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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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be called madam president, hillary rodham clinton. >> and with that, history is made. moments ago hillary clinton became the first woman to be nom ated by the president for a major party. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. let's go live to the dnc with karen in philadelphia. >> reporter: good evening. moments ago history was made in philadelphia. hillary clinton is now officially the democratic nominee for president. the roll call of the states took about an hour and a half. it was lively and emotional and ended in perhaps a very fitting way. bernie sanders bringing the campaign season to a close, and moving to nominate hillary
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clinton. >> are we ready to make some history? >> tonight democrats making it official. >> 51 votes -- >> 310 votes -- >> reporter: a state by state roll call to formally nominate hillary clinton as their candidate for president. >> so it is with a full heart that i'm here today as we nominate hillary clinton to be the first woman [ technical difficulties ] >> the nomination of our friend and hero -- senator bernie sanders. >> and this powerful scene, sanders brother larry, part of the delegates of broad delegation. >> i cast my voter for bernie sanders. [ applause ] >> reporter: in the spotlight, hillary clinton's work for
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children and families. a likely emotional moment. together on stage, mothers who lost their children to gun violence or alleged excessive use of force by police. but the highlight of day two, the primetime address by bill clinton. clinton promoting hillary clinton's days as a child advocacy lawyer and her work on health care. this is bill clinton's tenth speech at the democratic convention and aides say this one will be personal. he's been working on the speech for weeks and is expected to speak from the heart. hillary clinton will not be here in philadelphia tonight. but aides say, of course, she'll be watching from home. live from philadelphia, karen traverse, abc news. back to you. >> karen, thank you. i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of
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the democratic party for president of the united states. >> and that was the moment. that is the motion from senator bernie sanders to nominate hillary clinton by acclamation, met with a chorus after plause in wells fargo center in philadelphia. in the north bay, they are feeling burned by bernie sanders. they tell abc 7 news the sanders campaign has not reimbursed the town as promised for police and fire expenses during a rally last month in the cloverdale airport. the tab came to $23,000. the rally came together with just 48 hours notice and there was no written contract with the city. abc # news reporter laura anthony is live from philadelphia on abc 7 news at 5:00. she and reggie aqui will be there all week for the convention. now we are monitoring a rescue effort underway in santa cruz county as we move on from politics. we've received reports of a 13-year-old boy buried in the
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sand up to his shoulders outside of watsonville, the santa cruz sentinel reports that they are using shovels to big the boy out and that is a tricky process. we'll have an update. fog us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. and a standoff ended peacefully when a 13-year-old autistic boy got into an argument with his family. the boy barricaded himself in the garage with a knife. police talked with his family and therapist to figure out the best way to coax him out. they tried playing music and sending in a robot. around 1:00 p.m., neighbors heard two loud bangs and the boy was safely taken out in restrainted. today's weather can'ts are not helping firefighters -- conditions are not helping firefighters in monterey county. the blaze has burned 1,000 acres and destroyed 20 homes near soberanes creek.
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cal fire estimates more than 1600 homes are threatened with mandatory evacuations in place for at least 300 houses. fire is just 10% contained and its cause is under investigation. and that fire forced a group of boy scouts from the south bay to evacuate to their camp and end their camping trip earlier than expected. they have had to leave the camp near the pallo colorado canyon after the fire started. everybody got out safely. they have changed the location of the upcoming camping trips because of the fire. bay area firefighters have been sent to help fight the soberanes firefighter. they wrote this ofd, they are working hard to help contain the soberanes fire. and if you see news where you live, use the #abc 7 now when posted on social media and could you see photos on air or on line. the smoke from the soberanes fire is spreading across the bay
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area. >> take a look at our tower cameras from the east bay to the south bay, you could see how hazy it is out there right now. >> david louie joins us with a look at why the bad air is such a problem. >> reporter: that haze is blowing toward the santa cruz mountains but health officials say that is still a major concern for even healthy people as well as those with lung-related issues. that is something to consider if you are planning to go out walking or perhaps taking a run tonight. the haze that has created a blanket over the south bay is a big concern to doctors who reported increase in the number of patients complaining of irritated highs and airways. an asthma specialist in los gatos explains how the particular at matter is compromising our lungs. >> the matter could get down into the small airways of the lungs and cause asthma, mucus over production, wheezing and
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can even cause decreased oxygenation to the blood. >> reporter: that is a concern with patients with asthma. they need to avoid the smoke. according to a clinical professor at standeford with a private practice in san jose. >> they may have to stay in the house and close the windows. use air-conditioning that recirculates, if they have that opportunity, within the house. now when they drive in the car, roll up the windows. >> reporter: the haze may appear to dissipate as it spreads norths and east to other parts of the bay area but the public should remain cautious about exercising outdoors. the american lung association of california said air quality has improved but the wild card is generated by wildfires and that is a long-term concern. >> the larger implications of climate change and drought and record heat waves will lead to more and more wildfires which is really going to have this longer term impact on people's health. >> reporter: the bay area hills and mountains are aggravating
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the situation, trapping the haze and not allowing it to dissipate. david louie, abc 7 news. the bad air has led to another spare the air alert. >> spencer christian is here with the accuweather update. >> as you know, our air quality is in decline since this bit of a heat wave began and that decline is made even worse now by smoke drifting into the bay area from the soberains fire. let's look at live doppler 7 hd and david has already shown you the haziness in the air. we have mostly sunny skies above that haze. and check out the 24-hour temperature change. it is so much warmer just about everywhere than at this hour yesterday. 16 degrees warmer in novato. 15 degrees warmer in napa and 16 in antioch and 9 at concord and hayward and 10 at mountain view and the heat goes on. highs so far, 103 at antioch and concord, 104 the high so far at fairfield and livermore, up north 106 at ukiah, 102 at cloverdale and inland with highs in the 90s so far.
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and here is a look at mt. diablo with the east bay hills camera and you could see the haze as the air quality is so poor in our inland areas and tomorrow will be our third consecutive spare the air day with the poorest air quality once again expected to be in the inland valleys of the east bay and the santa clara valley. ale look at how long the heat wave will last in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> keep track of the changing weather conditions with the abc 7 news app. download it for free and track live doppler 7 hd any time. the supermarket in east san jose will be closed after a fire. investigators say it appears to have started from a grease fire in the market kitchen. ten employees did make it out safely and no other stores were effected. dangerous algae is a problem across the country. >> there have been cases from florida to utah, to here in the bay. >> and now contra costa officials are warning people to avoid swimming in discovery bay
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because of the potentially harmful bay. >> leslie brinkley is there live with a look. leslie? >> reporter: the water here has tested positive for toxic blue-green algae in numerous locations. you could see a patch behind me. water samples have been sent to a state lab and a federal epa lab to determine just how dangerous the levels are. >> bacteria are disrupting the leisurely water-front lifestyle here in discovery bay. >> residents are concerned because dogs play in the water, kids swim in the water, they are waterskiing and wake boarding and jet skiing. >> reporter: and exposure to the blue green algae is dangerous. >> you could have skin irritation or gi problems or foaming at the mouth for the dogs. >> last year three dogs died after drinking contaminated water from this lake in alameda county. the contra costa county health department tested the waters of
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discovery bay again today. once results come back from state and federal labs, they are likely to post warning signs throughout these water-front neighborhoods. >> i was just talking with another customer of mine earlier and i was telling them -- they was talking about having your grandkids over for the weekend and i said make sure they take a good shower afterwards and don't go to bed with the delta water on you. >> reporter: the hot weather and the hot shallow water only exacerbate the problem. in discovery bay, abc 7 news. right now we're looking for 60 teachers -- >> school districts desperate to hire teachers. what they are doing to get them in school. and at 4:30, the dangerous prank hitting fast food restaurants and why owners say there is nothing funny about this. >> thank you. and a little boy showing a lot of love for the men and women in blue. and taking a live look now at traffic outside at 4:12 in
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the afternoon. this tuesday, bay bridge toll plaza. as you could see, if you don't have fast track, it is
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right now oakland unified is holding a job fair for teachers. >> lyanne melendez is live at lin elementary school in oakland where the fair just got
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underway. >> reporter: we're inside of the great room at this elementary school on second avenue in oakland and they are going to be here until 6:00 of this evening. the way it works is you bring your resume, you talk about how you want to serve this community here in oakland and you may be hired on the spot. fairs like this one last year helped fill the gap of teachers needed in oakland. this year there is also a shortage. >> right now we're looking for 60 teachers. primarily right now we need special education teachers. we're also looking for math, science and some single subject classrooms with bilingual teachers. >> this shortage is going on in several school districts in california. baby boomers continue to retire and pink slips given year after year due to budget cuts discouraged many people from continuing or getting into the field of education. according to the california labor department, 82,000 school
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jobs in the state were lost from 2008 through 2012 dooring the great recession. one way of attracting teachers in hard-to-fill positions is by offering incentives. >> we're paying $1,000 to the teachers who refer special education teachers to us. and we're also paying $1,000 to the teachers that we hire. >> reporter: san francisco unified has 70 current openings for special education teachers. and is offering a $4,000 bonus. oakland school board member jody london said teachers need to be better rewarded. >> if you are someone who has graduated from college right now and you are looking at what are your options and where are you going to go work and you look at the average teachers salary and the cost of living versus other professions you could choose, and so that is a national conversation that we have to have. >> reporter: and oakland will have two more fairs. i'm just getting this information now. this thursday just for those who are credentialed in special
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education from 3:00 to 5:00. the address, 1011 union street and they'll have a third one on august 3rd at think college now from 4:00 to 6. more information on our website, lyanne melendez, live in oakland. the driver killed in the auto pilot trash in a tesla was speeding before he hit a tractor-trailer in may. that driver was going 74 miles per hour in a 65 mile-per-hour zone since the crash there has been criticism of the tesla auto pilot feature and there have been called for the palo alto company to make changes to the self-driving system. apple is on the verge of a major milestone. the county -- cupertino based company is about to sell the 1 billion phone. we'll keep you posted on though big announcement. facebook could be opening
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the first offices in san francisco. reporting out today show they want to lease hundreds of thousands of square-feet of office space in so mania after the city's central soma plan is approved. and the plan could be scrapped in favor of more expansion in menlo park. a san francisco company has apologized for a rogue sidewalk ad after unwanted attention from the city. one of the ads near alamo square -- we first learned about this from the news site and the viral ad consists of a sticker on the grund and a dog leash and collar hanging from a pole. it is from a company making gps collars for dogs. the advertise sparked criticism. the city said please refrain from putting illegal posts on public property and the company apologized and decided to take down the ads. this is a great week for soccer fans.
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the mls all-star game takes place and liverpool and a.c. milan play at levi stadium on sunday. today coaches and players shared excitement about the game, one that features some of the top names in international soccer. >> they said, sitting down at dinner, looking at the players sitting across from you, you feel lucky to be in this position and when the ball starts rolling, i think you'll feel even luckier. >> fans are relishing all of the excitement. a six-day celebration leading up to the all-star game is underway with interactive games and player meet and greet. it is amazing how popular soccer is in the bay area. >> that is exciting. we do have the poor air quality to contend with. >> and the brutal hit, spencer. >> i love livermore and the wines they make in the area but i'm glad i'm not there right now. dressed as i am. it is 104. and here in san francisco it is
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cooler. here we have mainly sunny skies and haze in the air as you mentioned. air quality is poor. this is a spare the air day. tomorrow will be as well. there is a little bit of a coastal cloudiness as you could see. and you could see the finger of the clouds moving through from sutro tower. 73 in san francisco. 79 in oakland. 78 in mountain view. 69 in half moon bay. from the mt. tam camera, skies are mostly clear over the bay except for the patches where the low clouds push through. 96 in santa rosa. napa 91. novato 97. 104 in fairfield and livermore and 103 at concord. and here is my view from the rooftop here at abc 7. these are the forecast features. spare the air again tomorrow. the three consecutive day. and heat alert as we expect inland heat in the next two days and will ease by the weekend which is good news to all of us, most of us. out over the bay tonight, we'll see just a little bit of low
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cloudiness. it will be confined to the coastline. overnight lows generally in the mid-50s to low 60s. here is the fog forecast. 5:00 tomorrow morning, as the morning commute getting underway, most inland areas have good visibility but patches of fog moving beyond the coastline across the bay maybe over oakland and emeryville and up north toward santa rosa but pulling back quickly by midday and leaving us with the sam pattern today sunny skies inland and over the bay and highs tomorrow from mid-60s at the coast to upper 80s around the bay. and more triple-digits in the inland valleys. but cooler weather this weekend. look for saturday to bring us inland highs only in the upper 80s to low 90s, which will be quite a change from the persistent triple-digits we've had the last couple of days but wale continue to have. we'll have near average temperatures on sunday as it gets even cooler than on saturday. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. you see the triple-digit
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tomorrow and inland and upper 90s friday but low 90s on saturday and upper 80s on sunday and monday and around 90 on tuesday. and coastal temperatures won't change that much. ranging from mid-60s during the hot days inland to only about 60 as the cooldown begins. dan and kristen. >> spencer, thank you. coming up next, a young child showing a whole lot of love for police officers around the bay area. and a dream come true for a
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a 2-year-old in san leandro has earned the nickname little boy blue for handing out thank you cards to those in the bay area. aiden put the smile on faces of several san leandro officers and the chief today. >> this 2-year-old and his mom have been thanking law
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enforcement for half of aiden's life. >> we decided to do it because we figured it is good to serve those who serve us. >> reporter: he clutches the cards wherever he goes, snapping notos with everyone he thanks along the way. >> hayward, oakland, san francisco and we've done fremont, newark, san jose, santa clara, cocoa county and also in l.a. >> reporter: on this afternoon aiden is in san leandro. not far from the police station. after a short wait with wide eyes, detectives and even the police chief come down stairs to meet aiden. >> thank you so much. can i shake your hand. >> it means a lot. >> i'm so glad. thank you. >> this doesn't happen much. >> it warms our heart when we get that support because we do go out here and try to serve the community and do our best and when we're acknowledged by specially such a young man, it is truly appreciated.
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>> good job. >> reporter: after one more round of low-fives, a picture. >> and perhaps aiden will hang over his desk one day. >> we outfitted him with san leandro swag so hopefully he will remember that when he is old enough to test. >> whatever he wants, we'll support him. >> he has a few years to decide. >> in san lee and row, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> some boys dream of becoming a superhero but one just wants to be a garbage man. little ethan dean's classmates in a crowd of more than a 100 cheered him on as he climbed into a garbage truck with his name on the side. the make a wi-a-wish foundation granted his wish and he got a special toy. >> garbage man legos for you.
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>> i always wanted those. >> he was all smiles as he lived out the dream of riding around with the garbage man. he loved them so much he has garbage truck bed sheets and has even had a garbage truck birthday party. >> that is sweet. abc 7 news news at 4:00 continues. >> after you have lost a child, you don't know this side. >> the speakers stirring up emotion and controversy at tonight's democratic convention. plus a deadly mistake, the heat wave gripping the nation is being blamed for the deaths of several children. and fast food chains and fast food chains targeted the not so it's tfrom the old way off buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online. carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you. if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they.
4:28 pm zero to happy.
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taking a look at headlines at 4:30, weather conditions are not helping firefighters trying to put out the growing firefighter near big sur. this fire has spread to more than 19,000 acres and is just 10% contained. chris nguyen caught up with the bay area strike teams sent down to the fire and will join us live coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. a federal judge game preliminary approval to a settlement between u.s. regulators and volkswagen in the ongoing diesel emissions scandal. but as abc 7 wayne freedman
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tweets, problems continue to linger. wayne will explain coming up at 5:00. and history was made today during roll call at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. hillary clinton officially became the first woman to be nominated by a major party for president of the united states. and a live look from the convention floor right now. new york senator charles schumer speaking right now. of course, once a colleague in the senate of hillary clinton. among the speakers tonight, former president bill clinton, house minority leader nancy pelosi and california senator barbara boxer. >> be sure to tune in for our coverage tonight. community policing will take center stage this evening. some mothers of black men killed by police or gun violence will speak and that has sparked outrage by police unions. kenneth moatin has a preview from philadelphia. >> in this national climate of rising tensions -- between communities of color and police, the democratic national
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convention will put the mothers of movement front and center. >> unless you have lost a child, you don't know this side. >> yes. >> reporter: seven mothers united in grief over killing of their children, mostly black men, by police and gun violence and they are looking for change and denouncing the recent attacks on law enforcement. >> this is a bad time to be a good cop in this country. >> yes, it is. >> okay. we need to remember they have lives too. >> but the philadelphia fraternal order of police called the dnc invite to the mothers an insult and the families of slain officers should have been included. and the hillary clinton campaign has invited law enforcement voices like police commissioner charles ramsey, the head of president obama's community policing task force spoke with cnn. >> and whether it is mr. trump or whether it is secretary clinton, someone is going to have to address the issue of crime and violence in our communities and the best way is to deal with it. >> ramsey's successor pointed out the department moto for community policing is under
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spotlight as they handle dozens of protests. >> we are experiencing a paradigm in law enforcement and some may have to be dragged along but for those of us progressing, we understand we're going to do that. >> reporter: abc news, philadelphia. bernie sanders made a surprise appearance during the california delegation breakfast in philadelphia. there were cheers and some boos. >> that is right. reggie aqui was there when it happened. >> bernie sanders taking the stage. he was just introduced. none of the people knew he would be here. this is a california delegation having their breakfast this morning. he was not on the list of speakers. he decided to come by and say a few words. let's see if we can hear any of this here. >> california, thank you very much for all of the support you have given our campaign.
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>> reggie aqui and laura then will be in philadelphia all week. look for coverage on the abc 7 morning and lauer's report at 5:00, 6:00 and 121:00. moving on. isis is claiming responsibility on a attack on a priest in france. two men took several people hostage in a catholic church in normandy where they slash the throat of this father. a second person suffered two stab wounds but will survive. police shot and killed the men as they tried to leave. one of the suspects is a 19-year-old who was known to french anti-terror authorities. it is a day of mourning in japan after one of the worst mass killings in that country's history. 19 people were stabbed to deng and 26 others injured at a facility for those with disabilities. a former worker broke in and attacked the residents raging in age from 19 to 70. the 26-year-old turned him in in
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a nearby police station and at this point the motive is unclear but authorities say there is no link to terrorism. the dangerous heat wave gripping millions across the country is being blamed for the deaths of several children in the past few days. 23 children have died in hot cars so far this year. elizabeth hur is in new york, she has the details and the new technology helping parents. >> reporter: with temperatures soaring, setting new records and reaching triple-digits in some cities across america, concerns are also rising with news of four children dying in hot cars since friday. >> the latest case reported in texas on sunday. police investigating a dallas father who left his 2-year-old son in the car at church. the little boy, the 23rd child to die this year in a hot car. alarming considering 25 children died in all of last year. and it is heart-breaking for neighbors of the 4-year-old girl who died left in the backseat of
4:36 pm
a car in pennsylvania on friday. >> it is horrible. horrible. it makes me want to cry. i think of my kids, that would never happen but -- >> reporter: now new technology is emerging to help patients. >> the rear seat reminder cannot detect the presentation of a child in the backseat but instead detects rear door usage and uses that to indicate there might be something s-- in the backseat. >> watch as you open the back door of a general motors before traveling in the car and it beeps when you stop and turn it off. >> it was put in place to remind the driver to take a quick look in the backseat. >> reporter: safety experts say the message is simple. look before you lock and if it helps try putting something in the backseat like your cell phone so you will remember to check the backseat when traveling with a child. elizabeth hur, abc 7 news. new york. business owners might want to review their emergency
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protocol with their employees after a messy prank orchestrated by a crank caller outside of sacramento. here is what happened. someone told workers at two restaurants in elk grove he was calling from an alarm company and that they needed to test the kitchen fire suppression system. the workers at the wendy's and five guys did what they were told and pulled the lever, showering the kitchens with the foamy solution. >> it creates a mess in the business, yes. so those businesses have to clean up and they have to be -- before they can reopen and the systems have to be recharged. >> reporter: and the caller contacted a panera bred restaurant but the manager been die it and called police. police are looking for the caller and it is not clear if charges will be filed if that person is found. still to come at 4:00, on-ramp meters causing problems. what you need to look out for. >> i'm spencer christian on this second day of triple-digit heat around the boy.
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we see cooling fog at the golden gate but it won't have much cooling
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abc 7 news was at the on-ramp to westbound 80 in emeryville and driver after driver blows by the red light to
4:41 pm
merge on the freeway. the curve makes it hard to see the lights. drivers were more orderly on the other 44 ramps. that seemed to work smoothly. caltrans said they will constantly adjust to traffic on the ramps and on the freeway as well. >> drivers are a lot hot under the collar, you can't blame them. >> good reason. triple-digits today. >> i'm hot under the collar too. and it looks like i'll remain hot under the collar for a couple more days. here is live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across most of the bay area with low clouds having lingered at the coast most of the day. a similar picture will reveil tomorrow. low clouds along the coastline of much of the state of california and it is hot in interior sections with highs of 106 at chico. 104 sacramento. 110 in froze know. 115 in palm springs and a toasty 86 in los angeles. here in the bay area, once again a range of highs from 64 at the coast where fog will linger to some mid and upper 80s around the bay to triple-digits inland in antioch, fairfield,
4:42 pm
livermore, up north at cloverdale. just another hot day inland. for the week ahead, livermore is the high temperature trend indicator with highs in triple-digits the next two days dropping off a few degrees on friday but still hot and significant cooling over the weekend in livermore and in most of the bay area so by the end of the week, the heat wave will have ended. >> thanks, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, from the earth to the far. >> it is easy to get lost and the technology advances nowadays but i think agriculture is an important aspect of our daily lives. >> the star scholar committed to protecting our fragile planet. i'm seven on your side's michael finney. anef toast is underway -- an effort is
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
for 11 years abc 7 has recognized seven bay area high school seniors for their extraordinary chiefmen -- achievements with a scholarship toward their college education. meet a south bay student committed to protecting our
4:46 pm
earth through environmental policy. >> star scholar julia leo has worked on the hill to take on the form in palo alto in a matter of weeks. >> i'll be attending stanford to study earth systems. when. >> i first heard that, i thought nasa. >> it is a unique program. it is forms of science and even government. understanding the fundamentals of the land that we live on, the soil and the biology behind that but on the other side of the spectrum there is government, so different types of policy of how humans interact with the environment. >> i see her in some type of government position promoting sustainable food, promoting taking care of the planet, ways to leave the earth a better place. >> i would really be interested in something involving environmental policies. >> do you think many kids your
4:47 pm
age feel like that is an unusual interest. >> not in this community because it is so big in more an hill. >> when i go to stanford, they don't understand because silicon valley is so high-tech it is easy to get lost in the technology advances nowadays but i think agriculture is still an important aspect of our daily lives. >> she was also named female student of the year, fitting since she is known to lead her fellow students in class, service organizations and sports, including her favorite -- badminton. >> being an abc 7 star scottar is amazing. >> we are proud to have you as a star scholar. watch our abc 7 star scholar special on saturday at 7:30 p.m. to learn more about this year's other winners. and do you know a change-maker in your community? they may apply for a $500 summer of service grant and for more go to ysa/be inspired and find a
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link on help for travellers is on the way for families flying together and for anyone trying to get to florida from the bay area. >> timely information right now. michael finney has today's consumer news. >> this came unexpected to consumer advocates. the bill that reauthorized the funding of the faa has goodies in it for consumers too. first off, more money for tsa to speed up the lines. and then, get this, families with children under 13 years of age will be able to sit together on airliners without paying additional fees. you may remember, may have experienced currently many airlines charge more for aisle and window seats which means kids could be sitting all alone. now if the airline loses or misplaces your luggage, then they have to refund the baggage fee. right now when an airline bag loses a bag, tough luck, the passenger still pays the fee. getting to cuba from the west coast means flying through miami
4:49 pm
or tampa and getting to those cities means a stop or two along the way. well now united airlines will be adding two florida routes from san francisco. the san francisco-miami route restores service that united dropped a dozen years ago. and tampa airport officials say the sfo to tampa route is one of the busiest not served by not a nonstop flight and both making it easier to travel to cuba from the bay area. a new law is putting an end to free rides across the golden gate bridge for new car buyers. when you buy a new car, it takes a while for the license plate to show up. so there is only a temporary sticker placed on your windshield. that sticker is too small for a camera to read so those not paying tolls or driving through red lights get a free ride until their plates arrive. it is estimated the state losing around $15 million a year in tolls and traffic fines. well the new law just signed by the governor directs car dealers
4:50 pm
to place a temporary license plate on cars until the real license plate arrives. now i want to hear from you, the seven on your side hotline is open monday from friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 415-954-8151 and reach me on my facebook page and through turning on to the wellness report, some jobs may protect the brain from alzheimer's better than others. >> and olympic performers are looking to caffeine, here is jane king. >> some jobs may help protect the brain from alzheimer's. the alzheimer's research center said brain challenging jobs, especially those focused on people may shield a mind. jobs like lawyers, doctors and teachers seem to offer the best protection. now the jobs that had the most social interaction seemed to be the best at preventing alzheimer's. and caffeine could be a
4:51 pm
performance enhancer. even some olympic athletes swear by it. they show benefits if jujitsu and running and it could translate to a 1% to 2% benefit which could mean the difference between gold and silver. and even a little exercise, a little may help younger women's hearts. the john's hopkins university showed 2.5 hours a week of exercise cut the risk of heart disease and the women were ages 27 to 44. and could salad make you fat and broke? nutritionists tell the new york post some salads could be as much as 750 calories. and they ran from 11 to $14 as well. live in the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. and the pokemon go smartphone game is getting an update. drawing appearance at the comic con they are adding a feature to
4:52 pm
trade pokemon. however no release date has been set. future versions of the game could also include customizable pokey stops and the addition of new characters. i was at the park today, absolutely everyone was playing. >> everyone. >> it is huge. >> coming up next, three months and counting until the warriors get back on the court as a team. >> but tonight dub fans get a taste of what to expect year with durant with a preview at the oracle. and a big settlement in the volkswagen emission scandal. what it means for owners and how the deal could lead to a hiring spree. >> and one gets
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coming up tonight on abc 7, live coverage of the democratic national convention and two hours of the bachelorette and followed by jeopardy and whl of fortune and abc 7 news at
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11:00. in just a few hours we'll see kevin durant in action for the first time as usa takes on china at the oracle arena. they gave us this video of the court being installed yesterday. carolyn tyler joins us live from the floor inside of the arena. >> hi carolyn. >> reporter: this is actually a rematch of the exhibition game played on sunday in los angeles where team usa whipped china by 49 points. but if you are a warriors fan, this is all about kevin durant. the new floor has been installed, replacing the warriors w. with usa, for team usa versus china in a tune-up for this summer's olympics. for dub nation it is a show case for durant. the first time since signing his contract, k.d. will be playing on his new home court. >> oh, i'm so excited that he
4:57 pm
moved. i feel bad for the thunders but i feel good for the golden state warriors. >> there are three warriors on the team. durant, green and thompson so this is an opportunity for dub nation to see how they gel. >> there are so many warriors on the team. it is like an all-star team. the warriors star players. >> warriors president rick welch was one of the architects of the olympic dream team back in 1992 that features johnson and michael jordan. >> the legacy of the '92 team was to move the sport of basketball and the nba presence internationally ahead 20 years over the course of the two weeks. >> reporter: tonight a glimpse of the latest push for the gold and for dub nation a sneak peek at next season's starting lineup. in oakland, skarlcarolyn tyler,7 news. >> it is exciting. >> very cool. that's all for now.
4:58 pm
i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. thinks it will grow faster and be more aggressive. >> san francisco firefighters are among the thousands of crews in monterey county. tonight one area is a big concern. plus -- >> the ayes have it. >> history is made in philadelphia. hugs and cheers as hillary clinton becomes the first woman to lead a major party. we're there live with all of the drama. plus air quality in the bay area is so bad people are going to the hospital. and why the yellow brick road has nothing on this bay area student. a destructive wildfire in monterey county, trees torched overnight, branch by branch, a mesmerizing piektd a mesmerizing picture and one showing devastating consequences. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. and the soberanes fire is
4:59 pm
spreading and it is now 30 square miles, the size of antioch. and it is only 10% contained. four firefighters have suffered minor injuries. power lines are damaged causing outages and now all major parks in the area are closed now and we have the fire and the fallout from the smoke. we'll start with chris nguyen on the fire lines there. chris? >> reporter: there are more than 2300 personnel from around the state, including members of the san francisco fire department. if you take a look behind me, you could see their engines right there. the sf firefighters return to the front lines tomorrow for the start of the 24-hour shift. all of them hoping to get the fire under control as soon as possible. at the soberanes fire in monterey county -- >> it is an ever-present thought in your mind, where the fire at and how safe are we. >> reporter: this resident frank laurie has been under evacuation warning since sunday and he is grateful his home is still standing. >> every waking moment you are
5:00 pm
thinking about it. your mind is preoccupied on the second level that we are in the danger zone of a fire. >> reporter: pg&e said power lines have been downed and the fire threatening more than 1600 structures. >> warmer and less humidity and that leads to more active fire behavior and trying to compete against the control lines we are putting in there. >> reporter: the san francisco fire chief is part of a 22-member strike team from the city and were trained and came well prepared and ready to work. >> there is so many microclimates on this fire and you could go from one block to another and have a different experience on what the winds are doing or what the fuel moisture is. >> reporter: access to the fire continues to be an issue. >> it is a dynamic situation. you are dealing with homes and subdivisions and dealing with wild land fires out into steep terrain. >> reporter: but despite the


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