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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> the shooter some narrowly missed this obama lan police officer is still on the move. cornellber part in is live in oakland with the latest on a gunman targeting the officer. how is the officer doing? >> reporter: that police sergeant is doing very well and is home from the hospital. she suffered only minor industry but was not hit by gunfire, the suspect is on the loose and the
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mayor says it's unprovoked. >> he lives feet away from where a man opened fire on, a oakland police sergeant after she was involved with a collision with a car. this was the terrifiedded sergeant calling for help. >> i just got shot at. i can't get out of the car. >> police raid wrote traffic identified her as oakland police sergeant nadia clark she was not hit. the gunman ran away. >> fired several shots at the officer. >> this was a horrible, horrible thing to happen. >> the oakland mayor was quick to react to the violence in the wake of police ambush killings in dallas and baton rouge. >> we believe this was unprovoked. no actual exchange or interaction between the suspect that did the shooting and the officer. >> recent shootings against police nationwide have prompted opt to team two officers together the a squad carment but
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since sergeant clark was a supervisor she rode alone. , a ownland activist says her organization never condones violence. >> i do know this cannot be you'd to criminalize people who protesting. >> reporter: policing checking g this security video. >> also in developing news two massive wildfires are raging in tender dry california hills and capons. fire crews called for esack situation of thousands thousands and authorities are investigating a burned body found in a neighbor that was swept by flames. the two fires have prepare to to more than 50 square miles. the largest of the two is the sand fire in los angeles county. fire crews say flames burned their way through 18 homes and are now threatening 1500 others. the fire turned deadly when authorities discovered the body of a man in a burned car near one of the neighborhoods where a home had burned.
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they, officials, warned the public to heed evacuation orders. >> please, listen to the fire department. listen to the sheriff's department. we want to save lives and protect property and animals and we need to do this working together. >> this fire has burned 34 square miles and is just 10% contained. it breck out friday afternoon, and exploded in size over the weekend. a fire burning near big sur in monterey county has grown in size to more than 16 square miles. the fire is threatening more than 1600 structures. i has destroyed one outbuilding so far. calfire expanded a mandatory evacuation order to include the palo colorado and three roads. residents are being warned they pay be ordered to leave at any moment. let's check in now with drew tuma on weather conditions. >> those winds have picked up this afternoon, let's show you the satellite image from doppler. you can see the two fires, one just north of l.a. and the other
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one in monterey county. we'll zoom in. what you're seeing right along the coast, that white color is actually cloud cover by the grayish color is smoke blowing east from the fire. current conditions luckily it is cool and relatively humid in the area. the only downfall is the active wind gusting to 15 miles-per-hour. so, poor air quality in that area, and tomorrow poor quality, so "spare the air" day and more "spare the air" days this week as hotter air arrives. the forecast is coming up. >> thank you. abc7 news will help you beat the heat with updates on thunder abc7 news app. download and enable push alerts to get instant updated about the wrecks you live. to developing news in race for president. democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz says she'll step down at the end of the party's convention, she
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has been under fire following the publication of hacked e-mails that suggest the dnc favored hillary clinton in the presidential primaries. karen traverse has the latest from philadelphia. >> reporter: a bombshell on the eve of the democratic convention, party chair, debbie wasserman schultz, pronouncing at the end of the week she'll step down amid the growing controversy surrounding leaked e-mails from top party officials. when bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton, democrats hoped the nasty primary season was behind them. >> i can't help but reflect how much more enjoyable this election is going to be now that we are on the same side. >> reporter: not so fast. wikileaks, the internet watch dog group, leaking 20,000 e-mails from seven top dmc officials during the primary season. the the it seals to backup sanders claims --
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>> experts are tell us russian state actors broke into the dnc and are leaking them out. >> sanders this morning repeating his call for wassermann schulte to resign. >> we need a new chair who is going to lead us in a very different direction. >> reporter: security is tight at the convention site. thousands of permits have been issued to protesters. marchs and demonstrations are scheduled all week throughout the city. >> we'll be taking appropriate measures to make sure we cope everyone safe. >> reporter: in a statement hillary clinton thanked debbie wasserman schultz for her service but made no mention of the e-mail controversy. bernie sanders and his own statement said wassermann schultz made the right decision for the party. >> donna brazil, the vice chairwoman of the democratic national committee will take over as interim chair according to the dnc. brazil is expected to serve through the election.
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count on abc7 news for complete coverage of the democratic convention. reggie acan i and laura will report live from philadelphia beginning tomorrow. a deadly stabbing claimed a map's life in the south bay. we were in san jose where police searched for clues at the scene op on south second. a man was stabbed here just before 2:00 this morning. and they have little to go on and are trying to identify a suspect. >> man died this morning single car crash. at 3:00 a.m. a car crashed and rolled over on the sigh of monterey highway, killing the driver. the crash and investigation closed northbound lanes of the highway for several hours this morning. the car sheared off part of a power pole. no word yet what caused the crash. an uber driver who picked up a passenger near stanford is accused of sexually assaulting her, and police think there may be other victims. officers yesterday arrested 59-year-old rodolf vjerdha of
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redwood city. he was driving a burgundy 2014 kia optima. police say he picked up the victim on university avenue friday night and was going to get other passengers so he told her to sit in the front seat. she says he locked the doors, touched her on the leg and kissed her. after being dropped off she called police. uber today tells abc7 news the driver has been banned from using uber, and the behavior is a clear violation over the company's community guidelines. developing news out of silicon valley. verizon is expected to announce a deal tomorrow to buy yahoo. the deal includes yaw hue's core been of advertising, search and content. in the deal is valued at $4.8 billion. >> problems at the 21-year-old company began years ago and in november of 2008, cofounder was pushed out as ceo after reviewing to sell to microsoft. the ceo moved yahoo! from doing
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until 2010 to become yahoo!'s fourth ceo. she soon faced criticism about the direction of the company and in 20 -- 2015, the rev nye from ads and display ads dropped. in a taste of san francisco restaurants for free. we'll tell you when a number of restaurants are offering free food in order to entice people to give them a ride. >> look at the new trends from japan during a one of a kind event here in the bay area, that's when a
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>> a colorado waitress has been fired for a racially insensitive tweet after a customer didn't leave a tip. she said i would kill as men nextans as i could in one night. her hash tag included a racial slur. customers agree with the decision to fire her. >> it's important for you to be able to say, i'm going to work with people, i'm going to connect with people, and not all of them are like me, and how am i going to make a difference and make sure i'm connecting with these folks whether they're like me or not. >> oson apologized and actually mean what she tweeted. restaurants that have set up shop in san francisco's mid-market neighborhood are trying to woo new customers by enticing them with free food. this friday each of the restaurants will be dishing out sames of theirs best entrees on
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the house from 11:00 to 3:00. pizza, wine, and do dessert samples will be offered. the restaurant invites individual restaurant years interest the space. >> some big reveals at comic-con, ahead at 5:00, look at the super heroes coming soon to a theater near you. and a look live outside. in changes ahead in the forecast. we'll see cooler temperatures and then the heat will make a big comeback, drew will let us
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>> abc7 news was fort mason in san francisco where the best of japanese culture is on full display. the summit is held every year in the city, showcasing the latest in japanese art, music, fashion,
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and innovation, and costumes play a huge role at the event. >> you'll see characters running around, and they represent different regions of japan and different towns. >> the summit features unconventional aspects of japanese culture, including high-tech things created by event artists. another pop culture celebration is on in san diego at comic-con 2016, fans are getting sneak peeks at the latest geeky movies and shows. showing love for muggles, jedi, and zombies. girl power is big. fans got a look the wonderwoman trailer with nearly nine million views and marvel made it official, brie larson will play captain marville in the first female-led film. disney is the parent company of both marville and abc7. drew tuma has the accuweather forecast. what's going on? >> i think a lot of folks inland
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want to seek that ac perhaps in the movie theater or your home. it's going to get hot. and not just one day. live doppler 7hd showing you we have the nice coastal clouds but that marine layer is not strong enough to cool us inland just yet. so a picture outside, live look from san jose, blue skies, not a cloud. total sunshine. san francisco at 63 degrees. rather comfortable, oakland chaos the bay at 68. mountain view, warmer, 76. san jose, touch cooler than yesterday, at 82. half moon bay, 61. heirs the finger of fog in strait. santa rosa, 76. novato, 86. fairfield, 99. concord, hitting 101, very hot temperature. so even this refreshing look saw
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the folks at santa cruz enjoy the cool ocean water and the sunshine, and the forecast will call for the fog along the coast continuing and pushing into the bay last night. and the fog and increased marine layer will bring us cooler numbers, especially inland so not as hot on monday but it's short lived. it's a heat alert inland for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. that's four days of the heat coming our way. tonight, we're in the 50s. not as mild as last night. thanks to the increased cloud cover. here's the hour-by-hour, perhaps coastal drizzle likely monday morning, you can see the clouds burning into the bay, so fog likely to start around vallejo, oakland, hayward, san francisco, but will evan rid mid-morning and pull back to the coast. the coast will likely stay in
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the cloud cover for monday. so a wide range but cooler day across the board compared to today. inland, upper 80s to lower 90s. a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay. 85 in san jose, 81 napa. san francisco, 64. future tracker temperatures on tuesday, it's a cool coast but we turn hot inland. we're back to triple tickets and on wednesday we actually increase the numbers inland, so-called sizzling sunshine, even around the bay, going to field mild, warm, 70s, 80s, san francisco in the 70s, low 90s in san jose and still warm to hot on thursday. you kind of get the trend. if you have heat -- check on seniors and pets and take frequent breaks and wear light clothing. slight relief tomorrow and then on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, inland heat holds on, and then the early call for next
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weekend, we all cool off and temperatures actually might go below normal for this time of the year. so, going to be hot before it cools off. >> take care, seniors and pets. shu and i are trying to figure out which one we are. >> i have to go with the senior. >> mark moulder got off to a hot start in tahoe. this missioned putt on 18 opened the door for mardy
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>> the a's have not lost a series since the all-star all-star break and that
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continued today, taking three of four from the rays with billy butler doing most of the damage. ther in voss father of bruce maxwell who made his first major league start at catcher, and he called a great game for haun. he had a torn lead but replaced in the eighth, and ryan gives up a two-run bomb. just like that the game is tied at 2. but the a's get help from country breakfast, billy butler, an rbi single, delivers a third home run of the season. 3-2 the final. a's have not lost a series since the all-star break. >> these games are enjoyable but don't happen like that all the time. >> definitely contagious, and gives the offense confidence and, yeah, i mean, just all-around good baseball. >> giants looking to make it two in a row against the yankees. smardzija on the mound but carlos beltran, solo shot, yanks
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1-0. second inning, teixeira hits his 200th career home run. understand gentleman went 5-2/3. giants on the road tip 1-7 with the 5-2 loss to the yankees. >> the celebrity championship in lake tahoe between mark mulder and tennis share mardy fish came down to the final putts. joe path ski has birdies on 17 and 18, ended up in tenth place. jerry rice not in the hunt but this putt made his game. defending champ, mark mulder, five birdies on the front including on nine for a 31. but he's going to miss this par putt on 18 to open the door for mardy fish. fish now has this eagle putt on 18 for six points and a tie for the lead and it slips by. mark mulder wins back to back
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titles. 125 grand for his efforts and bragging rights for a year. >> venus williams in britain in the bank over the west finals. joanna takes the first set, breaking venus in this hot day. could venus battle back? she trailed 4-1. beautiful cross-court winner, third set, vaccine new york unforced error, finds the net, and the third seed wins in the sets. first ever singles title. >> to the track, nascar at the brickyard in indy. jeff gordon returns to racing, filling in for the injured dale earnhardt. he finished 13th. they brought out the red flag at one point. kyle busch take thursday checkered flag, winning his second straight brickyard 400.
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>> tour de france. chris froome recaptured the crown. at 6:00 right here, two new baseball hall of famer is doesn'ted today. ken griffey, jr. and mike piazza. see you at 6:00. >> we'll be right back.
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why a rise in autism numbers in california may not be a bad thing. the wild golf course caught on video. how about a strength twist in this year's hemingway look alike contest. dave hemingway won. no relation to the author. last night's contest was part thereof hemingway days festival in key west, florida. dave said it was time he won after losing the contest seven previous times. he does look like papa there. that's it for us here at 5:00. thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas. for drew and shu, see you at
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6:00. tonight, the breaking news here. word of a major resignation just hours before the democratic convention. the new party turmoil. the chair of the dnc, now saying she's out tonight amid leaked e-mails. did the dnc favor hillary clinton all along? was bernie sanders right? and hillary clinton tonight, side by side with her new running mate. this evening, he's coming to her defense amid the name-calling from donald trump. and you'll hear it. the other breaking headline. the sweltering heat and fires turning deadly. evacuations under way right now. dangerous heat alerts from kansas all the way to philadelphia and new york. as the death toll rises, including a 12-year-old who was hiking. dramatic video of a plane spiraling, crashing into a home. witnesses running in to help. the deadly machete attack,


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