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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 29, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a terrifying close call in san leandro. this man tried to kid than a woman in broad daylight. i am jessica, kristen sze is off. >> i almanac knack. a man saw the woman being dragged and fought off the attacker and saved her. for the first time this midday we hearing from the good samaritan. amy hollyfield just spoke with him. amy? >> yes, stop what you doing. watch this. this is going to be the story you talk about this weekend. this man said he is not a hero,
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not the guy you see in the movies but police movie he save a life. she was gar eling on place and could not protect herself. >> she saw the 23 year old woman place asked dragged by her ankles to the attacker's car. >> i ran, i got them loose and made sure she was free and start going after him he started to place me. a to you ward. >> it happened on washington avenue at 6:45 in the morning on the way to work. >> this is what he might look like, a black man with a goatee and glasses 5' 10". >> well groomed and looked like a guy if you had to judge based on looks, okay, not a bad looking, not a bad dude. >> she tried to fight him, and -- he tried to fight him and protect himself. >> i knew in i lost my vision,
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two people were down so i had to be coherent. >> the man broke free, and got away. but the woman is safe. >> listen to police talk about what could have happened. she felt her feet enter the car. it was that close. i think if you are this prison to have that type of an attack, in broad day light in public it would have ended in tragedy. >> she was in shock, just...the terror in her face was just...she should not have gone through that, anyone, for that matter. >> what a story. as far as the investigation, we are hearing that police now have a picture of the car that he was driving, they are work on getting it to us. i have a description, silver nissan, with tinted windows and silver spoked wheels.
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police are actively working this investigation. though are hoping anyone with information will come forward to catch this give. in san leandro, for abc7. >> wow. scary. you a breaking news emergency crews searching for a life flight medical plane that was last seen after it took off from crescent city headed to oakland with four people including a patient. the sheriff said that the pilot declared an "message," around 1:00 a.m. because of smoke in the cockpit. they lost contact. >> san jose police are investigating a murder saying a man was shot and killed by a robber who tried to chase down after 10:00 p.m. last night near willow street. when say the victim was near his car and he chased the robber who turned around and shot him. >> police have yet to release a description of the problem whoever is not found yet. >> happening now, deputies are
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searching in oakland for a stolen refrigerated mobile trailer was found, sky 7 is over the road near oakland airport where authorities are processing evidence right now, and other stolen trailers they found from nonprofit organizations. the first trailer was taken from a lot next to the alameda county sheriff in san leandro. the surveillance video helped the deputies trace the missing vehicle to oakland and they arrested two people. they are looking for a third person. crews are searching for duffle bag that my have gunned in it. one of the suspects tossed it over a 15. >> there is go news on the soberanes fire in monterey county although it is growing it is 31,000 acres. the burn area is impacting fewer people. so southern cal has closed evacuation situation center at carmel middle school.
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it has been burning for a week at 15% contained. >> here is what the firefighters are facing, a lot of sunshine. the temperature is already 89 degrees. the humidity is only 22%. the win are light. they are going to blow out of southwest. that means more pollution is coming our way through the afternoon hours. hire is a look at walnut creek where it is clear. south along 680, you can see the area that could turn from moderate to poor air quality as we head into the afternoon on the 13th "spare the air" of the season. try to eliminate driving this afternoon. also, the fine particulate matter is going to increase a little bit because of the smoke that is going do roll through here and, also, the santa clara valley headed into the afternoon. if you are head out now, air quality is good. we will look at the heat and how long it will last in the forecast. >> we are following developing news out of san diego where a swat situation is currently underway in connection to a deadly police shooting. two police officers were shot,
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one died the other is expected to survive. our reporter is here with the latest. >> jessica, san diego police are holding a news conference right new, to were date the investigation so we go ahead and take a. a yes that is chief zimmerman. in the stop was a pedestrian stop, or a vehicle stop we have not determined. >> is the suspect in custody a member of a gang? all the investigation will determine that question. [ inaudible ] >> there is one suspect now in custody. there is a swat team currently negotiating with the second suspect holed up in a house. this shooting is week after the attacks on police in dallas and baton rouge but we do not know in the officers were ambushed.
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san diego police chief said both officers are part of the department's gang unit and last night they made a track stop and then immediately requested help. when backup arrived bound officers were found shot multiple times in the upper body. one was rushed to the hospital in a patrol car and the second by ambulance. the first did not survive. he was married and the father of two which were. the second officer is recovering from surgery and he is married and the father after toddler. investigators followed a blood trail to one suspect. >> the scene is active. we we have a suspect in custody found near in an oprah send type area. >> that suspect is being treated for a gunshot wound. this is new video this morning from the neighborhood near the shooting, reporters on scene say they have heard a series of round bangs and possibly grenades as the swat teal, again; trying to take the second
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suspect into custody. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and tim kaine are hitting the trail after a big night in american history. this morning, they are taking off a three day because tour in philadelphia. they are taking a stage at temple university. election day is 102 days away and hillary clinton's race against trip trump is just getting started. >> today, hillary clinton and tim kaine ticket is hitting the road. ♪ stay >> historic last night at the democratic national convention for hillary clinton. >> i am accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> it was a week of democrats trying to offer stark contrast to the republican national convention. ♪ hear me roar
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>> star power. optimism and striking moments from mill vary veterans, the father of a captain, decorated muslim american social, killed in iraq, has strong words for donald trump. >> you have sacrificeed nothing and no one. >> man you can bait with a tweet is fought a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> hillary clinton spoke at the dnc trump tweeted "hillary's version where working people have no power in the world, and no jobs and no safety." the campaign called the prime time speech an astating collection of cliches delivered from the fantasy universe >> the war is only expected to get worse. >> the key voters are those that do not like and do not trust either of the candidates, and who think the country is off on the wrong direction. that is where the battle of the race is going to be.
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>> after the campaign rally at temple, the chin tom bus tour will make their way to pennsylvania and ohio battle ground states. >> with the party conventions now in the rear view mirror hillary clinton and donald trump are getting ready to square off face-to-face with the first presidential debate is set for september 26, at hofstra university on long island and two more, in st. louis and las vegas. all the a addition take over in gilroy and we are at the garlic festival with a look at what is in store for the weekend.
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on the first day of school, [i learned... it only takes some thing small to go from not friends... to totally friends!
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>> safety but smelly and popular garlic festival will is happening right now in gilroy. katie is there. how is the food, katie? jessica, the food is amazing. welcome to the bay area. you need to come down here and check it out. the garlic festival is an institution. i can tell you the institution, the chefs are a major, major draw. hopefully they flame up. i don't want to be too close were it is an occupational hazard with this much hair spray. the crowd loves it. visitors consume two tons of fresh garlic and the family-friendly event is a must see and some will want to come by and say goodbye to a familiar
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case. >> garlic runs through people's veins in gilroy like mr. garlic, jerry who has doned the bull for 29 years, is lighting the pyro and passing the torch as he retires and the title of mr. garlic is a succession. >> got a let greater my son and he said, he wanted to take my place. i could not say no >> that is fought garlic sting his eyes, he is moved to tears. >> it means a lot to declare enough to take my place. it is nice. >> as man of you know, summertime in gilroy can feel like a flaming skillet, however, this o, it is school, school enough that your garlic ice cream is not going to melt and they have free garlic ice cream at festival and from expense i have tried it, and garlic ice
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crime is delicious but i am not sure the two should miss but some dig it and meteorologist mike nicco will tell us in it will stay cool enough for the rest weekend. >> i put the finishing touch on my forecast for the garlic festival, the 38th annual. tired of the heat? i have a forecast for you. the coolness is coming to
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>> now, the democratic national convention is over what did we learn from it? >> reggie aqui went to find out with the help of a dry erase
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board and a pen. >> seven things about the extension convention in seven words or less. >> i am from kentucky, we are truly great when we all work together. >> i am from texas, and what i learned from the conference is our important our elections are. >> back this is the liberty bell and here is chicago. >> history will happen. january of 2017. >> i am jeff from philadelphia. i made some great news friends this week. >> i am from indiana, and it is the supreme court,ial. >> i am from vermont, and i am proud to be a this historic and inspiring event, rudd for my three children and my grandmother and my feminist great aunt.
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>> you protect the rule, that is more than citizen years. >> i cannot do it in seven words. too exciting. >> we learned that cleveland is cool, and philadelphia is, of course, fabulous, but, to be honest, we are ready to come home! in philadelphia i am reggie aqui. >> reggie has been doing a great job and we will be happy to have him back, though. >> anxious to have reggie back, mike nicco if you could write in seven words or less what the day theres like, what is the answer? >> microclimates win again. seven words or less to talk about this weather? >> that is a challenge. good morning, everyone, it will be night for a lot of us to get back to average. that is the story. first, a beautiful picture from the east bay hills camera, looking at finger of fog across the golden gate to alcatraz. 13th "spare the air" and the sheet ruling inland and more fog
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and patchy fog taking the sting out of the heat. if you are headed out on the bay, east of the bay bridge through the delta, the winds will bring choppy conditioning in 11:00 this evening. in the 50 along coast, and 60s and 70's for most neighbors an the bay, northbound and southbound, and the 80s are taking over inland. at coast, check out the cloud cover it is breaking up, partly sunny to mostly sunny to santa cruz, the boardwalk looks inviting, 74 today, 70s tomorrow, 66 on sunday. less sunshine through the weekend. to the south, low-to-mid 80s in the santa clara valley and morgan hill, and low-to-mid 90s today is the warmest day in gilroy for the 38th annual garlic festival, 90 tomorrow and 88 on sunday. if you are on the peninsula, we will have mid-70s to low 80s and along the coast you can see where the clouds are thicker on the peninsula, at 60, downtown,
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south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 60s and at the game tonight, 58 at 6:15, dropping to 5 a, giants need a lot of love and are struggling. across the north by, low-to-upper 80s but if you are headed to the sonoma county fair, about 84 is as warm as it will be and the nhra hot rod, the nationals are here, and cool from the mid-80s for 80 by the time we send to sunday. 82 in fremont, and inland, a hot day, 94 to 103. in fact, 100s are gone from my seven-day forecast, and starting tomorrow, close to average, stuped through next week, 60s at the cost, mid-to-upper 70s an the bay, and low 90s inland. it is about to change. back to average after a prolonged heat streak. >> if you are looking for something fun this weekend, we have some ideas. jessica has a look at what is new in san francisco.
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who doesn't love mack and cheese? the great mac and cheese melt off. >> three cheese blend. take that. cover it. >> i learn how to make a macaroni and cheese pizza and you will fining macaroni and cheese sandwiches, sparked by whoever is the winner of the most votes. >> we ask vendors for something unique. >> $20 gets you a taste pass and you can try 4. head out to the outdoor venue on michigan bay boulevard north on saturday from 11:00 to 9:00 p.m. in culinary art is not your thing, art night runs for san francisco if you can kick off 2016 organizers added a cash price karoke contest for young, old, talented and the tone deaf
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with the art she from 5:00 to 9:00 on the u.n. plaza. >> harry potter fans have a sport inspired by the book, no flying brooms but flying smack talk. they are playing los angeles at home at the soccer field at 2:00 on saturday, free to watch and good for all ages. head to we will long you up with hoodline. i am jessica castro for abc7. >> finding a forever home for an adorable furry friend. you
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>> coming up at 4:00, the ultimate leap of faith, the southern california man planning to jump out of a plane from 25,000 feet. without a parachute. why he is doing it on abc7 at 4:00. >> beating the high cost of home prices, how lenders are catering to some who some day will become wealthy at 5 o'clock. >> it is finally friday and that means it is time for our perfect pet. and now, we have our new friend. >> adorable cat would we will meet. and meet molly, she comes to us from the friends of alameda animal shelter a four-year-old
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short hair tabby. the workers say molly loves to cuddle and sleep on your lap. sounds great for friday after work and playful and loves toys and bat the ball. she is best in a home where she is the only pet. call the shelter at 510-337-8565. she is having fun right now. >> we have a last piece of news before we go we learned that search cries found the wreck average of the missing medical flight. >> they confirm at at least two deaths. we will have more information on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. have a great day.
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>> welcome to "bachelor" fan favorites week. we've invited some of your favorites from "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" to play for charity today. and this should be good because trust me, these guys do not like to lose. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because it's "bachelor" fan favorites week. as newlyweds, today's contestants are proof you really can find love on "the bachelorette." hopefully they'll be as lucky today, as they play to win money to donate to their charity, the plymouth housing group. from seattle, washington, please welcome my good friends, desiree and chris siegfried. [cheers and applause] what's up, brother? good to see you. >> hi, how are you doing? >> welcome. guys, come on in. >> thank you.


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