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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sue? >> yes, major delay over 20 minutes and we are talking hayward and fremont line in all directions because equipment problems. give yourself plenty of time this morning, there are 44 cars out there in service. on that line, major delays. we are getting reports of an accident on the golden gate bridge. it looks like it just cleared. we will get back and it was southbound blocking three lanes. we will conclude back in a few. >> good morning, from the roof. a dry air mass is awaiting you. live doppler hd is showing clouds are rolling in. they do not have drizzle or mist. look at that from south beach, 47 to 57, some of us are cooler because of lack of cloud cover. extreme sunshine, 58 at the coast and 76 inland for lunch. at 4:00, dress for 60 at coast to 82 inland. i have an update on the big heat wave coming up. >> new this morning, we are
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hearing from the parents of nick leslie, the student killed in the attack in nice, france. jessica? >> his parents are understandably devastated. the couple traveled immediately to france when they her the news and brought center colleagues for their son and found out when they landed, still inside the airplane, that member knick did not make it. his parents say they cannot understand how a truck made it into the celebrations killing 80 people including their son. >> we do not understand how that happened and further, how he got in or how he could drive for a mile and killing these people, our son and other people. we met the other american family can they lost their 11-year-old and you walk down and see the flowers for all the kids. just a senseless...we
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are...short for words. >> a tough interview to hear. nick leslie was studying in nice. he grew up in san diego and came to the bay area for college. nick leslie was only 20. >> if you drive highway 101 on the peninsula, you know it can be a nightmare. transportation officials are looking at ways to speed up your commute. katie has what is being done. katie? >> good morning, matt. we have both driven this stretch of roadway in the morning and it can be dicey. it thickens with the commute and thousand there is hope in the for see average future, the metropolitan transportation commission has secured federal finding for a two-year study, looking at the stretch of 101 defend 380 and the san mateo county transportation authority will look at multiple options to help relieve the congestion
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along 101 including a traditional car pool lane but they believe that an express lane is the only way to go. it is a car pool lane that solo drivers can pay to lose and drivers think that is the pest solution. >> i don't know i want to pay considering we have express lanes now that are for a certain part of the day. that could be disruptive on a short stretch. >> the new express lanes are a good example of what we could see along 101. drivers carry a fast track flex toll tag to switch back and forth between express lane usage and car pools. the study on 101 is expected to take two years at a cost of $7.5 million. they have secured the form funding for the study. >> breaking news in alameda firefighters are watching
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flareups from a storage unit fire, with the all safe storage unit caught fire this morning with seven units suffering heavy damage and to dozen others suffered smoke damage with flammable material that made it difficult for firefighters. it took two hours to knock down the huge flames. >> in cleveland, the spotlight turns to donald trump's v.p. pick indiana governor mike pence taking the stage in prime time. and the next egyptian -- generation of trump everyone the best received speakers. >> i was on the floor yesterday when they had rehearsals and as i was standing there, a couple of guys approached me shooting bits for "saturday night live," and anyone who watches the show would recognize them and make a big deal out of them. all they cared about was that donald trump and tiffany trump
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were walking through the local and they are the stars so far of the conference. >> he motivates me to work my hardest and stay true to what i believe. >> i have seen it the look in his eyes when someone said it can't be done. i saw that look a little over a year ago, weapon he was told he could not possibly succeed in politics. yes, he did. the next generation of trumps very well receive on the convention floor and getting a lot of positive reviews this morning across the country. donald trump jr. her amed for ability to transition between pumping up his dad and criticizing hillary clinton in the next moment. v.p. pick governor mike pence his turn now to win over the proud and here in the convention hall and for all of you at home he will be joined by a map who was on the short list for the
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develop job, nato gingrich, and we hear from scott walk wear, ted cruz, and marco rubio. i stress marco rubio because, remember, until just days before the convention, he said he was going to be among the long list of people not showing up in cleveland, something changed and he is going to be here tonight and it will be interesting to see if he takes the same stand we heard from governor chris christie last night, and we will talk about that to a few minutes >> thank you, reggie aqui. >> few blocks from the convention, protesters skirmish with police. probably more tension in the streets today and antigovernment and antiracism protesters will burn an american flag. latino social justice organization is holding an exerts of donald trump's hateful rhetoric. >> there could be a change of host for the first presidential debate now held in new york at
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hofstra university september 26. rice state in ohio was the original site but they drop out at officials were concerned of f the ability to protect the large campus and surrounding community. >> back to reggie aqui at 6 o'clock. here and laura anthony are in cleveland all week and at the cleveland all week and at the democratic convention next week. >> now, a desperate effort to find critical employees and bart is ready to spend half a million to attract new talent. >> remembering gary marshall, the director who brought us the director who brought us "happy days," and "pretty
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sfx: turbines revving up, you hear that? and louder that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way.
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so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding >> we will have major bart delays with 42 trains, and hayward all lines are affected with a heads up with no estimated time of arrive. and aim is on the way to the station to get more information. they are saying equipment problems. another problem on the golden gate bridge three lanes are
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blocked southbound and traffic is stacked up, now, we will look all the way into sausalito, for a solid 20-30 minutes to gleets to the robin williams down mel and the scene of the accident and then, on the san francisco side, our sensors are friend, but, expect big delays coming over the waldo grade. you may want to take a ferry, probably the best alternate. mike? >> let me give you advise before you head outside. you will need the sunglasses. you can see the clouds behind me, not so dominant as they were the last couple of days. and the sun is up and bringing us dry and warmer weather, good sleeping conditions at night. you will need it, as we hit 100 degrees inland. the big picture shows we have the area of low pressure and the cool weather that it is bringing us the next day. i will show you a look at the weekend hitting 100 in man inlaboratory neighborhoods.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, this is abc7.
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>> look at this video capturing the moment a dallas man was just thrown from the side of water slide. he plummets 10-15' below to rocky ground. tough to much with. now, he posted on facebook later on that he is in the hospital or want to the hospital he had a broken arm and fractured rib but he does not need surgery. a worst nightmare scenario. >> this morning, an actor is facing charges of felony domestic violence, sizemore started in "saving private ryan," with a checkered public life. he had one of several arrests for drug possession and assault and battery. the 54-year-old was arrested on tuesday morning and is held on $50,000 bail. >> hollywood is say goodbye to gary marshall, dying year at age of 81. he wrote and produced three of the five top-rated shows: "happy
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days," "laverne & shirley," "mork and mindy." he went on to direct "pretty woman," and more. he died complications from pneumonia after a stroke. >> so enmove us use almond make in our cereal or lattes so pay attention. it is not the have food that many of us assume that it is. the nutrition ends have to be added back in to almond make and up to seven grams of sugar. there is less protein that you could expect own eighth of the protein in skim make. >> so prized. almond make has one grandmother of proceed -- one gram of pre-teen per serving. >> we reached out to the california almond board and if
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you want protein you are better to eat a handful. you can hear more of the almond information and how it could be sabotaging your diet starting at 7:00 a.m. >> people around hollister have felt a lost shaking for the past few days but seismologists say it is nothing to worry about. the u.s. geological survey is monitoring dozens offers since sunday. the two biggest, struck yesterday afternoon at 42 seconds apart. experts say the frequency of the earthquakes has slowed down and we will feel fewerrers in this area as time goes on. >> the first ever pokemon go dating service launches today and&you start a a now questions and the service will match you based on answers, set up a time and place to meet another pokemon go player with similar interests. first date is free. when you use the almost motion
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code. then you pay $20. >> now back to sue tracking a major problem with bart. >> good morning. a couple of major problems. bart has major delays in hayward and fremont direction. all directions have equipment problems, a problem switching the track. amy hollyfield is headed through for more details. it is a majorredly through the line. the other big problem is on the golden gate bridge and you are looking at scene beyond the accident and that is where there are a few cars head southbound, the accident, then, is mid-spokesperson, three lanes and track is stacked up and sausalito and here is the richmond-san rafael bridge eastbound direction and it looks like it is moving nicely. this is the when area at the toll plaza and that would be the alternate. it is not a great alternate and the terry would probably be the best alternate to avoid the backup which now is through the
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robin williams tunnel to the other side the waldo grade. >> it is quieter where i am launching out with the temperatures, some writers are cooler saratoga and campbell at 51. san jose is 57. warmer in the hills of league at -- los gatos at 60. redwood city is 56. san francisco is 55. novato is 52. in the south by san jose is topping out at 79. with strong sunshine. below average. if you want 80s go to los gatos and gilroy. up the peninsula temperatures are 71 in san mateo, a cooler spot. redwood city down to mountain view is mid-70s. pacifica and half moon bay 61 and 63. san francisco from 65 downtown to richmond at 60 and daly
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santa rosa is 83. a lost mid-to-upper 70s and sausalito at 66. along the east bay, oakland is topping out at 70s with refresh breeze and sunshine. berkeley is behind at 69. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70s and inland, mid-to-upper 80s, no 90s yet, and they are around the corner and we could jump from 90 on friday, when difficult, to 100s on saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. no "spare the air" day for the weekend. so free air conditioning at the coast. >> commuting through the east bay is going to be easier with a ceremony launching the completion of $1.3 billion improvement project for expanding highway 4 from four to eight lanes and adding a bart extension from pittsburg to antic. ribbon-cutting ceremony is at 8:30. bart is responding 500,000 to
6:21 am
fill 62 vacant jobs going do specialize firms to find qualify positions as environmental engineers. bart said not many universities offer rail-related curriculum and it is hard to quip the candidates to come to the area with our high housing market and cost living. >> of manufacture has recommendation for graduates looking to advance. >> a vacation turns into a nightmare for a california nightmare for a california family waiting to get food
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. you are look at a man who police believe robbed a bank, arresting andrew smith at bank on dublin boulevard was hit yesterday morning. police found smith at the west dublin bartization with a large amount of cash. he is identified as the bank robber. he is held in jail. >> a california family of four was injured after car shammed into them inside of a boston area restaurant. the 90-year-old driver said he could not stop the car is he turned thing enough 50 and smashed right through the property of the restaurant.
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the charges are not filed. the family suffered minor injuries and are speaked to recover. officials have not said where in california the family is from. spores authority is accelerateed authorities because of fights over cash between lenders and suppliers, and will close all or most stores by the end of the month. they are not last stages of bankruptcy. lenders say they are owed $240 million. landlords say they are waiting for the rent from march. >> time to ask michael finney. here is a question on investing after college. michael finney has the answer. >> i am 25, fresh out of college, and looking for the best investment opportunities. >> thats for the question. first of all, congratulations on getting your degree. that is important. probably the best investment you can make. now, here is the order you need
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to do things: one, pay off student debt. two, invest fully in your employer's 401(k) program. three, save for a house. if you look to invest in the stock market invest in low cost mutual funds that track the broad market. at this point in your life that is the game plan. >> if you have a question for half manufacture record it on the smart again or tablet and go to abc7 slash ask finney. or share it on social. your question could be answered right here. >> next at pock we are tracking major commuter alert an equipment problem crippling the commute in the east bay. >> hard to believe it is time to tuck about back-to-school. the big push you will notice this year as you stock up on supplies. >> i am reggie aqui in cleveland at republican national convention, he called them lying and little, and now they are on stage speaking on of had bay.
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mike nicco, i miss you. >> fun to watch you, hope you are having a great time. the clouds are not holding the sun back. that means warmer weather today, two to five degrees warmer and two to five degrees warmer and we still not average.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui in cleveland at republican national convention. >> we will get more from reggie aqui in a couple of minutes but, first, sue is tracking the nightmare for commute bart riders. >> we have a couple of bad problems, first, a major delay in hayward with equipment problems. that is at least 30-plus minute delays, a night mayor for east bay commuters this morning. and no real great alternates you have on get on freeway, basically, at 880, always jammed. amy hollyfield is headed to bart with a report in a few minutes. our other problem is on the golden gate bridge with an hour and 20-minute delay from san rafael to san francisco. the ferry is the great alternate. >> speaking of ferries, improve
6:31 am
the sunglasses because it is bright. the cloud deck is not very thick. and the winds are height. they will pick up this afternoon. we have a small craft advisory for the entire bay area. i will show you that coming up and now a look at live doppler hd it is very dry this morning. in fact, we are seeing sunshine from sutro tower, and temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50s at 7:00, hanging out in the low 60 at the coast, low 70s around the bay and mid-80s inland by 4:00. >> breaking news from petaluma, firefighters say that it could take until tomorrow to put out the fire. flames broke out at a dairy at 2:30 this morning. the barn contained 400 tons of hay so ill take a while to put it out, the hay is being pulled apart to put water on it. fire is contained to the bank where the firefighter started. >> oakland voted to pass more rent control measures.
6:32 am
jessica castro explains why it does not happen quickly. >> dozens spending out and it made for a long meeting that only ended at 1:20 this morning. the city council voted to pass represent control measures requiring landlords to get permission for hikes. it is capped at 5% each year and most speakers were in favor of the measures. they say a recent increase in housing prices is gentrifying the area and compromises the character of the city. we are losing our soul and diversity. what is happening is unth california. >> we do not protect the rights of renters we are left with an oakland that lost its culture. >> proposal does not apply to owner occupied automobiles including due politic -- due
6:33 am
politics and goes on the november ballot for a vote. all the oakland city council heard from 100 residents of a proposal to credit a citizen police commission. it would have the power to fire the police chief and investigate and discipline officers in response to recent scandal involving the lived including several officers place on leave for their involvement with the young prostitute names celeste guap. the city council is expected to vote next week and in approved goes on the ballot. >> the parent of a uc berkeley student who died in nice frank are talking. the 20-year-old knick was killed the parents say the university flew them to nice after learning a truck loued into the celebration killing more than 80 people. they still on the car mack in paris in the plane when they heard he did not make it. >> we thought he would be here
6:34 am
and we brought colleagues and we thought he was a missing person in the hospital. we thought he would be here. >> he was one of 85c am l students studying abroad. >> former adversaries of trump will support him on the stage tonight. reggie aqui is in cleveland. it is day three of convention. regular joy? >> good morning. lying ted cruz, little marco rubio, who could forget the trumpisms from the not-too-distant past? that disappears at the machine take to to -- machine take to te stage. and maybe they are just going against hillary clinton as we saw from governor chris christie. >> in libya and nigeria, guilty. in china and syria, guilty. in iran and russia and cuba, guilty. and here at home for risking
6:35 am
america's secrets to keep her own and lying to cover it all up, guilty. could you hear that? "lock her up." new jersey governor's mock trial got the crowd fired up demanding hillary clinton be locked up for misdeeds chris christie was lobbying. and hillary clinton hit back on social quickly with the tweet "if you think chris christie can lecture anyone on ethics where have a bridge to sell you." >> we will talk about the diversity of the convention, "politico" counted up and looked at all of the speakers in prime time and found that 80% of them are white, original a handful of black and it turns out that is the same ratio we see on the floor. we are talking to a black woman from redwood city, in a few
6:36 am
minutes. >> democratic insiders say hillary clinton is closing in on her pick for vice president, senator kaine of virginia and agriculture secretary vilsack but she could pull a surprise. the convention begins in philadelphia on monday. >> coming up in 10 minutes, back to talk about diversity in the republican party, and here and laura anthony cover the convention in philadelphia next week for the democratic convention. tonight, and each night, want your voice your vote with coverage of the events from abc at 7:00 right after abc at 6:00. >> a man is custody accused of making death threats against entrepreneur san francisco police chief chaplin. we were the first to report on the threats, 60-year-old sent a feet on saturday talking about beheading toney and shows a guillotine next to a picture of
6:37 am
the chief. he used racist and offensive language. >> vote are decide the fate of a controversial costco in pleasanton at johnson drive on the map. opponents gathered the signatures to put a measure on the ballot and city council approved sending it last night. costco it is claimed will hurt the small pice and supporters say it will boost pleasanton's economy. >> bart is still reporting major delays for a commuter alert. we have 50 trains but delays in the hayward fremont line in all directions because of equipment problems. we will hear from amy hollyfield in a while with the details on what, exactly, is happening to cause the problem. traffic is slowing again and they just cleared a major three-car accident that was overturned at midtown at the south tower. it is gone. hopefully the backup will dissipate.
6:38 am
the sensors are showing slow traffic back to sausalito. now all lanes are clear. mike? >> they have a good view from the golden gate bridge with no fog. good morning, everyone, because of lack of clouds check out temperatures on the peninsula, woodside is 46 and menlo park is 49, and daly city and pacifica is 52, and everyone else is 53 to 57. we have 57 in hayward and fremont and san jose and concord and antioch at 2358, and 40s to north, santa rosa and napa at 49, and mill valley at 47. hopefully a sweep with the a's take on the astros at 70s at 3:30, extreme sunshine. recollect yourself from the sun. yellow is 70s, green is 60s, orange is 80s, and red is 90. we are adding a few more deaths today. tomorrow, we are nearly 70 and friday, we are back to average
6:39 am
or above as the reds start to creep their way interest our inland east bay neighborhoods. i will show you how much hotter and when we hit the 100s in the seven-day forecast. >> breaking news we are tracking on bart, major delays for riders. we are reporting bay fair bart station inship drove. what are you seeing? >> the station agent said they have resolved the problem. they expect residual delays. they slowed down the service for so long and that is why. you do not see a major crowd on platform as we have seen in the past. this is only one lane. the fremont to hayward line. there were problems on the track, a technical problem, equipment problem, but this were crews working on it and the
6:40 am
station agent is hearing they have fixed the problem. it was 15-minute delays during the issue but now you can expect residual delays but it is cleared. >> it is called the most notoriously congested stretches of highway in the bay area and relief could on way. transportation officials are looking at ways to speed up commute on highway 101 and katie is in san bruno to explain. >> good morning, matt. from bart to the drive we know that commute in the bay area is nasty and this stretch of 101 behind me is notorious. there could be relief in the future as funding was secured to study the problem. the commission has secured funding for a two year study looking at the stretch of 101 continue 380 and whipple and
6:41 am
look at multiple options including a a additional car pool lane but they believe the express lane is the best way to go about this, a car pool lane that drivers can pay to use. most drivers are open to the idea. >> i would like to see the fees but i am interested. there are potential co-workers that could incentivize me to meet with her. >> the new express lanes on i-5 80 in the tri- valley are an example of what we could see along 101 with drivers carrying a fast "fast and furious" flex tag and adding the toll lanes can be a two-fold benefit speeding up the commute but the money can be put back into infrastructure and maintaining the roads. >> next, san francisco reach as
6:42 am
major milestone with financial record broken by the city. >> we are going back to reggie aqui in cleveland, the reason a local delegate who supported president obama is now backing donald trump. >> first, ginger and the coverage of the convention. ginger? >> coming up on "good morning america" it is official, donald trump clinching the republican nomination for president, this morning, his son and closest advisor joins us with the firestorm on the oning speech of firestorm on the oning speech of melania trump was it pla
6:43 am
6:45 am
>> can you believe today is the 47th anniversary of the moon landing july 20, 1969? apollo touched down on the moon at 1:18 p.m. our time. there were only 30 seconds of fuel remaining. it carried arm strong and buzz and michael collins. six hours later this were half a billion people watching. armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. >> in cleveland the republican national convention is expected to have the fewest african delegates at a republican national convention in a century >> reggie aqui talks about the issue of diversity with a california delegate. what are the numbers? >> we are looking at according
6:46 am
to the "washington post" >> 18 black detects out of 2,472. those are numbers counted up before the republican are began but even if they do go up that represents a very small emergency, obviously, of the number of people who are here this week. i talked to a black detect a woman from redwood city. here is what she said on the issue of diverseity. >> are you satisfied with the diversity of the republican party? >> i am pleased. a lot of people do not understand the founding principles of the republican party are "of the people," i voted for prove in 2008 and in 2009, there are policies put in police that hurt me. >> she is a small business owners after inheriting a familiar business of bail bonds in the bay area, and she has a
6:47 am
couple of those, and small business owners are sparred more by donald trump and republican party than the democratic party which turned her around from being a lifelong democrat. she working on her parents but represents the new phase of the republican party and expects it to grow. >> another question, reggie, we have word of near row virus at the convention? >> i am not sick i feel bad for people from california would are sick we got word from cleveland station that they have confirmed, now, there are 11 cases of neurovirus. the tests came back and these are folks who are working for the rnc for california delegation, not the deaths they will self. so far no delegate is sick. however they are staying in the same hotel at staffers who are sick and the staffers now are
6:48 am
quarantined. we wish them the best. we understand it was one of them who was sick from california and spread it when they got here last week. >> we will hook forward to more reports. thank you. >> the city of san francisco is breaking records this morning. >> jeanne king is at the nasdaq with the story and a check of stocks in our money report. jane? >> good morning, we are up again. the run is incredible. it is not by much. and the dow jones industrial average just turns sightly lower and the nasdaq is where the action is up half a percent. thank microsoft for that. it is a strong earnings report from last night. can you put a price on san francisco? you can. the city is in the process of estimating how much the city is worth and the tally is $208 billion. that is a record high including all real property and personal prosecute owned in san francisco. best buy has started
6:49 am
back-to-school campaigns, can you believe it? tech is the push. look for deal on laptops and early prediction show college students especially plan to spend more than last year. amazon was award add patent for docking and rechanning -- recharging stations built on high structures and when drone delivers it can land on the delivers it can land on the station such as a >> we have had issues on bart all morning but it could change. sue? >> they fixed the problem, everyone. the equipment problems have been resolved on bart and hayward and fremont line, expect residual delays for 20-30 minutes. the trips will be back on
6:50 am
schedule. early major accident had three of the four southbound lanes blocked and it has been cleared in the last 10 minutes. traffic is flowing and, still, big delays back interest sausalito with the drive time out of san rafael new an hour and 20 minutes in the southbound direction with major delays although the accident has cleared, and i would suggest taking the ferry if you have to come in the next hour. pike? >> good morning, from a sunny roof in downtown san francisco. we will look at other areas seeing sunshine and the exploritorium. and from mount tam, we have dry and warm weather, warmer than yesterday and, extreme sunshine highest level on the index, good sleeping conditions and you will need that inland as we are hitting 100. we will be close to it saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. notice the lack of a resolution, concord at 15, taylor at 28, and
6:51 am
winds picking up at 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening for the entire bay and to the delta. mid-to-upper 70s today, low-to-mid 70s on the planes and mid-60s in downtown san francisco and 74 in san rafael to santa rosa at 83 along the east bay more richmond at 69 and oakland 71 and 76 in fremont and mid-to-upper 80s inland east bay neighbors. here is my seven-day forecast: more of same tomorrow, look at the temperatures 60 at the coast and 80 an the bay and 90 inland, all average. 60s, 80s and 100s for saturdays sunday, monday and tuesday warmer than average and the bill is coming due for the refreshing wet we have had. >> san francisco home and business owners you can check off at least one item on the chore list, a measure on the ballot returns the responsibility of membership -- of maintaining street trees to
6:52 am
the city. it will cost property owners $35 each year. in approved, the maintenance cuts are transferred to the city next july. >> we back with seven things to know before you go. we have bringing news and relative tomorrow updates and personalized alert on the smart personalized alert on the smart phone or tablet
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door these
6:54 am
are the continue thin you need to know if you take bart to or from the east bay we have a commuter alert, recovering from major delays on the fremont line after an early equipment problem. expect major delays at hayward and bay fair in both directions. two, we have early problems on the golden gate bridge resolved. remark is flowing nicely in the southbound direction. however, a big backup remains. our riff time is improving to under 40 meants out of san rafael. >> three, breaking news in oakland, perimeter set up on east 12th as police conduct an investigation. several people have been ordered out of home and streets are closed. >> if you store your stuff in alameda an overnight fire damaged all safe storage facility with seven units burned and two dozen others damaged. >> five, the parents of nick leslie are speaking out since being killed in the track attack
6:55 am
in nice, france. they did not find out he died physical they planned and the original think keeping them going is the 20 wonderful years they had with their son. >> developing news in cleveland, 11 g.o.p. staffers have norovirus, not the delegates but staffers working for the california delegation. they have been quarantineed. >> eve to a sunny start cooler temperatures and the extra sunshine means warmer temperatures this afternoon from 60s along the coast in san francisco and richmond and 70s at bay and 80s inland. >> reggie aqui is in cleveland, we have been tracking your behind the scenes tweet all of your'ses and what are you going do watch today? >> i am looking at a couple of adversaries campaigning for trump, interested in what marco rubio has to stay and what ted cruz has to say, and also, e
6:56 am
trump said he wrote his speech by himself. by himself. no speech write be interesting in they can forget the past. >> we will have coverage of reggie aqui's coverage of republican national convention all week and back tomorrow. see you in 25 minutes.
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in america this morning. good morning, america. over the top, donald trump now the official republican nominee for president. his son don junior makes it happen. >> congratulations, dad. we love you! >> then takes center stage for his dad. >> we didn't learn from mbas. we learned from people who had doctorates in common sense. >> trump's youngest daughter tiffany also in the spotlight. >> in person my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny and so real. >> as the attacks on hillary clinton heat up. >> she fights for the wrong people. she never fights for us. >> and the fallout over melania trump's speech continues. his campaign chair joins us this morning and an exclusive with trump's son eric here live before he makes the case for his dad tonight. fox news bombshell. did ceo roger ai


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