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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, it's official. donald trump is the presidential nominee for the republican party. the billionaire officially clinched on the second day of the republican national convention with his children making the announcement. more fallout after melania trump's plagiarism allegations blaming hillary clinton and david muir goes one-on-one with donald trump jr. as questions surface over his own speech. severe storms over washington, d.c. cars are flooded. large hail and see where the dangerous heat is headed today. caught on camera a group of people flipping over a car rescuing a trapped driver.
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good morning, everyone. and as we come on the air this wednesday morning donald trump one step closer to the white house officially, of course, winning the republican nomination for president. >> as the gop convention heads into day three another one of his children takes the stage after his sister and brother had glowing words about him last night. he had another unorthodox appearance popping up on the jumbotron to thank delegates. >> this as allegations of plagiarism continue to plague the campaign. stephanie ramos has the latest from cleveland. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. so one person, you can count on being here every night this week, is donald trump. making his appearance last night via satellite from new york on the night he officially clinched the nomination. >> nebraska cast their 36th bound delegates for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> reporter: once this pumped up state by state roll call vote was over it became official
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donald trump the outsider candidate is now the legit republican presidential nominee. >> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top. >> reporter: trump's four children appearing with the new york delegation during the vote that awarded him the nomination. >> congratulation, dad, we love you. >> reporter: trump's nomination came as it looked to rebound after a day of floor shouting matches and accusations that melania trump plagiarized first lady michelle obama's 2008 convention speech. >> please excuse me if i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: in her first address at any event tiffany trump, trump's only daughter with second wife marla maples took the stage. >> donald trump has never done anything halfway, least of all as a parent. >> reporter: and donald trump jr. making the case for his father and attacking hillary clinton's involvement in benghazi. >> it was a tragedy and one that would be repeated were she to win the election. >> reporter: he wasn't alone.
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new jersey governor chris christie going after clinton on the iran deal, russia and her e-mails. >> believe me we're not done yet. the indictment is hardly complete. >> reporter: hillary clinton took to twitter soon after with a little word play tweeting if you think chris christie can lecture anyone on ethics we have a bridge to sell you. kendis, diane. >> all right. interesting words going back and forth. stephanie, what can we expect today? >> reporter: well, both trump and pence will host a welcoming event this afternoon. for his friends, for his family. this is not open to everyone except, of course, tear adopted family, the media, you know, will be there but mike pence last night won the republican nomination for vice president. instead of going through the whole roll call again last night, there was a voice vote. now he has to officially accept. both trump and pence will get together this afternoon but also today we'll detrump former rivals take the stage, ted cruz,
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marco rubio and another trump kid takes the mike, eric trump, the trump campaign really trying to show the american people a softer side to trump by having his family take the stage. >> yeah, they'll be joined by on stage by mike pence, of course, accepting that nomination, stephanie, there in cleveland behind you. thank you. and the trump campaign is denying allegations that parts of melania trump's speech was lifted from michelle obama's convention speech. >> trump campaign chairman paul manafort called it absurd saying it was totally blown out of proportion. the campaign says no one will be fired and donald trump jr. defended the speech in a one-on-one with abc's david muir. >> i know that you have now seen the comparisons side by side. melania trump's speech next to michelle obama's speech. >> a little bit. i've been a little busy today but i've seen it. >> you've seen the snippets. what do you make of the striking similarities. >> listen, you know, i don't think there was anything in there that was that novel in terms of those particular lines. when she talked about
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immigration and her son and having gone through that process legally that was the stuff that was much more striking. >> you weren't bothered by the striking skim lairs. >> i saw pretty common words in there. honestly there was no novel thought in that. now, of course, when you work with speech writers perhaps something -- honestly what i was more concerned about and what i was more proud of her about was to be able to get on that stage, having never done this before and be able to deliver a speech with that much confidence, with that much emotion. for me 90% of this is about the delivery. >> who did write her speech. >> her, i don't know. i don't know who -- 234rs. >> does anyone in the campaign know. >> i don't know. i didn't go that far. >> manafort is placing blame on hillary clinton though accusing her of pushing the allegations about the speech. t they responded by saying blaming hillary clinton is not the answer to every trump campaign problem. the speech donald jr. delivered had familiar words that raised eyebrows but it was a false alarm. a couple resembled one by a book
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by buckley but buckley is one of trump's speech writers so he tweeted last night that trump did not steal those words, they are his and he was the one who helped write the speech. >> he stole the words from himself when helping write the speech. all right, but, you know, the democratic national convention is only five days away so hillary clinton is poised to announce her running mate. >> clinton is hipsing that her decision on a vp pick could come as early as this friday. senator tim kaine of virginia and agricultural secretary tom vilsack are reportedly the leading contenders. much more live from cleveland on "gma" and don't miss our special report at 10 p.m. eastern time tonight. first to the severe weather creating chaos across the country overnight. three people were injured by a lightning strike at a county fair near colorado springs. one of them a woman who had just come out of the building took a direct hit and suffered several burns. and some extreme weather in the nation's capital. whipping winds and intense rain, those were the size of nickels pelting windows.
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this is time lapse that shows the storm rolling in battering the white house. as of midnight more than 100,000 customers were without power in that area. if you aren't already sweltering from the oppressive summer heat chances are you will be today. check out this map from salt lake city to new orleans. temperatures will range from the mid-90s into the triple digits with humidity making it feel 10 degrees warmer. high temperatures and extremely dry conditions helped spread this brush fire in the hollywood hills. it took more than 200 firefighters to bring the flames under control. fire officials say after five years of drought vegetation in the area is extremely dry. well, still ahead, george w. bush's surprising comments about the republican party. plus, breaking overnight a fast-moving fire is engulfing several homes forcing evacuation. new video in. remembering the creator of some of the biggest hits on tv and the big screen.
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well, this is the after math of a crane collapse on a major bridge near new york city. several drivers on the tappan zee bridge received minor injuries as they tried to avoid the debris. the governor says it's a miracle no one was killed or seriously hurt. most lanes will be open for the morning commute. breaking overnight fire crews in utah have their hands with a fire. it's burning about half an hour west of salt lake city. witnesses say multiple homes and several other buildings have been scorched. some evacuation orders are in effect. reports say an explosion of some sort ignited that in a field. yet another community is mourning the death of a police officer killed in the line of duty. this time it's kansas city, kansas. a captain there, robert melton shot and killed yesterday while
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searching for a suspect in a drive-by shooting. the alleged shooter is in custody along with another person suspected in the initial incident. melton is the second kansas city officer to be killed on the job this year. we're getting our first look inside el centro college in dallas. police showed a vantage point showing the damaged drywall and ceiling tiles evidence of the explosive that killed the gunman. taff will return to the college today. students tomorrow. there are new images of debris that may have come from a missing malaysia airlines jet. the discovery was made on an island off the coast of tanzania last month. officials believe it's an outboard wing flap and now they're working to confirm that it came from a boeing 777. flight 370 disappeared in 2014. the working theory is that it ran out of fuel on autopilot then fell into the ocean. the entire russian olympic team is waiting to hear whether it will be allowed to go to rio for the olympics which start in
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only two weeks, mind you. the international olympic committee says it's considering its options after investigators recommended barring all russian athletes. they found a state-sponsored doping program backed up by russia's intelligence service. russian president vladimir putin says the doping allegations are a dangerous return to politics interfering in sports. when we come back a dramatic struggle on a city bus between a kidnapping suspect and police. the passengers running for safety as officers move in. surveillance cameras capture a car crashing through a wall plowing right into a restaurant. r your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara®
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talk to your child's doctor today. learn more at you're looking at a wall of dust rolling across southern arizona last night. it was first spotted covering the city of casa grande and made its way northeast blanketing the phoenix metro area. the weather service says more of the same is likely today. well, today monsoon style rain likely to greet you on your morning commute in the southwest. also be prepared for flooding around the great lakes, wet roads across the northern tier and from the carolinas to the texas gulf coast. if you're flying stormy weather is likely to cause airport delays in chicago and minneapolis. indiana governor mike pence gets his turn as he accepts the vice presidential nomination at the gop convention tonight. >> trump thanked delegates by video last night after officially becoming the republican presidential nominee. his eldest son donald jr. and youngest daughter tiffany vouched for him in their
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speeches praising him as a great dad. well some concerning words for some from former president george w. bush. he reportedly told former aides he is worried he could be the last republican president. according to politico president bush made the comment at a gathering of his old staffers when the primary was down to donald trump and ted cruz. there are new developments in surround roger ailes. there are reports this morning that ailes is negotiating his exit following a sexual harassment lawsuit and another leading female fox anchor reportedly is coming forward with similar claims now. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: according to a newly released article in "new york" magazine, megyn kelly, one of the network's biggest stars -- >> welcome to the kelly file. >> reporter: told investigators that ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about ten years ago. >> for her to level these allegations is devastating against ailes.
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>> reporter: attorneys for ailes firing back overnight telling abc news the 76-year-old has never sexually ha rationed megyn kelly. 21st century fox denied he's been fired. the possibility of an ailes departure comes on the heelgs of a lawsuit filed against him by gretchen carlson. allegations he vigorously denied. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. and happening overnight garry marshall who was one of hollywood's most prolific personalities passed away. marshall wrote, produced and directed some of the most popular sitcoms including "happy days," "laverne and shirley" and, of course, "mork and mindy." he was also successful on the big screen with smash hits like "pretty woman" and "runaway bride" as well as "beaches." in 1999 he sat down with our own diane sawyer. >> she runs into the bathroom, has to go over a bathtub out the window. so after a couple of times i could see she was not always --
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i said, all right, let's -- whisper and now she runs and this is what happens. we had it as she goes in the bathtub. get out, oh, she's running -- >> aaagh! >> actors who owe their fame to him twoeted their condolences including henry winkler who says, thank you for my professional life. your loyalty, friendship and generosity, marshall died of pneumonia after suffering a stroke. he was 81 years old. surveillance cameras captured some frightening moments on board an oklahoma city bus. in them you can see a kidnap suspect hop on the bus trying to escape from police. the bus driver pulls over and orders riders off the bus then police move in, guns drawn but the bus driver is still there. the officer and the suspect struggle, one shot is fired almost hitting the driver. another officer then rushes in shooting and killing the suspect. prosecutors are now investigating. in quincy, massachusetts, an
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elderly man lost control of his car plowing into a restaurant hitting three members of a family visiting from california. they're in the hospital with several broken bones. the driver was also slightly injured but everyone expected to recover. the driver actually says he doesn't remember much about the crash but says he's devastated that people were hurt. police say he'll likely lose his driver's license. in south carolina an incredible scene when strangers came together to rescue a man trapped beneath his flipped car. one of the good samaritans said it was leaking gas so had to work quickly. the group was able to pull the driver free even before the paramedics arrived. the driver was shaken up but is going to be okay. and in toronto the only thing probably missing was the lettuce when a truck carrying salad dressing and mayo overturned. it sent green and white sludge through the streets. the driver given a ticket for careless driving. and wasting some good stuff. >> yeah, probably good salad dressing before it all came together. up next in "the pulse,"
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and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ♪ ♪ time now for "the pulse" and we start with the first lady kicking up a little controversy at least if you're a big "star trek" fan. >> okay. nice little outfit there on the first lady but mrs. obama hosted a screening of the new "star trek" movie at the white house yesterday and some of the movie stars were there, as well, but then watch and listen to how she closed her remarks. >> may the force be with you. [ laughter ]
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whoa. whoa. >> did you notice that? >> that's from "star wars," mrs. obama, not "star trek." >> correct. >> and the hand motions are not quite "star trek"-like. >> no, not doing the "v". >> no. >> here's the thing. she gave a little smile at the end so some people are asking maybe she was in on the joke and meant it -- >> yeah. i don't know. meant probably to do that. >> not everybody can do that by the way. some find that really hard to do. >> all right. who knows. she's forgiven. okay, so next the growing outrage over a case of celebrity online bullying. >> leslie jones one of the stars of the new "ghostbusters" movie says she's quitting twitter after online trolls sent her a bra raj of racist tweets. >> she tweeted, here you see it "i leave twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart. all this cause i did a movie. you can hate the movie but the blank i got today wrong. >> now thanks to "ghostbusters"
4:24 am
director paul feig who created the #loveforlesliej, other celebrities including margaret cho and william shatner are showing their support for her on twitter. >> yeah, it was trending quite a bit. twitter, by the way has banned a conservative blogger accused of leading the online abuse. >> maybe she'll come back to see all the nice messages. >> yeah. we apologize in advance to dog and cat people out there. a new study is finding those beloved animals, they just don't make the best pets. >> blame the dutch. researchers there ranked 90 species on their suitability as animal companions and topping the list is the sika deer, a sweet deer native to japan. >> can they be potty trained? soy the next were two types of wallabies followed by a llama and despite the study even researchers don't expect dogs and cats to be replaced in our affection any time soon. they forgot bunnies. >> that's what you got.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, 4:30 club on wednesday, july 20. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller, reggie aqui is at the republican national convention. >> meteorologist mike nicco has weather and traffic. >> good morning, everyone. there is a little bit of a change. the air air is dry on live doppr hd. the lack of clouds as we look at the bay bridge. minor changes today. starting off in the 50s, nearly 60 at coast and 80s inland. more warmth coming but nothing like the heat this weekend. sue? >> starting off quiet. we have road work. the san mateo bridge shows the ride in the westbound direction is not a problem. eastbound there is road work until this afternoon. the eastbound direction.
4:29 am
but for the morning commute it is the non-commute direction, less than 15 minutes to get to hayward. we have road work in the westbound area of 80 andnd thats near university. that is due to be picked up in half an hour. >> we are tracking breaking news, people who put their belongings in storage units in alameda are waking up to news their thing are destroyed or damaged. firefighters are still on the scene. so is amy hollyfield. the units have a lot of fuel for fire action lot stuff. firefighters fought this for a couple of hours. seven storage units were burning. they got the call at midnight to come out here to the storage unit in alameda. they had to bring 22 firefighters here. >> the units are usually packed to the maximum c
4:30 am
it is a difficult operation to get inside. >> 25 units have smoke damage. a total of 32 in all were damaged. we are at the all safe self storage on singleton avenue at main street in alameda. no one was hurt in the fire. there is no word on what started it. >> breaking news from sonoma, a barn fire at a petaluma dairy farm lit up the sky. it broke out around 2:30. the farm was full of hay when it caught fire. the feed had to be pulled apart before firefighters could put water on it. the fire departments are on the scene with no cows in danger. >> the victory for renters in the east bay the city council voting to pass more rent control measures. we explain why the vote did not happen quickly. jessica? >> it was a packed


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