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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. chaos at the convention. ted cruz defiant. refuses to endorse donald trump. >> vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust. >> booed on stage. his wife heidi escorted out by security as trump's running mate mike pence makes his pitch. >> when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, the change will be huge. >> now all eyes on trump. opening up in an abc news exclusive about melania's speech and how he'll make his case to the nation tonight. >> people are tired of what's going on. they're tired. they're sick and tired of what's going on. >> we're live from cleveland inside the convention hall as trump prepares for the speech of his life. a new shocking police
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shooting sparking outrage overnight. a 47-year-old therapist gunned down, his hands in the air lying on his back. his patient with autism sitting nearby. what the victim is saying this morning from his hospital bed. california to new jersey on alert this morning for what could be the hottest temperatures in years. topping 100 degrees. the president issues a warning as the life-threatening heat wave moves east. >> announcer: live from cleveland, ohio, this is a special edition of "good morning america." "your voice, your vote," the republican national convention. and good morning, america. from cleveland we know it's hot for so many of you today and, boy, was it hot in this convention hall last night. the most electric moment yet of this convention. >> yeah, let's take a look at it. former candidate ted cruz booed offstage after he refused to publicly endorse donald trump and trump watching it all from the wings. >> trump walked in in those last few seconds of the cruz speech
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after cruz said not vote for donald trump but vote for your conscience. he knew exactly what he was doing and trying to stare him down a little bit and it wasn't his only dramatic entrance of the day. check this out, as well. he actually buzzed a ted cruz rally earlier in the day with his plane right there. he knew what he was doing there, as well. it was all about the entrances this week for donald trump so far. we remember that smoke on monday night. >> yes, hard to forget. >> tonight the most important one, he's got to give that speech and when i sat -- went to his suite yesterday to talk about this in our exclusive interview he seemed ready for it but he knows this is a big challenge. >> what kind of mood was he in? >> pretty great. pretty mellow for donald trump. i think he's been enjoying this week but there has been a lot of controversy on this convention floor. >> there certainly has and tom llamas has been standing by for all of it, he was there for it last night. good morning to you. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. i was right there just steps from senator ted cruz when he entered there was an extended standing ovation.
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the crowd was loving his speech every moment of it until they realized this speech was not about donald trump. overnight, an incredible moment at the republican national convention. senator ted cruz launching a one-man mutiny not endorsing trump and getting booed offstage. >> and god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: the problem started when cruz said this -- >> stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. >> reporter: the new york delegation leading the charge against cruz with boos and chants of we want trump. [ chanting ] >> we want trump, we want trump. >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. >> reporter: the boos then spreading to other states and,
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as cruz faced down a tidal wave of hecklers, donald trump entering the convention hall. cruz making a quick exit. this video shows cruz's wife heidi in the yellow dress forced to leave the convention floor as things started to get ugly. the headline this morning, "civil war." trump supporters like governor chris christie were sickened by the texas senator's speech. >> it was an awful, selfish speech by someone who tonight through the words he said on that stage showed everybody why he has richly earned the reputation that he has on capitol hill. >> reporter: cruz who we caught up with last night disagrees. >> i feel very encouraged by the very warm reception. >> reporter: cruz's day of reckoning at the convention follows a long year where he faced endless taunts from trump. >> you know i say he walks in with a bible held high, he walks in, it's lyin' ted, bible held
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high, puts it down and then he starts to lie. >> reporter: so, with all this bad blood, why did the trump campaign let him take the stage? trump tweeting, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage, didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. no big deal. donald trump jr. explaining his dad wasn't going to prevent a fellow republican from speaking. >> you see this room, when people like to make the story and create the dialogue about disunity, the best unity i saw was everyone booing him off the stage. >> reporter: trump's son eric took his turn on stage last night delivering an impassioned speech on behalf of his father despite repeated technical glitches which left him speaking in front of dark screens. this morning, cruz addressing the texas delegation and still defiant. >> attack my wife and attack my father -- >> vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, intimidated or steered from the path that is right and just and true.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the cruz party foul overshadowing governor mike pence's powerful and endearing speech to the convention. >> we have but one choice and that man is ready. this team is ready. our party is ready and when we elect donald trump, the 45th president of the united states, together we will make america great again! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and the night ending on an awkward moment. watch as donald trump tries to give mike pence an air kiss. those air kisses can always be a little awkward. let's get back to that cruz moment after the convention last night hillary clinton took to twitter essentially quoting cruz's speech saying vote your conscience, and early this morning ted cruz sending out a note to supporters, a fund-raising e-mail. amy and george. >> he's already looking ahead to 2020.
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let's admit it, those air kisses are always awkward here with our political team and get to last night and a lot more in a minute. but, right now, let's get to my exclusive interview with donald trump. he opened up about that firestorm over melania's speech. what he needs to do tonight and how it felt to be put over the top by his kids. take us back to that moment, all your kids up there putting you over the top. >> congratulations, dad. we love you! >> reporter: more proud of them or yourself? >> maybe more proud of them. it was so beautiful to see and the arena was unbelievable, the excitement. >> how do you keep it going? what's the job you have to do? >> well, i'm talking about trade. i'm talking about law and order and i'm going to be talking about borders. i'll be talking about many different things, our country has a lot of problems. we're weak in so many different ways and i think i'll be basically using the same message and giving the same message, george, that i've been talking about for a long time. >> but, you know, we haven't heard a lot of your big applause lines at your convention so far. nothing about the ban on muslim immigration. >> there has to be a temporary ban. >> nothing about the border wall
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paid by mexico. >> we'll build a wall. we have to. we have to. >> are you going to talk about that tomorrow night? >> you'll be hearing a lot of things tomorrow. i haven't spoken yet. >> speech done? >> just about, yeah, just about. >> so, a lot of people here think you're going to have to evolve as you go into the general election. that's what newt gingrich told me. do you buy that? >> look, i am who i am. i'm a very honest person. i think that my message is a good message. it got me here. we had almost 14 million votes. that's more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party. there's something happening, george, and people are tired of what's going on. they're tired -- they're sick and tired of what's going on. >> you plowed through this primary field -- there's no question about that -- but what's the unfinished business for the general election? in our poll, 60% still think you're unqualified. how do you bring that number down? >> i think i'm very qualified but don't forget, hillary is spending hundreds of millions on ads. you know what i spent so far?
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nothing, nothing. i -- >> not till after her convention. >> oh, yeah, i don't want to waste money this early. it's like a racehorse. a racehorse way back and -- i'm not looking to do anything now but we're raising a lot of money, 51 million last month and i put in a lot of money. i'm over $60 million that i've put in. i spent 3.8 million last month. >> are you going to spend more -- >> oh, yeah, this is an important thing for the country. >> how about this speech by melania? >> thank you. >> we learned today that someone who works for you, meredith mciver, offered her resignation. why not accept it? weren't you angry? >> she's been with me a long time, she's a very good person. she came to see me because she hated to see the conflict and she made a mistake and, you know, people make mistakes. you've made mistakes. we all make mistakes, and i thought it was terrific how she came forward and say, look, it was a mistake that i made and she thought it was very unfair to melania, although interestingly, the press treated
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her well because they didn't think it was her. >> how is she handling all this? >> it's a different world. you know, it's a different world. who would ever think to this extent, no matter where you move, no matter where you breathe, it's like a big deal, but she handles it well. she is a strong woman. she is a good woman. i thought she made an incredible speech and i thought -- she made a beautiful speech. >> she had that hall. >> she had that hall. totally had that hall and now that cloud is lifted off her which is terrific because it was very unfair. i think it was very unfair although i will say the media, they did not think she had anything to do with it. which is nice. >> you have had some amazing entrances this week -- emerged out of the smoke and the helicopter today. how do you top it? >> you're going to stay tuned and be there. you will definitely be there. i'm not looking for entrance, george. i'm looking for a good, really a good grouping of words that's going to talk about our country and the problems that we have. we have deep problems. we have really deep-seated problems so it's not about the entrance. it's about the words and it's about getting the words done and the only way we're going to get
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that taken care of is we have to in november do very well. >> i was with you the day you announced. little more than a year ago. did you ever believe on that day you'd be standing here right now as the nominee of the republican party. >> you know, george, this is beyond what i would have even assumed. but people have asked me the question and i guess the answer has to be yes or i don't think i would have done it. i mean, i don't play to lose so i assume i thought somewhere deep down that i was going to do well. >> he still thinks he's going to win in november as well. big night for him tonight. we are going to talk about that and all the drama last night as well with our political team -- donna brazile, matthew dowd and jon karl. and, jon, that was just a few hours before ted cruz came out, didn't endorse. you saw the anger on donald trump's face when he walked in to that hall last night. he knew exactly what he was doing. but this drama is not what they wanted last night. >> look, it completely overshadows a very strong speech and a unifying speech by mike pence.
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it overshadows a very strong speech by his son eric trump. but donald trump knew this would happen. ted cruz spoke to him on monday and told him he would not be endorsing him. they had the speech at least two hours before cruz took that stage. >> so, matt, is ted cruz an outlier or is the republican party that divided? >> well, to me, this was political theater at its finest. it's almost shakespearian in the course of it and i think differently. it's like julius caesar but donald trump turned it around, and instead of et tu, brute, it was cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. donald trump has a unified party behind him. this is his party and ted cruz walked into his party and turned over the chairs. >> unified party? >> no, george, first of all, there's a large public park called freedom plaza and last night donald trump should have said, ted, why don't you go to freedom plaza and give that speech. this is a battle for the soul of the party at a time when donald trump needs the party behind him so that he can pivot the party
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last night, basically is not ready. >> we already saw hillary clinton taking advantage of that in her tweet of what happened last night with cruz. >> who knew that hillary clinton could tweet at the proper time? >> donald trump will get a bump from last night's events. donald trump will get a bump from last night's events. >> we've been replaying the primary. the convention starts with a fight with john kasich and ends here with a fight with ted cruz. i mean, this has not been a unifying convention. >> and a vanquished foe is laying on the stage. that's going to benefit donald trump. >> in the long term it may benefit donald trump but, when you need the entire republican party unified to go into the general election, they're walking out of this convention tonight -- >> 90% are behind him. >> -- not ready to reach -- >> actually coming into tonight, coming into the week about 82%. you're banking on -- >> yes. >> but let's talk about what he needs to do tonight. because so far in this convention we've heard from his kids about him, not from too many -- we haven't heard too much about what he's going to do as president. what are the big three things he
7:14 am
needs to do in this speech tonight? >> well, the total success of a convention is going to be -- is bound by tonight. you either rise or fall in a convention based on the speech of the nominee of the party tonight. the pressure is all on donald trump in the course of this. i think it's less of a series of specific issues but it's more can he be the genuine donald trump and make a turn to where people start seeing him, not republican, i think that's done, and moving on as to independent voters out of there, can he begin to bring a message that i see him in the oval office. >> jon karl, can he do that and still fire up his base with those signature lines we showed that worked for him in the primary. >> donald trump knows that this is the most important speech of this convention, the most important speech of the campaign, the most important speech of his political life, and the challenge here is being able to do that. he has been practicing this, george, i am told for weeks. donald trump doesn't do a lot of practicing of anything. he has been working on this practicing it. he wants america to be able to look up there and envision him as president of the united states. >> stop preaching to the choir
7:15 am
because that's what the republicans like to do. start looking at the congregation. if donald trump can get away from that teleprompter and finally tell america here's how we come together, here's how we solve problems, otherwise he won't be seen as a problem solver but somebody who starts problems. >> does he try to appeal to independents tonight? >> he has to. he has to turn as donna said turn the choir to the pews. and talk to the real people. he has to talk to the independent voters. >> thanks, guys. you'll all be here with us. and the democratic convention kicks off on monday and hillary clinton is expected to announce her running mate any day now. abc's cecilia vega has the latest on all of that in miami. and, cecilia, we have heard a lot of names mentioned over the past few weeks but clinton does appear to be narrowing her list. >> reporter: well, it seems like she's narrowing the list, amy, but i'll tell you this process has been shrouded in secrecy. let me tell you what we do know. hillary clinton in recent days has met with a number of her top contenders. sources tell me that recent
7:16 am
events here at home and abroad had her shift her focus a little bit in terms of what she's looking for in a running mate and she's now looking for someone with a significant amount of national security experience, so let's talk about many so of these names. right now, among the possible picks labor secretary tom perez, agriculture secretary tom vilsack, he is a longtime clinton friend. but, amy, this morning the name that seems to be rising to the top of the pack is virginia senator tim kaine. he is on the senate armed services committee and foreign relations committee, amy, he also speaks spanish. that's a huge plus for hillary clinton in terms of that latino demographic that she wants to win going into november. >> all right, cecilia, what about the timing? when can we expect to hear something from hillary on this? >> reporter: well, we're told that she could appear with whoever her pick ends up being right here in florida at some point over the next couple of days. this would be a big rally likely on friday, maybe saturday, amy. right before the democratic convention, for sure. >> all right, cecilia vega, thank you so much. and now to some breaking news affecting the summer
7:17 am
olympics. a major setback for russia in the wake of a widespread doping scandal. today, the highest appeals court in international sports upheld a decision banning the russian track and field team from the rio games next month, the court ruling that a collective ban is valid. analysts say today's decision increases the likelihood that the international olympic committee will ban all russian athletes from the summer games and that decision could come sunday. russian president vladimir putin has warned banning russia from the games could split the entire olympic movement. and, well, this is a turn just when you thought the pokemon go craze couldn't get any bigger, it did. 9,000 players invaded san francisco for a pokemon crawl featuring food and drink specials and dance parties. the organizer had a good tip for players warning them not to run into trees and parking meters, always, always good to remember that. the game continues to raise safety concerns, however, take a look at this in baltimore. video from a police body camera shows an suv crashing into a parked police cruiser. the driver admits he was not
7:18 am
paying attention because he was playing pokemon go. and look at this, in new jersey a woman actually got stuck up in a tree trying to catch a pokemon. we are not making this up. >> hey, you have to be making this up. >> i'm not making it up, george. >> okay. i thought it was crazy here in the convention. >> george is speechless. okay, let's go back to ginger in new york. boy, this heat is something. >> george, amy, perhaps we can stop pokemon go with this because you're not going to want to go outdoors and catch any pokemon. the heat advisories, this is when it gets to dangerous levels so the heat warning, anyone that is highlighted in pink from illinois back to minnesota, iowa, it's not just the numbers in the 90s but it's when you add the dew points to the mid to upper 70s, that humidity level that will make it feel like 113 in des moines or 115 in minneapolis, kansas city, 108, and thenhat heat dome moves east. here we get it by saturday afternoon.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the forecast highlights, beher average temperatures. today, our cool of the day moving forward and warming trend is calming and bringing super hot temperatures inland. 60 on the coast in san francisco and 70s away bay and 80s inland. tonight, more fog and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. high seven-day forecast shows when the he is here, it does not leave through coming up, major outrage
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♪ now from abc 7 news. good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. firefighters are taking a defensive stance to the fire burning at thet city's recreation center. it has been burning the last 3 1/2 hours. still not under control. it broke out at 4:00 a.m. this morning. crews are dumping water on the building but the fire is still not under control. update on the traffic with sue hall. >> an earlier accident at the altamont pass is cleared to the should ier but things are done there with an hour and a half backup. bear creek an accident and southbound roadwork in the northbound direction. from northbound 17 where the motorcycle accident. southbound roadwork with slow traffic
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good morning from the roof. i'm abc 7 news mike nicco. checking out the clouds starting to open up a little bit. mid to upper 50s. 62 antioch and more sunshine. day planner at noon, 59 at the coast. mid-60s in the bay. 70s inland. toward 9:00 this afternoon we are looking at 60s at the coast, 80s inland. today will be the coolest day moving forward. temperatures below average as our warming trend pauses for a day. look at how hot it is getting on saturday inland. it lasts through wednesday with mid-80s around the bay. head to the coast. >> look at that warmup. thank you, mike. coming up "gma's" coverage of the rnc continues next. we will have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app at
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welcome back to "gma." we're here in cleveland for the convention. look at the scene last night. that's heidi cruz, the wife of ted cruz, having to be escorted out by security after his speech, when he got booed for refusing to endorse donald trump and all eyes on donald trump preparing to give the speech of his life. he says i'm going to be the man that i always have been. tonight i'm going to talk about the things that got me here. we will see him tonight a little after 10:00. also right now, life-threatening heat wave. more than 100 million preparing for dangerous temperatures. california to new jersey on alert this morning as that heat moves east. and one of the most powerful men in all of media, roger ailes appears to be on his way out at fox news. abc news has learned ailes is negotiating the terms of a possible exit amid allegations he sexually harassed current and former employees.
7:31 am
he denies those charges. >> more are coming forward. here at the convention here's another moment to watch for tonight, it happens at just about every convention, the kiss, there's donald and melania right there. will they have a big kiss tonight? we've seen it before at conventions, most famously back in 2000. i thought we had a picture of but i guess we don't -- al gore -- >> al gore and tipper. >> oh, yeah. >> the long, long kiss. see what they do. >> hopefully it's better than his air kiss with mike pence. he can only go up from there. a lot of news to get to and we begin with that major outrage after a behavioral therapist was shot by an officer after he held his hands in the air lying on the ground. his patient with autism sitting right nearby. abc's gio benitez has more on this story. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. that new video taking social media by storm overnight. the unarmed black behavioral therapist shot by police on the streets of miami and police say it all started when they got a call about a man threatening suicide.
7:32 am
watch, just moments before the shooting, you can see 47-year-old charles kinsey, his hands raised in the air, the video released overnight by his lawyer. kinsey in the yellow shirt works at an assisted living facility. and the man at his feet is a 23-year-old with autism. who ran away from the group home. listen as kinsey talks to police. >> all he has is a toy truck in his hand. a toy truck. i am a behavior therapist at a group home. >> reporter: kinsey even tries to calm the young man with autism. >> rinaldo, please be still, rinaldo. sit down, rinaldo. lay on your stomach, rinaldo. >> reporter: at some point, one of the officers shoots kinsey and speaks from his hospital bed recounting what he told that officer. >> and i'm telling him again, sir, there's no need for firearm. i'm unarmed. he's autistic guy. he had a toy truck in his hand. when he hit me i'm like i still got my hands in the air.
7:33 am
i just got shot and i'm standing there, i'm like, sir, why did you shoot me? and his words to me, he said, i don't know. >> reporter: video of the actual shooting hasn't been released. but this is the moment right after. >> he's like please don't shoot me. >> reporter: overnight, outside the hospital where kinsey is recovering, people protesting the shooting. and this morning kinsey is expected to make a full recovery. the north miami police department has placed the officer on administrative leave and the local state attorney's office is now investigating, amy. >> gio, this is so hard for people to get their heads around after all that has happened. had the police there admitted that now they know this was a therapist and his patient. where does this investigation go? >> yeah, absolutely. they acknowledge he's an alf employee and they acknowledge the other is a young man with autism, and to be a very serious investigation. a lot of people asking how could this happen? >> a lot of people, gio. all right, thank you. >> boy, that is just inexplicable. we're going to move on now
7:34 am
to the campaign money trail. here in cleveland some of the gop's biggest donors are holding back support from donald trump and our chief investigative correspondent brian ross with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. good morning to you. new figures out show so far in the general election cycle as trump told you, the trump campaign has not spent a single dollar on television ad time compared to the clinton campaign's $35 million. it's another sign of the uncharacteristic money problems the republicans are facing with trump as their nominee as they step up efforts to woo america's super rich donors. high above the convention floor here every night is what the republicans call club 45. fine wines, whiskey and hot hors d'oeuvres for the big money people being asked to spend millions of dollars to help make donald trump the 45th president. it's a place where reporters are not welcome. >> this is a closed private event. can you please take out the cameras. thank you.
7:35 am
>> this is unfortunately the system we have. it's funded by private interests. >> reporter: and of all the big republican donors to come to cleveland, none is being more highly courted than the man getting out of this black car, sheldon adelson, a billionaire casino owner from las vegas whose private security guards tried to block our cameras on a public street outside his downtown hotel. >> okay, you need to go across the street. >> reporter: the 82-year-old adelson has said he may spend up to $100 million to get trump elected. if so, it will be to help get commercials like this one on the air. >> there is no way to -- >> reporter: produced by a group called rebuilding america now, a so-called super pac political action committee. the super pac has some ten such anti-clinton tv spots ready to go but not yet enough money for a major tv time buy. >> i would love to have more money. if you know somebody who will give it -- >> reporter: you need that to buy the time for the ads, right? >> yes, sir, we need the money
7:36 am
desperately. >> reporter: under a full moon it's been a strange week for the usually buttoned-up republicans. a lot fewer donors and poorly attended after-parties. ♪ >> reporter: and even when a crowd shows up, it's not always the party they wanted it to be. the band at this event, third eye blind went far off message to accuse the republicans of fearmongering, drawing boos from the crowd. [ booing ] >> you can boo all you want but i'm [ bleep ] -- >> i don't get intimidated if i feel like i'm coming from a good place. >> reporter: between now and the general election more than $7 billion is expected to be raised and spent to elect the president and members of congress. and the republicans are hardly alone in questions to woo super rich donors as we'll see next week when we follow the money trail to the well-oiled clinton fund-raising machine in philadelphia. >> we know you'll be knocking on those doors. brian, thank you very much.
7:37 am
>> thanks, brian. coming up next in our big board, what stopped hundreds of southwest flights across the country. how will the heat wave affect your country. and the zika alert. are we seeing the first case of local transmission right here in the u.s. and then celebrities starting to line up for next week's democratic national convention. who is in and who is out? our insiders join us in just two minutes. ...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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♪ ♪ we are back now with our big board and more of today's top stories. our whole team of insiders standing by, including matt dowd right here with me. you're back in a minute with us. but first, we want to get to that computer glitch that left hundreds of southwest airlines flights and passengers grounded all across the nation. a lot of people took to twitter with their complaints and this happened as an intense heat wave is set to grip the country. it could affect travel over the next few days. george hobica joins us with more on that. so, george, this is pretty rare this southwest glitch.
7:40 am
>> george, unfortunately, this is not rare and happened before to southwest and it happened about four times in the last few years to united and american airlines. it happens a lot more than you might think. >> well, i mean, how does this happen, george, in this day and age in 2016 a computer glitch or whatever, a snafu, whatever they're saying, and how can it be prevented? >> well, amy, you'd think that the airlines would have their act together but their technology is so old and they have been losing money for many many years, not recently of course, and they haven't invested in technology enough. if you ever go to an airport you see they're clicking on -- old-fashioned keyboards and don't even have a mouse to move around. it's like 1960s technology. >> how much of a difference is the heat wave going to make with travel? >> believe it or not, after a certain temperature, airplanes cannot take off for aerodynamic reasons or engines don't function the same way, and they have to have a longer runway and they may cancel flights and/or kick people off planes to make the plane lighter so it can take off. >> all right, lots of fun to look forward to over the next
7:41 am
couple of days, george. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you very much. >> sure. turn now to florida where health department officials are investigating what could be the first case of locally spread zika virus in the continental united states. and dr. richard besser joins us now from outside the cdc and, rich, it's believed that the patient in question has not traveled anywhere outside of the united states so they ruled out other factors. so, what does this mean for the spread of zika? >> well, you know, if the infection wasn't picked up by travel and if it wasn't picked up by having sex with someone who traveled, it could represent the first case of zika that was spread locally from a mosquito. this is something that local public health has been looking for and we have the mosquito that can transmit it in many parts of the country. hopefully with aggressive action they'll be able to prevent further spread. >> so, what are they doing about this, the florida department of health? >> well, you know, they're doing a lot more investigative work to determine whether or not it was spread by mosquitoes or some other way. i talked to cdc, they're consulting on that.
7:42 am
but they're not waiting for the answer. they're taking aggressive action and taken steps to reduce mosquitoes by spraying. they're testing more mosquitoes. they're passing out zika prevention kits with condoms and repellent and information sheets. hopefully those steps will help reduce spread if it's being spread by a local mosquito. >> hey, rich, how alarmed are you by this news? >> well, this is something we have expected and, you know, it's a good time, a good reminder for people, use repellent if you're in areas where mosquitoes are spreading. make sure your screens are repaired and get rid of any free standing water that could breed more. those things could definitely help. >> and what are you saying about travel now as we head into the summer both here in the united states and overseas? >> well, you know, if you're going south to brazil and the olympic games it's a low season for mosquitoes. if you're going to the southern united states, if you're going to the caribbean, it's high time for mosquitoes so, you have to look to see where you're going and take proper precautions. there are things you can do to reduce your risk and, remember, it's all about protecting pregnant women. for other people, this is a very
7:43 am
minor infection. >> okay, thank you, rich. thanks for joining us today. and now, as we wind down here in cleveland the republican convention, we heard a lot of celebs, like lena dunham and demi lovato announcing they'll speak at the democratic national convention next week. matthew dowd is here with us, as well. there's always a little, you know, arms war, arms race with the celebrities at the conventions. who is winning? >> well, i think we're seeing a celebritization of our culture and our politics in the course of this and i'm fascinated by four years ago we had a politician sarah palin become a reality tv star celebrity. now this year we have a reality tv star celebrity becoming a politician and leader of the gop primary. i think it has two effects. it's a multiplier effect. because they have celebrities and they have a large audience and are able to spread your message wider. the second thing, unlike a lot of us who are very interested in politics, there's a lot of voters out there who connect only in different ways and not necessarily through the
7:44 am
intensity of some substance and celebrity allows them, the politicians to get in the living room in a different way of passive voters. >> can it be warned? because there have been instances where having a celebrity endorse you sometimes creates a negative effect. >> yes, it can. one can be that you become part of the hollywood culture and for the working class, middle class folks out there, they don't want you to be part of the hollywood culture, but we saw an instance in 2012 of a celebrity clint eastwood speaking to an empty chair. was not well received and didn't help the convention process at all. >> completely ad-libbed that speech. nobody knew what was coming. kind of amazing. how about political star power, though. one of the things we've seen this week at the republican convention, the trump family were stars every single night, capped off tonight by donald trump, very different at the democratic convention next week. you'll have the president of the united states, the first lady of the united states, the vice president, former president bill clinton, they've got the political stars out there. >> oh, i think it's a huge dramatic difference, as you say. the democrats, it's all political leadership and it's all people who have practiced
7:45 am
their entire life in politics. for the republicans now it's a family that's never been in politics this way who have become part of the celebrity culture in the course of this and presented themselves now as the new leadership to take on the old -- the traditional political style of the country. >> very different. >> yeah. >> thanks very much. >> matt, thanks. thanks to dr. besser and george, as well. coming up next, kissing at the convention. could a lip-lock on stage make or break a campaign? and what will happen when donald trump and melania take the stage tonight? we'll be right back. trump and melania take the stage tonight? we'll be right back.
7:46 am
♪ fruit. nuts. silky smooth dark chocolate. revel in the pleasure
7:47 am
of dove® fruit and nut. get your own liquid gold. go on, git! there's gold in them thar shells. liquid gold. we're back now with kissing at the convention. >> you really said it like that. >> you know, i just was going to own it. it's there, i'm going to say it. we saw donald trump give his running mate mike pence an air kiss last night, but now all eyes will be on trump and melania. we've seen every type of lip-lock on stage. and guess who we brought in to
7:48 am
tell this hard-hitting story. >> really, robach. >> t.j. holmes is here about how a kiss or lack thereof can affect a campaign? t.j. what can you tell us? >> look, i've gotten a lot of strange assignments from "gma" as y'all know but, t.j., we want you to cover kissing at the convention. just as i was about to pucker up you realize that every moment on that stage can be make or break for these campaigns and they're important but are they even orchestrated? ♪ >> reporter: of course, voters are not picking candidates based on how they kiss their spouses but candidate kisses have become some of the most watched and memorable moments at conventions and the candidates' strategies vary. mike pence went with a hug and kiss method with his wife last night, but saved some love for mom, as well. donald trump went with an understated but ever-popular kiss on the cheek, same used by president bush and president obama back in 2008. both presidents stepped it up the second time around, though. bush locked lips with laura in 2004. obama went for both cheeks in
7:49 am
2008. vp joe biden has sidestepped a smooch and just wanted to hug it out. president clinton kept it classy in 2000 with a simple peck on hillary's hand. these moments might not all be organic. when preparing to announce his candidacy last year, ted cruz actually practiced how he'd kiss his wife. >> people are looking for presidential candidates they can relate to. for folks that have spouses, of course, there's always been moments where things have gotten awkward. >> awkward? that brings us to vice president al gore. this kiss at the 2000 convention broke with tradition. we're not used to seeing candidates make out. that's really the only reason we did the piece. we just wanted to show that again. >> we just wanted to put that in. >> still awkward by the way. >> we're here making fun of it as well we should be but that kiss right there in 2000 made a huge difference. remember, it was all coming out of the monica lewinsky scandal. there were a lot of questions about the clinton white house
7:50 am
and al gore and tipper gore took it upon themselves to prove their bond was real. that was a very real moment. i think he jumped eight points that night. >> but also, he was the guy at the time as we know who was stiff. they were like this guy can't be off the cuff. he's too robotic and that showed right there that he was willing to go for it. >> people want to see authenticity, and that's a way to do it. to show that your relationship is real and can you be trusted? >> do they practice these things, george? >> you know, until i saw that ted cruz thing, i had never seen a practice before. >> wow. well, apparently they do. >> marriage folks have to practice sometimes. >> out of t.j.'s mouth. when we come back at the top of the hour, we'll have the very latest on the day's big headlines and we have some diet sabotages. could your salad have as much fat as a cheeseburger? apparently, yes. have as much fat as a cheeseburger? apparently, yes. ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪
7:51 am
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nothing will keep you from magnum double caramel. silky vanilla bean ice cream & rich caramel sauce all covered in thick chocolate. discover magnum, double dipped for double chocolate pleasure. back here on "gma," we start with those images from cordelia, california. just northeast of san francisco. 680 shut down for awhile. now they have that all cleared up but the heat and the fire danger is on. look at the excessive heat warnings and, of course, the watches from phoenix back through burbank. this weather brought to you by magnum ice cream. your local weather rig
7:55 am
7:56 am
. good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. mike nicco is tracking the forecast. >> we had more cloud cover this morning but it is quickly fading. mid 50s to few low 60s. near 60 at the coast. low to mid-70s at the bay. 80s inland. the coolest day today moving forward. the heat wave begins on saturday. good morning. an ace train delay. a couple of trains due to rail traffic. number 3 is coming in to san jose 15 minutes behind schedule and 7 is running 10 minutes behind schedule due to rail traffic. we have problems in san francisco. this is north 280 coming toward 101. two lanes of traffic are blocked with delays. >> thank you, sue. here's a question, how many calories are really in pre-made
7:57 am
salads a the salad bar? you will not believe the results. that's next on "gma." another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. chaos at the convention. ted cruz defiant, refuses to endorse donald trump. the former candidate loudly booed from the convention floor. as donald's son eric takes center stage to make the case for his father. >> vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, intimidated or steered from the path that is right and just and true. >> vp candidate mike pence makes his pitch. >> the change will be huge. >> we have the latest from the cleveland before donald and ivanka trump both take the stage tonight. brave fight. actress shannen doherty revealing the next steps in her breast cancer battle. the emotional moments when she shaved her head and how her honesty is helping others on that same journey.
8:01 am
dr. ashton's here with the latest. ♪ so wake me up could dishes you think are healthy ruin your diet. the sides with as much fat as a cheeseburger. what to know before you pick up your lunch. ♪ also this morning, missy elliott crashes michelle obama's carpool. get ready for the ride of your life. ♪ get ur freak on ♪ go get ur freak on ♪ on the verge of the rest of your life ♪ all that and get ready to laugh. keegan-michael key here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. i'm keegan. nice to see you. and good morning, america. we are live from cleveland this morning. we know you got a heat wave all across the country but, amy, you're freezing here. >> it is so cold here. i mean, you can't see but i have a blanket wrapped around my legs right now. >> well, it's going to heat up here tonight. >> yes, it is. >> fourth and final day here at
8:02 am
the republican convention. donald trump's biggest speech. the biggest speech of his life. >> we have a lot going on in new york. we know sara, jesse and ginger are in times square at our studio there and tory johnson as well with "deals & steals" for people on the go this summer starting at just $6 and over 70% off. and jesse is going to talk to becky worley about the salad bar. >> yes. >> not as healthy as you think sometimes and they're going to go through how you can make it healthy for you, how it may not be helping your diet if you do it wrong. but first, amy, you got the morning rundown. >> that's right i do and we begin with drama in cleveland overnight. ted cruz taking the stage in front of the convention crowd and the crowd growing furious and booing him off that stage. things got so ugly, cruz's wife had to be escorted off the convention floor. abc's tom llamas was there and has more on all the fallout this morning. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. what a night last night. senator ted cruz getting booed off the stage as donald trump was entering the convention hall. now, cruz entered to a very warm reception, a standing ovation, people were loving his speech
8:03 am
until they realized cruz was not talking about donald trump and he would not be endorsing him. the new york delegation started with chants of "we want trump" and "endorse" and then the boos started and cruz faced down a tidal wave of hecklers. this was the moment when the crowd turned on cruz. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket. >> reporter: meanwhile just this morning, a defiant ted cruz once again refused to commit to voting for trump. cruz making it clear this is personal. >> i'm not in the hant of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. and that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack heidi that i'm going to nonetheless come as a puppy dog and say,
8:04 am
thank you very much. amy. >> tom, thank you. as trump prepares for the biggest speech of his life, there are signs he may abandon a long-held foreign policy. trump tells "the new york times" if elected, he would not automatically defend nato allies if they are attacked by russia. trump says the allies would need to fulfill their financial obligations if they want america's help. a developing story from australia, what is being called an attempted terror attack. police say a man drove a car packed with gas containers into the parking garage of a sydney police station. those containers did not explode but police say the man was burned, and he is now in custody. and russia could be one step closer to being banned from the summer olympics because of that doping scandal. an appeals court today upheld a ruling that bans the russian track and field team from the rio games next month. analysts say that decision could influence the international olympic committee to ban all russian athletes. and an accused killer who escaped from a florida courthouse last week triggering a nationwide manhunt has now been captured. police say two men helped
8:05 am
dayonte resiles escape by coughing into a cell phone to signal the getaway driver. resiles was found overnight at a hotel about 50 miles away. and finally, the photo of a lifetime. even though it's only been a year since amateur photographer john goodridge started taking pictures of whales, he managed to take the best one ever. not only did he capture a 40-ton humpback whale leaping out of the water, he also managed to catch that whale with the watchers on a boat looking in the opposite direction, missing the entire thing, so, you know, they can look at his photo but it's pretty incredible. he's 52 years old and just does this as a hobby and pretty much caught the photo of a lifetime. >> i don't know what you're talking about, amy. >> i know. we can't see the photo but you at home can and it's really great. i saw it earlier. all right, let's move over to "pop news" and sara is back in new york. what's the latest? >> i'd want my money back if i missed that big moment. don't you think?
8:06 am
time now for "pop news." the ultimate royal teamup, prince harry and sir elton john joining forces this morning to co-host a special panel at the 2016 international aids conference in durbin, south africa. the duo drawing attention to an important conversation about the epidemic. a couple of days ago harry even livestreamed himself getting tested for hiv to raise awareness. and next up, behind the scenes of gigi hadid's "vogue" cover shoot. the supermodel covered the august issue with olympian ashton eaton swapping the runway for the sidewalk. she struts the streets in some seriously sequin couture, try to say that three times fast, even stopping at my favorite in-n-out burger for some high fashion fast food. and if gigi can have a cheeseburger, so can everyone else. the august issue hits newsstands july 26th. more of the cover shoot on whenever i go to in-n-out, i cut the bun on the burger so i can have the milkshake. >> good idea. >> even swap, right? >> that is equal and she said eat clean to stay fit. eat a cheeseburger to stay sane, i believe. >> you heard it from gigi. >> you heard it from ging.
8:07 am
annd finally, this just in, three word hustle and flotus. michelle obama showed off some serious rapping skills when missy elliott surprised us all on the highly anticipated "carpool karaoke" airing late, late last night and listen up, america, the first lady of the united states nows all the words to "get ur freak on." here's proof. ♪ oh missy be putting it down i'm the hottest round i told your mother ooh y'all can't stop me now ♪ ♪ listen to me now i'm lasting 20 rounds and if you want me then come on and get me now ♪ ♪ is you with me now then biggie biggie bounce ♪ ♪ i know you did the way i switch switch switch my style holla ♪ >> i want to ride in that car. were they just riding around the white house grounds there? >> yeah, they can't. boy, james corden is funny. >> that was great. we have a look at what's coming up next on the "gma morning menu." actress shannen doherty is sharing her fight against breast cancer, her raw and revealing pictures. dr. ashton here with the latest
8:08 am
medical advances. then it's "deals & steals" time. tory johnson has your travel needs starting at just $6. and then comedian keegan-michael key is live in times square. that is all coming up next live right here on "gma." ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium, 24-hour tablets. honey, did you call the insurance company? not yet, i'm... folding the laundry! can you? no... cleaning the windows! the living room's a disaster! (vo) most insurance companies give you every reason to avoid them. plants need planting! well the leaves aren't going to rake themselves! (vo) nationwide is different. hon, did you call nationwide to check on our claim? (vo) we put members first. actually, they called me. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. welcome back to "gma." actress shannen doherty opening up this morning about her battle with breast cancer bravely sharing her story with these photos. and abc's mara schiavocampo has more on her story. mara. >> reporter: amy, good morning. doherty is battling invasive breast cancer that she says has spread to at least one lymph node. now she's using social media to provide a powerful glimpse into her treatment and just how challenging it's been.
8:13 am
raw, revealing and real. this morning, actress shannen doherty sharing her brave fight against breast cancer with the world with a series of emotional instagram posts starting with this picture of her newly shaved head, then five more documenting the process, in some joined by her mother and a friend. the 45-year-old best known for her roles on the hit '90s teen drama "beverly hills 90210" and "charmed" revealed her diagnosis last year after filing an ongoing lawsuit against her former management company claiming they failed to pay a health insurance invoice delaying her diagnosis. in a statement to abc news, the company says "the claim that tanner mainstain caused doherty to be uninsured prevented her from seeking medical care or somehow contributed to her cancer is patently false."
8:14 am
doherty also opened up about her illness on "the dr. oz show" in february. >> you worry most about the people that you love and about making sure that they're going to be okay. so i'm already going to cry. so for me that was the hardest part. >> reporter: now the actress sharing more of this difficult journey. >> shannen doherty sharing that series of photos on tuesday night really seemed to resonate with her followers. it seems like they really appreciated her being so candid about the process. >> reporter: now, that photo of doherty's fully shaved head has received more than 2,000 comments supporting and encouraging her and she posted a few photos of other things her friend brought to cheer up with, including a cupcake tin and a bunch of chocolates with the #thankgodforfriends. a really important support system, amy. >> oh, it sure is. dr. jen ashton, our chief women's health correspondent is joining us now from new york
8:15 am
with more on this. jen, when you are battling cancer, you are dealing with so much, and it seems like maybe a frivolous thing but your appearance is a huge part of going through cancer treatments and losing your hair is significant. i know mine started falling out after about 21 days. every cancer is different. all treatments are different, but what can people expect when they're going through this? >> well, it is different, amy, and it is incredibly emotional, you know, mostly for women but, of course, for men too who go through this. and really it depends on what chemotherapeutic agent is used. it can start anywhere from two to three weeks after the first chemo. the maximum kind of baldness period, if you will, can last on average about five months, and no question, this is incredibly emotional and upsetting for people. >> yeah, i mean no one wants to look like a cancer patient when you're going through it so there are a lot of remedies out there. i know i took biotin, there are cool caps. what can women do when they're going through this to try to make sure they look their best so they can feel their best? >> well, that's kind of the good news.
8:16 am
more options than ever and they really run the gamut. you talked about a cool cap. there is one called the digni cap. there are topical botanicals that people can apply directly to the scalps. there are oral supplements, certain shampoos, of course, very stylish scarves, hats, wigs and then a lot of people just embrace the bald and it's really about what's right for you. >> yeah, no, it's a beautiful thing and you just don't want anyone to not get the treatment they need because they're upset about how they might look and people actually do make those decisions and it's not just the hair. there are a lot of other physical side effects to going through these treatments. >> yeah, and that's really the big push in cancer care, it's the survivorship, if you will. we've gotten really good at treating the cancer. now it's about quality of life and treating the whole woman so, for example, there is a new treatment called thermiva. this is an fda-cleared procedure in dermatology being used off label in gynecology to help women suffering from painful intercourse if they experience a chemotherapy-induced menopause, doctors and patients getting some good results, it's being studied right now, so more
8:17 am
options than ever. >> that is certainly good news. jen ashton, thank you, as always, we appreciate it. coming up next, we're going to be talking about whether or not your salad could be ruining your diet. the sides racking up calories and fat and the portions you should actually have. that's next when we come back. ♪ like a thousand degrees ♪ like a thousand degrees
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8:21 am
♪ i'm burning up and back now with surprise diet sabotage. and this morning it's all about salads and how those sides you may think are healthy could actually be ruining your diet. abc's becky worley has the scoop. ♪ >> reporter: it's a garden of eden in the middle of your supermarket, right? hmm, maybe half right, half wrong. first question, true or false, if it's on the salad bar, it's always low calorie? false. this salad is around 400
8:22 am
calories, but you put fewer vegetables, more fats, a protein from the hot bar, hello, fried chicken, and you add in white dressing. >> i'm thinking it's somewhere in the calorie range of 800 calories. and i would think that it would be comparable to what's under here. so here we've got a fried crispy chicken sandwich and a side salad. >> that's incredible. okay, next up in our salad bar game show, true or false, a scoop or two of those yummy premade salads is okay. i'm eating way less fat than if i had a sandwich or burger, right? sorry, no, we bought a few of these mystery concoctions from salad bars and sent them to a lab to be analyzed. i see these premade salads and think, ah, a scoop won't hurt me. >> a scoop of this is 19 grams of fat and 106% of your daily value for fat. >> reporter: in case you need a visual. >> that's as much fat as in a fast-food cheeseburger.
8:23 am
>> oh, man. >> reporter: and it's not just fat, sugar can creep in too. final question, a scoop of dried cranberries, ten of these candied nuts and a modest portion of fat-free dressing adds, multiple choice here, how many grams of sugar? >> this is 25 grams of sugar. >> wow. these are things that you would just drizzle on top of your salad thinking nothing of it. >> exactly, sneaky sugar disguise. >> wow. >> i know. we all know that we have to make good decisions at the salad bar but we trick ourselves and play games, oh, i'll eat healthy and then i'll reward myself, boom, a thousand-calorie salad. >> it's amazing how that can happen. >> so one trick i want to help people with is to think of something to control portion sizes and since you're sort of a jock, i went with the ball analogy. >> salads don't make sense to me. as soon as you put these baseballs and tennis balls, it all makes perfect sense to me. >> the portion sizes. so your green lettuces, you know, go for baseball size. freebie, all your vegetables, look at this. these are just clean and you can
8:24 am
eat as many as you want, just go baseball size, whatever, tomatoes, load these on. now into a little more portion control. half cup size. the half cup is about a tennis ball size, so chickpeas, maybe a little bit less. these add a lot of texture and a lot of protein, a lot of fiber. then you got your lean proteins here with your egg whites, again, keeping it in the tennis ball size. now we move on to our lean proteins. >> and this is golf ball size. >> not quite. i wish -- i should have put it out here. i need a deck of cards. i didn't want to commingle gambling and sports so -- >> turkey is good for you. >> yes, so you can put a deck of cards there. looking for your lean proteins. now we go to the masters. >> all right, so, fats, but that are good for you. >> golf ball size and marbles when you get into your vinaigrettes. >> so this is very, very healthy eating. >> this is a 400-calorie salad. >> wow. you know who is also healthy ginger zee. and she's outside with the weather now. >> jesse, i was just saying i do the old salad lie a lot. a lot of lying to myself. that's all right. hey, these ladies, i said out here, can anyone tell me something, a story. anything to entertain? why are you here?
8:25 am
>> i said we are risking missing our train to be here to watch you. >> ah, well, we enjoy that. thank you. you'll get back to delaware. you're good. let's go ahead and check the forecast. you're not going to run into this not, here at least from northeastern north dakota. a quick look at the severe weather that moves into wisconsin and much of michigan just north of i-94 there. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the forecast highlights, beher average temperatures. today, our cool of the day moving forward and warming trend is calming and bringing super hot temperatures inland. 60 on the coast in san francisco and 70s away bay and 80s inland. tonight, more fog and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. high seven-day forecast shows when the he is here, it does not leave through coming up, our "deals & steals" watch party is going on because we've got those "deals & steals" for less than 6 bucks. we've got those "deals &
8:26 am
steals" for less than 6 bucks.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. black lives matter protesters spent the night outside of oakland police headquarters demanding the city cut funding to the police department. they chained themselves to doors and says it symbolizes how the black community feels when they try to find job and housing. an update on the commute with sue hall. good morning. >> good morning. an earlier motorcycle accident westbound 80. it is out of lane. you can see the traffic is slowing toward the macarthur maze. he's to the maze not a bad drive. looking at an hour in to san francisco from hercules. >> thank you, sue. mike
8:28 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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hey guys lunch is here! it's on me fellas. with the chase mobile app, stephen curry can send money to more people in less time. thanks, steph! no problem. even to friends in a growing number of other banks. ya'll ready to go? come on fellas let's go! easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. good morning from the roof where you can see the clouds were no match for the strong sunshine breaking through. mid-50s to mid-60s. planning your day, around strong sunshine and little breeze that will keep us below average one more day. it's going to get hot this weekend and stay that way through next week. >> sounds good. thank you, mike. another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and abss 7
8:30 am
join reggie, mike, sue and me that is the "q" here in cleveland. here for the republican national convention, final day, big night tonight for donald trump and this has been a long journey to this point for the candidates, of course, but also for the reporters covering their campaigns. >> that's right and we have t.j. holmes back. 'taking us behind the scenes with our young abc team embedded with the candidates 24/7. >> all due respect to tom llamas and cecilia vega, they do great covering the campaign, they ain't got nothing on these kids. they're young, motivated and they are exhausted because they accepted air job that the only job description was, go everywhere donald trump goes. the long road leading to the republican national convention paved with sleepless nights. >> sleeping is impossible covering this campaign. >> reporter: countless events. >> i'm actually here at a town
8:31 am
hall for carly fiorina. >> reporter: and thousands of miles traveled. >> i will cover donald trump for about 400 days. >> reporter: and behind every white house hopeful is a dedicated abc news reporter following their every move. >> being out on the road as a campaign embed means you have to be prepared for any mishaps that can happen. >> reporter: getting a rare glimpse behind the curtain. >> today my campaign is suspended. >> reporter: and as the other candidates have fallen by the wayside. >> i suspend my campaign today. >> reporter: one remains, donald trump. so we turn to our reporters that know him better than anyone else to learn the behind-the-scenes secrets to trump's success. >> before trump gets onstage he'll wait for certain songs to get into the playlist. ♪ we are the champions he's very good at knowing how to build that momentum. >> so by now we all know about donald trump's tweeting habits. during the day he dictates them to a secretary. a spokeswoman or social media director but at night donald
8:32 am
trump takes control back and puts them out himself. that's when he's prone to get into the most trouble. when he's greeting fans on the rope line he has a few hand expressions he does. often he'll point to someone like he knows them, give a thumbs up and wave to the crowd like a foreign dignitary and the people who are there at the rallies love it. they often cheer and will chant his name to no end. >> he's the workhorse and he's the oldest person on that gigantic trump force one traveling the country. he's up the latest, up the earliest working the hardest. you have staffers on his plane who have often said we try to sleep a little but he's still going. >> i find every day exciting. every day has been different covering this race. ♪ >> and look at them here now. both in -- mid to late 20s but next birthday they'll both be 43. >> gray hair to go with it. >> here they are. >> welcome. you've been doing a great job all year long, we were there
8:33 am
together june 167th i think it was. >> day one. >> day one at trump tower. that crazy crowd there. i'll be the first to admit the day i interviewed donald trump that day i thought there was no chance he would be the republican nominee. you saw him say, somewhere in his mind he must have believed it was possible. but when did it hit you? >> september of the we had a big rally down in dallas. he took over the stadium down there, basketball arena. and as soon as you walked in there, you know, you saw the trump signs up on center court and you see the crowd going at him and i just remember looking around and saying, wow, this is -- this is real. this could be a thing and you talk to people and you see their energy and their enthusiasm when they're out. they're with him and look where we are. i mean we would never have thought this. this is the first debate we're sitting in right now in cleveland and here we are at the convention. he's the nominee. >> candace, you actually started out with the jeb bush campaign, switched over to donald trump, was there a bit of a culture shock for you. >> oh, my gosh.
8:34 am
i remember my very first event that i covered with donald trump in radford, virginia, and this is when the protests were still hot and heavy and people were getting taken out and people were shouting at other people and i remember this young woman was protesting and trump looked at her and he asked her if she's mexican. i remember sitting there like, oh, this is a very different world that i've crossed into. very different from jeb bush. >> and in some ways your experience is the opposite of john's. you signed in with jeb bush. has $200 million. everybody thinks he's going to be -- >> i thought this was going to be the jeb bush convention, for sure. i thought i was going all the way. >> when did it hit you it wasn't happening? >> probably not until january, honestly, i think maybe until after iowa when you realize sort of how far he was down and in napolitano, he was so excited just to have eked out marco rubio and the fact that that was what you were getting excited about doesn't bode well for your campaign and by september, there were even moments you thought there might be a resurgence. we would go and he would have 500 people which for jeb bush was a huge crowd, nothing
8:35 am
compared to trump but for us we're like, wow, he's really coming back and his brother w. came out on the trail and there was a time we thought maybe he could pull this off but after south carolina we saw the returns, we all knew and obviously he did too because that very night, that was the end. >> i want to ask you guys personally. i mean i know -- i understand you're actually getting married. >> i am. >> you still have a fiancee after this. >> you know, i don't know how. i mean, we've had fun together. when we were traveling around the country, george knows this sending little gifts along the way, postcards, i had to improve the writing for our invites. maria is doing most of the work. >> let that go. >> he's losing -- >> three times already. >> -- addresses. >> she's there. when you do this job, you know, you give your life to the campaign. candace and i are a great team. but, you know to, have people supporting us, cheering us on and the great support of abc, we
8:36 am
couldn't do this job -- >> you guys have both done a fantastic job. thanks for coming on today. you guys will be part of our convention coverage again tonight. of course, we'll be there again tonight, "world news," special edition of "world news" and "nightline" plus our network special 10:00 p.m. eastern and you get the latest news any time at livestreaming it as well but now let's go back to new york and ginger. >> george, i love seeing candace and john at that desk. that was so fun. okay, so this is my new friend belinda from -- >> bolivar, tennessee. >> she said the heat here is nothing. well, guess what, the heat is rapid city, south dakota, did this. they were cooking cookies in a parking lot. the temperatures were the in 100s, the air temperature then you add that and the heat index was much above it. that's the case, that dangerous heat moving to the east. the heat advisories and warnings in the center of the nation. that is the big >> ing, i am meteorologist mike nicco meteorologist mike nicco. below average temperatures from 60s at coast to 80s inland. today, our cool of the day
8:37 am
moving failure, we warm back to average tomorrow and we are hotter than average away from the 9:00 saturday through >> this weather report brought to you by capital one venture card. sara, come on in. it's your turn. >> okay, i'm on, guys. the very talented and very busy idris elba stopped by our studio recently to go one-on-one with michael opening up about that james bond speculation and playing "star trek: beyond's" villain. take a look. >> why did you do that? >> he would have done the same. and if he made off with that ship he will come for us. >> i hope so too, lieutenant uhura. >> welcome, idris. how are you doing, man. >> i'm very good. i can't complain. >> how was it to play a bad guy in the film and what drew you to this role.
8:38 am
>> you know what really drew me was, "a," being in a "star trek" film. it's a big franchise. when i was a kid i was watching "star trek" 11 years old before i was an arc or wanted to act so to be asked to be in a "star trek" film and be a villain was like an honor and then i wanted to do the prosthetic thing. >> you can't tell it's you. >> it's an improvement. >> no, i doubt that because a lot of the producers here said, why would you cover such a beautiful face? but how is it acting with prostheticsy is it different. >> yeah, definitely. i mean, you know, you obviously are moving your face but your face on the exterior isn't moving the way you think it is. >> what do you do, get in the mirror and -- >> yeah. >> see how it works. it takes a little while to get used to b. you know and the head is big, huge, it took me four hours to put that thing on every day. >> all these rumors you playing james bond. any news. >> no, man, i mean it is the
8:39 am
wildest rumor in the world. >> it's a good rumor, though. >> it's -- i keep saying if it were to happen it would be the will of a nation because there's not been no talks with me and the studios about any of that but everywhere i go people want that to happen so -- but if i'm really honest, man, i think i'm too old for that, man. i can't be running around in cars and ladies and martinis. who wants to do that? sounds terrible. >> if you don't want it, i'll take it. i'll take it. i don't have an accent. i'm horrible at accents. you and i have a lot in common. we're both handsome. [ laughter ] why is everybody laughing including you? i don't get it. we have an excellent sense of style and we both have clothing lines. >> oh. >> yeah. >> and you are working with super dry. what made you get into the fashion business? >> i had an opportunity basically. i like super dry and it just cool, comfortable clothes and they were like, look, do you want to influence some fashion? they wanted to do something a
8:40 am
little more subtle. i like subtle and so what i'm wearing now we decided to do some stuff that's really nice fabrics, affordable, looks good. >> you were so kind to help us out here at "gma" because we have a lot of crew here. you were kind enough to dress them and here they are before. look at that. that's the guys and now here they are with the "absolutely famous" they've been idrised up, everybody. >> boom. >> hold on. look at the swagger you gave them. they got swagger now. >> they look good. i think -- i mean the tweed jacket looks amazing there and, you know, the bombers, well done, fellas. i'm proud. i'm proud of you. >> you have to give those clothes back. they're not yours. make sure that happens but, hey, thank you so much, man. >> thank you, mike. >> good luck with everything. "star trek: beyond" opens nationwide friday. make sure you check that out. >> we've been idris elba'd and our crew has never looked
8:41 am
better. >> brad and his looks at the camera was something else. >> tory here, summer "deals & steals" and they're all 20 bucks
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♪ all right, our weekly "deals & steals" with tory johnson is here. everything that you need to travel this time, tory. >> travel and even if that means you're traveling to the grocery store we have you covered on the go. >> loose interpretation of travel? exactly. >> we want to say hello to our watch party. nashua, napolitano, kevin, emma, caleb and, of course, we've got mom. >> mom jacki. >> they look fabulous. >> looks like caleb is holding our first deal, water bottles. it's the one button flip and there it is. so, again, one-handed, super easy. fabulous. every one has some kind of special feature, no spill, no drip or that little -- >> keeps it clean which is what i like. >> keeps it clean. >> i spill things like this, oh, don't worry about it. >> there you go. >> fabulous deal on these. big assortment. eight different style, normally they range from $13 to $20, today only they're slashed by
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more than half so $6 to $10. [ cheers and applause ] >> so our crew, i like to be tory. >> here you go. >> these are really fabulous. first you're seeing super soft. super long. very versatile. that's what i love about all these scarves. you can wear them so many different ways. you look great in everything. including that. there you go. >> such a fabulous deal on these. a huge assortment. this i think is the biggest assortment we've have from east cloud. normally they start at $28, today only all of the scarves are slashed by at least 67% so every single thing in the assortment is $8 to $12. nothing more than $1. >> on the airplane when you don't get the blanket. >> from new a company, i love these bracelets. so you get, it's five bracelets in a stack. wear them individually or all together. tassels are a really big trend. i've got to give these to my new friends from new jersey.
8:46 am
my new -- >> oh. >> going on. >> i'm giving mine away. >> came into the city to go shopping. >> our friends came into the city to shop so we have them covered here. five bracelets, a variety of different color patterns. i love this set, normally $5, today slashed in half, $12.50 for your set of five. >> i know folks watching have the bracelets on. >> they do. jacki has her wrist covered there. this is really fun from rumy. a little travel bag for jewelry and accessory, zippered compartmentsen 0 all sides plus one in the center. if you're traveling this is a must. normally $22, these are slashed by 55%. $10 and free shipping. you can't beat that. last but not list, i love this from bandy. you are the girl on the go always. goes around your waist and then inside you can put your iphone, keys, credit card. >> i love that. >> any kind of those musts goes right in here.
8:47 am
low slung, whether you're going to the grocery store, to take a walk in the park, the gym, anywhere, exactly if you're traveling, these are fabulous too. you don't even notice your phone is there. normally depending on the assortment. $28. everything from bandy slashed in half so $14 to $15. two online bonuses. >> thank you, tory, so much. let's say good-bye to our watch party, thank you and these companies for providing the great deals. get the codes and links at on yahoo! coming up comedian keegan-michael key is here live. and these are the lungs.
8:48 am
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and we're back with keegan-michael key, the comedian from "key and peel" taking on the big screen in the movie "don't think twice" a member of an improv group where everyone is vying for stardom. only one makes it big.
8:50 am
for this he's preparing for an important audition. >> hello, hello, my name is liam neeson. if it's money that you're looking for, i've got none. i've used all of it, the last six times my daughter was taken. i mean, didn't you find it very easy to kidnap her. if one hair on her head is harmed, she's dead, to be honest there's quite a bit of relief there. >> there at's a very good liam neeson. first great having you. >> thank you, jesse. >> i learned you wanted to take six months off work unless you found a script. you got your hands on "don't think twice" and -- >> the tears came down. the rule was i couldn't just be moved, i couldn't just be verklempt. like i had to cry? full on cry. >> i was at the end of the script. there goes my six-month vacation. i have to make this movie. and it's very autobiographical too so i felt like this is a subject matter i know. the director knows it.
8:51 am
i feel like i'm going to have a blast. something magical about it. we had to make it. >> very emotional and before you made it big time you were doing improv at second city. >> detroit and chicago in were you able to draw on that for this movie? >> absolutely because it felt exactly like it did. the camaraderie with the group we built felt like it did when we were at second city. the performances with the audience, electricity felt like it did when i was in chicago. it was really drawing if personal experience more than anything. >> your impressions are legendary. we saw that in the clip. who is your favorite person impersona impersonate. >> i'd have to say the president of the united states. he's a good one. i like doing him. [ cheers and applause ] we have a really good time. have a really good time. >> and luther, anger interpreter for obama. you got to play it with the president at the white house correspondents dinner? >> it went pretty well. no, we had a great time and the
8:52 am
president, fantastic timing. fantastic sense of humor. i thought he was amazing to work with and broke up when we were doing our rehearsal so he said, now, key, you got to keep it together. got to make sure -- you know, we got to keep a straight face. we did two lines and he broke. but, hey, he's money. on camera he's money. >> we'll play a quick game called on or off key basically like playing two truths and a lie and try to guess the lie. you got something for me. hit me if two truths and a lie, one is that i was a hurdler in high school, okay, one is that i used to be a dog groomer. >> okay. >> and the other one is that i used to work in a cemetery. >> i'm going to say you weren't a dog groomer. >> you're going to say i wasn't a dog drooler. that's the lie. >> come on. >> come on, america. you can't mess with me. hey, man, so great to have you.
8:53 am
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now from abc 7 news. >> good morning, i'm natasha zouves with the abc 7 morning news. hi, everybody. the sun is out in san francisco. some clouds around the heart of the bay. by noon mainly back at the coast. by the afternoon temperatures below average. 50s at the coast, 60s and 70s and 80s inland. look at the inland heat wave. saturday stretching to wednesday. sue? >> good morning. a couple of issues out there. let's go to the alamo area. southbound 680 near -- right near stone valley road. an accident is blocking and in the clearing stages. traffic is stacked near walnut creek. over to the bay bridge, an earlier stall at treasure island westbound. solid backup in to san francisco. >> thank you so much, sue. time for "live with kelly." i will be back 11:00 a.m. for
9:00 am
the midday news. >> it's "live with kelly." today, the host of "late night with seth meyers," seth meyers. and everything you always wanted to know about poke emon go but were afraid to ask. nd guest host tony goldwyn joins kelly at the desk. all next on "live"! and now here are kelly ripa and tony goldwyn! [applause] ♪ [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪


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