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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves, a lot more from reggie aqui ahead, but, first, the forecast. >> the 100 degree heat is breaking and weather wise we are a downturn with the cloud cover behind me, and mist and drizzle along the coast, and some of the coastal valleys and lower elevations like san francisco and sausalito, right near the coast, the day planner is 47 to 58, so quite a spread. we will see sunshine quickly by noon, not of us sunny and the noon, not of us sunny and the coast is up to 8 i will show you when the 100s return. next. >> drive times at 6:00 on monday morning, antioch to hercules, westbound 4, good at 33 minutes and slowing from the east shore freeway, highway 4, into the macarthur maze, and highway 87 in san jose from 85 to the airport, brisk at eight minutes.
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we will check on the accident when we return. >> in travis, texas, more violence against law enforcement an officer has been shot and killed in his own home in round rock, north of austin. his body was found in the backyard. neighbors are shocked. >> i want to cry. i just feel so bad for all of other brothers in arms as well as...his family. feel helpless. >> officials believe the deputy interrupted a bug her at his home and was shot. the deputy was just about to retire after 32 years of service. >> police in oakland are hunting for the person would boldly opened fire on a police sergeant over the weekend. we identified the sergeant clark based on radio calls for help. she crash on saturday and was injured in the patrol car and the gunman walk up and fired at
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her. the shooter got away. clark was released from the hospital yesterday. oakland officers have been riding in pairs after the deadly shootings in dallas and baton rouge but show was solo because slow a supervisor. ait is something we have to revisit but it does not take away that it was a cowardly attack on a police officer. >> oakland community activists say they deplore all violence against police. >> now more breaking news we are tracking from florida where two people are dead after a nightclub shooting, up to 17 others are injured when someone opened fire at an ever vent fortunes. parents were picking up their children, and the victims range in age from 12 to 27 with life threatening injuries. police are questioning three people and the area is safe now. the club posted a message saying it was just trying to give the kid as safe place to have fun. >> now the big technical news
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from sunnyvale this morning, verizon is buying part of yahoo in a $5 billion dial, quite a deal since yahoo was work $125 billion. now to yahoo headquarters with the details. jessica? >> good morning, deal is worth $4.8 billion. marissa mayer, the c.e.o., will receive a pay out worth $57 million but marissa mayer said she wants to stay. this morning, on social media she said she loves why who and wants to stay to see it into the next chapter and the deal will only be finalized in the first quarter of next year when yahoo will change their name. it will be publicly traded company, and will reportedly get rid of their core internet and mail services, husband -- the website, and gives your done control of content and advertising technology and will
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exist only as an investor in your who japan and alibaba. the company was founded in 1994. it struggled with the rise of google and facebook. top executivives from google, switched to become why who's c.e.o. and have tried to revive the company but it is considered a pioneer of the intent. verizon is the largest telecommissions company in the united states and they bought aol last area. marissa mayer released an e-mail this morning saying and i quote, "yahoo is a company that has changed the world and now we will continue to with on a greater scale in combination with verizon and aol." big hopes for the future of yahoo. but that is remaining to be seen. >> in the city where men founded our country a woman tries to be
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the first to led it at the democratic national convention starting with dnc drama. reggie aqui is at the wells fargo center. reggie? >> heavy hitters tonight who are speaking on the stage behind me, where the focus is in a few hours. right new, the focus is not here, but outside the arena in philadelphia where florida is having the breakfast. we will look at that, and the ron we are focused on this, the dnc chair, debbie wasserman-schultz, is expected to speak in a few minutes and she is the person who is only going to be chair for another week until the end of the convention and we will take the video showing her last night on this stage, she will be out of that position because of the e-mails exposeed show she and the dnc made moves to hurt the bernie sanders campaign. >> i cannot speak to people not working for me who were saying
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whatever they were saying. >> what i suggested to be true six months ago towns out, in fact, to be true. i am not shocked but i am disapent -- disappointed. >> there are a lot of bernie sanders supporters here on the floor representing our state and there are 254 delegates for hillary clinton and 221 for sanders. senator bernie sanders will speak along with the first lady and the keynote address is going to be from massachusetts senator warren and she will be at last people we hear from tonight during prime time. the republicans underred last week with donald trump making the long speech and a lost pundits saying it was negative showing what is wrong with america. the dnc is trying to by have the away and saying it will be more positive and uplifting. we will see. >> thank you, reggie. >> reggie aqui and laura anthony
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are in philadelphia all week in the convention and we will go back to reggie at 6:30 and laura has reported each afternoon. right here. >> fears in southern california are battling more than flames. they are facing drones, too. the united states forest service said drones are interfering with the efforts at the sand fire and have had to ground the aircraft after spotting them burning 33,000 acres at this point. it is only 10% contained. you can see the massive plumes of smoke and yellow flames and orange flames. 20 homes have been destroyed so far. mandatory evas remain in affect. >> firefighters in contra costa county have kept a brushfire from getting out o farm animals were taken away
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from the danger. the fire threatened treasures. -- threatened structures. >> next, an offer that restaurant owners hope you will find too tasty to resist. >> would would responds over accusations that the villiage is accusations that the villiage is
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>> on the roof we are off to a great start. our peninsula temperatures, daly city and pacifica, cool, san mateo is 54 and everyone else is up to 58 at san carlos. 58 in san jose. mill valley is 52. if you are jogging or bicycling, use caution, it is "spare the air" day and we will have extreme sunshine. our temperatures are no 100s as the sheet back off. but the 100s are back on tuesday and wednesday and possibly on thursday and friday in the seven-day outlook. >> an hour now from the central valley, westbound 580 from tracy up and over the altamont pass. through livermore you have another problem waiting for you in dublin/pleasanton with an
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accident in the clearing phases. an usually with debris at dumbarton. westbound 580, traffic is backed up to highway 84. and debris in all lanes at middlefield and c.h.p. has done a break to clear it. >> for get time out, a mind control technique that some parents are using to get their kids to behave. >> bad news for tech workers left stranded when san francisco left stranded when san francisco banned when i crave a smoke left stranded when san francisco banned that's all i crave. that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> uber driver who pick up a passenger in downtown palo alto is accused of sexually assaulting her. police think there could be other victims. officers yesterday arrested officers yesterday arrested 59-year-old rodriguez he stole her to sit in the front seat, and lock the doors and kiss her. the drivers with arrested in east palo alto, uber said the driver has been banned and the
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behavior is a clear violation of community guidelines. >> you it details of the tech buses from the san francisco area to silicon valley with city permits denied until next month. that san franciscoed a lost passengers. the operator was kick out of the bus program in april because of community come lanes and labor issues. >> parents know how difficult it is to get their kids do do certain things but a trend is hypnosis. it is called hypno that includes problems on focusing, and she started doing it to get through the night without wetting the bed. >> my children are able to use logic and republican. they have a form of diligence that you do not see in other children. coming up, find out what experts
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say how hypnosis kicks bad habits right here. our russian president will not attend the hoping of the games in rio de janeiro a day after the olympic committee decided not impose the blanket ban on russian athletes because of a doping scandal. the world anti-doping agency called for a ban in response to an independent report finding evidence of widespread state sponsored doping by russian athletes at the winter olympics. >> rio de janeiro agoers are defending the individual average as "the best in history," and this is after big complaints from the australian delegation about unlivable conditions saying they will not move into their build, because of plumbing and electrical and cleaning problems, for example, when they flush multiple toilet waters comes down the wall. the mayor of rio de janeiro is doing everything to make
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australians feel at home. >> you can usually find a silver lining in a bad celebration even a delayed flight. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high >> that was jessica bailey sinning "somewhere over rainbow," as passengers waited to take off at storm grinded the recent flight and the crew asked if anyone on board had a talent to share. her friends told the crew she could sing so she asked her to grab the mike and she wowed the crowd and got a round of applause. the plane made it in dallas where she competed in a pageant. >> are was jessica bailey when i was on the southwest flight on friday, on a hot tarmac, without air conditioning. where was jessica? >> i heard she got extra peanuts
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and a full drink. >> good morning, everyone, hot under the collar over the welcome whether you are flying or staying here, today is not is hot but another "spare the air" day. lows are continuing in the comfortable range which is good news because the heat comes back at 100s possible tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday inland. and it was a gorgeous picture the gusting to 25 at fairfield association this is a sea breeze but a lot of us are not feeling it. we will this afternoon from 2:00 to 9:00, from east of the bay bridge north -- rather, east of the golden gate through the delta under economies. we are back to average in the south bay with san jose at 83. milpitas is 80. we hit 90s fore the warm spot. in milbrae we are 72, the warm spot, and redwood city is 80. low 60s along the cost and 64 in downtown, upper 60s in south san francisco and sausalito, and 81 in san rafael,
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and 79 in sonoma and everyone else is petaluma 82, east bay sure, richmond cannot make to 70, at 69. fremont is 78. inland, 87 this san ramon and brentwood is 96. a few folks could turn off the air conditioning today. ibilitying heat on tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday. on saturday and sunday the temperatures cool to average for the weekend warriors. >> at 5:32, lights are on with traffic stacked to the made -- macarthur maze. from macarthur maze to san francisco it is 40 minutes. over the altamont pass, it is slow-and-go. that is typical. for industrial drive out of the central valley. early accident dumbarton is cleared. early accident westbound 580 to dublin/pleasanton is cleared. only residual slow traffic at highway 84.
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we had debris mocking all lanes of 237, with bag of debris for half a mile. c.h.p. did a break and got it out of there and traffic is cleared. >> restaurants in san francisco at mid-market are trying to attract new customers with free food. on friday each restaurant located in the market food hall are --ing out samples of the best house dishes on the house. pizza and wine and dessert is offered. they change their concept and inviting individual restaurants operators into the space. michael finney is showing how to claim money you may have forgotten, and the future of forgotten, and the future of commuting, driverless
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>> future of driverless mass transit debuts in the bay area in a matter of weeks. according to our media partner, two driverless shuttles will be tested in concord in the summer. they will then be used to transport workers in san ramon. they were purchased from a french firm and seat six with six others to stand going no faster than 25 miles per hour. the shuttles are super bowled --
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are intended to be used for sharp trips. >> now, ask michael finney. michael has a question of old bank cds. "7 on your side" has the answer from michael finney. >> i have an old deposit certificate. how do i redream it? >> first, contact the bank and see in they have the money or a record of the money. in not, go to www. unclaimed look up to see in the state is holding money. old accounts must be turned over to the state. so check and see if that happened. in it is fill out a form and they send you the minute. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it and head to abc your question could be answered right here. >> parents, raising a toddler in
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a knitsy home can damage their learning habits. the study was published in child development showing the background noise hurts ability to lend more. the tv, radio and other people speaking can affect how a toddler learns. young children were more successful in a quiet environment. reducing background noise when trying to teach your toddler. >> we will see how markets start after the major merger from verizon overnight, buying yahoo. >> and damage after a car crabs how a senior center. >> moments ago, the dnc chair, on her way out, spoke to the florida delegation with the sound coming up and meteorologist mike nicco, it is hot here, how is it in the bay area? >> humid, too, you look younger because of that. we have two things to follow: cooler conditions, although it
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is "spare the air" day and i is "spare the air" day and i will show
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the opening bell running on wall street, investors will watch yahoo and verizon today. early this morning verizon confirmed they are buying the
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internet pioneer in a $5 billion deal. >> we will watch that. good morning, i am natasha zouves. i am matt keller here for regular at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. >> more from reggie in a few but, first, weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning, it is great on the roof but a bit of a mist. the marine layer is thicker and juiced up. no rain on live doppler hd. right now,is holding off the cloud cover and we are holding off delays. no arrival delays. we are going from 56 to 63 at the coast, and it will be partly sunny, at 69 to 78 around the bay and inland, 83 to 93. hot but no 100s. today. from highway 4, westbound, antioch to hercules, not bad. under 35 minutes. 80 from highway 4 at hercules to the macarthur maze at 26
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minutes. add 10 minutes if you are headed to san francisco metering lights are on and from highway 4 to san francisco it is 36-40 minutes. we have highway 8235 looking great, 87, rather, from 85 to the airport, a nice breeze. we will check on a new accident on the dumbarton in a couple of minutes. >> in novato, police are conducting a d.u.i. investigation. a car crashed through a wall of a seen major center at 3:00 a.m. no one was inside at the time. the car will be there for a while. a building inspector has to check on the integrity of the building. >> the big story this morning in silicon valley: verizon purchased yahoo core business. it is called the sad end of an era a purchase of a small fraction of what it was once worth. jessica castro is at yahoo headquarters with the details. >> it seem like the end of an
6:32 am
era forth $4.8 billion. yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer said she plans to stay. that is new. she plans it stay after the announcement, the acquisition was finalized and she sent out an e-mail saying she loved yahoo and wants to see it through to the next chapter. yahoo will be rid of their name when it is finalized next year and become a publicly traded investment company. yahoo will ditch the core internet and e-mail services and the website dedicated to news, sports and finance. the deal gives verizon control of content and advertising technology. it is considered a pioneer of the internet found back in 1994 but struggled recently. we verizon is the largest telecommunications company in the united states and acquired aol just last year report from yahoo i am jessica castro.
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>> from texas this morning, authorities are searching for suspects in the shooting death a sheriff deputy shot early this morning at his own house in round rock, north of austin. authorities believe he interrupted a burglary. the body was found in the backyard. the officer had 32 years of service and was planning to retire. >> out of florida, two people are dead. there was tight club shooting in fort myers. three people are being questioned. shots were fired during an event and two died. the victims are from 12 to 27 years. some have life threatening injuries. there is in ron to think it is connected to the orlando shooting two months ago. there was a message on facebook saying they are deeply sorry foreign involved. >> concerns of officer safety in the bay area. an oakland police sergeant was shot inside her patrol car.
6:34 am
amy hollyfield is in san francisco with how local departments respond. amy? >> yes, san francisco police are responding to what happened to their neighborhoods across the bay and they have ordered officers to double up in their patrol cars and you will not see them alone in their cars responding for what happened late saturday in east oakland, an oakland police sergeant got into a car crash and someone walked up to her patrol car and opened fire. police in san francisco responded with a new order which is supported by police unions. >> going to two man cars is a good step in the right direction, the police department has been looking at and making it more difficult to injure or attack police officers. >> the sergeant is okay, and wasn't shot but was taken to the hospital to be checked out. best have been doubled up in
6:35 am
oakland since the dallas officers were shot. she was alone because she a supervisor. no arrests have been made. >> three south san francisco police officers are in louisiana to attend the funeral for montrell jackson one of three officers killed when a gunman opened fire on them near police headquarters overa week ago. >> this morning evidence of a trump bump, a poll shows the republican convention pushed donald trump ahead of hillary clinton. today the democrats get their chance to bump back. reggie aqui is at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. reggie? >> good morning. we get to the poll numbers in a second but, first, new sound we got a few minutes ago from the florida delegation breakfast where we saw the dnc chair speak to the people there. some are happy to see her chanting her name and others
6:36 am
saying "e-mail," referring to the mail scandal that has plagued the first 24 hours leading into the convention. here is a look. >> we know the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, we know that is not the florida we know. the florida we know is united. >> we did not hear an apology or directly addressing the mail scandal that now is going do have debbie wasserman-schultz out of the position at conditions chair at end of the convention so, interesting to hear as she continues to push forward and essentially act as in nothing has happened. her role will be diminished this weekend. now the trump poll is showing he has a bump with donald trump in
6:37 am
the lead going into the republican national convention, hillary clinton was leading, and now there is a six since the convention and thousand hillary clinton can make up and exceed bump the we will see what happens start this evening. >> reggie aqui and laura anthony are covering the democratic national convention in philadelphia all week. reggie will join us in eight minutes. look for laura's reports each afternoon right here. >> donald trump is on the stump with the vice presidential running mate mike pence. the donald trump campaign is going after bernie sanders supporters. he made an appeal for them to join with the exposure of the dnc mail the campaign is hopping that sanders followers are angry enough to switch. >> and the soberanes fire in men
6:38 am
tray is 11,000 acres and only 5% contained. highway one and cal fire expanded mandatory evacuation orders. six homes have been destroyed and 1,600 structures threatened. firefighters have a hard time reach the fire because of rough terrain. >> firefighters could use reenforcement and solano county answered the call with fire engines leaving for the soberanes fire last night. >> sending five type three units with 22 people to the monterey fire and second strike team is sent out in the last 24 hours. other by area fire departments are this helping including san rafael and sonoma. there are now 46 firefighters at the fire. >> back to southern california and the wildfire raging north of los angeles. this is from the helicopter, the smoke is billowing into the sky. air quality is obviously an
6:39 am
issue. in southern california. this is the sand fire. it has destroyed 33,000 acres in the valley. last check it was only 10% contained. 20 homes have been destroyed and 2,000 are threatened with mandatory evacuations in place. a body was found in a burned car in a driveway. it is not then how the person died. this is obviously a big conserve for firefighters in southern california and across the state especially here are we see the triple digits. mike? >> absolutely. it will be hot after when day reprieve. if you are headed to monterey today, possibly carmel the big sur fire, the smoke will be pushed to the north. you could have shes this afternoon. in the south bay we are 50 in mountain view and los gatos at 67. san jose is 2358. newark and lafayette, the same. 5 in novato.
6:40 am
san francisco is 54. and same for half moon bay. san jose in the south bay and inland east bay, an area where we could have poor air quality. you can see low clouds encroach ing on lower elevation including san rafael south on 101 to the golden gate bridge. bit afternoon we have sunshine, but the coast is in the 60s. the rest of us are in the 70s to 90s and 100s are back on tuesday and wednesday and a couple more days after that. sigh? >> mass transit is "spare the air" day with no issues with caltrain and bart has 54 trains in service and on monday morning ace train is leashing stockton on time and not a problem. we have slow traffic from the central valley with 55 minutes into dublin/pleasanton and early accident with a new accident reported at the 2580 --
6:41 am
junction. another accident at the toll plaza blocking slow lane westbound on the dumb after the toll plaza backing now, into through arc. we will check on the dublin/pleasanton in a few minutes. all the democratic national convention kicks off today as we said, but, next, we are at the wells fargo in philadelphia to show you the point from california delegates. >> rent or buy? the ron it could make more sense to own your own place. but, first, what is is coming up on america next. >> breaking news from overnight, a deadly shooting in a parking lot of a nightclub in florida with two killed and a dozen with two killed and a dozen injured during teen night i
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>> back to philadelphia and reggie aqui, on the floor of the democratic national convention. >> he is giving us an interesting behind the scenes look. where is california on the floor? >> good question. this is a compact arena more than the republican national convention, and as a result there are not so man seats on the floor. there are more seats in the bowl of the stadium so that means some states do not get to sit on the floor.
6:45 am
which state, do you ask? states like california, so you ask where california is? it is just behind our trafficker, and this is california, where the microphone is, where they do the rollcalls and it and a good-bad seat because we are close to the stage. i am standing here and you can see where the podium is, with mike checks. it depends where you sit. if you are in the front row, you would actually have a screen right this you are staring at, not at the podium. so, in some cases, fur in the california delegation, it is better to sit at your hotel room and watch it on television with a much better angle. another thing i want to show you, you could notice that i am using an old timey magazine attached to a cord that is attacked to the photographer because we cannot use wireless
6:46 am
mikes? because there are a lot net woulds using wireless soen with you see t.j. on "good morning america" running around, he has the wireless mike because i cannot have one and i am only giving t.j. a hard time because she a good friend of mine and we saw him and he is lovely. by, old timey fashioned microphone is what we have for the convention. all the old stiff is reliable, you have wireless microphone envy but we can hear you loud and clear. >> stops have been trading for 15 minutes and investors react to the in us that verizon is buying yahoo, a big story. jane is at the nasdaq with our money report. jane? >> good morning. yahoo trading lower with so much anticipation that the deal would take place that it had a run up and now it is actually official it is trading down. verizon is buying $4.89 billion
6:47 am
and they went to work on growing business. as far as buying or renting in california it mays sense to by. the three of the top five rental markets in the united states are in california all in the bay area. monthly rent in this state is $ $2,400, and monthly porchor morning is $2,100 so people get roommates. a drop in prescription drugs in medical marijuana states and $16235 million was in medicare savings. it was recorded in the "journal of health and >> thank you. police in newark turned pokemon go contribution into an opportunity to forge new relationships with the public. >> the department lured players
6:48 am
by activate to stops there last night. the american public accomplished this on facebook and hundreds shows up to catch the clashes. officers say it was a great opportunity to interact with people in a friendly setting. >> an opportunity to get the people out, to come out here and talk with us and to interact with us on a positive platform. >> this is amazing. >> police say other -- from away the country have reached tout them look for tips on how to host their own manage -- own pokemon go. >> the marine laser strong? >> it is. >> it is. we will look at the picture from you get near pier 15. this is "spare the air" day so if you can take mass transit it
6:49 am
is great. heat eases for one day, it continues through friday. the evening lows are comfortable. the clouds are putting out of the bay by noon and hanging along the coast. it will open up across the north bay chest, but less along the peninsula. south bay is 83 agency for san jose. sunnyvale is 81. the peninsula has san mateo at 76. a lost low-to-mid 60s around san francisco including 64 downtown. low-to-upper 70s in the north bay, the east bay sure is breezy. below average at 70 in oakland. mid-70s to castro valley. concord is only 89. we hit the 90s out highway 4 and around livermore. my seven-day forecast shows a one-day break and the heat hits
6:50 am
inland tuesday through friday with 80s around bay and up to 70 at the coast on wednesday. >> she mentioned it was "spare the air" day mass transit is a great option. no problem up and down the peninsula and bart has 54 trains on schedule and ace trains are run on time with no delays. a look at the east shore commute is busy and filling in beyond golden gate field into emeryville and if you travel from hercules to san francisco, it is 40 minutes and that is moderate. we have metering lights on at the toll plaza and slow and go out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass for gone minutes into dublin/pleasanton and an accident beyond the toll plaza blocking the slow lane and second issue for dumbarton with minor slowing from newark toward the westbound direction. no super did the intersection or interview accident be reported than it was cleared, southbound
6:51 am
680 is slow, and slow traffic on highway 84 out of the lynch. southbound is bogged down. we will look at the tolls in the next report. >> southwest airlines said the flighted should be back to normal now they resolved problems caused by the computer average forcing them to cancel a thousand flights over four days. the problems have been fixed. there should be no delays. >> the first ever around the world solar powered flight should be completed this afternoon at 5:30 p.m. our time. it left egypt on saturday night on the last leg of the trip. the plane started the journey in march of last year and has not use add single drop of fuel. during trip they planned at moffitt air field before taking off in may. all the first openly gay player
6:52 am
in division one men's basketball career is making a career change to bring him to san francisco. gordon is hopping to become a firefighter. he cape out while playing at the university of massachusetts in 201 and want on to play for seton hall. he said he was inspired by the first openly player in the nab, jason collins. he was not selected in the draft and announced yesterday he decided to leave basketball and try to become a san francisco firefighter. >> we have seven things to know >> we have seven things to know before you go
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> if you are headed out the door here are the seven things you need to know. big news from silicon valley, verizon and yahoo make it official, verizon is bay the core business for under $5 billion. yahoo will keep the stake in chinese retail giant alibaba and yahoo japan. marissa mayer said she is staying. >> two people are dead. up to 17 are injured. there was a shooting outside a fight club in ft. myers, florida , at an event for teens. three are in custody. authors in texas sent for whoever funned down a deputy in his home in round rock. the it is believed he interrupt add burglary. >> troubles dnc chairman debbie wasserman-schultz was booed at a breakfast to kick off the democratic national convention. year, she said she is resigning
6:55 am
after the e-mails showed they conspired to sabotage the campaign of bernie sanders. >> in novato a car rammed into a senior center on hill road. no one was inside the building. the driver was arrested and taken from the hospital. police are ticketing a d.u.i. investigation. >> six, "spare the air" day, we have to be careful with the air quality, and the sea breeze will pull back the temperatures chipping away over 90s inland to 60s at the coast. >> seven, we are following the monday morning commute with metering lights on at 5:32 with moderate delays from golden gate field to san francisco under 20 minutes, and, yes, the accident is become at the interchange with c.h.p. putting it at westbound 580. that is it for now. we are back in 25 minutes with an update. >> reggie aqui is in telephone all week covering the democratic national convention. reggie?
6:56 am
>> of course tonight we look forward to the first lady speaking and we will hear from bernie sanders, a pivotal moment given we have so many bernie sanders supporters in the california delegation. i was texting with one at at breakfast with the dnc chair spoke account impact of that, could it last beyond tonight? will the speakers tonight overwhelm that? we will see. stay tuned.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, deadly shooting at a dance club in florida. >> one kid got shot in the head. one kid got shot in the neck. >> at least two people killed. more than a dozen injured. shots rang out during teen night. 13 and 14-year-olds caught in the gunfire. police are taking multiple people into custody. devastating wildfires scorch the west. more than 33,000 acres burning as 1700 firefighters try to fight the blaze. planes dousing flames from above. los angeles residents warned to stay indoors as the northeast faces its hottest temperatures in years feeling like more than 100 degrees. crisis at the convention. [ chanting ] >> it kicks off today under a cloud of scandal.


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