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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. he saw the person. he was dressed in a mask with a fake gun. >> you could hear the shots fired in the background as police search for three suspects in a shooting that left eight people dead and othered wounded in germany. a ninth body may be that of one of the attackers and police are calling for a suspected case of terrorism at this point. that is what they believe. good afternoon, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen zse. ama daetz has the day off. it began this morning in an outdoor mall in munich, germany. ray is live with the very latest on this breaking story. ray? >> reporter: the situation is still very fluid in munich at this hour. munich police now confirming at
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least nine people are dead and that number could change. they are also identifying this as some sort of terror and right now there is an active and intense manhunt for the suspects responsible. a deadly shooting at a place ingrained in the hearts of germans and people all over the world. shortly before 6:00 p.m. local time a police opened fire at the mall. the same site of the 1972 munich olympic massker. it was there during the early hours of september 5th that 11 israeli athletes were taken hostage and killed by the terror group known as black september. today a mcdonald's was quickly evacuated and people were fleeing the scene as special forces moved into position outside of the mall. it is unclear if the shooter acted alone. >> the most important thing we know at this point, it is a mall, which is a very easy
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target. >> reporter: this is the second attack in germany in a week. on monday a passenger attacked passengers in a train 180 miles south of munich. >> we are going to pledge all of the support they may need in dealing with circumstances. >> reporter: police are urging people to avoid public places and remain vigilant. >> you have to get out of the way of what is about to get down the road an the key is run you hide and if you have to, you fight. >> reporter: and so far no claims of responsibility. no claims of islamic terror. the state department this afternoon through twitter urging americans to maintain a high level of vigilance in order to stay safe and secure. live in new york, abc 7 news. back to you. >> before you go, we understand there was a ninth body found and german authorities believe it may be the body of one of the attackers. what more could you tell us about that? >> reporter: that is right,
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larry. we understand from munich police, telling abc news that that body was found about half a mile away from the mall where the shooting took place. right now we know investigators are actively investigating the body and that man was found with a backpack on him but at this hour we can't confirm one or if any of the shooters are amongst the dead found on the streets of munich. back to you. >> ray, thank you so much. coming up at 4:30, the concern about safety in public places here in the bay area. this is the third terror related attack this month. a 17-year-old was killed after he attacked passengers with an ax on a trainer in berlin. five people were bounded n. france 84 people were killed and more than 200 injured in nice after a man drove a truck a mile througha crowd celebrating bastille day. nick leslie was killed in that incident. and five armed extremists killed 20 hostages on july 1st in an
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attack in bangladesh. tareeshy jane was also killed in that incident. stay with abc 7 news for the latest on the shooting in germany and for breaking news any time, download the abc 7s you app and be sure to enable push alerts. we have breaking news and a live look at a fire that is burning in southern california. this fire is along highway 14 near santa clara -- santa clarita. and according to the fire department, it has burned 20 acres. we'll keep our eyes on this and keep you posted on abc 7 news bay area. a vacaville neighborhood was cleared out because of a grass fire near pena adobe park off interstate 880. >> lyanne melendez is live with the latest there. >> reporter: i'll tell you, this fire came so dangerously close to homes here on grandview avenue, again in raqvacaville.
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police and firefighters had to tell everyone to leave their homes as soon as possible and they had to do it. neighbors went to an evacuation center and stayed there for two hours until the fire was contained and the mandatory evacuation was lifted. from sky 7 hd you could see the fire started close to interstate 80 and this is the second fire we are told in the past two weeks. now this fire spread to 20 acres, but they had to hit it hard with fire retardant and helicopter buckets and that was key to knocking down this fire. it quickly went to 30 acres, but the forward spread was stopped. meaning it was no longer a danger to these homes. joe lake, a neighbor here, say this is the fourth fire in the past 30 years and this one came too close. >> get your things and get out. there was a pounding on the door and then get out of here and get whatever you need. so we got our animals up and put them in the car and headed out
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of here. >> reporter: and firefighters from a number of cities responded, including vacaville of course, travis, fairfield, dixon and forestry fire crews. and i also saw around here several pg&e crews standing by monitoring the power lines. but for now this fire has been contained here in vacaville and the neighbors have been spared. live, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 news viewers have been tweeting pictures of the fire. cal fire tweeted this image with the giant plume of smoke. if you see breaking news share on social media and use the hashtag abc 7 now and you might see them online or on television here. and it will be a hot weekend which won't help firefighters in these conditions. >> and spencer christian has the accuweather forecast. >> and the weather coming our way, contributes to higher fire
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danger and high fire concern. here is a live look at sky 7 doppler radar hd and in some inland areas it is hot. down in the area of the fire, vacaville, it is 95 degrees and relative humidity down to only 19%. good news is it was during the time they were fighting the fire, that the wind has been calm. here is the view from sutro tower toward golden gate which is fog-free. 63 in san francisco. oakland 70. 234i67 mountain view. 84 in san jose. and 90 in morgan hill. 66 in half moon bay. 91 in santa rosa. 80 in napa. 90 in novato. 90s in fairfield, concord and livermore. this evening, early evening, patchy fog near the coast but it will disappear overnight and we start the day tomorrow with sunny skies so just how hot will it get? i'll show you in just a few minutes, larry and kristen. >> worth waiting for, spencer.
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keep track. changing weather conditions at the abc 7 news and download it for free and track any time. city leaders in millbrae are vowing to rebuild the community center that was lost yesterday because of a fire. >> this drone video shows how intense the fire wasch the fire department shared this video with us. katie was in millbrae today as officials held a community meeting. >> it is sad to look at it. it is sad to recognize kind of what we lost yesterday. >> many in millbrae have memories at the community center. and stop are stopping by to see the destruction caused by yesterday's fire in person. others are taking charge. >> and our plan is to rebuild. >> reporter: the mayor vowed to rebuild at a meeting this morning. >> we're going to rebuild the building located in and known as the center of our city. >> reporter: while residents asked what it will take to do so? >> insurance on the building, how much insurance do we have on
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the building and how is that covered. >> reporter: the city manager said how much depends on what components of the property are damag damaged. building, parkland and so on. she is meeting with the insurance carrier today. >> so the community knows we are working on this. >> reporter: meanwhile investigators are working to determine what or who caused the fire. fire chief is asking for help from neighbors. >> if they've seen anything, if they -- whether it is in the past, last night, yesterday, whatever it is, um, we want to know. >> reporter: local businesses and organizations have stepped up to offer meeting places for the many people displaced who use this building. the city's relay for life event will be held at spring valley elementary school. in millbrae, abc 7 news. the california departmental board is now investigating last saturday's death of a three-year-old girl from san ram on. she became unresponsive and under the care at dental bliss
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and died. the dental board is allowing the doctor to keep her practice open while that investigation continues. the only african-american who had ever been both head coach of a college and an nfl team has died. denny green has passed away and died today of an apparent heart atrack. he was a protege of bill walsh and worked as an assistant with the 49ers and at stanford before becoming head coach of the cardinals and was with the vikings and the cardinals. he treated this message, we mourn the loss of dennis green. he was 67 years old. warriors forward draymond green has reached a plea agreement in his assault case. under the deal he will get no jail time. he will have to pay a $560 fine. he is playing with team usa. his misdemeanor assault charge will be reduced to a civil infraction if he avoided criminal offenses and any contact with the victim for a year.
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green was arrested this month back home in east lansing, michigan, accused of slapping a man in a bar. team usa opens exhibition play tonight against argentina. ♪ a day of remembrance for police and firefighters killed in the line of duty. the touching ceremony today in san francisco. and more fallout from this week's southwest airlines computer glitch. what you need to know if you are heading to the airport this weekend. just remember, love trumps hate. >> new at 4:30, now for the democrats, hillary clinton gearing up for next week's convention and she is getting ready to announce her running mate. it could be any second now, in fact. a live look at the afternoon commute. a getaway friday at 4:11 and the skyway is jammed up in both directions, oncoming traffic to the lower deck of the bay bridge to the east bay and the folks on the right hand trying to get down to the 101 south and very slow going in both
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a tech mogul had his passport removed and may face domestic case. shaw hall is on problems after pleading guilty to battery of an ex-girlfriend three years ago. last year the multi-millionaire beat another girlfriend. domestic advocates are pleased with the judge's decision to
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revoke his probation. >> we hope the cycle will be broken here with some accountability and raising his awareness that his behavior is harmful. he could really kill somebody. >> he will be sentenced next month. his personal wealth is estimated at $150 million. four people arrested in connection with a kidnap for ransom plot in vallejo were back in court today. all four are suspected of kidnapping a 57-year-old from her vallejo home back on june 29th. her son received a text message the following day demanding $60,000 for her safe return but she remains missing. none of the suspects is cooperating with police. tonight, family and friends will remember mario woods in a special church service. the officer shot wooded 20 times in september, he died in the bay view district in san francisco. this year supervisors passed a resolution to name today mario
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woods remembrance day. the supervisor who supported the measure but did not author it said it is bringing awareness to a national issue. >> we need to correct a situation and it is not just san francisco. it is throughout the country, where we need to pay attention. >> tomorrow there will be a celebration of the life of mario woods at martin luther king jr. park on third street. san francisco police officers association tells us the time of the woods day and the large tribute to officers who have been killed in the line of duty is just coincidental. >> vic lee is live at police headquarters with this story. vic? >> reporter: isaac espinosa, darld, nick burko, more than 100 officers have died in san francisco in the line of duty and all etched on the wall at the police headquarters and today was a day to remember all of them, and many more across the bay area.
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♪ god bless america >> reporter: san francisco police union president read off the names of some of his colleagues. officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. those gathered here remembered their fallen colleagues from attacks in dallas and baton rouge. >> wake up, america. police officers are the good guys. >> reporter: the police union said they chose this day because hayward police sergeant scott lunger was killed a year ago today. san jose police were also mourning their losses. officer michael cather man who died in june and michael johnson shot to death last december. >> we have been devastated by losing two officers in only 15 months. >> reporter: those here also remembered san francisco firefighters, lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valleyo who died on a house fire in diamond
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heights and mourned those who died across the bay. >> in oakland, it has been seven years since we lost our four heroes in one day and we are still healing. >> reporter: there were officers, all killed during a manhunt for a gunman. the message to the public was this -- >> we chose this profession because we care. this is a calling to all of us. >> reporter: to put their lives on the line for people they don't even know. vic lee, abc 7 news. southwest airlines is still dealing with disruptions as the airline tries to recover from this week's massive computer outage. problems could linger into this weekend after more than 250 flights were canceled today. the technical issues began on wednesday. southwest has canceled about 1800 flights since then and thousands more have been delayed. >> and they are not due to clouds. pretty clear out there. >> and it is a very warm
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weekend, spencer christian. >> it certainly is, larry and kristen. and we'll have fewer clouds tomorrow. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. it is hard to find any clouds right now. just a little skinny patch down along part of the coastline. this is the view from the east bay hills camera looking westward under clear skies. these are the forecast features. clear skies continuing overnight. and there will be triple-digit heat inland tomorrow with a stretch of hot days to follow. right on into next week. overnight, mild under clear skies with low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. and tomorrow morning, 5:00, we'll get off to a clear and sunny start for the entire bay area, even the coast. and it looks like a sunny finish as well. as the sunny skies will continue right on through the midday and the afternoon hours. it will be cloud-free tomorrow afternoon at the coast. so what kind of highs will we have? low to mid-60s on the 80 and 80th around the bay and 90 toss 100 inland and antioch topping out at 100 and 98 in fairfield
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and 98 in livermore. and santa cruz beach where we'll see a lot of folks this weekend. tomorrow is a sunny day. high of 82 in santa cruz. total sunshine but extreme uv index tomorrow for beachgoers. as we look beyond tomorrow, the heat continues on sunday with mild to hot conditions. highs inland in the upper 90s to around 100 in antioch on sunday. 100 at cloverdale. -- 103 at cloverdale and 100 at clear lake and many other conditions seeing mid to upper 90s. and a slight dip on monday. temperatures in the low to mid-90s. low 90s in antioch and livermore but 100 degrees monday in clear lake and cloverdale and on tuesday it heats up again to 101 in clear lake and clover dale and 98 in antioch and livermore, around the bay we see mid-70s to mid-80s on tuesday. so the heat will be with us for a while. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow warm to hot inland and
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hot conditions inland. next wednesday with highs up to about 100 degrees. but sunday, monday and tuesday, as the heat recedes just a little bit, still inland highs in the mid to upper 90s and that pattern continues into the end of next week. the warmest days around the bay is mid-80s on the coast. only mid-60s as an average high on the coast but some locations farther south around santa cruz may see highs closer to 80 degrees during this wave of heat, larry and kristen. >> you have to get your summer suit out. >> our your birthday suit. >> oh, thank you, spencer. >> a budding art career. one of my favorite pictures. happy in this picture. >> and that happiness is contagious. up next, the south bay teenager with autism taking on the world of comic books. and let's take a live look at traffic heading home on this friday. this is san rafael 101 in both directions appear to be doing fine but word of warning, in and
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out of san francisco, that is jammed up right now so t
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a true entrepreneur out of silicon valley but this one is special. he is just 14 and published his first book and living with autism. >> we have the story from los altos. >> the drawing is sketching off the details of my own characters. >> reporter: jonathan can sit in this corner for hours, doing what he loves. as a child with autism, he learned to draw just four years ago. then one day, his mother took his large-scale drawings and stories and put them into a comic book format. >> one of my favorite pictures, i'm happy in this picture zblrjt the plan was to print one copy for fun. but then people started noticing and wanting copies to buy. and it turned -- >> to something that seemed more
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like a real little business almost for him. >> reporter: comic book sales are strong and so are online sales. on amazon kindle, where the magic pencil has gotten five stars. >> i am proud. >> this ship looks funny. >> it is cool. >> reporter: but the reality is jonathan comprehends at a third grade level so to write and illustrate -- and yes even star in a 17-page book is remarkable. >> i hope these books are popular and they were popular. i want to just try my best. >> reporter: jonathan isn't just resting on his laurels, he's working on book two due out in 2017 and at the same time he is breaking out these comic books into individual soft covers. in los altos, abc 7 news. elaina of afa lower is
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getting the royal treatment for the premiere of the series featuring the first latino princess. the show on the disney channel debuts tonight and she is a 16-year-old princess who saved her kingdom but has to learn how to rule the land before she could become queen. we caught up with the stars on the red carpet. >> my favorite thing about her is that she's her own hero. there is no prince charming in this story. and she is just somebody trying to do her best, trying to become a leader. >> finally the latinos are included in the whole princess experience. i'm a third generation mexican-american and this is the show i wish i grew up watching. >> the show hopes to inspire kids on becoming leaders. you could catch the special one-hour premiere tonight at 7:00 on the disney channel. abc 7 news continues. we're following the breaking news out of munich. at least nine people killed in a shooting at an outdoor mall.
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ahead the latest on the search for the suspects and what people here in the bay area are saying. hillary is trying to pick her vice president as fast as possible because she wants to take away a little of the success that we had -- >> while the convention is over but the campaigning is still in full swing for the republicans. and the democrats unveil the stage for their convention in philadelphia. what you could expect to see honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this!
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i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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and breaking news is out of southern california. take a look at this. a live look at a raging fire. this is along highway 14 near santa clarita. according to the l.a. fire department, it has charred about 20 acres so far. we have about 200 firefighters now working this fire. this is happening at the sand canyon road area. so this is a very dry area so it continues to burn right now. but so far 20 acres burned. making the headlines at 4:30, back to the breaking news in germany. nine people are dead in a shooting outside of a mcdonald's restaurant. one of those dead may be the shooter. the other gunman could still be on the loose and they are treating this as a terror attack. in a statement by the white house the government condemned
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the apparent terrorist attack in munich. shoppers here in the bay area are shaken up after hearing about the attack, as what is described as a soft target. listly brinkley live in berkeley with the story. >> reporter: that is right. i i talked to bay area residents that know the munich shopping mall and it might remind you of like a shopping center you where a b.a.r.t. adjacent to the shopping area and as you said it is shopping areas that are soft targets and that is a lot of people and very little security. >> the more shooters there are, the more likely it was a directed and coordinated attack. usually if it is one shooter, our experience has been that is inspired attack, if it is terrorism and also it is too early right now to rule out that this was a deranged individual. >> congressman is on a house intelligence committee and said it is worth noting the attack
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started at an iconic western restaurant chain and terrorists seem to be less focusedond taking down planes and more focused on hitting soft targets. >> we've seen from paris to brussels to orlando, that public places are easy targets. >> reporter: shoppers here in the bay area realize it could happen here, too. >> to hear that other people lost their lives for no reason, just in a mcdonald's and it is dad. >> i think it makes people apprehensive but it doesn't scare me personally because i think the odds of being a victim are really low. >> reporter: while more success will inspire more lone w-- wolf attacks. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. one of the baton rouge police officers funeral held today. he received full military honors. he served three tours in iraq as a helicopter crew chief. he had only been on the force
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for a year but was known for his leadership and christian faith. >> he drew men to him by his leadership. by his dedication. by hi honesty and integrity and the character. and besides that, he had a love for his jesus. >> gerald leaves behind a wife and two daughters, three and nine years old. new developments in south florida over that police shooting that was caught on cell phone video. today north miami police identified the officer who fired his weapon as jonathan adela, a member of the s.w.a.t. team. it happened as charles kinsey said he was trying to coax an soughtistic man back to a group home and he was unarmed and had his hands up in the air at the time. the president of the plint union said -- police union said they were aiming at the patient. >> and fearing for mr. kinsley's life, the officer discharged his
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firearm trying to save mr. kinsley's life. and he missed. and he accidentally struck mr. kinsley. >> a second officer involved in monday's shooting is placed on administrative leave without pay. donald trump energized the republican delegation in cleveland as he accepted the nomination for president. we were on the floor of the convention for that historic moment. >> i am your voice. >> reporter: what so many pundits predicted could never happen, just did. donald trump is now officially the republican nominee for president. >> we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. >> reporter: an
4:35 pm
independent-minded introduction coming from daughter ivanka. >> i do not consider myself republican or democrat, more than party affiliation, i vote based on what i believe is right for my family and for my country. >> reporter: and then for a whopping one hour and 15 minutes and 8 seconds trump delivered the line that won him the nomination. >> we are going to build a great border wall to stop illegal immigration. >> i thought he should have moved to more uplifting language, something more optimistic because voters want to you understand their fears and move to their hopes. >> and with hillary clinton unveiled today and in ohio trump is anticipating next week. >> hillary is trying to pick her vice president as fast as possible because she wants to take a away a little of the success we had at this convention. >> reporter: hillary clinton is expected to announce in the next day or two but today trump
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attacks ted cruz more than hillary clinton. abc news, cleveland. and trump addressed a shooting death of kate steinley in san francisco by an undocumented migrant but the family was not happy with the mention. their take on last night's speech coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. on to philadelphia for the democratic convention and the stage is set there as democrats from across the country gather on monday for a four-day veechbveechbevent. hillary clinton held a rally in tampa and before that she held a round table with orlando and visited pulse nightclub where a gunman killed nearly 50 people last month. meanwhile, no announcement yet on who will join her on the democratic ticket. there is a lot of names getting buzzed but the most going to virginia senator tim kaine and new jersey senator cory booker and secretary tom vilsack and hud secretary castro are on the
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short list. count on abc 7 news for coverage starting next week. reggie aqui along with laura anthony will be live in philadelphia starting on monday. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, a shake-up among the elite. and i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. still taking your questions on twitter and facebook and post them with the hashtag ask finy and i'll answer them right here live in a little bit. and i'm spencer christian from emeryville, looking west where we see very little in the way of low clouds. very soon none at all. that means a warm-up is on the way and i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast in a
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apple watch sales are tumbling. sales are down 55% since the watch launched last year. that is according to a new report from market intelligence firm ibc. apple is expected to deliver an updated operating system this fall. the apple watch 2 is expected to debut later this year. a bit of a shake-up on the billionaire index. jeff bezos moved past buffet yesterday into third place. bezos is worth $65.1 billion and buffet coming in at a mere $65 billion even. the index monitors the wealth of the ultra rich.
4:41 pm
microsoft owner bill gates is number one at $89 billion, the spanish founder of the clothing stores ortega is in the number two spot with 73.4 billion. most of us would be fine on just the . billion and get along with that. >> i think so, right, spencer. we're not greedy. >> not at all. we could buy a lot of air-conditioners with that kind of money because things are heating up in the bay area. live doppler 7 hd, sunny skies across the region. let's take a look at the tropical pacific or where storm darby is steering toward the hawaiian islands with winds up to 60 mile-per-hour and on a track that would take it into the big island tomorrow morning. if it stays on that track it will move just along the north coast of the remaining islands and out to sea by monday. grettest threat -- greatest threat is strong winds and beach erosion, localized flooding and power outages so we'll keep an eye on the storm for you.
4:42 pm
to our local weather tomorrow. i said it will be hot inland and it is going to be. highs in the upper 90s to around 100 tomorrow. and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows that the heat is going to hold on for a week, maybe not at 1900 degrees level every day but mid-90s inland on sunday and low 90s back up to upper 90s on tuesday and on wednesday, back to mid-90s next thursday and friday. this is a stretch of warm summer weather. larry and kristen. >> hot, hot, hot. >> from hawaii, you could take it. >> i can take it. and still ahead, an inspirational story. >> i want to inspire other workers and be engaged in philanthropy and help other communities. >> this star scholar with hope to help others and her ultimate goal. i'm michael finney. you hear about debt consolidators all of the time but does their help hurt your
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back to breaking news out of munich, germany now. officials saying ten people have died. that is updated information. including the likely attacker. police now say they believe the shooter killed himself and appears to have act the alone.
4:46 pm
we'll have continuing updates on this breaking news throughout the evening and get breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> back at home. abc 7 is recognizing seven bay area high school seniors. these kids are all amazing. we're recognizing them for their extraordinary chiefments and a -- achievements and the scholarship toward their education. >> we met with the star scholars from the south bay who is dedicated to teaching seniors technology. >> she loves science, math and technology. >> i'm calling on twitter to try and predict who will win the democratic nomination for the 2016 election. >> the san jose teen in recent presentation high school graduate said all of her logic involved resumes with her puzzle solving nabtuture. >> there are the women in computer science club and the math and science academy and my involvement in those has really shaped my interest and the stem
4:47 pm
feel. >> the abc 7 star scholar is headed to massachusetts in the fall to study electrical engineering at m.i.t. >> one of my dream jobs has been the ceo of my own tech company. i want to inspire other workers. i want to be engaged in a lot of philanthropy and help other communities. >> at presentation high school, she is known for her academic excellence and her community service on and off campus. in fact, she received an award. >> that is one of many accolades she's accepted in technology. >> i teach senior citizens how to use different tech devices. >> service is what she's known for. but i think she really relates to her friends and to her peers. she's very collaborate with other students. >> what does it mean to be an abc 7 star scholar. >> as a kid i would watch the
4:48 pm
program and be so inspired. to be considered one is just a great honor to me. >> abc 7 news. >> what a bright young lady. watch our star scholar special next saturday july 30th at 7:30 p.m. and if you know a change-maker in your community, they could apply for a $500 summer of service grant for their community project. go to inspired and find the information at and now michael finney here to answer questions sent in via facebook, twitter and e-mail. >> i'll start with kevin from contra costa asking on twitter, how come when i use my apple pay in stores i'm still asked for my debit pin. isn't your fingerprint more secure. >> maybe more secure but retailers aren't geared up for it yet. most people are paying with a credit card. most of them aren't even set up for a pin number at this point
4:49 pm
for the credit card. so these kind of things take time. i do think over the next couple of years we'll see the fingerprint and pin and the signature. and that is the issue. it is not with the payment. it is with the processor and the retailers. >> will the use of a debt consolidator negatively affect one's credit score. >> it probably will. any time you make an in choiry and move money around it is probably going to hurt and here is why. right now you have a ton of little debts but when you pile them up together, one big debt generally looks worse than a bunch of little ones. so it will hurt your credit score. but the bottom line is, if that will help you pay it off quicker, then it is a good move to make. because the idea is to get debt-free. if it will do that and you won't pile up more, would you feel free to go ahead and do that. >> and gustavo asked via twitter, how often does the landlord need to replace my
4:50 pm
carpet and repaint the house. are there any rules? >> need? any rules, there is no rules. they would never paint if that is what they decided to do. there are some guidelines. i don't even know why we have them here but in the state of california we have guide lines, they are not enforced by law that say your place shut be painted every two years and carpet replaced every eight years and you could probably use that to push your landlord and if you are a good tenant, say, why would you lose me. that is the best course of action. they don't have to do it. >> thank you, michael. >> turning to the wellness report, female smokers are at greater risk for a brain bleed. >> and you wash fruit before you eat it but it might not help very much. here is jane king. >> strokes characterized by bleeding inside of the lining of the brain are more common among spo
4:51 pm
smokers, especially women. they are eight times more common when those smoke more than a pack aday than nonsmokers. even light smoking triggered the risk for stroke. and fruit could carry e-coli and salmonella and washing the surface no guarantee you won't get sick because toxins could lurk in the produce. even if you have full confidence in your local grocer, your fruit could be contaminated at the source, for example they drop fruit into wash tanks where bacteria could collect. and they recommend recommending wash you fruit vigorously immediately before eating. and fitness experts calling for the end of drill sergeant for clients. they are promoting a change of message and empowering clients who are leaving stress and leaving feelings of confidence. they did various woman and asked them to list the least favorite motivating comments and they
4:52 pm
hated comments that focused on appearance and topping the list of those urging women to get a beckiny body or look like a celebrity. i'm jane king, here's to your health. today prince jonathan turns 3-year-olds. they shows him to mark his big day. the pictures were taken at the family home in norfolk. >> how cute is he? >> right. every day. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. ♪ >> up next, bringing history to life. the old time radio show hitting the stage this weekend and dan has a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> coming up next, a series of break-ins and burglaries has one neighborhood on alert and how city leaders are out and residents are asking questions. a recall of baby monitors. tens of thousands are being pulled off the shelves. and why carry your luggage when it could carry you.
4:53 pm
find out what is going on when kris
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
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here is a look at primetime tonight on abc 7. shark tank followed by what would you do and then 20/20 at 10:00 and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. in alameda, actors and technicians will bring history to life tomorrow. as wayne freedman reports, it is the kind of history you see best with your eyes closed and ears open. ♪ >> let as go back in time. it is a mindset with which you may not be familiar. actors on stage rehearsing for a radio. >> is there going to be a car chase? >> you see, you kids. you kids. and i guess you want computer graphics in the middle of this, too? >> reporter: how about thousands of sound effects stored on one hard drive, the one concession to modern times.
4:57 pm
>> what do you think an old time radio person would say. >> this is a benefit for the california historical radio society in alameda tomorrow. they are doing more than live performance in an auditorium. >> this is all there used to be. it is the radio. and people would sit next to the radio and listen to the radio drama. >> down the street, in the actual museum, they are showing off and auctioning some of the equipment on which people used to hear the shows and antiques that still work. >> we want to preserve this history because every piece of modern communication that we have today came from what you see here. >> in the meantime -- close your eyes, open your ears and fill in the blanks with your imagination and welcome back to 1943 for an hour. abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with dan and kristen. >> in vacaville, an all-out effort to put out a grass fire that grow close to homes. plus -- [ sirens ] >> terrorism suspected at a mall shooting in germany. at least eight people are dead. now hearing ten. the gunman possibly among them. also -- >> but where was the sanctuary for kate steinly. >> trump talked about the fatal shooting in san francisco and find out what her family had to say in a story only an abc 7 news. and hands over heartez. it is a day of remembrance here in the bay area. and it is happening right now outside of l.a. take a look. this large brush fire is burning out of control in santa clarita forcing evacuations and whipped into a fury but gifty winds and fueled by grass and baked under
4:59 pm
triple-digit temperatures. it wild has burned 1500 acres in less than three hours so it spread quickly. so far no one has been hurt and no structured damaged. >> and video from about an hour ago shows flames off of highway 14. drivers have to drive by that. two lanes were closed to give fire tankers direct access to the flames. about 200 firefighters on the scene there. we'll keep you updated on the situation as it develops. good evening. i'm kristen zse. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> and we're right here at home. we're watching a column of smoke spiraling upward as well. smoke billowing from a hillside, a fire just starting as it spread acre by acre through drive crass. >> and it happened off of interstate 880. lyanne melendez is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: dan, it doesn't help that it is really dry and hot out here. now we're getting word that the fire spread along 57 acres. now it is now contained.
5:00 pm
it was reported at about 12:30 this afternoon. and fire and police went home to home telling people that they had to leave their homes as soon as possible. now 50 homes received a mandatory order, 200 were told they should leave. and neighbors went to a evacuation center and waited near the shopping center to get the all-clear. the fire started near interstate 880, about an hour and a half later it had spread to 30 acres but by then using three air tankers and two bulldozers, they were able to knock it down and stop what is called the forward spread. that quick response may have saved these homes. >> it got to within, as you could see, about 100 feet of the homes. so i'm sure it got scary for the residents but we did have firefighters depending the home in front of the fire so that was good. >> flame,


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