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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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again in half an hour. >> we'll see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight on the floor of the democratic national convention. the roll call, the tension, and history has just been made. amid chants of "hillary," chants of "bernie" on the floor, hillary clinton has just become the first female presidential nominee of a major party. bernie sanders telling those booing, they're playing right into donald trump's hands. and an emotional michelle obama. did she just give hillary clinton the biggest gift of this convention? >> because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> and what we're just now learning about bill clinton's speech just hours away now. also breaking, the deadly attack in church.
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an 86-year-old priest forced to kneel before being killed. the death toll in this country rising from the heat. two more children. and the state of emergency right now amid the wildfires. and the dramatic rescue tonight. the deputy running straight into a gun battle, saving a mother and her three young children. good evening, everyone, from philadelphia tonight. and just moments ago here, we witnessed something truly historic in this convention hall right behind me here. real emotion, the moment the first woman was nominated as a presidential candidate for a major party. you're looking at live pictures of the hall. the roll call had been going state by state, and in a powerful gesture of unity, it was senator bernie sanders from vermont who called the historic moment, and let's listen to what he said, just moments ago. >> thank you. madam chair, i move that the
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convention suspend the procedural rules. i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> thunderous applause in the room of this convention hall. you could see bernie sanders' wife there, jane, smiling, giving him a hug. she's been such a part, such a force in his own campaign. but in that moment of unity, just a short time ago, bernie sanders moving to nominate hillary clinton as the first female candidate in u.s. history by a major party. we begin tonight with abc's cecilia vega, who has been covering the clinton campaign from the start. we know bill clinton will speak a short time from now in primetime. the personal story of his wife, but cecilia, that was the moment the clinton campaign was hoping for, that unity. >> reporter: david, it is
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electric down here, and hillary clinton said it all in one word, a tweet just now, the word history. bill clinton weighing in on twitter, saying, "so proud of you, hillary." there is now a generation of chirp who wi children who will grow up knowing a woman can be the nominee of a major party. tonight, as history is made, tears. >> hillary! >> reporter: from those casting their vote to nominate a woman for president of the united states. >> hillary rodham clinton! >> reporter: to those who saw their chance slip away. bernie sanders' brother crying -- >> it is with enormous pride that i cast my vote for bernie sanders. >> reporter: as the senator himself, in the convention hall, looked on with pride. this is the democratic party trying to heal itself. prominent sanders supporters like comedian sarah silverman
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urging unity. >> i am proud to be apart of bernie's movement and a vital part of that movement is making absolutely sure that hillary clinton is our next president of the united states. >> reporter: but the reaction from many sanders die hards, a chorus of boos. >> can i just say -- to the bernie or bust people -- you're being ridiculous. >> reporter: the woman tasked with bringing calm to a house divided -- first lady michelle obama. taking it to donald trump without ever even mentioning his name. >> don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great. that somehow we need to make it great again. because this, right now, is the greatest country on earth. >> reporter: mrs. obama and hillary clinton, not always close, but their relationship now, admiration and mutual respect. the first lady, fully aware that
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voters have trouble trusting clinton, now there to declare that it is clinton who can protect the future for america's children. >> there is only one person who i trust with that responsibility. only one person who i believe is truly qualified to be president of the united states, and that is our friend, hillary clinton. >> reporter: and in perhaps the night's most powerful moment, the first lady, emotional, talking about her historic time in the white house and the history still to be made there. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the white house lawn.
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and because of hillary clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> reporter: bernie sanders himself calling for democrats to rally behind clinton. >> any objective observer will conclude that based on her ideas and her leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> bernie sanders helping her here last night and helping here on the convention floor just a moment ago. bring that unity. and cecilia, chelsea clinton has just tweeted, "i couldn't be more proud to call hillary clinton my mom today, and every day." but really, the pressure is on chelsea's father, former president bill clinton, tonight. how does he try to tell the story of a hillary clinton that
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still many people find to be a bit of an enigma? >> reporter: david, bill clinton has given nine convention speeches in his lifetime, but never one like he is about to give tonight. he is here as a party leader. he is here, of course, as a former president, but most importantly, he is here as a husband. and his job tonight, david, is to introduce a side of hillary clinton that america does not yet know. >> all right, cecilia vega, i'll see you in primetime. in the meantime, i want to get right to abc's jonathan karl, right there on the floor with the vermont delegation, where that historic moment came just moments ago. and jon, there was so much talk all day long, we were trying to find out whether or not bernie sanders would play apart in that historic moment, and boy, did e he, not only he, but his wife, jane, right there by his side. >> reporter: drama until the end. we didn't know until minutes before if he would come on the floor for the final vote. we didn't know for sure if he would speak. when he came down, they announced the votes for vermont, a state he won with 86% of the vote. and he got up and he, as you saw, urged this entire
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convention to make it unanimous. make every vote for hillary clinton. this place erupted. you saw tears in the eyes of the vermont delegation, but it was over. >> and tears from bernie sanders' own brother, who helped announce the delegates for him earlier in the evening. jon karl, our thanks to you. there are also major new developments tonight, u.s. authorities do believe russian hackers were behind the hack on the democratic party, revealing those e-mails, and, of course, fanning the flames here among sanders supporters in the last 24 hours. vladimir putin has a long history with hillary clinton. they are not the best of friends. and the clinton camp has asked if russia is trying to help donald trump. and tonight, there are reports of popup warnings that might reveal who was spying all along. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross now. >> reporter: there is growing specific evidence tonight of the involvement of vladimir putin's intelligence agencies in the cyber attack on the dnc. a smoking gun in the malware code used for the hack.
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>> it was an ip address that had been previously seen in other russian-attributed attacks. >> reporter: leading democrats see a russian conspiracy to help donald trump win the election. >> they have a real motivation here. there's no one they would like more in the white house than a friend like donald trump. >> reporter: putin has frequently praised trump as bright and talented. trump talks about putin in the most glowing terms. >> look, hey, putin likes me. think i'd get along well with him. i respect putin. he's a strong leader. >> reporter: trump is a well-known figure in moscow, where he appeared in a popular russian music video. >> you're fired. >> reporter: for his projects around the world, trump has sought investors from among the ranks of russian billionaires close to putin, including one of them, who hosted trump's miss universe pageant in moscow three years ago. and trump's campaign manager, paul manafort, has his own ties to russia, working as a political consultant for pro-russian candidates in ukraine.
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manafort, too, has denied any connection to the hacked dnc e-mails. >> it's absurd. and, you know, there's no basis to it. >> reporter: according to one of the leaked e-mails, as first reported by yahoo! news, a democratic party researcher reported she got this popup warning that she was the target of state-sponsored actors, after she tried to search paul manafort's name online. >> all right, well, you heard the word right there from the trump camp tonight, absurd. any talk of there being a connection with this, as far as putin is concerned? have we heard from him? >> reporter: from the russian foreign minister, the same word. absurd, ridiculous. different words from u.s. officials. they call it brazen and illegal. >> and they continue to look into it, as do you, brian, thank you. donald trump was tweeting throughout the night of the first night of this convention, today, tweeting again, and this question. he asks, why aren't the democrats here speaking about isis? his running mate, mike pence, was asking the same question today, and our george stephanopoulos sat down with vice president biden, asking, why aren't they talking about isis here? >> mike pence, this morning at
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the vfw, "it is extraordinary to think that yesterday in philadelphia, 61 speakers came to the podium, and not one of them named isis by name. this man, donald trump, will name our enemies without apology, and he will defeat them." >> how's he going to defeat -- we have the single-most significant homeland security of any country in the world. we have the finest special forces in the world, and what are they doing? pence and trump? what they're doing is, they're breaking up our alliances. these guys don't know what they're talking about. >> but are they right when they say, 61 speakers last night, no mention of isis? politifact says that's true. >> well, that could be, but i mean, there's a lot more speakers to come. >> george's full interview tomorrow on "good morning america." and i'll be joining george and the entire powerhouse political team a little later tonight in primetime. 10:00 p.m. eastern, for full coverage of bill clinton's speech. and, of course, when news breaks here on the floor, we'll go right back down to it. in the meantime tonight, we turn to other news, and another major headline developing, this time from france. two men storming a catholic church, forcing an elderly
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priest to kneel at the altar and then brutally murdering him. police rushing to the scene, killing two attackers. one of them had tried to go to syria to join isis, according to authorities. a third man later arrested. tonight, isis is now claiming responsibility, and abc's alex marquardt is on the scene for us tonight. >> reporter: the two attackers burst into the 16th century normandy church just as morning mass was ending. they forced the priest to his knees, and according to a nun, recorded a kind of sermon in arabic. they stabbed the throat of 86-year-old father jacques hamel in front of two parishioners and three nuns, one of whom escaped. elite police set up a perimeter, and as the attackers came out, they were shot dead. a short time later, isis claimed the killers as their followers. one of them was 19, arrested twice for trying to go to syria. he was under house arrest with a tracking bracelet. this is the fourth isis-inspired attack in europe in just two
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weeks. following the bastille day tragedy in nice that left 84 dead, and two others in germany. a stabbing rampage and a suicide bombing. the vatican said today that pope francis is horrified by this barbaric attack on a catholic church, and tonight, france's president, francois hollande, warned his country that this will be a long war. david? >> alex marquardt from france tonight. alex, thank you. and back here at home, the oppressive heat and the death toll growing this evening. two more children passing away after being left in hot cars. 23 so far this year. and in the west tonight, more than 30 wildfires are burning. firefighters near los angeles pushing the fire line further into the hills, trying to move it away from homes there. and abc's kayna whitworth with the state of emergency. she's in the fire zone again tonight. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: north of los angeles, the massive sand fire still growing. but officials say the combination of round the clock aerial assault and 3,000 relentless firefighters working
5:44 pm
through the night is starting to make progress. the fire burned at least 18 homes and destroyed most of this 450-acre ranch. it's the setting for dozens of famous films. >> all of this, part of movie sets, it's all gone? >> everything's gone. >> reporter: camille johnson's husband shot this video, staying behind as she fled with their five children. >> the roar was so loud. >> reporter: leaving so fast, their son wearing two different shoes. tonight, she's one of the 20,000 evacuees breathing a sigh of relief. >> some of us cried happy tears, that we were home, and that, you know, we were okay, our house was okay. >> reporter: firefighters are still putting out hot spots. these will be a problem for the next couple of weeks. and officials are telling me that if an ember hits brush in southern california, the probability that it will ignite is 100%. david? >> all right, kayna, thank you. and we saw severe storms here in the east, as well, in the last 24 hours. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee, tracking the oppressive heat tonight. ginger? >> reporter: david, you know it is the hottest time of the year when we are calling 90 a
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cooldown. that's exactly where so many folks made it today. i want to take you straight to the map, though, because the humidity is still high. anywhere you see the heat advisory, delaware down to south carolina, the next couple of days, not going anywhere. in the way of temperatures. these are actual air temperatures, in the 90s and close to 100 for so many of us. and it will feel even hotter than that. next natural question, when does it finally end? it doesn't look good. next week, above average from central california right across the coast. so many of us east of the rockies, sizzling. david? >> ginger zee with us tonight. ginger, thank you. and when we come back here, breaking news from the floor. we'll go back down to the floor in just a moment. also more news tonight. the dramaic rescue. police racing into a gun fight to save a mother and her young children. the video of the daring moments, how he got the family out. a major food recall expanding tonight. new cases of e. coli have now been confirmed. it's a key ingredient found in million of homes. and the big headline tonight about air travel.
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as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. next tonight here, stunning video of a daring rescue. a sheriff's deputy running into a gun battle, rescuing a mother and her three young children. abc's linzie janis reporting in. >> get a unit to south houston drive. >> reporter: a sheriff's deputy runs toward gunfire coming from inside this florida home. >> it's coming out this bedroom window, so watch -- >> reporter: another officer already under fire. the volusia county deputy finding a mother lying in the driveway. >> my kids are in there! >> reporter: moments earlier, she called 911, saying her husband had locked her and her three children inside, and that he had a gun. >> i don't believe he would do anything stupid. >> reporter: but then -- >> i don't know, he keeps coming closer. >> reporter: by the time she's found, she's shot in the leg.
5:49 pm
>> i got you, i got you. >> reporter: more shots ring out as she's dragged to the safety of a neighbor's house. >> my kids are in there. >> i know. i know. come here. come here. come here. >> reporter: finally, those kids running into his arms. >> come here, buddy, come here. >> reporter: the suspect emanuel rosado, arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder. david, the suspect has not yet entered a plea. that mother is expected to make a full recovery. and tonight, those deputies are being called heroes. david? >> linzie janis tonight. linzie, thank you. when we come back here, the major food recall expanding now tonight. the ingredient in millions of homes. there is also news coming in about the cost of flying, and a new report with the exact day airline tickets start getting far cheaper. and the search tonight for a walmart thief, fighting off employees, using a motorized scooter to actually make his getaway. we'll be right back. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms.
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every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. to the index of other news tonight. a major food recall is growing at this hour. general mills is now expanding its flour recall, following four new cases of e. coli. contaminated flour linked to 46 illnesses in 21 states, effecting people who ate or handled raw dough or batter. the recall includes brands of gold medal and signature kitchens flour, both produced before february 10th. we have more on our website. the search is on tonight for the so-called scooter bandit. an alleged thief at a walmart in tucson, loading his basket, making his getaway on a motorized scooter. an employee was pinned against the wall trying to stop him. he's accused of robbing the same store at least once before. and to the cost of flying tonight. apparently, it's going to get much better. a new report showing the average price for domestic flight is now at $361.
5:54 pm
that's a drop already of more than $30 from this time last year. air fares are now at their lowest since 2010, and mark your calendar. a new report, travel experts now saying august 23rd is the actual date when summer air fares get far less expensive. when we come back, the breaking news from the floor, what we have just learned here, and looking forward to what bill clinton might be saying just a short time from now. the ford freedom sales event is on! with our best offers of the year! ♪ i'm free to do what i want... and 0% financing is back! on a huge selection of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus get an extra $1000 smart bonus on specially tagged vehicles. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ♪ i'm free, baby! now get 0% financing plus a $1000 smart bonus cash on specially tagged vehicles. only at the ford freedom sales event. ♪ feel free...
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sorry ma'am. no burning here. ugh. heartburn. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. finally tonight here, history made in philadelphia. hillary clinton becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major party.. i'm joined by jon karl down on the floor, and jon, new
5:58 pm
reporting, no one knew until just moments before if, in fact, bernie sanders was going to take part in that moment. and then all eyes on bill clinton tonight. >> reporter: there was uncertainty right until the end. we didn't even know until shortly before whether or not he would come into the hall, and when he came into the hall, there was uncertainty right until the end about whether he would speak and move to make it unanimous. now, all eyes turn to bill clinton tonight. we expect, david, this will be a very personal speech, very different from the speeches we have heard bill clinton give at other conventions. this, a personal look at hillary clinton. >> bill clinton speaking here in primetime. jon, i'll see you later for our primetime coverage at 10:00 p.m. eastern. of course, the former president will be talking in very personal terms about his wife, hillary clinton. and her nomination, clinched here in philadelphia just a short time ago. her daughter chelsea tweeting that she's proud to call hillary clinton mom today, and every day. and hillary clinton tweeting, "history." we'll see you in p
5:59 pm
for hillary clinton, 330 votes. it's official, hillary clinton is the democratic nominee for president. we're live with a california delegation. that is the other stuff. >> court workers say they're seeking justice. how a threatened walk out could affect others seeking justice in south bay courtrooms. >> we're live at oracle arena. fans get a sneak peek at kevin durant but hooes he's not playing for the warriors tonight. >> i move hillary clinton be selected as the democratic nominee for the president of the united states. >> bernie sanders urging democrats to stand by hillary clinton. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
6:00 pm
>> i'm kristin zee. here is a look at the democratic national convention. you're seeing senator barbara boxer speaking. president bill clinton, former president bill clinton is scheduled to speak tonight. >> now, laura anthony is live inside of the convention hall in philadelphia tonight. laura? >> this took on hour it was with a big assist from bernie sanders. >> how do you cast your vote? >> california. >> votes. >> for bernie sanders, 221 votes. and for hillary clinton, the next


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