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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 20, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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in america this morning. good morning, america. over the top, donald trump now the official republican nominee for president. his son don junior makes it happen. >> congratulations, dad. we love you! >> then takes center stage for his dad. >> we didn't learn from mbas. we learned from people who had doctorates in common sense. >> trump's youngest daughter tiffany also in the spotlight. >> in person my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny and so real. >> as the attacks on hillary clinton heat up. >> she fights for the wrong people. she never fights for us. >> and the fallout over melania trump's speech continues. his campaign chair joins us this morning and an exclusive with trump's son eric here live before he makes the case for his dad tonight. fox news bombshell. did ceo roger ailes sexually
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harass megyn kelly? the new reports this morning coming on the heels of gretchen carlson's lawsuit. is ailes about to lose his job? what his team is telling us this morning. saved by strangers. a car flips over on the interstate, a man trapped inside. eyewitnesses rush to the scene. banding together to save his life. celebrating film and tv legend, garry marshall. the man behind "pretty woman." >> oh! >> "happy days," "laverne and shirley" and more passing overnight. now tributes are pouring in from around the globe for the man who made so many of us laugh. >> announcer: live from cleveland, ohio, this is a special edition of "good morning america." "your voice, your vote." the republican national convention. and we do say good morning, america, from cleveland, and we join the country in celebrating garry marshall this morning. such a huge force in hollywood.
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>> and all those tv hits of our childhood, so many of that for us. here at the "q" last night, the trump kids in the stoplight put their father over the top. then don junior and tiffany both took the stage to make the case for their dad. >> and their dad donald trump was not there in person but he did appear via video screen and you know he enjoys being on twitter so he tweeted this just moments ago. congratulations to my children, don and tiffany, on having done a fantastic job last night. i am very proud of you! >> the whole trump family stars of this convention so far and eric trump is going to be here. he speaks tonight along with the vp candidate mike pence, they're center stage. right now tom llamas starts of us with highlights from last night. >> reporter: electric moments out here on the convention floor last night. tonight, former rivals senator ted cruz and newt gingrich will speak. this, as donald trump makes his way back to cleveland for running mate, indiana governor mike pence's big address. >> it is my honor to throw
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donald trump over the top with the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates and another 6 delegates for john kasich. congratulations, dad, we love you. >> reporter: overnight, the republican party officially nominating donald trump to be their candidate for president. >> today has been a very, very special day. watching my children put me over the top. >> reporter: his son don junior proclaiming the new york vote count pushing trump over the top. ♪ >> reporter: i asked trump's eldest son about the moment. >> i tell you other than maybe the birth of my children it was the coolest thing i've ever done. i mean, it's surreal, totally intense. >> reporter: later in the night, don junior would take the stage. >> when people told him it was impossible for a boy from queens
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to go to manhattan and take on developers in the big city rather than give up, he changed the skyline of new york. >> reporter: a son telling his father's story and promoting the idea only a businessman understands how to solve the country's problems. >> that president can only be my mentor, my best friend, my father, donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie, a close friend and adviser to trump, also giving a rousing speech symbolically prosecuting a case against hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, the charge of putting herself ahead of america, guilty or not guilty. >> all: guilty! >> reporter: christie working the crowd into a frenzy, chants of "lock her up" breaking out. >> all: lock her up! >> reporter: our terry moran asking christie about the chapter on the convention floor. >> do you think that's a good thing for american politics when political disagreements result in basically a crowd becoming a mob saying lock her up?
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>> come on, now. you know, this is such an overstatement on your part. yeah, i think conventions are supposed to be fun. we're having a good time tonight but it's based on her conduct, like i said. >> reporter: there were some tender moments, donald trump's daughter tiffany delivering a heartfelt speech, her mother marla maples watching from backstage. >> my dad is a natural born encourager. in person my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny and so real. >> reporter: but some sibling rivalry at play. eric trump's wife telling me her husband will have the best speech. how is your speech coming? >> it's great. >> are you nervous? >> he has the best speech. >> i'm excited. she's a little impartial. >> a little biased. >> reporter: so, the buildup is on for eric trump's speech. one more note about last night, there was a brief social media frenzy when a line from donald trump jr.'s speech was shown to have appeared in "american conservative" article earlier.
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now, it turns out that the writer of that article actually helped out don junior with his speech. robin. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. and now to the controversy that still surrounds melania trump's convention speech and those accusations that she plagiarized michelle obama's words in 2008. abc's jonathan karl has the latest for us. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. while two of the trump children sang their father's praises last night, the trump campaign is still dealing with fallout from those remarks by melania trump. the moment melania trump finished her primetime speech monday night, it was all smiles on stage. but within hours, her strong performance was overshadowed by reports that portions of her 15-minute speech bore striking similarities to first lady michelle obama's 2008 convention speech. several phrases echoed almost word for word. >> both: you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're
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going to do? >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say. >> the only limits to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> reporter: on the convention floor some delegates said heads should roll. it's a pretty big mistake? >> it's a huge mistake and it's an embarrassment for mrs. trump. it's an embarrassment for the campaign. >> reporter: trump's recently fired campaign manager agreed. >> whoever wrote this speech should be held accountable, should be fired. >> reporter: the trump campaign insists the speech's similarities were not signs of plagiarism, just similar themes. >> comfortable that the words that she used are words that were personal to her. >> reporter: overnight, the late-night comics had a field day. >> was melania trump, she gave this -- she gave the speech of michele obama's life last night. >> reporter: and the
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#famousmelaniatrumpquotes, trended online, joking about melania making up other famous phrases like you can't handle the truth. luke, i am your father and i have a dream. the white house refused to say whether or not the speech was plagiarized but did encourage reporters to look into how it was written. >> as relates to mrs. trump's speech i'll let all of you weigh in on that, try to learn more about how exactly it was written. >> reporter: the trump campaign says that nobody is going to get fired over this controversy. and i am told that it was a family friend that helped write those controversial passages which may help explain why nobody is going to get fired. as for michelle obama she has had no comment on any of this. george. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. i'm here with the chair of the trump campaign, paul manafort. thanks for joining us again this morning. you're probably sick about talking about this melania trump
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speech but, as jon karl said it's probably done by a family friend and that's why no one whether be held accountable. >> we really don't know who it was done by. as far as we're concerned the speech was melania's speech. we're talking about 50 words out of 1,400 and the thoughts are part of the speech but the speech itself talks about her immigrant status, her love of country, her love of husband, these are her stories. these are her messages. what she communicated to the american people monday night is a genuine message from her heart and as far as we're concerned that's the end of it. >> that's the end of it. don junior's speech, one of the speechwriters wrote that but have you figured out how to get a program to prevent this from happening again. >> we have a program. that's why every other word i use is blanked out. >> we saw the tweet from donald trump, he was happy with how it went? >> he was very happy with how it went. it was one of the highest rated speeches of the convention so far. what we're very happy about is the speeches that we put onto the program that we wanted to
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score points on communicating to the american people all have scored very highly. melaina's speech. rudy giuliani's speech, several of the speeches on the first night from some of the americans whose lives have been affected by policies of the obama/clinton administration, and then last night, donald trump jr.'s speech and chris christie's speech. >> let's talk about chris christie's speech. because you saw the crowd go to their feet with that chant "lock her up." is that what the delegates here think, that hillary clinton should be in jail? >> yeah. >> is that what you think? >> i think what the people in this hall feel is that she should be prosecuted for alleged crimes that the fbi director sort of listed her clearly and then chose -- >> chose not to prosecute her but they believe she should be in jail. >> yes, there's a whole -- when you start with the secret meeting on the tarmac two days before an investigation in the fbi, two days before a whitewash of it, and then one day before the justice department says, okay, we don't even have to look into this matter.
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it creates a pattern. >> do you think bill clinton affected this investigation? >> we feel that that was not just a happening -- meeting to talk about golf and grandchildren, no. >> and that influenced the decision of the fbi director? >> i think that that probably communicated information that was going to be helpful to her in her testimony saturday. >> that's quite a charge. >> that's how we feel. >> in the speeches so far of this campaign what we haven't heard too much of is what we heard from mr. trump throughout the primaries -- nothing about the muslim ban, nothing about a wall paid by mexico, nothing about scrapping trade agreements. are we going to hear those issues from donald trump tomorrow night? >> look, the purpose of this convention is to do some things that haven't been done during the course of the campaign. i mean, in the campaign primaries he was competing against 16 other republicans and his goal was to separate his vision from theirs and clearly he was very successful at doing that. at the convention this week, we're trying to show other parts of his personality, like, some of which you heard in the speeches of his wife and his daughter and son and we'll hear more of tonight. we feel that the american people don't know all of donald trump.
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they don't know the personal side of him. they don't know -- really they know he is a businessman but they don't understand in business he's used his abilities not to just create great empires but to treat people who have never had chances in life to opportunities. >> so none of those signature issues tomorrow night? >> i didn't say none of those signature issues tomorrow night. as you know in a speech to accept the convention nomination you lay out your vision for the campaign. by the time he lays out his vision for the campaign we hope we've laid a picture of the candidate who's broader than just a candidate for president -- he's a father, a compassionate human being, a successful businessman, so all those pieces will wrap together and then he summarizes it all in his vision. >> two nights to go. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thanks, george. good to be here. >> all right, gentlemen, thank you very much. let's bring in our political team, matt dowd and donna brazile waiting to weigh in. let's pick up on day two. it seemed to be more anti-clinton than pro-trump. they were talking about chris
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christie's speech really got the crowd going. was it an effective strategy? >> well, i think the second night was a much more effective program than the first night because the second night was actually on time and things were delivered in the moments they wanted to deliver them. i think the difficulty with this convention, and i think the democratic convention coming up, but especially this one, is donald trump is a very defined figure and it's going to be hard to redefine him in any real way so i think the campaign decided that the only way they can win this race is to talk about hillary clinton. >> but you saw just there you heard from mr. manafort, donna, that they are going to be trying to redefine him over the next couple of days. will democrats let him do it? >> well, they've tried to pivot, george, as you well know for two months, and donald trump has been unable to pivot with a teleprompter or without a teleprompter. last night what we had, i believe, was a night where they threw the kitchen sink at hillary clinton. they still haven't built what i believe to be a bigger tent for donald trump to grow his campaign, expand his reach to the american people. but last night i think will go down in history as the night
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that an unconventional anti-establishment candidate took over one of the major political parties. >> amazing situation to me. this is -- and it also feels in this hall like an arranged marriage. it feels like there is a whole bunch part of the establishment. garry marshall passed away and took a play from hollywood to the tv series called "the odd couple." you feel that way here. you feel like this is an odd couple that's been matched up and they have to figure out how to bind it together. >> we'll be talking to eric trump coming up in our next half hour. you speak about garry marshall. we are celebrating him, passing away overnight after an amazing career famous for making america laugh. abc's chris connelly has a look at his impact on hollywood and the world. >> reporter: as a writer, director and producer, in tv and the movies for over half a century, garry marshall made actors funnier and made audiences laugh. ♪ sunday monday happy days >> hey, observe. whoa.
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♪ schlameal schlamazel hazzen pfeffer incorporated ♪ >> the hardest person i ever talked with most is my sister penny on "laverne and shirley," you know. okay, well, look at that tomorrow but penny used to come to my house at night and say, i got to fix the second act. >> you would have to hide from our own sister. >> yes, for eight years for "laverne and shirley." >> there's only one fair way to settle this. >> fine by me. >> aaagh! ♪ >> hey, don't take away my gusto. ah, help me, i'm melting. i'm melting. >> reporter: by the '80s and '90s, marshall was flourishing as a film director. >> i don't want you to get too excited. it's only a loan. >> oh!
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>> i love you. i'll never leave you again. >> i'll never let you go. you're my annie and you always will be. >> man overboard is kissing woman overboard. >> we are gathered here today. >> no. >> where is she going? >> don't. >> lock the doors. >> reporter: his ability to assemble those star-filled casts an example of the respect and affection so many in hollywood felt for him. garry marshall died tuesday at the age of 81. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, new york. >> it just goes on and on and people at home, oh, that's right, he did that one, he did that one. >> the ones you forget about, "dick van dyke." "i love lucy." just incredible. >> thanks for the laughs. amy has more on the other top headlines. good morning, everyone. >> good morning, guys. yes, he will be so, so missed but we begin with the headlines this morning and another city mourning the loss of a police officer killed in the line of duty.
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captain robert melton of the kansas city, kansas, police department was shot and killed while searching for a drive-by shooting suspect. the alleged gunman is in custody. melton is now the second officer killed in that city in the last two months. well, health officials in florida are investigating what could be the first case of homegrown zika virus in the continental u.s. the only confirmed cases so far have been from people who traveled overseas or were infected through sexual contact. southern states have been bracing for local transmission through mosquito bites. well, there is some eye-opening figures now about prostate cancer. the number of cases of advanced prostate cancer skyrocketed by 72% in just the last decade, researchers say lax screening guidelines may be partly to blame. and an incredible scene in south carolina, strangers coming together to rescue a driver trapped beneath his overturned car. the car was leaking gas so they had to work very quickly. they managed to pull him free even before the paramedics arrived.
7:18 am
he said he drove off the road after getting distracted. >> had a library book in the back and it flipped up and, oh, my god. >> oh, you can see him there hand over his heart physically shaken but he is okay and i love what someone tweeted. god and fine american citizens were looking out for this fella. #america. >> i tell you what, that's scary. >> scary, and thank god they were there to rush in. >> and thank goodness that he had his seat belt on. >> absolutely, that's amazing video. now let's go over to ginger with dangerous heat across the midwest. >> in the heart of it now so the watches have turned to warnings and that means the heat is imminent and humidity, of course, from louisiana right up through minnesota and wisconsin and excessive heat warnings stretch into parts of missouri, iowa. look at some of the numbers this afternoon, 110, 102 st. louis, and then here's a look at tomorrow. that's the bulk of the heat.
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>> i am meteorologist mike nicco we have more sunshine and warmth, comfortable nights are ahead and we will get nearly 100 inland, on saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. today, the temperatures are sin at the coast and 70s around the bay and 80s inland. tonight, more cloud cover. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. steady tomorrow, back to remain a on friday and warmer then average away from the cost saturday through and coming up here on "gma,"
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breaking new details in that case against fox news ceo roger ailes. what anchor megyn kelly reportedly told investigators in the wake of gretchen carlson's sexual harassment suit. and robin's exclusive interview with donald trump's son eric. can he top his brother? he's on the stage tonight. >> he's right here. he's here live. here. he's here live. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions,
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tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. now, from abc 7 news. >> good morning to you. from the abc 7 morning news, we are staying on top of developing news out of oakland. this is video of east 12th street. all we know now, there is a police investigation or possible standoff, and s.w.a.t. has just arrived. 12th street has been shut down between 14th and 17th avenue. we'll keep updating. a check of traffic. good morning. a 45-minute drive, fairly moderate. still with some slow traffic out toward concord on westbound 4, and improving san rafael to san francisco, an earlier accident on the golden gate bridge. cleared for quite some time and the delays starting to diminish,
7:24 am
as well. b.a.r.t. delays all cleared up now. no
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good morning, getting prepared for today's weather. the temperature in the 50s. antio antioch, 60. your day planner, 50s, 60s and 70s by noon. 60s, 70s and 80s for the same areas at 4:00. extreme sunshine today, the highest level of ultra violent we can get for today. tomorrow, we're warming back up. the inland heatwave starting saturday through tuesday. natasha. >> eric trump sitting down with robin roberts in cleveland. next on "gma" and another update in 30s. abc 7 a live look outside.
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you can join us on the weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news continues
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cool! aquafina. for happy bodies. and see ice age: collision course in theaters july 22. welcome back to "gma" and take a look at that moment from last night, the moment donald trump went over the top at the republican convention officially becoming the nominee. his son don junior, eric, ivanka there, along with tiffany, they all helped put him in the spotlight and today eric is going to join us live standing by right here in the "q." >> he gives his big speech tonight. also this morning, t.j. holmes is showing us something you almost never get to see. he's going to take us backstage at the convention. is that right, t.j.? >> robin, normally all we see is what, we just see the person revealed. they just come out on stage. but exactly what are they doing back there and what exactly is back there? we have exclusive access as we walk the steps of an rnc speaker that's coming up. >> that's always dangerous when
7:31 am
t.j. is on the loose and he is. he is around here so that's ahead. let's go back to new york. all right, thank you, robin, and, you know, "ghostbusters" star leslie jones, so viciously attacked on twitter, did this site do enough to protect her? we'll get into that. and guys, get ready for this. it's donald trump versus queen. the band is upset he used their song when he walked out with it earlier this week and they're curious. see if he can do it again tomorrow night. that's coming up in our big board. >> how will he top it? >> big discussion about that. so, back to you, george and robin. >> and we'll see how he comes out tomorrow night. but right now that fox news bombshell, chief roger ailes negotiating an exit from the network after those sexual harassment allegations and now reports that anchor megyn kelly told investigators that ailes made unwanted advances toward her too. abc's rebecca jarvis outside fox news headquarters in new york. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george. and this morning, two newspapers
7:32 am
owned by the same company as fox reporting that a roger ailes exit is imminent amid those allegations coming out reportedly from megyn kelly that she too was sexually harassed. this report from "the new york post." what the fox, dramatic shake-up at top news network. this morning, reports that roger ailes, the head of fox news and one of the most powerful men in television may soon be out of a job. according to a newly released article in "new york" magazine, megyn kelly, one of the network's biggest stars. >> welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. >> reporter: told investigators that ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about ten years ago when she was a correspondent. >> for her to level these allegations is devastating against ailes. >> reporter: attorneys for ailes firing back overnight, telling abc news the 76-year-old has never sexually harassed megyn kelly. 21st century fox denying ailes
7:33 am
has been fired tweeting "roger is at work. the review is ongoing." the possibility of an ailes departure comes on the heels of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by gretchen carlson. the former "fox & friends" anchor claiming ailes sabotaged her career because she refused his sexual advances, allegations he has vigorously denied. carlson posting this video online tuesday. >> hi, everyone, i want to support all women who have been victims of sexual harassment. >> reporter: following carlson's allegations, more than a dozen fox news personalities have come forward publicly defending ailes, leaving some wondering if ailes leaves, will the network's biggest stars follow suit? >> roger ailes orchestrated a pr campaign and that's another thing that rupert murdoch's lawyers are looking at perhaps that was meant to silence and pressure women not to come forward. >> reporter: an attorney for ailes telling me overnight there have been lots of proposals, lots of discussions going back and forth, but there is no deal at this point for an exit
7:34 am
agreement regarding roger ailes. george. >> okay, rebecca, thanks very much. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams for more on this right now. maybe no deal but this suit was just filed two weeks ago, already negotiating an exit. that didn't take long. >> no, and, look, a source close to the investigation tells me that part of the reason for that is that megyn kelly's alleged to these investigators multiple incidents of harassment and it's not just about -- >> multiple? >> -- megyn kelly. because the source tells me that multiple fox news talent, women both current and/or former have come forward to allege possible harassment by roger ailes, and that's why this is moving so quickly is, because it's so clear to the owners now that something needs to be done. >> but if that's true, if there are multiple allegations from megyn kelly, multiple allegations from other correspondents, how could he get, i don't know, $40 million in severance and a consulting
7:35 am
contract? >> that's a business decision, right? that's a decision by twentieth century fox that they'll have to fight him legally so, if they were to fire him and say you're not going to get anything, he would sue, as he said publicly he said i didn't harass these women. i didn't harass gretchen carlson. i didn't harass megyn kelly, and then there would be a fight with him, so, for them, this isn't going to end up being sort of principal decision. it's going to be a business decision and if in the end they decide it is easier and cleaner for them to settle this, then they will. they may take the position, look, we're not going to make a judgment here about whether we think roger ailes harassed anyone. what we are going to do is try to end this by reaching some sort of settlement. >> real quickly, dan, what does this mean for gretchen carlson's suit? >> well, look, even if they settle with gretchen carlson, she sued roger ailes personally, and so that lawsuit will likely continue and the more women who she can get to potentially come forward, potentially the
7:36 am
stronger her lawsuit could become. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. all right, and standing by patiently through all this, joining us now exclusively is ahead of his big speech tonight, donald trump's son eric, a close adviser to his father. >> good being here, robin. >> thank you for getting up here and sitting with us like that. what was that moment like last night? you're there with your siblings, it becomes official that your father is the republican nominee for president of the united states. >> we were i think pinching ourselves. listen, we've worked so hard on this and my father put so much passion into it and he became a politician 12 months ago and here we are last night throwing him over the top. we are such a close family and it was an amazing special moment. it was actually very emotional but amazing, very special moment for us. >> i remember when george and i talked to your brother in iowa. it seemed like two years ago, the beginning of the year? >> five years ago. >> that was where the process began. what has this journey been like and do you have any mixed feelings about what your family
7:37 am
will face going forward? >> it's been a wild journey. certainly a journey i never appreciated as kind of a traditional civilian being a politician. it's been wild. it's been fun. it's been energetic. i mean, we've literally seen every single corner of this country as we've gone through. and that's a beautiful process i mean, it teaches the candidate and teaches the family so much about the political process, so much about the problems that this nation actually faces, and it's actually a beautiful process. it's a lot more complicated than i ever thought it would be. i always thought -- i was the guy that said, listen, why don't they simplify this process. have people vote via e-mail but honestly it's such a beautiful thing to see every corner of this nation. >> you say you're not a politician. your brother sounded like one. >> he did a great job, honestly he did an amazing job and tiffany did an amazing job. i'm so proud of her. she's 22, she's never done this before and she came out and nailed it. >> bar is pretty high. >> the bar is high. the bar is high. >> sibling rivalry. >> we're a competitive family. we can take it. you know, we can take it. >> how will yours be different? >> you know, i really focused on the why because i think it's
7:38 am
such an important question. why is my father doing it? why does he care this much? why now? i really focus on the why and it's interesting, here's a guy who is kind of in the apex of his career, right, he does not need to be doing this. i hear from his friends all the time, you know, i would never do something like that. i mean the scrutiny, the this, the that, the time commitment, the stress, the aggravation. you know, why? for somebody who's become so successful, who could live a beautiful, cushy life at home, play golf all the time, run a nice business and sit back and my father cares deeply about this country. >> did any part of you -- did any part of you want to tell him don't do it? >> listen, i think he always knew that he was going to be right in the path of the fire and, you know, but my father has never run from it. i mean, he's always run toward the fire and away from -- versus away from the fire. i think that's what has made him successful his entire career. when he becomes passionate about something he sets his mind to it and he does it and you see that as you sit in this arena. i mean, this incredible arena with this incredible passion and i'm proud of him. i am just proud of the man. he's done such an unbelievable job. >> and what about yourself.
7:39 am
i mean, we were talking about your brother. it was very powerful, it was personal, political, very strong on policy. going forward, if your father should become president, you've been a close adviser to him. will you have some sort of role in a trump white house? >> probably not. i mean, first of all, if you ever made the call i'd be there in two seconds. the same goes for ivanka and the same thing goes for don and we are very close. i would never not go to one of his debates. i will always stand by his side. that's the kind of family we are. but, no, i'll probably very much be in new york running the hotels and golf courses and our other properties and, again, if he needed something i'd be there in three seconds flat. i think when he wins this i think he'll go down to washington and i think we'll be staying in new york continuing his legacy, but we'll always be there for him. >> ivanka jokingly said to lara that she was terrified about the speech she's going to give tomorrow night. what about you? >> certainly interesting. i mean, you see the size of this room.
7:40 am
you see how it's telecast to 28 million people or whatever the number is around the country. it's amazing, all eyes are on, but, you know, i also took immense pride and wrote every single word. >> no speechwriters helped you with that. >> zero. when you write from the heart and i'll certainly deliver it from the heart. the product will be what it'll be but certainly sincere and full of love and full of emotion and, you know, that's how it's supposed to be. >> you'll enjoy it. >> i'll enjoy it. trying to live this crazy wild moment. >> well, i know it's going to be -- we know it's going to be a long day for you. really appreciate you joining us live this morning. >> thank you. let's go back now to new york and michael is going to tell us what's on the big board, or as your father would say, huge board. >> huge board. all right, thank you, robin. coming up on our big board, aka huge board, "ghostbusters" star leslie jones takes a stand quitting twitter after vicious attacks. how the site is responding to that this morning. then trump versus the band queen. the battle brewing over their hit song "we are the champions." plus, we get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the
7:41 am
republican convention from t.j. holmes. he's going to take us all inside and behind the scenes. we'll see that live in just two minutes. we'll talk about that. here they are on the big board. look at them, they look pretty. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? moms know their kids need love, encouragement and milk. with 8 grams of protein, and 8 other nutrients. 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk. moms know kids grow strong when they milk life.
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7:43 am
we are back now with the big board. our team of insiders standing by with more on today's top stories and we'll get right to the first one, "ghostbusters" star leslie jones taking a stand after being attacked on twitter, a slew of online trolls tweeting the most horrific comments. jones responding saying she is leaving twitter with, quote, tears and a very sad heart as fans of the star and other celebrities are speaking out supporting her. becky worley our tech expert is here at the table with this story. becky, this is bullying in the first order. >> the worst of the internet, you guys. misogyny, racism, mean people. she's funny, she made a movie. what with the trolling. >> let's give people the back story here. she's tweeting, she's minding her own business using twitter
7:44 am
the way many of us do. what happened? >> this is somebody going after her in a racist and misogynistic way and twitter not able to handle those kind of abusive comments. you can report abuse on twitter but it can take months to resolve. in this specific case the person who was -- this very high-profile case, she reported it directly to jack dorsey who was the head of twitter. >> leslie did? >> yes, he reached out to her. the person -- the ringleader on this attack banned permanently, but twitter saying, people think that we don't do a good enough job on abuse and we agree, they say that they are working on their policies and they told us last night that they are really going to try to take the onus off the person being abused. >> because it's a mob mentality. one person starts and they get other people to join and that's what happened here. but are they developing any kind of technology to help? >> yeah, the good news here, michael, is that you can harness the mob for good. periscope, which is the video streaming service that's owned by twitter, they're experimenting with something where people who are watching
7:45 am
the stream, they see an abusive comment they can vote on whether they think it's abusive and if they do, that person's voted. we need more innovation here, you guys. >> i like it. >> yes, absolutely. >> i like it. bullying is not okay. >> it is not. >> thank you. >> thank you, becky. now the queen versus trump saga and not her majesty. >> no, we're talking the band. >> yeah, donald trump using the band's signature song "we are the champions" for his entrance at the republican convention and queen tweeting out, it was an unauthorized use, and now the rnc communications director sean spicer is firing back, he said that the song was, in fact, licensed and "rolling stone's" contributing editor joe levy joins us with more. >> how are you? >> great. >> it didn't stop here. they did stop there. sony music released a statement late yesterday saying queen doesn't want trump to use the song at all, and if he didn't have approval, they said he did, how did it happen? >> well, it happens all the time and it's happened for a long time.
7:46 am
when the rnc says he had approval what they mean there's approval in the arena through copyright law there is a blanket license that allows people to play those songs and the artists to be paid. so, when the cleveland cavaliers come out on the floor and they actually are the champions, they don't have to get queen's permission either, that license has been given to the arena already. >> feels like a loophole somehow to me, joe. do you think he'll use the same song again on thursday night for his big moment? >> well, i think knowing the trump campaign, that's a decision that will be made about 30 seconds before he walks on stage, maybe he'll be carrying an ipad and change his mind while he's walking on stage and we'll hear two songs, what we know queen's asked him not to. he believes he has the legal right and we know that when you say please, mr. trump, he doesn't always listen to please. >> all right. >> that's the truth. >> joe, we thank you so much. we move it on to topic number three. t.j. holmes, where are you, cleveland, of course, with just one day to go before donald trump gives his big speech as we
7:47 am
just talked about, and t.j. has an exclusive never before seen look behind the scenes. where are you right now, teej? >> hey, guys, i'm in the digital vault here backstage. and every single speaker ends up coming through here. i'll give you exclusive access backstage and show you what the speakers have to go through as i get ready to address the nation from the rnc here on "good morning america."
7:48 am
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7:50 am
it. what they'll hear is, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, from "good morning america," mr. t.j. holmes. and this is what happens and this is how they are revealed. they'll come to the stage and they will take the podium. now, we see this stage and it's huge, yes, of course, but they actually had to remove some 900 steps right here to put this stage in place and what's actually behind the scenes here, guys, it's actually dan gilbert, the owner of the cleveland cavaliers, that's his suite back there that they built out from here so they come to their spot. they make their speech. they do their thing. but you all can see me here. >> you feeling it? >> you feel it? >> i'm feeling it. i didn't get anything prepared for my remarks this morning but this is -- you get to see what they go through. we just see them pop out. >> yeah, that's right. >> yeah. >> pretty awesome feeling, t.j. that'll be great. thanks for showing it to us. walk off like a pro now. >> yes, but this is dangerous here, george.
7:51 am
you are setting me up, man, you're setting me up. we'll see a closer look at the women in donald trump's life and the role that his former wives are playing in this campaign. come on back. . come on back. cervical cancer. from an infection. human papillomavirus. who knew hpv could lead to certain cancers? who knew my risk for hpv would increase as i got older? who knew that there was something that could have helped protect me from hpv when i was 11 or 12, way before i would even be exposed to it? did you know, mom? dad? i was infected with hpv. maybe my parents didn't know how widespread hpv is. while hpv clears up for most, that wasn't the case for me. maybe they didn't know i would end up with cancer because of hpv. maybe if they had known there was a vaccine to help protect me when i was 11 or 12.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
now, from abc 7 news. >> good morning to you. this is the abc 7 morning news. let's get your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, natasha. hi, everybody. early sunshine. grab those sunglasses and check out our temperatures, mid 50s to low 60s already. we're on our way to the low 60s in san francisco, low 70s around the bay. and 80s inland. look at that heat starting saturday. >> b.a.r.t. delays all cleared up. right now, 54, trains running on time. no problems with muni. mass transit running on time, as well. take a look at the bay bridge backup. metering linings on at 5:30 this morning. the cash lanes, they're the way to go if you can. coming up, gm a's diet sabotage.
7:57 am
is almond milk better than atraditional milk? an update in 30 minutes, and abc 7 join reggie, mike, sue and me weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. look at the
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and donald trump's children are center stage. a fiery speech from his oldest son. >> my mentor, my best friend, my father, donald trump. >> and his youngest daughter. >> here i am a little new to the convention scene but incredibly honored and very confident in the good man that america is coming to know. >> now the spotlight on their mothers. how trump's former wives are helping shape his campaign and his message. ♪ welcome to my house also this morning from this house to the white house, michelle obama is headed to the carpool for karaoke. ♪ oh oh oh oh oh >> the first lady like you haven't seen her before. ♪ never been in love before surprise diet sabotage. millions spent on almond milk, but is it really a healthy alternative from hidden sugar to protein.
8:01 am
becky worley breaks down the hidden myths. celebrating garry marshall. the man behind so many of america's favorite films passing away overnight. those tributes from stars around the world pouring in. what julie andrews is saying now about her friend and colleague this morning. ♪ time to get the chains out and it's time for workout wednesday. we're kicking off your personal pass to top fitness instructors from coast to coast. tracy anderson starts us off, the hottest moves to heat up your workout as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ you say i'm complicated ♪ we do say good morning, america. and a great morning here in cleveland, day three. you can feel the excitement. >> it's building, yeah. >> starting to build. after our interview with eric trump it was like a hoard of
8:02 am
reporters and cameras following him all over the place here and we're going to go one-on-one with some of the delegates who are here as well. >> also, going to take a closer look at some of the women who know donald trump best. you see his ex-wife there, ivana trump. also marla maples and we'll talk to cokie roberts about that but now let's go back up to new york. >> here in new york it is workout wednesday here in times square, and tracy anderson, she's here, and she's got great moves, look at her go right there. you can do right at home. they're kicking it off. i am tired watching them right now. and we're going to get her started. look, there she goes. >> you guys can join in. michael, you cannot see it, but is wearing spandex under the desk. >> don't tell my secret. >> you guys, we want you to join in, though. we're livestreaming the workout and simulcasting it on facebook the whole hour so get moving, everybody. i know michael is. >> yep, i got my spandex on. can't wait for that. but, first, amy has the morning rundown. >> yeah, i'm worn out. i worked out all the way over here which walked. good morning.
8:03 am
the big story this morning, donald trump rebounding from a rough start at the republican convention with glowing praise from his children. after trump officially won the gop nomination, his eldest son and youngest daughter took the stage as party leaders appeal for unity. abc's tom llamas has more now from cleveland. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning. in the spotlight last night, tiffany trump and donald trump jr. now, tiffany trump delivered a heartfelt speech talking about a side of her father we usually do not hear about saying that when she lost a loved one, the first phone call she got was from her father, and then donald trump jr. giving a rousing speech last night, trying to sell the case that a builder and someone like donald trump, a businessman, is the only person who can solve america's problems. >> we're going to elect a president who will work with everyone to pass legislation that will make our country great again. who says what needs to be said and not just what you want to hear. a president who will unleash the greatness in our nation and in all of us who will give the hard working men and women who built this great country a voice once
8:04 am
again. >> reporter: now last night i also spoke with eric trump and his wife. eric trump's wife actually telling me that eric will deliver the best speech so a little bit of sibling rivalry there with the trump kids. >> all right, tom, thank you. and trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence will address the convention tonight our live coverage begins at 10:00 p.m. meanwhile, hillary clinton is expected to name her running mate soon. virginia senator tim kaine and agriculture secretary tom vilsack have reportedly made the short list. in other news, a major fire west of salt lake city, utah, overnight after an explosion was reported there. dozens of people have been forced to evacuate as the flames burned homes and other buildings. heavy wind and a lack of water are making the conditions extra difficult. no word on what may have caused that explosion. well, a potentially big step forward in the malaysia airlines flight 370 mystery. investigators believe this large piece of debris found off the coast of africa is a wing flap.
8:05 am
they're trying to confirm if it was part of the doomed plane which went down two years ago killing 239 people. well, a growing danger for teenagers behind the wheel. researchers say 27% of teens still admit to texting and driving, but there's an even bigger problem now. a whopping 68% of teens now admit using apps while driving and that includes looking at or posting to social media. and finally, whether you're a dog lover or a cat lover, it turns out neither animal may be the best pet. scientists have studied a range of animals and their compatibility with humans, and guess what they found to be perhaps the perfect pets? a wallaby, yep. a llama. >> a llama, yes. >> yes, we're all hearing yes and then a rare type of deer apparently. these three animals among a list that would, according to scientists, make better pets than cats and dogs. >> really? >> what do you guys think?
8:06 am
>> i'm writing these down. >> hey, baby. >> can't wait to see you bring one of hose in the city. >> a little big. >> bigger apartment needed. >> yes, i'm sticking with my dogs. and i'm sticking with "pop news." you guys ready? >> yes. >> let me move these because i feel a spill coming on. all right. happy "pop news" day, everybody. michelle obama channeling her inner queen, i'm talking queen bey, in a promo for "the late late show." mrs. obama buckles up for james corden's carpool karaoke and admitting it's been quite some time since she sat up front. check it out. >> maybe it was months ago with my daughter who learned to drive. >> yeah. >> that was the only time in 7 1/2 years that i've been in -- >> in the front seat of a car. >> -- the passenger seat listening to music rocking out like this. ♪ oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh >> she certainly seemed comfortable. she doesn't get in that front seat much. show more. show more. this is clearly not her first time around the block singing or dancing to beyonce. also, she sings the girl power
8:07 am
anthem, "this is for my girls," written by grammy winner diane warren to promote full access to education worldwide. that's the serious part. then, she gets her game on by singing missy elliott's "get ur freak on." >> oh, i love it. >> you guys can check that out tonight. james corden is a genius. also in "pop news," what would you sing if you did carpool karaoke? >> if i did carpool, whatever he played because i'm not a singer and i would have to actually lip-sync. >> you would? >> yes. but i got to say she's brave and i noticed the car never left the white house grounds. >> oh, you did? >> that's funny. >> that's good. safety first. >> safety first, america. yeah. next up, so happy to report on this, shondaland reunion. actor t.r. knight. do you guys remember him? >> absolutely. >> of course, you do. he was so popular as the sweet but shy dr. george o'malley on "grey's anatomy," he's coming back to abc's thursday night's lineup. he's landed a role in the second season of "the catch." if you haven't caught it, it is really, really good. shonda said this has been a thrilling secret to keep, one of
8:08 am
my favorite family members is home, and t.r. posted his feelings about the new gig with his old pals on social media saying simply "happy indeed." and i can tell you, t.r., i know we are more than happy about your return to the family. >> welcome back. >> yeah. i want to finish too -- i know we've been talking all morning behind the scenes about the wonderful garry marshall. we are all mourning the loss of one of our favorites, filmmaker, writer, director, he gave so writer, director, he gave so many stars their first big break like anne hathaway from "the princess diaries," julie andrews also in that film was -- said about him he was generous to a fault. goldie hawn who marshall directed in amy's favorite movie "overboard" and then he also directed kate in "mother's day" and a couple of other films and they remember marshall saying he was family and that they will
8:09 am
miss him so very much. marshall also created a show you might remember called "mork and mindy." >> i love that show. >> making a star out of the late great robin williams and his daughter zelda expressing her gratitude for changing her family's life. he gave rob marshall -- sorry, rob lowe his first job at 15 and he also created the character the fonz. >> hey! >> hey! >> when he wrote "happy days" and henry winkler described him as larger than life, funnier than most, the definition of friend. as you know, he made "pretty woman," and jason alexander said "garry gave me one of the best experiences i ever had in my career. thanks, pal." richard gere called marshall one of those truly important people one is blessed to meet in their lifetimes. i can tell you, guys, i was lucky enough to interview him several times. he was so generous in his storytelling. he just made you look good because you would ask him a question and he would go on and on and make you laugh. he became a dear friend to me and also, ginger, i know that you had -- you actually went the next step. you guys became dear friends. >> we became real friends and the last time i got to see him
8:10 am
was just a couple of months ago while i was still in l.a. and the favorite place to meet him was his office. his office is like a museum of hollywood and there's carl reiner and anne bancroft and him playing tennis with mel brooks but then right next to it is his grandchildren who he loved most. today, this is your water, but i want to toast to him with his favorite drink, sprite and no ice, to you, garry. >> rest in peace, we will miss you. >> all of that came through. >> yeah. >> what you said about him, all of that came through in his films and every one of those things makes me smile. >> he was always happy. >> can we do -- let's do a garry marshall movie night. >> i love it. >> i'm in. >> pajamas? okay, i'm in. all right. everybody, here's a look at what's coming up on a "gma morning menu." how donald trump's ex-wives are shaping his campaign and the one and only becky worley is breaking down why almond milk may not be as healthy as you think even though it looks really good. a good glass of milk. plus, julianne moore is here with her children's book. hello, julianne.
8:11 am
how are you, my dear? mwah. so talented. actress, writer, does it all. and she has a bunch of cute kids here, all hers. and i tell you what, it is workout wednesday. tracy anderson, she's out in times square right in military island. she's sharing her best moves that you can do at home. we have all that coming up live on "gma" here in times square. ♪ i know "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium, 24-hour tablets. ♪ i ain't never giving up ♪ i ain't never ever
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may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. summer. things are heating up for the wta. time to play when the emirates airline us open series hits stanford for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. now through july 24th. it's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. the emirates airline us open series. we're serving up the best of summer. don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford. back now with donald trump's family, a big part of this campaign, tiffany trump and donald junior giving speeches last night.
8:16 am
>> yeah, the family stars every night. melania monday, of course. ivanka introduces her dad tomorrow. we won't hear from his former wives, ivana and marla maples, but linsey davis joins us with more on how they're helping to shape the campaign. >> good morning. donald trump has said in the past that he found the combination of beauty and brains almost unbelievable. but the thrice-married presidential nominee says business is his greatest passion and that focus has impacted his relationships but his ex-wives are still part of his life. >> please welcome tiffany trump. >> reporter: donald trump's younger daughter tiffany named after the luxury jewelry store took to the stage in cleveland last night and shared a bit about growing up trump. >> if you do what you love, hold nothing back and never let fear of failure get in the way, then you pretty much figured out the trump formula. >> reporter: while her older sister ivanka prepares to introduce their father thursday night, there are the other women in his life who know firsthand what it's like to live life as a trump.
8:17 am
his first wife ivana trump and second wife, marla maples. >> are we getting married? >> and if so, when? >> who said we're not? >> reporter: the actress recently competed in season 22 of "dancing with the stars" where she opened up about her marriage to the now republican nominee. >> i met tiffany's dad when i was 20 years old. at that time he wasn't a world-known name. i met him through a friend and thought he was, wow, what an interesting person. >> reporter: but their six-year marriage wasn't without its share of drama. the two began dating while trump was still married to ivanka. -- ivana. the czech born socialite told barbara walters about meeting maples for the first time. >> she said i'm marla, and i love your husband, do you? >> yes. >> what did you say? >> get lost. i love my husband very much. >> reporter: ivana is the mother of trump's three oldest children, donald jr., ivanka and eric, all top executives at the trump organization and ivana did mend fences with her ex after her famous appearance in the movie "the first wives club."
8:18 am
>> don't get mad, get everything. >> in april ivana famously told "the new york post" donald is not anti-immigration saying, and i quote, as long as you come here legally, we need immigrants. who is going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us, end quote. robin and george. >> all right there, linsey. joining us now, abc's cokie roberts is here. now all is right in the world. always good to see you, cokie, especially in this environment and you spent a lot of time with the female delegates here. what are they telling you they need to hear from trump's family? >> well, they're thrilled his family is here and they really don't want to hear much from anybody else but they feel that his family might convince them, particularly the social conservatives, the people who are pro-life and anti-gay marriage that maybe that the family will convince them that he's not far out there somehow. that he really is a family man. but you know linsey talking
8:19 am
about the former wives, they could do him huge damage and the fact that they're not doing that is a big plus for him. >> is there any danger of overplaying the family card? >> sure, there is, because at some point isn't there anybody else? and how many things can you say about how great my dad is, which is why donald trump jr.'s speech last night was good because he didn't just do that. but, you know, you have to remember when ivana trump and donald trump got divorced, it was a huge thing, you know, everybody was taking sides about the prenup and the deal she got and all that, and she said that he wanted to run for president earlier and that the american women were siding with her against him, and that's why he didn't run then. but she's now come around and decided that she's not going to go after him anymore, and that is huge. >> that's a big deal. and ivanka, you know, his daughter, tomorrow night going to be introducing him. >> it's so interesting, isn't it?
8:20 am
i mean, his wife gave the keynote speech and now his daughter introducing him. it is a family affair here and ivanka, though, everyone has been very impressed by and, of course, the truth is they are his chief campaign advisers, that family is a close corporation, and they are really the people doing the deciding here, and so, therefore, the delegates on the floor want to know, you know, more about him. >> and they are. they're learning. >> they sure are. >> all right, cokie, always good to see you. all right, coming up, diet sabotage, don't you love the segue? almond milk. is it really as healthy as you think, cokie? is it? we're going to find out here. >> i never tasted it. >> on "good morning america." e going to find out here. >> i never tasted it. >> on "good morning america."
8:21 am
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back now with surprise diet sabotages and abc's becky worley has more. >> reporter: almond milk in your cereal. almond milk latte. almond milk for the kids. its popularity is soaring, but why? the perception is that you're drinking a big handful of almonds and getting all those benefits. >> well, i don't know that to be true. many almond and nut milks are reconstituted so i don't know how many nuts are in the actual milk.
8:25 am
>> reporter: first she says compare it to a cup of skim. one serving, eight ounces has eight grams of protein. no added sugar. >> that's about 1 1/2 small eggs. >> reporter: but one cup of almond milk -- >> you're going to be so surprised. almond milk has one gram of protein per serving. >> reporter: and here's the real almond milk problem, the added sugar. there is an unsweetened version but original has seven grams of added sugar per serving and vanilla, a popular choice for lattes, 16 grams of added sugar. a juice box? >> absolutely. it's comparable to a juice box. so this is your protein and that's about 15 grams of added sugar. >> reporter: we reached out to the california almond board who says almond milk offers a dairy-free, soy-free, lactose-free alternative and they say almond milk isn't high in protein so if you want protein from almonds you're better off heating a hand full as a snack. >> very enlightening and thanks to becky worley for that and now let's go outside to ginger. >> michael, we want to get
8:26 am
>> i am meteorologist mike nicco we have more sunshine and warmth, comfortable nights are ahead and we will get nearly 100 inland, on saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. today, the temperatures are sin at the coast and 70s around the bay and 80s inland. tonight, more cloud cover. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. steady tomorrow, back to remain a on friday and warmer then average away from the cost saturday throughra don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. . we'll be right back.
8:27 am
now, from abc 7 news. >> good morning from the abc 7 news. let's get a quick check on your traffic conditions. >> good morning. let's check on your drive times. things are looking good right now. the dublin, a moderate drive, just over 35 minutes. and antioch to concord, 21 minutes into concord on highway 4. and into san francisco from san rafael, 20 minutes. let's look at the macarthur maze. traffic stacked up on 80 headed toward the toll plaza, you're looking at about a one-hour drive. >> thank you so much, sue. meteorologist mike nicco will join us with the bay area
8:28 am
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8:30 am you can join us weekdays, 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. gorgeous out there. the news continues welcome back to "gma." we are live here in cleveland and all eyes on that stage behind us tonight. donald trump's son eric and his running mate, governor mike pence, both will speak. >> those two taking on a big role here and some of the delegates flying in from all over the country to vote and speaking of that stage, t.j. holmes is back. you were up there on the stage but you spent some time with some newcomers here. >> some newcomers. yeah, i had my moment on stage. it was brief. but, yes, they tell us some 50,000 people total came in to cleveland for this convention. well, 2,427 of them are these delegates, and they come for different reasons and some even came because they want to change the face of the republican party. >> cleveland or bust. >> reporter: for 24-year-old georgia delegate katie frost, the trip began with an emotional
8:31 am
farewell from her sisters. >> we're get egg ready to board the bus. >> reporter: michele nix took a 14-hour bus ride from north carolina and for henry childs, he's joining his mom also as a delegate. >> love you. >> reporter: it doesn't come cheap. delegates pay their own way. a price tag that can reach into the thousands sending some to fund-raising sites like go fund me. >> i have all my dresses and, of course, the proper shoe collection. >> reporter: for some, though, enthusiasm is paired with worry. >> my family and friends are praying for mere. they're scared. the protests. >> reporter: we sat down in cleveland's hot spot cafe to talk about their motivation to be 2016 delegates. >> i like to use platforms to show there are young people in the republican party. >> reporter: reportedly only 18 of the nearly 2,500 gop delegates is african-american. henry is hoping to change the face of the gop. >> part of what goes on inside is recognizing that if we really want to make a difference, we
8:32 am
have to hear what's going on outside even if we don't agree with it. >> the opinion of the chair. >> reporter: as the convention opened this week, a contentious attempt to block donald trump's nomination. these delegates recognize the challenge of supporting a divided gop. who at this table from the very beginning donald trump was your guy? >> he became my choice after my first choice was no longer available. >> i think the delegates are going to have to work a little harder maybe to become cheerleaders. we have to be enthusiastic about making sure, well, it can't be hillary clinton. >> reporter: the party in cleveland may be under way but these delegates know there is a lot of work to do on the road to election day. >> hey, guy, one of the points they try to make people think of the republican party as a party of old white men and say look at us, you got two women here, one of us 24 years old and a black man. they say that's important for us to try to put that image out and -- >> sounded like they need a little more convincing. >> they need a little -- i asked
8:33 am
that question. who here was trump was your first choice, second, third fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh like i had to go down the line and they still especially that young woman, she wouldn't commit -- it was more so we can't let hillary win versus we're so excited about donald trump. >> okay, we're going to see a lot more tonight. t.j., thanks for being here and of course, we'll have our special 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. "world news" and a special of "nightline" as well and that coverage is going to continue all week long. and i want to give a shoutout, because this is going to be my last day at the convention. i have family affairs. my sister is getting married. i'm not in the wedding but i'm still going. >> did you hear that? >> oh, but i have to give a shoutout to the local organizers. everything has been so -- is being so well run here and the volunteers and everything. >> doing a great job. >> doing a great, great, job. so it's been fun with you guys. i'm going to the wedding. all right. to ginger. >> i love this. all right. so how about this crowd out here this morning. we love our party in times square. and miss liberia, usa, has a bunch of contestants here from
8:34 am
all over. >> thank you. >> hold on. which state are you? >> i'm virginia. >> it goes right down the line. we have a bunch of them. you stick out just slightly with the crowns and the sashes so a very good morning to all of you. good luck this friday. >> good morning to you. >> let's go ahead and start. washington, d.c., just overnight that lightning then, of course, the storms, they had more than 3 inch >> i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the day planner forecast. 60s at the cost and 80s inland. watch out pore extreme sunshine. we are warmer today we are still not back to average. that is friday. look at heat wave starting [ cheers and applause ] >> this weather report brought to you by mercedes-benz and now a sneak peek behind the scenes at this week's "$100,000 pyramid." yes, celebrity guest terry crews taking center stage taking on michael in a surprise dance-off. you know that's going to be good. the "$100,000 pyramid" is as you know hosted by our very own
8:35 am
michael trahan. you can see it this sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. michael, i know you have the moves. so i don't even know if that is fair. >> i can tell you right now, we had a lot of fun doing that show. we're about to have more fun right now because we are joined by julianne moore, the oscar winning actress isn't just a force on the big screen, she's also an author behind the hit children's series "freckleface strawberry." i love that name. >> thank you. >> and now she's out with a new book, "freckleface strawberry and the really big voice." >> uh-huh. >> and i have a question for you. >> what? what's the question? >> who has the really big voice? >> i do. yes. i have a big voice. do you guys have big voices? >> all: yes. >> yes, yes. >> you know what i love about this book and series. this book talks about an indoor an outdoor voice. >> that's correct. >> but it also teaches kids it's okay to be different. >> that's right. that's right and i think i --
8:36 am
>> i wanted to write about that. that idea that maybe that what you have is okay, you know, it's like whatever you have, whatever makes you different is an okay thing, whether you have freckles or a big voice, good at sports, bad at sports, there's sort of room for all of it, right? >> and freckleface strawberry was your nickname growing up. >> yes, we talked about that, right? i'm freckleface strawberry. >> all: yeah. >> i say, look at my arms. have you ever seen so many freckles in your life? and they usually say, no, they haven't, so i take the cake with freckles. >> my twins have strawberry hair and freckles as well and can relate to this. i'm curious, are the experiences in the book what you experienced growing up? >> yeah, it's all autobiography. are you kidding? yeah, yeah, i mean i think -- i mean, my second book was about dodgeball and about like hating dodgeball, and it's 50/50 people who love dodgeball.
8:37 am
how do you feel about dodgeball? who loves it? yeah. who hates it? >> i was always on that afraid of dodgeball. >> no, come on. >> i know i ran into people for a living at some point but, yeah, i was going to hit somebody really hard or get really hard. >> right, right. >> it's upsetting so they are books sort of based on what i experienced as a kid growing up and it's nice for me now, it's nice to think about what is happening in kids' lives, what's important to them, you know, and this one is very much about going back to school, right. we have a while before we go back to school, right, guys, like a month or two. >> are you excited to go back to school? >> all: yeah. >> are voices louder on the playground or in class? >> all: playground. >> playground. yeah, yeah, so this book starts when they're all on the playground and everyone is sort of making a lot noise but then it sort of -- then they go to school, and they have different kinds of voices, right. >> i tell you what, they already obviously know this book. you've inspired a lot of well -- these are well-behaved kids, by the way. >> we have some great kids.
8:38 am
>> we have lily and lily has a question. >> what? >> my question is, is freckleface strawberry everyone's friend? >> yes, she is everyone's friend because freckleface strawberry is me. i want to be friends with all of you. how about that? >> i like that. >> yeah. >> you feel like friends? >> what do you think, friends? >> yes. >> yes. >> right on. >> i feel a play date coming on. >> that's right. >> but you also say growing up books played a big role in your life. what were some of your favorite books when you were growing up. >> i loved all the louisa may alcott "little women" books. i loved laura ingalls wilder. did you read "little house on the prairie"? i could not get my daughter to read those no matter how hard i tried. but i mean i liked anything that had a girl at the center of the story really. that's what i was looking for, a reflection of my own experience.
8:39 am
the great thing about reading, it leads you -- you find -- you always think as a kid when you read something, how do they know that about me? and that's where you learn about the universality of experience. so that's why i think books are important because it's a way for a kid to find themselves. >> i tell you right now, you're helping them with this, "freckleface strawberry and the really big voice." i'm glad you wrote it and kids love it. a great example for my kid, as well. so "freckleface strawberry and the really big voice" is available now. julianne moore, everybody, and thank you so much again. up next, it is workout wednesday. yeah, i'm taking these kids outside with julianne and we're going to work out with tracy anderson and all that is live right there in times square. >> that would be funny, right?
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ you make me feel we are back now with our new weekly series "workout wednesday" getting you up and moving with the top trainers in the business, and up first we have tracy anderson here, a fitness expert and creator of the tracy anderson method and, tracy, we know you worked with so many celebrities from gwyneth paltrow to victoria beckham to robert downey jr. and now you have a new workout called tava like rhymes with kava, one of my favorite drinks. >> like tracy anderson go. a little latin flavor in there. >> inspired by j. lo. >> yes, it totally was.
8:43 am
she inspires me all the time because we work together. >> she inspires everyone. doesn't she? she's got the music to dance to. this is called low impact cardio. what is that? >> yeah, this is lower impact, so it's not just all jumping. like i've got tons of dance cardio dvds over the years that are high jumping but that sparks a lot of people's hunger and we're aging and as that sparks a lot of people's we're aging, everyone, and so as we're aging, we don't want to be jumping quite as much sometimes so this is where you can dance, have high energy but it's low impact so it's not as high impact on your joints. >> okay. >> we've been livestreaming this workout and they are really working out, sweating back here. >> they are sweating. >> we've been working out for an hour. >> we want to see a few of these moves. so show us a few -- >> you want to see them or do them? >> i'll do them. >> we might do them. >> okay. so this is really easy, you're just going to put your hand over your heart and take a few pump backs and go back, circle, walk forward with some attitude, back, circle, walk forward with some attitude. go to the left, back, circle,
8:44 am
walk forward. see, they like it, michael. they like it when you're dancing. again, i want to see a little hip thrust because it's good for your abs. >> you know this is morning tv. you're talking about hip thrusting. >> like the floor is hot and you'll go back and hip. floor is hot, floor is hot. come on. come on. floor is hot. floor is hot. >> two thrusts. >> i'm an even bigger fan now. here we go, to the left, yep. you got it. to the left. he's got the moves. >> i better stop so i can keep my job. >> how long do you need to do this, though? >> there's a bunch of marriage proposals coming up on -- they're asking already -- >> whoa! >> i like michael's hip thrusts. >> thank you so much. tracy has more workouts on her website as well and don't forget, we are
8:45 am
livestreaming with tracy so go to facebook live and ask her questions and get answers from her in realtime. >> and that is awesome and thank you, i appreciate that little workout this morning. coming up next, "absolutely famous" star joanna lumley is here live in times square.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ i'm giggling because i'm here with joanna lumley, one-half of the "absolutely famous" duo, patsy and edina, the beloved bad girls from the international hit tv show, they're taking on the big screen now in "ab fab: the movie," "absolutely famous" actually and in this clip, edina is telling patsy all about her new book deal. >> am i in it? >> of course, you're in it, darling, because you are my oldest, oldest friend. >> uh-huh. and who will play me, eddie? >> like nearly a book. it will be a film though, sweetheart
8:48 am
because it has me in it. it's about london's premiere fashion pr -- >> ooh. fabulous. and who will play me, eddie, not jane fonda. >> i mean, was patsy just giving herself botox? >> yes, she keeps a bag of it. in her bag she keeps needles and drugs and everybody should just put botox on. >> like powdering your nose. and i notice the pill vial going down. >> yes. >> how fun is it playing that character? >> it's the best, i promise you. fantastic, and to have had a character for 25 years and still be there is brilliant because i know exactly what she's going to do, so although i'm not like her, she's mine if you know what i mean. >> absolutely. and is it true you guys wrote them or that your partner in crime jennifer wrote the movie just so you guys could continue hanging out? >> pretty much because our lives are so busy, we never get a chance to see each other and we love so much when we're together. and it's just brilliant. >> i want to hear a little about your take on this plot. it's ridiculous.
8:49 am
>> it is pretty crazy. ee dean that's career as a pr is going down the hill slightly, and patsy hangs on to her as a good best friend. >> as usual. >> as usual, and they get the chance to see that kate moss needs a new pr and edina vainly thinks it must be her and rushing she knocks her back against the river and kills her. >> yesterday we learned that small faux pas, you guys wrote or jennifer wrote the story line about kate moss without checking with kate moss so -- i almost didn't have your star. >> i know. luckily kate is a very cool girl and she said, yeah, i'll do it. she was just great. >> that's so great. i want to let you know if this is any indication of how this movie plays, there are reports that some audience members have gotten kicked out of theaters for laughing too loud during this movie. have you heard that? >> i have heard that. i think they might have partaken of a little liquid refreshment as well. i suspect that. >> well, patsy would approve. >> i think she would.
8:50 am
>> tell me about your life. edina and patsy are such best friends on screen. what's the dynamic between you and jennifer in real life? >> just real friends, just never enough time. i mean, we all know this. you think as you get older, you think i'll control my life. the opposite happens. life controls you and you're so busy and rushing and when we see each other, we talk and talk and these characters never leave us. both of us do work, i work in the theater and do documentaries, she does other stuff but when we are together these two like ghosts, these ghastly kind of sphinxes arrive up behind our shoulders and all we can think about what patsy and what eddie would do. >> are you a little like your characters when you see each other with a cocktail perhaps. >> well, occasionally i've been forced to take a sip of a drink, you know. >> i don't know what you mean by that. it was nice, julianne moore was just here and when she saw you, she screamed, such a fan of yours. >> i just adore that girl. >> do people see patsy when they see you? >> yes they do, quite a lot.
8:51 am
and because the two are so repellant they are very funny and people have an affection towards them because the people we most poke fun at is ourselves. >> of course. >> and, you know, so we're not mocking anybody, it's just us being disgusting. god, i can't tell you what fun it is. it is so lovely to see you, lara. look at you. >> right back at you. >> if we do something else, will you come and be in it? >> are you hearing this, america? i hate to say it but it might be typecasting. i might have had a cocktail or two in my day. oh, i love seeing you. thank you for both coming to us and we appreciate it. and i can't say enough. this movie will make you smile and laugh so hard. "absolutely famous: the movie" opens nationwide this friday. please keep them coming. tell her to keep writing. >> i will. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it.
8:52 am
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are you ready? >> yeah, i'm ready. >> for not just deals but -- >> really great deals. >> well, these perfect for your next summer trip will make you say -- >> i need these immediately. >> so what's not to love. >> that is fantastic. >> tomorrow on abc's "good morning america." ♪ something big ♪ i feel it happening "good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread. food as it should be. ♪ feel it in my bones we have to say good-bye to our patty. we thank her for so much. robin, take it away. >> you know, i had to stay around here in cleveland because i had to say my good-byes, lara.
8:55 am
that woman that you're hugging right there, patty, thank you, thank you, thank you, our longtime senior book producer here on "gma." if you've seen an author since 1982 on "gma," that woman is responsible for that person being on our show. and, patty, it goes back, you know, you were there with charlie and joan and joanie and spencer and still i know charlie is still a very dear friend of yours and just so appreciative of everything that you have given to us, and you're just so uplifting to be around. that gorgeous smile of yours. diane, we would talk about you all the time. the places you've gone, the things that you've seen. your spirit, your zest for life and zest for jack hanna. we cannot thank you enough, patty. we love you. i love you. i thank you. you're one of the first people i met when i started back in the day. can't believe it's been three decades. one last thing, please don't go, i'm not going to sing it this time.
8:56 am
please don't go, patty. >> do you have to go? >> yeah. >> you have to go? >> she's got to vacation in a lot of places, right? >> italy. >> if it wasn't for patty, jack hanna, i mean, thank you for jack. thank you for you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
8:57 am
honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long.
8:58 am
i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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now, from abc 7 news. >> good morning, i'm natasha. >> hi, everybody. check out the temperatures right now, still in the mid 50s, and upper 60s inland. trying to get back to 60s around the coast. 70s around the bay and 80 inland. we'll pause the pattern tomorrow and really hot this weekend. sue? >> all right. you are looking at slow and go traffic through walnut creek. southbound a 12-minute to 24. and then down through the san ramon valley, this accident, west 80 near pleasantton. a backup, 15 to 20-minute delay. >> time now for "live with kelly" and back with the midday
9:00 am
ne. our reporting continues now on our news app and abc 7 join r announcer: it's "live! with kelly." today, from the new comedy, "bad moms," mila kunis. and a chat with recording artist jessie j. and the co-hosts flex their creative muscles when they tackle the improv games. plus film and tv star keegan-michael key returns for another hour with kelly. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: and now here are kelly ripa and keegan-michael key! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: oh, my god, hi!


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