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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 27, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. hillary clinton makes history. >> i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> the first woman nominated for president. as bill clinton makes a passionate and powerful case for his wife. >> in the spring of 1971, i met a girl. >> calling her a devoted mother and fighter. >> she is still the best darn change maker i have ever known. >> bernie sanders buries the hatchet, puts clinton over the top. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party. >> and this morning, my one-on-one with vice president
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biden calling on democrats to unite against donald trump. new details overnight in that terror attack in france. isis now claiming responsibility for killing a priest as the hostages speak out overnight detailing those terrifying moments. now new clues emerge about one of the teens behind the attack. the dramatic rescue caught on a deputy's body camera. gunfire rings out. the officer jumps in. >> i got you, i got you. >> pulling a mother to safety. then the hero goes back to help save her children. >> come here, buddy, come here. >> announcer: live from philadelphia, pennsylvania, this is a special edition of "good morning america," "your voice, your vote," the democratic national convention. and we do say good morning, america. and this was the moment, the democratic convention floor erupting in cheers for hillary clinton becoming the nominee.
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clinton herself celebrating with a single word tweet, here it is, history. >> and that moment of history united that hall, robin. it was electric in this hall yesterday and bernie sanders helped make it happen and you can see him tear up there when his name was put in nomination by his brother, there's his brother larry sanders talking about their parents, a lot of emotion here yesterday. we have a lot coming up this morning including my interview with vice president biden. he is calling out vladimir putin and donald trump, making his case to the bernie sanders true believers, of course, biden is going to take the stage tonight along with president obama. but last night belonged to bill clinton. his tenth and most personal convention speech intimate conversational, ambling through his love story with the woman he called the real hillary, much of it so familiar after all these years on the national stage but, of course, it was another first, never before has a former president made the case for his wife on that stage. abc's cecilia vega was right there on the floor for all the big moments. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. a 42-minute speech from bill clinton.
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this wasn't as we've seen him so many times at past conventions bill clinton addressing this convention hall as the former president, this time this was bill clinton the husband. it was a surprise appearance from hillary clinton as she crashed through the glass ceiling of american politics and officially clinched the democratic nomination. >> what an incredible honor that you have given me and i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. and if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia. thank you. >> reporter: just before that bill clinton, in his tenth convention speech, this time not there as a former president but as a husband.
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>> in the spring of 1971, i met a girl. >> reporter: with daughter chelsea looking on clinton sounding like a man telling a long family story, giving a play-by-play of their lives. >> i said, i really want you to marry me but you shouldn't do it. she smiled and looked at me like what is this boy up to? she said, that is not a very good sales pitch. >> reporter: a speech that was deeply personal and deeply political. >> and she is still the best darn change maker i have ever known. >> reporter: clinton also taking aim at a certain republican rival. >> what's the difference in what i told you and what they said? how do you square it? you can't. one is real. the other is made up.
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and you just have to decide which is which, my fellow americans. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the big decision on the convention floor, a state by state roll call vote. >> for the next president of the united states. >> hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: that delivered her the nomination. and the man who helped get her there, the very rival who once threatened to take it from her. >> and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> reporter: now here on the stage behind me bill clinton never actually mentioned the name donald trump but we don't expect that to be the case tonight, as you guys said, president obama, vice president joe biden will take the stage tonight. they will be talking about national security and the qualifications that they believe it takes to be commander-in-chief, guys. you can bet they will be trying to draw a stark contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i'm sure that will be the case, cecilia, thank you very much.
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and as you said, george, this was his most personal convention speech yet. >> yeah, and in so many ways a bookend to the 1992 speech he gave on behalf of himself. in both speeches they used the -- the clintons used biography to beat back controversy. and i was really struck by the language, you know, had first line in the thing of 1971 i met a girl. back in 1992 he had the stark line i never met my father, he was killed in a car wreck on a rainy road three months before i was born. so he had the same kind of themes telling the personal story as a way, and he said it to get to know the real bill clinton then, the real hillary clinton this year. >> very similar. all right, george, now to the republicans, donald trump wasting no time reacting to bill clinton's speech last night tweeting about it before clinton even took the stage. abc's tom llamas is on the campaign trail with trump in miami. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning. donald trump was busy on twitter last night. he actually called the speech
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highly overrated before bill clinton even took the stage. and then later tweeting this, many of bernie's supporters have left the arena. did bernie go home and go to sleep? robin. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. and tell us a little about what trump will be doing today. there's the ask me anything i believe. >> reporter: robin, that's right. later tonight, donald trump will be on reddit ask me anything event. we'll see what kind of questions he answers. >> it'll be interesting to see the questions he receives, as well. >> that will be something. we'll move on to my interview with joe biden. he's weighing in on why russia and vladimir putin might have hacked democratic e-mails to hurt hillary clinton as he calls for democrats to unite against donald trump. we started out with his message for the bernie-or-bust crowd. what do you say to one of those bernie delegates comes to you and says, listen, i'm not going for hillary, i'm standing by my
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principles. >> i know you're going to go for hillary. i know you're -- >> how do you know? >> i just know because you're as moral as you say you are, i know you can't vote for trump. i know. >> one of the things they're angry about is leaked e-mails. do you think russia is behind it? >> i don't know about this particular dump of e-mails, but we do know that this is the modus operandi of russia. >> what would it say if they were trying to influence our election? >> totally consistent with who putin is. >> do you think he wants trump to win? >> i think he doesn't want hillary to win. i've traveled around the world over the last 7 1/2 years and i haven't found a single leader that said it's great, maybe we'll get a trump presidency. >> you think putin wants it? >> i think putin doesn't want a united nato. i think he doesn't want a united eu. i can see where a lot of our adversaries would think it's better to have someone who doesn't have any idea what they're doing than have somebody as tough as hillary. >> your reputation is the
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working class guy. why are so many of them going for donald trump? >> well, i think there's two reasons. one, i think he has been very successful in playing on their fears, and there's not been enough focus on playing on their hopes, appealing to their better angels so, look, i don't know anybody rich or poor or well, you know, off or not who isn't concerned about isis. >> but you talked about that fear of isis. mike pence, it is extraordinary to think that 61 speakers came to the podium and not one named isis by name. this man, donald trump, will name our enemies without apology and he will defeat them. >> how is he going to defeat -- we have the single most significant homeland security of any country in the world and what are they doing, pence and trump, what they're doing is they're breaking up our alliances. these guys don't know what they're talking about. >> of course, he's going to be up on the stage tonight, tim kaine, vice presidential candidate on the stage, and president obama so another packed night, you can see more of my interview with vice
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president biden on "this week" on sunday. let's bring in matt dowd. let's go back to bill clinton's speech and we were talking about this last night. he went through so much of their history, pretty glaring omission, 1998, the monica lewinsky scandal, impeachment. you think it was a mistake to omit that? >> he's a great storyteller. obviously a big part of conventions and campaigns are telling those stories. to me he left a big chunk that actually has impacted her life and her public life much more than most anything else has and everything else that caused her pain. i thought, while a great -- good speech it could have been a much more powerful speech if he had basically said and in this i've caused a lot of pain. that she's actually also had to work through besides all the political stuff. >> but still it was well received, his speech, last night. bernie sanders, we saw him getting emotional when his brother announced him and there were some protests, let's say there were some protests, there are still some bernie sanders supporters who are upset but seeing bernie sanders be the one to put hillary over the top and
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to see bill clinton is the party at least a little more unified do you think today? >> you felt that last night. again, a first step of that was michelle obama i think you feel it in the audience and i think bill clinton actually helped do that and i thought the end with the video with all of the presidents which all one thing in common which was a man, and then she comes in at the end, i think this convention is ready to move forward and my guess is after this convention, 90, 92% of democrats are going to be with her. >> a lot of that on president obama. what does he need to do tonight? >> i think president obama's going to be probably the most -- one of the most powerful speeches at this convention. to me the 76ers play here. he's the dr. j, he's the one who goes above the rim, the best public speaker, the best orator, and i think he's going to bookend what bill clinton did with michelle and barack obama. >> 76ers. you're dating yourself a little bit. >> a little bit. >> there you go. know your audience. that's right, thank you, matt. we're going to move on now to that terror attack overseas. a catholic priest killed during mass in france after two
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attackers stormed in, took hostages. isis is now claiming responsibility and this morning, we're learning more about the killers and the survivors. abc's alex marquardt is in normandy with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the small church where this brutal attack took place, that 86-year-old priest killed and this morning one of his parishioners in critical condition. and we now know that one of the attackers was well known to the authorities having been arrested and jailed for trying to go fight in syria. new details this morning about the two attackers who burst into this 16th century normandy church holding six people hostage before brutally slaying the 86-year-old priest. the authorities now say one of the men was adel kermiche, just 19 years old, arrested twice for trying to go to syria. at the time of the attack he was under house arrest with a tracking bracelet only allowed out a few hours a day. the second attacker has not yet been identified. this nun managed to escape and alerted authorities saying the killers forced father jacques
7:13 am
hamel to his knees and recorded a kind of sermon in arabic. they also said, you christians, you are killing us before executing the priest. as the attackers emerged from the church the police shot them dead. on them were two fake explosives and a kitchen timer wrapped in aluminum foil along with three knives and a handgun. shortly after isis claimed that the killers were followers. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: we die for going to see fireworks and going to a concert, now we die for going to mass, this girl told us, near the church. it will never end. it will never end, that is certainly the feeling by many here in france and across europe after four attacks in just two weeks, france's president has warned that this will be a long war but vowed it's one they will win. george. >> that state of emergency not going away. alex, thank you. we're going to move on now to a dramatic rescue caught on body camera. you see a florida police officer running right into a gun battle to save a woman who had been shot then helping her kids to safety. abc's linzie janis has the
7:14 am
story, good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, george. this body camera footage offers a rare glimpse into what it's like for officers who come under fire. a sheriff deputy's body camera capturing the horrifying moments he and another deputy are fired upon from inside this florida home. >> he's coming out the bedroom window so watch your six. >> reporter: it all began when the officers responded to a domestic violence call. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> he is acting crazy. he is locking me in the house, and he won't let me out of the house, he's being crazy. >> reporter: the mother warning dispatch that the suspect had guns inside the house. >> he has a concealed so he probably -- i don't blow he would do anything stupid. >> reporter: soon a scream and the line goes dead. when police arrive, they find that mother shot in the leg laying in her driveway. >> i got you. i got you. >> reporter: deputy justin
7:15 am
ferrari breathless. >> my kids are in there. >> i know, i know. >> reporter: dragging her to the safety of a neighbor's house. all while another officer exchanges fire with the suspect. >> come here. >> reporter: eventually the woman's two oldest children running out of the house and into the deputy's arms. crying. >> come here. >> reporter: the suspect emanuel rosado placed under arrest, rosado breaking down in court monday as he was charged with three counts of attempted murder. rosado has not yet entered a plea. his wife that young mother is expected to make a full recovery thanks to those hero deputies. george and robin. >> heroes, indeed. >> thank goodness for that. let's go back to amy for the other top stories. >> good morning. we begin with video overnight of a dramatic rescue at sea off alaska. the coast guard responding after this fishing vessel with 46 crew members started taking on water before eventually sinking. this all happened in a remote area of the bering sea.
7:16 am
the crew abandoned ship, got into their life rafts and waited for help. thankfully, good samaritans on two nearby ships helped bring the crew to the nearest island. well, more than 4,000 gallons of crude oil have spilled off the coast of louisiana leaking from an abandoned pipeline. crews say they've contained the leak. the spill covers eight square miles including wetlands. dozens of demonstrators have been arrested outside the governor's mansion in minnesota, including 23 arrested overnight. they've been protesting the police shooting of philando castile three weeks ago. police moved in to clear the area because they say protesters were blocking the street. well, the famous ice bucket challenge is paying off. it is now being credited with a step forward in the fight against lou gehrig's disease. millions took part in the challenge raising more than $100 million. scientists say that money funded new research that has helped identify a gene that could lead to new therapies. and finally, this heat wave has been unbearable. it's been so hot, in fact, a
7:17 am
bear in minnesota jumped into this kiddie pool to cool off. the homeowner took the picture, said the bear wasn't causing any trouble. just wanted to chill out. man, that bear just barely fits into that pool. you like that. it's been hot in philly too, guys. >> we miss your puns. we have missed those puns, amy. yes, it's been very hot here, as well. but those dozens of wildfires that are burning out west, a state of emergency in los angeles county, and ginger is tracking all the latest for us. good morning, ging. >> good morning, robin. the sand fire just north of los angeles now 25% contained. it's not the only one. there are 31 large wildfires out west burning right now. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: overnight, a state of emergency declared in los angeles county. the sand fire burning more than 37,000 acres so far. this dramatic new home security footage capturing a wall of flames tearing down a canyon in the angeles national forest and moving into the homes below. more than 3,000 firefighters working around the clock.
7:18 am
battling the huge blaze. jets taking off from l.a.x. in the smoke-filled sky. in northern california, near big sur, eight hikers lost for six days finally assisted by firefighters to safety. and i wish i had better news as far as conditions for those fires. we've just seen them in the last couple of hours these excessive heat warnings in place for las vegas, palm springs is right in there. the numbers are going to reach to 120 and above in some of these really hot, dry spots. 115 palm springs, reno goes to 103 later this afternoon. a quick look at that moving north before we get to your local weather. but look at that, redding, is 3 -- is 113 on your thursday.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the highlights. "spare the air" today and hotter than average inland, through at least tomorrow with the extensive heat taper through the weekend. today, 6 at half moon bay, to 72 in san francisco, and mid-90s in san jose and santa rosa and 100s inland, good news we fall back into the 50s and 60s tonight. my seven-day forecast shows it will be hot with poor air through friday and we are back to average on >> george and robin, we'll talk about the heat in the east. i know you're cooling down in the low 90s in philadelphia. >> yeah, it felt a little better this morning. >> it did, ginger, you're right. and coming up, dr. dre detained. the hip-hop mogul captured in this tmz footage, handcuffed, questioned by police,
7:20 am
right outside his home placed under citizen's arrest. was it because of road rage? and a huge backlash over a court ruling saying it's not illegal to sake secret photos and videos that some say invade a woman's privacy. the legal loophole letting it happen and a major fight to change it right now. ashley went to lowe's to ctheir curated bath collections helped her bring the perfect look together. oh. one sec. my shell phone's ringing. hey girl hey.
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now, from abc 7 news. >> good morning. we want to update you on this, a lane will remain closed for another half-hour. this while chp finishes their investigation into this fiery, deadly crash. a driver of a big rig smashed through a barrier earlier this morning. the big rig burst into flames and the driver died. he may have had a medical emergency. sue? >> that's right, the charred big rig is still out there, partially blocking the right lane. we just heard from chp within the last few minutes. they are hoping to have that open very shortly. they said within five minutes. so we'll check back soon. but the backup right now remains packed, well past 238, now down into the heyward area,
7:24 am
northbound so you'll expect about a 35-minute drive time. >> good to
7:25 am
7:26 am
>> good morning from the roof. we're breathing much cleaner air than we were yesterday afternoon. it's going to change once again for the worse as we head onto the afternoon hours. right now, temperatures running from the mid 50s to even the 70s in san ramon. san jose 65. oakland 59. your day planner for today, 60s around the coast, 100s inland on this spare the air day. this pattern is going to stay stagnant through friday, so expect more spare the air days and more excessive heat. we'll start to ease back on that saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, we're back to average. >> thank you, mike. coming up, a hacker targeted an amazon account, stealing more than $1,700.
7:27 am
what you can do to protect yourself, next on "gma." we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes. the news continues now with "goo
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plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. ♪ and i rise up ♪ i rise up like the day ♪ i rise up that's andra day singing "rise up" at the democratic convention last night. and hillary clinton, her supporters, they got the message -- they rose up last night. look at that moment. the glass ceiling shattered after portraits of all the american presidents, all men, led to hillary clinton there. of course, she's the first woman nominee for president and the crowd loved it here last night. >> such a powerful image seeing that happen. and right now, all eyes are on that convention stage tonight as president obama and vice president biden prepare to make the case for hillary clinton. also this morning, powerball mania, the jackpot soaring to 422 million. remember, we don't get out of bed for at least half a bill.
7:31 am
after nearly three months without a winner, big drawing tonight, this prize would be the nation's 11th largest. >> i don't know, i might go buy one today. it's a big day here in philadelphia. and, of course, a lot going on in times square, as well. hey, everyone, hey, michael. what's happening? >> all right, george, there's a lot going on. here in times square. wait till you hear about this amazon hack attack, someone taking $1700 from a woman's account even after she changed her password and they did some other things to her and find out if amazon can do anything to stop it. we have this incredible story we're all talking about this morning. the new law that could put any woman's privacy at risk. we're talking about just walking down a street or down a grocery aisle. it's in our big board this morning. it is terrifying. >> yes. >> robin, let's back to you, though. >> outrageous. all right, guys, thanks very much. but first in this half hour, music producer dr. dre handcuffed outside his malibu
7:32 am
home after an alleged road rage dispute captured in these tmz images. the police were reportedly told the hip-hop millionaire had a gun. but authorities now say that was not the case. abc's linsey davis with more on this story for us. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. it's an all too familiar headline recently, a black man is accused of brandishing a gun and police are called to the scene. only this time it ended with something you hear about but rarely see, a citizen's arrest of rapper and record producer dr. dre. you've likely heard his music. ♪ dr. dre is the name >> reporter: or listened to music with the beats headphones he helped create. ♪ i really go >> reporter: rapper and music mogul dr. dre, a founding member of the '80s rap group nwa. ♪ straight outta compton >> reporter: famous for railing against police and racial profiling depicted in the oscar-nominated movie "straight outta compton." >> that was dope, e. >> reporter: but this is the
7:33 am
real-life police encounter caught on tape by tmz. an alleged road rage dispute involving dr. dre. here he is getting handcuffed by sheriff's deputies monday morning outside his multimillion-dollar beachfront home in malibu after he says a man pulled off the highway and stopped in front of his house blocking his driveway. according to the report from the l.a. county sheriff's department, a motorist called 911 claiming a male at the residence had pointed a gun at him. deputies detained a person matching the description given by the caller. that person was andre young, aka dr. dre. >> dr. dre was very cooperative and he consented to a search on his person, and then he was placed in handcuffs and briefly detained in a patrol car. >> reporter: abc news has learned from a source directly involved after dr. dre asked the motorist to move his car the motorist allegedly went insane cursing at dr. dre and the source says saying, here we go. another black guy with a gun. police did not find a weapon at the scene but the motorist made a citizen's arrest after
7:34 am
claiming dre allegedly brandished a firearm. a potential misdemeanor. >> if the cops arrive, find no gun, and i'm dre i'm going to be a little upset that i've been handcuffed if it turns out some guy fabricated this. that person may be held accountable. >> this is something that's going to be reviewed by the d.a. but legal experts say the chances are slim to none that this case will ever get filed. according to the police report, dr. dre told police he simply asked the man to leave and never threatened him. abc news did reach out to dr. dre but we have not received a statement. george. >> okay, linsey, thanks. we have new details now on that e-mail hack at the dnc this morning. we're learning about special treatment for big donors, big money and the access it buys. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross back on the money trail. good morning, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, george. we're getting a rare inside look at the machinations of the clinton democratic party money raising machine. a price for everything, including what it costs for a private dinner with hillary clinton.
7:35 am
it's all about the money. from the welcoming parties with a woman dancer in a bubble in the middle of a fountain at the philadelphia museum of art. to the nighttime cruises. >> that's when the real business gets done outside the convention halls. >> reporter: to the luxury suites at the convention center and the private parties with gourmet scrambled eggs and caviar. >> this style of caviar here is probably $30 or $40. >> reporter: this document in the leaked e-mails lays out what it costs to be a democratic vip. the highest level called the rittenhouse square for democrats who raise more than $1,250,000. >> people give for a variety of reasons, you know, they want their phone calls returned. they want access, they want influence. >> we've received an invitation to the vice president's breakfast but not white house reception. >> reporter: and also in the hacked materials phone messages from top democratic donors calling headquarters apparently
7:36 am
looking for their rewards. >> got a call last week, my wife tells me from debbie wasserman schultz about a small dinner with president obama this week. >> reporter: one e-mail describes the price of a private dinner with hillary clinton, $200,000. another e-mail describes how a donor battling cancer lost his coveted seat at a presidential roundtable and even bigger donor bumped him. please move him next to the president. the dnc finance director jordan kaplan wrote, with no sympathy of the cancer patient, a lot of people unfortunately get sick. we found kaplan this week hosting top donors at a champagne brunch at philadelphia's ritz-carlton hotel. staffers and security guards were called to block our cameras. >> we absolutely can't have cameras here. >> reporter: and when we caught up with kaplan himself he said it was all too embarrassing to talk about. >> i really don't -- >> reporter: and there's a lot to be embarrassed about. computer security experts say the democrats ignored warnings last year that their computers were extremely vulnerable and now the names, home addresses,
7:37 am
and in some cases social security numbers of every major wealthy donor and how much they gave are all online for the world to see. >> pop-up warnings kept coming up. >> exactly right. let's go back up to michael in new york. >> thank you, george. coming up on our big board, major outrage after a ruling that could put women's privacy at risk. and an amazon account drained by hackers even after the victim changes her password. how safe is your information. plus, team usa is heading for the olympics without lebron james and steph curry. can they still take hope the gold? our insiders join us in two minutes. here they are. looks at them right there. we'll be back in two minutes to talk about all that. ll that.
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that means no artificial flavors or colors. now for the moment i've been waiting for... i get the trix. silly real trix rabbit, trix are still for kids. all right. time now for our big board with our team of insiders with today's top stories and first up, we have a warning for women in georgia. upsetting video that shows a man filming up a woman's skirt in a
7:40 am
grocery store and a state appeals court ruling that it is not against the law. our own sunny hostin, senior legal correspondent joins us live, and, sunny, very simple question. how can this be legal? >> isn't that something? i mean, this behavior is reprehensible. it's nasty. it's just downright creepy but because of a loophole in georgia law, it is legal in georgia. get this, michael, the law in georgia prohibits recording activities without consent in a private place and out of public view. so the court here ruled that because it happened in a grocery store, it didn't happen in a private place. so in georgia under my skirt, is not private. >> no. so, are they going to do anything to change it? is the legislature working on this? >> no question about it. it typically takes, lara, a high-profile case like this to make the law change and so my guess is the georgia legislature is going to change this with the quickness and many other states have begun to change it.
7:41 am
right here where i'm sitting in new york, it is a felony to film under my skirt. so i think we're going to see real change in georgia very, very quickly. >> all right, so, good, so our legal system is doing something to keep up with technology, sunny? >> it's trying. i mean, the wheels of justice sometimes turn a little slowly and it's very difficult to catch up with the fast pace of technology, but we are getting there. we've gotten there in washington. we're gotten there in hawaii. we've gotten there in florida. like i said right here in new york, it's a felony to do this kind of behavior, so certainly georgia is going to catch up and a lot of other states will catch up too. >> all right. >> those wheels need to turn a little faster in this country. >> big wheels keep on turning. all right. >> that's a little crazy. >> sunny, thank you very much. we want to turn now to the amazon hack attack. this texas woman reporting to amazon a hacker broke into her account, draining it of $1,700. she then changed her password and the hacker broke in again. how does this happen? we're asking robert herjavec, star of "shark tank" and author of "you don't have to be a shark."
7:42 am
he's joining us right now and, robert, i know you head a cybersecurity firm and this hacker actually sent the woman threatening notes to stop canceling her fraudulent orders. here's what she said. we're going to play a sound bite. >> canceling my orders. he was using everything, this is my account now. your account has been hacked. these are my purchases. this is my 1.6k balance. and amazon will take care of you, just let it be. >> wow. >> and amazon did refund her money but, robert, how vulnerable are we to hackers? >> well, lara, today being online is like modern dating. you need protection. spyware, key loggers, malware. everybody is at risk. look at the democrats. they got nailed. the average consumer is at an all-time risk. >> and i'm surprised that the arrogance of the hacker. robert, we reached out to amazon
7:43 am
for comment. they said if a customer experiences any issue with their account, our team will work directly with the customer to resolve the matter. but how can you protect yourself and your amazon account or any other accounts that you have out there without depending on that company? >> well, amazon is great and a lot of companies will help you but you got to help yourself. i always say number one, use two factor authentication. a good password and p.i.n., change your password often and clear your cache. you can actually go into your browser and clear all the stuff that's on there from before. everybody should do that. >> all right, everybody needs protection. >> good advice. >> thanks, robert. >> i need another password. all right, thanks, robert. now to the u.s. men's basketball team playing an exhibition game against china. they're gearing up for the rio olympics but nba superstars lebron james and steph curry, they will not be a part of the u.s. olympic team but three-time nba champion and espn analyst bruce bowen joins us with more. bruce, good question.
7:44 am
without steph, without lebron, without chris paul, without james harden, can this team still win the gold? do they have enough talent? >> absolutely, they have enough talent. come on, michael. this team played china twice and held them to 57 points. so one game they win by 49. next game they win by 50. come on, you got to give them credit. this is a young team, but it's a team that still has stars of the game today. you have carmelo anthony going for a third gold medal. you have kevin durant who is an mvp and a leading scorer in the nba. then you have champions in draymond green and klay thompson, as well as kyrie irving, who understands the value of playing that high level basketball at the highest level in the nba. >> i am with you, bruce. >> going yes. >> i just really like kyrie. all right, so, remember '92, michael jordan, magic johnson, larry bird. how does this team stack up? >> it does not stack up to that team. those are greats. those are guys that are part of the 50 greatest players in the
7:45 am
nba. now, we're going to have other greats in the nba. but we're going to say, this group, some of those players will be on the next 50, so you can't compare these two teams, because when you do that, it's a disservice to the current team. we must support our current team. we must do the dance. we must believe. i believe, i believe. i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. >> bruce, i tell you, when you talk, it's like listening to muhammad ali sometimes, you get fired up ready to fight. we're curious -- sunny and robert, what do you think? u.s. with the gold medal in basketball, the olympics? >> oh, no question about it. usa is going to get the gold. >> hang on, hang on. team usa looks great. >> who said hang on? >> why are we not talking about team croatia? why are we not talking about team croatia? one of the best basketball teams -- >> you ruined the whole moment. >> because we don't live in croatia. we live in the great u.s. of a. >> what?
7:46 am
>> bruce, i'm with you. >> bring on the champ, bruce. >> maybe croatia in second place but team usa. >> we're bringing home the gold. that's what we're going to do, support, support, support. >> all right, we want to say thank you to all of our panelists -- bruce, robert and sunny. and coming up in two minutes our t.j. holmes giving us access inside the convention halls all week long, now he's going outside and he's taking on a famous philadelphia challenge live. you don't want to miss it. that outfit -- >> he looks so tired. >> -- is a clue. >> he looks so tired. . rt it from the beginning. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you can. you see, we've got the power to turn back time let's start over, let's rewind and let's go back and not quit the gym and have a chance to say goodbye to grampy tim oh, that's the power to turn back time. (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv.
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7:48 am
so where is our man t.j. holmes this morning? he's been bringing us all that energy from behind the scenes at these conventions. >> yeah, he's been inside this whole time. >> not today. >> he wanted to get outside. we said, go ahead, t.j., see philly. good morning, t.j. >> good morning, guys. good morning, you ask philadelphians, it's not just what you must see but what you must do when you're here in philadelphia.
7:49 am
they say you got to go do the "rocky" run. these are the 72 steps made famous in all those "rocky" movies by rocky balboa making my his way up to the philadelphia museum of art. he gets to the top and that's your money shot, right? you got 40 million people. >> yeah, you did it. >> every single year and you can bet they come to this spot. now, you guys are watching. how close did we get to the original? how close did i get, guys? >> not bad. >> great. >> and i love the old school sweatsuit. >> yes, went old school on us. >> like that? >> oh, looking good, t.j. >> i had to buy this yesterday. i had to buy this yesterday, guys, this outfit. i tried to get as close as i could, right? now, this is, folks, a rite of passage for a lot of people. they say you cannot come to philly without getting a cheesesteak and doing the rocky run. of course, after you eat that cheesesteak, you have to run it
7:50 am
off by coming over here so i recommend doing it, guys, while you're here, i don't recommend doing it while you're on live television. but you got to get the workout in. >> yeah, but now that you've done it, are you going to get a real workout? >> a real workout? what was that, george? >> come on, george. see all the steps he ran. looking good, teej. >> it was 72. >> thank you, thank you. >> you did it. >> you got him outside. all right, t.j. >> way to go, t.j. that was great. and when we come back, ellen pompeo will talk about her role on "grey's anatomy." and health alert about some daily supplements. could they do more harm than good? dr. jen ashton when we come back. is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.
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ooh. somebody wants a belly rub. what, now? get your credit scorecard at free for everyone, even if you're not a customer. back here on "gma," we head to south africa first. a tornado there, 400 people displaced from their homes and you can see at least 20 people injured. wanted to take you to new orleans too from an airplane. you see that shot. beautiful of a thunderstorm and a rain shaft. a little slideshow for you this morning. this weather brought to you by discover card. your local weather right after th
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids.
7:56 am
good morning to you. let's get outside with a quick look at your forecast with mike nico. >> hey, everybody. already a 20-degree spread from the coast in san francisco to inland, where we have some 50s to 70s right now. let's show you where we'll end up this afternoon. just about the same area as yesterday with another spare the air day. looks like the heat is going to hold through at least friday. it will back off a little bit starting saturday. >> 880 northbound in san leandro, all lanes open from this earlier tanker fire that for a time had all lanes closed. the only thing that remains closed are the on and off ramps at davis street so you can continue to use marina, but all lanes northbound 880 open. >> thank you so much, sue. coming up, michael strahan's emotional interview with a
7:57 am
former nfl star who's now battling als. that's next on "gma." we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and abc7 you can join us weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. a live look outside. blue skies and sunshine. the news continues now w
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hillary clinton makes history. >> if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. >> now the official nominee of the democratic party after a very personal speech from her husband, former president bill clinton. all eyes on philadelphia as president obama and the vice president set to take the stage tonight. new this morning, health alert. a lot of concern about those daily supplements millions of americans take for everything from weight loss and energy boosts to lowering cholesterol and enhancing memory. could they be doing more harm than good to your body? dr. ashton breaks it down for you. football hero. the former nfl player now
8:01 am
fighting a new battle off the field, steve gleason and his wife michel opening up about his struggle with als and their mission to build a family with their son. the interview that will make you want to stand up and cheer. ♪ the story of my life ellen pompeo's prime time, the leading lady of "grey's anatomy" revealing her age is the real reason she stayed on the hit show and her one hangup when it comes to seeing herself on screen. ♪ no no no all that and pentatonix here singing us into wednesday live as we say -- >> all: good morning. ♪ good morning, america and welcome back to "gma." we are here at the democratic national convention. let's take a look at that moment last night, the shattering glass ceiling for hillary clinton trying to top donald trump on
8:02 am
the entrances right there. the crowd loved it here and they're going to love what they're going to see tonight. democrats welcoming president obama, vice president joe biden and the vice presidential candidate tim kaine. >> tim kaine, so it's a big night here at the convention, and we're going to put a spin on the term election cycle. abc's michael koenigs just rode his bike all the way from the republican convention in cleveland to here in philadelphia. he stopped to talk to quite a few of the voters. we're talking from nuns to wrestlers he talked with, so, we'll get michael's take on what he saw. >> making it look easy. >> yeah, he really did. and so, let's go back up to new york and, guys, did you see t.j.? did you see that workout that he did taking those steps like rocky? >> i thought it was rocky. >> like what are we doing here, we're making t.j. run up the steps. we got michael pedaling. we have a lot to work out today. we have a whole workout for you as well this morning. >> very well done there. we're calling it workout wednesday and it is on "gma"
8:03 am
every wednesday, and we've got fitness expert layla luciano heating up times square with one of the hottest new workouts. ginger is trying it today. and you know ginger -- look at her. she makes everything look easy. >> ginger makes everything look easy. you can try it at home, too, and join in on the action. we're livestreaming this workout for the rest of the hour on our website, on yahoo! and on our facebook page so get up and get going but now over to amy with the morning rundown. what you got, amy? >> all right, good morning, guys, and the big story this morning, bill clinton sharing an up close and a deeply personal side of his wife starting with the moment they met. the former president portrayed hillary clinton as a great mom and advocate, combining their love story with snippets of her life's work. abc's cecilia vega has all the latest from the convention in philadelphia. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. there was a surprise appearance here overnight. hillary clinton appearing via satellite right there on that big screen. >> and i can't believe we just
8:04 am
put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> reporter: the history made as clinton clinched the democratic nomination making her the first female nominee of a major party not lost on this room. many here in tears. also on that stage though bill clinton, it was the tenth time he's addressed a democratic convention but this time under very different circumstances. bill clinton here not just as the former president, but also as a husband, telling personal stories about his wife hoping to reshape her image. >> in the spring of 1971, i met a girl. she's the best darn change maker i ever met in my entire life. >> reporter: and tonight another president takes the stage, president barack obama, and vice president joe biden, and while bill clinton never once mentioned the name donald trump, amy, tonight is very much going to be about the man hillary clinton is running against. >> all right. a lot to look forward to tonight, cecilia. thank you.
8:05 am
and new details now about one of the killers behind that brutal murder at a church in northern france. the fourth attack linked to france in just the last two weeks. both attackers were shot dead by police after killing a priest during mass and then leaving a parishioner in critical condition. one attacker has been identified as a 19-year-old who was arrested twice for trying to travel to syria to fight for isis. he had been under house arrest and was still wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet. >> the man who tried to assassinate rojd reagan will be able to live the hospital today. jo john hinckley. also breaking at this hour, prosecutors have dropped all remaining charges against the three police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the decision ends the case without a conviction. gray's death last year fueled
8:06 am
nationwide protests. well, two would-be robbers were stopped in their tracks at a car wash in louisiana. you have to see this. one of them actually pointed a gun at the man washing his car and then that man let him have it. look at that, with the high-powered soap sprayer and guess what, it worked. the suspects ran off, their robbery plans all washed up. yeah. and finally, wait for this one, it could be the best job ever. the national museum of american history actually looking to hire someone to visit breweries around the country and drink craft beer and then report about it. the position is officially described as a historian and scholar of the american brewing initiative. the three-year gig pays $64,000 a year plus benefits. >> wow. >> and i would say there are a lot of benefits to that job. >> yeah, hopefully they give you a driver. >> i love that. all right. how about "pop news"? >> let's go.
8:07 am
>> all right. time for "pop news," everybody. and this morning, "grey's anatomy" news. leading lady ellen pompeo revealing the real reason she stayed on the hit show, "grey's anatomy," for so long in an exclusive interview with "people" magazine, the actress said it was based, and i quote, solely on age. at 33 i was wise enough to know my clock was already ticking in hollywood. 33 years old, guys. she says she was very aware how hard it would be to find other roles as a woman in your late 30s and 40s. pompeo is teaming up with philosophy, that's a skin care brand, to promote positive attitudes about aging. let me say, 12 seasons later the 46-year-old actress has no regrets and says the show in her experience just keeps getting better. season 13, by the way, of "grey's anatomy" premieres in september. "people" magazine is out on friday. >> it's great that she can be so open about that. >> you know what, my younger daughter is binge-watching it and loves "grey's anatomy." she's just totally into it right now so it's a very popular show for all ages. >> absolutely. dr. steamy or dreamy? >> i was a dreamy.
8:08 am
>> dreamy. >> do you have to choose? >> oh, you're right. >> how about both? >> more is more. >> that question from amy. also in "pop news" this morning, speaking of tgit, i'm so happy to tell you that the cast and crew of "scandal" are back to work and clearly happy about it based on their social media posts. the show's creator shonda rhimes shared the season's first table read online. take a look. >> okay, everybody, we are here at "scandal," season 6. it's happening right now. we're having our first table read. >> i love seeing those behind-the-scenes moments. kerry washington showed off her olivia pope nameplate and then she also joined her cast mates for a few group selfies. and then bellamy young who plays presidential candidate mellie grant also took to twitter saying season 6 is going to be unbelievable. #gladiatorsroar. >> i didn't realize it took so many people -- realize how many it takes to make that show what it is. >> it is tremendous so enjoy every minute.
8:09 am
finally, one more, "scandal," get ready for the battle of the music giants, adele versus beyonce for the most mtv video music awards. beyonce has a career high 11 nominations for "lemonade." adele, though, right behind her with eight. seven of which will be head-to-head against the queen. other big name nominees for the 2016 vmas include drake, ariana grande, rihanna and the late david bowie. the vmas will be held august 28th. sure to be a great show. >> too bad they both can't win. >> yeah, well, hopefully they'll both be there and perform then we all win. >> ah, nice, i like that. >> well, you know what, our viewers are going to win because here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." let me get out of that tight seat. a health alert about some of your daily supplements. a new report out this morning. how safe are the ones you're taking? dr. ashton is here live with that. and it is workout wednesday. our fitness expert is here with the hot new routine. you can join our livestream or on our website and facebook right now. plus, we've got a powerhouse
8:10 am
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all right, that's a look at all right, that's a look at the election cycle.
8:15 am
our intrepid producer, he's biking between conventions, meeting voters, having conversations, and we're going to talk to him about all that live coming up, but first we've got a health alert about some vitamin supplements. "consumer reports" is out with a new warning this morning about certain dietary aids. they looked at a wide variety of brands and found some can pose possible health risks. millions of health-conscious americans take daily supplements hoping to reap health benefits from weight loss and energy boosts, to lower cholesterol and memory enhancement, but, according to a new analysis by "consumer reports," some supplements may be doing more harm than good to your body. >> supplements are not regulated by the fda as a drug. they're regulated as a food, and as a result, they have far less stringent regulations applied to them. they do not have to be proven to be safe and they don't have to be proven to be effective to end up on store shelves. >> reporter: according to "consumer reports," some supplements may give consumers more than they bargained for.
8:16 am
some found with contaminating heavy metals. other found to contain prescription and even experimental or illegal drugs which could lead to serious problems such as organ damage, cancer or cardiac arrest. >> what we really want is for there to be laws enacted that ensure that the safety of supplements have been proven before they end up on store shelves. >> reporter: some supplements could cause harmful side effects and make some prescription medications less effective. >> supplements have labels that don't necessarily tell you what they're good for, how they're going to work, whether they will work. and you can't trust that they're going to work or that they're going to be safe by looking at the label. >> all right, joining us now, our senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton who recently got her masters in nutrition, so congratulations on that. >> thank you, sir. >> welcome to the show as usual. >> thank you. >> but, "consumer reports" found that more than half of american adults believe that these companies actually test their products to make sure that they're safe.
8:17 am
but what is your take on the benefits and risks of supplements? >> you know, it's a complex issue, and it's not a yes or no question or answer. you know, on the one hand, i used to tell patients that, if they're healthy and eat well and don't have a chronic illness, that supplements are unnecessary. but the reality is, and i see this every day in my practice, a lot of people don't eat well or can't get these nutrients from food, and they do have chronic conditions or are on medications that make it difficult, so it doesn't mean all good or all bad, it just means how to do it safely because this is an industry that has much looser regulations than prescription medication. >> but are there any supplements out there that are particularly bad and that you should avoid? >> 100%. so, first of all, you should avoid anything that promises or claims to be the fountain of youth or anything that says it's going to prevent or treat or cure a condition. then there are these big categories, and they include -- you mentioned some of them in the piece, michael -- weight loss, muscle building, sexual enhancement, depression or mood disorders. these are kind of the red flags.
8:18 am
and we have to remember and we have to remember in supplements, more does not mean better and natural dogs not mean safer. >> and, you know, but the vitamins, supplement sales are up so a lot are buying into this. what supplements do you think may be medically warranted in some people? >> for some people, not a whole list but pregnant women, we know they can benefit from supplements. people who are on certain medications, especially like proton pump inhibitors that have had weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery or those who have documented or diagnosed medical conditions or deficiencies, b12 and d very commonly prescribed and recommended to elderly people and look for that usp seal. that's an indication that it has been tested and is relatively safe. >> make sure you look for that seal. you're not done and you'll keep helping us because dr. ashton will tweet out a full list of suggested supplements and she's going to answer your questions on twitter but until then up next it's workout wednesday. our fitness expert is sharing her best moves out there in times square.
8:19 am
we have that coming up next and look at ginger zee go, making it look easy, ginger. ♪ bang bang into the room look at ginger zee go, making it look easy, ginger. thanks mom! ♪ dad to captain ava: don't go too far! remember when we were children, and we believed any dream was possible? was it because there was always someone there protecting us? giving us the confidence to believe. at american family insurance, we'd like to be there protecting you, and the dreams you pursue, today. insure carefully, dream fearlessly.
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8:23 am
shape with a new workout every week. today we have fitness expert layla luciano sharing her secrets in a moment, but first a look at our new series. >> all right, there you go. >> reporter: want to tone like j. lo, sculpt like sofia, crunch like kim? well, now you can. wednesday mornings right here on "gma." the hottest workouts with celebrity trainers to die for. >> we have tracy anderson. >> back, circle, walk forward with some attitude. >> reporter: taking your questions in realtime. plus, workouts inspired by your favorite olympic athletes all livestreamed on "gma's" website and facebook page. come on, america, it's workout wednesday on "gma." all right, so good to have layla, co-owner of pact park in new york city leading our workout. ginger has been getting in on the action all morning long. talk to me about this workout. why do you love it? >> i love it pact park. it is a great full body workout. so pact park is half kick
8:24 am
boxing, mma boxing, all that strike training with some body weight like squats, moves like that for strength training. >> is there anybody that shouldn't do this? >> i mean, this is good for anybody. >> it's not too high impact. >> no, we punch things, here at the livestream i'm showing you how to shadow box. anyone can do it. >> and anywhere. >> yes, anywhere, anyone. >> anyone like ginger zee. miss ginger zee, you've been doing it all morning long. >> all morning, i love it. >> she's been killing it. >> you said you're using this as your workout today. >> totally. this is going to be my workout. i only need 30 minutes of cardio but we're getting an hour with all of you. that's the beauty of it. >> you do a lot of different things. why do you like this? >> i like this because anybody like -- again, you don't need anything, you don't need -- you can be at home just waking up and i want to move and you move and then it's done and it's done for the day and you go on. >> and there's no equipment needed. >> right. >> i love that. >> obviously it's working.
8:25 am
show us, if you will, layla, a couple moves. >> cool, so the first move we're going to do is the boomerang. hands up, jab, cross, slip. cross, jab, slip, jab, cross slip, cross jab slip, so you're working your core and your arms, it's all moving. second movement i'll show you is the bob and weave. you're going to squat down. this is nice for your legs because we worked the upper body. squat down, shift your weight to the other side, come together and stand up. you got legs, upper body, core. you got it all. >> and keep this all really tight. >> exactly. >> keep the core tight. >> core is the most important. >> core is key. layla, we thank you. ginger zee, do you mind taking a break and giving us the weather? >> i'll just bob over here. hey, guys, good morning. so much fun. don't mind my sweat. a very happy morning to you. we have to go straight to south dakota where the hail is golf ball to baseball size hail. that low brings in extra rain along the stationary front. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the highlights.
8:26 am
"spare the air" today and hotter than average inland, through at least tomorrow with the extensive heat taper through the weekend. today, 6 at half moon bay, to 72 in san francisco, and mid-90s in san jose and santa rosa and 100s inland, good news we fall back into the 50s and 60s tonight. my seven-day forecast shows it will be hot with poor air through friday and we are back to average on coming up, one of our producers is biking between the conventions. you'll want to see his story as he cycles through america. stay with us. cycles through america. stay with us.
8:27 am
now, from abc 7 news. >> good morning. officials at the atomic bomb memorial park in hiroshima, japan, want pokemon go off the site as soon as possible. remember the game was just launched in japan last friday. they want the game site removed by next saturday, august 6th, the anniversary of the 1945 bombing when an annual ceremony is held to honor and remember the victims. let's get an update on your morning commute with sue hall. good morning. >> good morning. we still have this sig alert in effect in heyward. it's been out there for quite some time, but i'll tell you the lanes northbound and southbound are all clear from this earlier big rig fire. it's the ramps, the on and off
8:28 am
ramps at davis street that remain closed down. you can use marina. >> mike nico w in third grade, i learned... we all make mistakes. but... it's all about how you fix 'em. mistakes, they're not so scary.
8:29 am
is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here. the all-new e-class. self-braking, self-correcting, self-parking. a mercedes-benz concept car that's already a reality. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good morning from the roof here in downtown san francisco. keeping an eye on the east bay in the santa clara valley, as our air quality is starting to deteriorate. it will probably be poor later on. here's a quick look at your temperatures. 60s at the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay. the heat wave will hang around through at least friday.
8:30 am
>> we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app. you can join us ♪ oh i we can't wait for what's coming up next, pentatonix is here. a little a cappella fun this morning. ♪ i am alive ♪ because i'm yours yours and mine ♪ ♪ i'm ain't misbehavin' tonight ♪ and welcome back to "gma." we are live in philadelphia for day three of the democratic national convention. >> and here at abc news we're following the election cycle. stay with us here, cycle literally, our producer michael koenigs pedaling between the conventions between voters and meeting voters along the way. he arrived just moments ago. go figure. here's a look at his journey.
8:31 am
this year's conventions are go big or go home. >> we're going to win, we're going to win so big, thank you very much, everybody. >> i may become the first woman president. >> reporter: but one brave soul is giving new meaning to political spin. >> i'm michael and this is the election cycle. >> reporter: our very own digital correspondent michael koenigs. >> you're a cyclist? >> i am. the election cyclist. >> reporter: biking from the republican convention in cleveland. >> i want to talk to americans who weren't in this room. >> reporter: to the democratic convention in philly. michael traveling 500 miles in 5 days. >> who are you guys voting for? >> trump. >> hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders. >> no, you're not. >> even hitching a ride with these nuns on a convention bound bus. >> the least we could do was to give you a lift just a little bit to rest up. >> catholic charity. >> reporter: and overnight -- ♪ i'm going to fly now >> reporter: -- the election cyclist finally coasting into philly ready to enter the dnc ring.
8:32 am
coasting into philly and coasting here into convention hall. >> there he is. >> you made it. you made it. >> long ride. >> oh, yeah. you didn't hear that -- nice to see you, michael. airfares are down. gasoline at an all-time low. you decided to ride a bike from cleveland here. what was the reason behind this? why did you want to do this? >> very cheap. great way to get here but mainly i wanted to talk to the folks along the way in between these two arenas, the people who can't be here because ultimately they decide this election and they're just incredibly passionate about what goes on and so i wanted to hear them along the way. >> so was it as much fun as you hoped it would be and what did you learn? >> it was much more fun. i learned -- one day we stopped in pittsburgh for a pirates game and met voters from the highest seats to the lowest and just hearing their thoughts and their passion for this election cycle, it is at a high level. >> yeah, everybody is paying attention. >> really.
8:33 am
how was that wrestling match? you show up dressed like that and what happens? >> i think they saw me in this tight outfit and said step into the ring and, yeah. these folks, local community of semipro wrestlers had me jump on board and the mayor, an 82-year-old woman also there at the fights. >> you're smiling right now. any trouble along the way? >> well, there are a lot of potholes out there so we got to take care of some of those infrastructure questions. i think that the heat wave was a big factor going through that. >> yeah. >> my mom cast walling me. >> stay hydrated. >> so i think those were the main concerns. pokemon go players also popping up on the trail at random spots. >> that's crazy. >> you had to keep from hitting them. >> exactly. >> talking to the average voter along the way, what did you hear from them, michael? >> i think that a lot of people are a little concerned about the two choices they have. there is a real rock and a hard
8:34 am
place sensibility and a lot of that country from the farmlands to the city streets, and so they know it's a tough choice and they're paying attention to these conventions. >> that was a great idea. we're glad you did it. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, guys. nice finish. >> get some rest. get some rest. >> two more days to go here from philly. we'll be here. "world news" is here as well and "nightline." tonight, barack obama and vp biden and vice presidential candidate tim kaine. we'll have it all. >> full day. full day and gavel-to-gavel coverage on our livestream channel and don't worry. he takes naps. he does take naps. george does get a little sleep here and there, just a nap here and there. >> i'm on one right now. >> let's go back to ginger in new york. >> you know what he does, he meditates and works out. i know george's secret. that's what i got to get into. i'm already working out. you are too with our liveteam and i wanted to say a very good morning to everybody in times square. and guess what, i'm really excited because i get to share my new project.
8:35 am
i've been working on it a long time. it's an abc news original digital series called "food forecast." we're exploring how weather and climate impact the food that you eat. here's the first one, maine lobster and looked into how lobster has changed. in southern new england, you'll see the video here. i'm actually eating a scallop because in southern new england the number of lobsters have been down by 70% in the last 20 years. so this guy, mike marchetti, had to shift from lobstering to scalloping. we'll follow his story, a maine lobsterman and so many other scientists looking into the changes in our ocean and environment, all part of the premiere episode you can watch, "food forecast," on or on your smartphone, tablet or streaming devices. stay tuned because the next one will be maple syrup. you're doing all right, right? so nice in new york city. we wanted to go ahead and take you into the forecast because, oh, i am sweating and working this morning. the heat advisories, though, if i was sweating and working out in south carolina or virginia, it would be worse. humidity much higher. 108 is the heat index for wilmington, 99 in raleigh.
8:36 am
look from west to east. hot out west too. that's the big picture and decatur, indiana, is here this morning. >> 91. >> good morning. i am mike nicco. check out day planner today. starting off warmer this morning, mid-60s on way to upper 60s at the coast and 80s an bay and 100s inland, and it will remain hot through this weather report brought to you by fruit of the loom and now another special announcement. we day is back to abc. the movement is all about sparking action around the globe, shifting the focus from me to we. we know we need that to help others, of course, so many of your favorite stars joining in, charlize theron, selena gomez. demi lovato, the muppets. you can watch and get insired august 28th at 7:00 p.m., 6:00 central right here on abc. can't wait to see all of them together, lara. >> all right, it's "gma on the lookout." using power washes to clean things outside your house, there could be a hidden danger.
8:37 am
mara schiavocampo has more on this. good morning, mara. >> reporter: lara, good morning. power washers like these are very popular in the summer. used on everything from concrete to even your barbecue grill but experts warn that they are much more powerful than your typical garden hose, and they could lead to serious injury. pressure washers can blast through many summer cleaning projects, but with all that power can come danger. >> it took almost the whole top part of my knuckle off. >> reporter: ben skydell makes a living working with outdoor tools. >> pressure washers can cause a lot of damage. >> reporter: so much damage, 6,000 people went to the emergency room in 2014 with pressure washer-related injuries. a portion of those attributed to powerful spray. most consumer pressure washers come with different nozzles for increased water pressure depending on the job. this nozzle is 40 degrees. this is 25. and this red one is the most
8:38 am
powerful at 0 degrees. the red nozzle so potentially dangerous, "consumer reports" issuing a safety alert. >> we don't think power washer manufacturers should even be including a zero degree nozzle and we are asking that the industry actually take them out. >> reporter: "consumer reports" showing "gma on the lookout" how in a matter of seconds these red nozzles can cut through a carrot. if that's your hand, what kind of injury is that going to cause? >> this will definitely slice through your skin. >> reporter: and even if you're wearing shoes. so if your feet were in there, it wouldn't be good. >> would not be good. >> reporter: manufacturers warn consumers when you buy a new pressure washer, but what happens when you rent one? we went undercover to three tool rental stores in new jersey to see if they come with that red nozzle and if we're warned about the potential danger. all three stores gave us a quick demo. they all came with the ability to spray zero degrees, and only
8:39 am
one warned us about the potential danger. >> don't use the red one. the red one is too strong. >> reporter: two of the washers did have warnings saying they could cause severe injury. we reached out to all three businesses and they told us their paperwork warns customers of potential dangers. the cleaning equipment trade association tells us the wand lengths make it difficult to direct the discharge stream at yourself, and the warning instructions state to wear eye protection, hold spray gun with both hands and do not direct discharge stream at people along with other warnings. all right, so you see, i have my very stylish safety goggles on. it's also really important to wear sturdy shoes and we're going to show you exactly why. john is here from underwriters laboratories. he is going to show us what this can do to a flip-flop. how it's going to slice right through it. and, again, if you're wearing open-toe shoes like that, definitely not a good thing. "consumer reports" is actually asking manufacturers to remove those red nozzles altogether and they point out that you can
8:40 am
still get the same cleaning job done without them. it'll just you take a little more time but it will be much safer, lara. >> wow, that visual tells a story. thank you very much. coming up here, we have michael's powerful exclusive interview with former nfl star steve gleason. you do not want to miss it.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
tomorrow, are you ready for a delicious edition of deas? well, these summer snacks perfect for the whole family will make you say -- >> that is it fantastic. >> tomorrow, not just deals. >> really great deals. >> on abc's "good morning america." ♪ i'm not trying to -- all right, back now with my exclusive interview with football hero steve gleason and a personal hero of mine, his wife, michel, turning heartbreak into inspiration. steve was diagnosed with als in 2011, just weeks before his wife learned she was pregnant. what they decided to do next will blow you away. september 2006, the new orleans saints back in the superdome for the first time since hurricane katrina ravaged their city. early in the game, defensive back steve gleason blocks a punt
8:44 am
for his team, reigniting the fire within so many who lost so much. >> look out. breakthrough. caught by steve gleason. >> reporter: gleason, a hero then and a hero now but for a different reason. >> i've been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is a disease in the motor neurons, and this disease is almost always fatal. >> reporter: within a few years, the once forceful football player loses his ability to move, to talk and eventually to breathe. today he relies on a computer to speak and a ventilator to stay alive. one second you walk out onto the field, and you're seen as a hero. and then you can't control your simple body functions. so how do you deal with that dichotomy? >> here's my thinking, my life ain't easy, but it's awesome.
8:45 am
i had some soaring and incredible moments on the football field, but i've had even more uplifting moments off the field since diagnosis. >> reporter: six weeks after the diagnosis, his wife michel finds out she's pregnant. the young couple's new mission, to record hundreds of videos for their unborn son named rivers while steve still has the chance. >> hey, how are you? how are you now? >> when we learned about rivers, it made sense to me to share with rivers as much of myself as possible. >> boo. >> reporter: 1,300 hours of video becoming a documentary called "gleason." why did you decide to share this, these moments? i mean, you're so open, but you're sharing this to the world in this movie. what made you decide to do that? >> we could have made a movie that glosses over the hard parts and just showed the hero part and the easy parts. we wanted to show the truth if we're going to do this, we're
8:46 am
going to go all out and show the truth of our lives. >> how is it raising a son when you have als? >> i'm relentlessly pursuing ways to be a better dad. i pick up rivers every day from school. i'm at all of his practices. i get to help get him ready for bed at night. i love being rivers' daddy. >> daddy. >> reporter: throughout this film, there is some moments of incredible humor. how do you keep that going? >> you got to do something, and we're both funny. we're both funny people, i think, so laughing has been one of the best solutions to get through this because otherwise like what else are you going to do, you know. i think he got funnier after diagnosis. >> go, go. >> humor in the face of adversity is an excellent weapon. i'd like to say i'm a naturally funny dude, but in reality i think i just have no choice. humor is definitely healing. so i think we've tried to use it that way.
8:47 am
>> i mean, it was amazing to sit there with steve and his wife michel and, you know, one thing about all the people with als including steve is although he's lost his ability to move, to talk and all those things, his brain works perfectly. >> and he's got a great sense of humor. >> he's got a great sense of humor. he's smart as a whip. the first thing he did was give me a hard time when i walked in the room because i pronounced when i was commentating on fox he remembered something i did in 2011 where -- or 2011, yeah, '11, i messed up the name of scott fujita and called him scott fajita and he called me on it and teased me on it. we had to give him his questions in advance since it takes him longer to respond through his computer and, as you see, inspirational and his wife michel is amazing, as well. this documentary is a movie, "gleason" and opens in select theaters friday. you can see more of my interview with steve and michel gleason on "nightline" on friday, as well. >> unbelievable. >> thank you for sharing. coming up next, pentatonix.
8:48 am
they're here performing live. ♪ oh i ♪ oh i
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we are back now with a cappella sensation pentatonix, scott, mitch, kirstin, avi, and kevin. self-titled debut album debuted at number one on the billboard top 200. they are in the middle of a world tour right now and here they are performing "cracked." ♪ i broke something i'll never get i'll never get back ♪ ♪ brought me to my knees a head like steel and a soul of gold ♪ ♪ and a heart that's made of glass ♪
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i'm cracked whoa ♪ ♪ hey sing it with me now ♪ whoa yeah >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> t
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if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they. zero to happy. ♪ whoa "good morning america" is brought to you by office depot, office max, gear up for school. >> all right. we have to give our thanks to pentatonix who are on tour right
8:56 am
now and also there's george and robin waving good-bye to us. >> and as we wave good-bye, congratulations to our senior broadcast producer chris broward and deb, baby emilia. >> pretty baby.
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8:59 am
. now, from abc 7 news. >> good morning. mike nico is tracking our forecast for us. is it going to be pretty hot today? >> yes, absolutely, especially inland. check out our temperatures, already nearing 80 in san ramon. just flipped to 82 in san ramon, but 55 here on the roof. today, we'll be 72 in san francisco. 100s inland. temperatures well above average, but that will change over the weekend. >> and lanes wide open in san leandro, northbound and southbound 880. we still have a sig alert because the on and off ramps at davis street blocked. a brand-new accident, southbound 280 right before 92 with at least three cars involved. >> thank you so much, sue. it's time now for "live" with kelly and i'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for the midday news.
9:00 am
i hope you join me then. you can join announcer: it's "live! with kelly." today, recording artist joe jonas. " d from "mozart in the jungle bernadette peters and pound puppy makeovers as we continue our "dog days of summer." and medical breakthrough tips on getting well and staying healthy. plus, actor jerry o'connell takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell! [cheers and applause] ♪


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