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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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votes to the nominee -- >> the vote for the gop presidential nominee is underway right now in cleveland. good afternoon, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. we are live in cleveland with what is happening right now at the republican national convention. >> right now on the convention floor they are going sta-- goin state by state for nominations. no outbursts and the gop is hopeful the second day of the convention going smoother than the first. >> melania trump's key note
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speech on the opening night of the republican national convention going from celebrated to controversial, with two-thirds of the speech sounding identical to michelle obama's at the 2008 convention. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> trump campaign denying plagiarism saying those are parts of much longer speeches. >> to say she lifted words from anybody is absurd. >> reporter: but the former campaign manager saying a speech writer could be to blame. >> if was a mistake, it is at the staff level and it should be handled appropriately. >> and delegates vote today to officially nominate him as the republican nominee. >> donald j. trump for the
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office of president of the united states of america. >> 172 votes to the nominee -- >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan is among the speakers tonight focusing on trying to unify the party behind donald trump. and other speakers planned for tonight include trump's children and chris christie and dr. ben carson. live in cleveland, marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. now back to you. thank you. and coming up at 4:30, a closer look at the accusation of plagiarism against melania trump and some political careers that have been damaged in similar situations. dozens of police officers are outside of the republican convention in cleveland. they are keeping protesters at bay. demonstrations are taking place in the public square area nearby. hundreds of protests from black lives matter and the west
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borough baptist church and so far no arrests have been made. hillary clinton is on the campaign trail, including in swing state of nevada today. she's campaigning in las vegas aday after addressing teachers in most and she is expected to announce her running mate later in week. the democratic national convention begins on monday. >> and count on abc for full convention coverage. laura anthony will join us live from quicken loans arena at 5:00 and she and reggie aqui are in philadelphia for the democrats next week and every night get the day's most comprehensive in-depth coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. right after abc 7 news at 6:00. kamala harris has picked up two big endorsements for the run for senate. the president and vice president has come forward with support for the attorney general. she is facing loretta sanchez in the november general election.
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developing news, san francisco police have arrested a man they believe made threats against tony chaplain. that arrest took place in the city sunset district last night. investigators claim the suspect sent the chief menacing pictures and posted flyers with a white supremacist message. you heard about this when vic lee was the first reporter to tweet news of the suspect's arrest earlier today. happening now in berkeley, police are looking for a man with a rifle near the berkeley marina. we were over the scene when officers began their search in east shore park this afternoon. it started when drivers on nearby interstate 80 called 911. they said they saw a man carrying a rifle walking on a pedestrian bridge above the freeway. police have also closed off part of the west frontage road between gillman street and university avenue. we're learning more about a student killed by an off duty police officer who was accused of drinking and driving. >> the 21-year-old was a star
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wrestler at the high school and attending m.i.t. on a full sc e scorarship and wayne is live. >> reporter: hillsberg is a commune witness a split personality. if you are here on vacation, it is relaxing and pleasant. but for the people serving those visitors there is a sense of grief over the loss of this 21-year-old man. >> i think the legacy is just an example of how everybody should live their life. >> reporter: when the wrestling coach pulled out a photo of drew from the gym wall today, he was still in a state of disbelief. the 21-year-old died in brooklyn last weekend when a car driven by an allegedly drunk new york city police officer lost control and hit four kids in all. >> it is just heart-breaking. it is hard to believe. it took a while to sink in.
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>> reporter: he was a junior at m.i.t. on full scholarship and captain of the wrestling team. brett mortenson fought back emotion in describing a brilliant kid with a big heart and no ego, apparently. >> in the classroom, if anybody was having a problem with physics or calculus and he would walk ore and look at the problem and look at them and tell them what they were doing incorrect and help them solve the problem. he was justin credibly bright. >> they say the class valedictorian was everyone's best friend. >> any life taken is tragic and sad but one with so much potential and such a bright future, why? why was it him? >> reporter: the memorial service for the 21-year-old will take place next saturday. wayne freedman, abc 7 news.
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santa rosa authorities filed murder charges against a 23-year-old hart, the homeless man accused of stabbing another man 50 times back in late june. he faces attempted murder charges for an attack on a man watching a movie in the roxy two days later. he used identical large kitchen knives which he had stolen from a nearby macy's store. one man still has critical injuries. on gary street, a man was killed this last week. friends and family have left flowers and candle where the resident was shot dead on sunday morning. he was gunned down when somebody fired into a crowd after a bar fight. police are still looking for the gunman. a suspect is in jail in connection with an illegal marijuana grow off kincaid road on mt. hamilton. this is taken about the santa clara county sheriff. the eradication team and they
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seized a stolen assault rifle loaded with steel-penetrator tip rounds and this is the fifth pot operation busted and estimated street value at $33 million. turning to the weather, let's give you a live look outside. still on this cool-ish day. it is clear and starting to get warmer. >> it is going to get warmer fast. spencer christian now with the accuweather update. >> larry and kristen, just a few days to wait before the big warm-up arrives. a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny skies across the bay area. low cloudiness beginning to develop along parts of the coastline and it is breezy once again today with gusts right now of 35 miles per hour at sfo and inland in concord and breezy condition as long the bay and the coastline. this is blue sky over san francisco from sutro tower. it is 63 degrees in san francisco. oakland 69. low 70s at mt. view and san jose
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and 81 at morgan hill and 61 at half moon bay. from emeryville and a clear coastline, in this view. 81 in santa rosa, mid-70s in napa and novato. low 80s in fairfield and concord and 79 in livermore. and here is a fog cast animation, from 7:00 this evening, fog along the coastline and over the bay and through the early morning and overnight hours much as last night, visibility for early morning commuters could be impaired just a bit and coastal drizzle, i'll give you a longer look at day time weather tomorrow and the warm-up at the end of the week and show you how close we might get to triple-digit temperatures this weekend in just a few minutes. larry and kristen. >> thank you,. people are back home following a gas leak this morning. this is sky 7 hd of the area. around santa barbara raw drive. according to pg&e, a gas line
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erupted and crews evacuated the area and six customers are still without service. a america rue spill at the lake curry dam north of vallejo. a contractor discovered the mercury coming from an old flow meter. officials are waiting for the results of samples. they posted do not enter signs. lake curry is not a source of drinking water. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, could russian athletes be banned from the olympic games in rio and the growing fallout from the doping scandal. and local blood bank supplies dry up. what is causing the lack of blood. >> we as latinos are as integral a part in san francisco as any other community. >> a special dedication for a world-class museum in san francisco. we'll tell you when you could expect to see it hope. and let's take a live look outside right now in san rafael on 101, the drive seems to be moving along pretty well in both directions right now.
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we'll be right
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. well, it is almost official, as we take you live back to cleveland and the republicans are about to nominate donald trump officially. now there is a specific order that they go in. but because mr. trump is from new york, they are going to deviate and allow the new yorkers to cast the delegate vote that will put him over the top. and you could see the trump family is there and they will probably make the official announcement themselves. >> trump's three grown children, eric and donald trump jr. and
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ivanka trump and i see tiffany, the blond in the middle there, all celebrating and from trump's home state that just cast their votes that put him over the delegate count needed to secure the nomination so it is now at the point of being official. he is the republican nominee for president. >> they just finished it. i guess probably while we were in the commercial break. so trump, for the record, is now the official republican nominee for president. could you take out the -- you could take out the presumptive in the sentences leading up to this point and this comes after delegates yesterday were try doing change the rules to make a contentious decision and have the voting recast, if you will. today all of that is history. a lot of excited delegates and really no major drama to speak of. >> and stay with abc 7 news for the latest on the convention. and also get the latest any time by following us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. back here, in san francisco,
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we'll have a world class mexican museum. >> yes. mexico's secretary of foreign affairs came to the dedication ceremony today and had words for people who don't value contributions that have been made by mexican-americans. >> we are live at the site of the new museum. leen. >> reporter: the mexican secretary is usually outspoken but today she refused to talk to the press which was rather unfortunate and disappointing. this museum was created in 1975, in the heart of the mission district, by peter rodriguez. he unfortunately died a few weeks ago at the age of 90. but clearly his dream lives on. dozens came out to see the largest mexican museum in the united states will be located on mission street, in the arts district. it will have 60,000 square-feet of space to hold the largest collection of mexican, chicano and latin american art
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in this country. >> we're establishing a cultural institution of major proportion that will be for the mexican community, chick ano and latino-american community as a whole. >> reporter: the new museum is nine times the size of the current museum at ft. mason, which is not able to dispolice the entire collection of 17,000 pieces. the cost -- $59 million. nancy pelosi was among those attending today's dedication ceremony. >> we're here today to honor the culture of the latino community and san francisco and in doing so recognize that the beauty is in the mix. >> reporter: mexico secretary of foreign affairs flew in for the event. she has openly criticized any suggestion of building a wall between her country and the united states. >> next time you hear someone talking about building borders between people, ideas and cultures, i invite you to think
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of san francisco, san francisco's most iconic image, it is a bridge. it is a golden gate that has opened the doors to all of us. >> reporter: the museum is expected to open in the spring of 2019. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> the squeaky styrofoam coffee cups will become a thing of the past in san francisco. supervisors gave final approval to ban the sale of products made from the poly or noncompostable materials, including coolers and pool toys and packing peanuts, set to take affect january 1st. and supervisors are still meeting and considering a ballot measure to raise san francisco sales tax three quarters of a percent. if voters support the measure, the sale tax would increase to 9 and a quart percent, one of the highest in the state. it would take affect in april following a decrease to 8.5% in
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october. transportation is cool again. from the secretary of transportation while speaking in san francisco. but anthony foxx says drivers need to be careful with new technology out there. >> no reasonable person in this country ought to be using any kind of app, including pokemon go, while they're driving. it is unsafe. sometimes the coolest of technology may drive people to try to push the limits beyond what the manufacturers have intended. >> we can't get away from pokemon go, can we. we were at union square as foxx gave the key note address at the automated vehicle symposium, the largest gathering of experts working to make these vehicles a reality. and is took more than six months but a southern california couple has come forward to collect their share of a $1.6 billion powerball jackpot.
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large crowds gathered in chino hills after they found out they sold the ticket. marvin and may acosta claimed $529 million and they took the cash option so they take home $328 million before federal taxes. the couple wants privacy which is hard to get when you are the winner of the powerball and said they are committing nearly all of the winnings to a trust and charity. >> and our friends marvin and may? >> my uncle and aunt. >> i wonder if they remember us. do you think that marvin and may remember us? >> i hope they do. i'm a distant cousin as well. pokemon go buy a ticket. look at doppler 7 hd on this bright and sunny day. it is cooler than average but so pleasant out here today. breezy, but what is to complain about. check out this view at the golden gate as skies are clear and traffic is flowing freely. these are the forecast features.
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low clouds and fog and chance of patchy morning drizzle tomorrow morning and overnight and that is in the last few days and temperatures the next few days and warmer weather developing. overnight, cloud across the bay and locally inland. temperatures in the same range we've seen all week, low to mid-50s for the most part. and then tomorrow morning at 5:00, as we pick up the forecast animation, it will be reduced in some areas for morning commuters and probably patchy or spotty drizzle near the coast and bay. but check out the change into the mid morning and late morning hours. low clouds and fog pulling back to the coastline and giving us sunny skies everywhere. even partly sunny along some portions of the coastline by tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow will be generally in the low to mid-60s near the coast. relatively mild. even with the breezy conditions. we'll see upper 60s to mid-70s right around the bay. and low to mid-80s in the inland areas. that may seem mild to warm but
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still below average for this time of the year in most locations. but we have some summer sizzle coming our way over the weekend. saturday the heat starts to really build in our inland areas with highs ranging from mid-90s to low 100s, 101 in antioch and 100 in cloverdale on saturday, that is. on sunday, which is also part of the weekend, the heat actually peaks in our inland areas. highs of 103 in antioch. 100 at fairfield. 101 at clear lake. and cloverdale, 99 at livermore and 99 at concord and on monday, the heat holds on in most locations. a few areas hitting triple-digits and we'll see 80s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. you could see that temperatures will remain rather constant -- high temperatures on wednesday and thursday. the warm-up begins on friday. and then peaks over the weekend with just a little change -- a slight change on monday or tuesday, high temperatures will drop down a couple of degrees. but it looks like we have a
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steady string of warm days coming our way beginning on friday. larry and kristen. >> thank you, spencer. up next, the new call to ban russian officials from the summer olympic games in rio fo
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the doping scandal rocking russia got uggy today with the international committee announcing they are seeking to ban russian officials from attending the games. elizabeth hur is in new york with details. >> russian athletes still focused on preparing for the olympic games in rio. that is according to a defiant russian president putin dismissing a new record calling for a ban of all russian athletes from this summer's olympics due to the finding that russia had a state-sponsored doping program. >> the russian ministry of sport directed and controlled and over saw the manipulation of athletes
4:25 pm
results and sample swapping. >> the world anti-doping agency in november first accused the russian track and field athletes of using drugs in the 2012 olympics which led to a ban of the entire track and field team in this year's olympics. now the head of an independent commission set up by the agency claims the abuse and the cover-up more widespread than first reported. >> this is not just about what we in north america call track and field and others call athletics, it covers many sports. >> reporter: russia's track and field team is fighting the rio ban in court and a decision is due this thursday. based on that ruling, olympic officials will determine if a blanket ban of all athletes from rio is valid. >> and with russia set to host the 2018 soccer world cup, fifa, soccer's world governing body will review the doping
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allegations against russian soccer players referenced in the report. elizabeth hur, abc 7 news. new york. an nfl star rocked out with a music legend. ♪ >> gronk is everywhere. new england patriots star rob gronkowski playing the air guitar on stage with legendary sir paul mccartney. are you kidding me? at fenway park. he rocked out with gronk and also with grateful dead legend bob weir, it is the pictures of the surprise duo trending after mccartney posted the simple caption, gronk-and-roll. >> i would like to play with him rather than be tackled by him. >> he doesn't get tackled. >> after tom brady throws him a pass in the end zone. >> abc 7 news continues. >> that the only limits at the height of your achievement --
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>> is the strength of your dreams -- >> is the reach of your dreams. >> and controversy continues over melania trump's familiar-sounding speech at the rnc last night. and another police officer killed in the line of duty, this time in kansas. and new details about the deadly train stabbing
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call)
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it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
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in the headlines today at 4:30, san francisco police have arrested a man they say made a racist threat on twitter against the acting police chief chaplain. we were the first to break this story on twitter and vic lee will tell you what was behind it and why officials are taking it seriously coming up at 5:00. moments ago, donald trump clinched the nomination at the gop convention to become the republican nominee for president when he accepts it on thursday night. laura anthony was at the roll call and she'll be reporting live from cleveland at 5:00. meanwhile, the gop is under pressure from the band queen to stop using the "champions" anthem. >> and melania trump is being praised by some for her speech last night, but 30 seconds of her speech sounded very familiar to lots of people. >> you work hard for what you
4:31 pm
want in life. >> that you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> the trump campaign is denying any allegations of plagiarism. sergio joins us with more on this. >> reporter: the portion of her speech being scrutinized focuses on integrity and hard work. for 30 seconds her speech is almost identical to what michelle obama said at the 2008 democratic national convention in denver. >> melania trump's speech isn't similar because of the words, it is similar in pacing, too. [ overlapping speakers ] >> this was supposed to be a grand introduction for a possible first lady. >> i don't think melania trump is at fault. it is whoever helped her write the speech and whoever failed to
4:32 pm
vet the speech and that just shows the inexperience of the donald trump campaign. >> reporter: accusations of plagiarism in political speeches are not new. in 1988, then senator joe biden was accused of lifting a passage from a speech delivered months earlier by a british politician. he ended that run for president. but the trump campaign isn't even acknowledging a gaff. >> what is your reaction to the speech. >> reporter: donald trump jr. told abc news there is no need to apologize but internet commentators are having a field day. hashtags started and they are soaking up the comedy material. >> it is the fault of the liberal media for unfairly maligning the writing skills of fashion models everywhere. >> not everyone is laughing. house minority speaker nancy pelosi criticized the trumps for building a campaign built on mocking president obama's tenure. >> i don't believe what they believe in but i'm going to use their words in my speech.
4:33 pm
there is something wrong with that. >> reporter: but in the end the campaign said no one will be fired for the speech. abc 7 news. developing news from kansas. another police officer has been killed in the line of duty. kansas city police say a captain was shot several times when he confronted a group of people in a car. they were suspected in an earlier drive-by shooting. this is the second time a kansas city, kansas, officer has been shot in the line of duty this year and this afternoon's tragedy follows recent ambushes of police in dallas and baton rouge. now two baton rouge -- too baton rouge dealing with the aftermath of the shooting death of the police officers. today the president wrote an open letter to law enforcement across the country praising their valor and saying we recognize it and respect tnd appreciate it and we depend on you. we have the latest from baton rouge. >> reporter: dozens of police officers from around the state were sworn in today as temporary deputies of the baton rouge
4:34 pm
sheriff's department, offering assistance to a force grieving. and a child's prayers captured this moment in america, threatening to pit black against white and civilian against police but here in baton rouge people are universal in saying they won't allow that to happen. >> there are those voices in this difficult time that present false choices to us. >> we can advocate for better policing and we can respect law enforcement and mourn these officers at the same time. >> reporter: it is a message captured in this moment, alton sterling's aunt encountering the father of montrell jackson and they embrace. >> my heart goes out to the family and all of the officers that were hurt and their families. and i miss my son. >> reporter: investigators are pouring over the images caught on surveillance of the shooter, 29-year-old gavin long, dressed in black, holding a rifle, waiting to ambush police at a car wash frequented by officers. >> i'm hit.
4:35 pm
>> i'm hit. left arm. >> reporter: investigators now say he ignored civilians targeting police and taking the life of three officers who were remembered at a candlelight vigil. brad garafola and gerald and jackson. one remains in the icu fighting for his life. today people are back to their routines as normal and almost universally there is a call for healing. from baton rouge, lorna zack, abc 7 news. and you could show your support for the officers in baton rouge, go to our abc 7 news facebook page and look for this image and share it. german authorities say the teenager responsible for an attack was motivated by islamic extremist. the 17-year-old asylum seeker shouted god is great as he attacked those on board. five people were wounded and two critically. investigators sea they found a
4:36 pm
hand-painted islamic state flag in his room and a note that said pray for me that i could take revenge on these infidels. they shock the attacker. now in custody in paris, two will likely face terrorism charges. the two are among six people in jail for the attack that killed 84 people. the suspects include a man who bouhlel sent a text message to minutes before the attack asking for more weapons. >> more fallout in the friday failed coup attempt in turkey. the state-run news agency is reporting that higher education officials requested the resignations of 1600 university deans and this comes after 15,000 education workers were fired for their alleged association with a group the government claims is responsible for that failed coup. b.a.r.t. on the defense over its promise to keep riders safe with working surveillance
4:37 pm
cameras. >> we hear loud and clear from the public, they are unhappy -- >> new questions over how fast the agency is working to fix the problem. i'm spencer christian. we're looking at clear skies even at the coast for now. but fog will develop overnight. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just i moment as ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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if a member of your household is a snap participant, you may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. you have to see this. a bay area woman got quite the surprise paddle boarding off of half moon bay. she was enjoying a peaceful day
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in the pacific until the humpback whale surfaces right in front of her. >> oh, cool. >> she was startled but somehow managed to stay on her board. look at the size of this thing coming up out of the water. the 52-year-old said she sees whales all of the time but never experienced anything quite like that. >> i've had orcas surface not too far from me. >> really? >> yeah. and that is just a majestic thing to see. but scary too. but for her, that is just right there. >> inches away. >> yeah, amazing video. spencer christian, i imagine folks will get out on the water in the days ahead. >> that is true. we have weather coming our way that is conducive to a visit to a beach. a live look at doppler 7 hd and sunny skies and cooler than average and that will change, that cooler than average pattern. across the state, high teams around or just above 90 degrees at chico. 98 at fresno. 85 in los angeles. that is warm down south. here in the bay area, we'll see
4:41 pm
highs ranging from the low 60s at the coast tomorrow, where it is breezy to upper 60s and mid-70s around the bay to low to mid-80s inland. but we'll see 90s to almost 100 coming our way pretty soon, in the week ahead, the high temperature range in santa rosa reflects the trend we'll all see. highs remain a couple of degrees below average the next two days. friday temperatures bounce up above average and on saturday and sunday, highs in santa rosa reaching 91 and 92 degrees and we'll see highs well into the 90s and other inland areas over the weekend. that is when the warm-up will reach the peak and that is prime beach-time weather. >> that is for the weekend. spencer christian, thank you. still ahead on 4:00, a new reason to eat less sugar and how cutting it out could make a big difference in a few days. plus the new view on the road for drivers on interstate 80. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. the volkswagen emission expandle is afar from over.
4:42 pm
even repairs
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4:45 pm
b.a.r.t. said security cameras are being installed on trains but it is going to take until next year to complete the project. >> b.a.r.t. came under fire when it was revealed decoy cameras were on board after a deadly shooting on a train in january. tiffa tiffa tiffany wilson has the details. >> reporter: this morning some riders were unaware. >> i didn't realize they were fake. not at all. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. admitted most cameras in the fleet were decoys after a man was killed on a train january 9th. video shows the suspect exit at the west oakland station but there is no video of the actual murder on the train. the suspect remains on the run. >> that is a little scary. >> reporter: here is what a b.a.r.t. spokesperson said january 20th. >> we hear loud and clear from the public they are unhappy we were using decoys and today we are announcing that we are committed to, as quickly as possible, buying and outfitting every single train car with a working camera. >> reporter: today, she said the new cameras are starting to get installed and b.a.r.t. plans to
4:46 pm
have a camera in every car by next year. >> that makes me feel safer. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. said the project is on track and riders were split on the transit agency progress. >> it is kind of typical for b.a.r.t. they say they are going to do something and they eventually do it. >> i think they should have had them all along. >> it is important to know that b.a.r.t. has not explained when they started installing the real working cameras and how many of those cameras they have installed so far. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. a lot of drivers on interstate 80 are noticing something new on their ride today. and that is caltrans having turned on metering lighting at 43 ramps in alameda and contra costa counties. the lights in emeryville were green this afternoon. this is part of a larger system called smart corridor signs and they will connect and monitor traffic on the freeway. >> it is going to help with the traffic. from long distance, people could pay attention to the maze and
4:47 pm
coming back. and for me, it's like high def. >> today is the soft rollout. the entire system is expected to be up and running in september. caltrans expects some delays as drivers try to adjust to the changes. parents, listen closely. two companies are recalling thousands of children's products that contain high levels of lead. >> michael finney said your kids should stop using them immediately, michael. >> this is important. because lead poisoning could cause immediate illness or long-term developmental problems. things remembered is recalling 10,000 silver bracelets. the silver contains more lead than allowed by law. and they are recalling 6700 water bottles sold by l.l. bean that found high lead levels in the base of the bottles. children should, as larry just said, stop using them
4:48 pm
immediately. you can return all of these products for a full refund. now i posted all of the information you need at and check under 7 on your side. problems with the volkswagen emission scandal seem never-ending. today word is vw cars would emission by law even after repaired. under a settlement by the government they agreed to repair or buy back millions of recalled cars. the repairs would reduce up to 90% of emissions however the cars would still produce more pollution than allowed by law. volkswagen will compensate by paying $5 billion for projects to reduce pollution and develop clean technology. several states back east are looking at or have already filed lawsuits. federal regulators say they are investigating thousands of reports of hair loss, and rashes and baldness linked to a line of hair products. the food and drug administration said it has received 127
4:49 pm
complaints about went by chaz dean, cleansing conditioner. most of it has -- i should say that the most it ever received about a shampoo. the fda said it is investigating shows that another 21,000 complaints were made directly to the company. however, chaz dean denies it received all of those complaints. a spokesperson there saying that the products have never been proven to cause hair loss and the products meet all safety standars. the fda is asking consumers to report any problems and also put out a call to doctors asking them to also report cases and help find the cause. now i want to hear from you, so the seven on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. that number is 415-954-8151. and also reach me on my facebook page and through >> thank you, michael. let's get to health study now. a new study reveals that cutting
4:50 pm
sugar cuts obesity in children. universities say it doesn't take long to see the results. just ten days of sugar restriction in obese children led to a sharp decline in triglycerides and a key protein associated with heart disease and the results come even if there are no changes to caloric intake or the child's weight. >> more on the wellness report and health news. could somebody get addicted to sun bathing. >> companies are raising prices on pain killer overdose treatment as the need grows. >> the demand for overdoses are increasing and the drug price is soaring. overdose deaths total 130 every day and among the treatments approved by congress to reduce the overdose deaths and one manufacturer increased the price from 6$690 to 4500 this year. they say they are making it easier to administer. and despite the cancer
4:51 pm
risks, millions of people persist in soaking up uv rays. could it be because we are addicted to tanning. vitamin d. gives some a rush but this hasn't been studied as an actual addiction. that is according to doctors who talked to the "wall street journal." dermatologist said if it is getting in the way of your life socially or financially or leading a good, healthy life, you may have want to cut back. a study said many personal fit ch ness trackers leak personal data. the security firm showed vulnerabilities similar to those found in a research a year earlier with many devices lacking tamper protection and security should be taken more seriously as fitness trackers move beyond the casual athlete and help some to set rates or offer discounts. i'm jane king, here's to your health. abc 7 news continues. up next, a blood shortage is hitting northern california. the reason blood banks are
4:52 pm
running so low. and at 5:00. police protest in san francisco. the department under new scrutiny as supervisors try to police the purse strings. and a massive effort to relocate hundreds off elephan elephants -- and -- >> odds are you've seen the ad so which
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tonight on prime time, special live coverage of the republican national convention at 7:00. and then at 8:00, it is the middle followed by two accept solds of frech -- two accept solds of fresh off the boat and jeopardy and wheel of fortune followed by abc 7 news. an urgent plea for donors have been issues to come forward to address a nationwide blood shortage aggravated by the zika virus. >> leslie brinkley has a look at
4:56 pm
the problem and the solution in the works, i hadn't donated before so i just thought i would come in. >> reporter: donors heeded the call for bags of blood in the midst of a severe national shortage. >> it is a normal yearly thing. we tend to see a decrease in the summer months and schools aren't in session and people travel and we have the zika virus. >> reporter: zika means donors are turned away if they've traveled in the last month to south and central american countries and caribbean and south pacific islands but the red cross is ready to deploy this device, already being used at the national institute of health and in brazil and puerto rico. it is made by cerus, a cop cord-based technology company that could blast zika with uva light. >> this activates zika and all of the other blood-bourne pathogens that are important, parasites like malaria. >> the technology will be rolled out here on the west coast to boost the blood supply.
4:57 pm
what is helping through this shortage are blood drives and every july successfully help fill the void. >> that and donors like this woman who is using a new red cross app to see where her blood ends up. >> and they told me about the app so i downloaded it and i thought it was cool and so i thought this would be kind of f fun to track the blood. >> reporter: every point of blood could potentially help three patients in need. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. mosquitos in the cities of san jose and campbell have tested positive for the west nile virus and that is prompted the santa clara vector control to schedule mosquito fogging in the area to prevent human cases so notices are being sent to residents, the fogging will take place from 11:00 a.m. thursday to 2:00 a.m. on friday. this is the area in san jose and campbell. it is centered at williams road and south winchester boulevard. >> thank you for joining us for
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. chilling new video from the san jose police department. will it help solve a cold case killing. a serious threat against san francisco's police chief. police track it down and make an arrest. plus -- >> 89 votes, donald j. trump, congratulations, dad, we love you. >> donald trump formally clinching the nomination. where some california delegate staffers could not see it in person. >> and a step toward a world class museum after 40 years of delays. good evening. i'm kristen zse. >> and i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. an investigation is underway into threats made against the san francisco interim police chief. officers today arrested a man accused of making flyers and tweeting white supremacy ramblings against the interim
4:59 pm
chief. vic lee was the very first to report on the threat as well as the arrest with this tweet and vic joins us live in san francisco with the very latest. vic? >> reporter: well, larry, the suspect lives in that corner house over there, that light brown apartment house. that is where he was arrested last night. he is now in the county jail. now he is reportedly a member of a group which calls itself, and i quote, an access military and agricultural monarchy. not much more is known about him. >> i've witnessed him ranting on the corner. >> about what? >> racial and -- and offensive language, epithets and that sort of a nature. >> reporter: mike foley lives next door to donald hoaginson who was arrested for making threats against the interim chief tony chaplain. although neighbors, the two couldn't be farther apart politically. he is a bernie sanders fan and the other has a swastika on his
5:00 pm
windows and vocal about it. >> made offensive jewish remarks and there is no free ride. >> reporter: the 60-year-old suspect lives on the 2600 block of ortega street in the sunset district and arrested last night and charged with a hate crime and making threats to the chief. >> sfpd was made aware to the acting chief chaplain and at this time it is an ongoing investigation so we are still conducting interviews and gathering information. >> reporter: he posted these threats on the internet. one shows a guillotine and next to it a picture of the interim chief. and the other one the white supremacy ramblings on the heels of recent police shootings in dallas and baton rouge. >> we take these things seriously. i'm worried about particularly more these days. >> reporter: the mayor ed lee declined to comment on the arrest but said this -- >> just know that we're ready and we're always concerned and we're doing what we can to make sure people are safe. >> reporter: hoaginson


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