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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet. what? have them start at the beginning. they're not answering. oh, come on! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. a san jose house party gets so out of control the s.w.a.t. team is called. what neighbors are saying today. i'm eric thomas. let's get right to leslie brinkley live at san jose police headquarters with a look at how a party turned into a free-for-all. leslie? >> reporter: hi, eric. we're not talking about what'd call a normal house party. this party spiraled out of control overnight and i can tell you, neighbors today were very grateful for the huge response
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they got from the san jose police department. neighbors say a crowd of 100 people gather around this home just before midnight. >> this one just blew up. nobody lives here so they're not going to respect the property. they just trashed it. >> reporter: the home was beingen motivated. the new owners absent. >> a lot of noises of many people in the same place, and screaming was completely rioting. >> reporter: but the party spiraled out of control when neighbors say two groups started fistfights in the street. san jose police brought in s.w.a.t. team. >> cops everywhere and then the s.w.a.t. team pulled up. they did, like two nash bangs. >> the hoss was searched and secured. many partygoers fled and jumped neighbor's fences, hiding in backyards, 20 homes were told to stay on lockdown, police detained several suspects. neighbors say they were thrilled
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to have the heavy police presence here and hopeful tonight will be more peaceful in san jose, abc7 news. >> a fire has forced a family of five in the south bay to search for a new place to live. we were in east san jose at the scene of fire that burned a garage and two storage sheds. firefighters stopped the flames from spreading to nearby homes. neighbors saw smoke. >> i took off rub running out of my hold and told my boyfriend to call 9-1-1 if a to three neighbor's house, tell them to call nine one one. >> took a half hour to brick the fire under control. it is still not clear what started the fire. the democratic ticket is set and today in miami hillary clinton and her running mate, virginia senator tim kaine, made their first appearance together. karen traverse has the later. >> hillary clinton and tim cain
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revving up a crowd of 5,000 in miami. >> tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not. >> reporter: kaine sprinkling in spanish throughout his speech. the south florida crowd roaring their approval. clinton aides say kaine beat out 23 cob -- content den series. she was impressed with his down to earth campaign style and lengthy public service. courses say she kept coming back to belief he can could the job. >> he is a progressive that likes to get things done. that's just my kind of guy. >> reporter: kaine pointed out his son, matt, marine who will deploy to europe, quickly perspective vetted to his first atook on donald trump. >> he repeatedly called the american military, quote, a
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disaster. >> reporter: on the eve of his convention, major controversying brewing for the dnc, wikileaks releasing e-mails showing top party officials helped the clinton campaign. bernie sanders campaign manager says somebody has to be held accountable. >> count on abc7 abc7 for complete coverage of the democratic convention. we'll have live reports beginning on monday. they're at it again. peps pence and elizabeth warren re-ignited their twitter feud after hillary clinton announced her selection of tim kaine as her running mate. trump lobbed the first tweet, quote, poke hand toes wanted vp slot so badly but wasn't chosen because she has done nothing in the senate and also, crooked hillary hates her. the lawmaker tweeted back saying she is right where she wants to be. tomorrow will be a day of
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mourning in afghanistan after at least 80 people died in a suicide bombing attack during a peaceful demonstration in kabul. 231 people were injured. isis is claiming responsibility. protesters demanded a power line be routed through their home province, less than 40% of the population in afghan is connected to the national grid. >> france president will increase the security in the nation all summer and re-assess security measures opposite a week. investigators are trying to determine whether the tunisian driver who killed 84 people in nice on bastille day had direct ties to isis which claimed responsibility for the attack. new details on the german shooting attack. investigators now say they found no links between an attack in munich and terrorism groups. an 18 'erred man killed nine people and himself at a mcdonald's restaurant. investigators say he used a young woman's facebook account
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to lure victims to the restaurant with an offer of free food. they also sale he researched killing sprees. to developing news now. triple digit temperatures in gusty winds are fueling a wildfire burning just north of los angeles. that fire start yesterday afternoon and has grown to more than 17 square miles. it's now 10% contained. more than a thousand homes are under a mandatory evacuation and flames have destroyed one structure. fire crews from san francisco, santa clara and alameda county were among local firefighters letting to monterey county to battle a forest fire burning near big sur. it is now threatening a thousand homes and an evacuation order is in place for the monterey county community. we have closer look at how bay area crews were helping on the firelines. that's ahead on abc7 news at 6:00. now to the weather. a significant warmup out there. here's a live look from our
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santa cruz camera. the folks on the beach and it's a good day for it. let's check out he hot spots were meteorologist drew tuma. >> mainly clear skies gave us the launching pad for a rather warm day across the region. the hot spots, inhappen, locations very close to the century mark, antioch is at 100 degrees. 99 right now. 98 walnut creek. 99 in lafayette. area-wide, 74 in oakland. 85 san jose, 91 in novato. future weather, little patchy fog overnight but it's going to be a mild period the next 12 hours and that will set the stage for a hot fin official the weekend before the warmest day hits. numbers coming up. >> see you then. now to a block party in the south bay. to take back an alleyway known for drug abuse.
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we were in san jose's business circle area where friends and neighbors gathered today to celebrate community. the santa clara county d.a.'s office partnered with san jose police to clean up the neighborhood and encourage people to visit. >> to remind them this is a safe, clean space, that various agencies have worked to make it that way, that they can come back to and get people out here, meeting their neighbors. >> the 80-foot mural there by the artist flores was guild d.a.'s office as a gateway to the neighborhood. apparently pikachus are not the only this will pokémon goes are out for. they're also looking for a pokémon mate. >> i can't believe my dog did this, and saved my life. >> a tiny dog's igrandtick act that now has him in the national spotlight. the story when abc7 news at
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5:00 continues.
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a google giveaway is making a road tip to a valleys earlier. going 'maps is offering a series of freebies between l.a. and vegas through 7:00 tonight. people can get free gas at nipton, and peggy sue's 50s diner near barstow is offering free hamburgers. today, buying transit in napa valley tweet it's offering free rided for everyone and a special inventive photographer
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pokémon go fans though trader who has the most pokémon's at the bus or transfer center will win a gift card and a free bus pass. a way to encourage people to use public transit. >> the pokémon go mobile game is proofing a popular way to make a love connection. poke dates launched and rereceived so many applicants is crashed. poke dates invites users to submit their interests and prefer repses for a poke date. ahead, the sound of another era when radio ruled. we'll take you to an event in the east bay that is trying to keep the hoyt of radio broadcasting alive. >> it's worm to houston out there. drew says the real summer sizzle is still ahead. here's a look at what is ahead on abc7 news' world news at 5:30. >> good evening.
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coming up, the rollout and the running mate. hillary clinton introduces her vp choice, and donald trump already on the attack. the deadly heat wave stretching from california to new york city, and the pool warning tonigh
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number 31 would like this one for $25. anybody interested in 30? >> we were in alameda for an event that took people back in time belove television and streaming devices. the california historical radio society auctioned off victim
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vintage pieces. >> we're trying to keep the hoyt of raid you broadcasting alive and to try to keep the radio history of the radios themselves alive because it's important. radio has affected our society in so many ways over the years. >> the society is also premiering a voice only performance of the maltese falcon as part of the celebration. he is an employee of abc7 tv. >> a sacramento woman credits her dog with saving her life, herman, who is hearing impaired, was cross thing street in downtown sacramento when she didn't hear or see a train. >> when i got to the track, he just pulled me off the track. he just -- he, like, ran and pulled me off the track. turned around, it's like here i am and here is the train which just missed me. >> hook has earned himself a
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spot as finalist for the hero dog award. we have higher temperatures rushing at us. here's drew tuma. you liked today you'll like tomorrow and can then we're tracking even warmer air arriving next week. a whole lot like july after the chilly start to the month. live doppler 7hd showing you we have nothing but sunshine, baby blue skies. live doppler 7hd is quiet. we'll show you the public tour outside. east bay hills, live look, beautiful as could be. not crystal clear, little bit of a haze in the atmosphere. you can see the air quality is moderate. the forecast is going to call for a little bit of patchy fog on the coast tonight. nothing widespread and with the clear spot tomorrow, that will allow inland to ghetto triple digits and a stretch of warm to hot days are coming next week. right now, concord, 99.
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86 in fremont. a mild 69 in san francisco. 85 in napa. and livermore, currently holding at toasty 95-degrees. so we're warm to hot right now, it's going to be mild overnight tonight. plenty of stars in many locations and mild temperatures could be launching pad to warm up quickly. highs tomorrow, very similar to today. a mild 70 in san francisco. 75 in oakland. sunny and san jose, 88. 100 in antioch. nap park 90. santa rosa, 92. the folks had the right idea to beat he heat. head to the coast. the beach is packed, the sand is busy. tomorrow it's a mainly sunny forecast, a real are nice beach day. the only fly in the ointment extreme uv index level. the ocean water temperature, 56 degrees. speaking of the pacific, want to take you to hawai'i. a tropical storm warning is in
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effect for hawai'i, maui and oahu. this is tropical tomorrow darby about to make landfill. it is tracking to the west northwest. by sunday morning just to the south of maui and then into the north and west. and weaken. hat home, temperatures take a slight dip on monday. do not get used it to. watch tuesday. it is scorching sun-especially inland, even around the bay, a lot of 70s and 80s, and we are still warm to hot. mid-week next week. so the accuweather forecast, going to show you, still hot endland, a little bit of a dip on monday, and then they take off as temperatures on tuesday with that sunshine, no break inland wednesday, the heat holds on for thursday, and then, eric, friday, into saturday,ing -- a
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little relief. so take it easy inland with three consecutive days of extreme temperatures. >> look who is back, mike shumann, with a preview of sports injury had to dps my way back to the station. the giants in new york trying to win for the first time since the all-star break. athletes from every sport trying to win the celebrity golf event in lake tahoe. some familiar faces, but not golf swings, coming up next in
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>> giants manager bruce bochy trying to mix it up and end a
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sick, game losing streak, sendings johnny cueto to the mound insend of jeff samardzija. picture perfect day in new york. and cueto was knee perfect. pimped six, allowed one run, struck out nine, including aaron hicks. mac williamson connected for his sixth home run of the season. ties it up at 1:00. only run nova game um. extra innings, giants break through in the 12th. brown scores from second. right now it's 2-1 giants in the 12th. highlights at 6:00. the a's hosting the rays. vogt has been placed on family emergency medical leave which has to stay on for three days 0 bruce maxwell will make his major league debut this weekend. >> if you're not nervous, it's being in a different program, and being up here, especially being home-grown, and just getting that opportunity, and
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being in big-league camp and not breaking with them and now finally having the opportunity, it's an amazing feeling. >> let tee it up. not on your normal professional tour but the celebrity event in edgedwood in sought shower tahoe. they're using the stableford scoring system. steph curry's group, the life of the party, partnered with justin timberlake, all decent golfers, timberlake off the green, chips in for birdie. he had 14 points. 20 for the tournament. steph in 34th place, with 14 points, just one birdie two -- in two rounds. joe pavelski playing for the first time and is in contention. the three-putts for par and is 16 behind the leader. final round set for tomorrow.
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third round of the senior british open in scotland. francos it 5-under and has a long way to go because the leader, miguel angel jiminez, shot a 7-under 65, 11 on the tournamentment four shots ahead of second place. bank of the west tennis. thanks to plays like that, bottom of the screener all over the court, before finishing with a valley. the first british woman to reach the bank of the west finals since 1981. venus williams plays in the other semifinal today. >> day 20 of the tour de france. watch where you dangle your flag. the second to the last stage involved slick roads.
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pennano nearly supplieds off the road. chris froome retains the yellow jersey and barring a crash it he will will tomorrow. at 6:00, c.j. anderson had a football clinic in vallejo. and i'm mike shumann, back to you. >> marty fish might want to switch sports. >> exactly. >> thanks. good to see you. my the all-girls national baseball tournament kicks off in the honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like...
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i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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>> call for equality and understanding. the group behind rally in the bay area that paid tribute to all victims of violence. plus, bull's eye, which companies just made delivers by drone a reality. join us at 6:00. play ball. that was the rallying cry today in san francisco at kezar stadium. the city's recreation and parks department kicked off the all-girls baseball tournament. 20 teams, more than 200 players from around the nation, including the home town, san francisco bay sox, will play over the next week. looks like a big hit. best of luck. >> that does it for us here at abc7 news at 5:00. thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas, for drew and shu, thanks a lot. see you again at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the team that will take on trump hitting the trail. hillary clinton introduces her running mate as donald trump introduces a new nickname. plus, hacked e-mails that may show democrats' dirty tricks. deadly heat wave, at least eight deaths. temperatures that feel like triple digits. heat alerts tonight from coast to coast, and the fire out west. 100-foot flames threatening thousands of homes. mall massacre, chilling new details about the gunman who killed nine people, including seven teens. the crimes here in the u.s. that possibly inspired him, and the bait police say he put on facebook to lure his victims. pool dangers, the new warning tonight about what may be in the water. what you need to know before taking the plunge. and, catching pirates.


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