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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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coverage. >> she joins us live now with a look at the final night. laura? >> reporter: this program is under way here. 9:30 eastern here, he will be making history by being the first speaker to talk about his sexuality at the rnc. he will be followed shortly after by donald trump. >> he's appeared three times at the rnc, but donald trump will be introduced by his daughter, ivanka. he seems focused on what he has to do tonight. at a morning meeting, cruz explained why he broke his pledge to support trump.
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>> that is not a blanket commitment that if you slander heidi i'm going to come like a puppy dog. >> also speaking on the final night, silicon valley venture capitalist and co-founder of pay pal is expected to discuss identity. despite the failure to endorse donald trump, there is still confidence the party will leave the convention united. >> you can see a room like this. >> we have received an advance copy of the speech and know he will talk about kate steinle, the woman killed by an illegal immigrant last year and talk
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about hillary clinton her name has been mentioned here more than 200 times, that is at the republican national convention. >> we'll have live coverage and we'll have carla marinucci about the entire convention, coming up >> the last time was in the wake ofym hurricane katrina, we sent officers to new orleans to
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assist. >> the chp's they're used for large events in the bay area and los angeles. >> democratic national convention speakers list are released over jerry brown. and senator barbara boxer. abc7 news will have live coverage next week and reggie akei will head over after the republican national convention closes tonight. >> firefighters are checking for hot spots after a fire burned westwood hills today. the fire department tweeted the pictures. 10 acres burned. the park was evacuated and there were no evacuations outside of the park. >> south bay investigators are on the lookout for a couple accused of shopping with stolen credit cards, tuesday, someone broke into a vehicle, took a
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card, and used it as a target in san jose. this couple was spotted using a credit card taken in another theft. investigators believe the couple would have been spotted during the second break in. abc7 news was the first to report on the arrest of a police officer for sexual assault. vic lee joins us live now with details on the story. vic? >> that former police officer is noah win chester, charged with 22 felony counts, including rape and other assaults and kidnapping. if convicted on that charge, he could receive life in prison. his bail is $3 billion. >> we're horrified and disgusted. >> this is noah winchester when
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profiled in the student newspaper at american river college. he was a campus cop until transferring to the police department early last year. >> we'd never hire anyone if we were aware of allegations as this. >> we learned that winchester was being investigated for rape and other attacks while on duty. in the fall of last year, a woman told burlingame police she had been attacked in her car by the officer here at coyote point recreational area. burlingame reported the attack to police. >> we immediately put the officer on leave, suspended his powers to protect the
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they claim they had been sexual assaulted when he was a college cop in 2013. the district attorney describes how the suspect took advantage of the five reported victims. >> he would make contact with women on the street and engage in fondling and rape. >> winchester was arrested this morning near his home in stockton. in oakland, protestors are taking part in a national day of action calling for an end to police violence. you can see a crowd of demonstrators have they're calling on the police department to fund needed programs to benefit african american communities. tonight they have hung a
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>> i will continue to engage in dialogue with the great diversity that makes up the city of oakland. >> this morning protestors chained themselves to the doors of thes police department in support of the black lives matter organization. our crew says there are dozens of children there and everybody would like to keep this peaceful tonight. so far it has been so. police posted a tweet of the department making friends with younger members of the community. be sure to follow us on twitter on abc7 news bay area for the latest on this peaceful protest. >> activists chain and locked themselves and protestors were
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committed to using the money to invest in the community instead. >> in oakland, an event designed to help young minorities in the city. abc7 news joins us live from the event where people got hired on the spot. eric? >> we're talking about a job fair here. what is different about this job fair is that it had links to the white house. >> california, i've been homeless after my first month. >> andre downs moved here from st. louis with ril more than the choenling on his back, looking for opportunity. today, it looks like he found it. >> just want to say on behalf of the president of the united states and all of ugs in the administration we're proud of what's happening here today. >> he overseas the my brother's
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keeper alliance, created to help young people breakdown the barriers that kept them away from careers. the director says they're trying toxd reach the young people. >> it does not for tend to the future that any of us in this room want or rightly expect. >> the alliance picked oakland for a job fair. a thousand young people interviewing for 300 positions. resume writing and a chance to network with employers from airlines to police departments and to chat with marshon lynch. that brings us back to andre. the homeless young man whose boundless energy and smile paid off. >> about seven job offers,
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seven. >> he had to say it twice. congratulations. in oakland, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> abc7 and lucas film volunteers offer mentoring advice. you can see us in the teal shorts, we're there as part of disney's work building and strengthening diverse communities. stwaus. a driver did doughnuts on the bay bridge is caught and faces charges. now, he has a message to every driver that came to a stand still. >> the bees that swarmed san francisco today, what happened when one man walked to the cloud of bees. i'm spencer christian. if you like july with warmth, i'll have a forecast you'll like, coming up. >> it was heart breaking. i couldn't do anything about it. >> these stories and more when
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what a wild scene this was. thousands of bees swarmed san francisco this afternoon. the bees seemed attracted to a truck at gehry street so it's not clear where they came from. >> thousands of bees forming this tower on the 400 block of gehry street. the owner couldn't believe his eyes. >> somebody on staff called me down stairs to say there is something out here you've never
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seen before. and that is a big game. >> i can walk through clouds and they're still looking at its truck. >> now, you can see them flying around. >> he says a bee keeper came to collect the bees. as for the site of many of them, he says only in san francisco. >> the most unique city in the world. >> certainly buzz worthy if nothing else, in san francisco, abc7 news. >> investigators say it hooks like someone may have set a fir community center, take a look at the drone
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is no indication the fire started accidentally from something like an electrical fault inside of the building. >> we expect it started on the courtyard area, got in spaces which is what caused it to work. >> a san leandro man says he regrets doing doughnuts on the bay bridge. several people dialled 911 when it happened. chp officers were waiting on the far side of the bridge and took gonzales into custody. >> the car has been impounded. >> there are long lines at
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oakhand international airport. passengers tried to check in. it forced hundreds of night cancellations. passengers were told to get to the airport two hours early. southwest's stock tanked today. the sweet smell of success. mcdonald's announced they're rolling out their gilroy garlic fries. it was apparently so successful, they decided to make the fries available at all restaurants by the middle of week. they ran out garlic because it was so popular. >> let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. >> it's coming back. >> with or without garlic. here is live doppler 7 hd, right
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now, a little patch of light coastal low clouds there. winds are strong and gusts at 28 miles per hour. 23 in napa. strong breezes elsewhere. this is the view. you can see puffs drifting over san francisco. morgan hill, 71 and 64 m half moon bay. low clouds drifting out to mount tam. looking at temperature readings, napa, 74. and 76 in livermore. taking a look toward coit tower, we'll see coastal fog returning and warmer days ahead and triple digits inland that are likely this weekend. overnight, looking for fog at
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the coast. low temperatures into mid-50s. the morning rush begins, a little bit over the bay. we'll see the fog and into afternoon hours, sunny conditions across the bay area. highs in mid to upper 50s. low 90s in morgan hill. 76 in san mateo. on the coast, it will be breezy, looking for highs in pacifica. highs 88 in santa rosa. traveling east bay, 74 in oakland. 80 in fremont. inland east bay, highs into low to mid-90s.
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and the conditions will be sunny tomorrow all the way throughout the weekend with a puff of fog. highs into low to mid-90s. highs inland saturday in upper 90s sunday and into 100 degrees to upper 90s on wednesday, mid to upper 90s thursday, so after the heat peaks on tuesday it's going to be a gradual retreat from what will be with us for a while. >> thank you, spencer, very much. >> a family tried everything to help their son hear. next, new technology that worked. and taking a look inside of the republican national
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convention. g.o.p. chairman just wrapped up his speech. peter teal is to speak soon. stay with us.
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speaking now at the republican national convention is co-founder of pay pal, peter
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teil. >> it was neil armstrong from here in ojaiy the future felt limitless. our nuclear basis uses a fighter jet that can't fly in the rain. and it would be kind to say the government's software worked poorly because much of the time it doesn't even work at all. that is a staggering decline. we don't accept incompetence in silicon valley and must not from our government. >> we have invaded the middle
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east. we don't need to see hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. her incompetence is in plain sight. she pushed for a war in libya and today is a training ground for isis. on this most-important issue, donald trump is right. it's time to end the era of stupid wars and rebuild our country. when i was a kid, great debate is how to defeat the soviet union, and we won. now we're told that the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. this is a distraction from our real problems. who
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every american has a unique identity. i am proud to be gay. i am proud to be a republican. but most of all, i am proud to be an american. >> and that is the moment everyone has been waiting for in the speech. the co-founder of pay pal making history here, announcing he is a proud gay man during this public stage, public speech at the rnc. he is a supporter of donald trump and a california delegate. he is making waves tonight. >> that never happened before at a convention. certainly a republican convention. he will go on to talk about why he supports donald trump. >> we're streaming this convention on our website
6:26 pm as well as our app, abc7 news app which you can down load for free so you can continue to watch the rest of the event. >> donald trump will accept the republican nomination for president. >> next, what our political analysts expect to hear tonight. >> so at this time -- we're not overly worried. >> worried but still working despite a threat that now
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san francisco police are investigating two threatening phone calls one with a bounty on their heads. >> the calls come just days after active police chief received a death threat. >> abc7 news has those details. >> police officers assigned to the ingleside station are on alert after learning of a threat from someone who says he's offering a reward for murder.
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>> last night, ingleside received a phone call saying he was offering about $16,000 to anyone that would shoot an ingleside police officer. >> investigators are trying to determine the credibility of that and a similar call to dispatchers around 5:30 this morning, accused of posting threats against acting chaplain tony chaplain. >> i have it in the back of my mind. i'm not too worried. >> everybody is vigilant. so at this time we're in the overly worried. >> since the shootings in dallas and baton rouge, ingleside and other stations paired their officers and doubled back ups in potentially dangerous situations. now, expect more precautions. >> it's just more of a catalyst.
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we have to look and say be careful out there. >> officers are placed in stressful situations. i want to let them know i recognize that. >> the department says threats are not uncommon, but in light of what's happening nationwide, they're taking no chances. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> a mother who lost her son in an arson attack also died. the fire burned the home and a 5-year-old boy was killed and his 45-year-old mother. police announced she succumbed to her injuries. she was being treated. police arrested the boy's father
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father. >> bart plans owe close tracks for seven weekends this summer. the balboa park station will be closed and the agency mans to repair the track and make the ride quieter by adding special equipment to the rails and an engineer explains how that works. >> dampers are just steel and rubber components layered together and that is what keeps the rail from vibrating. >> to politics here is a live look inside of the republican national convention which will end tonight. >> tonight, donald trump will be introduced by his daughter
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ivanka. >> now we're told the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. who cares? of course every american has a unique identity. i am proud to be gay. i am proud to be a republican. and proud to be an american. >> abc7 news political analyst and reporter is here with us and. >> he stood before the convention as the first gay man to say he is proud to be gay before republicans. that was a headline.
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and he said a libertarian point of view saying that charlie doesn't accept this kind of incompetence and neither should the american public. on lgbt issues, he did not really. he said there are fake culture wars and decried bathroom bills he says who cares what person uses what bathroom. i feel for reasons peter thiel's contributions will be controversial, talking about america to be more libertarian on economic issues and said donald trump would be the answer to america's key problems. >> ivanka trump has a coveted spot right before her father. what does she need to accomplish
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tonight? >> donald trump's brightest spots in this convention have been his kids. there is no question about it. their a big selling point for him and ivanka over all, no question she seems to be the favorite, successful business woman, a fashion icon and someone with the most experience in the media. it's going to be a very big speech for donald trump. she's expected to be one of his key advisors if he wins the white house, we're going to watch for her message and what could be a few tour key advisor to the president if it's donald trump in november. >> it's fascinating. thank you, carla. >> good to have you. >> the star of "the bachelor" is running for congress. ben higgins wants to represent district four. the incumbent was sentenced to a
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year of probation for dui. he chose lauren bushnel in march will be on the ballot for voters in november. still head, kids are putting on a jacket. >> and seeing life differently. coming up, breaking barriers
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the sheriff's department is down by more than 40 positions. they're taking long term steps in that direction this week by reaching out to local youth. >> if you're in that pathway, this is a great start. >> it might be the last place teenagers might think to look for a job. maybe you haven't been talking to the right kids? >> i want to make my community better. >> this may have been a perfect
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coincidence as the sheriff's department, 29 kids for youth citizens academy. he sees this as a week to break down stereo types. >> the barrier is exposing our personal side. we've been brought up and when we take this uniform off, we mow our lawns and go to the grocery store. >> they put on bomb protection suits but in reality, they spend time in the classroom, listening to veterans. >> these are people that are going to help the public out. >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. a u.s. forest canine was
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stabbed today. he was part of a team getting rid of marijuana plants. he was stabbed in the face. he is now in stable condition. >> today, abc7 news is in contra costa animal services in martinez. when gets deployed they will help them care for military dogs and assist in surgery. >> sometimes, the program that is supposed to save money isn't the cheapest option. >> next, michael finney shows how buying medication without
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california is put on a lawsuit to stop the merger of a top five insure yens that would create the largest insurer in the country. attorney general kamala harris says it will increase costs and decrease quality of care. a recent consumer report survey found it could be burden
6:45 pm
some to pay for prescription drugs. >> it is counter intuitive. insurance ends up costing more and in this case, that is true. this woman often suffers from migraines. >> to get through it, she takes on average the pills and her insurance limits her. >> so i have to pay out of pocket versus paying $17 for a box. >> she gets her medicine from health the pharmacy does not accept insurance. we spoke with the company's ceo and founder. >> prescriptions are very
6:46 pm
expensive because you have tons of middle men in the system >> he says not thinking is out dated. the deductibles went up 86% and said condition assumers need to check prices. and the site offers discount cards and coupons. a website called coast two coast does the same and kicks back some of the returnings. since 2012, contra costa county received $153,000 from coast two coast. the residents save $7.5 million off costs by using a free drug discount card and coupons good
6:47 pm
at participating pharmacies. paul prefers health warehouse because of being able to order online. >> it's cheaper. the more you buy, the leer your prices. >> health warehouse is certified by national association of pharmacy and has a verified site. we have links to the programs in this report with that sur way on our website. >> in morgan hill boy has his hearing thanks to new technology. >> he hopes to inspire others to do something similar.
6:48 pm
>> the things we take for granted, hearing small things. this gets me emotional. >> at age three, he broke his elbow and a check found he had problems with his ears and he lost most of his hearing. >> it was heart breaking. >> multiple surgeries >> there is drainage from ears, odor from his ears. >> which meant in ear hearing aids were off the table. >> from traveling in the ear is using this and found to be able to be transmitted. >> we were there as he was
6:49 pm
outfitted with a cutting edge device that allows him to hear out of both ears for the very first time. >> people will be able you're special. >> he will enter 5th grade this fall. >> check in with spencer again with the forecast. >> there he is. yes. sunny skies now and sunny days ahead. tomorrow, warmer with highs from mid-60s at the coast to 70s and 80s around the bay. and low 90s inland and the accu-weather forecast showing a warm up coming our way.
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good evening, steph curry playing in a celebrity government tournament in lake tahoe after missing one card, the guy yells out, kylie irving would have made that. steph today with the question he's going to hear all summer long. how will kevin durant fill in with warriors? >> you can't expect us to rule them out. it's super amazing things. it's going to take work.
6:54 pm
>> and i ne if i got it, kd played, draymond, andre, and the others. we've got options. >> good options. >> out of charlotte into north carolina's antidiscrimination protection for lesbian, gay, and transgender people in the state. nba concluded they can end up moving the game to new orleans. the game in charlotte was a whirl wind home coming for steph. >> so this decision where it ends up, in this situation for
6:55 pm
the city and you know it is what it is. >> steph getting ready for the annual american century celebrity event which begins tomorrow, also is steph's dad, dell curry making andre igualada love to play golf. charles barkley, if you can call this participation, he's playing golf and really fresh. odds of him winning have set at 6,000 to and dodgers facing steven strosberg, coming in 13. and set in the world, one more
6:56 pm
time, 114 and he drops to 13-1. and a's are hosting the rays tonight. san francisco native versus sasha victory. he took a lead to the third, and match point is coming up as a victory will return wide. dc looking for the final. the tour de france 10.6 mill individuals. beautiful there. the leader is winning the timed trial and
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you by orchard supply hardware. >> sounds good. thank you. >> yes. >> very well. >> join us tonight on coffee tv 20. donald trump with the final night of the republican national convention. hear what he has to say. >> and whales spotted off the pacific coast. now there is a new marine life resurfacing that is causing. >> and tonight the republican national convention is next followed by battle bots at 9:00. >> that is it for abc7 news. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us, stay tuned now for the republican national convention. >>
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>> after a campaign unlike anything we've ever seen. >> we will make america great again. >> and who is going to pay for the wall? >> after this last four historic, eye-opening, contentious -- >> vote your conscience. >> and electrifying days in cleveland. >> the change will be huge. >> everything leads to this one night. this one moment for donald j. trump. and right now, we are just minutes away from the


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