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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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windows and vocal about it. >> made offensive jewish remarks and there is no free ride. >> reporter: the 60-year-old suspect lives on the 2600 block of ortega street in the sunset district and arrested last night and charged with a hate crime and making threats to the chief. >> sfpd was made aware to the acting chief chaplain and at this time it is an ongoing investigation so we are still conducting interviews and gathering information. >> reporter: he posted these threats on the internet. one shows a guillotine and next to it a picture of the interim chief. and the other one the white supremacy ramblings on the heels of recent police shootings in dallas and baton rouge. >> we take these things seriously. i'm worried about particularly more these days. >> reporter: the mayor ed lee declined to comment on the arrest but said this -- >> just know that we're ready and we're always concerned and we're doing what we can to make sure people are safe. >> reporter: hoaginson reportedly has no previous
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criminal record. vic lee, abc 7 news. drivers, happening right now in the east bay, a search is underway with a man with a gun near the berkeley arena. we are live at the scene where officers have been searching for several hours now. let's go closer in and you could see they are still there with the aid of a canine. don't know if there is a threat but we did get reports of several drivers calling 911 saying they saw a man with a rifle near the berkeley arena and saw a man what appeared to be a rifle on the pedestrian bridge above interstate 80. sky 7 hd was there when several agencies began searching east shore park this afternoon. they say they expect the search to go into the evening. the marina and west frontage road are closed while they keep looking. meanwhile, in san jose, police there are asking for the community's help in solving four cold cases spanning a three-year period. the homicides were all in east san jose between april of 2013 and june of this year. police say they are not
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specifically linked but they do call them strikingly similar, particularly because each is tied to a couple of asian cafes. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is live at police headquarters with more. chris? >> reporter: and a warning, some of this video might be hard to watch. all of these cases involve vietnamese american men gunned down in similar fashion. police want some answers and are hoping for the community to pull through with help. in the san jose district, residents on cape afton court questioning the death of one of their own. >> we've never had anything like this happen in the neighborhood. we've had stuff stolen and cars broken into. >> reporter: justin tran was shot and killed in his car just yards away from his family home. the unidentified suspects were seen driving a black lexus sedan. a neighbor still can't get the sound of gunfire out of his head. >> it was pow, pow, pow, i knew it wasn't fireworks. >> reporter: this could be
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connected to three others over the past years. new video shows a different deadly shooting in march at the bond miller cafe on tally road. a 43-year-old brain lay was inside when he was shot and his killers haven't been found. a 41-year-old was gunned down in december of 2014 outside of the golden king cafe on allen rock avenue and you could see this video in slow motion before the suspects pull the trigger. and a 37-year-old was shot to death on center road at a club at night. all four victims were known to freak went the asian cafes which were sited for violence and illegal gambling or prostitution and connected to street gangs. >> whether or not these particular cases were a gang activity that was planned, we don't know. but we are definitely looking at that as a possibility. >> reporter: if you have any information to help investigators, you are urged to call san jose police.
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chris nguyen, abc 7 news. a 19-year-old man faced murder charges for last month's hit-and-run of a bicyclist in golden gate park. abc # news was in court when the prosecutors charged the man with four felonies, including murder, vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run and auto burglary. he hit and killed a 41-year-old from san francisco as she rode her bike near john f. kennedy drive and 30th avon june 22nd. officers say garcia took off and abandoned the car he stole a few blocks away. concord police credit watchful neighbors with helping them catch a man suspected of breaking into several homes. officers tell us people called police after seeing this man, sean case, escape into a vacant house this morning. case then hid from officers in the attic. and you are looking at a picture of him after he agreed to surrender and punched his way through the ceiling. several california gop staff members who went to cleveland are not attending the convention
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because they got sick. more than a dozen members have the norovirus, the highly contagious stomach bug and quarantined in hotel rooms. they believe it was contracted in california with an infant traveling with a staff member to the convention. and a group held demonstrations today. hundreds of police were standing by and watching and making sure they kept the peace. fears about violent clashes between groups supporting and opposing donald trump did not materialize. police report that they made one arrest yesterday with cleveland's police chief saying, quote, so far, so good. donald trump's presidential campaign does not plan to fire anybody over the controversy surrounding melania trump plagiarism of michelle obama's speech. >> the convention continues with the official nomination of trump as the party's presidential nominee, that happened a short time ago. laura anthony joins us live from cleveland with more. laura? >> reporter: larry, well that
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roll call vote, that process just wrapped up here on the floor a few minutes ago. the build-up to this has been tremendous, over recent weeks and months, there were concerns about a floor fight, about an open convention and in the end none of that happened. new york put donald trump over the top. a rebound of sorts after last night's controversy over melanie's speech. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> reporter: the fallout continues on day two of the rnc after parts of melania trump's speech beared a striking resem ble -- resemblance to the one given by miss obama. >> donald trump manager wouldn't address it after a breakfast meeting? >> california is 100% rock
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solid. >> in the meantime, the convention moved on with the official nomination of donald trump as the party nominee. we caught up with california party chair on the convention floor as the vote began. >> is it still exciting for you. >> it is absolutely exciting. this is my ninth convention. what is most interesting to me is two-thirds of the delegates behind me from california have never been to a convention before. [ chanting ] >> reporter: and the large california delegation is front and center and solidly pro-donald trump. this delegate and an alternate. >> california delegates are supportive of mr. trump. there is no dissension among the troops. >> are you concerned there is still a slip that some people are unhappy. >> it is always nice to have everyone together. we just have to go through a process and get people together. >> reporter: a live picture. this is the california delegation. they are positioned right up
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front. probably because of their overwhelming support for donald trump. now we did hear some states announce they are -- they are bound delegates are voting for donald trump and no votes for donald trump in states like colorado and utah but in the end it makes no difference, donald trump has clinched the nomination but he will not officially be the nominee until he makes his acceptance speech scheduled for thursday night here in cleveland. in cleveland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the vice chair of the state republican party had a major part in tonight's convention. >> she led the convention in a traditional sikh prayer and sang in pun jauby and translated it into english. it is a first for the republican national convention. you could count on abc 7 news for full convention coverage. abc 7 news morning anchor reggie
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aqui and laura anthony will be in cleveland all week long and then in philadelphia with the democrats next week. and every night you could get the day's most in-depth coverage from abc news starting at 7:00 right after abc 7 news at 6:00. coming up, the carrot and stick approach to police reform in san francisco using dollars and cents to force change. as protesters show frustration over two fatal shootings. and plus the major crane collapse across six lanes of the highway on the east coast and drivers in their cars there. twitter goes for the hoops. how the san francisco company plans to bring more basketball fans to its court. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. in a mild breezy pattern but it will heat up later in week. i'll let you know. and ever wonder how you move an elephant? not easily.
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in hollywood hills a wildfire is burning amove multi-million dollar homes and sending huge plumes of smoke into the air. the drop from the helicopter. more than 200 firefighters are battling this blaze. it broke out after 3:00 p.m. near the hollywood reservoir. so far no homes are in immediate danger. sky 7 hd came across a scorched hillside along interstate 880 around 2:30 this afternoon in san leandro. the small grass fire burned about an acre and put out quickly. investigators believe it may have been caused by people at a nearby homeless camp. san francisco board of supervisors is debating the city proposed budget for the new fiscal year and one lawmaker wants to attach strings to a portion of the money for the police department. carolyn tyler joins us live from city hall. how would this work.
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>> reporter: it would be done on a quarterly basis and millions held in reserve. >> two separate demonstrations today over fatal police shootings in san francisco indicate the scrutiny the department is under. the mario woods case in particular is leading to reforms. but supervisors believe there have not been enough transparency and they want a portion of the sfpd budget held in reserve until quarterly reports are made. >> the police department should put their best foot forward about how they are working to build trust with our communities. if they refuse to actually share their report, then they will not get their money. >> reporter: he recommends with holding $30 million with $10 million released each time police brass come before the board. business groups including the chamber of commerce believe that could mean counseling academy classes or reducing staffing levels for emergencies. >> this is not just a political trick that has little impact on
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the public safety of the citizens of san francisco. this has real impact on day one. >> reporter: and chamber exec jim hasserous said the supervisors have the authority to demand reports. >> this is serious and it is unnecessary. >> reporter: but the supervisor points out that a police report due at the end of last month is late. >> clearly the police department is not living up to the standards that are set for it about being transparent. >> reporter: the total police department budget proposed for the new fiscal year is nearly $578 million. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. california's obama care premiums are going to jump more than 13% on average next year. that increase was announced today by the covered california exchange. that ends the state two year res partisan from double-digit rate hikes. consumers could limit the increase by choosing a lower cost plans which are set to go
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up 8%. the cash-back reward credit cards, they are very popular these days. >> michael finney is here now with one which ares the best. >> i live for these things. there are so many cards out there and so many rules. you may not be getting as much money back as you could. consumer reports has a new online tool that makes it easy to find the best cash-back rewards cards for you. after a lot of tedious research, audrey found three cash-back rewards cards that she juggles to maximize benefits. one is primarily for gas and another for groceries and the third gave her a generous sign-up bonus. >> it is great. i love it. when you are on a budget, it always helps to be able to save where you can. >> consumer reports have analyzed more than 50 cash-back cards and said they could be a very good deal. >> it is like found money. depending on your particular spending scenario, you could save hundreds of dollars each year, maybe even thousands.
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>> so what are the best cash back credit card for the average american household. if you use the american express for three years, that is your best bet. it pays back 6% on groceries for the first $6,000 you spend a year. 3% on gas. 1% on all other purchases. although it charges an annual fee, it could save the average household more than $1,300. two runners up, citi double cash card and the fidelity rewards visa signature and each pay back 2% on all purchases and charge no annual fee. it will save the average family around $1,200 in the first three years. mike re cated a free online tool to help you find the best card. available at consumer back cards. you just enter your monthly spending for gas, groceries and restaurant and travel and everything else, and up pops
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your best card. but keep in mind, if you don't pay the card off in full each month, your cash back recards could be wiped out by interest charges and if you incur a late fee you could lose your points for that month. >> with any cash back card consumer reports said it is a good idea to check the card website regularly to make sure the terms haven't changed. >> thank you, michael. well, did you feel it? two earthquakes rattled holister. the first after 2:30 and that measured 4.2 and the second one was ten minutes later and measure second quarter.9. it was a swarm of quakes in that area just yesterday. look at this scene. an investigation is underway in what caused a construction crane to collapse on to the tappan zee bridge which connects new york and new jersey. that crane fell across all lanes of the span, around noon local time. they are shutting down traffic and a trapped motorist for hours, imagine being in a car
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before the thing collapsed. amazingly no cars were hit. five people did suffer minor injuries. officials say the crane was sitting on the deck of the new bridge which is under construction. the bridge is about 30 miles north of manhattan. overseas, a massive effort to move 500 wild elephants. it is no doubt a massive task. the telegraph in britain released video of this huge operation. relocating the large animals to a wildlife reserve. the animals are sedated and checked by vet and fitted with tracking collars before crews hoist them on to trucks using a huge crane. conservationists said the key to successfully moving them is keeping the families together and moving them as a group. >> it is a good thing they are tranquilized because being upside down like that, they would freak out and that would -- that could be very bad very quickly. let's gently lower them down. >> yes. we're going to gently step stone up to warmer temperatures.
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but not just yet, right? >> that is right. we'll take a few more days before we get to the warmer pattern. right now around here, surrounded by sunshine, but there is a stiff breeze. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. that wind has helped to sweep the clouds away and it is clear across the entire bay area right now. but not for long. as you take a look at the wind, it is gusting to 37 at sfo, novato gusts to 26 miles per hour. this cooling breeze is why we're running cooler than average for this time of year. but it is bright at sfo and 63 degrees in san francisco. 69 in oakland. low 70s in mountain view and san jose. morgan hill 79 degrees. a live look from the san jose camera and you are sunny today. 75. we saw more 80s on the board today and you could see some of those, santa rosa, fairfield and concord and still below for this time of the year. napa 79 and livermore 77 degrees. a live look from the east bay hills camera and we're going to pan around, just give you a
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beautiful view here. and you notice it is clear but there will be some clouds coming in later on tonight and going into the morning commute. so here are the highlights. low clouds fill in overnight tonight. it sfas below average for two more days an then it heats up inland by weeks end. so get ready, if you have out door weekend plans. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow morning and like today, clouds around and patchy fog. also patchy drizzle like this morning as we head toward the afternoon hours, we'll see some lingering clouds. here is your hour by hour forecast. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. clouds around parts of the coast and the bay. and then at 8:00 a.m., still around the same general vicinity. but as we head toward the latter part of the morning, clouds will clear from the bayside communitied and it is another sunny and mild day but it will remain cloudy along parts of the beaches. highs for your wednesday, 63 in half moon bay. 64 in san francisco. antioch 84 degrees. really, there is not much of a spread between coast and inland which is not typical for summertime here as you know.
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we have a wide range of 30 to 40 degrees between coast and inland. 59 in san mateo and oakland. 78 in san jose. 74 in san rafael. 77 in napa. as we fast forward to saturday. here is when it starts to heat up inland. upper 90s to low 100s for the hottest spots. hottest day of the weekend will be on sunday. you will see the triple-digits and then a wide range of conditions for monday. 60s to 90s and even possibly a few 100s. accuweather seven-day forecast remaining below average for your wednesday and your thursday. low 60s to mid-80s. warming up on friday. and then we'll crank the heat. on saturday, sunday, monday, you're going to be in the upper 90 tos to low 100s. on sunday, a wore of caution, precautions and stay hydrated and cool. but until then, you always have the coast over the weekend to get the cooling breeze and to stay comfortable. larry and kristen. >> thank you.
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17,000 pieces of art, the largest museum of its kind in the country. today's milestone in san francisco. and then coming up new at 6:00, from seven on your side, a how-to guide on getting your life back after identity theft. a woman who did everything right. now that is at 6:00. but kristen
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twitter is increasing its sport presence. it has signed a deal with the nba to stream original programming created just for the san francisco-based social media company. twitter will show a free live stream of a weekly pregame nba show and another yet to be announced show ahead of the new season. i wonder if they need a host. the partnership does not include digital rights to screen the actual games. city leaders in san francisco dedicated a new
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mexican museum. the mexico secretary of foreign affairs came to the museum and had words for those who don't value the contributions made by mexican-americans. we have more. >> reporter: dozens came out to see the largest mexican museum in the united states, where it will be located. on mission street, in the arts district. it will have 60,000 square-feet of space to hold the largest collection of mexican, chick ano and latin american art in this country and also have an interactive children's museum. >> this is very important. the second and third generation of latino and mexican children know very little about their history. >> reporter: the new museum will be about nine times the size of the current mexican museum located at ft. mason, which is not able to display its entire collection of 17,000 pieces. but the cost, $59 million. house minority leader nancy pelosi was among those attending today's dedication ceremony.
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>> we're here today to honor the culture of the latino community and san francisco and in doing so recognize that the beauty is in the mix. >> reporter: mexico secretary of foreign affairs flew in for the event. >> no matter what challenge the united states might face, the mexican-american community will always be part of a solution. >> reporter: the museum's creator peter rodriguez died a few weeks ago. he was 90 years old. the museum will officially hope in the spring of 2019. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> i know you've heard this, the family motto for jim harbaugh, who has got it better than us. >> nobody. fans put it on signs or put that on signs after he left from michigan and now he is bringing it back in rap. >> oh, yeah. yule hear it next on abc 7 news at 5:00 continues.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, there is disbelief in the wine country over the tragic death of a young man with a bright future. tonight the 21-year-old being remembered as a brilliant kid with a big heart. >> there is no way to prepare. >> the new chapter in the lives of the california men who were the right people in the right place at the right time. and the winners of that massive powerball jackpot
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finally come forward in southern california. it is what they did the day after that surprised their neighbors. that is all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is starring in a rap video for michigan football. >> harbaugh only raps one line and i think you will recognize it. >> i've got one question, tell them, harbaugh. >> who has is better than us? >> nobody! >> who has is better than us? >> nobody! >> of course, the song is called who has it better than us, harbaugh star as long side rapper bailey of san francisco. how could you not be excited for college football, right? especially michigan football. >> yes, if you love jim harbaugh. this is perfect. he does shout the line over and over again. it is a tad repetitive but effective. that is it for us. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse for all of us here, thanks for inviting
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us into your home tonight. our next newscast is at 6:00. we'll see you then. tonight, my one-on-one with donald trump jr. before he takes this stage behind me. and how does he explain that speech from melania trump? tonight, right here, the two speeches, side-by-side. melania trump and michelle obama. the new reaction. we are behind the scenes with donald trump jr. we ask him, will anyone be fired? who wrote the speech? and does michelle obama deserve an apology? what he's saying tonight. also breaking, another major crane collapse in the northeast. coming down with drivers in their cars. and it comes after that crane collapse in manhattan. the deadly bus takedown. the suspect jumping onto a city bus, ordering the driver not to stop. the moment he tries to grab an officer's gun. and breaking news as we come on the air tonight. amid reports fox news anchor megyn kelly


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