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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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300 people are evacuated. smoke from soberanes fire is spreading to the bay area. jessica castro is in san jose with the smoke that was thick there yesterday. how is it this morning? >> it is still $. it is hard to see. it does not monday you are necessarily safe to go on the jog. the air quality was poor yesterday. we expect it to be poor today. it is not looking good. it is all because of the large wildfire burning in monterey county. it is not necessarily just san jose. everyone in the bay area may want to be came. health officials thing the smoke could reach as far as the north bay. >> i was at work and it fell funky. >> yesterday the smoke reached
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up to south lake tahoe. officials are warning everyone to modify your exercise today. we are out here in san jose near the little italy portion of san jose. we have not seen anyone in the streets. it is early. you cannot see much in the air. health officials are warning everyone especially the very young and very old and anyone with a pre-existing health condition. i am jessica castro from san jose. >> in southern 8:00, crews could be gaining some ground on the sand fire, most evacuees were allowed back in last night. more than 35,000 acres have been charred. it is only 10% contained. 18 structures have been lost. most have been homes. >> a police officer was injured during a shot out in south los angeles. the "los angeles times" said two people were shooting at each other end the other officer arrived at 11:00 p.m. and opened
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fire and hit in the last arm. the officer was rushed to the hospital and is expected it survive. a suspect died at scene. another was taken into custody. the shooting comes as officers are on high alert following targeted killings of police in dallas and baton rouge. all the search continues for the driver who hate woman on a conquer freeway and left her for dead. cornell barnard said investigators face the tough task of determining who the woman was. >> look at this gray and redneck last with a pocket containing a clear crystal, a woman thought to be in her 50ss with wearing when killed by a hit-and-run driver on highway 242 on sunday. she had in identification. according toenses, she my have walked on to the freeway and laid down in traffic. >> late at night. dark. you are not specificking someone to be in the road. >> c.h.p. said the woman at 5' and 5" had ekg pads on her
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chest. we have not heard of anyone or know of any hospital walk outs or patients missing. >> we showed the picture of the nicholas to a neighbor and she said there is a large homeless camp near the freeway on-ramp. >> quite a few. i see them walking up and down early in the morning. >> the driver is still at large, a victim still unknown. gang member are scheduled for arraignment. a man was shot and killed after looking the community center and a celebration in may. two adults and two juveniles were arrested. the adults face life in prison. history will be made tonight when hillary clinton becomes the first woman to win her party's nomination for president. she can only hope it goes
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smoother than last night. bernie. bernie. bernie. >> bernie sanders supporters cheered and bed pretty much when hillary clinton's name was mentioned but sanders tried to present a united front. and the first lady took on donald trump. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> someone who understands the issues the president faces are not black and white and cannot be boiled down to 140 characters. >> her speech was so powerful that former president bill clinton will an speaker tonight before his wife's name nation. >> donald trump responding to sanders saying "bernie sanders thomasly sold out to crooked hillary clinton and all of the work and energy and money and nothing to show for it, waste of tomorrow." donald trump is campaigning in north carolina today. >> sanders supporters are not
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ready to give up vowing to return today, trying to climb a fence outside the wells fargo center yesterday in philadelphia. 54 people were credited. many are upset over recently located party e-mails showing efforts to sabotage bernie sanders campaign and support hillary clinton instead. >> as we said reggie aqui and laura anthony are in philadelphia covering the democratic national convention. reggie will join us at 5 o'clock look for laura's reports each afternoon right here. >> a suicide bomber blew up a car outside of the u.n. office in somalia killing ten including seven u.n. guards one of two explosions in the capital city of mogadishu there was a second attack as well. an al-qaeda linked militant group took responsibility fighting against somalia's u.n.-backed government. >> in france to men who murdered
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a priest are dead this morning during a hostage situation. the police shot and killed two men. the attack happened during morning mass at a church. five people were taken hostage. one was seriously injured. the armed machine slit the throat of the 84-year-old priest. the investigation is underway into the motive. >> in marin, skeletal remains found near drakes beach are determined those of a missing 22 year old cal student who want missing in january after she failed a test and was depondent and pissed the flight to clay where she had a job interview. hikers found bones in april where she parked the car. investigators ruled out foul play. >> a warning to anyone who represents their him through airbnb this morning. police arrested a man who used stolen information, personal information to become a home and burglarize it. this man, got the keys before the approval was approved and
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when it was denied, he had burglarized the police. hes with arrested. >> a photo shows damage of a patrol vehicle of an officer targeted by a gunman. a drunk driver slammed into the s.u.v. on saturday night. you can see the damage. the officer was trapped inside and a gunman walked up and fired shots into the s.u.v. missing her. police are looking are for the gunman. >> today is a big day for people in san francisco who have been calling for more transparency at city hall. the board of supervisors will consider a measure to credit a public advocate so fair treatment from city hall and police. the measure must be approved bit supervisors to get on the ballot. >> and done lore is dry. our warmest neighbors inland east bay, low-to-mid 60s in
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most neighbors and lafayette and pleasant hill in the upper 50s and look at antioch, 71 degrees. in cooling overnight like the peninsula, at 57 and san carlos and san francisco and napa at 51 and san jose is warm, too, at 63. walnut creek has clean air right now and this area and the santa clara valley could have poor air quality through the afternoon. the interesting thing during the summer we look for ozone and the ron we have a "spare the air" alert is because of the fire to owe south. temperatures the next these days are as hot as it gets. relief in the seven-day forecast >> the east shore freeway shows good looking for 4:30 on a tuesday morning. traffic is at the limit. not a solid line of head lits. it is about 14 or 15 minutes from golden gate field and san francisco. quickly at this accident, they were trying to clear the accident out of the lanes off at greenville and the accident was
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reported in the center divide west 580 at north flynn and we have slow traffic for 35 minutes from the central valley interest dublin/pleasanton. >> too close for comfort. another shark sighting off san mateo county coast as beachgoers are eyeing the water. are eyeing the water. >> facebook is growing and grow.
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>> burr game, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a new chapter in aviation history is in the becomes. this aircraft completed the around the world journey yesterday, a voice agency done on solar power alone landing in abu dubai where it started the journey in march of last year. it is flown at 25,000 miles and made 16 stops including in moffett field in santa clara county. facebook could come to san francisco. according to the silicon valley business journal menlo park based social media giant is considering opening an office in san francisco. that is a major shift of the real estate growth strategy concentrating on growing menlo park property for 6,500 new employees. in san francisco it wrote be south of market neighborhood. another shark sighting in
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pacifica close to swimmers and surfers. lilian kim has the details. all the video captured the shark doing what it is supposed to do feeding on a seal in the natural habitat but it happened so close to dozens of surfers enjoying waves on sunday at pacifica's beach made for a frightening expense. all the water i could see had turned red. >> stehpanie was surfing with her family during the close encounter. they hurried back to shore. >> i towned to my daughter next to me and told her to bad el in as fast as she could. her husband was the one would shot the video after everyone get out. he said that at no point was he concerned for himself or his family. >> the shark was doing its thing. at that point you know where it is. it has prey. it is going after it. >> this is the third shark sighting after a police warning advising the public to stay
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alert. surfers say there is not much they can do differently. >> it is their word, not mine, i will be dipping in my toe. aso much is going on, to be honest, it doesn't cross my mind. >> the latest shark may have been too close for comfort in the end it will not keep people out of the water. >> caltrain riders will notice that age is adding a six strain car in two northbound trips and two southbound trips during weekdays with the newer rail cars and plans to re-do the older rail cars, some are overdue nor repairs. >> and today, we will see kevin durant in action for the first time since signing with the warriors at the oracle arena. they made this video available of the team u.s.a. showcase court being installed.
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the game is a rematch of sunday's team u.s.a. and china, blowing out china by 49 points. the game is 7:00 and tickets are still available. >> clippers and lakers fanned booed kevin durant in los angeles and i am sure he will get cheers in oakland. >> we will give him a warm welcome. sue? >> good morning, traffic at oracle arena for the basketball game this evening, get there in plenty time because it can be rough after the afternoon commute. since it is "spare the air" the new caltrains are good, and bart has 26 trains on time and ace train one left stockton on time and is headed interest tracy so everyone is on time and looking good for the "spare the air" day today. san rafael is looking great, you
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will hit fog when you get to the golden gate bridge. mike will tell you about that. >> we have high pressure. the high pressure is pushing down on the atmosphere. compressing the many layer. you can see the fog with west wind at 10 miles per hour. it is comfortable at coast account rest of us the heat runs and poor air quality of the inland heat alert today law thursday, temperatures are pushing over 100 degrees in the weekend highs returning to normal. another sign that high pressure is over the top of us and pest of us are six miles per hour or less. down in the south it will be hazy with mid-to-upper 80s until san jose and south, low-to-upper 90s. milbrae, san mateo most comfortable, mid-to-upper 70s and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 80s. low-to-mid 60s along the coast and we will flirt with 70 in downtown and low-to-mid 70s in south san francisco and sausalito, inland, 87 in petaluma and 92 at santa rosa
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and novato at 90 and napa 88, the county fair, we start at 75 and 3:00, hot sunshine and 92. the warmth lingers at 6:00 and 85 and comfortable and cool by the end of the day. 67 at 9:00. inland, triple digits everywhere get used to that, it hangs around law thursday, we are back in the 60s, 80s, and 90s on friday but 60, and 70s and 80s by sunday. >> the summer heat continues to break records and fuels severe weather cross the united states. >> here is the "weather now." >> from chest to coast the report heat waves is not letting up in the eastern united states and paul williams said that the midwest is in for rust weather today. >> dangerous storms will target north dakota and south dakota and nebraska with potential of sever weather and possible tornado and sweltering conditions from coast to coast.
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including in certain california, a massive wildfire bun north of los angeles has destroyed 35,000 acres. 18 homes, as well. our reporter is there. >> the fire is burning 10,000 acres a day. you can see the helicopter dropping water language the hillside. firefighters have been forced to wait until the flames move together to put water on it. >> the empire state building took a hit, with a lightning rod. that is "weather now." dozens are kid facing a struggle in life have a new challenge an amazing woman's to the find new homes. >> carmel and chocolate and color to starbucks drinks the color to starbucks drinks the new colorful ch
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. a shelter for special needs kitties in san francisco is priced out of city. the organization is called saving grace, takes kissens that are physically challenged or cannot take care of themselves and volunteers give them support and help them find homes. otherwise, many will be put down >> the rent went up to $3,5 month forcing them to leave the bay area.
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>> it is disheartening, this is a place for hard to afford for people trying to improve the community. >> the landlords have been fair, but the area is getting too expensive. she is look for another >> shell oil will pay $750,000 in fines and misleading advertising. authorities accuse shell of not telling customers about limitations to the gift cars and gas rewards programs. they were acussed of failing to redeem gift cards with balance below $10 as require by california law. they do not admit liability under the settlement. the money goes to pay restitution and penalties. shell did not return our call. shell did not return our call. >> the next new different. tollroad cheats cost the state
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$50 million each year. the legislation will identify vehicles on the road. >> if you stopped by starbucks this morning you could notice it looks different. the company has decided to, again, re-do the dress dead. they now allow workers to wear more colors even in in the hair, short, shirts, dresses and hats are okay two years ago they allowed workers to show tattoos. >> i do not remember that. >> you could see a tattoo. mike, how many tattoos do you have? >> nowhere where i want to see them. good morning, everyone, thought we would start off with the heat because your body will be tassed from the heat and poor air quality. check on the scene yours and petted another another and stay hydrated. where light fitting clothing. or loose fitting clothing.
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tonight, 62 at 7:00, dropping to 56 and the heat is on across the state valley, and yosemite is 96, and lake tahoe is 89 and smoky. sue? >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is flowing nicely getting into san francisco with no delays on the upper deck and officer the drive from the richmond area through golden gate field and albany and the city, just under 20 minutes. we had an early accident on the altamont pass cleared at greenville but you will have slow traffic in the eastbound direction with sensors picking up 12 miles per hour near the 205 split at 35 minutes westbound into dublin/pleasanton from tracy. >> the next store makes you wonder, who would do this, from
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orange county, someone stole a four year old's prosthetic leg on sunday while the family was enjoying his first time at the beach. they left the leg behind so it would not be attend by the salt water. >> we were in the water for two >> we were in the water for two hours and...came high has to be carried pushed in the shoulder or use an old leg 3" too short. the new leg will cost thousands and take weeks to make, and gofundme campaign has raised $10,000 and he said he will ask santa for a new leg. >> another everyone aing for pokemon go mayors after a. on was rounded in san francisco's chinatown on friday night in pine street. the 27-year-old victim said she was walking on grant avenue playing pokemon go and a man snatched her cell phone and t
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off running. she was hurt but refused medical attention. >> business owners are warning pokemon go not to download on a company owned device because it could an security risk. the app could provide a gateway to sensitive corporation and accounts. some versions of pokemon go could have malware leading to hacks. >> after ten months, the post's pacifica will reopen their doors. last year, a customer accidentally drove into the retail lebanon of the post office and caused extensive structural damage. during the row pair, customers were given other sites to conduct postal business. today, it is back to normal. this happens this morning at 9:15. >> this could be a big day for throughs of people caught up in the volkswagen scandal, next at 5 o'clock a.m., the hearing in san francisco that could finally give them some relief. >> a rockstar welcome for bernie
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sanders at the democrat democrat but the first lady who brought the house down. we will go to reggie aqui in philadelphia with the speech.
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this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, a look outside coming up on 5:00 a.m. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller, and natasha zouves is next to me. reggie aqui is at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. how is it going, reggie? >> i am in a different place this morning at mayor idea hotel in downtown philadelphia where the delegation in california is about to have their breakfast. this is where the unity for the party, in it will happen, begins >> can they do it? back to a check of the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> good morning. if you had issues with the air quality, today is not much better in the north bay we are looking at san rafael. healthy levels o


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