whole election process. >> reporter: it's the trump
7:37 am
factor. fewer ceos, lobbyists and billionaires arriving in their private jets. big parties half empty. despite the best efforts of cleveland's bartenders and its top chefs. >> this is the million-dollar ravioli. >> reporter: at the big event last night for republican senators at the rock 'n' roll hall of fame -- >> this is closed to the press. >> reporter: -- more than a third, 19 of the senators, never even made it to cleveland for the convention. senator, brian ross from abc. where are all the missing republican senators? 19 didn't show up. >> i think the most important ones are right here tonight. so thank you. i'm glad you're here. >> reporter: even when top republicans do show up as at this raucous party sponsored by two billionaire donors and some political consultants, the name trump is barely mentioned. >> i just want to say thank you to all of you here. >> reporter: republican party chairman reince priebus mentioned his candidate's name only once in his welcoming remarks. outside over cigars and cocktails, on a smoke-filled
7:38 am
patio, republicans prepared for a convention and an election unlike any they had seen before. in the end, for republicans, with less money coming in, it's all part of what really is unintended campaign finance reform movement, something they did not seek and do not want. >> understatement right there. >> yeah. >> so 125,000 above us right now? >> balloons. that's right. ready to come down on thursday night. >> it really does. thank you, brian. let's get back to michael. what's coming up on "the big board," michael? >> all right. thank you, robin. coming up on our "big board," the doping scandal rocking the olympics. should russia be banned from rio? a new report saying doctors should talk to teens about sex. will this pit pediatricians against parents? kanye and kim in hot water after snapchatting a phone call with taylor swift. are they in legal trouble? we have all our insiders here to help us with those questions in just two minutes. stay right there. help us with those questions in just two minutes. they right there.
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time now for our "big board." our team of insiders standing by with more on today's top stories. first up -- the olympics bombshell. russia rocked by a doping scandal. the world anti-doping agency releasing a report confirming allegations of widespread state-sponsored doping of russian athletes across 28 olympic sports. pressure now growing to discipline russia ahead of the rio games. and summer sanders, former olympic swimmer and yahoo! olympics contributor joins us now. summer, after this report was released the ioc said they will, quote, not hesitate to take the toughest sanctions against any individual or organization implicated. this is condemning allegations, strong condemnation. what's in that report? >> i know. well, i have to admit this is the first report i've ever read about doping. but i did consult a guy who's read a few, travis tygart, the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency.
7:42 am
and we agree that the two alarming parts of this report were the fact that it went up so high. it went up to the deputy sports minister and fsb, russia's security service. those are like the cabinet member and secret service involved in such an incredible doping scandal. and the word he uses often is that this is mind-blowing. and i agree. >> it seems to be and also, summer, russian president vladimir putin, he responded. he said "doping has no place in sport. we will thoroughly root out this evil" while implying that the u.s. is behind this report. now, in your opinion do you think that russia should be banned from the games in rio? >> you know, michael, i am glad i don't have to make this decision. and i should add that the ioc is supposed to make their decision today. so we will all learn, but as an olympic athlete who fully believes in the power of that spirit and those rings, our priority is to keep our athletes safe and to have a clean and fair level of play. and to do that, you have to send a message. so i think they should be banned. but my heart goes out to those few that are playing by the rules and are clean.
7:43 am
and i'm hoping that they have an opportunity to -- for their voice to be heard and for them to fight for their spot in the olympics. >> a fair statement of you because they not only have forensic evidence but interviews where people are admitting it, they have e-mails. i mean, there's a lot of evidence against russia. >> a lot. we'll keep our eye open to see what comes out of it later today. thank you, summer. and now to that new report from the american academy of pediatrics getting backlash urging doctors to avoid taking an abstinence-only approach when speaking to teen patients about sex. the recommendation is coming under fire by parenting groups who say it's not a pediatrician's place to discuss such matters. and we brought in our guy to discuss it with us, dr. richard besser. dr. besser, i have one question for you. the aap is stepping up and this is tricky territory here because you have parents who say i don't want you to have that conversation. but then you're being told to have that conversation as a doctor.
7:44 am
does it put the doctor against the parent? >> well, you know, i hope not. what they're saying is that pediatricians should be talking about sex in a way that's age and developmentally appropriate. 1 in 3 teens say their doctors aren't talking to them about sex at all. and when they say we should talk about sex it's not just abstinence. we know from school-based programs that abstinence-only education does not delay the age at which kids start to have sex. we have to talk about abstinence. but we have to talk about also contraception and sexual responsibility and gender and sexual consent. you know, when you look at what kids are learning in school, fewer than half require sex education and fewer than that require that the information is medically accurate. >> and 88% of teen pregnancies are unplanned. those are the cold facts right there. dr. besser, thanks for being with us. and up next we have kanye west and kim kardashian in hot water potentially facing some charges after posting video of a phone conversation between taylor swift and kanye on snapchat. swift is accusing them of
7:45 am
character assassination and sunny hostin joins us live. sunny, thanks for being with us. i want to first take a look at this snapchat that's stirring up all this controversy. >> go with whatever line you think is better. it's obviously really tongue in cheek either way. and i really appreciate you telling me about it. it's really nice. >> oh, yeah i just had a responsibility to you as a friend. >> all right, so taylor is upset that kanye used a derogatory term when referring to her in one of his lyrics. but he says she gave him consent and the video is proof of that. but you know what? kanye may be in trouble for taping this whole thing. explain why. >> that's right because in california -- california is a two-consent state. a two-party consent state. that's what we call it and that means, it's illegal to tape someone without their knowledge or consent. it's so illegal that you could spend up to a year in jail or even pay a fine for it. >> well, i'm curious, sunny, what would have to happen for charges to be filed? and if so, what could they be facing? a mean, a year in jail and is
7:46 am
there anything else? >> well, it's interesting. yesterday taylor tweeted that kanye secretly recorded their call implying she didn't provide her consent. and tmz is reporting that she's considering filing a police report. and so if she does that, a prosecutor certainly could take that case and it's pretty winnable in california. but if i'm her lawyer, michael, i tell her to shake it off. >> shake it off. well, you heard kanye say, you know what, i have a responsibility as a friend. i don't think they're friends anymore. all right, thank you, sunny. dr. besser, thank you and summer, thank you so much, as well. >> all right. coming up in two minutes the stars taking over the republican convention, stay with us.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
and t.j. holmes is here with a who's who. >> stop me if you heard this. an underwear model, a duck hunter, and guy from "happy days" all walk into a bar -- no, they actually walked on to the convention stage and for a minute it looked like donald trump wanted to make america the '80s and '90s again. a former soap star, a current reality star, and chachi? >> thank you so much. >> reporter: opening night of the republican national convention was different. a mix of who's who and who's that? but the celebrity event many might have expected from a trump convention did not materialize. still, there was scott baio touting trump. >> a man doing this from the goodness of his heart. >> reporter: the former "happy days" and "charles in charge" star told me his invitation was very last minute. >> i was at a donald trump event a couple of nights ago and after he spoke, he was walking off, and i said, mr. trump, scott baio. he goes, hey, oh, my god. listen, did you want to speak?
7:50 am
and i said, here? he said, no, at the convention. >> reporter: with his familiar beard and bandanna, "duck dynasty" star willie robertson talked up trump as someone you can depend on. >> no matter who you are, donald trump will have your back. >> reporter: antonio sabato jr. of "general hospital" fame and a naturalized u.s. citizen used part of his time to make a point about immigration. >> there should be no shortcuts for those who don't want to pay or wait. >> reporter: all right, so it didn't materialize, you know, trump was using names like bobby knight, tim tebow, tom brady. that didn't materialize. but that's his crew, those are his guys. >> thursday night for scott baio? >> he wrote it sunday during church. he just was in church and started writing. this is very last minute. >> wow. >> we have the star of last night, marlana, who sang the national anthem will join us in the last half hour. when we come back at the top of the hour, big news for pippa middleton. duchess kate's sister is engaged. leton.
7:51 am
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good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. go outside for a check on the forecast with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. still gray and misty in san francisco. check out our temperatures, mid to upper 50s. seeing more sunshine there. by the time we get to the afternoon hours, 60s san francisco, upper 60s to mid 70s in the bay, mid to upper 70s inland. it will be hot inland starting saturday. looking at the bay bridge. back up meter lights on at 5:30. stacked up. the cash folks are getting by quicker than the fast trackers. 50 minute delay from hercules to san francisco. this car fire 101 near hopper is out and residual delays. >> thank you so much, sue. coming up, our smoothie
7:57 am
experiment and the surprising results on what you should and shouldn't eat for breakfast. that's next on "gma." another update in 30 minutes and on our news app at join us weekdays
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, am good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and trump's family takes center stage. >> let's all come together in a national campaign like no other. >> as ivanka opens up one-on-one about her dad. >> he speaks from the brain. he speaks from the heart. >> why she says he's being underestimated. how she's feeling about taking the stage and what she's saying now about life in the white house. ♪ never been in love before >> looks like pippa is engaged. reports that kate's famous sister is off the market. details now on the surprise proposal and the bride-to-be with a big smile this morning and an even bigger ring. ♪ break free smoothie sabotage. is your breakfast drink as healthy as you think? we're breaking down the smoothie to see what it's really doing to your body and your diet. the blender test right here live.
8:01 am
♪ welcome to my house all that and "star trek's" leading man, chris pine, is here live taking times square beyond where we've ever gone before as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! and good morning, america, from the "q" in cleveland. robin and i here covering the republican national convention. >> yeah, we've got a lot coming up. that's right, it's called the "q," home of the championship nba cleveland cavaliers. and how about that young woman who stunned us last night, her rendition of "the national anthem," marlana, she's going to join us this morning. >> so powerful. >> she's sitting right over there with her mom. but let's go back now to lara, michael and amy in new york. you got a lot going on there too, you guys. >> yes, we do.
8:02 am
we sure do. we have a lot going on here and we'll get into those smoothies we all think are healthy. i'm one person guilty of that but they could be sabotaging your diet. former interns are doing a little experiment for us. earlier in morning, two of them had smoothies for breakfast and two ate the foods that went into the smoothies without blending them together. so we're going to see would feels more full. all that coming up just ahead. lara you have other big news. >> i do, very big news. we have learned, everybody, pippa middleton is officially off the market. she is engaged and we have all the details on the proposal and that ring coming up. >> we'll find out who the guy is. >> lucky guy. >> lucky for us, all right. amy's got the morning rundown. what's you got, amy? >> that's right, good morning, guys. the big story this morning, the trump campaign denying claims that donald trump's wife melania plagiarized part of her speech at the convention. critics say there were striking similarities between her speech last night and the one michelle obama gave back in 2008. abc's tom llamas has the latest now from cleveland. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning.
8:03 am
the big headline out of the rnc after night one is one the trump campaign is not happy about, melania trump accused of taking portions of her speech from last night from a speech from michelle obama in 2008 at the dnc convention. take a listen. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> that you treat people with respect. >> reporter: now melania trump says she did write that speech with a little bit of help, and the trump campaign this morning is denying that she lifted any portion of the speech. i spoke with paul manafort, who is the campaign chairman, and he says these accusations are ridiculous. amy. >> all right, tom, thanks for that. the convention shifts to the
8:04 am
economy tonight with the theme make america work again. our live coverage begins at 10:00 p.m. eastern. governor chris christie, dr. ben carson and donald trump jr. will all be among the speakers tonight. well, a developing story now in germany where police say an afghan refugee armed with an ax and a knife attacked several people on a train in bavaria before being shot by police. five people were injured, two of them in critical condition. investigators say the attacker had painted an isis flag in the room where he lived and was apparently self-radicalized. germany admitted about 1 million refugees last year including 150,000 afghans. well, a new warning about violent video games and movies for parents. the nation's largest group of pediatricians say that kind of entertainment has been linked to more aggressive behavior in children. doctors say it is the immersive and inescapable way they're exposed to violence that makes it so damaging and warn children under the age of 6 should not be exposed to any virtual violence. and finally, pokemon go craze has hit a whole new level when one mother deleted the game
8:05 am
from her son's phone, she had had enough, so you know what he did. he packed up all his things and ran away from home. but there's his sister recording it all on snapchat. kyle took his clothes with him. he even took his soccer medals of you can hear his sister laughing in the background. mom went looking for him and found kyle looking very sad. >> ah. >> in what appears to be his relative's house. no word yet if he's returned home. when are you coming home? never. all right. well, at least he's with family, other family. >> a smart kid. i may not eat here but i know some other places i can eat. >> where he can play pokemon go. >> such an obsession everywhere. also "pop news," always an obsession. >> what you got? >> nice transition. >> thank you. thank you. desperation. hey, "gq" rounded up hollywood's elite for an encyclopedia, if you will of matt damon as he premieres for jason bourne.
8:06 am
he weighs in and george clooney who is his best bud said he looks swell in a speedo. julia roberts adds, matt's a good boy with nice teeth. or shall nemesis, jimmy kimmel, begs to differ saying he is simply diabolical. steven suddenerburg says there's simply not a bad word that could be said about damon, and harvey weinstein says matt is the closest thing our generation has to jimmy stewart. >> wow. that's a compliment. >> "a wonderful life," to be matt damon and have all those people love you so much, even you, jimmy. >> i love jason bourne. >> get ready. the issue of "gq" is out next week. check it out. also in "pop news" this morning, rock stars don't usually take requests at shows unless, of course, they come from their own children. take a look. >> hi, dad. it's your son, moses martin. i was just wondering if you could play a song from both of our favorite movie, "back to the future." i love you so much. >> ah. >> first of all,
8:07 am
i love you, moses, so cute, what a combo of gwyneth and chris martin, well, he fulfilled his son's wish and the result was nothing short of spectacular. coldplay front man invited "back to the future" star michael j. fox to the stage to play two songs that his character marty mcfly performed in the classic movie. fox, you know, has been fighting parkinson's disease for more than 25 years. martin went on to describe the actor's guitar solo as a dream come true. and what a dream come true for the audience at the metlife stadium gig. >> i was part of that audience. >> are you kidding me? >> i was there. i went and i got to say incredible show. absolutely amazing. he came out, standing ovation when he came out and standing ovation when michael j. fox left the stage. >> and michael's pretty good, huh? >> could not believe it at all and coldplay is one of my favorite bands. they did not disappoint. >> i know, me too. i'm jealous. >> you could have gone with me. >> i could have, but early invitation lost in the mail. finally in "pop news," as
8:08 am
you probably have heard, donald trump's entrance into the gop convention has everyone talking and posting. the presumptive nominee arrived in style to queen's "we are the champions" complete with the dramatic silhouette and, of course, a fog machine, and let the memes begin. one person thought that trump looked like the villain from "ghostbusters." josh groban thought that the scene resembled his own concert entrance. that is josh. oh, my gosh. >> wow, that looks just like it. >> there were comparisons to "close encounters." and also to mini-me. see, there's mini-me. one person said it was good but no michael jackson circa super bowl 1993. so what do you guys think? >> i thought it looked like he was going to come out and play a football game and run down the tunnel, the smoke. "we are the champions." that's the get you going song. >> let's see what the gang thought over in cleveland. what did you guys think? >> the only thing missing was a wind machine and it would have been beyonce coming out. >> he can't use the wind
8:09 am
machine. >> no, but then the hair, you can't mess with the hair. >> i don't know if wind will affect the hair. >> how will he top it thursday night is my question. >> oh, no. >> maybe he's going to be lowered in. you never know. >> oh, yeah, what about that? i like that idea that he comes down. >> could be. stay tuned. >> yeah. >> all right. >> great to see you guys. "morning menu" time. >> yes, stay tuned for this "morning menu." here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." >> are you walking? >> i am walking and happened to squeeze out of that just like a bull in a china shop right there. more on lara's exclusive with ivanka trump. what she's saying about a life in the white house. and pippa middleton is engaged. details on the surprise proposal and the big ring. and diet sabotages. hit that button. is that breakfast smoothie as good for you as you think? you know, we have all these and you know what, i can't wait for that smoothie. mini captain kirks up in here. look at these mini captain kirks and we have "star trek's" chris pine. >> we have all of these live
8:10 am
long and prospers all in a row. >> i can't do that. >> and not -- nary a one captain, a little captain kirk. >> i love it. >> nary a one. >> all that is coming up and i get to talk to this guy on "gma" in times square. stay right there. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium, 24-hour tablets. nexium, 24-hour tablets. , there are mor, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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8:14 am
be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. welcome back to "gma." more now of my exclusive interview with ivanka trump. she is, of course, a staunch defender of her father, one of his closest advisers, and now she is opening up about her moment in the spotlight as she prepares to introduce him as the republican nominee. >> this is a big moment. are you nervous? >> i'm terrified.
8:15 am
i'm excited. i'm honored. i'm very humbled by it. >> has dad given you any input on what he'd like you to say, or is he leaving it up to you? >> he's totally left it up to me. i wish he'd give me input. >> right. >> but he -- i think he wants it to come from my heart. he says, don't worry, you'll do a great job, don't worry so i'm trying to take that advice but it is -- it's -- it's definitely an intimidating moment. >> he tweets whatever is on his mind at any given moment. do you like the way he uses certainly media? >> well, the only filter is himself. he's able to communicate exactly what he wants to say. it has gotten him into trouble occasionally but i think much more powerful is the fact that each word isn't carefully being cleared by around 80 different people and instilled to mean almost nothing. he speaks from the brain. he speaks from the heart. >> he posted a tweet criticizing
8:16 am
hillary clinton, and he used the star of david, and you are jewish. you've converted. can you understand why that ruffled feathers for the jewish community? >> well, he clearly did not think that was the star of david so i think that it should have been taken at face value. that was clearly not the intention. my father's track record of supporting and advocating for jewish people and for israel is unimpeachable for a very long time, whether it being the grand marshal of the israel day parade to the support that he has offered my husband and myself and our family as a young jewish couple. i know the person and i know his intent, and, you know, i think that was really rather ridiculous. >> what is the one thing that you want us to hear in this about your father?
8:17 am
>> i don't know that people appreciate his tremendous empathy and his warmth but they should. our country needs a president who is able to dream big. and my father will be able to do that in a very big and a very real way. >> what role do you see yourself playing in a trump white house? >> right now i take things day by day. i'm not going to get ahead of myself. >> can you envision a life in washington? >> in the last several years i've sort of had a life in washington because we're building the old post office building two blocks from the white house. so i'm actually in d.c. at least every other week. >> i wasn't really talking -- you know, i was sort of talking more in general. >> i know what you were talking about. i'm trying to avoid the question. no, again, i don't -- >> you've gotten very savvy. >> no, i just don't know. you know, i have to see, and, you know, right now obviously my focus is on being a good mother to my children. >> she is savvy and a good mother. her focus is on family and, of
8:18 am
course, on that huge speech this thursday night. robin and george, back to you in cleveland. >> all right, thank you for that conversation, lara. back now with us, matt dowd and donna brazile, so let's get your take on what we've heard from ivanka trump. i mean a very impressive young woman. >> she is a rock star. i mean, i haven't seen this much talent in a father-daughter since miley cyrus and billy ray cyrus. i would put my chips on her. not only the present but the future. she's not a republican. she's a registered independent. i can see -- >> she couldn't vote for her dad in the primary. >> no, she couldn't vote for her dad. i can see her running for office in new york as an independent sometime in the future. she's that kind of star. >> you actually have experience in this. donna brazile, as well, george w. bush worked for his father back in the '80s and gave him a lot of training, as well. but is there a danger here, donna, you bring your family in so close and you give them so much responsibility and there's no one to blame when something goes wrong. >> well, you know, when you have kids like donald trump, and i've gotten to know three of his kids, i think they are good
8:19 am
people. they're a natural. they are warm, they are genuine and they are authentic. in many ways they are kids that when you look at their dad, you're like, really, because they are inclusive. she's working very hard with district officials to rebuild the old post office in d.c. i think her job this week is to give us those stories that we won't hear, you know, the bond, i mean, i bonded with my dad over church and the new orleans saints. >> right. >> what makes this man such a great father? i think she's going to be incredible. >> we're talking about the father but we're not talking about the mothers here. >> i think you have to give a lot of credit to donald trump in the course of this to have such wonderfully successful kids and sometimes we forget about the mom. ivana in the course of this who obviously helped raise and did in large part raise the kids and a testament to donald trump and ivana how they turned out. >> we'll see don jr. from the podium tonight.
8:20 am
>> yeah. >> we'll be right back. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you.
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8:23 am
so every child took home 22 pounds of food. to know that these students won't go to bed hungry is just awesome. all right, back now with that big news for duchess kate's sister pippa middleton revealing her engagement this morning and abc's lama hasan has all the details. ♪ >> reporter: pippa middleton is off the market.
8:24 am
the world's most eligible bachelorette got engaged over the weekend. >> james asked pippa's father michael middleton for her hand before he got down on one knee. >> reporter: the hedge fund hunk who swept her off her feet, james matthews, his family owns the famous st. bart's resort where pippa and her fiance have holidayed. >> we've seen the ring, very exciting, and it's very bling. it's a big diamond with lots of little diementds around the outside. >> reporter: the longtime friends dated briefly in 2012, competed in various charity athletic races around the globe, the ride across america. matthews finally winning pippa's heart. the couple are expected to tie the knot in 2017. the whole world will be watching and big sister princess kate likely walking down the aisle again, this time in a different role, as matron of honor. and could it be a royal family affair with pint-size prince
8:25 am
george and princess charlotte taking part in auntie pippa's wedding? we'll soon find out, and this morning, sister kate and brother-in-law william weighing in releasing a statement saying they are, quote, absolutely delighted that pippa is now engaged, so, guys, let the wedding plans begin. >> all right. hopefully we'll get an invite. >> i volunteer to cover it. >> me too. >> well, congratulations to pippa and james, and now let's go outside to ginger. >> oh, michael, i thought we got a short time for weather so let's do a wave. [ cheers and applause ] look how fun that is. all right. i made it halfway. let's go ahead and quick check the weather because we had those storms last night. now it's cooler and drier here but far from it in the center of the nation. that heat is building and that could be a super heat wave for a lot of folks dangerous at times then it moves east, look, almost 100 by the time we reach the end of the week. : >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. quicker sunshine, warmer today.
8:26 am
clouds and cool conditions return at night, and i will want it this weekend when the heat wave develops. today we go from 62 at coast to 82 in antioch so a lot of upper 60s to low 70s in the bay and mid-to-upper 70s inland and tonight, in the 50s, again, with most us dealing with cloud cover. my seven-day forecast is back to average on friday, and look at the heat, saturday, sunday and coming up, the young woman behind that showstopping performance at the convention. she is joining us live.
8:27 am
good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. let's look at the traffic before you head out. >> looking good. east shore freeway commute from highway 4 in the hercules area in to san francisco and traffic is flowing nicely. moderate drive. slightly under 50 minutes. >> two lanes of traffic are blocked on 580 near high street. stacked up to gold links road. a solid 20-minute delay. try to take 880 instead but it is not a great alternative. meteor
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning from the roof. it is drying up and already seeing holes in the cloud cover. look at where the sunshine has been out. concord, antioch, low to mid-60s there. in santa rosa the fog will not burn off, you are 52. as far as temperatures close to average until it is hot this weekend. >> thank you so much, mike. another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and join us weekdays from 4:30 to
8:30 am
7:00 a.m. live look outside right now. snofrjts of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] marlana vanhoose bringing down the house at the republican national convention here last night. that was a moment. >> it was, so poised and so powerful and marlana is here with us this morning. welcome to "good morning america." >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i got to tell you, marlana, george and i yesterday, we heard you rehearsing when we were wrapping up and right then and there we said we have to have this woman on "good morning america." when did you know -- i knew about you because of the kentucky wildcats and saw you sing with the nba finals, but
8:31 am
when did you know that you had this wonderful gift of song? >> i started humming jesus loves me as a baby before i could even talk. god gave me that gift of singing. and music. >> and before you go out on a big stage like that, the whole country watching you, what do you do to get ready? >> just to get ready, warm up, get lots of water and gan entertainer's secret and go out there and sing. >> that's right. no stage fright for you because you sing at different sporting events and all around the country and i was saying you are a big kentucky widecat fan. >> whoo. go big blue. >> what is it about big blue you love so much? >> well, i like the crowd. i like the cheerleaders, the band, the excitement.
8:32 am
>> oh. >> and, you know, when people get loud because the cats score. >> they score a lot too. >> i know you've been meeting a lot of celebs backstage and been hanging out but you told us before we came on the air that you have not had the chance yet to meet mr. donald trump. would you like to meet him? >> yes. >> i think we got to do something about that. >> i think once he hears -- i have a feeling he knows about you, marlana. who are some of your favorite artists? garth brooks? >> no. >> no? someone told me garth brooks. >> adele, celtic woman, shania twain. >> we want to hear a little bit more of your amazing voice and you have a song this morning you'd like to sing for us? ♪ early in the morning it's a dawn of a new day ♪ ♪ new hopes new dreams new ways ♪ ♪ early in the morning -- open
8:33 am
my eyes and open my mind and i wonder how life will surprise me today ♪ >> yeah. >> you got a new sister act here. >> i know. "beautiful day." ind ind india.arie would be proud. >> beautiful day the lord has met. let us rejoice and be glad in it. >> amen, amen. >> thank you for sharing that with us. thank you, marlana. >> too cool. not fair. be sure to stay with nbc for the convention coverage. i hope we have more surprises like that. "gma" "world news" and "nightline," all live from cleveland. we have a network special report every night in prime time 10:00 p.m. eastern with the entire political team every night and gavel to gavel coverage on our livetreatment channel. >> this has been my favorite moment so far meeting marlana. >> thank you, marlana. >> you're welcome. >> back to new york and ginger? we have to say thank you to
8:34 am
marlana too. they have a quiz. which sister just turned 50 sister 1, 2, 3 or 4? i'll let you figure that out. i'm not about to guess. that's not nice. we don't talk about age. how about we check the forecast? here so nice and cool behind that front, but look what happens with the heat bubble, flash flood watch in minnesota and iowa right along the warm front that brings the extreme heat for wednesday, thursday and friday. remember, some of those heat indices will reach up to 115 degrees so it's that dangerous heat and overnight only in the mid-70s. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. you will see more sunshine and warmer away from the coast. my seven-day outlook shows we are back to average by friday. hook at that inland heat wave is starting [ cheers and applause ] >> this weather report brought to you and i have a snapchat exclusive. you do snapchat?
8:35 am
yeah, of course, come on. well, we're excited introduce bitmoji on snapchat. snapchaters around the world will be able to send bitmojis in a chat or stick them on your snap so check out the fun i've been having. yeah, just a little bit. see, it's like i'm holding my own hands. what's even cooler if a friend has also linked their bitmoji you'll see a special friendmoji sticker when you reply to them. what a day. it's exciting, right. happy snapping, everyone. let's go back in to amy. ♪ welcome to my house to our brand-new serious surprise diet sabotage. this morning breaking down the science behind smoothies. usually seen as a healthy breakfast drink, abc's becky worley is revealing why it may not always be wise to bust out the blender. take a look. >> reporter: smoothies nothing but real food and yet a controversy. is there a difference between drinking the ingredients and consuming them separately? the old-fashioned way, you know, chewing? >> when you get a dump of sugar
8:36 am
into the bloodstream it spikes the blood sugar. then you get a drop. >> reporter: it happens sooner than it would with whole food so let's back up. when you eat fruit it's fiber that slows digestion and acts as a time release gradually distributing fwul to the body. >> you could say fiber is like a mesh netting so it slows the sugar absorption down so it's not going rushing in. >> reporter: to test this i eat the ingredients of a smoothie for breakfast. we got 4 1/2 ounces of mango. 4 1/2 ounces of pineapple. two ones of banana and three ounces of vanilla yogurt and 6 ounces of apple juice and check my blood sugar every 15 minutes for two hours. the next day i make a homemade smoothie out of the same exact stuff. and then direct it. >> mm-mm. the result of my blood tests are very different. >> oh. >> reporter: the smoothie caused my blood sugar to spike immediately, but then by the hour and 15 mark, my blood sugar had gotten a lot lower, below what it was when i woke up.
8:37 am
at about an hour, hour and change, i felt hungry, i felt light-headed. when i ate the fruit i wasn't hungry for two hours. >> your body was just trying to get itself back up to normal. it was a high and then a low. >> reporter: when i ate the fruit i didn't feel hungry and my blood sugar never dropped below the starting point. maya estimates it was 300 calories but by 10:00 a.m. i was hungry and knacking. sabotaged by a smoothie accid t accidentally adding more calories to my day. now, wasn't just me that tested this out. we had our interns do this as well so these two ate the food where sophie and sofia drank the smoothies two hours ago that we had them do it so if this was all you had to make it to lunch, what do you think? could you do it? how are you feeling? >> i think i'd be good with just the fruit. i feel energized and good. fruit is so good for you so i'm glad i started my day with a nice healthy meal. >> i'm pretty focused and ready
8:38 am
to go. i'm a pretty small person so it was filling for me. >> you drank the smoothies. >> honestly, no shot if i had to make it. >> you were shaking your head right away. >> you know what, i love smoothie, i eat them a lot but i'm already hungry again. i don't think i could make it. >> exactly, amy and becky, if i had to wait till lunch i couldn't last. i need some type of protein like a omelet, turkey bacon, my stomach still feels empty. >> i'm the same way. becky, what is a healthy breakfast you can eat that will get you to lunch. >> think about what will stick to your bones. fiber is important. do oatmeal with a little yogurt, fruit, nuts. all that fiber in there that you're actually chewing will slow your metabolism and gently and slowly release all that energy to get you to lunch without snacking and without sabotaging your diet. >> yeah, i'm with you. i need the protein too. all right, thank you. all right, coming up next, "star trek: beyond's" chris pine
8:39 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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8:41 am
all right. we are back now with the man himself chris pine, he plays captain kirk in the highly anticipated "star trek: beyond" and in this clip, the
8:42 am
"enterprise" is about to be under attack. take a look. >> magnify mr., sulu. what is this? >> shields up. red alert. >> oh! so exciting, man. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. so exciting to be in the middle of this beautiful, beautiful day in new york. >> right in the middle of times square. got a great crowd behind us. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> now, this is your third time playing captain kirk. >> it is, indeed, yeah. >> so for you what has changed about your character over the years? >> you know, in the first two films he was very much kind of an angry young man raging against the system that had taken his father basically that had killed his father and a man
8:43 am
living up to the legacy that his father left behind. he was also account starship" captain and it was about james kirk becoming his own man finding his own way in the world. >> in this we see 50 new alien species. >> is that right? >> yes, 50 new and one of them had the audacity to sit in the captain's chair which kirk didn't like that much, did he? >> no, kirk is a, you know, the captain's chair is his home. he meets a new character that we've introduced called jala that was in "kingsmen" she was a dancer with madonna for many years. she's an incredible physical being but brings a lot of heart to this character and our group is faced with kind of inviting her into a very tight-knit family. >> one thing about this family, the "enterprise" officers, i notice they never sleep. is there a night crew, if there
8:44 am
is, are we going to meet this night crew. >> i did an animated -- i did an animated voiceover called the "star trek" night crew, me and i think captain picard and i think our version of kirk was a beer drinking hard partying kind of kirk but, no, actually our film starts in the first five minutes you get an idea of what it's like on the crew when heavy drama is not happening and i thought that was kind of a neat way to start the film. >> in the original, captain kirk, william shatner recorded a few albums. >> he record a few albums and leonard recorded a few. >> and i know "enter the woods." you have a great voice by the way. >> thank you very much. >> any albums coming out? should we get ready for the chris pine tour. >> i do one song an this barbra streisand album that comes out. i'm one of many people that sing on it. excited about that and then, who know, man? who knows, maybe i'll do some sort of spoken word thing. >> i can do interpretative dance
8:45 am
behind you. >> you are invited. >> and as everybody can see, every time i see you're in great shape. always in great shape. >> you say that as if like i got to sit next to you, man. >> seriously. >> look at the size of these, come on, man. i heard about your workout and -- >> have you heard anything about this workout? >> i heard it described as cain kills abel. >> my trainer describes that because the workout tools are weighted club and if you can imagine back in the day the neanderthals or whatever were using to get their woolly mammoths, i suppose. so it's a very kind of simple dynamic workout i've been enjoying doing. >> and a little turn on a serious note. you shot many of your scenes with anton who passed away. i know you had something at your home and invited the crew over to honor his life and i'm just wondering was that something to
8:46 am
help heal everybody over his unfortunate and sudden passing. >> yeah, there's nothing that can prepare you for something that happens that quickly to someone who is that young to someone who nothing like that seems like it should happen. and our group, if anything, is a group of friends and family and it was nice to have them around to process what had happened and to pay tribute to who anton was and to remember him and to smile and cry and do all -- to ride the waves of grief but our film is a wonderful example of what made him special. he's, you know, you hear the term light up the screen and that's anton, this bubbly lovely smiling just love of a man so i will miss him greatly but celebrate him nonetheless. >> you're honoring him with a great film and honoring us by coming here to talk about it. always love seeing you.
8:47 am
always appreciate i and the movie is "star trek: beyond." it opens this friday, make sure you go check out chris pine, everybody. and coming up, jennifer saunders, the hit of "absolutely famous" is here live. you don't want to miss her.
8:48 am
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(vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. back now with jennifer saunders who plays one-half of the duo on the hit show, "absolutely famous." now she's taking on the big screen in the long awaited "absolutely famous: the movie." here's a look at her talking to her long suffering daughter. >> i'm being trolleyed on twitter. >> oh. >> everybody hates me. >> when i was coming in earlier and one screamed at me, darling. >> what did she say. >> she told me i was a pariah. >> do you know what a pariah is?
8:50 am
>> it's a fish. >> i just love the writing in this movie. is it really true that it's only here because of fear of losing a bet? >> yeah, i had a bet with my friend dawn french. she said because i'm so bad at writing on time and having deadlines and she said what are you doing next year. i said i'm writing ab fab. she said i bet you 100,000 pounds you don't. >> 100,000? i wouldn't want to lose that either. >> i wrote it. >> it's here on time. >> just about. >> given and, boy, did you deliver. what was it like writing not only for the big screen, did it change how you write these characters? yes. >> and also today moving them forward to 2016. >> well, you know, the last time we did them was in 2012 so it's not been such a massive break and we always try -- we just put them -- what's happening now, you know, what's happening in today's world and i mean they're quite old now. we're all quite old now.
8:51 am
>> they're fabulous. >> but i suppose the biggest difference was just, you know, a tv show is like a sketch and a film's got to have a big plot so we needed a plot and that was -- >> glad you mentioned that because the plot revolvers a little bit around kate moss. >> yes, the famous iconic model, kate moss. >> and without giving it away, it's ridiculous and funny. >> she manages to kill her. that's all i've got to say. >> in desperation. >> is it true meanwhile, you have this plot of your movie written around kate moss. you almost didn't get her for the movie. >> no, i forgot to ask her. written the whole thing, sold the movie and had sort of forgotten to ask her. i just thought she would do it and friends said she'll be fine. luckily she was okay. >> i have total confidence, darling, i feel i have to call you that that you would be just fine. >> we would have had a cardboard cutout but she said no. >> you and joanna, what a duo.
8:52 am
what is it like to be a team? >> you know, it's the best -- when i write, i always try to write myself into a double act because it's so much nice story have a friend to do it with and bounce off and we're really good friends. i think we sort of -- we do the show and the movie now just so that we can hang out. >> are you as good friends off screen. >> we really are. >> if feels like you are. it's awesome. >> thank you. >> can we expect to see more adventures. >> let's see how well this does. go see it. >> i'm hoping you'll watch it. it is absolutely fabulous and great to meet you in person. i'm a big fan so was our whole team. we were very excited to have you on. the movie is called, of course, "absolutely famous: the movie" and opens nationwide on friday. we will be right back. thanks again.
8:53 am
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♪ out on the verge "good morning america" is brought to you by target. expect more, pay less. [ cheers and applause ] george and robin waving good-bye from cleveland and we'll have live coverage of the convention tonight. >> and then tomorrow bring your
8:56 am
spandex to work. tomorrow is workout wednesday. tracy anderson -- no, no, no, you're in strahan. everybody have a great tuesday. we'll see you tomorrow.
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now from abc 7 news. good morning. i'm natasha zouves with the abc 7 morning news. mike nicco haz a look at the bay area forecast. >> still gray in san francisco. little mist. 54. you see sunshine san jose 61. 60s inland east bay neighborhoods. on the way to 60s and 70s away from the coast today upper 50s and low 60s. temperatures hot this weekend. >> we have some late-breaking traffic accidents. let's go to the south bay where we have a problem it is near the montague expressway southbound. the right lane is blocked here. we are seeing a back up there. a couple of cars south 101. >> time for "live with kelly." we will be back for the abc 7 midday news. hope you join us then.
9:00 am
our reporting continues at join us weekdays 4:30 to announcer: it's "live! with kelly." today for example the film, "star trek beyond," chris pine. and award-winning actress allison janney. plus, movie and tv star keegan-michael key is kelly's co-host for the day. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and keegan-michael key! [cheers and applause] ♪


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