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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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7 hd and you could see it is massive. >> tonight mandatory evacuation orders are in place in the areas closest to the massive fire burning in monterey county north of big sur. here is another stunning look at the smoke as seen by sky 7 hd. look at that. so far the flames have killed one person and destroyed 20 structures, 2,000 more are threatened. >> the soberanes fire is currently 36 square miles or a little more than two-thirds the size of san francisco to give you a real perspective on that. the fire is only at 10% containment. >> chris nguyen is live in salinas. how are firefighters faring out there tonight? >> reporter: well the number of personnel has jumped to more than 3000 which indicates the magnitude of this fire. meanwhile we're learning more about the man who died overnight and the conditions that he was facing at the time of the accident. this view from sky 7 hd shows the massive cloud of smoke and intense flames burning near big
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sur. but for fire crews at the soberanes fire base camp, a somber day as they reflect on the loss of one of their own. >> it is a brotherhood so it is -- it is devastating. >> reporter: a cal fire contractor died overnight after the bulldozer he was operating rolled over. the man who was digging fire lines near the south end of the fire to help prevent the spread has not been identified. >> it is extremely unfortunate. it does cast a shadow over our efforts but we have to continue to move forward. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a firefighter has died in the area. back in 2007, 30-year-old matthew will was driving a heavy bulldozer when it rolled over and crushed him, a reminder of how dangerous the fire fighting conditions could be. >> the terrain is steep and rocky and working at night is harder because of the visibility challenge that we face. >> reporter: nearly 2000 structures are threatened and many homes. crews are facing downed powir lines and down trees.
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this firefighter was using a motion to access houses hard to reach. >> i've been checking on local residents to make sure they are okay and get them turned around and went and checked on where the fire was in respect to the main fire. >> reporter: at least 20 homes have been destroyed. multiple subdivisions are under an evacuation order. a meeting will be held tonight at the big sur lodge to brief the community about the fire. in monterey county, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. the importance of people who operate bulldozers was under scored yesterday when a team of them rescued eight hikers who were lost and surrounded by the fire for six days. the smoke and conditions made it hard to find them. bulldozers putting in fire control lines located the hikers and brought them to safety. >> to say that they are the ones that probably had the greatest part in getting them back here. te went out there -- they did locate them initially and once we found that we gave a global positioning unit and got a latitude and long tude and sent
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the dozer operators in to find them, the men were thirsty and hungry but glad to say they are in good condition. and city officials tweeted out this picture of the 4,000 calorie lunch they feed firefighters. they have to keep up their strength when battling a wildfire. >> you burn through calories. well smoke is spreading to the bay area. maybe you have noticed. these are pictures from san jose where air quality is bad all week. and in the central valley you could see the poor air quality in fresnond the areas surrounding the city. in addition to the summer heat you could see the haziness in the sky from all of the that smoke. the hot weather is hindering fire fighting efforts and prompting a flex alert. everyone is being asked to conserve electricity for the next four hours and from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. let's get to sandhya patel monitoring the conditions. >> it is the second day of triple-digit heat inland. let's take a look at the highs so far. you notice concord and antioch,
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103 so far. but 40 degrees cooler in half moon bay with a fog sitting and 63, 73 oakland, 66 san francisco, and 91 in san jose and 93 in santa rosa. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. the fog is keeping the coast completely socked in and compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures are running lower by a good 14 degrees in san francisco. down four in san jose. down five in livermore. i'll let you know if this trend is going to carry on as we head into the weekend or if we are going to continue to have to deal with the heat. coming right up. dan. >> thank you. and now to presidential politics. this is a huge night tonight at the democratic national convention. president obama will take the stage as tonight's headliner. laura anthony is live in philadelphia with a look ahead at the president's big speech. laura? >> reporter: dan, we will hear from the president here tonight. but before that, within the last half hour we heard from california governor jerry brown
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and lieutenant governor gavin newsom, both talking about issues very important to california, lgbt rights, and climate change. >> thank you. they tell us we have to choose between saving the economy and saving the planet. donald trump and the climate deniers are dead wrong. dangerously wrong. >> when you hear people say that you and your family don't matter, because of who you are or where you come from or what you look like or who you love, i want to you know one thing -- that the people in this room, the people all across this country, believe that you matter. hillary clinton -- hillary clinton believes that you matter. >> day three of the democratic national convention in philadelphia will feature would-be vice president tim kaine, current vice president
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joe biden, and president barack obama. each is expected to talk about why hillary clinton is the best choice for president. especially in their view given the republican option. >> i've traveled over a million miles around the world in this last seven and a half years and i haven't found a single world leader or ally or friend, it is great, maybe we'll get a trump presidency. >> we're facing a battle. about the heart and soul of this nation. >> reporter: california senator barbara boxer told us it should be a clear choice. >> are we going to move forward together or are we going to have a commander-in-chief who criticizes the military, says we should walk away from our nato alliances and said that he admires kim jong-un and vladimir putin and saddam hussein. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party -- >> one day after bernie sanders threw his whole-hearted support behind clinton, it seems some of
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his bay area supporters are coming around. >> i trust senator sanders to the extent i have volunteered countless hours to get him elected and i trust that maybe he knows a little bit more about this. >> reporter: now late today the white house did release some details about the president's upcoming speech. he is expected to focus not on his own accomplishments, but on what hillary clinton presidency would do for this country. he will mention, we're told, donald trump, by name, but fewer than six times. in the meantime, hillary clinton has arrived here in philadelphia. live in philadelphia, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. now there is one more day to this convention. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will be live from philadelphia tomorrow on abc 7 news at 5:00. and morning anchor reggie aqui will be there for abc 7 morning news beginning at 5:00 a.m. in other news tonight, concord police are investigating the discovery of a man's body on
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a busy east bay road. right now the investigation has shut down the road between avila and lynwood drive. investigators say the man is in his 20s and they have no idea how he died. a violent rear-end crash sent several people to the hospital in pittsburg this afternoon. look at the impact of the crash on harbor street near leeland road. a black chevy pickup truck slammed into the back of the hondy. three people in the back were handicapped. fire crews say getting them out of the wrecked van was kind of tricky. >> they had to use the special extrication tools and the use of the jaws of life to remove the door and excavate the people out of the vehicle. >> one of the vans occupants suffered major injuries and has taken to the hospital and three others suffered minor injuries in the wreck and they were transported to be checked out. napa police are sending out photos of what they say can happen when you drink and drive.
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check out this picture. >> whoa! >> posted on the facebook page. a suspected drunk driver went off the road and up the support wires of a power pole causing an out age in the area. here is another angle. no one was injured. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. san francisco public schools are losing their superintendent. richard car anza has accepted a position to lead the school district in houston. lyanne melendez has more on his accomplishments and why houston. >> reporter: it was not an easy decision to make, but superintendent of san francisco public schools richard car anza said accepting the houston offer felt right. >> when houston -- the opportunity to go to houston came around, i did my homework and the work that they are doing around equity, the work they are doing around language, the work that they are doing around meeting the needs of all students -- >> reporter: he recently
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divorced and said being single again offers him a chance to spend more time at work. >> a superintendent in the field is worth two in the feet. >> reporter: he's been known to shadow students and drop in on teachers. during his four years as superintendent, suspension rates went down. his team focused on pouring more resources into underserved communities and he got silicon valley more involved in the classroom. he said his greatest achievement has been to increase the graduation rates among african-americans. >> i think the work that we've done on really putting a laser-like focus on the achievement of african-american students, who, for decades, have been the students that have been underserved by our community. >> besides raising teacher salaries by 12% over three years, he agreed with the union on how teachers are evaluated. >> we are able to have a teacher evaluation system that relies on teacher's performance and not on test scores of students. >> on the lighter side, he is also known for his love of mariachi music. >> my guitar boots are going to
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houston but a piece of my heart will stay in san francisco. >> he will leave his post sometime in early september. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. still ahead this wednesday evening, a san francisco police officers arrested for having an illegal weapon is released from jail on one condition -- plus. >> it is a magic pill. >> sounding at alarm on supplements. seven on your side michael finney with which one you should avoid. and the new fight against superbugs.
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a san francisco police officer is now out of jail, but he still faces charges of violating the state ban on assault rifles. abc 7 news reporter eric thomas has the story.
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>> reporter: san francisco police officer faces two felony charges. >> he is charged with manufacturing nan salt weapon and possessing the weapon. >> it is an ar-15 type rifle which is legal in california under certain circumstances, as long as the weapons are used with magazine that only hold ten rounds and they have a so-called bullet button that requires a tool like an ifrnk pen to relea the magazine. >> it had nothing to do with his employment at the san francisco police department. >> neither the prosecution nor the defense will say which part of his rifle was illegal. but the law permitted police officers who have written permission from their department to have modified ar-15s. it appears he did not have permission. but he is being released on his own recognizance as long as he turned over all of his firearms and other weapons. >> he has some significant health issues. we're really pleased that he was released today.
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and that is appropriate. and he looks forward to moving forward with the case and explaining what exactly is going on zbhnchts a curious part of the case is the fact that he was apparently turned in by his fellow cops. acting chief tony chaplain said it is evidence that his internal reforms are working. >> our critics are saying they don't police themselves, they don't encourage people to come forward and say anything. that is abe -- absolutely did not happen in this case. >> he is scheduled back in court on august 12th. eric thomas, abc 7 news. interesting health item, the human nose may be the home of a powerful anti-biotic that could kill dangerous skin infections. scientists have found a staph in about 10% of people's noses. this bacteria is good for us. it helps humans digest food and fight infections. the discovery is critical as doctors search for new anti-biotics to replace ones losing their effectiveness. this is published in the journal
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nature. diet supplements are everywhere and they are very popular, right. but they may not be so safe. >> that is the key question. michael finney is here with more on that. >> you see the stories every year and every year 23,000 people wind up in an emergency room after taking a supplement. a consumer reports investigation said 15 ingredients being sold right now are potentially harmful. supplements are easier to get than prescription drugs an they carry an aura of being nor natural and thus safer. and a consumer reports survey finds 50% of americans believe that supplement makers test the product for effectiveness and 38% believe they have been tested for safety by the food and drug administration. >> supplement makers don't have to prove the products are safe and that they work and that the packages contain what the labels say they do. >> consumer reports has just released an investigation on supplements. >> because the investigations are so weak they could be
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contaminated and be ineffective and spikes with prescription drugs and have harmful side effec effects. >> the council for responsible nutrition said that supplements are adequately regulated and a vast majority are safe. consumer reports has identified 15 supplement ingredients to avoid that have been linked to serious health hazards. for example, people use yohimbe for bow obesity and sexual dysfunction and depression but it could raise blood pressure and heart rate and headaches and panic attacks and seizures and possible death yet consumer reports finds the 15 supplement ingredients in products sold by major retailers such as gnc, costco, cvs and walmart and whole foods. consumer reports believes the best way to protect the public is to have stronger federal regulation of supplements. >> consumer reports cautions that many supplements could also
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interact in danger ways with prescription drugs. so you should tell your doctor what supplement you are taking before you start a new prescription. now for a complete list of supplements that consumer reports believes you should avoy go to and click on 7 on your side. >> thanks, michael. we taked about presidential politics earlier and a new survey has found something interesting, how millennials feel about donald trump and hillary clinton. researchers say harry potter's arch villain voldemort has a favorable rating than both of the leading presidential candidates. battleground states shows trump with a 75% unfavorable rating among millennials and clinton is at 63% and vald mort comes in at 49%. and let's turn our attention to the weather forecast and the extreme heat. >> maybe you could wave your
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magic wand and cool it down. >> oh, yeah. i'm doing it right now. it is not working. out here it is working though, dan and kristen. there is a news breeze coming through and behind me i am seeing thin layers of smoke from the fire down in monterey count. let's look at live doppler 7 hd and you will notice that it is pretty gray along the coastline. we expected the fog to linger and that is exactly what we're seeing. take a look at satellite picture of the smoke from the fire down in monterey county. it is moving southeast toward salinas but just a little bit of it heading in our direction. most of it is now veering towards the southeast as opposed to moving northward like a couple of days aago when we had a south wind bringing it up. there is the smoke from the east bay hills camera and the haze toward mt. diablo. now you know why there is another spare the air alert for tomorrow. poor air quality in santa clara valley and south central bay, moderate and good for the north bay and good idea to use mass
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transit if you can. real hazy skies from the smoke and the fog from our santa cruz camera you could barely see the sun. 61 in san francisco. 71 in oakland. it is in the upper 70s around mt. view. 87 in san jose. half moon bay a cool spot at 60 degrees. and from the mt. tam camera, a little bit of the smoke showing up. 84 in santa rosa. 78 in napa. triple-digits in fairfield, concord, livermore, 99 degrees. if you do have respiratory issues, stay inside with the windows closed as we are dealing with smoke and haze. this looks refreshing. from our sutro tower cam, spare the air again for your thursday. a wide range of temperatures through saturday and then the intense heat eased by sunday. tomorrow morning when you get going, it is going to start out mild. low to mid-60s inland but around the coastline and in the bay a low to mid-50s. a few upper 50s. the follow will keep you cool. good night for sleeping. inland, you have the a.c. and overnight we have the fog
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and high clouds. tomorrow morning, a little more fog. not just near the coast but around the bay as well. at 8:00 a.m., you start out with the fog. and as we pull away toward the afternoon hours, haze in the south bay. looking at hot weather inland. fog along the coastline so a variety of weather conditions. coming down. hazy. 88 in san jose. 85 santa clara, on the peninsula, low 80s. redwood city, 79 in san mateo and with the fog and 59 in daly city and 67 downtown san francisco and in the north bay the low 80s for san rafael, vallejo, 87 napa, 91 in santa rosa and the east bay and mid-70s oakland berkeley and 82 fremont and high clouds and sun and inland east bay still hot. 100. 99 and nod nud in antioch. the sizzle will slowly give way to cooler weather but a slow
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process. saturday and sunday we will continue to see those temperatures dropping and then early next week we'll have the low 90s inland so that is a nice relief. kristen and dan. >> thanks so much. still ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00, soccer's biggest players are here in the bay area. what they are doing to help encourage the next generation of mls stars. and good deals could be had when stores close
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some breaking news now in fairfield where a fire is out but it did cause some damage. >> yeah, this is on peabody road. this is an auto wrecking yard and also a landscaping business nearby has also been affected. it started outside of the business and as you could see, it spread and charred a pretty wide area now affecting the vegetation there and the two businesses. >> it looked like it started as a grass fire. could you see bulldozers moving the dirt around making sure the hot spots are out. the fire is out but it did cause damage. shifting gears, the all-star
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game is about 24 hours away. >> and that is right. it is exciting. but several players broke off after practice to dedicate a new soccer field in east san jose. >> dave louie is live at the academy where the first of 20 such mini pitch fields is being installed in the bay area. david? >> reporter: that is correct. you are looking at what probably is a first for the bay area public schools. it is all mini pitch soccer fields an the kids are out here playing and enjoying this brand-new facility. now the kids say that this is going to be great when it comes to playing during the noon lunch breaks or practice their skills. and it is all made possible because major league soccer is reaching out to its communities. right after practice this afternoon at the stadium, some members of the all-star team came out to this academy to dedicate a brand-new hard surfaced fenced in soccer facility. the $50,000 field is part of an ongoing commitment by soccer and sponsors to reach out in local communities.
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the san jose earthquake plan to donate 20 in the bay area. >> these are absolutely needed because there aren't as many parks these days in the city and these are easy to maintain. each field will last about seat years. >> so providing a sur foos like this, it provides a safe place for kids to play. >> reporter: a mini pitch is well-known. those fields one-third the size of youth soccer fields could be found in spain and costa rica. >> they have mini courts like that in many places too, so i'm very excited. >> now we have one in the bay area. >> very excited for that and hopefully we could use -- make a good use of them. >> reporter: the new mini pitch is available to all 11,000 students in the union elementary school district. 13-year-old ricardo thinks it is a great asset. >> some people that go to this school don't play on the team and they are doing lunch will be playing and they'll have interest in it and then they will tell their parents and they'll find them a team or come after school and practice by themselves.
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>> and what a thrill to see some mls all-stars on hand in town for thursday's game being the first to dedicate and break in the new field. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. from soccer to little league, some youngsters got a giant welcome at at&t park today. >> up next, the special treat some kids
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. new at 6:00, big claims from the san francisco new police chief. he explains how he's reformed the department's use of force policies after only a few weeks on the job. also, back live to philadelphia and what california delegates think should be the convention's number one goal. and breaking barriers in baseball. the effort to keep girls playing the game well into their late
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teens. all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news news at 6:00. >> like that story. and today's giant's game was a big hit for fans of course, even before the first pitch. >> abc 7 news was at at&t park as 200 kids and families paraded around the playing field. the kids are part of the junior giants program which is in california, oregon and nevada. >> they came from the central california area and for many it was the first time in san francisco and the first time to at a giant's game. >> we came here yesterday and we went shopping and then we're here today. it was really fun. >> what are you hoping for today? >> that i get something flying up my way, a ball or a bat. >> some kids got something better. a photo with giant's legend willie mccovey -- >> how cool is that? they were award winners for each league and picked for enthusiasm for the game. and they are enthusiastic. >> world news with david muir is
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coming up next. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time and we'll see you again at 6:00. >> bye-bye. tonight, breaking news from the floor of the democratic national convention. what we have just learned about president obama and his plan for that stage right here tonight. once fierce competitors, now president obama, about to make the case for hillary clinton. and the other president and the personal side. >> in the spring of 1971, i met a girl. >> and the moment, that symbolic glass shattered. also breaking, as this all plays out in philly, did donald trump today tell russia it's okay to spy on america? in front of the cameras, many asking, did he just give russia an open invitation to spy on hillary clinton? the church attack. the new and chilling video tonight. a priest forced to kneel before being killed.


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