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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, july 30th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> good morning. we have low fog and clouds around the bay. some mist and drizzle but it will be retreating. we will see some sunshine but we also have some haze. vollmer peak, you can see the haze in the distance. a little bit of low cloudiness there. smoky conditions for our inland communities. concord and livermore. but you will be a few degrees cooler today. 54 in san francisco. 58 in oakland. 61 mountain view. san jose 62. 56 in morgan hill. half moon bay 53. it's clear on the peninsula. no problems at sfo. look at the golden gate bridge. not only the fog, you may even need the wipers. 50 santa rosa you, upper 50s in the inland east bay. we are looking not only for the fog to clear, but with partly cloudy conditions this afternoon it will be almost like usual. we will talk about more seasonal weather in the days ahead coming up. chris. >> lisa, thanks. we are tracking developing news out of the east bay this
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morning. emberyville police are looking for a suspect who shot at two officers on foot patrol. it happened around 8:30 last night on watt street and pixar. no officers were injured. officers found a bullet from a . the police will not take officers were targeted, but only to say a shot was fired while officers were on patrol. >> is a bay area family is making a plea for a are diver to come forward after a deadly hit-and-run collision. police say it happened between 2:30 a.m. and just
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afternoon on wednesday on willow pass road north of lynwood drive in concord. police say 28-year-old frank fernandez had been hit by a car, but no driver stopped to report it. abc7 news reporter elissa harrington spoke to his family. >> we want answers. it's someone's baby boy, someone's brother and a lot of people's friends. felicia fernandez said she panicked when she learned her older brother, 28-year-old frankie, had been found dead. he was killed in a hit-and-run while walking alongside the willow road pass sometime wednesday. his father joe said it appeared he was driving loam to bay point around 2:30 in the morning when for some reason he pulled over and got out to walk. >> somebody knows something. somebody had to know they had hit something on the side of the road. somebody might have been in a situation where they were fearful of stopping. >> the joe wishes the person responsible would have stopped. maybe frankie would have had a chance. at least he wouldn't have been alone.
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felicia wants the driver to know it might be hard to come forward, but she is willing to forgive. >> we just want clarity and to be able to have the ability to forgive in the way frankie always could. >> frankie had a great heart. >> loved ones remember frankie as good harded and gentle. he liked skateboarding, golf and playing video games with friends. they said it's hard to lose someone who touched so many lives. in concord, elissa harrington, abc7 news. >> one is dead and five injured after a crash. at the expressway a driver veered off the road and slammed into a light pole. officers say there's no indication drugs or alcohol were involved. 6:03 is our time. san francisco police arrested a man in a quadruple murder in the hayes valley neighborhood. the four were double parked at the corner of page and laguna in
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january of last year when bullets were fired into their car. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has more. >> for more than a year and a half since the murders of four young men in hayes valley, sala chandler has been on a mission to find the perpetrators. >> some praise her ten as city. >> you murdered my child. >> tirelessly marched in marches. and pressed officials. >> and her son was in the car when a shooter, possibly shooters, opened fire on him and three other young men, killing them at the scene. today farley is in a san francisco jail charged with all four murders. >> the suspect was already in custody in a federal prison in atwater, california and he was arrested and picked up from the prison in
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atwater and transferred to san francisco. >> he was serving a 76 month sentence. the original criminal complaint in that case was fired nearly -- filed nearly two action after the quadruple murder on 27th street. she has no sympathyfy for the man murdering her son. >> i say at his age, the death penalty. >> they want people to come forward and possibly find others connected to the crime. abc7 news. this morning we are hearing from the neighbor of stockton after finding out a gun stolen from his home was used to kill a teenage boy. mayor anthony has had two guns stolen from him in the past two years. court documents show that one of those guns was used in the february 2015 killing of 13-year-old rashawn harris. he reported the gun stolen 28 days after the murder because he said he no longer lived in the house. >> it was empty and the house was burglarized twice.
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one time i came up on the suspects that were in the middle of robbing the house. each time i reported the burglary and one of the times i reported the stolen gun. >> police recovered the gun last month in a stockton home following a domestic disturbance complaint. officers are still looking for the person who killed the teen >> san leandro police released new images when they tried to find a man accused of an attempt ed kidnapping. the man seen dressed in all black pulled a woman in a car and tried to take her away as she was walking to work. this is a closeup look at the special after-market wheels on the vehicle. it happened around 7:7:35:00 in the morning on washington near monterey boulevard. bc7 spoke to the good samaritan who rushed to stop the kidnapping. avenue this man saw the guy spraying her, spraying the woman
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and dragging her into his car. >> i started going at it with the guy and he started macing me. just a total coward. >> timing is everything. surveillance video from the apartment complex with yong-sung leal lives shows him leaving his apartment at the same time the attack happened. here's an artistic drawing. >> a deadly outbreak in an east bay animal shelter has led to a cat quarantine. more than a dozen cats had to be euthanized after they tested positive for or exposed to a feline disease. for the next four weeks you can't drop off a cat there or adopt there. >> eleven cats and kittens had to be euthanized at hayward animal services because of feline distemper. >> it's devastating for the staff and volunteers involved because we get very attached to these animals.
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>> the disease can spread quickly in this environment. for 21 days the surviving cats are under observation and no healthy cats can be dropped off. >> it's a good opportunity to go through and clean our shelter, disinfect it from top to bottom. we are asking they not bring them in at this time. >> veterinarian carl sing, he, who does not treat the cats at the shelter, has this arizona advice for homeowners. >> get your cats vaccinated. new cats should be deemed healthy and separated from your own cat before you bring them together. >> symptoms of distemper include vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy. quitens are most at risk. humans cannot catch the disease but they can spread it. >> take precautions and wash your hands. if you are in a shelter, wearing gloves and not putting your hands in cages because you can cross contaminate. >> they say in june the facility was clean but the virus was reintroduced by a new cat. abc7 news. in lake county firefighters
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are mopping up after a brush fire. it started yesterday afternoon in clear lake oaks right off highway 53 and the canyon road. dry and windy conditions spread the flames, leading to at least 30 acres burned. people and animals were forced to evacuate. the fire has destroyed one building, but is now 75% contained. >> a fire in monterey county grew by more than 1,000 acres. it's now burned nearly 33,000 acres. cal fire released a time-lapse video showing the fire's growth since it started morning a week ago. the area burned is slightly bigger than the city of san francisco. it's 15% contained and could take a month to put out. >> this weekend the spca animal shelter in monterey county is letting the acopter choose an adoption fee. the spca has 94 animals available for adoption. you can choose your fee on all cats, dogs, puppies, kitten and other small pets..
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the shelter -8s has free pet foods and supplies for anyone affected by the fire. lisa, we send it to you. with the microclimate, the conditions can change any minute? >> that's right. smoke in some areas. right now show clouds and fog. low 50s. mist and drizzle by the bay. i'll talk about the last weekend of july, the first week of you august and the seasonal weather in the days ahead. >> thanks. also ahead, getting front row seats for an incredible show in hawaii. >> she quoted jackie kennedy suggesting you are a little man moved by fear and pride. >> she's a very dishonest person. >> donald trump's heated response to criticism from hillary clinton in trump's first interview after the
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>> welcome back. lisa returns in a little bit with the full accuweather forecast. >> now to the presidential race. apple ceo tim cook will hold a
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fundraiser for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton next month. she was back on the campaign trail after the convention. her rival, donald trump, spoke exclusively with george stephanopoulos. we have more from philadelphia. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine was riding the post convention wave of support. former president clinton was by her side in philadelphia. >> what better place to kick off this campaign than right here in philadelphia where it all started 240 years ago! >> the democratic presidential ticket kicked off a stronger-when-together bus tour after a historic night in american politics. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> philadelphia really showed off this week! >> the celebration went into the early morning hours after the dnc. is mingling with donors and supporters. but the party is over. that general election match-up between donald trump is just about 100 days away.
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>> his speech at the convention seemed more about insulting me than about helping the american people. >> george stephanopoulos sat down with trump. >> she quoted jackie kennedy, suggesting you are a little man moved by fear and pride. >> she's a very dishonest person. i have one of the great temperaments. i have a winning temperament. she has a bad temperament. she's weak. we need a strong temperament. that's all it is. i have a strong temperament and i know how to win. and this country, if they choose her, this country will not be in good shape. >> clinton and kaine are taking their race to the battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio. abc news, philadelphia. >> now comes the presidential debate. the first one is set for september 26th at hofstra university on long island. it will be followed by two more debates in october in st. louis and las vegas hillary clinton's presidential campaign said a computer system connected to the
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campaign has been hacked. about aids say the intrusion was part of a larger breach. the democratic national committee computer that was made public earlier this week. the fbi said its looking into it. >> judges overturned voting laws in three sweep states yesterday, ruling them discriminatory. they said the new law requiring photo i.d. to vote disproportionately affected minorities. wisconsin the judges found it was unconstitutional. in kansas a judge ruled that thousands of new voters who did not meet strict kansas voter i.d. laws would be allowed to vote at a state primary next tuesday. a hearing in september will decide if they can vote in the presidential election. back at home, three bart stations are closed this weekend. daly city, balboa park and glen park. it began early this morning and continues through 4:00 a.m.
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monday. free shuttle buses will be provided. this video shows some of the work already done. this is the first of a seven-weekend closer. a new report shows lake tahoe had a record-setting year last year but not in a good way. water temperature is up and clarity is down. the tahoe environmental research center reports the average temperature went up almost half a degree last year. the fastest rate ever recorded. precipitation was about average but only 6.5% fell as snow, which is the lowest-ever recorded. the conditions led to a decline in tahoe's famous water clarity, which has been improving since the 90s. environmentalists say it comes at public funding to restore and
6:18 am
protect the lake is disappearing. >> so working with the private industry and forming parter? ships to push those improvements is necessary. >> the report also found the air temperature dropped below freezing only 24 days last year, also setting another record. 6:18 on this saturday morning. we are dealing with fog throughout parts of the bay area. as we send things over to lisa argen, how are things on the peninsula now at sfo? >> that was clear last check, chris. we are looking at the conditions not only variable around the area, but we are still stuck with the smoke even though we have better air quality. low fog and clouds are back. you can see them clearly from this vantage point in the north bay and east bay and into the south bay. a little pocket of the clearing perhaps at sfo. as you take a look at this image, notice that is sutro and you see how shallow our deck is from mt. tam. the marine layer well below 1,000 feet, maybe half of that. it will clear quickly. more sunshine today. right now 54 in san francisco, 53 half moon bay, low 60s mountain view and 62 san jose. so those of you who are waking
6:19 am
up to the low clouds and fog, it will be evaporating quickly. this is sutro. you see the sun above with the actual sunrise about five minutes ago. looking at the numbers from santa rosa to napa and petaluma. 58 with the southwest wind by the delta and it's clear in our east bay valleys. that's where we will see the smoke. also into the south bay here in san jose temperatures may be a degree or two cooler today in the mid-80s. so it's fog, mist and drizzle to greet you near the bay this morning and cooler days for the weekend with the seasonal pattern through next week. and that really puts us anywhere from about 60 at the coast to the lower 90s inland. if you are head today the beaches. partly sunny skies and the fog will be pulling away from the coast. 60 half moon bay, smoky conditions down through monterey. a southerly wind will keep it cool in parts of the north bay. cooler than perhaps the east bay. at least numbers coming down for everyone today.
6:20 am
the marathon for tomorrow looking at temperatures in the 50s. it will be cool in the city. no changes there. but in gilroy it's been hot, in the mid-90s. lower 90s today and haze out there for you. numbers in the mid-80s by 1:00 and still in the upper 80s by 7:00. looking at santa rosa in particular, average high necessary the low 80s. today 84 and tomorrow even cooler, as well as monday. then a little bit of an increase through the middle of next week. not too hard to take. and pretty typical in the 80s for this time of year. 82 santa clara. comfortable 78 redwood city and menlo park 75. san francisco 64. in the north bay look for numbers ranging from 77 in san rafael, 82 in napa. near east bay it will be 75 in san leandro and 80 fremont. head inland and numbers in the lower 90s. nice switch for you in pleasanton and livermore, still
6:21 am
smoky skies. of the accuweather seven-day forecast. slightly cooler each and every day with seasonal temperatures. looks like smoke through early next week. chris. >> thank you. next, the event the harry potter fans have been waiting nine long years for. it will be a worldwide event and where yo
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>> paula is here from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> good morning.
6:24 am
coming up on gma this saturday, democrats on high alert at another alleged cyber attack rattles the party. this is the third high profile hack of democratic data bases in the past week. the fbi is now investigating. all this as hillary clinton and her campaign begins their midwest bus door. we will have the latest coming up. plus look at the video. a man's jet ski capsizes off the jersey shore with rough waters. he manages to call 911 all while struggling to hold on. you see police choppers coming to his rescue just in the nick of time. we will have his dramatic story this morning. and finally, potter maniac casting its spell over fans. the eighth story set in the wizardry world. bookstores are gearing up for midnight release parties across the united states and the hotly-anticipated seekual. that's coming up. hope to see you soon. >> 6:24 the time.
6:25 am
it appears n.a.s.a.'s confident in spacex is growing. they signed a second contract to send aft the astronauts to the international space station. spacex will begin testing next spring. the first piloted mission the following august. the second mission doesn't have a launch date yesterday. two weeks ago the falcon 9 became the first rocket to be relaunched into orbit. it's on track to get astronauts into space on a budget. a volcano on hawaii's big island has reached the ocean for the first time since 2013. it began flowing back in may. lava creates huge plumes of steam as it hits the water and cools into rock. the flow traveled more than six miles to reach the ocean this week. tonight bookstores in the bay area and around the world will do something they haven't done in nine years. they are hosting a late night event.
6:26 am
harry potter the cursed child opens tonight in london. of the book goes on sale at midnight. jelly belly welcomed the seven millionth visitor. they were actually visiting from new zealand. they first offered tours back in 1986. the six millionth visitor was back on october, 2013 so it took about three years to get another million people into the factory. we have much more ahead. the battle against the zika virus. and the neighborhood that is considered ground zero in the u.s. for the big fight. and the big money being spent at the palo alto on art like this, the $400,000 boulder. why some say
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>> good saturday morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the conditions where you live. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. check out this view from the exploratorium camera. look how foggy it is here and around the coast. even oakland. mountain view and san jose some clouds for you, 56 in morgan hill. mt. tam from above, you do have the sunshine. it's above 500, 600 feet with 50
6:30 am
santa rosa and napa. 58 fairfield and in the east bay valleys it's clear now but we are going to get into some smoky conditions. a pretty shot, show though. numbers ranging from the 50s to upper 60s. by noon type it will climb to the 70s and 80s around the bay. but it's a little hazy out there. it will be cool at our coast. we get into more seasonal temperatures in the days ahead. i'll detail that in your neighborhood coming up. chris >> lisa, thanks. now to the battle against the zika virus. for the first time the mosquito-borne disease is spread here in the united states. four caught the virus from mosquito bites in miami. chuck severson has the latest. >> despite preemptive measures like this, the zika virus is now reportedly transferring on wings. >> four people in the state likely have the zika virus as a result of the mosquito bite. >> it's the first time mosquitoes are being blamed for spreading the virus on the u.s. mainland.
6:31 am
the first suspected case was announced july 19th and then in brow ward county after in miami county. then two more suspected cases in both counties in south florida. so far 1658 reported cases of zika in 46 states. but these four are the first not linked to travel outside the u.s. or sexual contact with someone affected. -- someone infected. all cases stemming from this square mile just north of downtown miami. zika is a particular threat to pregnant women and can cause severe birth defects. prevention kits are handed out to expectant mothers, including insect repellant. >> we are very likely to see isolated cases of the mosquito-borne zika. that's why we say to particularly pregnant women anywhere in the u.s., you should be using mosquito repellant,
6:32 am
wearing long sleeves and staying indoors to avoid mosquito bites. >> they urge the public to take precautions. >> get rid of freestanding water, repair the screens and make sure you are not the one who spreads it to someone who is pregnant. >> abc news, new york. the san francisco health department has announced an eighth person has tested positive for zika. all eight people contacted the virus while traveling outside the country. nearly 200 reservoirs throughout the state are contaminated with excessive levels of mercury. this is prompting the state water resources control board to have mandatory health advisories over the next two years. officials are urging owners of the reservoirs to voluntarily post warnings about eating fish. several of those reservoirs are here in the bay area. here's a few of the bay area mercury impaired reservoirs.
6:33 am
6:32, the time. new this morning, joe biden is talking about filling the vacancy on the supreme court. in his weekly address, they talk about the nomination of chief judge merrick garland to the supreme court. garland's nomination has been pending for four months, longer than any other supreme court nominee. both vice president biden and judge lewis say lack of action prevents the court from fulfilling their duty of fulfilling conflicts. >> the longer the vacancy remains unfilled, the more serious the problem, the greater confusion and uncertainty about safety and security. >> the vice president says senate republicans must do their jobs to confirm judge merrick garland to the position >> the obama foundation has formally announced chicago's jackson park will be home to his presidential library. it's on chicago's south side, close to the university of chicago where the president once
6:34 am
taught constitutional law. it's also home to the chicago university museum of science and technology. you are looking at relatively new art that's been put on display at the veterans hospital in palo alto. this video was obtained by abc news. the hospital is undergoing an expansion right now. it's all nice, but some are calling it excessive spending by the v. a. >> in recent nears a transformation has been underway at the v. a. hospital in palo alto. but a group called open the books found in that time period they spent $20 million nationwide and $6.3 million was allocated to the palo alto campus. a v.a. spokesperson says while we must be stewards of taxpayer dollars, we also know that providing comprehensive healthcare for patients goes beyond offering the most advanced medical treatment.
6:35 am
retired air force master sergeant eddie ramirez said the art itself has a healing effect. >> if you look at a hospital that has art, it's a healing environment as opposed to some military hospitals that don't have any art. it's cold. >> one veteran we spoke with off-camera said the money should have been reallocated toward staffing and services rather than pricey art. case in point, this giant rock in the mental health corridor on the palo alto campus cost taxpayers nearly $400,000. also, video obtained by abc news showing the colorful morse code display to honor blind vets on a side of a parking garage at a cost almost $300,000. the veterans themselves won't even be able to see it. but others say the art honors vets for their service and sacrifice.
6:36 am
>> the v.a. is doing so many things to help improve the care of our veterans. and rightfully so. and veterans deserve the best care they can get. >> some current lawmakers are calling for a moratorium on art spending by the v. a.. now to an extreme stunt in >> two officials go head-to-head in a pokemon go battle. they will go head-to-head to find out who can capture them all. they will try to catch as many as they can over a course of two hours and both will have three teammates to help them. the loser of the challenge will donate $500 to the winner's charity of choice. it starts at 4:00 this afternoon at the 24th street bart station. also happening today, this weekend will bring families to san francisco from across the state for this bike championship. stridor makes bikes that helps kids with special needs. the track opens at pier 35 in
6:37 am
san francisco. the first race starts at 9:00 a.m. still ahead on the news, tonight powerball players have a shot at the eighth largest powerball jackpot in u.s. history. it's long odds but you can win big. as we head to break, here's a live look outside. this is a familiar scene throughout the bay with low clouds and fog. we will get the full accuweather forecast from our meteorologist lisa argen in just a few minutes.
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>> it is great to have you with us. time now is 6:40. here's a view from santa cruz. you look close enough you see people already out at the beach. we will get the full forecast from meteorologist lisa argen coming up. the 38th annual gilroy garlic festival is underway. mr. garlic got things started yesterday when he passed the torch to the chef at gourmet alley. this is the last time he will have the honor after donning it over the last 21 years. his son will take over. >> i got a letter from my son, and he said i want to take your place. so i couldn't say no. it means a lot that he cared enough to say i want to take
6:41 am
your place. it was nice. the festival runs through tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at christmas hill park in gilroy. weather-wise we are waking up to cool conditions across the bay area. lisa argen is tracking all the accuweather forecast coming up. hi, lisa. >> 54 in san francisco. the marine layer is shallow, that means sun on the way. also smoke for some of you, but temperatures coming down around the bay. i'll have the details when we return. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the giants' slide continues. they not only lost again, they also hit into their first triple play in ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more.
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>> good morning. we are taking a live look outside from our camera on julian street. we know air quality has been an issue for parts of san jose because about of the fires. lisa argen will return in a little bit with the accuweather forecast. here are the winning numbers from last night's $20 million mega-millions drawing. nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot grows to $25 million. powerball players have a shot at $478 million tonight. that's the nation's eighth largest jackpot of all-time and the fifth largest powerball jackpot in the game's history. the world record is
6:45 am
$1.586 billion prize in january. the next largest prize was $590 million in 2013. the third largest $587 million in 2012. so what are your odds of winning tonight? abc news reporter randie has the answer. >> powerball fever is heating up again. with three months and no winners, the jackpot has exploded to more than $478 million. the next drawing is saturday. so what are the odds of taking home the big prize with a two dollar ticket? not so great. roughly 1 in 292 million. we met up with cal tech mathematics professor to break it all down for us. >> imagine you let a monkey play with a football on a football field until it gets tired and you ask what are the odds the football ends up within a ten. of an inch from where it started
6:46 am
and it seems pretty unlikely, but it's more likely than winning the powerball. >> you are more likely to be struck by lightning. and amateur golfers have a much better chance at a hole-in-one at 1 in 12,500. >> is there any way of bettering your odds? >> not really. whatever numbers you play you have the same chances of winning. >> lottery officials say there are more winning tickets with computer-selected numbers than individuals making their own selections. and despite the immense odds, many powerball dreams have come true. >> couldn't believe it. >> it's a blessing to whoever it touches. >> with players in 44 states people are keeping hope alive be that they could be next. abc news, los angeles. >> the next powerball drawing is tonight at 8:00. download the abc7 news app and enable push alerts to get the numbers as soon as they are drawn.
6:47 am
8:46 is our time right now. we are tracking air quality, fog, a marathon is happening this weekend. lisa argen has the full accuweather forecast. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. almost typical july weather. we could do without the smoke, that's for sure. it will get into us today with the wind shift. the marine well below 1,000 feet and that's indicated by the gray shading right here. a bit of a clear slot there perhaps by the airport in our inland east bay. but we are looking at changes due to a system about is thousand miles away. that's allowing for this huge dome of high pressure to retreat a little bit. it's been over the southwest, bulling into southern california. as it retreats, we see more of it. looking at the low clouds and fog and mt. tam in the distance. this is our sutro tower camera. above it all we have sunshine. is better air quality for everyone. we had five days of spare the air alerts last week.
6:48 am
we don't have one today. we have low clouds and fog but the air quality a little better because we are still looking at smoke in some parts of the bay. 61 mountain view. 56 morgan hill. half moon bay a little sunshine and 53 right now. it was 60 yesterday. from mt. tam you can see the low clouds, fog. it is very shallow. we will be getting into more sun. a nice day in the north bay. santa rosa 50 and 51 petaluma. in the east bay we are looking at smoky conditions. you will be out of the triple digits around concord and livermore. at the airport there had yesterday you saw over 100 degrees. starting out in the upper 50s with clear conditions. we get into some smoky skies and numbers in the low to mid-90s. more typical air quality for some of you, but the temperatures will be where you would expect in the 90s where we are going to see the haze linger. this is the east bay valley camera. cooler case for the weekend.
6:49 am
the south bay, monterey, of course, looking at the smoky conditions, as well. that includes the gilroy garlic festival. seasonal pattern through next week, the last week of july featuring the better weather for you. looks like tuesday we will get more of a southerly flow and the flow off the ocean. combining those two, it will keep the atmosphere smoky in parts of the bay. but it's sunny and warm in the northern sierra, high 86. check out the heat here. fresno, 102 to 109. 98 sacramento. we will be looking at temperatures in sonoma comfortable today. near the north bay, 80 degrees. looking at the trend for the next several days in livermore, in the 90s today. average high 89 but slowly coming down. much, much better than the triple digits. the giants today, got to have a comeback, right? 61 in the afternoon with sunny skies and temperatures around
6:50 am
the bay ranging from about 85 san jose, 75 in san mateo, 91 concord, 84 in santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at the hazy sky in the east bay, south bay and more seasonable temperatures as we head into august. chris. >> lisa, thanks. turning to sports now, pence is expected to come off the disabled list and play this afternoon against the nationals. first pitch at 1:05 p.m. last night the giants' cold spell continues. here's rick quan. good morning. at the all-star break the giants had the best record in the majors and a six game lead in the west. since then they have had the worst record in the majors and their lead is now down to just one. nunez did not start but saw late action. san francisco took 1-0 lead in the second. blanco singles and conor gillispie doubles.
6:51 am
a pair of runs in the fifth. daniel murphy with a triple off the wall. that made it 3-1. with no outs in the eighth, giants had the bases loaded when brandon crawford lines to first. zimmerman touches the bag, doubles off posey, and throws to third to get the triple play. washington wins 4-1. san francisco has now lost 11 of its last 13. the a's were at cleveland. this mascot not a big fan. the hot dog races. oakland took the 3-0 lead on back-to-back home runs from josh reddick and chris davis. but they would answer with the four-run seventh. allows abraham to store the go-ahead run. down by two in the ninth. the a's had two on for reddick, who sends the ball deep to right, but not deep enough. cleveland hangs on to win 5-2. -- be 5-3. graveman takes the loss.
6:52 am
pg&e championship. a record tieing 63. two weeks ago phil mickelson fired a 63 at the british open. yesterday his accuracy, not as good. his first shot of the day winds up on the street. he took a triple-bogey, but still made the cut. jimmy walker followed up a 65 with a 66. he nails this long birdie on 16. he shares the lead. so after two rounds, strep and walker are both 9-under. the world's number one player, jays day, is tied for third. two back. and james hahn had to settle for a 37 but still made the cut at even par. >> the u.s. olympic basketball team took on venezuela last night in chicago. the warriors made their presence known. kevin durant with the driving lay-up. team usa actually struggled from
6:53 am
long-range, but here klay thompson does connect. draymond green comes one the rebound and finds a streaking thompson for the easy basket. later it's dre to clay for another three. 80-45 was the final. team usa next plays nigeria monday in houston. i'm rick quan. have a great day. >> up next, the annual march of the penguins at the san francisco zoo. how you can be the one to choose a name for one of the chicks.
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>> california's giant sequoias are weathering the drought better than other species. that's from a study by the u.s. geological survey. leaves in the sequoia's crown the sequoia's crown can store more water than the ground leaves. this stores as a buffer against water shortages that would otherwise damage the shoot system. another adaptation, shedding leaves can reduce water loss bay area homes are selling almost twice as fast as the national average. still low is reporting homes here are on the market for an average of 43 days. that's the shortest time in the u.s. the national average is 78 days. it's happening even at prices keep trending upwards. happening today, the san francisco zoo is inviting you and your family to celebrate the annual march of the penguins. this is video from last year's march. this year two penquin chicks will make their debut and will waddle through the zoo to their new home on penguin island. you also have a chance to enter into a drawing to name this
6:57 am
female chick. the zoo opens at 9:00 30 to members and 10:00 a.m. to the general public. let's get a weather check with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. today should be a nice afternoon. limited sunshine. 73 in oakland. look for 80 in fremont, 835 san jose. we look ahead to smoky conditions for the east bay valleys. the south bay, 90s inland and a little cooler each and every day. chris. >> thank you, and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. i'm chris nguyen. the news continues now on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our news app. here's a live look outside. "good morning america" is next. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. we will see you then.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, hack attack. the new concerns. was hillary clinton's presidential campaign targeted? the investigation this morning, was russia involved as clinton kicks off her bus tour through key battleground states. >> we have 100 days to make our case to america. meanwhile, donald trump takes the long view of his campaign. >> if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton, i will consider this a tremendous waste of time, energy and money. believe me. zika hits florida. the nation's first local outbreak. >> one of these four cases involves a woman and the other three cases involve men. >> can it be stopped? the door-to-door battle, residents tested. the latest information from heal


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