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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> this feels good. >> just make sure nothing goes wrong. >> no. >> what could go wrong? a quick walk through today in cleveland as donald trump prepares to accept the republican presidential nomination later tonight. good afternoon, everybody. >> "abc news" reporter, marcy gonzalez is live at the convention for us in cleveland and joins us live with the latest, marcie. >> hi, people are starting to take their seats and in a short time ivanka trump will be on stage to introduce her father with a powerful kick-off. >> i think this is so perfect.
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>> reporter: donald trump rehearsed and ready for his big night, preparing to accept the gop presidential nomination and give the most anticipated speech of the convention. >> i'm talking about trade, i'm talking about law and order, i'll be talking about borders, many different things. >> reporter: today many still talking about trump's former rival, ted cruz. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. >> reporter: ending last night without endorsing trump met by an uproar of booing from the convention floor. despite his earlier pledge to support the party's nominee, cruz unapologetic this morning, telling the texas delegation there's lingering resentment from the campaign trail. >> i tell you the day that pledge was abrogated was the day this became personal. i am not in the habit of supp t supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager claiming today the ongoing outrage caused by
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cruz -- >> if that was said by your wife or dad i hope you do the same thing. >> divide the party? >> reporter: it's actually he helping unify the party still major goal. >> this is donald trump's chance to take back the convention. he's gotten badly off message and with a strong speech he can change the narrative after a pretty shaky start. >> reporter: they're also hoping for a peaceful finish outside the arena. yesterday, two dozen arrested and more protests planned for tonight. marcy gonzalez. back to you. coming up is paypal founder, peter thiel, what the openly gay person thinks about the speech. >> we could hear hillary
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clinton's vice-presidential pick as early as tomorrow. >> stay on top for the white house race on abc7 news. laura anthony will join us live from quicken loans arena and she and reggie will be there for the democrats convention next week. watch for the days events on abc7 news and starts at 7 on abc7 news at 6:00. >> rallies across the bay area as protesterses call for an end to the violence. >> this is over oakland. there's also one in san francisco as well. the oakland police department, you can see protesterses there chaining themselves to the front door. lyanne joins us live. >> reporter: protesterses arrived this morning. you can see behind me the bulk of the demonstrators is just arriving now.
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oakland is one of many cities having a day of action. i've been told police on motorcycles are staged not far from here in case anything happens. this is sxaeexpected to be a p e peaceful rally. protesters chained themselves to the door for black lives matter. yesterday, asian for black lives was among a handful of prote protesters who did the same thing outside the police union. >> if we all need to be free as human beings, black folk need to be free from this kind of persecution and danger. >> reporter: today, he and other protesterses with demands to de-fund the police department and divert that money to pay for youth training and job programs. they want the mayor to resign. >> to remove her from her position of power because it's not used in ways to keep the
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community safe. >> reporter: the mayor said she won't go. >> i share their desire to reform our police department. >> reporter: she highlighted a recent miami incident where an unarmed healthcare worker was shot lying down by police as he tried to help a client with autism. >> he was black, he is black. thank god he is still alive to tell his story. >> reporter: today's action ends with a march from police headquarters to city hall. in oakland, lyanne melendez. demanding a new place to stay for homeless. nbc7 news was at gillman street and the underpass as crews hauled away truck loads of garbage. the homeless are back at the site and demanding to get their belongings back. they plan to built something to prevent more encampments. >> east bay hills camera checking out the gorgeous shot across the bay.
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you can get ready for warmer weather this weekend. >> it will get hot inland for sure. spencer christian. >> reporter: that's right. looks like this wave of heat will last into next week. mainly sunny skies now, breezy, gusts up to 25 miles an hour at novato and 35 at sfo, 25 at fairfield and san carlos. here we go. looking at puffs of low clouds in front of the camera as we try to look at san francisco. mountain view, 72. san jose, 76. we have low clouds stacking up at some points along the coastline but not all the way. 83 at santa rosa, napa, 77. novato, 73. i will give you animation sh showing you the temperature range in the evening hours by
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9:00, still mid-60s in many inland locations. it will not cool down a lot but the fog will spill across the bay. how warm will it get tomorrow? the ac water forecast in just a moment. the warmer weather certainly is not helping firefighters. the napa city fire department tweeted out this picture that made them clear out westwood hills park, about 10 acres and no vehiclevacuations outside th. they believe a fire at millbrae community center was deliberately set. >> katie has a look at the damage there. >> you can see it was burning out of control. >> reporter: flames tore through the millbrae community center on lincoln circle and into the night sky. >> i could see the firefighters cutting the roof open and you see flames everywhere.
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>> reporter: quickly escalating into four alarms, firefighters struggled to contain the flames. >> it's notoriously hard to put out and have been here four or five hours. >> feels like everyone from the peninsula is here. >> reporter: people watched. >> you know, to sit down in the house is worse than coming out and looking at it. i would rather look at it. if i sit in there, my nerves go arhhh. >> reporter: nerve-wracking and a community who woke up to the loss. >> this is a huge loss. every year tons of programs come out and the community comes together in the park. >> reporter: a youth program scheduled to meet here today was moved to a nearby middle school and they're working to find other locations for community groups and events that meet at the center. a complete loss for this community and investigators work to determine who or what started the fire. in millbrae, nbc7 news.
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>> a grand jury finds lack fire safety inspections and poor code enforcement contributed to three fires in san francisco's mission district. three people died and more than 60 tenants displaced and more than 40 businesses forced to close between 2014 and march last year. all three buildings have been repeatedly cited for city code violation. the grand jury found the bui building inspector failed it in a timely manner. happening apart five years ago, investigators say 50-year-old eric elliott was sleeping at kensington park in 2011 and confronted by several men. police say they hit him on the head and he ended up dying. the department is hoping witnesses will come forward five years later. >> it happens quite a bit where they remove themselves from the friendship of someone, they know
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has become dangerous. >> police used surveillance video to identify four cars at the scene, they include a late '90s, white chevy suburban. '90s or 2,000 black chevy extreme and dark colors ultima and honda civic with a white racing stripe. caltrans is back up after this wreck here at 10:30 this morning. the driver got out of the car shortly before the southbound train slammed into it on the tracks on broadway. nobody was hurt. the fourth incident at the cr s crossing in the past year. there were long lines at oakland airport today as passengers tried to check in at the southwest counter. the airline fixed the computer glitch that forced hundreds of cancellations yesterday but today southwest ended up canslogical more than 300 flights because of the problems system-wide and so many flight
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disrupti disruptions. passengers were told to get to the airport early today. >> i'm going to cleveland. i could have got an uber ride and got there quicker than what's going on here today. they should be ashamed of themselves. >> by late morning the situation had improved significantly, passengers spendi ining 15 to 2 minutes in line with the airlines apologizing to its customers as well as employees. bees, thousands of bees swarmed near union square in san francisco today. they gathered on the back of a utility truck early this afternoon. witnesses said they looked like a cloud hovering around after clustering over a ladder in the truck. when the truck's owner went away, the bees spread out. the man who sent these pictures told us the bees were not aggressive. >> thankfully. just days after a man was arrested for making death threats against san francisco's acting police chief there is a new threat against the department. plus -- >> did you know what you were in
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for? >> no. >> neither did i when i signed up for this. north bay sheriff's department looks for its next generation of officer, the economy just fthe -- academy just for kids. a young boy getting a chance to hear
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novato, oakland jobs sunnyva
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sunnyvale. looking to add to their future, and -- >> they're looking to the local youth and getting straight talk and hands-on experience. >> reporter: the american flag still flies at half-mast outside the sheriff's office in tribute to fallen officers. you wouldn't know it here. >> looking for a job, this is a good start. >> reporter: the time make have been a coincidence as the she's department hosted 29 regional kids for an academy this week, up close and personal for both si sides. >> what do you like about this program? >> i like everything. >> reporter: everything? you thinking about a job in law enforcement? >> i thought about it since the day i was born. >> i see them helping out the community. i want to help out my community and make it better. >> reporter: today, they looked at the k-9 unit thanks to deputy mike provost who worked at the county since 2002. he sees this as a week of opportunity to break down any barriers or stereotypes.
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>> the hard part for law enforcement is expose our personal side. we've been brought up our personal lives but when we take this uniform off we mow our lives and go to the grocery store like everyone else. >> reporter: they also put on bomb protection suits, heavy e onone s as aurora learned. >> we saw really cool jobs, bomb squad looks interesting unless you have to wear this all day. >> someone has to do this job when we all leave and these are the people that will take the torch and do the right thing and help the public out. >> reporter: you might call this paying it forward. in sonoma county, abc7. looking at replacing some vehic vehicles, a look at the new r e rides, they ordered 580 dodge charger pursuit sedans and will replace aging crown victorias.
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back to politics, the republican convention winding down tonight but not before donald trump accepts the nomination for president. and to discuss what has been a very eventful week in cleveland. we've gotten an advanced copy of the speech but we don't know if he will stick to the script. >> donald trump has made his fortune in sales and tonight is his biggest sales pitch ever. he has to undo a lot of damage done at the republican convention this week with gaf gaffes. where do we start with that? the fact is the speech, we've already seen a copy of it. he is going to tell america, i am your voice. he is going to mention illegal immigration in a very very big way and talk about the kate stylely killing here in san francisco and accuse hillary clinton of leaving a path of death and destruction in the country. it is not a sunny speech, it
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looks like. it is not a shining city on the hill speech we have seen from ronald reagan in the past. whether he can bring together those delegates in the hall with those voters out who are list listening by the millions out in their living rooms, that is his mission tonight. they have to see him as presidential. we will see if he also, as you said, larry, off script. that's what he loves to do best. >> let's talk about his former rival, ted cruz last night, refusing to endorse trump and getting boo eed offstage. have you ever seen anything like that? >> we watched a lot of conventi conventions. this is the convention the ronald reagan 11th commandment was never speak ill of another republican. that was drop-kicked to the curb this week. we saw it time and time again. ted cruz is basically rolling the dice that donald trump's bid for the presidency will not be successful and he will be able to emerge in 2020. what we saw this week was ted
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cruz launching his own presidential campaign. he ngot a lot of heat from it ad boos in the hall. the fact is after november it may not look so bad to republicans looking for somebody to hold their hats with. >> openly gai p-- gay paypal ce, peter. what is his speech about? >> silicon valley is not with them. does he confront his own party with having what people call the most repressive platform in the party's history on lbgt issues and will he talk about the tone and immigration on which republicans disagree with the valley? we'll see. silicon valley is holding his breath to see what peter has to say. >> all right.
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it will be an exciting tonight. >> it could be fascinating this evening. after days of speculation, roger ailes is out of fox news reportedly with a $60 million payout. 21st century fox announced ailes will be out immediately. gretchen carlson he sabotaged her career after she refused his advan advances. and a replacement will cover until the permanent replacement is named. you haven't seen anything yet. we have very warm weather coming our way after today. skies are mainly sunny right now. we have patches of low clouds on the coast. take me out to the ballgame, let's go to oakland, coliseum, as take on tampa bay rays, 7:05,
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sunny and mild. 65 degrees as the game gets under way. check out forecast features from mt. tam over the bay. foggy on the coast and locally over the bay overnight. at the moment we don't have much fog at the coast. much warmer days next week and likely to see triple digit temperatur temperatures. and fog will fill in much more of the coastline than we're seeing right now. check out what happens tomorrow. limited fog at the coast at 7:00 a.m. and later, we see the fog pulling away and become sunnier and sunnier and by often almost no fog on the coast and sunny skies coast to inland and mild to warm day. it will be breezy to 70s to low 80s around the bay and upper 80s to low 80s in land where the warming ends. saturday, it will be even warmer high temperatures above average at most locations and 70s and
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80s around the bay saturday and inland up to 100 in antioch and cloverdale. how about sunday? more summer sizzle, highs of 101 at antioch, cover -- cloverdale. and 97 at napa on sunday. monday, slight relief, not much cooling. fewer 100 degree rulings and lots of mid and upper 90s. the heat will hold on monday. the heat bounces right back up tuesday. you will likely see triple digit readings on tuesday. mid-80s on the bay and 60s on the coast and temperatures taper off gradually. mid to upper 90s inland on thursday. doesn't look like we can expect a sudden or sharp cooldown. we just have very very warm days ahead. enjoy them, larry and christian. >> thanks a lot.
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>> how cute is this? that is one trusting up. . the dog that is climbing
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parents, get the popcorn ready and mark your calendars this friday night. a brand new animated series on the disney channel. ♪ >> elana follows the story of a brave adventurous teenager who saves her kingdom from an evil sorer rouse and now she has to learn how to rule the lands to become king. it's inspired by latin culture and folklore. >> elena will be a strong role model because she's going through something everybody can relate to. how do i go from being a child in my parents' home to -- it's
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story of becoming who you are. >> you can catch the debut tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. on the disney channel. to a different kind of star, the internet kind. >> watson trust fall. >> how adore nl is whable is wa dog, enjoying viral fame after his owner posted a video of the up. in a trust fall, team building exercise in self-help seminars. watson faithfully falls to his owner's command. people are eating this up and he's not that little. coming up, a unique philosophy from one of abc7 star scholars. >> i said, why did you shoot me? his words to me, he said, i don't know. a therapist shot while trying to protect his autistic patient in miami.
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we'll tell you what police are saying now. plus,
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
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here are your headlines at 4:30. tonight, donald trump will accept the republican party's nomination for president. trump will take the stage to
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give his first speech as the official nominee. this year is a live look at the convention in cleveland. it just got started for the day. the speeches will begin shortly. and tweeting a video of a little girl practicing for her stage performance tonight live coming up at 5:00. melanie woodrow talked to the man who stopped traffic on the bay bridge to spin out and do don donuts. melanie tweeted he apologized saying i'm just a 20-year-old that made a stupid mistake. coming up at 5:00, he talks about his regrets you will see only on abc7. an ex san mateo cop has been arrested for sexually acalling a woman while on duty. days after man was arrested for making death threats to san francisco's acting police chief, someone said they'll pay money
4:31 pm
to any who shoots an officer. carolyn tyler joins us now from the ingleside station where the mayor came to support his police department. >> reporter: ingleside is the largest police station in the city with about 100 officers. now, they're being told to watch their backs because of an ominous threat. police officers from san francisco'singleside station are on heightened alert after learning someone put a bounty on their heads. >> last night at 5:45 p.m. a man called and said he was offering 15,0$15,000 to any who would sh an ingleside police officer or any officer. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine the credibility of that and a similar call early this morning. >> i have it in the back of my mind but not too worried it will
4:32 pm
stop me from doing my job. >> reporter: she used to ride alone but assigned a partner ever since the fatal shootings in dallas. >> everybody is vigilant but not overly worried. >> reporter: the captain says there will be more backup now because his officers are being targeted. >> it's more of a catalyst we have to look at it and say, be very careful out there. look what's going on, especially these ambush type of situations. >> reporter: ingleside is mayor ed lee's home station and he dropped by today to signal his support. >> officers are placed in very stressful situations. i want to let them know i recognize that. >> reporter: in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. one of the officers wounded in the deadly baton rouge ambush is out of the hospital now. we have a picture of simmons being wheeled out. he underwent two surgeries for
4:33 pm
the gunshot wound on his left arm. meanwhile the man who killed three officers in the ambush told relatives he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. gavin long served five years in the mariners including a tour in iraq. and another police involved shooting of an unarmed black man, the victim with his hands up, take a look, lying on the ground pleading with police not to shoot. here's the latest developments. >> reporter: it's the cell phone video sparking new tension between the police and community. that's the voice of 47-year-old charles kinsey in the bright yellow shirt laying on the ground with his hands high in the air, clearly identifying himself as a therapist. sitting at his feet was an autistic mankinsy cares for from police. shots fired. why? the police chief also wondering why. >> you have questions. the community has questions. we as a city and as a member of
4:34 pm
this police department and i personally have questions. >> reporter: the cell phone video released by kinsey's lawyer only showing the moments before the shootings and then the moments after kinsey was shot, the victim speaking from his hospital bed. >> i'm saying, sir, why did you shoot me? and his words, i don't know. >> reporter: this most recent shooting in the aftermath of police shootings in minnesota and baton rouge and they released surveillance of body cam video of a police shooting earlier this month, the footage showing an armed black man fi firing bullets in the air, the release of the video showing how authorities use deadly force to preserve community safety. >> if you're holding up a gun in the middle of the street and you turn around and point it the results are not going to be good. >> the florida department of law enforcement and state attorney's
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office are now leading the investigation and the police officer placed on administrative duty and the police chief vows to have transparency and justice. "abc news," new york. turkish lawmakers endorse the three month state of emergency endorsed by president erdogan saying it would give them the tools to remove the virus of subversion. since the coup attack, 6,000 people arrested and nearly 60,000 civil service employees forced resign or had their licenses revoked. officials say the man in the nice terror attack had several accomplices and was planning it since last year. they asked to hold five suspects on preliminary terrorism charges, all five, four men and a woman are in custody and none were known to french intelligence before the attack.
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a fuel leak forced passen r passengers to evacuate on the plane tarmac in palm beach, florida today. it was headed to philadelphia. passengers evacuated using emergency slides, according to the faa passengers had to be decontaminated but no one was injured. facebook is flying high over its newest adventure. check out this airplane and what makes it so different from other aircraft. i'm spencer christian, we're looking at sunny skies over the bay area and a w
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a. with the warm weather this week, how does freshly churned ice cream sound to you? >> we partnered with natasha zooves. >> after 14 years in fashion one local woman had a dream and she started churn urban creamery and among the flowers at the gardens in the excelsior, this is where she hand-picks the fresh organic mint she uses in her ice cream. it's so good. she said it's all trial and error. >> it's really fun. i have one called rosemary olive
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oil and i have about 30 batches and it's working out and all about perfecting it. >> you can taste that rosemary olive oil, chive and banana pudding and crem bre lay. they will be at the mission from 11:00 to 3:00. ps, they also deliver. there's also a family friendly treasure hunt at mclaren park and come to climb a wall and bmx and make sure to rsvp. for that and other events, we'll hook you up with hoodline. nbc7 news. get ready. starting next week you can get mcdonalds garlic fries. they are rolling out gilroy garlic fries at all their restaurants. they were introduced at a test
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run this year. most people would gladly eat their body weight in garlic fries. >> i would. now, i don't have to go to at that time to go to at&t park. i still want to go there. >> spencer christian has a very regimented do it and even spencer would be tempted with garlic fries. >> i love garlic and you know it will keep away the vampires. we have sunny skies across the garlicky day across the bay area. we have a tropical storm to tell you about. darby in the hawaiian islands. if it stays on this track it will make landfall saturday morning on the big island. if it stays on this track, will travel directly across the island chain over the weekend and out to sea monday. the greatest threats from the storm are strong damaging wind and beach erosion and localized
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flo flooding. we'll keep monitoring that for you. sunny and warm tomorrow high in inland areas, reaching to the low 90s and 70s and 80s and 90s around the bay and a bit of heat high temperatures inland up to 100 degrees sunday and 100 tuesday. for several days this heat will hold on for a while. enjoy the beaches if that's your fan fancy. >> you better watch those sea fw fwuls. i can hear them. seagulls. >> maybe they will dive bomb you. >> hopefully they don't fertilize me. >> encouraging curiosity. >> i think the best way to cultivate there at sense of curiosity for me at least is through studies. >> meet one of the abc7 star scholars how he says his open mind opens up the world. i'm michael
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this is the 11th year abc7 hassell brait student achie achievement with our star scholars program. >> each year they recognize seven high school bay area seniors for
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achievements and gives them 1,0$1,000 scholarship. >> reporter: anthony baron is an -- >> this is anthony baron. >> reporter: a philosopher and a aspiring journalist. >> do you want my job now? >> reporter: he recently graduated from high school and will soon study journalism and aerospace engineering. >> i hope i ckacan study aerodynam aerodynamics. >> reporter: what motivates you? >> i think it is my sense of curiosity. the best way to cultivate that for me is through studies. part of staying curious is being open minded. >> reporter: it's that open mind
4:47 pm
that helped anthony blossom from a self-professed introvert into a social butterfly his senior year. >> he wanted to be more involved in his surroundings and didn't want to come here and spend four years here and operate separately from this environment. i found that to be admirable. >> reporter: you look back at your academic career here what do you reflect on? >> i reflect most on my friendships and hope they will come by and visit me in palo alto some time and i will come back and show my appreciation for the school and hopefully in the very far future i can help donate something. abc7 news. >> he is going places. >> for sure. >> you can watch our scar scholars special next saturday at 7:30 p.m. do you know a change maker in your community, they can apply for a 5$500 summer of service grant for their community project. go to
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or our website. automakers have recalled millions of cars for potentially deadly airbags. >> today, general motors is regular,0 recalling thousands more for a different problem. now what? >> we're told certain airbagings might not work at all. not the airbags themselves gm is regular 300,000 chevy impalas because of a defect in the passenger side airbag system. gm says a sensor might not detect the presence of a passenger in the front seat. that can disable the passenger's airbag and might cause a short circuit affecting all airbags and seatbelts. gm says the problem affects the 2009 and 2010 impalas. i posted information how to get a repair. you can find it at academic under 7 on your side. when you pick out fruits and vegetab
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vegetables, do you skip over the ones with spots or shaped funny? most of us do. because of that, most stores don't even bother selling them. walmart wants to turn that around offering a new line of apples called, i'm perfect. they have blemishes and still good to eat and start at a discount. they say it's the new start of cutting down on food waste. spotty apples will be sold at 300 stores an plan to expand it if successful. you remember cassette record recorders, putting it in, 12:00. it may surprise you the old tape players are still being made but not for much longer. the last known company to make vcrs is ending production this month. funai of japan said it will stop making the tape machines because, surprise, the demand has plummeted. they once sold 15 million every
4:50 pm
year and now most of us stre streaming and buying blu-rays and dvds, sales are way down to 750,000 per year, which seems impressive to me but apparently not enough to bother with. >> the kids think you have a typo there thinking vr. >> still have a beta max. >> beta max. how old are you, larry? >> you don't want to know. the wellness report, why yoga may be good for kids. >> why maple syrup looks to change its image. >> looking for a cool calm activity this summer, yoga has become increasingly popular among children according to a survey among the national institute s of health. 1.7 million american youth practiced yoga in 2012. research shows yoga can improve mental and physical health in children. a recent study did show a recent rise in prostate cancer is being
4:51 pm
questi questioned. the increase in the advanced cases does not hold up according to the cancer society challen challenging the findings of that study and the main concern is the methods do not pass muster with statistic experts and the increase may not be real. a new study shows people who lift relatively lightweights can build as much strength and those who front through evheavier we t weights if they plan it carefully. it came from canada and as long as you lift until you're tired the end result was pretty much the same. maple syrup makers tired of sticking to pancakes, they believe they're poised to finally be more. maple water, maple cheese, maple cocktail, salad dressing, cotton candy even. the "wall street journal" said they're pushing it as a healthier more natural sweetener to sugar. i'm jane king, here's to your
4:52 pm
help. turning up the sound through technology. >> now, i can hear from both si sides, so this side can hear equally as this side. >> what a special day for a bay area boy. how apple technology is turning up the volume on his life. what's coming up on abc7 news at 5. thank you very much. coming up next a sexual assault investigation involving a former san mateo police officers and shocking allegat n allegations he's facing. i was caught up in the moment and was a mistake. an apology of the man accused of doing donuts across the bay bridge. and -- ♪ ♪ >> an east bay teenager gets a hollywood surprise after this "star wars"
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facebook is taking flight. the social network showed this unmanned plane taking off in arizona last month. it flew for more than an hour and a half, three times longer than originally planned. powered by the equivalent of three blow dryers if you can imagine that. they plan to use this plane to beam down the internet into developing countries. a 9-year-old boy is hearing in surround sound. today, he got a new device that will allow him to hear evenly through both ears. >> inside the stanford children's health ear institute, 9-year-old joshua gomez and his mother, amelia, are preparing for a big change in every sense of the word. >> it's been such a long journey, so many doctor visits every week, taking time off school and work, him missing school. >> reporter: at the age of 3, joshua broke his elbow while playing with his cousins.
4:57 pm
amelia took him to the hospital but after he was examined they found something wasn't right for his ears. and then the condition got worse. >> he would have drainage from his ears and odor from his ears. >> reporter: little did she know his hearing would eventually fade. >> it was heartbreaking. all i could do was go to the doctors and hope maybe this would work. >> reporter: joshua went through multiple surgeries and an in ear hearing aid. nothing worked until he went to stanford and the diagnosis was an opportunity to try a new type of implant. >> instead of traveling through the ear as the typical hearing aid does it's actually using the bone for the sound to be able to be transmitted to the inner ear. >> reporter: we were there today as dr. melissa installed the cochlear baha 5, a cutting edge device allowi ining joshua to h out of both ears clearly for the first time. >> if you have a hearing aid,
4:58 pm
don't think people will bully you and be mean to you because really, you're really special and it's really something that's good about you. >> reporter: in palo alto, chris wynn, abc7 news. >> terrific. thank you for joining us for "abc news" at 4. abc7 news at 5 begins right now. a former san mateo police officer is on the other side of the law accused of rape and smumt sexual assault. it has been suspended at this time. >> flames ripping through a peninsular and why they say it may have been deliberately set. a big buzz around san francisco this afternoon. >> i'm meteorologist sandy patel. big cooldown today and big warm-up is coming. your weekend forecast straight ahead. live from the abc broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> we are truly dismayed and
4:59 pm
disgusted by these allegations. >> today, a former san mateo police officer was arrested accused of sexually assaulting women while on duty. we first reported this story in may while he was under investigation. good evening. i'm kristen zee. >> i'm dan ashley. vic lee broke this story with this tweet @7:00 a.m. he joins us at the hall of justice with the full story. vic. >> reporter: dan, that former san mateo police officer is noah winchester charged with two felony accounts including kid p kidnapping, rape and other sexual assaults. his bail set at $3 million. this is noah winchester, when he was profiled in the student newspaper at american river college in sacramento. winchester was a campus cop until he transferred to the san mateo police department early last year. >> we would never hire any were
5:00 pm
we aware of types of serious allegations such as this. >> reporter: the allegations that winchester committed rape and other sexual assaults under the authority shocked the police chief. >> we are saddened and disgu disgusted. >> reporter: we wrote this story last may when we learned winchester who resigned from the force was being investigated for rape and other sexual attacks while on duty. in the fall of last year a woman told burlingame police she had been attacked at the recreati recreational area. burlingame told police. >> we immediately put the officer on leave and suspended his police powers to protect the community. >> reporter: while they launched their own probe they referred the case to the investigators and that led to two other all e alleged victims and investiga r investigators found two other women who claimed they, too,


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