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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live breaking news. >> it is happening in japan where at least 19 people are dead and 45 others wounded from a rampage at a facility for handicapped people outside of tokyo. the knife attacked happened in the city of sagamihara. the killer turned himself into responding officers after he finished his attack. targeting mostly disabled clients of the facility. it is unclear what the motive was, why he would do this. we'll continue to follow the breaking news throughout this evening and on our news app, download it for free and be sure to enable push alerts so we could let you know immediately as things happen. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm natasha zouves.
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turning to the philadelphia and the democratic convention ticking off today and things got off to a rough start. >> yeah. >> all right, everybody, now, settle down. >> boos and jeers greeting democrats as that e-mail leak about dnc leaders dominating the headlines and the mood of the democratic delegates. >> karen is tracking what happened so far and what is expected later tonight. >> reporter: here in philadelphia, democratic party unit being put to the test. bernie sanders' supporters making their voices heard, chantsing his name and booing at almost every mention of hillary clinton. even interrupting the opening prayer. [ chanting ] an incredible scene today. bernie sanders telling his passionate supporters, the focus is now defeating donald trump. but the crowd clearly not liking their options.
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>> and we have got to a -- elect hillary clinton and tim k. >> reporter: hillary clinton hit the trail in north carolina today. >> hello, charlotte. >> reporter: this is supposed to be her week. but it kicked off with boos you and anger at outgoing dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz. >> she is under fire, meeting with delegates from the home state of florida. the controversy still brewing over the leaked e-mails showing top democratic party officials mocking bernie sanders and conspiring to hurt his campaign. >> she has worked against democracy. >> reporter: tonight's theme is united together, and the lineup a nod to the sanders corner of the democratic part. elizabeth warren, a liberal darling who didn't endorse clinton until after the primary, delivering the key note address. and sanders getting a coveted
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prime time speaking slot. and tonight will focus on families. a young girl speaking with her mother who is an undocumented migrant and michelle obama is saying hillary clinton is the candidate who shares her values. abc 7 news, philadelphia. in the meantime, donald trump lobbed new attacks against the democrats aimed at debbie wasserman schultz. >> it is true. she worked very, very hard to rig the system. little did she know that china, russia, one of our many, many friends, came in and hacked the hell out of us. >> trump accuses clinton of throwing schultz under the bus after the leak of the 20,000 e-mails from democratic party committee members. >> laura anthony will be live at 5:00. she and reggie aqui will be
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there all week for the convention. now a break in the millbrae community center fire investigation. two juveniles have been arrested. >> the sheriff's department said they have a confession from the pair and social media played a role in identifying them. leen mel mel mel is live. >> reporter: this is a good idea for not posting everything on social media but the ideas -- the details have not been given to the press. the boys are 16 and 17 years old and they are local and the city wanted this community to know that there is not an arsonist out here. investigators have determined the fire started outside of the community center building. the sheriff's office said it was not an in tensional fire, instead the teenagers were negligent, suggesting they were perhaps smoking or playing with fire. >> during the interview, they acknowledged to the incident and
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gave the detectives enough information where the detectives were comfortable placing them under arrest. >> reporter: the 16 and 17-year-old are at the youth services center. investigators say social media played a role in finding them. >> what i can say is there are evidence on social media that helped, absolutely. but that is one item in a several items of evidence that detectives have. >> reporter: the whcommunity center was lost to the fire on thursday early morning. local organizations have used the center for years, including a summer day care center. unfortunately, another center opened the doors for the children. >> the two little guys went in there, it doesn't matter to them. they are just busy playing basketball already. >> reporter: her husband was sorry to hear those responsible were teens. >> i feel sorry for their parents and sorry for them. >> reporter: this room at city hall is where the different agencies are meeting to try to
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find faces for all of those organizations displaced. >> we've had an opportunity to join forces and we're going to get through this. so the loss is the building. >> reporter: the city said once things settle down in early august they will start talking about rebuilding. in millbrae, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. and now let's take you to pictures live from santa clarita where flames have burned 33,000 acres and crews are concerned that shifting winds could make things worse. the sand fire has destroyed ten homes and threatening thousands of others. evacuations are still in effect for 10,000 homes. and at this point, it is only 10% contained. and the soberanes fire is now at 15,000 acres and growing. one report puts the number of homes and outbuildings destroyed add 20 with more than 1600 structured threatened. mandatory evacuations are in place for residents the community of pallo, colorado,
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south of the fire. people in the carmel highlands have been told to get ready to get out. and you could see the satellite image and the smoke billowing out from the fire. at this point, it is just 5% contained. and a lot of images of the fire are being tweeted. these pictures are from cal fire. remember, if you see news happening where you live, tweet your pictures using the hashtag abc 7 now and could you see your pictures on the air or online. >> we would hope for help for firefighters but temperatures are heating up across the state. >> which is unfortunate. spencer christian is tracking it with our accuweather update tonight. yes, so let's look at live doppler 7 hd right now and i'll quickly take you down to the area of the fire. we have sunny skies and low clouds near the coast and as we look toward the soberanes fire, the nearest weather reporting station where we could get current information is monterey. it is 59 degrees with moderate
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humidity up to 81%. fire is inland and in a higher elevation so it is warmer and dryer than at monterey. but the winds are brisk and even stronger in the area of the fires. let's get back to the bay area where it is 7 degrees cooler inland than it was 24 hours ago. 7 cooler at farld and novato and 4 degrees cooler in concord and antioch. here is the view from the east bay hills camera. >> could see how stagnant the air and the buildup of pollutants. this is a spare the air day and tomorrow is the next day with the poorest air quality likely in the inland east bay and the valley and temperatures at the 100 degree mark or higher in some spots tomorrow. have the forecast for you in a few minutes. dan and natasha. >> keep track of the changing conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. nate therman was remembered
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today with a celebration of life. >> he died this month from leukemia. carolyn tyler is here with his legacy on the court and in our community. >> reporter: well, from ordinary citizens to a police captain, to the warriors head coach, many mourners came to remember nate thurmond. today would have been his 75th birthday. mourners filed into providence baptist church in san francisco bayview neighborhood. here nba hall of famer nate thurmond was simply brother nate. a faithful member of the mens ministry who joined the pastor on visits to juvenile hall. >> he spoke words of truth. to those little rascals. >> reporter: this service was called a celebration of life and what a life it was. big nate was drafted third overall by the warriors in 1963. and he became one of the legends of the nba. former warrior chris mullin remembered nate as a humble man.
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>> shared his time and his thoughts and wisdom. and he was a very good friend. >> reporter: the warriors retired his number 42 but his relationship with the team endured to the end. >> much more than just a basketball player. he was a great ambassador for our team. >> reporter: the former mayor and attorney willie brown negotiated his nba contract. >> he never, ever wanted to do anything else other than play basketball, or run restaurants. >> reporter: oh, yeah, big nate's bbq. for us here at abc 7, he was a special friend joining larry beil and adonald foil for game analysis. >> for me, i will be grateful to watch the games with him on abc 7. and just seeing the games through his eyes. >> he leaves behind his wife marcy and son adam. in san francisco, carolyn tyler,
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abc 7 news. >> he was a very nice man. the man accused of making death threats against police chief tony chaplain pleaded not guilty today in court. donald hoaginson is charged with several felony crimes including stalking and threats with intent to terrorize. his next court date is august 4th. another warning for pokemon go players after a woman was robbed in the china town neighborhood near grant and pine street. the 27-year-old victim was walking on grant avenue playing pokemon go when a man natched her cell phone out of her hand and he and another person took off running. the woman was hurt but refused medical attention. still ahead at 4:00, dangerous heat and the extreme temperatures blanketing the country today. and a buyout for yahoo. the $5 billion deal and why the chief said she wants to stay on. and more problems for rio. the drama over the olympic village and the athletes
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refusing to stay there. you'll find out why. stay her
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name. ia yeah --ia hoa marissa meyer wants to lead it no the next chapter on the heels of the $4.8 billion buyout and the deal would give verizon control of the content and the advertising technology.
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one analyst said consumers should not expect to see many places. >> i believe yahoo will improve whatever the consumers need. it will be crazy for verizon to cut what they bought, essenti essentially, to cut that off. >> rob said myers is one of the best leaders in silicon valley and so far no word if she'll have a role in the company after the deal closed next year. both verizon and yahoo stock dropped today. and passionate people are fighting back against planned tennis courts. they say it will take away the slice of the family green space at the center. amy hollyfield has the unexpected controversy. >> reporter: this reaction caught city leaders by surprise. >> i don't think that anybody thought it was going to be controversial. but obviously it is. >> reporter: protesters greed construction crews this morning at the pleasanton tennis and community center, they are outraged the city is building
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two more tennis courts. the city already has ten. >> i don't think they need any more extra tennis courts. i love the open space. i love our trees. >> reporter: ask these players, though. they think two more courts are very necessary. >> very difficult to get a court here during primetime. it is a wonderful sport for kids of all ages. >> reporter: city leaders said this was before the city council three times and the courts were in the master plan and several tennis players showed up in favor of the court. when they saw the protests, they weren't too worried. >> very few people, considering the population of this area. >> but it was enough to shut down construction for now and call a meeting for concerns citizens with the mayor. >> we'll have to put their heads together and figure out how we respond to this reaction. >> it makes me proud, proud to be a part of this little protest
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group. >> reporter: the protesters are energized by the response that they got. they are meeting with the mayor today and then tonight they plan to regroup and talk about their next steps. in pleasant ton, amy hollyfield, sta abc 7 news. we're hearing from a college football player from stopping a sexual assault as it happened. he is a linebacker at the university of florida and went to take out the trash at the bar where he works last thursday when he saw a man and woman next to the dumpster. >> at first i'm thinking, these two are hooking up and the guy is saying this is my girlfriend and then i think this girl's body was limp and she looked drunk there is no possible way she could give consent. i grabbed him by the shoulder and we went into the alleyway and he tried to throw some punches but he slipped and busted his face on the floor. >> the 34-year-old christopher shaw is now in custody on sexual
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battery charges and the victim is 19 years old. he is being held on $500,000 bond. new warrior kevin durant takes the court tomorrow night at oracle with the dubs but with team usa. the game ask an exhibition against china's olympic team and a rematch where the americans blew out the squad by 49 points and it wasn't even close. durant scored 19 points and klay thompson added 17. green is also on the squad. the game starts at 7:00 tomorrow night. australia's athletes will remain in hotels after determining that a olympic housing in rio was unsafe. the australia team chief said the toilets are blocked and pipes leaked and wiring is exposed and rooms smell of gas. the mayor responded saying the village was more beautiful and better than the sydney olympic housing and he suggested bringing in kangaroos to make
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them feel at home. they are promised to fix any problems by tomorrow night. >> fighting words. after a hot weekend, we have a brief reprieve today. >> spencer christian is here with the accuweather forecast. spencer. >> it has cooled down a bit. especially in some of the inland areas today. but the heat is going to bounce back tomorrow and it will be with us through most of the week. here is a live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny skies across most of the bay area now. a few low clouds near the coast. this is the view from the sutro tower camera looking toward the golden gate, you could see the clear skies above and clear skies over most of the area, but there is that area of low clouds pushing through the golden gate right now. it is currently 64 in san francisco. 73 in oakland. mountain view 77. 81 at san jose and morgan hill. 60 in half moon bay. this is the view at the golden gate bridge where it is a bit foggy. readings. 88 at santa rosa, 76 in napa, 82
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in novato and 94 in fairfield and concord and triple-digits in those locations tomorrow. and looking toward mt. diablo, the forecast features. heat alert inland tuesday through thursday and it is going to be hot all three days. triple-digit temperatures will be seen in our inland areas the next three days and tomorrow will be another spare the air day. here is a look at overnight lows. it will be mild. lows mainly in the mid to upper 50s overnight. a few low 50s seen up in the north bay valleys an the forecast looks like this, during overnight, we'll see low clouds over the coast and pushing over the bay and not far inland and then they will re treat beginning early tomorrow morning and pull back to the coastline and give us a sunny afternoon with hot conditions inland and pretty warm around the bay as well. it will just be mild at the coast. highs tomorrow, mid-60s at the coast, upper 70 toss mid-80s around the bay. and numerous locations inland will break the 100 degree mark tomorrow. looking ahead for the remainder of the week, wednesday will be just as hot, if not hotter in
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some inland spots. 102 at livermore and 103 at antioch and 3-in cloverdale. thursday warm to hot once again and minimal -- slight relief on friday as the inland temperatures start to ease up just a bit but not a lot. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have three consecutive days coming our way of in land heat at or above 100 degrees and on friday mid to a couple of upper 90s. saturday cooler pattern settles in and it is cooler on sunday with inland highs only in the mid-80s. mid-70s around the bay and temperatures rebuound a couple f degrees next monday. if you are looking for relief, that won't start until the weekend. >> thank you so much. still ahead at 4:00. an all-star athlete with lofty goals. >> and i thought it was possible. woe, i'm going to chase this opportunity down. >> the teen who attending yale in the fall.
4:22 pm
meet this star scholar who includes helping the homeless. and a live look outside at the san mateo bridge at almost 4:21, almost 4:22 and it is busy out there and coming at you but all in all moving along fairly
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for 11 years abc 7 has celebrated student achievement with our star scholars program. >> abc 7 recognized seven bay area high school seniors for achievements and awarded each of them with a thousand dollar scholarship toward their education. >> we are so proud to do it every year. we introduce you to an athlete whose goal is to end world hunger. >> abc 7 star scholar jovi web is a softball junky who lives by the motto nothing is impossible. >> i continue my high grades and standing out in the field and that attracted me so it was
4:25 pm
possible. i was like, whoa, i'm going to chase this opportunity down. >> she just graduated from high school. and signed a four-year commitment to play softball at yale university. >> i'm super excited. i mean, i love my school and everything, i've had an awesome time the past four years but i'm really looking forward to the future and what is to come. >> the athlete will also be studying economics and computer science. >> i think mixing economics and computer science is a great way that we can solve real-world social problems. the biggest problem that i see in my book is world hunger. that is my goal in life to communicate to people that there is a better way to distribute our resources. >> she is already helping by voluntary at saint bonaventure food pantry. >> how does it feel to be an abc 7 star scholar. >> being a scholar feels awesome. it feels amazing.
4:26 pm
>> i love what i do and it is awesome to be recognized for having this passion and to have the opportunity to share my story with others and hopefully inspire someone else to seek out their passion and become an abc 7 scholar, too. >> eric thomas, abc 7 news. now watch our abc 7 star scholar special on saturday at 7:30 p.m. to learn more about jovi and his -- and this year's other winners. they are all very, very impressive young people. >> and do you know a change-makener your community. they may apply for a $500 summer of service grant. find a link on >> great stuff. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. the latest on the breaking news out of japan where 19 people have been killed in a knife attack. in german, an investigation is underway after a suicide bomber died at a music festival.
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and a touching memorial today to one of the officers shot and killed in an ambush in baton rouge. >> plus a shocking attack. a woman dragged away from her car by a tiger and the honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know.
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here is a look at headlines
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at 4:30. 19 people are dead after a stabbing rampage at a facility for handicap people in japan located west of tokyo. this is an earlier tweet from abc 7 news when the death toll was lower. it is now at 19. the attacker turned himself into police. motive unknown. and the dnc is underway right now without the chair of the party, debbie wasserman schultz, after officials were shown as mocking bernie sanders and conspiracyi -- conspiring t hurt him. >> and scheduled to speak are elizabeth warren and bernie sanders which today he called on his supporters to back hillary clinton. laura anthony is in philadelphia covering the convention. she tweeted this video at the california delegation breakfast this morning. she will be live coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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and this man from cal fire shows how large an out of control fire is in monterey county. >> the fire has scorched nearly 15,000 acres and destroyed 20 buildings. sergio quintana is in the fire zone and he'll have a live report at 5:00. and funeral services were held today for the last of the three louisiana law enforcement officers who were killed in an ambush in baton rouge. montreal jackson is a 10 year veteran and leaves behind a wife and a 4-month-old son. ♪ >> jackson's widow hugged each of the officers during the service. family and friends vowed to follow his message which was don't let hate infect your heart. he wrote that in a facebook post days before his death, describing the difficulties of being both a black man and an officer. officers had this message for jackson's widow. >> you are a super-woman and
4:32 pm
mason is a super-baby. the phone won't stop ringing and people stop visiting you, we got you. >> it just breaks your heart. a multi-agency public memorial for all three officers is planned for thursday. >> two people are dead following a shooting at a florida nightclub. another nightclub attack in florida. the attack hit during an event for teenagers in ft. myers. today we know that dozens of people are hurt. according to the hospital, the youngest victim is just 12 years old. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: police and paramedics rushing to a teen dance party that ended in a hail of gunfire, killing a 14 and 18-year-old. >> possible shooting in club blu. >> reporter: clubgoers scramble for cover and eyewitnesses say they were shocked. >> this is the first time i've been in that situation.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: i night of partying for 12 to 17-year-olds turned deadly in the parking lot of the club blue in ft. myers, florida, just after midnight. >> everybody was running through the apartments and behind it and ducking down. >> tatiana was visiting an apartment across the street from the club when she heard the gunshots from at least two gunman. >> it sounded like two different guns. it was more than one shooter. >> according to eyewitnesses, 100 people were there at the time and as many as 19, mostly teenagers, were rushed to the hospital. >> they have potentially life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: as for the investigation, police confirm this was not an act of terror but they say they still don't have a motive. as detectives continue to question three people now in custody. elizabeth hur, abc 7 news. new york. the mayor of germany said it is still to early to know whether the syrian asylum-seeker
4:34 pm
was an extremist. authorities are trying to determine the motive of the attack outside of a music festival, killing himself and injuring 15 others. isis has claimed responsibility. but the mayor said the 27-year-old syrian man had attempted suicide twice before. another report today said that he had received two deportation notices and he was not deported because graerm law prohibits -- german law prohibits people being sent back to war zones. problems mounting for the navy most expensive war ship ever. a defense department official said the uss gerald ford is still not ready despite expectations it would be delivered to the fleet this september. the $13 billion aircraft carrier continues to struggle with launching and recovering aircraft. conducting air traffic control and with self-defense as well. the navy also said it didn't expect the carrier until november, 26 months behind schedule. and a wild animal park in china is now closed because of a deadly tiger attack.
4:35 pm
a mother was trying to save her daughter from a tiger when she was killed. a warning that you may find this video disturbing. as surveillance camera showed what happened. the daughter gets out of the car and goes to the other side and then suddenly a tiger pounces and drags her away. now her husband and mother, they get out of the car and try to help and unfortunately the mother was killed by a second tiger. the daughter was badly mauled, but she is expected to survive. well, it is not just the heat in the area that is a problem. extreme heat is blanketing much of the country today. the heat index topped trild -- triple-digits, making it a dangerous day across the country. >> reporter: the unrelenting heat. in some places more than 100. >> trying to stay cool. >> reporter: dangerous and deadly. >> heat troek. patient is innin tube ated.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: so the far the heat is blamed for a 12-year-old in phoenix and a 3-year-old in texas this weekend. and still no relief for many in washington, d.c. expect systemwide delays because of high track temperatures. in philadelphia, the city kept cooling centers and misting tents open for the tens of thousands of attending and protesting the democratic national convention. here in california, strong winds on top of the triple-digit temperatures still fanning more than two dozen wildfires across ten states. threatening thousands of homes and forcing thousands of families to seek shelter. >> i went through every trailer in my rv park and made sure everyone was out and it took a couple of windows to get the dogs out. >> the heat not going anywhere any time soon. abc 7 news. >> boy, it is really hanging around and forecasters say tomorrow will be another scorcher with the heat index hitting 100 plus degrees from
4:37 pm
philadelphia to wilmington once again. and still to come at 4:00, the countdown is on for a history-making flight. >> the solar powered plane about to wrap up the year and a half journey. i'm michael finney. taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with the hashtag ask finney. i'll answer questions right here live later. >> i'm spencer christian. despite the presence of a few coastal clouds now, a heat wave is coming our way for the remainder of the week. i'll have the
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well, check this out. this is a picture of a star burst galaxy taken by the hubble space telescope. it is a galaxy with an unusually high number of stars forming inside of it. the telescope captured this photo of the galaxy which is a mind-boggling 50 million light years away. >> that is around the corner. the first ever around the world solar powered flight is expected to make the final landing tonight. it is expected to land in abba dhabi, about 5:30 p.m. and it left cairo on saturday night on the last leg of the twip. the plane started in march of last year and since then it has not used one drop of fuel. during this historic trip, the plane land the at moffett airfield in santa clara in late april before taking off in early may. a long and successful journey
4:41 pm
coming to a close. >> i remember when it was in the field. the winds were very important because it can't handle any big gusts. today would have been an okay day to take off. >> today would be nice. winds light today. and the next couple days as well. temperatures will be soaring. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. low cloudiness at the coast. tomorrow statewide temperatures well into the 100s in many locations. 108 in fresno. 113 in palm strings, 82 in los angeles. in the bay area, highs from mid-60s at the coast to 80s around the bay to 101 at livermore and fairfield, 102 at antioch. 104 at lake port and 100 at cloverdale. now for the week ahead, livermore is our indicator of the high temperature trend. notice next three days we'll see triple-digit high temperatures in livermore and other inland locations as well through thursday, just a slight change
4:42 pm
and on friday when the weekend arrives so will a cooler and more comfortable weather pattern. then it you will be free to exhale, dan and natasha. >> thank you, spencer. up next, after years of drought, the salmon are jumping one more. >> what is different. the reason the salmon are coming home. i'm michael finney. ran some viruses are becoming a big issue even with personal i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember,
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you may have noticed more than a little activity off the golden gate recently. you'll see fishing boats, a lot of them, because there is a bounty of salmon off the coast. as wayne freedman explains, it did not happen by accident. >> reporter: it is the modern version of a ritual stretching back through millennia, setting out to sea hoping for favor from the fish gods. >> this is tranquillity. >> reporter: we're on a fishing boat captained by the queen of bay area fisherman. if anyone knows where those fish might be, it is jacqueline douglas.
4:46 pm
>> when you sea that go zing, zing, zing -- oh, god. >> reporter: it is said that catching a fish is like eating chocolate and you don't know what you are missing until you hook one an then you want more. for arnold it was a while. every cast an exercise in optimism. >> it is about praying, it is about hoping, and it is about a new day. >> reporter: and this one, a certain kind of fish. >> we're looking for king salmon, chinook. >> reporter: nor would that be the final case. >> in the boat. look at that. >> there is a good chance that some of the fish we've seen before. >> we saw that fish when he was about four inches long. >> reporter: here is where. two years ago while in the clutches the drought the state transported chinook from hatchers upstream to the sacramento river delta and released them. it saved the fall run. and now we're seeing the payoff
4:47 pm
as the same fish return home after a watery odyssey and if you believe in destiny, to arnold champagne's waiting hook. >> the fight, all of that, it makes for great fishing. >> reporter: so much, in fact, that when the whacky jackie landed, they caught enough to spread the wealth for everyone on board. it is a tradition on this boat. >> it is four pieces -- >> reporter: sharing the boat fish, they call it, unless your name is ornld, who landed two fish of his own. >> great day. great day on the ranch. >> reporter: a great season for all of us. from fisherman's wharf in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. all right. it is time now to ask finney. michael finney answering your questions sent to him via facebook, twitter and e-mail. >> and j.w. said my computer is infected by ransom virus, how do i deal with it. >> this is a judgment call on your part. experts will always tell you, especially law enforcement, they say whatever you do, never pay the ran some. corporations do it all of the
4:48 pm
time and so do many small companies. you have to decide do they have a hold of irreplaceable fires and that is the case you should negotiate to see if you could get them back. and although there is no guarantee, you are dealing with a bad guy here, security experts tell me they almost always release it once you pay the price. so you will have decide, will you deal with the criminals and give them the money to get the files back or say nobody, you are on your own and try to remake the files. it is up to you. >> what a pain. >> a modern-day crime that is. susan c., why does the dmv offer a planned nonoperation choice when they want eventually full registration once i drive the car again. >> they are saying if you are not going to use the car for a while, i think it is $5 a year, and it will keep your car on notice. it is there but you don't have to pay the full amount to have the car because you are not going to use it. and then when you use it again, then you notify them and start
4:49 pm
paying the fees and reg station again. but you don't pay for the years you didn't use. so it is a good deal. you ought to get in on it. >> and here is a question from dean g. from pleasant hill and he said we keep getting solicitations in our water bill to sign up for insurance for water line breakage. is this necessary or are people just being scammed? >> it is like a lot of services. do you need it or not. you have to make up your mind. and it doesn't protect that much generally. because the pipes inside of your home generally are protected by your homeowner 's insurance and talk to them and make sure. and then the parts that -- the actual main line that is going down your street, that is the water company problem. the part that they are ensuring is the piece between there and the home. and now most people will never ever use it. most people think of it as a huge waste of money. but if that breaks, it could cost you a fortune. i've had people here in san francisco, where those fights are very old told me they were thankful because it cost them nothing and it would have been a $6,000 to $8,000 bill. so you have to make the
4:50 pm
decision. how bad do you think it will get and how likely will it happen and what kind of risk will you take on. >> if you need it, you'll be glad you have it. >> yeah. >> thanks a lot. turning to the wellness report, medical marijuana could cut the cost of prescription drugs. >> and alcohol is shown to cause seven types of cancer. here is jane king. >> a study finds a drop in prescription drugs in states where medical marijuana is legal. and those states also saw $165 million in savings. this was done by searchers at the university of georgia and it was errored in the journal health affairs. pain and depression treatment saw the greatest drops. well new talk therapy could help in treating depression but it is expensive and it is called behavioral activation treatment and it focuses on helping people link behavior and mood and creating more positive experiences in their lives. and health experts calling for warning labels on booze like those on tobacco. a small amount of alcohol could
4:51 pm
put someone at risk of cancer. the journal of addiction said alcohol is not just a risk for liver cancer, but also colon, breast and esophagus, among others and the highest risk was associated with the heaviest drinking. meanwhile, millennials who did drink are looking for something healthier. alcohol makers are hosting nonalcoholic drinks to meet preferences. they are not necessarily good for you but there is the perception they are. i'm jane king, heres to your health. coming up next at 4:00. >>' assumed that i was latino and i was a low income minority and he thought he probably just got in because of that. >> a future stanford paper said why he wrote a frustrated and viral letter to his dentist. >> and oakland police are on edge after shots fired at an officer. two local leaders say the problem is much bigger than the
4:52 pm
department. and out with the old and in with the new. google maps getting an update. and the mechanical puppet on tour. all of that and more on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the abc 7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> your story. >> the mayor assured us we wouldn't be homeless. >> want to know where the money is at. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm zero to happy. at 7:00, an hour of live coverage of the democratic national convention begins. at 8:00, it is two hours of the bachelorette followed by jeopardy and wheel of fortune. and then abc 7 news at 11:00. a chicago high school student who is headed to stanford is getting a lot of attention for his recent facebook post.
4:56 pm
>> here is the deal. the student wrote an open letter to a denter who said he questioned his worthiness for getting into the school. >> melanie woodrow shows us student is hoping that his experience will generate awareness, not anger. >> reporter: chicago high school student was ela -- elated when got accepted to stanford university. a recent trip to the dentive changed that when he explained to the dentist, he couldn't get braces because he would be going far away to attend standeford. the dentist questions how he got into stanford with a lower s.a.t. score than his daughter. >> he shared the experience on facebook in an open letter. >> were you surprised because you had someone from stanford in your chair or someone that will be attending stanford on your chair. >> the post has 31,000 likes.
4:57 pm
it has been shared more than 8,000 times. despite curious readers, he said he is not naming the dentist. >> i didn't do it to get back at him. i did it so people could understand. >> he does not name the dentist's race. >> i believe that privilege doesn't have a race. i've had latinos and african-americans, all types of people tell me the same thing. >> prior to this experience, he created this facebook page, millennials of the world so that other people could share their stories of struggle. >> everyone has their own story. and i always tell everyone, tell your story. >> he isn't sure if the dentist saw his post. either way, he is headed west. >> sincerely the poor latino boy that needs government help to get braces but standeford-bound. >> likely majoring in engineering. abc 7 news. >> what a story. that is interesting. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm natasha zouves. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right
4:58 pm
now. chaos ant controversy at the kickoff of the democratic national convention. live in philadelphia. and a fire near cal mel jurps inside and homes are threatened and evacuation orders are expanding -- >> and -- >> fuel conditions are extremely dry. they are explosive right now. >> a ferocious fire grews even more dangerous in southern california. we're going to take you there live. >> and what oakland police are calling the attempted murder of an officer. if the fire takes our home, the fire takes our home. there isn't anything -- worrying, is it going to do anything? no. >> life on the fire line. monterey county residents showing no fear as the fire burns close though their homes. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm natasha zouves in for kristen zse. >> and i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
the fire has destroyed 20 homes. it has burned nearly 15,000 acres. that is about the size of alameda, keep in mind. sergio quintana is live in the county tonight with the latest. >> reporter: this is a fire that is moving pretty quickly because it simply has a whole lot of dry fuel to consume. let me show you how close it is to the homes. up there on the hilltop you could see a little bit of smolders and it is burning higher but the fog just rolled in this afternoon. that fog is a blessing and a curse for firefighters. >> this is a fire that has expanded by thousands of acres in just a few days. >> the fire has grown from saturday around 3000 acres to the 14,987 that we're seeing now and it really is just hard to get to. >> reporter: the northernmost edge of the fire continues to inch toward an area called carmel highlands. many residents were evacuated this weekend but returned only to be put on notice that they
5:00 pm
may have to evacuate again. >> what we've heard is that the fire has come down and it has jumped the creek so it is now way back in this canyon here. they say they've put it out. but if the wind changes, what are you going to do? >> i lived in ojai for a little while and i watched a fire come almost into the valley, but this is the first fire i've seen close up and personal here. >> reporter: that resident also voiced concern about the neighborhood water shed which is currently threatened by the fire. there are dozens of firefighters who have been dispatched here from the bay area. many are stationed near the homes to provide fire protection in case it gets any close. now the good news about this fog that has just rolled in is that the moisture helps to choke out the fire, so that it does move slower. unfortunately, it also means that air crews cannot mobilize. so helicopters and planes cannot dump water or fire retardant and


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