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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. a jolt of energy on the final day of the democratic convention. ahead of most important speech of hillary clinton's career. good afternoon. >> we're live at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. karen? >> good evening from a very chaotic convention floor here in philadelphia. all week these delegates have been hearing from other people talking about hillary clinton and her experience, her agenda for america. well tonight they're going to finally hear from hillary clinton herself. telling americans don't vote
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based on fear but pick the candidate who can best lead during rocky times. >> americans have known hillary clinton for decades. to night she makes history. the spotlight is all hers in the biggest speech of her life. clinton outlining what she says are the stakes in this election. she'll be introduced by hi her daughter chelsea. she'll focus on the theme of stronger together and won't shy away from going after donald trump. >> the country really is at a point they're frustrated and afraid, anxious and some someone has to meet them there and take them there. >> and then that lug. one time rival and now partner, focused on the next eight years. obama telling clinton, sim proud. all week clinton could count on democratic all stars to deliver devastating blows. >> our strength, our greatness does not depend on donald trump. >> he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break.
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that's a bunch of mularkey. >> our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> and now trump trying to explain wlaement r. meant when he said trying to expose her e-mails. >> russia, if you're listening, i hone you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> donald trump this morning on fox. >> i'm being sarcastic. >> tonight hillary clinton will draw on her decades of experience on public service and mt people she has met along the way to make her pay for what she'll achieve as president. this is her biggest opportunity to tell americans, trust me to lead this country forward. back to you. >> all right. thank you, karen. >> another live look now from philadelphia coming up at 4. 306789. what it will take to get people out to vote this november. and what is next for both parties going forward.
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abc 7 reporter carla m rachlt nuchi will be here with answers. >> president obama isn't just focused on the dnc this week. earlier he tweeted about the wildfires burning in california. wildfire seasons are getting longer and more dangerous. we need to do more. >> the bulldozer operator that died fighting that fire is a father two of from fresno. 35-year-old robert reagan was crushed by the dozer when it rolled over. reagan grew up in oakhurst. a gofundme page is set up for his wife and two young children. so far it raised $28,000. >> that monterey county fire burned more homes. 34 have been consumed. this map shows how much the fire has burned. the dark red is the outline wrf it was on monday and the lighter red shows where it extended since then growing to more than
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27,000 acres. our reporter has the story of one man who is wondering if his home is still standing. >> no rest for the weary. firefighters in monterey county worked all night using bulldozers to create fire lines. flames from the fire are still gobbling up acreage. and unfortunately homes. >> it was creating gigantic flames like 30 foot flames. >> rick williams' home is on rocky creek road. it is near where the flames were seen on sunday. rick said he escaped with his important stuff but is not sure his house is still standing. >> i know for sure that my neighbor who lives on the same property as me, he's officially lost his house. he showed me pafkt it. >> many of his neighbors are concerned about htheir animals. he is staying at his boss' place. the question now, will he be able to go home again? >> either way, it's whether it's
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gone or not, you know, a lot of beautiful nature is destroyed. it's not going to be much to go home to. >> reporter chris wen is in monterey county talking with local business owners about the fire's impact. they say it's tough but could be worse. what is keeping the tourism business afloat is coming up for you at 5:00. >> it is another very hot day across the entire state today. >> it sure is. spencer christian has an update. spencer? >> the heat goes on in the bay area. as you mentioned, intense heat across much of the state as well. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny skies aacross the street bay area. the pattern we've seen all week long. notice 24-hour temperature change. it is cooler than it was yesterday this hour in most locations. 5 degrees cooler in fairfield. i should say less hot in compton. it will be warmer in livermore.
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move along and take a look from the tower. we see a little low cloudiness advancing over san francisco. 60 degrees in the city now. 70 in oakland. 79 mountain view. 91 morgan hill. 63 at half moon bay. is the view looking westward. 86 right now in santa rosa. napa, will 81. 99 concord. 100 degrees in liver more. and will is baseball, at&t park, giants take on the washington nationals. welcome back home dusty baker. it will be partly cloudy, 57 degrees. dropping off to low to mid 50s later during the game. and i'll have the complete forecast to show you when the cooling will really take full effect in a few minutes. >> can't wait for that. >> thank you. >> all right. there is another flex alert today. state power officials are xl everyone to cut back on electricity. this is the demand graph. the orange line is available power, the blue shows current demand. the alert is in effect until
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9:00 tonight. >> keep track of changing weather conditions, where you live with the abc 7 news app. download it for free and track live doppler p 7 hd any time you wish. >> there is a shom bell in the killing of shand are a leafy, a young central valley whoim was a young intern. >> prosecutors dropped all charges gevens the man who was about to be retried for that murder in 2001. >> we have details and reaction. >> it was a stubbing crime that ended a congressman's political career. today we're back to square one as the man convicted of killing the modesto natiure shandra leay goes free. they dismissed all charges. six years ago a jury convicted the undocumented immigrant of el salvador of killing 294-year-old intern for the bureau of prisons. last year he was granted a new trial after revelations that a key prosecution witness had lied. to date government says it can no longer prove the case against
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him. her mother reacted to day from her modesto home. >> i hope that we find the right person who will not -- that he doesn't go on and do anything else to other people. >> the democrat was the prime suspect due to his romantic link to levy. police ruled him out and he denies any involvement. he will be turned over to immigration and customs enforcement and face deportation proceedings. >> all right the thank you. oakland police say they have the man responsible for shooting at an officer last weekend. >> they arrested four others for another murder. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkly has reaction from the community. >> you can't miss the shrine to the 24-year-old anthony stevens on the corner of 92nd avenue and international boulevard. he was killed here july 9th.
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>> it is without regard for anyone violently ghabegan assaulting mr. stephens and fired shots at him. >> police arrested four of the five suspects who called them self the five finger mafia. >> all four of the individuals have been charged with murder. >> the fifth suspect is still at large. and then police announced another arrest, this time for shooting at a uniformed oakland police officer who was trapped if her patrol car last weekend after being struck by another vehicle in an accident. the suspect walked up and fired one shot at her. opd tracked the suspect to stockton where overnight he surrendered after a long standoff with a s.w.a.t. team zbhchlt a fire arm that we believe or is consistent with the fire arm that was used on the night of the incident was recovered. >> reporter: and police emphasize in these times of estranged relationship between
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opd and the citizens of oakland, it's the citizens who have stepped up to help them out. >> we have been solving are move the crimes. that's an important piece of building trust with community. >> sometimes we think they don't care. another one bites the dust. oh, well. so that's the good thing. >> reporter: these new arrests bring some hope to those who live in east oakland. leslie brinkly, abc 7 news. disguises are pretty common during bank robberies. but one robber really went the extra mile. check it out. authorities on new york's staten island are looking for a man who robbed a bank using a silver handgun and wearing a silver and black formal dress, silver high heels, a black hat and sunglasses. video caught him robbing a nearby deli. >> it wasn't a meteor shower but space junk that lit up the sky last night. did you see it? a closer look at what caught
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everyone's eye. >> lots of people were checking out this unusual car in san francisco. what makes it special? we'll have that answer coming up. >> and the plan that could help ease the commute in and out of the east bay. st i want my blood sugar i to stay in
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sight that many people were lucky enough to see last night. as the flash of light moved across the sky, a lot of people weren't sure what they were looking at. this man was playing corn hole. >> oh, yeah. >> whether something else caught his attention. >> you kind of just see it out of the corner of your eye. oh, look at that. and then, whoa! it's going really slow. let me grab my camera. i started following it down the way. >> he shot this video on his cell phone. i wish i will my bigger camera with me. >> witnesses in california, nevada, utah, and i'd shared their videos and pictures on social media. many using #abc7now. >> a bright glowing object moving across the sky when all the stars are stationayr. that's exciting no matter what it s. >> paul doherty is a scientists at the exploratory in san francisco. >> we know this was the second stage of the chinese rocket number 7 that was launched june
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25th. and it finally decayed in the orbit and came back to earth. >> he said this streak of light was space junk. >> it's a real term. >> all the shares on social media are useful. scientists can use them to triangulate where pieces could fall. the weekly corn hole games will continue in livermore. >> i was lucky to have witnessed it. >> they they may not be quite as exciting as this one. abc abc 7 news. >> whether you see news where you live, post pictures and video on social media using t using #abc7now. >> new search shows that jupi r jupiter's great red spot may be heat source. scientists are stump idea temperatures in the upper atmosphere are comparable to those found on earth since it is much farther away from the sun. researchers found that temperatures were significantly higher near jupiter's great red spot.
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san francisco is getting $250,000 to develop the city's first hydrogen fuel charging stations. abc 7 news was outside city hall as officials showed off a toyota hydrogen vehicle to be sold in california. they will use the money to train firefighters on hydrogen technology which is nonpolluting. california is spending $20 million to rollout 200 new hydrogen fueling stations. facebook is coming after holdout that's still have not downloaded the messenger app. they forced users to adopt the app for direct communications. 900 million people downloaded it. some got around it by logging into facebook as mobile website. now it's done on android devices, they will soon block mobile browser access. a san jose man claims to be the second person in the world to catch a mole in pokemon go.
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he can call himself a pokemon master. lillian kim has the story. >> the last one i needed. >> reporter: trevor has caught them all, 142 available pokemon in the august mented reality game. for 20 straight days, he walked seven to eight miles, five to six hours a day. >> i did not expect doing it in 20 days. but proper planning and strategy, i would do it. >> trevor believes he's the second person in the world to aaccomplish this feat and he never walked off a cliff or into traffic. >> i almost walked into a light post. that's about it. >> trevor caught a lot of pokemon here at the park in san jose. in fact, he says places with a lot of people is where you'll have the most luck. which is why he says he had so much success in san francisco. the fartherest he traveled for the game. trevor also says he was always walking standing or sitting around parentally won't yield nearly as many pokemon. the trainers we talk to are
4:18 pm
impressed. >> it's cool. i'm not going to down play it. that's cool g for him. >> awesome. >> jealous? >> i caught the one i wanted. >> there are plenty of pokemon go krit wloikz think the game a complete waste of time. to that, a san jose state senior had this to say. my grades are fivenlt i work a job and my bills are paid and this just something i do in my free time. it gets me outside. i exercise. and it's fun. >> and proud to call himself pokemon master. lillian kim, abc 7 news. happening tonight, more than 1,000 people are expected to take part in tonight's pokemon go crawl at fisherman's warf in san francisco. it comes after last week's big turnout in delores park. they'll have 70 poke stops. so will it be good pokemon hunting weather? that's the key question. >> that's an important issue we need to discuss, dan. spencer christian is here with the answer. >> pokemon, no, if the fog is
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dense swrechlt mostly sunny skies across the bay area now. fog aforementioned fog is at the coast. let's take a view from the roof top camera here at abc 7. these are the forecast futures tomorrow. it will be our fifth consecutive spare the air day. triple digits inland weather will be us with for one more day and then the intense inland heat will ease up a bit this weekend. overnight lows will be quite mild once again in our inland valleys, especially inland east bay where lows are in the low to mid 60s. in the north bay, we'll see low 50s. mainly upper 50s around the bay. let's go throughout forecast animation. taking us into the early morning hours. we'll see the morning fog at the coast and pushing locally out over the bay and into a couple of inland spots. it will come back to the coastline about mid morning. giving us sunny and hazy day inland tomorrow. and, of course, fog lingering along the coastline. highs in the south bay tomorrow. we'll be mainly in the will 80s. 84 at santa clara.
4:20 pm
87 san jose. mid 90s farther south. on the peninsula, 81 the high. will 82 at palo alto and mountain view. on coast, highs in the upper 50s to 60s. downtown temperatures, high of 65 tomorrow n north bay, highs of 88. 81 at v va lay hoe. 87, napa. 84 in castro valley. the inland east bay will see highs in the upper 90s. 101 in antioch and 100 in livermore wlachlt is coming next? air quality will be poor in the inland east bay again tomorrow thus the spare the air day. it's improving in other regionsst bay area. on saturday, inland highs will reach only into the 90s. no more triple digits for a while. air quality should also be improving as the temperatures come down a bit. on sunday, even cooler inland with highs mainly in the upper 80s. and we'll remain in that range
4:21 pm
on monday. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. one day of rather intense heat. then on saturday, temperatures start to moderate. and then sunday through next week we'll see inland highs in the low 90s. mainly 70s around the bay. quite a cooldown. there low 60s on the coast. >> thank you, spencer. combining technology and service. >> i have become a global thinker. thinker. >> meet the scholar going to it's tfrom the old way off buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online. carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you. if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they. zero to happy.
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seniors are getting $1,000 xlr scholarships towards their education. >> we introduce you to a stanford bound scholar who made an impactful connection between technology and service.
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in high school? >> our star scholar took a different approach to her speech at evergreen valley high school class of 2016 graduation ceremony. >> i got 29 questions wrong out of 30 questions. >> so you're human? >> oh, yeah. >> i love it. >> this young human has a passion for humanitarian computing. >> it's the marriage of technology and service. >> she is an award winning academic and already globally recognized for her data science research. >> the book i'm doing involving developing algarythms for treatment for breast cancer patients. >> how does your mind work where you can go from something horrible to something that is going to help people? >> i've become sort of a public spirited global their. i'm trying to use my skill set.
4:25 pm
i have a sense of purpose and satisfaction and able to connect with others and help solve their problem. >> what i find impressive is you have a young adult that see this is big picture, who sees her ability and wants to impact the world in a positive way. >> it's loek where people are always into computer science and technology to help solve social problems. i really connected with that vision and mission. i plan to incorporate that into my life. >> and watch our abc 7 star scholar special saturday at p 7. 306789 p.m. to learn more about this year's winners. do you know a change maker in your community? they may apply for a $500 summer of service grant. can you also find a link on abc 7 stay here us with. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. >> not me. not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as
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president of the united states of america. >> but what will it take? the concerns about hillary clinton ahead to have night's historic speech. >> and a fall for the pope. look at. that how he's doing now. >> plus, those controversial red light cameras can cost you a lot of money. but they could help save something even more important. details on that as we continue.
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and here are your headlines at 4:30. a community meeting is scheduled to night for residents affected by the fire. monterey county wildfire has burned an area almost the size of the city of san francisco. a bulldozer operator who was killed fighting the fire has been identified as 35-year-old robert reagan of fresno county. a live look now from the floor of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. in just a few hours, hillary clinton will accept her party's nomination for president. laura anthony will join us live from the convention at 5:00. she tweeted clinton's theme and her speech will be stronger together. what does clinton need to say to appeal to unconvince the voters? he is talking with bernie sanders supporters and joining us from oakland outside of a watch party. carolyn? >> yes, i'm outside the famous
4:30 pm
everson jones barbecue. they set up a big screen tv so folks can watch the democratic national convention. earlier today i went to san francisco where i found bernie. the bernie and this san francisco coffee shop is not sanders, it's bernie melvin and she's a hillary clinton fan. >> it's very important to me. i would really like to see her win. >> but her employee, 22-year-old gillian spanning willer likes bernie, representative of the generational divide that presents a challenge for hillary clinton. >> i think i need to see more authenticity from her. >> also a mayor says it's hard to strike a balance, especially for women. >> of emotion that also control, of competence but also care. these are hard no matter what your gender is. but it is true that it is
4:31 pm
complicated complicated by our preconceived notions of women and of leaders. >> reporter: hillary clinton is shattering the glass ceiling but why are so many younger women seemingly more impressed with bernie sanders' ideology than this pioneer? >> i think it's a matter of ideology. i think if you're younger, you're more idealistic and as you get older, you become more realistic on what is possible. >> reporter: still, she will now switch allegiance to clinton so will gillian. and vermont native eric wagner. >> i'm not going to vote trump into office. >> that is the mantra of others feeling the bern. >> so the stakes are high, clearly hillary clinton will deliver the most important speech of her political career tonight. our political reporter is here with us to night in the newsroom. what should we expect to hear tonight? >> hillary clinton has a very high bar to clear tonight.
4:32 pm
and it's not just because she is the first woman accepting the nomination of a major party. the history. she has so many challenges when it comes to her public perception, the whole issue of trust. she's been at the convention in which there is a parade of amazing speakers, including president obama president obama and michelle obama. she has to surpass them. then she's going to work on appealing to the voters out there on that trust issue. tell them who she is. tell them what she's done. and talk about how she's going to be different from donald trump. she has to do that with protests in the audience. they're hearing that bernie sanders supporters may be turning their backs on her. several dozen of them in the audience or walking out. but i think this is going to be an vent in which you're going to see democrats show a lot of support with hillary clinton. boy, the spotlight is on her and the heat is on her tonight.
4:33 pm
>> do you really think she can overcome that trust issue, especially with the sanders supporters? >> this is a big challenge for hillary clinton. they got a lot of what they want in the democratic flat form. they have had a lot of face time at the convention and certainly bernie sanders put out the message that he wants unity. the fact is there is a bill contingent of them, particularly in the california delegation tonight who may make themselves known vocally and visually and that is something hillary clinton is going to have to deal with even if she gives most important speech of her life. >> all right. very different tones between the republican convention and this convention. who has done a better job in reaching their constituents and also beyond? >> i think when you look at these conventions, the democrats have just been masterful in the lineup that they've had. athletes, famous people from hollywood, and they've had what the republicans have not had with ch is a massive lineup of
4:34 pm
political leaders in the party. president obama giving that tour de force last night, michelle obama this is something that donald trump lacked at their convention. i think that's a key difference. we've had a big contingent from california as well. been there for hillary clinton. i think when it comes to just the logistics of the convention, the way it was laid out, the theme with victims of violence, gun violence and all through the four nights, i think this has been showing how the democrats really had a lot more experience and a lot more ground game going into the convention. >> all right. thank you so much for your insight. >> now abc 7 news reporter anthony will be live from philadelphia on the news at 5:00. we'll have reports from philadelphia tomorrow on the abc 7 morning news from 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. >> today german chancellor afrpg la america will stood by the
4:35 pm
country's open door refugee policy but vowed to seek justice against attackers inspired by islamist extremist. she said germany would boost security and counter-terrorism measures in response to four deadly attacks in the country this month. german authorities believe three of them were carried out by asylum applicants who were followers of radical islam. >> translator: what the terrorists want is for us to lose our view of what is important us to. they want to divide our unity, our cooperation. they want to harm our life and our openness. >> she faced intense criticism for not closing germany's borders. the country took in more than a million refugees last year making it the most open country in europe to asylum seekers. pope frances is just fine after a bit of a scare this morning. his holiness missed a step and fell as he approached an open air alter. the p 79-year-old did not notice the step down and he just tripped. priests and others rushed in to
4:36 pm
help him. the mass went on as planned tlachlt is certainly scary. >> it may seem like kids play but doctors now say something teenagers do most days could actually help prevent dementia in old area dults. we'll explain. >> i'm spencer christian. it's been another day of hot sunny weather inland and cool fog at the coast. i'll have a look at when this
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if you're looking for
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something fun to do this weekend, we have a few ideas for you. >> we do. jessica castro has a look at thins happening around the bay area. >> who doesn't love mac n cheese? >> get ready for the great mac n-cheese meltoff. >> cover that. right. there. >> i learned thou make a mac n cheese pizza and you'll find vegetarian options or dishes loaded with bacon. the foodie event is sponsored by who will be the cheesiest. that means you good tote cast your vote. >> the craziest and most unique is what we can do. that's what can you expect. >> and the best part, just $20 gets you a taste pass and four different culinary masterpieces or a $5 ticket for entry and free drink. just head to mission bay boulevard any time saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 at night. culinary art isn't your thing, how about something more traditional f you have the
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courage to kick off 2016 organizers added a cash prize karaoke contest open to young, old, talented and the tone deaf. the art show runs from 5:00 to 9:00 on friday night at the un plaza. >> and this weekend for any harry potter fans, catch a game of major league quitich. there is no flying brooms, just make flying smack talk. support the argonauts playing los angeles at home at the soccer fields. the game starts at 2:00 on saturday. it is free to watch and good for all ages. for more on these events and other upcoming activities, head to >> a lot going on. how will the weather cooperate? >> we have that answer with spencer christian. >> it will be a great weekend for outdoor weather. intense heat. it will ease up over the weekend. that's good news. it is mainly sunny right now except for the lingering fog at the coast. area wide that is bay area wide.
4:41 pm
look for highs from 60s at the coast and near 80s near the basement that's the last day of triple digit heat we'll see for a while. the sonoma racing day in hra is taking place this weekend up at sonoma. sunny skies all through the weekend with high temperatures in the mid 80s tomorrow and saturday, upper 70s on sunday. how about the gilroy garlic festival? sunny skies through the three day period. coming down up per 80s on saturday. >> i love all things garlic. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, thousands of fans are packed into a sold out stadium for tonight's major league soccer all star game. the big money it's bringing into the south bay. >> new rules for debt collectors.
4:42 pm
how it could help make lives a little easier for
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
this is nancy pelosi speaking about -- speaking at the democratic national convention in philadelphia live.
4:45 pm
leading up to the big speech tonight, the acceptance speech by hillary clinton. and she is talking about hillary clinton. let's listen for a moment. >> every family all across our land for generations to come. this moment is about the landmark progress president hillary clinton will achieve for families everywhere yearning for a better life, a better chance, and a better america. hillary clinton has a vision rooted deeply and deeply held values. she has a genuine strength that contrasts profoundly from her opponent's bluster. she has a gift -- >> nancy pelosi speaking at the democratic national convention live. the start of the 2016 major league soccer all star game is just 15 minutes away.
4:46 pm
>> you know, the event is giving host city san jose an economic boost and post super bowl opportunity to show it knows how to host big sporting contests. >> david lui is live outside of the stadium. hi, david. >> hello. there is no question that this is a big vent for san jose. this being an all star event, there are fans from team cities all over the u.s. here in san jose. right now to support their individual team players. but also there is no shortage of supporters for the opposing team, thelegendary arsenal. even though four times more people attended super bowl 50, the 18,000 filling up the stadium to capacity are on pace to spend a lot on the town for this all star game. >> i want him for sure. >> the game shop in the lobby of the san jose hotel is starting
4:47 pm
to look bare as fans snapped up souvenir jerseys, scarves and hats. >> i had people buy four jerseys at a time. scarfs are a big thing for soccer fans. hats have been going. anything i put out, they're taking it home. >> one sale topped $4,000. this is north america versus north london. you see a lot of red jers yueys fansst arsenal. >> you see a team half a world away that you see only on tv and there are a few portland timbers. it was a day trip down. spend a few extra days and get to see a lot of great soccer. ♪ >> pregame activity was booming all afternoon. more than 1,000 paid staff were hired to handle the stadium crowd double the normal game. and on this day, the stadium generates allst power needs from solar. fans are expecting an sepgsal
4:48 pm
game played by soccer's elite players. >> it is always more exciting to have a high scoring game. but i love just seeing the fluid play and just the beautiful way that they play. so that's really what i like to see. and then goals are always great. >> in san jose, david loui, abc 7 news. >> the obama administration is proposing tighter rules against harassment by debt collectors. >> michael finney has more. >> we all heard these kind of complaints. debtors say they have trouble focusing on jobs, children, schoolwork, all because of nonstop calls from debt collectors. now consumer financial protection bureau is proposing new limits. first, debt collectors are not allowed to call a debtor more than six times a week. collectors would have to be ready to prove the person actually owes the money and that would have to reveal whether the debt is so old a creditor can no longer sue for the money. that's known as a zombie debt. debt collectors say the rules are being especially hard on
4:49 pm
small businesses that are entitled legally to those people. when you think of whole foods, do you think the world's healthiest grocery store? the trade mark office rejected it. this perhaps a signal the company wants to expand the presence on the international market. right now whole foods has 19 stordz outside of the united states, all of them inening glanld and canada. >> you will certainly be able to make money logging on tumbler. microblogger platform is putting ads on the pages and will split the revenue with users. ads will appear automatically but can you choose to opt out if you want fwhochlt word on what the revenue split will be. and i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open all week long. monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that number is 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and online.
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feel free to call. >> perfect. thank you, mike. >> line is always open. >> could a certain computer game delayals himers? >> the surprising benefits of working out in the heat. here is jane king with today's wellness lort. >> a study suggests playing a computer game with a certain qualities could cut the risk of dementia by almost half. the game is called speed of processing task. it does gradually get more difficult as you get to other levels. the patient was played those types of games helped reduce the risk of alzheimer's versus other games in a control group. that is really exciting. the university of california researchers says that people play 10 to 14 hours and saw impact even years later. you probably remember the ice bucket challenge from two years ago. now money raised in that effort has shown results in fighting als. scientists discovered a gene associated with the disease and the hope is that by identifying that gene they can develop treatments for a broad variety of people with the disease. training in the heat can have some surprising benefits.
4:51 pm
exercise scientists say athletes who worked out in the heat every day felt their bodies eventually dissipated heat more effectively and in general found they perform safely, heat training can have extraordinary benefits. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> all right. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. next, a major shot in the arm for the controversial red light cameras y you could start seeing more of them. >> and chris is here with a look at what is coming up on at 5:00. >> coming up next, a sketch just released. police say this man is a violent kidnapper. we'll have more just ahead. plus, concerns about formaldehyde in certain flooring. 7 on your side with ways to breathe easier. and the man who caught a raiders superstars by surprise at training camp opens
4:52 pm
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coming up, abc news will carry live coverage of the democratic national convention. at 8:00, it's battle box
4:55 pm
followed by greatest hits of the 2000s. then "jeopardy" and "wheel of fortune." manufacture us have seen the flash as you saw of there the red light camera as we pass an intersection. now an independent study finds those cameras may have saved lives. abc 7 news reporter is live where there are several of those cameras. >> oh, indeed. milbray has cameras at three very busy intersections. and while many complain that many of the majority of the citations are given for that right hand turn, milbray says they are here for the safety of all. >> reporter: the number of cities in the country with red light cameras has gone down in recent years. now an independent study done by the insurance institute for highway safety says that may have been a mistake. the report found that when cities got rid of the red light cameras between 2010 and 2014, the number of fatalities
4:56 pm
increased up to 30% in some cases. many people are convinced the red light cameras at this intersection on millbray avenue and el camino acts as a deterrent. >> it makes you think twice before you run the red light. because you're going to be on camera. >> do you think the number of accidents has gone down since they put the cameras up? >> oh, yeah, of course. because before, there were a lot. >> that same report found that those cities with cameras saw 21% fewer deaths nationwide. but after three years belmont took away its only red light camera after the city saw no real changes in the number of accidents. >> the accident rate was low before we put in the cameras. maintained at the same level during the time we had the cameras and has not increased since the cameras were removed. >> citizens have kbland the programs were more focused on making money than saving lives. that's the main reason some cities have dropped it. but many police departments say most of the revenue goes to pay
4:57 pm
the two arizona companies that own the cameras. an attorney who has fought the red light camera program. >> these aren't even california companies making the money. it's taking money from californians and sending it out to arizona. >> still, the study suggests that many lives could have been saved if cities just stuck with the program. in millbray, abc 7 news. they have approved 40e million in funding to help relieve bay bridge congestion. the money will fund additional ferry trips and held by new vessels. they will also get money to purchase 15 double decker buses. they should arrive late next year. >> it has gotten crowded. so we're not going to build a bridge any time soon. anything to ease congestion on the bridge will be great. money will also be spent on hov lanes, specifically addition allen force ment to catch car
4:58 pm
pool violators. >> that does it for this news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with kristen and dan. >> this election is the very sole of america. >> new york's governor putting the presidential election in stark terms after a long windup hillary clinton is about to make her pitch. we're live in philadelphia. >> also tonight, the arrest of a man accused of firing on an open police officer. one lieutenant is not mincing words. >> like a coward, fire department -- >> plus, why the murder of shandra levy has become an unsolved crime. >> and how local business owners are feeling the heat in caramel. >> we, the democratic women of the senate, we stand shoulder to shoulder with hillary! >> it's hillary clinton's big
4:59 pm
night. the music world's biggest stars are giving her a grand welcome. that's oakland's own sheila e by the way. >> the fourth and final night of the democratic convention is under way in philadelphia. tonight hillary clinton will make history. and formally accept her party's nomination for president. but what does she need to 5:00 bli -- accomplish beyond that? >> hi, christen. this is obviously a very important speech for hillary clinton. we understand she's been hold up in a hotel room here in philadelphia working on the speech all day, putting on the finishing touches, trying to hit all the right notes. >> basking in the after glow of last nist's endorsement from president obama, hillary clinton will take center stage to give
5:00 pm
the most important speech of her career. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. >> titled stronger together, clinton is expected to focus on theme that's played out through the week, especially her plan for the future. >> there's that old line that says no one cares about yesterday. they care about their tomorrows. and you have to talk about the future. and what the president has done is laid an incredible foundation. >> chelsea clinton will introduce her mother. >> i hope to convey even just the small sense of why i'm so proud and grateful to be her daughter. >> clinton's speech will come as it remains clear, some californians are not convinced hers is the best path forward. >> we would need to hear that she's going to get a different vp than tim kaine. he's not a real liberal. he's not even a real democrat if you twor ask most democrats in


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