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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, hack attack. the new concerns. was hillary clinton's presidential campaign targeted? the investigation this morning, was russia involved as clinton kicks off her bus tour through key battleground states. >> we have 100 days to make our case to america. meanwhile, donald trump takes the long view of his campaign. >> if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton, i will consider this a tremendous waste of time, energy and money. believe me. zika hits florida. the nation's first local outbreak. >> one of these four cases involves a woman and the other three cases involve men. >> can it be stopped? the door-to-door battle, residents tested. the latest information from health officials and dr. rich
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besser with what you need to know to protect yourself. water rescue. look at this. a capsized jet skier struggling in the choppy seas. >> hello, 911. >> hello, i just lost my jet ski. i'm in the middle of the water. i'm like barely holding on right now. >> calling for help on a stashed away cell phone. the dramatic rescue just in the nick of time. ♪ do you believe in magic and "harry potter" returns. the boy wizard casting a new spell. his eighth story under tight wraps ready to be revealed just hours from now. >> let the feast begin. >> the massive muggle mania taking the world by storm. good morning, everyone. we want to say thank you for joining us. great to have ryan smith with us, as well. we do want to start with some breaking news, though. we're learning this morning about new terror arrests in belgium, a nation still reeling from the bombing of the brussels
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airport attack back in march, an attack for which isis claimed credit. >> two brothers under arrest accused of planning new attacks in a country and continent on high alert. for the latest on what is a developing story this morning, let's go to abc's jennifer eccleston who is in our london bureau. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: dan, belgian prosecutors are confirming this morning the arrest of two brothers. suspected of planning a terrorist attack. they were named as 33-year-old noureddinne h. and hamza h. after cities were raided in liege and mons. now, mons is significant because it's home to a large nato installation. prosecutors say no weapons or explosives recovered but there were indications of plans to carry out attacks somewhere in belgium. the country is currently on the second highest security alert indicating a possible or probable threat. this comes after the march bombings at the brussels airport and a metro station which killed
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32 people including 2 americans claimed by isis. as of now prosecutors say the two arrested are not linked to that attack and both will appear before a judge later today. paula. >> definitely a developing story. jennifer, thank you. we want to move now to politics and more troubles for the democrats. there have been several high computer hacks in the past week and this morning concerns that hillary clinton's campaign was targeted as well. what could have been revealed? the fbi is now involved, a abc's mary bruce has more on this fast-moving investigation. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, first the dnc was hacked then concerns about another democratic group and now clinton campaign data? but the clinton camp this morning is saying, not so fast. this morning, concerns about russian hackers meddling in the u.s. election are growing. first the dnc was hacked, now it turns out clinton campaign data fell victim too. but the campaign says its own computers were not attacked saying they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised. they do admit a dnc computer
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program, which the campaign uses, was accessed in the initial hack but say any information gained was publicly available. nothing personal like supporters' social security or credit card numbers. but the trump campaign doesn't seem to be buying it saying in a statement, "this seems to be a problem wherever hillary clinton goes. hopefully this time there wasn't classified or top secret information that puts american lives at risk." this after an embarrassing e-mail hacking scandal at the dnc led to political mayhem forcing the party chair to resign at her own convention. all signs point to russia and now the fbi is broadening its investigation to include another democratic group, the house democratic campaign committee. >> russia in the past has tried to influence elections in europe and we take seriously their past record on this.
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>> reporter: top republican security experts are calling on congress to launch its own investigation saying the hack is an assault on the integrity of the entire american political process. now, the cia director is vowing to find out who is behind all this saying overnight that interference in the u.s. election process is a very, very serious matter. dan. >> serious, indeed, mary, thank you. and in the midst of this hacking story and hot on the heels of the democratic national convention, hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine are on a bus tour through battleground states. david wright is out on the campaign in pittsburgh. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. 100 days, the home stretch begins for this crazy campaign here. the clinton campaign traveling today through pennsylvania here and ohio, battlegrounds both hoping to maximize that post-convention bounce. >> we have 100 days to make our case to america. >> reporter: hillary clinton joked that she and her husband
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needed their morning coffee through an i.v. drip as they set off on their bus tour after a late night celebrating in philly. joining them out on the trail her running mate tim kaine and his wife. >> now, this is the part of the campaign i really like. >> reporter: worth noting, bill clinton was mostly a silent partner on this first day just like mrs. tim kaine, auditioning for his role as first gentleman. the journey takes them through two key battlegrounds, pennsylvania, where the polls show her nine points ahead and ohio where the two are dead even. these are among the handful of so-called purple states, swing states that will likely end up deciding the general election. >> we're going to be visiting a few places where people are making things. i find it highly amusing that donald trump talks about make america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> reporter: donald trump is in
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colorado, another big battleground. >> if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton, i will consider this a tremendous waste of time, energy and money, believe me. >> and back now with david in pittsburgh. david, i want to play you part of an exclusive new interview that our george stephanopoulos did with donald trump. trump is pushing back against hillary clinton's assertion that he doesn't have the temperament to be president. take a listen. >> polls do show concern about this, whether you can be trusted with the nuclear codes. >> well, i think that's probably because hillary, that's all they talk about is temperament. i think i have a great temperament. i beat 16 very talented people and i've never done this before. you don't do that with a bad temperament. i'm leading her in the polls, as you probably have noticed, and i think i have a great temperament. i have a temperament where i know how to win. she doesn't know how to win. she's not a winner. and this country, if they choose her, this country will not be in good shape.
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>> so, david, are we seeing here the preview of the lines of attack that are likely to dominate in the next 100 days of the general election? >> reporter: very much so. dan, you've got hillary clinton attacking his temperament and using donald trump's words against him. donald trump attacking her character using her record against her and two thoughts occur, one of them is that both of these candidates have proven to be pretty resilient when it comes to character attacks. so it's bound to get ugly. the other thing is that you're seeing both of them use humor, mockery to try to bait each other and try to get under each other's skin, and so these attacks are likely to have sharper edges and a faster spin than what we've seen in the past. dan. >> sounds like it's going to be a pleasant 100 days. david, thank you for reporting this morning. and a reminder, everybody, you can watch george's full one-on-one interview with donald trump tomorrow morning on "this week" right here on abc. >> we do have new concerns this morning about the zika virus here in the u.s. after health officials say mosquitoes in florida likely infected four people.
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>> yeah, this is really a worrisome new development and abc's eva pilgrim is on the story in miami this morning. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are standing in the area of concern. it's a one-square-mile radius and health officials say the zika virus is pretty much contained right now to this neighborhood but they are making sure people here know what to do to keep this from spreading. this morning for the first time confirmed cases of zika contracted right here in the u.s. health officials investigating four cases in florida. >> one of these four cases involves a woman and the other three cases involve men. they are all active zika cases. >> reporter: workers now going door to door handing out flyers hanging these tags on front gates. dr. eileen marti, an infectious disease specialist at fiu is also getting voluntary urine samples from residents to test for zika reminding them to take extra
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precautions even if they aren't worried for themselves. >> sometimes a disease can be very concerning, not because how it impacts you individually but how you're getting infected can impact on your neighbors. this is one of those diseases. >> reporter: zika is especially dangerous for pregnant women. while the symptoms are often mild, the disease can cause severe birth defects. these prevention kits being handed out to pregnant women by doctors and county health departments include insect repellent. >> if we can keep low the total number of people who are infected in our state, we decrease the chances of pregnant women becoming infected by mosquitoes within our state. >> reporter: so far there have been almost 1,700 people who have gotten the disease while traveling to a country infected by zika mosquitoes or by having sex with someone who has traveled and been infected. health officials in miami confident they can contain the outbreak here locally. >> but that's not to say that if you contain this outbreak, there won't be another traveling person that infects another mosquito in another zone.
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>> now, the cdc is not recommending people limit their travel to miami at this time but health officials are telling people that live anywhere near mosquitoes to exercise caution and wear repellent, paula. >> yeah, concerns about the domino effect too. eva, thank you. you know, brazil is ground zero for the virus and earlier i spoke to abc news chief health and medical editor dr. besser, who is in rio covering zika concerns in the lead-up to the olympic games. dr. besser, thanks for joining us this morning. first and foremost, there are 1,600 cases of zika here in the u.s., but with these four cases in miami, they were likely transmitted through zika infected mosquitoes so how serious is this? >> well, it is serious. you know, what it indicates is that people who come back from countries where zika is spreading do pose some risk. we have the mosquito in more than 30 states that can transmit zika if it gets infected, and what we're seeing in florida is in a limited area there are some of those mosquitoes that are
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spreading zika. >> is there a legitimate concern? we know that pregnant women are disparately affected by this particular virus, but let's say a man and his partner want to get pregnant down the road. is there concern about that? >> what we've seen so far is that men can harbor the virus in their semen for at least 100 days. and that's only the little bit that we do know. we don't know how long that can be and so for some people they've decided they don't want to take that risk. >> so what can we do to protect ourselves? >> first anyone who is traveling to an area where zika is transmitting, when you come home, use repellent for three weeks. that way you won't be that person who infects the local mosquito that then makes a pregnant woman sick with this. the key is keeping pregnant women safe, so use repellents in areas where mosquitoes are biting, make sure your screens are repaired and get rid of any freestanding water that could breed mosquitoes. these things will do a lot. >> important advice. dr. besser, thank you so much.
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and one of dr. b.'s other big concerns was that congress left for seven weeks without approving the money that the obama administration had wanted to really combat this particular virus so that's a big concern for him. >> and as we all know, looming over the olympics and now looming over miami, as well. a lot of other news this morning including some breaking news out of washington state. ryan smith is in for ron this morning. great to have you, sir. >> thank you so much. good morning, guys, and we begin with that breaking news overnight in washington state. three people are dead, one person is in the hospital after a shooting at a home. now, multiple police units are on the scene in mukilteo north of seattle and officers now saying they have a suspect in custody, and there are reports that 15 to 20 people were at the home at the time of the shooting. and new information in the shooting of two police officers in san diego. investigators are now trying to determine if it was intentional. 16-year veteran j.d. deguzman died in the shooting after stopping someone on the street. his partner is in critical condition. one suspect caught.
7:14 am
another potential suspect captured after an hours-long standoff. crews recovered all four bodies from the wreckage of a small medical transport plane that went down in northern california. the pilot of a piper pa31 is said to have reported smoke in the cockpit. the plane was traveling from crescent city to oakland. and a federal appeals court striking down a north carolina voter law that could affect the outcome of the electric. the court finding that new voter restrictions were enacted with, quote, discriminatory intent because they disproportionately affect african-americans. now, the decision can be appealed to the supreme court but not before november. 17 states have imposed similar rules and more than half of those are being challenged. and more charges in connection with flint, michigan,'s water crisis, six state employees are now facing criminal charges for allegedly hiding the contamination. very high lead levels were found in residents, especially in children. and take a look at this. this is a first look at the new sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. isn't it beautiful? 3 1/2 years after a gunman killed 20 children and 6 adults, the old building demolished and the new facility featuring a
7:15 am
rain garden, study spaces that look like tree houses and huge windows you see there facing the woods. now designers are saying that they're using the feature as a healing power. good story. and finally, on father's day we told you about a young rower who set out on a quest to honor his late dad. this morning he completed that mission. 24-year-old louis "louie" bird successfully rode 2,500 miles in that thing with another man. monterey bay, he went from, california, to honolulu, hawaii, 54 days at sea all to honor his dad peter. now, peter was lost at sea in 1996 while trying to row solo from russia to california. he was the first man to row solo across the pacific ocean, but there he is right there in the back, and talk about an endeavor, right? now, he's getting a lot of love online. i looked at his instagram. >> as he should. >> shirtless pictures rowing. >> did you say shirtless pictures? >> oh, yeah. the ladies saying hubba hubba. that's what they're saying online. >> the only one that has seen them is you.
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>> i'm reporting. >> that's what they are saying. >> he is a reporter. >> he is a good son. a very good son. my 1-year-old honors me by peeing on the floor. we do have another story from the open seas this morning. this one is much more harrowing. we have dramatic video of a stranded jet skier rescued by an nypd helicopter. there it is. after he managed to call 911. how did he do that? abc's adrienne bankert has more. >> hello, 911. >> hello. i just lost my jet ski. i'm in the middle of the water. i'm like barely holding on right now. >> reporter: the dramatic rescue of a 21-year-old man captured on police camera. >> i'm holding my hands up as high as i can right now. and the waves are just getting choppy. >> reporter: the victim, dennis pereira, out alone falling off his jet ski in waters a mile off new jersey's shore. >> are you with the jet ski? >> no, the jet ski is halfway capsized. i can see it going towards staten island now. it's just getting taken away with the current.
7:17 am
>> reporter: pereira only able to call for help because he kept his cell phone in a watertight cylinder, he says, but choppy waves making it hard for him to stay on the line. >> all right. well, i'm trying to get you help so stay on the line for one more minute. okay? >> okay, i'm gonna try. the water's just gonna take my phone. i do not have a waterproof case on. >> reporter: the patrol copter spotting pereira, the air and sea rescue team hovering ten feet above water while dispatching two divers to the jet skier's side. periera finally being lifted to safety. rescuers pulling the stranded man from the rough waters in a giant metal basket into the helicopter. now, when it comes to personal watercraft, the u.s. coast guard reports more than 600 injuries and more than 30 deaths in 2015. pereira was taken to staten island university north hospital for observation. now, we reached out to the hospital but were not able to confirm whether he has been released. no doubt grateful for surviving all that. >> and for having a cell phone. yeah. >> absolutely. not going to see that jet ski any time soon but, yeah, he had a life line for sure. >> all right. thanks, adrienne.
7:18 am
>> no problem. let's send things over to rob. rob, you said some storms in chicago. >> yeah, chicago got hit hard last night, paula. 3, 4 inches of rain falling as little as 30 minutes in bolingbrook, illinois. and these are some of the pictures coming out of the chicagoland area with rain up through the rims and up and over the top of the rails and some of the cars. so, flooded cars and we also had some delays at both airports in chicago. this storm, a really slow-moving wave will traverse the allegheny as we go through the next 24 tomorrow night, hours and by 11:00 it's just over western new york. the heavier rain will be drying out a bit in chicago. a shower or two might pop up. 2 to 4 inches of rainfall across parts of upstate new york. actually need the rain. some areas in western new york and parts of new england really in a drought situation right now so they will take the rain even though it might be unwarranted on the weekend. cool in chicago. watch things warm up as we go through the rest of the week. i hope you enjoy the cool spell here lately because the heat is coming back as is the monsoon across the desert southwest. spell
7:19 am
it's been a relatively quiet hurricane season but things are percolating in the atlantic. we'll talk more about that in about ten minutes, guys. >> you were waiting to use that word. >> percolating. >> speaking of percolating -- >> speaking of that, there's no doubt about it we're still wild about harry. "harry potter" fans who can't get enough of the boy wizard are eager to get their hands on the latest installment of his story, "harry potter and the cursed child: parts one and two" coinciding with the play
7:20 am
premiering in london tonight. it's the magical moment "harry potter" fans have been waiting and wishing for. ♪ muggles across the globe will be able to get their hands on the latest story in the "harry potter" franchise. >> let the feast begin. >> reporter: the story release coinciding with the theatrical version opening on the british stage. millions of fans going hog wild for hogwarts and soon finally finding out what adventures now await the wizarding world. fans of "potter" will be hitting book stores tonight, parties planned to celebrate the nearly ten-year wizard drought. >> i'm really excited about the book. >> reporter: peter glassman hosting such a party at his store here in new york city ready to welcome fans to share in the excitement. the story under tight security until tonight's festivities. >> we'll be having crafts going on, trivia contests, all sorts
7:21 am
of things all night long. >> reporter: "harry potter" casting a spell on the literary world once again. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> reporter: amazon and barnes & noble reporting "harry potter and the cursed child" is their most preordered book since the last "harry potter" release. >> it's definitely very interesting that it is the script. seeing how the fandom reacts to that is going to be really interesting to watch. >> i'd like to apologize because our on-set english professor dan corrected me and said that it might not be the cursed child. it might be the cursed child. >> i don't know. i was asking and not -- >> no, usually you're telling and usually you're correcting. should we go with cursed or cursed? >> cursed. >> thank you. >> dan is the cursed child right now. >> i feel like this morning -- >> it's okay. >> they're turning against me here. so i'm going to change the subject, and then i'm going to run away. coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, a really serious story, a stunning twist in the notorious chandra levy murder case. how an actress from "house of cards" now ties into the story. the role she may have played in getting the charges against the
7:22 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. we have developing news in the east bay. emeryville police are looking for the person who shot at two officers on foot patrol. it happened at around 8:30 last night on watt street and park avenue across from pixar. no officers were injured. investigators found a bullet from a 9 millimeter lodged in the wall of a nearby building.
7:28 am
emeryville police are not confirming that officers were targeted in this case, only that a shot was fired while they were on patrol. let's get a check of the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> here's the low clouds and fog, further inland into the east bay. be 5 to 8 degrees cooler, 56 in morgan hill. you can see it's shallow. it burns off quickly, hazy conditions in inland east bay today and the south bay. but at least 5 to 10 degrees cooler, still fog this morning. chris? >> thanks for joining us. the news continues right now
7:29 am
on the first day of school, [i learned... it only takes some thing small to go from not friends... to totally friends! [bell rings] in third grade, i learned... we all make mistakes. but... it's all about how you fix 'em.
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mistakes, they're not so scary. welc welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, hillary clinton and tim kaine hitting the road. their bus tour taking the candidates across the battleground states. this as rumors swirl about clinton's campaign computers getting hacked. meantime, republican candidate donald trump sits down with our george stephanopoulos for an exclusive interview which will air tomorrow on "this week" right here on abc. also right now, the lava flowing down kilauea volcano on the big island of hawaii has reached the ocean. the 6 1/2-mile flow is now spilling over a cliff and into the pacific. the lava has been coming down since may. and an extreme stunt outside of los angeles. a skydiving daredevil is preparing to leap from 25,000 feet without a parachute or wingsuit, only a huge net to catch him.
7:31 am
cameras are going to be there when it happens tonight. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't let your children watch, please. >> his wife and child are going to be there. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, with life insurance. >> oh. rob, taking it dark. >> too soon. too soon. >> yeah. >> oh, man. anyway, we'll get more from rob coming up if he's allowed back on the show. coming up on this broadcast, the woman who ran into trouble using her debit card to reserve a beach vacation. how the abc news fixer helped her out, plus the advice you need to hear before reserving your next hotel room. but first here, the new twist in the chandra levy murder case. >> yeah, prosecutors suddenly dropping murder charges against the man who was convicted of killing the washington intern 15 years ago. and now we are learning how an actress from "house of cards" apparently played a major role in making that happen and abc's marci gonzalez joins us with more. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. even before this there were problems with the case and the suspect was set for a retrial. but now in a development playing
7:32 am
out like the plot of a crime drama, he is cleared in part, we're told, because of an actress who happened to appear on a show all about d.c. intrigue. this morning, new details about why charges are now dropped against the man convicted of murdering chandra levy. sources saying allegations of this man made by the key witness in the case may have been fabricated according to this actress seen here on the netflix show "house of cards." >> and show that we've learned from our experiences last year. >> sources tell abc news babs proller pictured here in a head shot posted to facebook recently told authorities about a bombshell revelation claiming the jailhouse informant who testified that ingmar guandique confessed to levy's murder admitted to her that he lied. >> when there's no forensic evidence, there are no eyewitnesses, the jailhouse informant becomes the case and without him, there's no case. >> reporter: a judge decided to drop the charges once again
7:33 am
raising the question, who killed chandra levy? >> i wish that the right person, whoever did what they did to my daughter, we get answers. >> reporter: answers her family has waited for since the 24-year-old washington intern's disappearance in 2001. the case dominating headlines amid disclosures of an affair with then congressman gary condit. >> did you kill chandra levy? >> i did not. >> reporter: his lawyer now issuing a statement saying he's been assured by prosecutors mr. condit is neither a subject nor a target of the investigation into the murder of chandra levy. guandique here illegally from el salvador faces deportation. investigators have said nothing about other potential suspects. >> and as dan abrams said, there's a possibility we may never know who did it. >> right. >> marci, thank you. appreciate it. let's check the weather and back over to rob. >> talked about those storms in chicago. want to show you what happened in the phoenix yesterday. we had strong winds and thunderstorms that created this. oftentimes during the monsoon,
7:34 am
dust storms. yeah, drop in visibility down to near zero had delays at sky harbor, we had all sorts of problems out there and all with these dust storms we -- look at that. just incredible video. this is blinding stuff and very, very dangerous. lightning came along with this. with return strikes. look at this. you know, i say lightning is lazy. once it paves the way, it likes to go up and down that thoroughfare more than once. thank you, john sirlin, for that video. excessive heat warnings out for parts of the west. we're worried about this. this is pretty much north of the monsoon into the fire zone, so winds are going to create a bit of a problem, although not terribly, terribly hot air. we could see winds gusting 30 to 50 miles an hour in spots like reno and fire zone east of the cascade mountains. turning cooler though but the monsoon will continue. thunderstorms across the four corners in parts of southern utah. also watching development in the tropics. here we go. the atlantic, two spots in the central atlantic. 50% development for the last one here but 30% development chances in the next five days and this one looks like it will probably
7:35 am
head towards the caribbean so we'll be watching this closely over the next couple of days as we get closer to the prime of hurricane season. heavy rain across parts of the ohio valley getting to the northeast where we need it and it will be >> this weather report brought to you by band-aid brand. my kid loves those band aids with the superheroes on them. always makes a boo-boo feel better. >> speaking of boo-bbo, dan just showed me a picture. his little guy suffered a boo-boo while you were on daddy patrol. >> i was on daddy duty and the kid got an injury right on his face so i'm in trouble. >> that's your fault. >> yes, daddy day care. don't call me for business. coming up here on "gma," somebody who can fix things, the abc news fixer to the rescue. what happened when this mom
7:36 am
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so debit or credit. you probably get asked that all the time when you pull out your plastic. >> but it makes a difference which one you use, especially when you book a hotel room as one woman found out the hard way. and it turned into a case for the abc news fixer. if you're a teenager in south carolina looking for some weekend fun, myrtle beach is the place to go. sand, surf, the boardwalk and frisbee. chastity ueten of south carolina decided to treat her high school son zane and his friend chandler to two nights on the beach to celebrate their graduation. >> i don't get to do it that much so it's something that is every once in a blue moon. >> reporter: chastity reserved their room over the phone with a debit card. but when the guys arrived, the hotel wanted the card again. >> zane called me,
7:41 am
they were checking in and he said, momma, i need your p.i.n. number. >> reporter: chastity figured maybe the first time was to hold the room but after the boys checked out, she saw that both debits actually went through taking money twice from her bank account. she called the hotel owner several times, but he told her he checked and didn't see an error. >> i tried to explain to him that it was in my bank statement that he had took it out. he says, well, i don't believe i done that. >> tell me what happened. >> reporter: so chastity called the abc news fixer who reviewed her documents right away. they clearly showed two debits, both for $168, six days apart. our fixer took everything to the hotel owner, who checked again and acknowledged the mistake. but the fixer has a big warning for "gma" viewers, when you are traveling, do not ever use a debit card. >> many merchants will put a hold on your debit card and even when the real charge goes through, that hold will remain for several days, and then you won't have access to your cash. >> reporter: with the money back in her account, chastity's son
7:42 am
and his friend can get back to more important things. >> both: thanks, abc news fixer. >> those more important things would be playing frisbee. >> with women in bikinis. >> i mean, they have priorities. >> yeah. that's important. >> and i respect their priorities. no judgment. >> none. >> objective journalists. >> the takeaway here, everybody, use your credit. >> use it as credit, not debit. and coming up on "good morning america" -- and have very, very high-minded priorities. >> the fixer! coming up, making the most of your staycation. easy and fun things to do with your family this summer that will not break the bank. are you still distracted by that video? and the "star wars" surprise at disney world. a little kylo ren gets a big reception. the video going viral. we'll have it in "pop news" and when is the cheesecake? >> still popping. "pop news." "pop news." come can do it! dogs just won't quit.
7:43 am
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it gets it all clean. they give me a very happy feeling bum. cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. go cottonelle, go commando.
7:46 am
and we have hit the dog days of summer. one of the challenges can be keeping your kids moving and occupied. well, help is on the way. abc news travel and lifestyle editor genevieve shaw brown has some great ideas to keep your kiddos busy and not break the bank. i love hearing that. genevieve, great to have you. >> thanks, paula. >> i love your first idea. it's a bit of a playground challenge and kind of getting the kids out exercising. >> absolutely. yeah, so just pick a certain radius and hit all the playgrounds in your area within that radius in one day. let the kids explain what they liked about each one. maybe one has a great splash pad. one has a great set of monkey bars. at the end of the day, have them design their ultimate playground. >> oh, i love. my kids would do some sort of american ninja warrior playground. what about exercising their creative side?
7:47 am
>> spend the day photographing your town, so every town, every city has stories to tell. you know, the guy who's been running the neighborhood diner for 40 years, that tree in the center of the town park that has that special plaque. find out what the stories are, snap a selfie, print them out at the end of the day and make a little scrapbook. >> what a great little idea. and i love the last idea, and this is something that you have to express to your children, life is not all about you. it's all about volunteering and you have some great ideas. >> that's right. so it teaches kids community and responsibility, giving back. compassion. and disney, our parent company, is sponsoring the summer of service campaign. so kids ages 5 through 15 who are working on projects in their community can apply for a $500 grant at also a great place to find ideas to give back in your community. >> ideas, and it gives kids great incentive to also want to do good and help others. >> that's right. >> genevieve, let's take a photo of this right now and let's go to the playyoung afterwards. all right. >> let's do it. >> great ideas and they don't break the bank. coming up on "good morning
7:48 am
america" -- "captain america" actor chris evans eyeing a new role straight ahead in "pop news" with sara. so, sara, we have cheesecake, and we have a beefcake. >> yep. that's right. >> i love it. the first paint that kills bacteria. sherwin-williams paint shield continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria. totally breakthrough. surprisingly the same. and it's only avaiblble at sherwin-williams. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by fruit of the loom. keep your cool in breathable underwear. >> that's nice. >> yeah. as we like to say, it all leads up to this. it's time for "pop news" with -- what's your name again? >> sara. and could you say it like you believe it? thank you. disney channel is gearing up for the ultimate reunion by joining the cast of "girl meets world" and "boy meets world." disney announced a reunion with an on-set photo from "girl meets world." the gang is all back joining ben savage and danielle fishel who are now parents to riley matthews. fans can expect to see william daniels as mr. feeney. cory's best friend sean played by ryder strong and will feedle as big brother eric. even both actresses who play
7:53 am
cory's younger sister morgan are in on the fun. >> huh? >> it's a little young for you guys. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> is there a "boy meets world"? sara, is there a "boy meets world"? i know they meet the world. >> that's in every love story i've ever seen. and hollywood superhero chris evans might be turning to the dark side for a new movie. deadline reports that the "captain america" actor is in talks for the starring role of tom jackson in "jekyll." chris would play the modern-day desce descendent of dr. jekyll. he begins to experience split personalities. i can relate. lionsgate is developing it based on the bb1 series described as a sequel to the original story of the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. production date is yet to be announced. sure it will show two sides to the well-known tale. >> oh. >> when your personality splits, is the other side even goofier >> no, you always go dark and light. >> sara has a -- >> i have dark, dan. >> really. >> yeah. >> you hide it very well.
7:54 am
>> thank you. her name is janice. >> bring her tomorrow, please. now we're going innocent and we're going to a kid and keep the dark side for a commercial. one "star wars" fan dressed up as kylo ren and experienced the force firsthand as he walked around disney world with a couple of stormtroopers. take a look. >> 2135, do not engage. move out. don't worry. we are here to help. >> awesome, awesome. >> move out. go ahead walk with them. they're leading the way. >> so cute. >> look at dad. dad is more fired up than the kid. >> stormtroopers. little nicholas went on to learn the true meaning of power when he met up with a theme park actor wearing a kylo ren costume. the duo turned said powers against dad who filmed the entire intergalactic experience earning over 1 million views on youtube. the dark side never looked so cute. >> adorable. >> that's awesome. >> wouldn't it be a dream come true if you dressed up and all of a sudden you're like,
7:55 am
whoa, it's happening? >> like if it happened right now to me. >> if you were dan harris. >> i think ryan would also -- >> like if it happened tomorrow? >> yeah. >> for real? >> i love it. >> even if you're a grown man. >> and i promised food, so there will be food. >> yeah. >> this looks really good. >> it's national cheesecake day. it might be paula's second favorite day behind national bacon day. >> no, no. national chicken wing day was yesterday. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> this is the best weekend ever. >> best weekend ever. we've got a little feast to celebrate thanks to eli's cheesecake. this is -- paula, you said this is a chicago -- >> a chicago company. you can order it, as well. a family company. >> you don't have to just watch them. you too can eat them. we have a whole bunch of different kinds including strawberry topped chocolate chip sour cream and honey mediterranean. little known fact, it's been said the dessert originated in ancient greece and was even served to athletes at the very first olympic games. >> wow. >> oh, wow. >> and they have them on a stick. >> uh-huh. >> this is revolutionary. >> dan, this one -- >> how would you run a decathlon after eating this?
7:56 am
>> i was just going to say -- >> doesn't make any sense at all. >> this doesn't seem like -- >> thank you, saar r we're out of time. see you tomorrow. more "pop news." bye. now, from abc 7 news. good morning to you, i'm chris nguyen. nearly 200 reservoirs throughout the state are contaminated with excessive levels of mercury. this is prompting the state water resources control board to implement mandatory health advisories over the next two years. officials are urging owners of the reservoirs to voluntarily post warnings about eating çfi.
7:57 am
several of those reservoirs are here in the bay area. this includes lake berryessa in napa county, lake chabot, loch lomond, crystal springs. the san francisco zoo is inviting you and your family to celebrate the annual march of the penguins. this is video from last year's march. this year, two penguin chicks will waddle through the zoo to their new home on penguin island. you also have a chance to enter into the drawing to name the female chick. it opens at 9:30 to members and 10:00 a.m. to the general public. let's get a check of our mother from meteorologist lisa argen. on the roof it's comfortable, temperatures in the upper 50s. san jose is 60 degrees with clouds there, 52 half moon bay with fog and the airport, fog and low clouds have filled in here. 49 in santa rosa. 62 in concord. it's clear there, visibility
7:58 am
quarter mile. napa, santa rosa and half moon bay, not doing much better, sunshine inland, hazy conditions with smoke and east bay valleys, also the south bay, 80 in palo alto, not a spare the air day but not great air quality but cooler than we've experienced. i'll have the full details coming up. chris? >> thanks, lisa. straight ahead, a deadly hit and run leaves a bay area family devastated and police looking for the driver. plus, a stolen gun connected to
7:59 am
this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ♪ ♪
8:00 am
it is saturday, july 30th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here is lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 hd from the rooftop. >> good morning. high heat taking a break, temperatures today five to seven degrees cooler inland. pretty much gray skies across the bay and south bay. a live look outside, and you can see the marine layer here is shallow. it will burn off, and we'll see sunshine around the bay. 56 in morgan hill, hazy there. half moon bay, partly sunny and 52. and from balmer peak, you can see the low clouds.


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