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your mind is preoccupied on the second level that we are in the danger zone of a fire. >> reporter: pg&e said power lines have been downed and the fire threatening more than 1600 structures. >> warmer and less humidity and that leads to more active fire behavior and trying to compete against the control lines we are putting in there. >> reporter: the san francisco fire chief is part of a 22-member strike team from the city and were trained and came well prepared and ready to work. >> there is so many microclimates on this fire and you could go from one block to another and have a different experience on what the winds are doing or what the fuel moisture is. >> reporter: access to the fire continues to be an issue. >> it is a dynamic situation. you are dealing with homes and subdivisions and dealing with wild land fires out into steep terrain. >> reporter: but despite the
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challenges. >> loss of home is one thing but loss of life is something else. >> abc 7 news. oakland firefighters tweeted out this picture of crews from across alameda county working to contain the soberanes fire. you could clearly see how smokey the skies are. just dramatic images. and the smoke is visible in fremont. this viewer shared this victim with us using the #abc 7 now. we could also see the smoke in this picture from the mt. tam camera. really dramatic. abc 7 news reporter david louie has a look at air quality because of the flames. >> reporter: the particulate matter in the haze is a big concern to asthma specialists who warn those with lung-related issues could get very sick if they breathe in the particles. >> a patient with mild asthma could have a worsening asthma attack. they could have shortness of breath, they could struggle to breathe. and very severe cases patients
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may have so much trouble breathing they could potentially stop breathing. >> doctors are seeing an increasing number of patients with complaints of irritated highs and air passages aand it could rise as the fire continues to burn. >> if the levels arise -- continue to rise, patients, especially with asthma and copd, they could end up with in the emergency room with problems. they have to be careful. >> reporter: the haze over the south bay last night resembled the blanket of fog but darker. the american lung association of california issued an annual report on air quality. while there has been improvement, there is inland empire increase the wildfires could impact the progress made. >> the larger implications of having climate change and drought and record heat waves will lead to more and more wildfires which is really going to have this longer tomorrow impact on people's health. >> reporter: specialists say you should seek help if you experience coughing or
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difficulty breathing and staying indoors will help and keeping car windows closed. dave louie, abc 7 news. given the air quality there is another spare the air alert for tomorrow. abc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel is here with that and the high temperatures. and we mean highs. >> indeed, kristen. 150 degrees in livermore and fairfield. i could see the smoke, believe it or not, crossing the bay here. so that is the smoke from the soberanes fire. let's look at the highs around the rest of the region. 61 in half moon bay. so it was a good 44 degree difference between half moon bay and livermore. 104 in antioch. 103 in concord. 82 in oakland. 94 in sap raf -- san rafael. and redwood city to 89 and san francisco 75 degrees from the mt. tam cam the layers of smoke and the fog down below. air quality will continue to suffer thanks to the heat and the smoke so pour -- inland --
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poor and moderate elsewhere. live doppler 7 hd showing you that fog. right near the coast. will it advance? will it cool you down any time soon? i'll be back with the answers coming up. well as teams he temperatur temperatures heat up, it is easy for anything to ignite. two teenagers playing caused a fire. firefighters made a quick response and were able to contain the fire but crews say this could be dangerous. >> the weather is upper 90s and low humidity and the winds are gusting, you are surrounded by homes and there is a pool at the top of the hill, there couldn't be a more serious situation. >> nobody one was injured. history was just made at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. >> the president of the united states and first one who will be
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called madam president, hillary rodham clinton. >> south dakota casted the deciding vote during this afternoon roll call to put hillary clinton over the top to secure the party nomination. she becomes the first woman to win a presidential nomination for a major party. in a show of unity, her former opponent asked all democrats to come together. >> and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> today's busy day is just getting started. laura anthony is live from philadelphia. laura? >> reporter: well this was a highly emotional vote. it went on for some time. there was a strong sense that history was being made throughout. there was a sense also earlier today that bernie sanders supporters might be more disruptive but that did not happen thanks in large part to
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the man himself. one day after he addressed the full dnc in philadelphia, bernie sanders showed up at the california delegation breakfast and continued his push for unity. >> we have the guts to transform this country, and there is no state in this nation that will play i more important roll than will california. >> reporter: his appearance came as supporters shouted down speakers at the california gathering for the second day in a row. >> what you heard today from the bernie people, from this loud, small group of people was immature and it was juvenile and it was counter productive. >> whenever you hear any boos or heckling, i hear that as the delegation expressing their concern that there are problems
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within the party. >> reporter: tonight the headliner is former president bill clinton. in the role of would-be first gentleman. he too will push for party unity. something in minute california delegation think will be achieved. >> john kennedy inspired me back in 1960 when he said a rising tide lifts all votes but all votes are not rising and we have to make sure they rise again. >> reporter: and this live look at the stage here at the wells fargo arena in philadelphia. former attorney general eric holder now on the stage. the primetime program just getting underway. we will hear from bill clinton, barbara boxer and meryl streep will speak and we'll hear from wanda johnson, the mother of oscar grant. we'll have more tonight on abc 7 news news at 6:00. live in philadelphia, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> interesting time there, laura, thank you so much. words ever warning tonight from california -- words of
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warning from the governor for hillary clinton. governor brown represented the california delegation during the roll call at the dnc. there you see his picture. he said the race between clinton and trump is quote, very tight. he told a reporter at politico website the hill that the election is uncertain and clinton should be nervous about her dropping numbers. trump was shown with a 3-point lead. abc 7 news is your home for coverage of the convention, both laura anthony and reggie aqui will be in philadelphia all week. on to some other news now. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a bank robbery suspect. here is video of the dreaded bandit and is accused of holding up four bay area banks and including four take-over type robberies in san francisco on june 23rd and july 11th. thortz say the suspect has worn disguises including makeup and a
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dark colored wig. a san jose real estate investment company announced it will give $30,000 to help community members impacted by last week's millbrae community center fire. republican family of companies said the money will be used to help families and pay for resources to keep the center programs running. investigators say the fire was arson. two teenagers have been arrested. well forget the yellow brick road. abc 7 news was in san francisco inner richmond where pedestrians are walking on this red brick design to cross the clement street and third avenue. it was paid for by supervisor eric mar. the red is a lucky color among chinese americans in the neighborhood. it is part of a plan that included murals and parklets to make the area a bit more vibrant. it looks good. >> yeah. a warning for people and their pets. coming up, why health officials say don't swim in the water in one east bay community. and a $15 billion settlement in the volkswagen emission
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scandal. do you have a vw? what it means for owners and how the deal could lead to a hiring spree. and knee surgery. we look at which bay area hospitals improve your odds of a successful outcome. and the airline now selling seats on air at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident
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who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. volkswagen diesel owners are closer to getting things made right after a ruling in a district courtroom in san francisco today. a judge has given the preliminary okay to a nearly $15 billion settlement in the emissions scandal. volkswagen plans to hire 300 people to oversee the claims. wayne freedman was in the courtroom today and he joins us live. wayne, is this the end of it? >> not quite the end of it. but what we had today was a
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preliminary ruling on the class-action settlement. and it was worth more than $10 billion to american car owners alone. there are almost $5 billion more in environmental mitigation and a program to promote zero emission vehicles. attorneys walking from the federal building to a group of waiting reporters. in sports we would say they are en route to the post-game. and this is a exercise in public relations. >> we're pleased that judge has approved the settlement. this is a significant step forward for volkswagen. the company has wanted to do right by its consumers and do right by the environment and we think this settlement will achieve that. >> unlike most other class-action cases, plaintiffs have known details for almost a month. >> it is the largest settlement ever in the context of the filter act. >> it has been roughly nine months since independent testing exposed volkswagen for cheating on emission tests of diesel cars to achieve better gas mileage. in fact the cars were 40 times more dirty than epa standards
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creating legions of angry and duped owners. >> i'm supposed to trust a company that went out of their way to lie. >> now volkswagen will buy back at a generous price or repay 475,000 cars with two liter diesel inkengines. they will advertise and create a website and create a hotline. this was lead counsel and calls this a win. >> it is about consumers being able to say i meant it when i chose an environmental car and now i'm going to get an environmental car or i'm going to get the money from that car and go buy something else that is just as responsible. >> if you own a volkswagen, the company could buy back your car and put money in your pocket as soon as october after final approval of the settlement. meantime volkswagen has other issues. no settlement on some 85,000 cars with 3 liter diesel engines
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and the company faces probable criminal charges. in the newsroom, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. a twitter stock continues to drop following a disappointing quarter. they added 3 million new monthly users but the san francisco based company also posted it eighth straight quarter of shrinking revenue growth. shares were down and dropped after hours. recently declining more than 10%. twitter on monday said the new business strategy is to launch a twitter tv network for live video events including sports, poll ti politics and entertainment for free. and apple stock is up after closing down. weak iphone sales put a bam pen on the reports. one bright spot is a jump in revenue in the segment of i tunisias -- itunes and apple.
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and the air bnb policy chief who was a former clinton white house adviser and uber adviser, a former president obama campaign manager and they say the users, the millennials are critical to the november election. air bnb is pushing for help in the democratic party to fight against anti-air bnb lawmakers nationwide. air bnb is going to the skies. lufthansa is selling economy seats. round trip tickets from new york to frankfort are starting at $885. the german airliner said reservations have dropped because of repeated terrorist attack and political and economic uncertainty. some residents of the bay are being warned not to swim in the bay. this is a water front bay in contra costa county and many homes are surrounded by the delta. leslie brinkley is in discovery
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bay live with the story tonight. >> reporter: the contra costa health department has issued a warning about toxic blue-green algae here in the waterways of discovery bay. and that algae could potentially be dangerous to people and to dogs. >> we did the initial testing and found that we find bacteria and we don't know how high the levels are but we did get a positive at a number of locations in discovery bay. >> reporter: the slimy green algae is pooled up around backyard docks, the water slides and water trampolines may be idol on a week day but not on the weekends. >> residents are concerned because dogs play in the water, kids swim in the water and they are water boarding and jet skis. >> it could cause skin irritation to gastrointestinal problems and three dogs died after drinking the water in lake shibbo last summer.
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here in discovery bay nick chamber lane dives into the water daily to clean boats for a living and careful to shower when he gets out and that is what he advises his clients. >> make sure they take a good shower afterwards. don't go to bed with the delta water on you. >> final test results from state labs and the epa are expected by the end of the week. high levels of the toxins mean warning signs will go up around the community built on a water-front lifestyle. in discovery bay, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> the water looks nice and cool on a hot day like this. >> and it will only get hotter. let's check out the teamperaturs with sandhya patel. >> it is warm out here and we'll sizzle the next few days. behind me blue skies but the skies are hazy as i look to the north thanks to the smoke and the deteriorating air quality. and live doppler 7 hd. we'll talk about how much longer this hot weather is sticking around. obviously don't tell that to the
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people living near the coast because there is enough fog to keep you on the cool side or the comfortable side in this 60s. compared to 24 hours ago, we are running warm by 10 degrees in san jose. up 12 in napa and novato up 14 degrees. from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera at pier 15, you could see the thin layers of smoke right now and the fog down below. 75 in san francisco. 80 in oakland. 85 in mountain view. san jose and morgan hill in the low 90s. fur sensitive to smoke or if you have respiratory issues, stay inside. live look from the emeryville camera, beautiful view of the fog. it is pretty shallow. it is right down on the deck. and so we are going to see some dense fog for the morning commute. 95 in santa rosa. 97 in novato. triple-digits in fairfield, concord and livermore. and here is what i'm talking about. the heavy fog on the golden gate. spare the air again tomorrow. heat alert inland the next two days. you want to take precaution.
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make sure you stay out of the hot weather, if you have to be out in it working, stay hydrated and stay cool. intense heat eased by the upcoming weekend. temperatures first thing in the morning, starting out in the 60s inland and low 60 the and mild along the coast and foggy and temperatures in the low 50s and everyone else in between. the hour by hour forecast and that fog is dense again. especially near the beaches. and even near the bay. at 8:00 a.m. you notice the fog near the overnight bay, parts of the north bay, and as we head into the afternoon, it is hot again inland and fog will linger near the coastline. specific temperatures for wednesday. the south bay 100 in gilroy. 98 morgan hill. 93 in san jose. 87 in sunnyvale. santa cruz 76. on the peninsula, mid-80s. menlo park and redwood city, 81 in san matt a yes and [ inaudible ] in mountain view and 63 in pacifica and that is sticking around in daly city and keeping the temperatures in the low 60s.
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72 in downtown san francisco. north bay, our microclimate with 60s at the coast. [ inaudible ]. 90 in napa. mid-80s around san rafael and the east bay and hayward and newark and 82 oakland. inland, here is where it will cool. 102 in livermore. 103 in antioch. 100 in concord. and 98 in san ramon. cooler for the weekend but still 90s. sunday we'll see upper 80s to low 90s inland and the accuweather seven-day forecast. hot again for the next few days. triple-digits through friday. mid-60s coast. the heat does back off over the weekend. we'll be back down to the low 90s inland on sunday. low 60s coastside. what we could typically see around this time of the year but for now temperatures have soared inland and it is going to stay steamy in those areas. kristen and dan. >> thanks. one gets high marks and the other one does now. how patients did following
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replacement surgery at certain bay area hospitals. and then at 5:30 on world news tonight with david muir. >> the breaking news, the roll call and the tension and the history made here and down to the floor tonight. and a priest forced to kneel before being killed and isis now claiming responsibility. the breaking news on that front and here at the convention right here after abc 7 news. >> david, thanks very much. we'll see you then. and she did the right thing by answer a recall notice but new at 6:00, from michael finney, the car owner who paid big bucks to fix problems she said never existed
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wno family today nana? no traditional sunday pancake breakfast mimi? they usually show up just about this time, don't they? oh well, i'm sure something came up. you have heard about denny's new pancakes though... 50% fluffier more vanilla-ier... but surely they're not at denny's right now.... surely. are denny's new pancakes fluffier, tastier, better than yours? only you can decide.
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in the south bay, kaiser permanente is donating $1 million to 32 santa clara county groups. among the recipients, the boys and girls club and the girl scouts. the mon will go to nonprofits
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that work on issues like health care, access, healthy eating and mental health awareness and violence prevention. >> all important things. now to knee replacements and a new report on ratings at bay area hospitals. >> michael finney is here with that. michael? >> replacement surgery could be a great option for some, but it is not without risk. and consumer reports has advice to help you improve the odds of a successful outcome. after suffering from debilitating pain for years, juan alonso had his knee replaced and then he suffered terrible complications. >> i was in so much pain and the swelling and the leg kept just swelling up more and more. >> this is the finished product. >> reporter: he sought help from another doctor who replaced his knee for a second time. >> we had to remove his knee replacement and sterilize the area and go back in and put it in after three or so months. >> reporter: consumer reports took a close look at the hospitals in the bay area to see how well patients did following
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replacement surgery. >> we looked at hospitals infect and complication and readmit rates and found it matters what hospital you go to. >> for example, st. marys in san francisco had zero infections for knee surgery. while st. rose hospital in hayward was one of the hospitals that got consumer reports bottom rating. 53% worse than the national average. consumer reports and the california department of insurance have created an online tool to help you check out hospitals. just enter san francisco and you'll see ratings on a scale of one to five. >> and unless you determine the higher the performers compared to the lower. >> you could find it at california health care saint rose hospital tells me it strictly adheres to cdc guidelines and the prevention of surgical site infections. the 2014 data shows that our
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overall rate for surgical site infections is well below the expected national baseline. st. rose hospital consistently strives to improve patient care as every patient is important for us in the quality of care we provide. california health care has other helpful information like ratings for child birth, health care and treating diabetes. >> good information. thank you very much. a little boy gets to live out every baseball fan's dream. >> this is fantastic. you're going to see him face a
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00,s emotional message about police shooting an east bay mom will deliver at the democratic convention. also --
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>> i came back and everything was gone. >> a nightmare day at the beach. what thieves stole from this little boy that will take thousands of dollars to replace. >> and the threat that could force courthouses to shut down all over santa clara county. coming up at 6:00. and oakland a's picture sean doolittle and his girlfriend were walking their dog and a little boy stopped them and asked if they could play ball. he had no idea who he was and here is what was posted on the twitter page. >> are you ready? >> strike one. >> oh, man. >> ready? >> the a's reliever was happy to play, throwing for ten pitches. he missed the first one but knocked the second one out of the park and ran around some imaginary bases and grabbed his phone and took some pictures with him and his dog. >> that is sweet. >> nice of sean. and david muir is coming up next. >> and we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you
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again in half an hour. >> we'll see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight on the floor of the democratic national convention. the roll call, the tension, and history has just been made. amid chants of "hillary," chants of "bernie" on the floor, hillary clinton has just become the first female presidential nominee of a major party. bernie sanders telling those booing, they're playing right into donald trump's hands. and an emotional michelle obama. did she just give hillary clinton the biggest gift of this convention? >> because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> and what we're just now learning about bill clinton's speech just hours away now. also breaking, the deadly attack in church.


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