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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 24th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. we are waking up to comfortable conditions. numbers in the 50s and 60s. it's a shallow paw reason layer, some fog. it's right here on the san mateo coast. so half moon day and we have a little patchy fog toward morin. another warm day inland. hot again but we look for some slight cooling as high pressure begins to weaken just a bit. san francisco off, oakland 57, 55 morgan hill. half moon bay 53 degrees. and are if this vantage point it
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looks beautiful with the sun coming up at 6:07. 61 livermore and concord. the low clouds and fog at the coast today, just a few patches. then we will continue to see sunny, warm conditions but a bigger cool down on the way for tomorrow. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. developing news in the east bay this morning. oakland police are looking for a bunt man who shot at a police officer. the officer was responding to a call around 9:30 last night when she was involved in a crash on 73rd avenue and international boulevard. after that crash a plan went up to the car and fired a gun multiple times at the police car. fortunately the officer was not hurt, but she was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries suffered in that collision. several other law enforcement agencies are assisting with the investigation. we have someone in our community that took such an
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abrasive action toward an officer, fired several shots at the officer. we know has a gun. took that action toward an officer. what will they do with one. our citizens. we are aggressively and actively following up with any leads >> police are look being at surveillance video from nearby homes to see if the incident was caught on camera. an uber driver who picked up a passenger near stanford is in jail this morning on suspicion of sexual assault. police arrested 59-year-old man of redwood city. he was driving a burgundy 2014 kia optima. the victim was picked up on university avenue and east palo alto friday night. she opted for uber pool, which allows riders to share the price of a ride with other passengers. when the driver showed up, he told her to get in the front seat because he was expecting other passengers. and as soon as she sat down, the driver locked the doors.
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>> he began touching her on the leg and upon their arrival at her destination he gave her a kiss. and throughout that time she was subsequently let out and at which time she called the police. >> police believe there may be other victims, with i is why they aren't releasing the suspect's picture so it doesn't jeopardize any potential future cases. right now firefighters are trying to contain nearly a dozen large wildfires in california. the two largest are a 20,000-acre fire burning in los angeles county and a 6500-acre fire in monterey county. abc news news anchor tells us bay area firefighters are on the line in big sur. >> this has more than doubled in size from 3,000 acres to more 6500 acres. >> calling in an immediate request, which means we have to
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have our engines staffed and on the road at the time of one hour from the time of request. >> the crews from the fremont fire department are joining a team of firefighters from across departments in almeda county that totals 66 people. this is a serious deployment and several day area departments are responding. >> this is the first deployment of the season for san francisco, yes. >> the assistant chief said san francisco is sending 22 people. some of the five engines are already on their way there. they sent out the call because saturday winds shifted the direction of the fire north. flames are dumping fire retardants and air ships are picking up ocean water to dump on the flames. more than 1,000 homes are threatened. when the bay area crews arrive, many of the teams are there to protect the homes.
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>> our crews are there for structure development. we will go where we have homes. but into the hillsides amongst the trees and some of the remote places. >> mandatory' evacuations have been called in the northern big sur area. the state park will remain closed through the weekend. eric thompson. abc7 news. >> in los angeles the fire near isn't -- santa clarita out of control. and officials discovered a man's body in a be neighborhood where some. the homes were burned but the cause of death has not been determined yet. hundreds are staying in evacuation centers. >> they came in and did an amazing job. but it burned right through --
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right to the structures. we waved them, they saved them. >> the low humidity could fuel the fire. and thousands more homes could be in danger if the fire changes direction. firefighters spent time putting out hotspot near a golf course. it was quickly contained. now to the race to the right house. with her pick for vice president, hillary clinton is ready for the democratic convention and another step in her historical candidacy. but the party's plan for a show of unity, it might be in trouble. abc news reporter lauren lister joins us live from philadelphia with the details. good morning, lauren. >> good morning, carolyn. we will have more on that controversy in just a moment. but first hillary clinton and her vp pick had made their debut
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and now their party awaits. they are making final preparations for the convention kicking off tomorrow. with the day guy of the democratic kick in miami, philadelphia is now in focus. thousands of law enforcement finalizing plans for the democratic national convince, preparing up to 50,000 protesters a day. >> it's an unusual year in terms. of the political fights of that gone on. >> the arena ready for hillary clinton and vp pick tim kaine after making their first big appearance together at a rally saturday. >> make no mistake, behind that smile tim also has a backbone of steel. just ask the nra. >> he beat out 23 other candidate for the vp spot and wasted no time before beating up
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on the republican candidate. >> tim trump said they don't look presidential to me. ahead of the convention democrats facing turmoil of their own. wikileaks releasing nearly 2 million internal dnc e-mails, some show efforts to undercut the run of bernie sanders. his campaign manager telling them it's a clear example of the dnc taking sides, and somebody has to be held accountable. and abc news learning from the democratic party source that negotiations are underway now to significantly downgrade the public roll of the dnc will play in this convention in the wake of that e-mail controversy. abc7 news. >> thank you, lauren. and cnn is reporting the democratic chair debbie wasseman-schultz has been removed as a speaker at the
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convention following that leak. this morning hillary's campaign manager and donald trump's campaign chair will each go one-on-one with george stephanopoulos. we will hear more about what to expect this week at the democratic national convention. you can watch the full interviews on this week at 8:00 this morning right here on abc7. and you can count on abc7 news for complete coverage of the democratic convention. reggie aqui and laura anthony will report live from philadelphia beginning tomorrow lisa, i'm wondering, i know the weather here is heating up. is philly one much those places where it's really warm? >> yeah, carolyn. i was just on the east coast and so glad to be home to our more controlled, comfortable morning and evening temperatures. right now, as we see it. 55 degrees in san francisco. we will talk about the week ahead and, yes, steamy in the
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east. the full forecast ahead. thank you. also why san jose's s.w.a.t. team was called out to break up a san jose house a pert. a -- we will be back. ♪
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>> it wasn't just a house party. >> they came here and they broke all the windows. they had fun, they left. >> neighbors and witnesses say it sounded like a riot erupting in their usually quiet neighborhood. there were broken bottles, broken windows and fist fights against people who appeared to be rival gang members. more than 100 people. >> out of control, drunk. on drugs, who knows. >> san jose police rolled in and brought along their s.w.a.t. team. >> guns drawn, cops running down the street. they wouldn't let us outside. >> 2000 houses were placed on lockdown as party goers scattered. neighborhoods said people jumped fences into their yards to urinate and height. the house with a where the party was was unoccupied. new owners had it and were renovating
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renovating it. >> overall neighbors say they were thrilled to have the heavy police presence here. abc7 news. >> three south san francisco police officers are headed to baton rouge to attend the funeral for one of the officers killed there one you week ago today. officer jackson was one shot and killed outside a convenience store less than a mile from the police headquarters. hundreds of others attended funerals friday and saturday. jackson was a ten-year veteran. police force. his services are schedule for tomorrow. there was a peaceful protest yesterday. the group was calling attention to the recent fatal shootings of minorities by police, including philando castile and alton sterling. they also expressed concern over the targeted killings of police officers in dallas and baton rouge. participants said they were not
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marching against the police but for equality, justice and to save lives. >> i just really pleased with what the young people are doing this afternoon and setting an example. we pray, we march, we sing, and we spread a message of love, and peace, weather black or blue. >> they also called on the public to create a better tomorrow for everyone. a big celebration was held yesterday in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. the first theater of built in the city, the bay view opera house, has received a major makeover. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi and mayor ed lee are celebrating the jewel of the bay view. the opera house is the oldest theater in the city, built back in 1888. its always been a neighborhood gather spot.
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>> it has such a history with the community. people call it their opera house. people feel very, very invested in it. >> in 2014, after years of talk, the historic landmark began a nearly $6 million renovation. it was seismically upgraded, waterproofed, and now meets accessibility requirements. outside there's a new walkway, stage and garden. the theme was definitely accessibility, physical and also to the community and safety. by lowering it and taking down the fences. >> they expect the opera house to continue its role as a hub. >> where everyone can come, whether they are new to the neighborhood or people who have been long time residents of the neighborhood. >> and the bay view opera house officially opens in september. happening today, enjoy the sunshine in contra costa county with a free opera in the park.
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solo opera and the rotary club are hosting the event. it starts at 4:00 this morning at at the community park >> and there's a second all-girls baseball tournament in san francisco. these are pictures of of the opening ceremonies yesterday at the stadium. the park is hosting this year's tournament, which will include 200 girls from all over the country and santa. and canada. the games will be played through thursday and it's the nation's only all-girls tournament. lisa argen is here with her accuweather forecast. it's going to be a warm one for the girls. >> that's right, carolyn. we are looking at subtle changes today but not all of you will notice them. once again, triple digit heat in the inland valleys. live doppler 7hd, doesn't look like there is fog but we go in
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for a closeup, you see south of san mateo around half moon day and pescadero, some low fog and clouds to set up along the short line to bring us a nice sea breeze today. the temperatures are anywhere from the mid-50s in san francisco and morgan hill. 53 half moon bay. san jose 61 degrees. we are looking at clear skies here along the central coast. high relative humidity, good news. and also low clouds and fog there. a bit foggy from monterey and hollister, as well as watsonville. 60 by the delta with the southwest wind up to 20 miles an hour. not making much of a difference in your afternoon temperatures. still forecasting triple digit heat there. 61 concord and livermore. we will look for a little bit more of a stronger offshore push today to bring the cooling along the coast. with the clear skies this
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morning it will feel pretty good now into the next couple hours. and triple digit heat inland. look for a cooler day tomorrow. wouldn't you know temperatures spike up again tuesday and wednesday inland. really not a whole lot of relief inland until the end of the work week. that's when we will begin to cool down, especially by friday into next weekend. not a lot of good news for the inland east bay. as we jump ahead to your tuesday, this is when numbers will be spiking again from antioch, fairfield, livermore. but closer to the coast we are comfortable. so it's not a widespread heat event. wednesday you see the con tours near the colors and that indicates temperatures mid-80s around the bay. that will be warm, but the scorching heat definitely inland. the coast will be in the 60s today. nice half moon bay. san francisco about the same, 71. walnut creek 96. hot weather with the reds here
5:20 am
with 100 crease in -- 100 degrees in antioch. hot from morgan hill to gilroy. 88 san jose. peninsula numbers, mountain view 81, millbrae in the 70s. you will notice with the clouds here we will be comfortable but in the low 60s. north bay numbers anywhere from the low 70s by the water, sausalito, but 95 here. more of on shore push. you head inland, no break with 97 in pleasanton, 100 degrees in antioch and livermore. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are featuring 60s he at the coast, mid-80s around the bay and looking at 100 inland. cooler tomorrow but then we look to be another scorcher tuesday and wednesday inland, as well as thursday, and we will finally cool off bay area-wise into next weekend.
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carolyn. >> wow, scorchers, that's right. thank you, lisa. up next, not your unusual uniforms for this california baseball team. the by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ]
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♪ >> there you huge discounts being offered every day that consumers are not getting in on. why? because they don't use one similar tell trick. "7 on your side" michael finney has the secret. >> resident lisa is all over a good deal. and a good way to get one is
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through price matching. >> i price match everything. >> everything? >> everything. >> a former "7 on your side" producer, lisa decided me to meter at a store in san leone that's been in business since 1957. look at this window sign. with he beat costco. but the sign doesn't tell you, lisa will. >> they say they price match costco, but they price match other places too. >> really? you betcha. mark owns the place. >> there's online price matching, there's costco price matching. we always come out lower in the end. >> bay area consumer's checkbook knows all about price matching. it just completed an undercover study of some of the country's biggest chain stores. the -- we send our mystery shoppers into the stores and a product advertised for far less
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somewhere else and asked can i get the lower price, and in almost every case it was really easy to do this. >> kevin said each store has their own policy but most won't match a competitors coupon or match the price of a similar but not exactly the same product. >> the other big convention these stores always put in is if it's a clearance item or a discontinued item, then they don't have to match prices. >> and that brings us back to lisa, that's even price matched groceries. whole foods wanted 25 bucks for a pie. >> i called the business in another town and said how much is your pie, and it was about five dollars cheaper. >> did they price match? >> yeah. they said we will give it to you for $20 rather than $25. >> and k-mart, costco among them. because you are watching me now,
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you will get free access to the consumer checkbook study and advice on price matching. you can get it free for a month. this will save you serious money. just go to my website and go to and click on ""7 on your side"." you will find many, many. my reports there. just click on the sections tab. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side". >>:abc7 news was at a liquor store as people lined up to buy powerball tickets. last night's jackpot was $390 million. this store is the luckiest in all of california. everybody has a dream. >> whatever island is for sale. >> you are going to buy an island? >> yes. >> my family would be happy. >> well, there were no big
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winners in last night's drawing, which means next wednesday's big jackpot will climb to at least $422 million. check out your tickets. here are those winning numbers. >> we have those numbers on our website, the grizzlies minor league baseball team has worn some fun jerseys over the years. those last night might have taken the cake. the team was inspired by the three amigos. it's the 1996 move had viola with chevy chase and martin and martin short. they have had shorts inspired by stormtroopers, classic movie monsters and the classic teenage ninja turtles. nor more ahead. a college football player is being called a hero off the field for helping the police
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arrest a possible serious sex assault suspect. also, is this home part of disney history? why some members. the community
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it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are waking up to clear skies around the bay except at the coast. around the san mateo coast, looking at some low clouds and fog and even further from santa cruz to watsonville and monterey. good news, higher relative humidity. a slight wind shift. we will see a better on shore push but overall still warm. especially here. we are in the south bay right now. upper 80s will return for you today later on in san jose. 61 right now.
5:31 am
57 in oakland. we are getting into just a bit of a break today, especially tomorrow. but right now it's pretty comfortable from santa rosa, 51. 61 concord and livermore. we will look for further cooling as we begin the work week. today we are looking at 60s coast, 70s over in oakland. we will talk about more 90s and 100s for the week ahead. carolyn. >> thank you, carolyn. happening now a tropical storm warning is in effect for all half hawaiian islands. it made landfall yesterday afternoon with 45 miles an hour per hour winds. downed trees and powerlines caused 4,000 people to lose power. landslides also hit the island of maui. forecasters say the storm will continue moving toward the north
5:32 am
over the next few days and could bring 15 inches of rain in some areas. afghanistan is marking today as a day of national mourning, one be day after at least 80 people were killed in a terror attack. the afghan government is banning public gathers for the next ten days during two suicide bombings yesterday. the list law enforcementic state is claiming responsibility for the bombing. it's the first time they have struck in kabul, raising concerns for their growing strength in afghanistan. authorities say there are no ties to terror groups in the deadly attacks in germany that left ten people dead. the shooter is among those killed. this morning we are learning more about what may have pushed him to violence. we are in moon wick the latest. >> key details emerging about the gunman who went on a deadly
5:33 am
shooting rampage in munich. the 18-year-old revealed to be trouble, authorities say, not a drift. >> instead a young student said to be obsessed with school shootings. >> what lies behind us and what lies behind munich is the night off horror. >> it was near a popular mall. cell phone video shows him drawing his pistol and starting to fire. another clip shows the gunman pacing on the rooftop of a parking garage. he then raises his gun and appears to fire again. >> people were in running, they were in panic and in shock. >> he killed dozens before committing suicide. 300 bullets were found in his backpack. >> that's right watches as authorities were there. he reportedly suffered from depression. police confirmed he had a book
5:34 am
about school shootings, and he showed interest in the 2011 norwegian massacre as a youth camp. >> my guess he's another kill that fell into the category where he felt powerless, he was angry, full of rage. >> he posted a message hoping to lure young people not shopping center. >> i think he did that to attract people about his age to the mcdonald's so he would basically shooting his peers. >> across germany, flag flying at half-staff. people showing up and lighting candles and leaving flowers for the victims. abc news, munich. >> a college athlete stops the sexual assault of an unconscious woman in florida. the linebacker was working security. when he took out the trash he noticed a man passed out behind a dumpster and a man assaulting
5:35 am
her. garcia, along with another man, grabbed the attacker, who tried to fight back, and they held him for police. >> she could barely stand up and going in and out of consciousness. even if that were your girl, why would you try to be sexual with somebody who doesn't even know what's going on? >> they believe it was not the suspect's first victim. garcia says he has a strong morale code and felt compelled to intervene. fire exploded in texas, destroying a palette company, propane tanks. it also destroyed trucks and a home where an be employee lived. fortunately no one was hurt. the company was not insured disney fans are fighting to keep one of walt disney's former homes from being demolished. the small, two-bedroom home was lived in by him in 1953.
5:36 am
he rent it had from his uncle. he worked on film projects before moving. new owners purchased the home in may and they want to tear it down and build something bigger. disney nance believe had has historical significance and so far they have gotten their way. the city council has agreed to hold a meeting to find out if the home should be preserved this is a service dog, hook. a woman, who is visually impaired, did not see the on coming train. >> he ran and pulled me off the track. i turned around be and here i am and here's the train and, just missed me. >> wow. for his efforts, hook was earned himself a spot for the upcoming hero dog awards by the american
5:37 am
humane association. >> the game pokemon go has been blamed for a few accidents since it first came out but near is has nearly caused on international problem. thursday two canadian teenagers crossed the border illegally from alberta into montana. the teens were so caught up in the game, they failed to realize it. border agents handed them over to their mother. >> why you were traveling thursday? >> abc news was in thursday for a special benefit performance for this falcon. it is to raise money for the radio society and included an auction of vintage radio equipment. >> we are trying to keep the history of radio broadcasting alive and trying to keep the history of the radio themselves alive because it's important.
5:38 am
radio has affected our society in so many ways over the years. >> the event also features doors are muss cal performances and the induction of the 2016 bay area hall of fame award des. still ahead, a bunt any and silicon valley entrepreneur near. the person with autism taking on the world of comic books. there is other look be from our south. we camera. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few a.
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>> thousands of people in oakland were riding high this weekend, sell greating bicycling. the sixth annual pedal fest was held yesterday at jack london square. a test track for new bike riders, live music and safety helmets were featured. >> just an amazing array of vendors, pedal powered foods, pedal-powered music stage. every bike thing you can think of is happening here right now. >> the event is put on to raise awareness for bike east bay, which is a nonprofit dedicated to providing safe, convenient and enjoyable biking for people in the east bay. the first-ever round the world solo powered flight is nearly over.
5:42 am
solar impulse 2 left cairo, egypt last night on the last leg of the trip. the plane is expected to reach 48 hours to reach abu dhabi, its original departure point. since march of last year it has gone around the world and has not used one drop of fuel. it landed here in late april and took off in early may. can't say about the weather. >> no, carolyn. check this out from mt. tam. looked like the marine layer trying to get into richardson bay. the triple digit week not going anywhere for the week ahead inland. i'll explain next and the a's get their third walk-off winner in the last five games. mike shumann has the hits
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honey nut cheerios ...get their delicious taste from real, honest ingredients. real oats. that's a big bowl real honey. yeah, honey. and real patience. hurry up! i like that bee.
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. >> in sports, the a's look for their third straight victory over the a's you at the coliseum yesterday afternoon. they hit a walk-off home run for the second consecutive night. here's shu. he has all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the a's hosting the rays. he went the distance and got two ninth inning home runs, including a walk off from a rookie. doesn't get much better than that. a's, who lost seven straight, when kendall gray starting. but in the seventh up a hit. 3-1 raise. bottom of ninth. one out, one on for jay. he destroys it. two-run shot. sixth of the year. ties the game at three. two batters later, now two outs. a rookie, ryan healey, called up last week.
5:46 am
see ya. two home runs in the ninth. his first walk-off, second night in the row it's pie time. a's win it 4-3. grave mc is now 67-6 on the year. john cute pitched about his six innings. hicks caught looking. giants trial in the fifth until matt williams connects and ties it at 1. g-men committed four errors friday. played much better defense yesterday. angel pagan, the diving catch. it ends the inning. game is going to extra endings. the fighting fans. makes the grab. giants had a chance to tend it in the seventh. he finally breakthrough in the a
5:47 am
12th. williamson again. base hit up the middle. trevor brown scores from second. finally wins, snapping a their housing streak. 2-1, the final. and to tennis. forcing a tiebreaker, venus won again. she drills this for a winner. now on match point. returns, goes long. venus wins it straight sets. looking for her third title and she will face her next opponent. >> i think she plays a little similar today. you know, she served well, was off the ground. i think she still is confidence so it's tough against an phone be meant would is feeling good.
5:48 am
the. >> final set for today. we will had have toes title for you at 6:00. have a nice day. >> lisa, kind of brutal out there to do something like that. >> yes. we have low clouds and fog for a portion of the day along the shoreline. the san mateo coast, some thanks for you. it's going to be a long week with warm temperatures. we look at live doppler 7hd from south of san francisco. the fog beginning to fill in into the city and also down south you. just west of gilroy around watt ton be salecy. certainly, the live look outside. yes, we are waking up to a bit of cooling around the bay.
5:49 am
55 san francisco, 53 san mateo. the peninsula nice and clear. nothing to worry about if you are flying. 612 in santa rosa. the on shore push keeping it comfortable in many locations. 60 in fairfield. and out in our east baseless it's in the low 06 he is. fell about into thousand but this will not reach the inland east bay for such of the week. the wind shift from the south with spread into the inland east bay, the cooler air. it's a one-day event. mailed this morning. triple digit heat today. cooler tuesday and wednesday but it will last all week long in the inbay and getting cooler by friday. here'ser the peninsula, filling
5:50 am
in from the north bay. still tons of sunshine inland and it will be a nice a day at the coast with partial afternoon sun even at the half moon bay. tomorrow we talk about the schooling and tuesday you hook from appears. search searching spot against and we will fox there are it to be be a little farther west. wednesday, 93 for many areas. 85 redwood city and in the 60s along the coast. we will be looking at the cooling for santa rosa mainly tomorrow. 86 on monday. look what happens. 80s to 70s by the end of the upcoming worksheet. warm to hot from san those and something gill you roy. today look hadding at a sea
5:51 am
breeze. still warmth in the north bay. 80s san leandro. if you are headed to our east bay to spend time right on the shoreline there, upper 70s for the game. it should be 76 at 1:00. a nice around in oakland. the accuweather seven-day inland comfortable to filed at the coast. carolyn. >> we were having a gloomy summer so this is quite a change. thank you, lisa. we found one entrepreneur near who is a teenager and published author and he's living in awetism. we have the story >> sketching off the characters
5:52 am
from my own characters. >> he can sit in a corner for hours doing what he loves. one day his mother to be hit arrange large scale stories and put them in a comic book be format. the plan was to prints one copy of the magic pencil print-all for some and then people noticed and wanted copies to buy. >> it seemed like a little business almost for him. >> comic book sales are strong and so are on line ales. >> i am proud. >> the ship moves funny, doesn't it? >> it's a cool ship. >> jonathan comprehend at a third grade level so to write, illustrate and even star in a 17
5:53 am
page book, it's remarkable. >> i wish these books were popular and they were popular. i just try my best. >> he's resting on his had at the same time he's breaking out these comic took into individual soft covers. abc7 news. >> up next, the makeover coming to a popular attraction at disney, california
5:54 am
5:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $390 million powerball draw. nobody got all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $422 million. >> knew this morning, disney has revealed new renderings of
5:56 am
what will replace the tower of terror ride. this will be the galaxy superheroes. it shows what the new ride will look like. the president of marvel studios made the announcement at san diego's comic-con yesterday. it will open next summer. disney, as you know, is the parent company of abc7:00. up next on the sunday morning room at six, the inappropriate uber ride. the driver accused of sexual assault on one of his passengers. >> final plans are underway on the national convention. i'll have more coming up.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 24th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. an interesting morning. most of you waking up to clear skies but we have fog not only on the coast, but it's moved across san francisco. along the central coast, you are waking up to this from our sutro tower camera. low clouds and fog. 55 in the city, as well as morgan hill. 53. half moon bay 57. oakland 58 and and 61 san jose. speaking of san jose, nice and clear. it will be a warm one here today. 50s for santa rosa and 54 novato. looking at low


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