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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, deadly shooting at a dance club in florida. >> one kid got shot in the head. one kid got shot in the neck. >> at least two people killed. more than a dozen injured. shots rang out during teen night. 13 and 14-year-olds caught in the gunfire. police are taking multiple people into custody. devastating wildfires scorch the west. more than 33,000 acres burning as 1700 firefighters try to fight the blaze. planes dousing flames from above. los angeles residents warned to stay indoors as the northeast faces its hottest temperatures in years feeling like more than 100 degrees. crisis at the convention. [ chanting ] >> it kicks off today under a cloud of scandal.
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the party chair resigning over leaked e-mails that show the dnc favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders. >> i'm with her. >> hillary clinton and her new running mate now facing an uphill battle to bring the party together. >> i don't know anything about these e-mails. i haven't followed it. >> donald trump trying to capitalize on the divide as clinton makes her case to become the first woman in u.s. history to be president. >> announcer: live from philadelphia, pennsylvania, this is a special edition of "good morning america," "your voice, your vote," the democratic national convention. and good morning, america. we are here in philadelphia for the democratic convention. hillary clinton is going to make history here this week, the first female nominee for president of the united states. >> of course, a lot of excitement here but also a lot of chaos in the wake of that e-mail scandal. democratic party chair debbie wasserman schultz announcing her
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plans to resign as bernie sanders supporters, they are here in force, they're flooding the city protesting hillary clinton as a nominee, and there's a new poll this morning and as expected trump getting a bump from last week's convention. >> he got a pretty good bounce, no question about that. we'll get into all that but first breaking news, another deadly shooting at a florida nightclub. this time in ft. myers. about 100 people were at club blu for teen night when shots rang out, two killed. more than a dozen injured. it does not appear to be terrorism. abc's marci gonzalez is there with the latest. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, george. we're told many of those victims are teenagers, still a very active investigation here with dozens of evidence markers here in this parking lot. police still aren't saying what led to this mass shooting or what the motive could be. moments after midnight a teen dance party at the club blu bar and grill in ft. myers, florida, ending in a hail of gunfire. >> engine 13, possible shooting
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at club blu. be advised we're getting reports of multiple people. >> reporter: witnesses describing several rounds of ammunition being fired by two gunmen as clubgoers scramble to safety. at least two dead as many as 16 injured, mostly teenagers. >> one kid got shot in the head. one kid got shot in the neck. we see people that got shot. they fell to the ground and then everybody kept running. >> reporter: first responders rushing to the scene blanketing the club with yellow tape, tatiana holliman visiting an apartment across the street when gunfire rang out. >> everybody was running through the apartments, getting behind it. everybody was ducking down. when we heard the gunshot it sounded like it was two different guns. it was more than one shooter. >> reporter: the club shooting could be connected to two other shootings nearby overnight. and right now, there's an active search just a few blocks away from here for possible suspects.
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we are told at least one person of interest is now being questioned. george and robin. >> a lot more question, okay, marci, thanks very much. we'll stay on this story all morning long. >> boy, the state of florida has been through so much. but now we're going to move on now to the democratic convention kicking off this morning. a new national poll shows donald trump three points ahead of hillary clinton. as the democrats face that e-mail scandal party chair debbie wasserman schultz announcing she is going to step down. jon karl is here, has all the details for us, good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, this is a shocking start to the convention. not only is the party chair out, but the clinton campaign is pointing fingers at donald trump and vladimir putin. just as democrats were hoping for a big display of unity, party chair debbie wasserman schultz has been forced out accused of secretly siding with hillary clinton over bernie sanders in the primaries. the abrupt resignation comes after an e-mail hacking scandal at the dnc. wikileaks on friday released
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nearly 20,000 internal dnc e-mails showing top party officials mocking sanders and conspiring to hurt his campaign. one message from a dnc staffer even proposed using sanders' faith against him writing, my southern baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a jew and an atheist. sanders has long claimed the dnc was biased against him. >> i think she should resign, period, and i think we need a new chair who is going to lead us in a very different direction. >> reporter: in an interview with "60 minutes," new clinton running mate tim kaine, a former party chairman, criticized the dnc for appearing to work against sanders. >> but there's a difference between having an opinion about somebody, having a candidate that you prefer over somebody else. there's a difference between that and trying to alter the outcome. >> reporter: the dnc first discovered its computers were hacked last month. party officials said cybersecurity experts traced the
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hack back to russia. russian officials denied any involvement. but on sunday, clinton campaign manager robby mook leveled his own explosive charge about the leaks. >> and it's troubling that some experts are now telling us that this was done by the russians for the purpose of helping donald trump. >> reporter: trump campaign chair paul manafort called that charge absurd. >> what is in those e-mails show that it was a clearly rigged system. bernie sanders never had a chance. >> reporter: debbie wasserman schultz's resignation is not effective until after the convention, so she will both gavel in and gavel out the convention. afterwards the reins will be turned over to donna brazile as the interim head of the party until after the election. >> i've heard of donna brazile. >> donna brazile, yes. >> i've heard of you. >> you should talk to her some time. >> thank you. let's move the camera right over. there's donna brazile right here. of course, all of you at home know her as one of our abc analysts but today you stepped
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aside from that here as the interim chair of the dnc take over the reins friday. is it appropriate for debbie wasserman schultz to work through this convention? >> you know, debbie has spent a lot of time and effort in pulling together this convention this week we had three standing committees, they met, they approved the platform, the rules, the credentials. she deserves an opportunity to gavel us in, turn it over to the permanent chair and she deserves an opportunity i think to also close us out. >> but i got to say, if i were bernie sanders and i read all those e-mails, i'd be pretty angry as well and they showed a real bias against bernie sanders. how did that happen? >> well, first of all, hillary clinton won fair and square. she won the most votes, the most delegates, and of course, the most states. there's no question, and i have apologized to not only senator sanders but all of the other individuals, our donors, our volunteers and everybody who is implicated. >> will chairman schultz apologize as well? >> debbie, she's a member of congress and i'm sure she understands what's at stake and we need to come together.
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tonight we will have a big night. a lot of good voices -- bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and, of course, the first lady of the united states -- this is going to be an exciting convention. we're going to break out in a joyful noise tonight. >> i want to get to that. one more question about these e-mails. you saw robby mook yesterday on "this week," the chair of the clinton campaign, director of the clinton campaign, say the russians were behind this hack. any evidence of that? >> i heard that there is a lot of evidence. we knew two months ago when it was first reported that some russians were behind it. i don't have any connections so i don't know who's really behind it in terms of the russian government and all the other stuff. i'll let the other people talk about that. i want to talk about the convention, george, and the things i think we have to do this week. >> let's talk about that. the new polls this morning show you have your work cut out for you. cnn poll showed a ten-point bounce for donald trump and another poll shows a smaller bounce but still shows a tied race. you all need a good convention. >> you know what, hillary clinton comes into this convention as the candidate that
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can, i believe, answer the questions about the future. her campaign and her message this week is that we're stronger together, we can solve our problems, we can begin to project a better country with a better future for everybody and tonight we begin that conversation. >> how about the questions about her honesty, all the polls still show a majority of americans think she's dishonest. >> i think what she has to do this week is say, you can trust me to focus on jobs, education, to make sure every american has a more safer and prosperous future. >> donna brazile, welcome back. >> all right, george. donna, and, of course, the democrats hoping the resignation won't be a distraction as the convention kicks off tonight with major headliners including as donna just said senator bernie sanders. abc's cecilia vega joins us now has much more on all that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is where it all happens as you said, some big headliners here tonight, but don't forget this is hillary clinton's convention and with that controversy hanging over this hall right now, party unity could be tough to achieve.
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this morning, philly or bust. the stage is set, the balloons are ready. even if some fell a little too early. this is hillary clinton's big show and she says she's ready to make history. >> i think it would be a great moment for our country because every little boy and every little girl should be given the chance to go as far as his or her hard work and talent might take them. >> reporter: joining her in that convention hall, her new running mate tim kaine. overnight, the democratic ticket sitting down for their first joint interview showing they've become fast friends. >> i think that we'll be a good team. i believe we'll work well together. i believe that he will give me his best advice. well, i just have to add that he plays a mean harmonica. >> reporter: trying to put on a united front against a common rival. >> he calls you crooked hillary. what do you call him?
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>> i don't call him anything and i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on. so, whatever he says about me, he's perfectly free to use up his own airtime and his own space to do. >> she's done a good job on letting the water go off her back on this. that's not the way i feel. when i see this, you know, crooked hillary or i see the lock her up, it's just ridiculous. look, most of us stopped the name calling thing about fifth grade. >> okay, let's talk primetime. the big role tonight, michelle obama, she will be talking about the role the president can play in children's lives and, of course, you mentioned bernie sanders. he has a big role to fill tonight especially since so many of his supporters are still not on board, george. that poll you mentioned out this morning shows that one in four sanders' supporters still say they will not vote for hillary clinton. >> they will be listening to elizabeth warren too.
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okay, cecilia, thanks very much. let's turn to the republicans now and the new team tv donald trump and mike pence are kicking off their first week of campaigning as the official gop nominees with trump taking to the airwaves and twitter to taunt the dnc and his old opponent ted cruz. abc's tom llamas is live at trump tower in new york. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. it's a busy week for democrats, but it's also a busy week for donald trump and governor pence, they're hitting several battleground states including florida, north carolina and ohio. as the democrats gear up for their convention, donald trump is already trying to steal the spotlight. days later still bragging about his convention and his big speech. >> the only thing that some people said it was a little dark. it was a little bit tough. >> did you think it was a little dark? >> no, i thought it was very optimistic. to me it was an optimistic speech because we're going to solve the problems. >> reporter: for the quote haters who said the 75-minute speech was too long, trump tweeting out this video with an applause-o-meter claiming 24
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minutes or one-third of the speech was pure cheering. >> vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket. >> reporter: trump also not ready to let go of senator cruz's cannonball of a speech where he did not endorse him. cruz eventually getting booed off the stage. trump said he entered the hall at that moment to save cruz. >> i'll tell you what, i did him a favor because had i not walked into the arena at that moment, i think they would have ripped him off the stage. >> reporter: now, donald trump says he is going to move forward by finding super pacs against senator ted cruz and also governor john kasich, the ohio governor who boycotted his convention. robin. >> all right, thank you, tom. we're going to bring in matt dowd. want to talk about the republicans but first of all you called this on saturday. you sent out a tweet saying that hillary clinton should fire the dnc chair, replace her with
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donna brazile, that did happen. you said it's a smart pick but is the convention starting under a cloud, matt. >> and i don't know if the phillies are going to be in the world series so, i don't know about that pick yet. i think it's a very smart pick. i have worked with donna brazile in the 1980s in campaigns and i've worked against donna brazile. we worked on the opposite side in bush versus gore in the course of this. i think many republicans are going to regret what they wish for because i think donna brazile as head of the dnc is going to put together a whole different discipline against the dnc and entirely different campaign, very grassroots oriented. i think it's a really smart pick. >> and about hillary clinton this week, what does she need to do? >> well, as you talked about earlier donald trump got a bump which wasn't unexpected, he occupied the landscape all of last week. i think they are very aware that they need to have a consistent message throughout this. they need to be both understand people's fears but lift people to a more aspirational hopeful place which didn't happen at the republican convention. if they can thread that needle i think they have a very successful convention.
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>> tonight, bernie sanders. >> and tonight, bernie sanders and that's a big speech because i think there's till a lot of bernie sanders voters out there wondering whether or not hillary clinton is their person. they wonder about the tim kaine pick and, of course, in this series of e-mail problems with the hacked e-mails in the course of this i think there's frustration on their part. so, i think his speech embracing hillary clinton in a full-throated way i think is very important. >> let's talk trump and pence now because as we've been talking about they've gotten this bounce from the convention last week and they're together this week for the first time. different people, i think it's safe to say. how do you think it's going so far? >> well, i think they're still -- there's an awkwardness to it and i think donald trump has a difficulty having anybody else standing next to him or being front and center. he is a person that constantly wants himself, even in the announcement of governor pence, he sort of had governor pence in the background. i was struck by the difference between what hillary clinton did with tim kaine which was she actually stood in the background while he gave his speech which i thought was a much more seamless announcement in the course of this. i think they'll work it out but my guess is donald trump and mike pence won't be campaigning together a lot.
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>> all right, matt, thank you very much. that's nice about the phillies but the lottery numbers, that's what i want to know -- >> after the show. >> if you can see that in the future. >> thank you, matt. we move on now from politics. there is a new terror attack overseas overnight. it happened in germany where a young man with a bomb blew himself up outside a packed music festival. that's just days after a shooting rampage in munich left nine dead. abc's alex marquardt is on the scene in ansbach with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. that bomber detonated his explosives. they found a video in arabic where he pledges allegiance to isis. the bomber was the only one to die in the attack. there were 15 wounded. he was a 27-year-old syrian asylum seeker. he had a history of depression. he tried to commit suicide twice
7:17 am
before. now this community is much on edge. police this morning saying that given the amount of explosives in this attack last night the death toll could have been far higher. george, robin. >> all right, alex, thank you very much. we will stay on top of that. but now to that scorching heat, the peak of the heat wave hits the east today. here in philly and new york, temperatures could feel more like 100 degrees. ooh. ginger in times square with the latest. good morning to you, ginger. >> hey, good morning, robin and george. and yes, that heat is here and this afternoon the peak of it is on us. and that's why it's become dangerous, this afternoon it feels like 109 in washington, d.c., 106 in philadelphia. this could be some of the hottest air we've seen in three to four years depending on your location so that's why we have those heat advisories from north carolina up to massachusetts. let's look at some of the video that came out of chicago in the last 24 hours, the "l," the blue line blowing up during a severe storm. still investigating exactly how that all came together but today we've got that severe storm
7:18 am
right here, the potential for it in the afternoon, 80 and along i-95, and we also got to check in with our kayna whitworth out west, 27 large wildfires, she's at one of them in santa clarita. >> reporter: ginger, good morning. i'm at the sand fire. this is the largest wildfire in california. at 33,000 acres you could see the flames all around me. as you mentioned, with triple-digit heat, bone-dry conditions and high winds, it's hard for firefighters to get an upper hand. it has also turned deadly. officials found a body charred in a vehicle, as the sand fire hassen gulfed homes, trees and power lines in its path. we have 1500 people evacuated at this point. ginger. >> the heat stays on in 100 or plus. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, the select cities brought to you by liberty mutual insurance.
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>> welcome to monday. i am meteorologist mike nicco. we will check out the highlights. spare safer day and the heat will ease but it will be back with 100s trues -- tuesday through friday. 60 at the coast and 80s inland and east bay we will have the 90s. tonight, we fall back into the 50s. my seven-day outlook shows tuesday through friday, 100 but this weekend, temperatures are cool, back to coming up, more fallout at fox news. donald trump defending roger
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we're back and staring at clouds. it will be short lived today. 50 santa rosa. mountain view 60 right now. our day planner forecast, 57 at noon. 69 in the bay. 83 inland. a little cooler on this spare the air day. 90s inland. 60 at the coast at 4:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the heat comes back in 100s tuesday through friday. inland it will relax again this weekend. >> thank you, mike. coming up, "gma's" coverage from day one of the dnc continues with robin and george live from philadelphia. another update in 30 minutes and
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lease the c300 for $379 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." you are looking at a dance club in florida where a deadly shooting erupted overnight. at least two have been killed. more than a dozen injured. shots rang out during teen night and an investigation is under way right now. also right now, 50 million americans facing extreme heat. the northeast could see its hottest temperatures in years. as the west battles those massive wildfires, more than 33,000 acres burning this morning. shocking video this morning showing a deadly tiger attack overseas. a female tourist killed and another injured on a safari in china. we'll have much more on that terrifying incident in our next hour. >> that is just horrible to see. also this morning, we are here in philadelphia for the democratic convention. michelle obama will make a big speech tonight. how will she handle melania?
7:31 am
we're going to find out about that tonight. also some musicians are taking back their music after politicians used it to make their entrance. you remember that entrance from donald trump last week. >> quite memorable. >> queen not happy about it. we'll have more on that coming up. >> that's ahead. first we'll begin with the fallout over those sexual harassment allegations at fox news. more women coming forward saying the problem much bigger than roger ailes and donald trump now speaking out defending him. abc's rebecca jarvis is at fox news headquarters in new york with the latest. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and that's right, more women coming forward not with just allegations against roger ailes but the culture inside of fox news itself, and this morning, new speculation about roger ailes' next move, could the republican kingmaker be joining the trump campaign? overnight, donald trump defending his longtime friend former chairman and ceo of fox news, roger ailes. >> i mean it's so sad. he's such a great guy.
7:32 am
>> reporter: trump touting the empire that ailes built and last week walked away from after allegations of sexual harassment became public. >> what he's done on television is in the history of television he's got to be placed in the top three or four or five and that includes the founding of the major networks. so, it's too bad. i mean, i'm sure it was friendly. i know rupert, he's a great guy. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager paul manafort echoing that to george. >> he is a voice that understands the american people. >> reporter: adding to the speculation that the 76-year-old who's widely known as a republican kingmaker could potentially even join the trump campaign. >> there's some speculation this morning that roger ailes, the ex-chairman of fox news, will be advising your campaign, is that true? >> i have no idea where that came from. >> reporter: the backing coming as new allegations against the
7:33 am
culture at fox news are surfacing. >> iran does want to pursue this. >> reporter: in a new interview with "the new york times" former correspondent rudi bakhtiar alleges she was fired from the network after filing a complaint after rejecting sexual advances from former washington bureau chief brian wilson, claims wilson who left fox news in 2010 denies. the network saying she was let go due to her performance. this in the wake of the lawsuit filed by gretchen carlson. "the times" says approximately a dozen women have told them that they have experienced some form of harassment at the network. two telling the paper they were harassed by ailes, others saying they were harassed by other supervisors, all reportedly worrying that speaking out could be detrimental to their careers. sources telling abc news overnight that while several fox personalities have spoken out in support of ailes, it was only after megyn kelly refused to speak out in support of him that ailes realized his job might be over.
7:34 am
and attorneys for gretchen carlson saying their case against roger ailes will move forward. meantime, the parent company of fox news, 21st century fox telling abc news there's absolutely no room anywhere at our company for behavior that disrespects women or contributes to an uncomfortable work environment. robin. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. and joining us now to talk more about this is our chief legal analyst dan abrams back there in new york. dan, with this latest allegation, what does this tell you? >> well, first of all, this is more dangerous in a way for the parent company. why? because, number one, it could indicate they knew or should have known there was a problem. and, number two, you're talking about allegations now against other managers at fox news, not just roger ailes. so, from the corporate entity's perspective, the question is going to be a legal one which is should we have known that this was happening and reports like this are not helpful for them.
7:35 am
>> the former correspondent that rebecca was referring to in her report settled her case and even admits that she is not supposed to discuss it, so, could she possibly be sued over this? >> she could absolutely be sued over it but she won't be. you know, she signed a contract in effect that said, i am agreeing to drop my lawsuit in exchange for x number of dollars and part of that agreement involves not speaking publicly. but can you imagine right now with the parent company saying to women, please come forward, please tell us your stories, we want to know what's happening that suddenly they would sue someone like this for something that happened in the past? i don't think there's a chance it'll happen. >> and possibly because they have to be concerned about the possibility of more lawsuits because all these women, more coming forward allegedly making these claims. >> yes, but let's remember, there's also a statute of limitations here.
7:36 am
three years in new york state, a lot of the allegations are much older, but i think that, look, they have also a major pr problem here that they want to address so they're both thinking legal and pr, and i think that with regard to the legal issues, they're looking very carefully at how long ago many of these allegations were made. >> how big is this, dan, indeed inside and outside the of the industry? >> it's huge and i think that people outside the industry may not realize how big a deal roger ailes was in our industry, how much of a sort of trendsetter he was in terms of making cable news to some degree what it is today. >> all right, dan, thanks very much. >> okay, thanks, guys. we're going to move on now to a college football player being called a hero for stepping in to stop a sexual assault. the florida gators linebacker speaking out about what happened in that gainesville bar and abc's ryan smith has his story. >> reporter: he is a hero who stepped in when no one else did.
7:37 am
>> i was throwing out the trash. at a nearby dumpster, when i pull up i see a man who has a woman pressed up against the side of the dumpster. >> reporter: christian garcia, a university of florida junior linebacker describing the moment he said he witnessed the assault of a 19-year-old woman outside this gainesville, florida, bar and took action. >> at first i'm thinking these two are hooking up and the guy is saying this is my girlfriend and immediately i think this woman's body was limp and she looked extremely drunk. there's no possible way she could have given consent. >> reporter: garcia who works as a security guard at 101 cantina says he knew it was his duty to get involved. >> i grabbed the guy by his shoulder, we went into the alleyway. he began to get violent. he tried to throw a few punches at me but he was too far to even come close to hitting me. he slipped and busted his face on the floor and that's when his friends pulled him away and they fled the scene. >> reporter: gainesville police crediting garcia and another witness for stopping the assault. later arresting this man,
7:38 am
34-year-old christopher shaw, charging him with sexual battery and jailing him on $500,000 bond. garcia says his quick thinking came from a moral code he says his coach jim mcelwain tries to instill in all his players which may have helped save a young woman's life. >> do what's right. always at the end of the day it comes to doing what's right. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> boy, good for christian garcia. >> do what's right. so simple. coming up on our big board, that olympic bombshell. the decision to not ban the entire russian team after that doping scandal. plus, shocking video showing a man breezing right past airport security with no ticket. you can imagine that sparked some outrage. and tonight, the first lady, michelle obama, taking to the stage to support hillary clinton. there's some speculation about their relationship. we'll get into that when we come back in two minutes, the big board is on the road here in philly. philly. d here in philly.
7:39 am
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7:41 am
welcome back. welcome back. it's time now for our big board. on the road here in philly with it, our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories. jon karl is here at the desk with us. he's back with us. we'll have more from him in just a moment. but first, let's start with that big decision by the international olympic committee, the ioc, to not ban the entire russian team from rio, not banning the entire team. this despite a report by wada alleging widespread and state-sponsored doping among russian athletes. joining us now espn's jeremy schaap. a lot of people not happy about this. what say you? >> well, robin, the ioc had an opportunity here to make a big statement to come down hard on state-sponsored doping. the evidence against russia is overwhelming and instead it chose to pass the buck to the individual federations, the 28 federations that oversee the
7:42 am
sports in the summer olympics program. you could argue this is more fair. you could argue that they should be looking at each athlete on a case-by-case basis, but if they really wanted to send a message about doping, they would have banned russia. >> so, jeremy, what does this mean in practice? these 28 federations, how many do you think are going to allow russian athletes to participate? is there any way to know right now? >> well, there's no way to know right now but we'll have to find out soon because we're only 11 days away from the olympics getting under way, george, and they've got a big process to go through. right now, there is no presumption of innocence with any of the 400 russian athletes who are hoping to compete in rio. instead, they're going to have to prove to the individual federations that they are clean. how they get that done in such a short period of time is anybody's guess. >> yeah, that is really hard to do. okay, jeremy, thanks very much. let's move on now to a new video raising questions about airport security.
7:43 am
surveillance camera catches a man walking around a tsa checkpoint right through an unguarded metal detector. no one notices at all. let's bring in our aviation consultant steve ganyard and, steve, everybody has been happy this summer that the tsa lines haven't been as bad as everybody feared but these security breaches are something and it's not the first time. >> it's not, george. this video is even worse than it appears. remember that this happened well before the brussels bombing, well before the turkey bombing in istanbul, and so you watch a guy literally walk from the curb all the way onto an airplane. this is a fundamental fail of physical security. >> steve, the tsa says they have made adjustments at the checkpoints at dfw and they will add some more barriers and congress just passed a bill this month requiring tsa to ramp up security in other places so what are they doing? how can they continue to keep us safe here? >> well, i'd like to know what
7:44 am
they did not only at dfw but go back and look at all the airports across america. you can have a fail like this at one major airport, probably some others elsewhere across the country. but it's good that congress is funding the tsa but you can spend all the money in the world on high-tech surveillance but, if you can't get the basics of physical security right, then we've got a real problem with security on our airports. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. a lot of delegates getting on a plane coming here to philly for the convention and speaking of that now to michelle obama's big speech here tonight at the convention. mrs. obama and hillary clinton, well, you know, there's been some speculation about the kind of relationship they've had over the years, the first lady has a prime speaking spot on opening night. jon, you are back here. she hasn't made an official endorsement yet. i think we may hear it tonight. >> spoiler alert. she is going to endorse hillary clinton tonight. you heard it here first. look -- >> really going out on a limb there. >> you know, there was tension
7:45 am
back in 2008. that is a distant memory. hillary clinton is the person who would carry on her husband's legacy and the big deal here is she is the most popular political figure that will speak at this convention. probably the most popular political figure in america today and if you remember in 2012 she killed it at the convention. she electrifies the base, it's a big speech. >> yeah, one of the reasons she's so popular she's become something of a pop culture maven and tries just about everything including last week the karaoke with james corden. let's take a look. ♪ if you like it you should have put a ring on it oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh >> a couple of questions. i think we'll see some humor tonight. and my big question, i don't know the answer yet, how does she handle the melania plagiarism flap. >> i was going to say, a real sign of just how popular she is and how she has broken through is that when melania was looking to make that speech, she looked
7:46 am
to michelle obama for inspiration because, you know, the plan wasn't plagiarism but that's why this all started because she said she admires michelle obama. i do not expect that she will go anywhere near that whole flap. >> i disagree. >> you think so? >> i think it'll be a warm joke but i bet she makes a joke. >> i agree with you. >> we'll find out tomorrow. >> we'll find out. we'll find out. >> okay, thanks a lot, guys. coming up here we'll go behind the scenes at the dnc. t.j. holmes with a live tour in just two minutes. >> uh-oh.
7:47 am
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7:48 am
new neosporin plus pain itch scar we're not the only ones who traveled to philly. back now with our behind-the-scenes look at the dnc, t.j. holmes, of course he made the trek here, showing us a view you don't normally get to see. hey there, t.j. >> good morning. i've been given a minute and a half to give our viewers a tour. we'll take a view from up top.
7:49 am
first thing you'll notice here you see a lot of blue instead of red. that's pretty obvious. and as i make my way to the floor and say hello to our broadcast partners going live. as i make my way across the floor it's a little more intimate on the floor. you want to pick it up. i'll pick it up. >> run like a man. >> she told me to run like a man. what am i running like, robin? okay, what you'll notice on the floor is that it's more intimate. there are only eight states on the floor. you got a few delegations on the floor. so, who gets the top billing on the floor? arkansas and new york. of course, the obvious reasons why they get front row seat force something like this and arkansas, i'm from arkansas, we never get front row seats to anything. so the stage here history will be made thursday night but there was already a really big moment on this stage. let's roll the video, guys, yesterday a couple of dnc staffers got engaged. >> ah. >> on that stage. isn't that cool? >> that is. >> so, we start off with a little controversy and whatnot but we start off with a beautiful moment. >> she said yes. >> i think she said yes.
7:50 am
>> i think so. >> she accepted his nomination, if you will. >> oh. >> but the other thing -- >> that's a yes. >> that's a yes. last week we were at the home, the "q," the home of the nba champion cavaliers. we're at the wells fargo center, the home of the -- >> easy. easy. >> 76ers, the worst team in the nba this week. >> why are you smiling so much about that? >> because she had a big grin on her face. she knew where i was going. >> he had a little sweat, i was thinking of jerry seinfeld, the episode where he's running through the airport and taking -- pick up your knees. >> happy monday to you too. >> come on. >> it was too easy. >> thanks a lot. we'll be back. we got an exclusive interview with ozzy osbourne. we will have what he's saying about his relationship with sharon. messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching,
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with downy fabric conditioner. it not only softens and freshens... it helps protect clothes... from stretching, fading and fuzz... so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner wash in the wow. back here on "gma," we start in hawaii with tropical storm darby and it may move through this weekend. trees down, flash flooding. the firefighters in hawaii reporting more than 60 flash flood rescues. look at the tropical storm now moving off, 1 to 2 inches of rain with this still.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by kohl's. o you by kohl's.
7:56 am
now from abc 7 news -- >> good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. head outside for a look at the forecast with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. clouds are breaking up a little bit. look for quick sunshine. see what the temperatures are doing. low 50s to low 60s out there. as we head to the afternoon hour, 60s at the coast, 70s at the bay, 80s inland. and east bay 90s. 100s return tomorrow. drive times right now if you are leaving traci, heading up to dublin, 45-minute drive. fairly moderate now. things have picked up. a lot of problems earlier this morning. highway 4 westbound in to concord looking great. just under 30 minutes. marin in to san francisco, san rafeal specifically under 20 minutes. >> thank you, sue. coming up a rare interview
7:57 am
with ozzy and jack osbourne. they will open up on their new show and ozzy will address the state of his marriage. that's up next on "gma." another update in 30 minutes and always on join us weekdays
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. crisis at the democratic national convention. stunning shake-up just hours before it begins. the party chair steps down over leaked e-mails that reveal the dnc favored clinton over sanders as clinton and her new running mate tim kaine aim to bring the party together. >> i'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on. >> we're live in philadelphia with the latest. breaking overnight, deadly shooting at a dance club in florida. teenagers caught in the gunfire. at least two people killed. more than a dozen injured. police racing to track down the suspects at this hour. abc news exclusive. ozzy and jack osbourne opening up. their new father-son adventure
8:01 am
and what the rocker's revealing about his split. where their relationship stands now and what's next for their family. ♪ also this morning, dangerous woman. oscar winner brie larson revealing her brand-new superhero identity and it's a marvel. get ready to call her captain. ♪ the one i love all that and fantasia is here performing live singing you into monday as we say -- >> good morning, america. good morning, america. the hall a little bit empty right now. not so tonight. it's going to be packed here in philadelphia. big night tonight, first lady michelle obama is going to speak, bernie sanders is going to speak, elizabeth warren, as well. >> there are a lot of talk about
8:02 am
firsts this week as hillary clinton becomes the first woman nominated for president. husband bill could be first spouse? the clintons once said it was two for the price of one with them. we're also going to talk to a very close observer of their relationship over the years, that is just ahead. but first let's go back to new york. amy and lara holding down the fort. >> a tough job. someone has to do it. we have a new parenting trend this morning. can hypnosis actually help your kids making them more productive, efficient and focused. dr. besser is here live. >> you are getting sleepy. >> do your homework. and we do have some summer dangers as the temperatures get hotter. how common household products used to spruce up your deck could spontaneously combust. a very scary image right there. we're going to tell you how to make hour it doesn't happen to you at home. have i stalled enough to get you over? >> yes, you have. thank you very much.
8:03 am
we begin with new details with that shooting at that dance club in florida. two teenagers, a 14-year-old and an 18-year-old were both killed. 17 other people were injured at club blu in ft. myers. police have detained three people. they're investigating the motive of the shooting. hundreds of homes are in the path of a raging wildfire north of los angeles. the so-called sand fire has destroyed at least 18 homes and may be to blame for one person's death. the flames tripled in size over the weekend. consuming 10,000 acres on sunday alone. chaos this morning as the democrats kick off their convention in philadelphia. the head of the democratic nation naal committee was booed. she'll step down after leaked e-mails show party officials conspired to sabotage bernie sanders. wasserman schultz will still
8:04 am
take part in the convention at donna brazile will take over as the interim chair of the dnc. earlier on "gma" she responded to a claim by the clinton camp that russian hackers leaked the e-mails to help donald trump. >> i heard that there's a lot of evidence, we knew two months ago when it was first reported that some russians were behind it. i don't have any connection so i don't know who is really behind it in terms of the russian government. >> as for the convention itself, tonight's theme is united together. abc's cecilia vega is in philadelphia with all the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. but achieving party unity could be easier said than done with that controversy hanging over this convention hall right now. nonetheless, the man tasked with trying to pull that off tonight, bernie sanders. he's got to try to convince his supporters to vote for hillary clinton. one in four still say they will not. also center stage tonight, michelle obama will talk about the role that the president can play in children's lives, but all of this comes as this new poll this morning, amy, shows that hillary clinton and donald
8:05 am
trump are now in a virtual tie, amy. >> cecilia, thank you. overseas, isis has claimed responsibility for another violent attack. last night official said he pledge allegiance to isis. dramatic video shows the moment before a deadly attack at a wildlife park in china. some may find this disturbing. a woman steps out of a car after reportedly arguing with her husband and then look at that. a tiger grabs her dragging her away. her husband and her mother run after her. she survived but then her mother was killed. the couple's child stayed in that vehicle and was not injured. wow. in health news a potential way to identify alzheimer's disease. researchers say sudden behavior changes including angry outbursts or sudden obsessive behavior could be the first signs of that disease. a new study finds games that help train the brain to process
8:06 am
visual information faster can fight off dementia, although doctors say more research is needed. and finally, well, this is a remedy perhaps to get me to the newsdesk each morning. forget running through the airport to make your flight. there is a faster way to get to your gate. you can ride, take a look, the modobag. yes, you are looking at a motorized suitcase. it can reach eight miles an hour. the problem is the price tag is not cheap. $900 when it goes on sale next month but how much will that cost your ego. >> look at that. >> i'm so jealous that you did that story. feels like "pop news" to me. >> do you want to get one? >> can we have a race around the studio? that's a perfect segue into "pop news." i do have movie news for you. comic-con this weekend and women
8:07 am
proving the sky is the limit when it comes to superhero movies. brie larson will star in "captain marvel" saying call me captain marvel. we have our first glimpse of gail godot as wonder woman las sewing up the bad guys alongside chris pine and at comic-con, superman star henry cavill, there he is, in cognito sporting a mask to pose with fans, and the pranked "suicide squad" star will smith and takes the mask off and surprises them. the entire cast of "suicide squad" by the way, joining us next week on "gma." i'm talking will smith, viola, margot robbie and all of them, big stars will, the producer, saw it and said it's funny. looking forward to that. also in the news, taylor swift has been getting a lot of backlash. now she's taking a stand against instagram trolls. the bad blood singer reportedly
8:08 am
blocking hateful spam, abusive comments and snake emojis that people are posting by the thousands. she's using a special new tool, it's an exclusive feature bestowed upon her by instagram that flashes a content review message automatically deleting spam-ridden posts. a spokesperson from the photo sharing app says simply we're always looking for ways to help people have a positive experience with comments on instagram. the program has been kept under wraps, is not available to the rest of us users just yet. but unfortunately she does need it right now. then finally, we are all watching the race for president very closely. and apparently so are some big stars in the music world. last night john oliver reminded us about all the unauthorized music being used this election season and all of the times politicians are being asked, please not to use certain songs, for example, queen as you know wasn't too happy that donald trump walked out to "we are the champions." earth wind & fire and george harrison, his estate have also complained about their songs being used at the rnc so looks
8:09 am
like some artists now are taking a stand. ♪ didn't write these songs to make your campaign stops seem cool ♪ ♪ don't use your songs you shouldn't use it wrong ♪ >> john oliver nailing it. hillary has some serious star power in her corner. she might want to consider them by katy perry, demi lovato, lady gaga, all expected to cheer her on at the dnc. robin and george, any thoughts on that last story? >> well, you know, stop using their songs. they said it best. ♪ don't use our songs >> i'm not sure if my sister cleared "at last." that was the song played at her wedding over the weekend. >> one of my favorites. >> yes, i don't know if we cleared it or not but her husband, they only had eyes for each other. it was great, the whole family together. he's the oldest of nine. our family got really big. we love it.
8:10 am
>> beautiful picture. >> thank you. she was very proud of that dress. thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing, robin. >> any time. how about that "morning menu," lara. here's what's coming up. ozzy osbourne is also sharing he's opening up about his public split from his wife sharon so what's next for their relationship and his new adventure show with his son jack and would you hypnotize your kids? there is a new parenting trend that is making headlines, i'm looking at dr. besser. he's shaking his head no. we'll get into that with him live. and then greg kinnear is also with us live. we'll have him and so much more coming up on "good morning america" here in times square. don't go anywhere. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium, 24-hour tablets. 24-hour tablets. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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8:15 am
yo! >> welcome back to "gma." that's a look at ozzy osbourne's new show with his son jack premiering last night. ozzy also opening up about his split from sharon. abc's jesse palmer has more. >> ozzy. >> reporter: the osbournes, they've been a power couple for over 30 years. >> i'm 63 years of age and i can't keep living like this. >> reporter: but in may sharon announced that her very public marriage to the rock legend was on the rocks. >> i don't even know what my heart is telling me right now. i'm just like just trying to take it all in. >> reporter: now, ozzy and his son jack in their l.a. home opening up as they embark on a new project. >> it's a sensitive subject for you, obviously sharon came out publicly and said that you were separating but -- >> no, it's just a bump in the road.
8:16 am
>> there's thousands, so many fans around the world that want the marriage to work. >> it's back on track again. >> that's great news. that's great news. >> i mean, listen, as a married person myself, marriage is not like hey, we're married, all is good. i mean it's just -- >> and we both live happily ever after. find the person that wrote that and poke him in the eye. some days good. some days it's terrible. some days you drift apart for awhile but you get back on the horse, you know. >> reporter: back on track and back to entertaining. >> it's rock 'n' roll. >> the world is our oyster and we shall exploit it. >> reporter: hitting the road with his son in their off-beat travel log reality series. >> feel like a penguin. >> it's like a father/son bucket list travel history show. >> yeah, that's about right. >> reporter: unfiltered to say the least. >> this is where you'll be sleeping. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> do you consider yourselves historian, history buffs.
8:17 am
>> it's kind of like learning about each other as well as learning about history along the way. >> do you guys think you're similar? >> yeah. >> to one another? >> jack's organized where i'm not. >> i realized a lot of our similarities while doing this. >> that you can drive and i can't. >> reporter: and in true osbourne fashion things get a little weird. what do you think people are going to take away from this show? >> i hope they enjoy the show and they get a good laugh and learn something about us and just have fun with it, you know, it's not a serious show, it's just a lighthearted tour around the world. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jesse palmer, abc news, los angeles. >> some serious father/son bonding there. "ozzy & jack's world detour" airs sundays on the history channel. and coming up, hypnotizing your kids, could it work and is it a good idea?
8:18 am
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8:21 am
we are back now with a new parenting trend, hypnotizing your kids. it's raising big questions and abc's mara schiavocampo goes one-on-one with a mom who is a licensed hypnotherapist. >> exhale. >> reporter: hypnosis, a clinical technique typically used to treat things like anxiety and pain.
8:22 am
but could it also help you put a spell on your kids? >> you naturally influence your child anyway. let's learn how to do it with intention. with your head still just follow the crystal with your eyes. >> reporter: introducing hypno-parenting courtesy of hypnotherapist and mom of three lisa machenberg. >> it's a natural solution. >> reporter: that's right. she hypnotizes her kids to deal with everything from performance anxiety to problems focusing. she first started hypnotizing her kids to help them get through the night without wetting the bed. now it's a staple of her child rearing. >> my children are able to use logic and reason. they have a form of diligence or perseverance that you don't see in other children. >> reporter: now let's see it in action. >> take all of the stress, anxiety, fear and put it into this arm now, take a deep breath
8:23 am
and release. >> reporter: lisa's 17-year-old daughter rayna has grown up under her mother's spell. >> i've always known my mom has hypnotized me. >> reporter: and she said it's made a positive impact on her life. >> being able to like push back on stress and think about it deeply and like do self-reflecting was a skill that i'm grateful my mom taught me and it influences me a lot today and helped me develop into the person i am today. >> mara and dr. richard besser join us now, dr. besser, both of your parents are clinical hypnotists. >> they are. they are. they both have used it successfully so hypnosis, it's a tool where you induce a state where a person is very open to suggestions and then you give them suggestions to overcome a problem. so, it's been used very successfully in helping adults and children overcome anxiety, helping people break bad habits like smoking and biting their nails, but it's not this you're under my control kind of thing. it's a tool that can be very effective. >> what do you think about using it to parent? >> well, you know, the evidence
8:24 am
on the clinical use is really, really strong. i haven't seen that kind of evidence for parenting and that bothers me a little bit. there are things that we talk about all the time that work in terms of shaping behavior for parenting. catching your child doing well and doing good and praising them, i love star charts for school-age kids where you have a goal they're working towards and every time they do a good behavior they get a star and the last one is being consistent, say what you mean and follow through. parents on the same page, not idle threats. those things are really effective. >> because the hypnosis should be left to a trained professional. >> i think so. >> how much are we talking in terms of cost? >> machenberg charges $125 an hour but her and her team can give parents hypnosis techniques that they can try at home and also teach kids themselves some self-hypnosis strategies. >> like do your homework. >> it is that same type of process but she says it's more to get them to do their chores,
8:25 am
to perform better, to overcome anxiety and things like that. the real story here, though, is she's hypnotizing her husband. that i think could be very useful. >> yes. >> wow. can we follow up with that later? >> self-hypnosis is very effective. >> okay, very interesting. very fascinating. thank you both, appreciate it. we do want you to know there is no science to support this. in fact, the literature we did find suggested that it's something that only should be done by trained clinicians. let's go outside to ginger. >> amy, i'm asking out here. these girls want to be hypnotized but their parents and they said absolutely not. you're from what part of kansas? >> overland park. >> they said we are not in kansas anymore. you certainly are but feels kind of like it. hot and humid. let's check. 4 inches of rain in springfield, illinois. >> welcome to monday. i am meteorologist mike nicco. we will check out the highlights. spare safer day and the heat
8:26 am
will ease but it will be back with 100s trues -- tuesday through friday. 60 at the coast and 80s inland and east bay we will have the 90s. tonight, we fall back into the 50s. my seven-day outlook shows tuesday through friday, 100 but this weekend, temperatures are cool, back to average. and coming up, a closer look at hillary and bill clinton's relationship. also summer dangers, the household products that could combust. household products that could combust.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc 7 morning news. let's head over to sue hall for a look at the traffic. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks almost in black and white and there's no cars here at all. that's good news. it's all in living color, even though it looks gray and gloomy. good news for drivers. one problem spot this morning. look at westbound highway 4 by the willow pass 678 self cars involved and fire is blocking a couple of lanes of traffic. stacked up to bay point. stacked up to bay point. >> it is a little stacked up to bay point. >> it is a little i found a thai place. oh, good read a review. there's no review it's just a phone number. how am i supposed to eat there if i don't know what other people think about it?
8:28 am
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8:29 am zero to happy. sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet. what? have them start at the beginning. they're not answering. oh, come on! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. good morning from the roof. mid 50 to mid-60s. we will see where we end up with the day planner, 78 in the bay and 93 inland on this spare the air day where the poorest air quality is inland east bay and the south bay. 100s tuesday through friday. 70s a i long the coast, low to mid-80s on the bay. saturday and sunday when we venture outside it will be close to normal? thank you, mike. another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app at
8:30 am join, reggie, mike, sue and me welcome back to "gma." wells fargo center here in philly here. this is where all the speakers will gather over the course of this week and hillary clinton is going to make her case for the white house. >> the calm before the storm on monday. the relationship between hillary and bill clinton now coming under new focus. it's been dissected for decades ever since they first moved into the white house, even before that. abc's mary bruce joins us here at the democratic convention with much more on the two of them. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. george and robin, there has been a lot of talk about the first here this week. the first woman nominated for president and a former president poised to be the first first man. making the clintons the first presidential twofer. it would be a remarkable role
8:31 am
reversal, a former first lady swapping with her husband to become president. >> my slogan might well be buy one get one for free. >> reporter: bill clinton once famously boasted that two clintons are better than one but a white house with two presidents. >> i mean it's an embarrassment of riches. >> i think it's an all hands on deck time. >> yeah. >> we're going to have a cracker jack staff, and we're going to have, you know, great efforts with our congressional allies and others. >> reporter: they've been a team from the start. hillary supporting her husband's rise from the governor's mansion to the white house. >> whenever i had trouble, she was a rock in our family. >> reporter: when plagued by scandal, she stood by his side but made clear she was her own force to be reckoned with. >> you know, i'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like tammy wynette. >> reporter: and when the sun set on his presidency, her second act took off. and he has been her secret weapon ever since. >> i want to break a ceiling.
8:32 am
i am tired of the stranglehold that women have had on the job of presidential spouse. >> reporter: all the way to an historic nomination. >> thanks to you, we've reached a milestone, the first time, the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee for president of the united states. >> reporter: and now right here on this stage it will be bill clinton who will be acting as the ultimate cheerleader. this will now be the third time a clinton has been nominated just this time the roles will be swapped. >> very different. >> very different. mary, thank you very much. joining us now is gail sheehy, a journalist and author who has written about the clintons over the years and wrote a biography of hillary clinton. gail, excited to have you here. 40 years they've been married. >> right. >> hasn't always been easy. hasn't always been easy. i think that's -- >> never.
8:33 am
>> -- fair to say, but how have they been able to make it work? >> you know, i think george knew in '92 one of the big problems you had as a staffer for the clinton campaign was convincing people that this was not just an arrangement for power, that it was actually a marriage of love and it is and what i found over 20 years is over and over again, you know, bill messes up, hillary marches in and saves him. her father told her life is combat. she is ready to fight. he's the soft-hearted victim. she's going to go out and fight his battles for him. she saves him again and again. he rewards her with more affection, sometimes more power and they're right back together. i have a scene that shows this really well. at the peak of the worst time in their lives together, the height of the monica, you know, scandal, ken starr had the dress, monica kind of confessed and testified she had sex with the president. so the clintons badly needed rehab, even with their tribal base so when they go to their
8:34 am
favorite atm machine, east hampton, and the president comes in and hillary comes in, it's like ice between them. i mean, hillary looks like she got hit by a truck. the president looks like he hasn't slept for weeks, and they are sleeping in separate places, but they come together, she gets up to introduce him, and she talks about his commitment, and she talks about how important their life is together, and then she introduces my husband, bill clinton. and he gets up, and he goes over and it's not just an air kiss, he grabs her in a rhett and scarlet clinch and he seduces her all over again. that was the aha moment. >> you know, you make me think of this week. he's going to have to do it at some level this week when he speaks for her. >> absolutely. >> i wonder how you think he'll handle it. we were talking about it. i was wondering at some point because they have to reintroduce themselves to a whole new audience and does he make a confession like i haven't made things easy for her. >> i hope he does. it's time.
8:35 am
it really is time because she's had to take the brunt of his missteps for so long and she gets blame are fo s blamed gets blamed for being the cold fish, the enforcer. she's had to do that and when she ran for the senate, she ran to rehabilitate the family name. so that they could go on and she did it successfully. i think her numbers were at the highest when she was a senator from the state of new york, especially after 9/11. >> and then as secretary of state, as well, yeah. >> you followed her for, you know, what, 20 years. >> 20 years. >> an autobiography and all that. have you seen her change over the years? >> well, yes, of course, the amazing thing is, you know, you think of her as the most independent person, she did not feel she was an independent voice till she was 53 on the day that bill clinton was being impeached, and she was meeting with harold ickes, her mentor, to plan whether or not she could run for senate, and she told me that was the first time she felt she could speak with her own voice. imagine that. but that was her generation. you know, a lot of women had
8:36 am
that same experience and then -- now she ran in 2008. the campaign was all squabbling, nobody had the hierarchy. she had to take it on by herself. she really, you know, she needed help. she needs help this time too and i think she's going to get it from tim kaine. they seem to have a symbiosis that is something like she's had with bill clinton. >> she does seem happy to be by his side. gail sheehy, thanks for coming in and for sharing your insights. full coverage all week long, "world news," "nightline," all live from philadelphia and i'll be here with our whole political team for a network special every night at 10:00 eastern and gavel-to-gavel coverage on our livestream channel. >> but now we're going to get back to new york and ginger. how about all this heat? hot here. how about there? >> robin, i'm not sure what you said because it is so nice and loud here in times square. our party is hopping because chelsea is here from louisiana. she's got something to say to robin. >> robin roberts is my homegirl. >> one of my favorite shirts i've ever seen. i need to get myself one of those. let's check the forecast.
8:37 am
it's not just hot today. yes, today is the peak of the heat but dangerous stuff sticking around through much of the week. new york city in the 90s, baltimore, same deal. trenton even and a look at where it is cooling off, yeah, dubuque, only 83. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the sea breeze taking the sting out of our heat wave. today is a "spare the air" day, though, check out the temperatures tomorrow through friday, especially inland, 100s are back and we are all cooling th >> i'm just checking out this sign. it's a pokemon sign. we'll talk later. all that weather brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. amy. >> i love -- i see my homegirl. wait a minute. yes. thank you. thank you for the love. it's hot there. it's hot there. all right, as you were now, as you were. >> okay, robin, thanks very much. we're now turning to "gma on the lookout." we are investigating everyday
8:38 am
summer dangers you may not know about. and this morning a warning about some common household products used to fix up furniture or a deck that can overheat, spontaneously combust and start a fire in your home. abc's gio benitez has more now from rockville, maryland. good morning, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. we're doing a sort of live mini test this morning. earlier this morning we put some linseed oil soaked rags inside these boxes and even with those cooler temperatures of the live morning, we're already looking at nearly 90 degrees inside these boxes. they are heating up and when it really heats up, that's when you have disaster. flames rip through this hawaii home. >> large flames, the whole left side of the garage is engulfed in flames. the roof is already on fire. >> reporter: and this house destroyed. the cause, fire experts say it's common households products like linseed oil and oil-based wood stains used to finish furniture or decks. >> i heard my husband screaming fire, fire, fire. >> reporter: shannon pretty's home destroyed in 2014 after she
8:39 am
says contractors left rags soaked in wood stain under her deck. >> we had no idea that anything like this could happen. >> reporter: the fire starting and overtaking the house in only a matter of hours. to show just how easily it can happen, montgomery county fire and rescue in maryland teaming up with "gma on the lookout" for an experiment. we're putting linseed oil on some rags and throwing them into a box just like you might do after finishing a home project, then we wait. >> we have a probe here that will watch the temperature rise inside the box. >> reporter: fire investigator donny boyd says when linseed oil is left on a cotton rag -- >> it actually heats up as it dries. it's a chemical reaction, so it spontaneously combusts. >> reporter: keep in mind it can happen with no spark initiating the fire. so it's only been about two hours, and we're already looking at 204 degrees inside this box. and at just 4 1/2 hours in, we start to see smoke. >> we've reached almost 400 degrees here today.
8:40 am
>> reporter: and at nearly six hours in, the box is engulfed. so, really a lot of people just don't know about this problem. >> that's true. we have had several fires here in montgomery county from spontaneous combustion. >> reporter: investigator boyd encourages everyone to carefully read those labels. right there, caution. >> there's a warning, gives you step-by-step how to clean up your products when you're done. >> reporter: a lesson shannon also hopes to spread. >> i would never want it to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: and i'm here now with battalion chief dee howard and we're looking at some tips here. 24 is the big effort. you want to get a firesafe container here, and that's where you're going to put those rags. even pour some water in there to really cool it off and, of course -- >> make sure you put the lid on. >> and have you another important tip. >> it's really important once you use these rags to open them up, air them out, put them over a railing, somewhere away from your house, someplace that won't catch on
8:41 am
fire. >> keep it away from those structures. thank you very much, chief. amy, back to you. >> important and very incredible advice there. thank you so much, gio. coming up next, we have greg kinnear here live. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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8:44 am
we're back now with greg kinnear. he stars in a brand-new film that's called "little men" and as a struggling actor in the scene, his character is trying to convince his son that change can be a good thing. >> jake, we moved. we got rid of furniture. we threw away clothes, gave away books. we got a new apartment. >> so. >> hey, let me tell you something, it's good to get rid of stuff. it's a little hard at first, but then it feels really good. you got to learn to let go. >> explain what this movie was about. you would -- you might be like, huh. but it's a real slice of life. is that what drew you to it? >> it is that and, of course, whenever i hear that about a movie, i'm like, i don't want to see that film, and yet this director who did a beautiful movie last year, "love is strange," really found a way to bring out a full-bodied amazing story out of these little moments. he really tells a great
8:45 am
story about brooklyn, about gentrification, and there's the introduction of these two new kids who are amazing. >> theo is theo -- how do you say his last name? >> theo taplitz. >> plays your son. >> that's right. >> your chemistry was terrific. >> he was really -- he's not really a professional actor. he was somebody they found in los angeles and he had done a couple of small things, but he had a real natural way about him and, listen, i have daughters, i don't have any experience with a son, but it was -- he was great. >> i want to just explain to the audience that in the film you -- your family owns a storefront. you're renting it out to a woman from chile who is a dressmaker. first you have to raise the rent and your son and her son are friends, and tension grows as times change and difficult decisions have to be made, and there are a lot of lessons to be learned in this film. sometimes i do think that you
8:46 am
don't need an explosion to have a big impact. >> yeah, it's these small, little human moments that matter. you know, it's a family relocating. it's a family, unfortunately, having to dislocate because of this family moving into the neighborhood, and it starts as, you know, just a misunderstanding, but it starts to grow larger, and, of course, the bottom line is that these two boys, their great friendship, which, by the way, embodies every great -- the best great friendship you ever had at that age from like 12, 13, whether you're a boy or a girl is captured so beautifully by these guys. and you see the pressure that they're under because of what is happening with the parents and so there's like seven different dynamics at any given time. >> see it. it's really good. i also want to brag about you a little bit. you've done a lot of things in your career. now directing. >> yes. >> and your lead actor is --
8:47 am
>> trouble. >> he's a real handful, that greg kinnear. >> that's right, he is. that's right. >> what was it like directing yourself and directing luke wilson, emily mortimer and tell us a little about the project. >> the movie is called "phil." it's a film that deals, you know, with suicide and greek plumbing, opposite spectrums of the universe, but it was a wonderful script. it was brought to me by a guy named steven mazur, and i had wanted to direct for a long time and it captured a lot of great themes in it, and i had a great time. still editing it, but we're about to the tail end and excited to get it out. >> looking forward. please come back to talk about that. in the meantime, i want to let you all know "little men" opens august 5th and then it will hit theaters nationwide later this summer. going in for the close-up on you. fantasia next. ♪
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we are back now with "american idol" winner fantasia. she has a brand-new album out on friday called "the definition of." here is fantasia with "i made it." ♪ yeah ♪ oh oh ♪ listen i made it through the storm and the rain ♪ ♪ so much hotter, precious so many pain i've been broken in two pieces maybe more hey ♪ ♪ and some nights i made my bed right on the floor ♪ ♪ yeah the enemy tried to take me out hey ♪
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♪ hit me with his best shot to knock me down yes ♪ ♪ but i'm still standing after all i been through ♪ ♪ i survived it all and it's because of you ♪ ♪ i made it i made it yeah ♪ i made it ♪ yeah yeah ♪ i i made it ♪ still standing ♪ if you made it through some things right now come on get with me ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ sound real good boys ♪ listen ♪ i remember all those days i walked in shame ♪ ♪ only recognize all of my mistakes ♪ ♪ sometimes they would but they walked out the door ♪
8:52 am
♪ swear my heart can't take no more ♪ ♪ listen you're the only one that never left me ♪ ♪ when everybody else just didn't care ♪ ♪ you're the only one that never left me here we go here we go ♪ ♪ i i made it >> come on put your hands together like this. ♪ i made it i i made it i made it through the storm and through the rain ♪ ♪ hey ♪ i made it ♪ i made it anybody anybody ever been through some things ♪ ♪ i i made it ♪ whoa thank you for never leaving me lord jesus ♪ ♪ i i made it ♪ hey ♪ i i made it >> come on, put your hands together like this. ♪
8:53 am
♪ everybody outside let me see your hands ♪ >> no matter what you're going through, you just need to make it through. ♪ hey hey ♪ one more time ♪ thank you i got to say thank you lord i got to say thank you thank you lord ♪ ♪ hey for keeping me and for grace and mer ♪ ♪ i would have never never never never have made it without your love jesus ♪ ♪ hey ♪ thank you oh thank you oh thank you oh thank you ♪ ♪ i thank you because i made it i made it ♪ ♪ yeah [ cheers and applause ]
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"good morning america" is brought to you by windows 10. upgrade today and do great things. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks to fantasia for bringing down the house and waking us up on this monday. there's robin and george waving good-bye. have a great monday, everyone. . have a great monday, everyone.
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now from abc 7 news. >> good morning. i'm natasha zouves with the abc 7 morning news. let's look at the forecast with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. a lot of gray out here. temperatures up to eight degrees cooler than yesterday with mid-50s to mid-60s. temperatures up to 12 degrees cooler inland east bay neighborhoods. the 100s gone today. 80s and 90s for you. 0s and 70s around the coast in to the bay. it's going to get hot again tomorrow. sue? >> a live look at san jose and 280 where we have a couple of problems at the 880 overcrossing in the northbound direction just before the overcrossing. just after winchester in the northbound direction, also slow traffic an accident cleared there. that's why you have a slow and go with a 22-minute drive in to
9:00 am
cupertino northbound. >> thank you so much, sue. time for "live with kelly." i will be back at 11:00 announcer: it's "live! with kelly." today, "star wars: the force awakens" zachary quinto. -- star trek beyond star zachary quinto and we have "dog days of summer" week with do it yourself grooming tips. and actor lou diamond phillips is here. and christian slater is today's co-host. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are christian slater and kelly ripa! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] ♪


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