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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 31, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly balloon accident. the worst in american history. 16 people losing their lives when the balloon apparently struck a power line, crashing to the ground. >> i turned and saw the fireball go up. the basket was on the ground. >> the concerns this morning after other accidents caught on camera. >> hope no one's -- whoa! >> are these balloons safe and is the industry regulated enough? a new trump firestorm. the candidate's comments in an exclusive abc news interview coming under fire. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i worked very, very hard. >> responding to a grieving father's emotional convention speech about his fallen soldier son. what trump said about that
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soldier's mother and how she's responding this morning. oh, my gosh. >> and flash flooding. the incredible scenes. raging water sweeping cars through the streets in baltimore. the current carrying them away. one man desperately trying to hold on. passengers at this train station stranded. is the worst over? and high-flying competition. it's drone racing. >> whoa! what -- oh, my goodness. >> rob shows us the ins and outs of the newest extreme sport. pilots flying these babies at more than 100 miles an hour in a race to the finish. >> that was unbelievable. good morning, everyone. we do want to thank you for joining us on this sunday. we want to get straight to that disaster in texas. the deadliest hot air balloon accident in u.s. history. >> 16 people dead after a balloon hit a power line and crashed into a field.
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federal investigators rushing to the scene, which is 30 miles outside of austin. this lethal incident has a lot of people wondering about the safety of these balloon rides now. >> we'll be talking to a former chair of the ntsb who says safety regulations and additional oversight were rejected. but we start with abc's phillip mena on the ground in texas. >> reporter: dan, paula, good morning. in just a few hours, a full team of ntsb investigators will report here. witnesses reported hearing what sounded like an explosion and seeing what was described as a fireball in the sky. this morning, investigators on the scene of the deadliest balloon crash in u.s. history. 16 people killed when this hot air balloon plummeted to the ground. this photo showing it just moments before the crash. the balloon taking off just before sunrise saturday, 30 miles south of austin. near lockhart. investigators believe the balloon struck high-tension power lines then came crashing to the ground. the first 911 call coming in at 7:44 a.m.
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>> looking for a vehicle fire fully engulfed. jolly road just off cistern. >> reporter: rescue crews initially responding to what they thought was a vehicle fire. >> the popping sound was the balloon connecting with the electric lines. and then, by the time i turned and saw the fireball go up, the basket was on the ground. >> reporter: the ntsb quickly sending a team to the scene. >> it's much like a crime scene. you only get one chance. so we want to make sure we do everything correctly. >> reporter: among those killed in the crash, the pilot, skip nichols, who also owned the company that operated the balloon. >> he loved what he did. his utmost, utmost priority was the safety to his passengers. >> reporter: so far, officials have not released the names of the other victims. but we're expected to get more details from investigators later today. dan? >> phillip mena, thank you for that report. this horrifying crash is raising new questions about the
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safety of what to be gentle, scenic rides. david kerley covers transportation for us. he joins us from our washington bureau. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is an industry that has grabbed the attention of safety investigators in the past. those investigators concerned there is not enough regulation. this morning, after the horrific crash, questions again about whether the hot air balloon tour industry is regulated enough. >> you know, i hope this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: this texas community experiencing firsthand the deadliest balloon crash in u.s. history. >> you're trying to land the basket or land the balloon near a road, it's oftentimes going to require you to skip over or land close to high-tension power lines. >> reporter: this is far from the first time we have seen hot air balloons accidentally coming into contact with power lines. >> i hope no one's -- whoa! >> reporter: -- leading to explosive fires and injuries. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: a massachusetts family surviving contact. in 2014. >> we just helped the people out. we brought out towels with ice
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for the wounds. they were all shak up. >> reporter: but earlier that year, two virginia women were killed after their balloon hit wires, burst into blames, and shot up into the sky with them still in the basket. just one month before that, the ntsb had called upon the faa for more overnight. for what it called operational deficiencies in the industry. former wide receiver from the nfl donte stallworth survived a close call three years ago. leaving him and a friend badly burned. >> by the time i realized we were going the hit the power line, it was too late. >> reporter: some of the ntsb investigators headed to the scene have been delayed by weather. they'll be looking at the remnants of the balloon, studying the pilot's record, and how he spent the 24 hours before the crash. earlier, i spoke with debbie hersman, the former chair of the ntsb. she talks about the safety recommendations that were not
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implemented. debbie, good morning to you. we want to thank you for joining us. >> happy to be with you. >> now, first and foremost, the ntsb is arriving to the scene today. what are the first things that they're going to be looking for? >> they'll be documenting perishable evidence. they'll be collecting maintenance records and interviewing people who might have interacted with passengers or the crew in terms of the crash. >> we just heard about those safety recommendations. you were actually chair of the ntsb. was an accident of this magnitude always the big fear? >> absolutely. the year before we issued these recommendations, there was the 19 fatal crash in luxor, egypt. we knew the potential was there for an event in the united states. we had seen hundreds of investigations where we had seen risks. it was just a question of how large the gondola would be when there was a big crash. >> we're seeing more and more of these commercial air balloon rides. with the current regulations, in your estimation, are they even safe? >> you know, we have looked at
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these crashes for years. we've made these recommendations because consumers are expecting a fun ride. but they're also expecting that they have a safe ride. and there needs to be additional oversight. but consumers also have a responsibility to be aware of the risks that they could face in anything that they do. so make sure you do your research and understand who you're doing business with. >> again, talking about the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. what kind of safety measures do you anticipate being implemented after this tragedy? >> they do need to have some basic oversight. at least a commitment to the faa of what safety provisions they're going to have with their operation. we know that there are some big risks when it comes to hot air ballooning. winds and the environment can cause challenges. but as we've seen, power lines can also be a big risk. whether they're trying to avoid the power lines or whether they impact the power lines fire on board a balloon is something you don't want to see.
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>> tragedy like this also forces change. debbie, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> again, she championed the safety recommendations. a copy from 2014 urging the faa to take action on the safety recommendations issued in this letter. again, nothing was done about it. >> meanwhile, a lot of families in pain this morning. we do move on now to another breaking story this morning. flash flooding in the mid-atlantic. this video shows the scene in maryland. cars floating down the street. dozens of people had to be rescued. and rob is right here covering it all. rob, good morning to you. >> dan, yesterday afternoon, storms started firing in eastern pennsylvania, some cases training over the same areas. rainfall amounts upwards of six inches. you get that amount of rain falling in such a short period of time, it leads to some serious problems. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: overnight, torrential rains producing mayhem in maryland. rushing floodwaters picking up cars. this man desperately trying to hold on and stop his car from getting swept away.
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but getting pulled down with it. watch as the ripping current moves three cars. then slams them together, carrying them down streets. resembling rivers. people in ellicott city, terrified. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: waters tearing the fronts off stores. destroying numerous cars. this one ending up wedged between another car and a street lamp. residents spending the night searching through debris. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and in new jersey -- >> it's pretty crazy. i've been coming here for years. i've never seen something like that happen. >> reporter: nearly six inches of rain falling in three hours. water up to the hoods of the cars in this parking lot. passengers stranded at this train station in princeton until the water subsided. heavy rain southeast of scranton and in parts of virginia. a state of emergency in ellicott city. right now, everybody is accounted for. a flash flood watch now posted for new york city because this slow-moving system is going to
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crawl across the east coast today, through tomorrow, through monday, an additional two to three inches of rainfall. if this falls on top of the already saturated ground, we'll look for more in the way of flash flooding. >> rob, thank you. we want to move to politics and donald trump is at the center of a new firestorm this morning, involving the muslim parents of a fallen american soldier. trump's response to their speech at the democratic national convention in his interview with george stephanopoulos is raising fresh criticism from both sides of the aisle. and abc's mary bruce is here with more. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: donald trump's reaction to one of the most emotional moments of the democratic convention is leaving people outraged, frustrated, and upset. including the family of the slain captain, humayun khan. it was the most raw moment of the convention. the grieving father of a u.s. army captain killed in iraq challenging donald trump. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> reporter: trump responding, telling abc's george stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview that he, too, knows
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sacrifice. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i worked very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. built great structures. i have had tremendous success. i think i've done a lot. >> those are sacrifices? >> oh, sure, i think they're sacrifices. >> reporter: and trump suggesting captain humayun khan's mother didn't speak because of her religion. >> she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to speak. >> reporter: she tells us the real reason, her grief was overwhelming. >> i was in pain and all america felt that pain. >> reporter: what would you like mr. trump to know? >> please, mr. trump, feel that pain, and you will be better. >> reporter: her husband is furious. >> running for president is not an entitlement to disrespect gold star family and gold star mother! not realizing her pain? shame on him. >> reporter: now overnight, trump put out a statement saying
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he is truly sorry for the khans' loss, and that their son was a hero to the country. but captain khan's mother said she doesn't think he understands the meaning of the word sacrifice. dan. >> and gold star parents, of course, the parents of fallen soldiers. mary bruce, thank you. hillary clinton weighing in on the khan story. at a late-night rally. she's right in the middle of her tour of battle ground states. david wright is with the campaign right now in cleveland. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. clinton stood back most of the day, going about her business here in the rust belt. while this story gathered steam. but she finally addressed it late last night at a rally in youngstown. >> donald trump is not a normal presidential candidate. somebody who attacks everybody has something missing. >> reporter: overnight, hillary clinton blasted trump over his response to the muslim parents of a fallen american soldier.
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>> he attacked the distinguished father of a soldier who sacrificed himself for his unit, captain khan. he's attacked immigrants and women. he's attacked people with disabilities. it's a long list, my friends. >> reporter: clinton is on a bus tour through the rust belt, drumming up votes in the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania. the candidate showed off her husband's clothes. >> when we were packing for the bus tour, he said, what am i supposed to wear? >> reporter: not just made in america. but made right here. >> you know what? this shirt was made in reading, pennsylvania. >> reporter: but his shirt was no match for the cover of "the new york post." the ogle office, screams the headline of "the new york post." you have never seen a potential first lady like this. we actually can't show you the rest. it's melania trump posing lady
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godiva style, apparently from her modeling days. no comment overnight from the trump campaign on those "post" photos. which is odd given how angry trump was at ted cruz when he used racy pictures from a "gq" shoot in an ad. dan. >> let's bring in jon karl. good morning, sir. >> good morning, dan. >> so on this khan story, donald trump has weathered many, many controversies like this in the past. and i've asked questions like this many, many times. do you think this one is different? >> well, it was january in iowa when he said, i could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and my supporters would still vote for me. you know, look, this one, the level of response on this one is more intense. it's now a general election audience that he has to deal with, not just republican primary voters. i don't think that any of the people supporting trump right now will flee him. this puts so much pressure on republicans to come out and say
7:15 am
something yet again about donald trump. we still haven't heard directly from paul ryan, for instance. >> people like paul ryan have come out and said things about donald trump been and it hasn't moved the needle in terms of polls. >> he's -- part of the issue is that hillary clinton's negatives are so incredibly high. most people supporting trump are doing it primarily, polls say, to oppose hillary clinton. and, you talk to trump supporters. they don't take a lot of this stuff seriously. >> right. exactly. >> it's not that they're agreeing or buying in. they just don't take it seriously. >> let me talk to you about the electoral map. because there's reporting that the trump campaign is really going to make a big bet on three big battleground states. florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. they're reportedly going to spend most of their time, energy, and money in these three states. they feel if they don't win all three, they won't win in november. is this a smart strategy? >> well, first of all, it's very hard to discern strategy. with the trump campaign. he put out a travel schedule. that story, you're exactly right. he put out a travel schedule that has him going to maine, plattsburg, new york, and
7:16 am
wisconsin. states that have not gone republican in a long time. he's betting on changing the map because the map is hurting him right now. the map favors democrats, no matter who the candidates were. they hope pennsylvania can flip. pennsylvania has not voted for a republican, though, since 1988 in the landslide george bush victory over michael dukakis. >> jon karl, thank you very much. great to have your analysis. and a reminder, you can join jon and our powerhouse political team this morning on "this week." see the entirety of that headlinemaking interview between our chief anchor george stephanopoulos and donald trump. that's later this morning, right here, on abc. and jon, thanks again. jon will come back for a -- "pop news" later this morning. >> an encore performance. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> it's the pop-litical "pop news." speaking of encores, rob is back. hey, rob. >> hey, good morning, guys. we'll start with the west coast.
7:17 am
they're dealing with those forest fires. this one near big sur in monterey county. 2,000 homes are threatened. already 50 destroyed with this fire. it's still a huge one. another one popped up in the last 24 to 36 hours near fresno. this one, only 5% contained. it threatens about 300 homes. 200 people have been evacuated. and one home already lost. so, they're really starting to scramble with that one. at the moment, we have fire weather watches and red flag warnings because of dry lightning. and some wind. it will turn cooler, especially across the pacific northwest. the monsoon will continue across the desert southwest. south and east of phoenix and tucson could see two to three, maybe four inches of rainfall in the next couple of days. so, we might see some spotty areas of flash flooding. chicago looks like a great day today. northeast and east coast looks to be messy. the pga championship may have a hard time finishing. much of the west coast, including san diego, looks to be pretty nice.
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>> all right. ron claiborne back in the house, as you see. he's got a little bit of news. we'll have more weather comimin up in the next half hour. >> we missed you, ron. welcome back. it was great to have ryan here, too. >> one day. >> okay. >> and happy birthday to your mom. >> that's where i was. my mom, i won't say what birthday it was, it was a milestone. >> you're a great son. >> you are a good son. >> thank you. thank you very much. and we have news this morning. i'm back with breaking news this morning out of texas. gunfire breaking out in downtown austin overnight. two separate shootings in the
7:19 am
area. the first one, leaving one woman dead, three other people injured. police searching for that suspect who they say fired into a crowd. the second incident at a parking lot. bystanders stopped that gunman who is now in a hospital. and we have a winner in saturday's big powerball lottery. and it's not you. unless you have the ticket with all the right numbers. it was sold in raymond, new hampshire. the $487 million jackpot is the fifth largest. as always, we caution winners to remember that money can't by happiness, only the illusion of happinesess. and former fox news personality gretchen carlson making her first public appearance sincece suing her ex-boss for sexual harassment. carlson taking the stage to host the miss you can do it pageant for young women with special needs. the former miss america making no mention of her lawsuit against fox news ceo roger ailes. ailes has since resigned from the network. athletes from across the
7:20 am
globe are descending on rio de janeiro, as more problems affect the summer games. about 100 0 team members were forced to evacuate their hotel in athletes village, when a small fire broke out in the basement of the hotel. just saturday, bob and mike bryan announcing on facebook they won't be going the rio. the bryan brothers are the defending champions winning gold in london four years ago. and finally, members of the united states men's basketball team haven't made to it rio yet. but we have a pretty good idea of what they may be doing on their flight there. ♪ and i need you ♪ and i miss you >> oh, my gosh. >> that's chicago bulls player jimmy butler, not jerry butler, leading the team in a sing-along to vanessa carlton's tune, "a thousand miles," as they fly home from an exhibition game in chicago. everyone having a good time except what looked like carmelo anthony of the knicks there. a bit of a downer, debbie downer. >> well, look at the song they picked. >> i say this with affection.
7:21 am
but i'm glad they're good at basketball. >> i thought it was adorable. >> it was really great. >> it was awesome. >> you just have to effort the cause. you don't have to nail it. >> exactly. >> when in doubt, just mouth peanut butter. if you don't know the words. that's a little trick. >> i thought it was watermelon. >> i thought it was olive oil. >> anything food related. we're going to move to harry potter. he's casting a spell. the new stage play -- we talked about this yesterday. "harry potter and the cursed child" or as dan harris would say curse-ed. the script for the play dropped at midnight. fans flocked to the bookstores here in the u.s. and we have a first look at it right here. this is a fitting day for it to release. do you know why? >> oh, so this is really a script, not a book? >> it's a script. they're hoping it encourages interest in theater. it's j.k. rowling and harry popotter's birthday, duh. >> happy birthday, guys. >> harry potter. >> the play is five hours long. yeyes, harry potter is a fictiol character.
7:22 am
thank you for reminding us. coming up on "gma," what the british government is now telling its citizens about traveling to florida after the zika virus found there. and why thrill-seekers are flocking to high-speed drone racing. rob is at the controls. hang on, everybody. they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. wait, fruit of the loom makes breathable underwear? yeah, they have tinyny holes to let the air through but...
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a little hazy in the south kba and temperatures are cool in the 50s and then we're still cool as well ask then the clouds and then to concord and then cooling expand then upper 70s and lower 80s in san jose. >> thank you for joining us. the news continues with good.
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, flash floods making mayhem in maryland. rushing floodwaters picking up parked cars, tearing the fronts off or storefronts. people in ellicott city terrified. spending the night searching through debris. also happening right now, pope francis addressing thousands of people gathered in poland for world youth day. francis wrapping up a five-day visit in which he condemned the devastating wave of terrorism across the world. and this morning, there's a new bestseller on amazon. it's the constitution. the 52-page pocket version of the supreme law of the land is selling out days after being flashed on stage by khizr khan. he offered to let donald trump
7:31 am
borrow his copy. trump insists he's read the constitution in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos coming up later here on "this week." >> how about that? you can just about buy everything on amazon these days. >> you can. also ahead, we check out the mad skills of pilots in one of the newest and fastest-growing sports. we're talking about drone racing. rob did it. he had quite the experience. we can't wait for you to tell us all about it. you survived. >> i did. but my stomach is still settling. >> i feel that way looking at the video. >> a little dizzying. >> it's pretty intense. it's an amazing video. and quite a ride. we'll share it with you in just a few minutes. >> rob marciano nerding out in a little bit. the extraordinary measures they're taking in florida this morning. >> now that health officials have confirmed the first local transmission of the zika virus by mosquitos in florida. they're scrambling to keep it contained. abc's eva pilgrim is here with the story from miami. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. we're standing right here in the zika zone. part of it is residential.
7:32 am
but part of it is what you see around me. a popular area known for its restaurants, bars, and art galleries. health officials are doing what they can to make sure the people who live here and also those who come to visit are armed both with insect repellant and information to prevent zika from spreading. this morning, the british health department telling pregnant women to avoid florida, making the call after four cases of zika transmitted by mosquitos were confirmed in the southern part of the state. >> what does this mean? where are the real outbreaks? >> reporter: this family of three visiting from virginia in south florida. one of many vacationing in south florida. that british travel warning not matched by the cdc at this time. >> if these were the first cases in a latin american country, the cdc would put in a travel advisory. that's because the first cases in latin american countries have led to widespread disease. they don't expect widespread disease in miami. >> reporter: matter of fact. officials in miami confident they can keep zika contained.
7:33 am
>> once something starts, we nip it in the bud. >> reporter: even still, for some who live nearby, the worry is constant. >> to think that it's literally a block away. that i could just be walking into it, that bothers me. >> reporter: raisa is expecting her first child and knows she's at risk. zika symptoms are mild in most. but can cause severe birth defects. >> i douse myself in repellant. i carry it in my purse. i have one at my office, at home. >> reporter: and she knows her worries won't go away anytime soon. >> i'm pretty sure that that's going to be my mentality through the entire pregnancy. i have a feeling that until november, i'll probably be on this high-alert-type mode. >> reporter: the cdc is keeping watch on this situation here in florida and say they could change the travel advisory if the situation is warranted. dan and paula? >> eva, thank you. and as you know, having gone through pregnancy three times -- >> you're already worried about
7:34 am
so much. now you have to worry about this. i can't imagine. >> just a new layer. let's check the weather again with rob marciano. >> we'll head to the tropics. it's been a pretty quiet hurricane season. two items of interest. one way out in the atlantic. not too concerned about that one at the moment. this one, about to head into the caribbean, about a 70% chance of it developing into a tropical cyclone. the northwestern caribbean has water temperatures at one to two degrees above average. in the gulf of mexico, same deal. we'll be watching them very carefully over the next few days. meanwhile today, immediately, severe thunderstorms could pop across parts of the high plains. the northern plains, i should say. damaging winds, large hail. maybe an isolated tornado. and of course, those thunderstorms could train in the northeast again. we're watching that for a flood potential. a nice day in chicago. the western great lakes. today. but we're going to really crank things up, back into the hot zone this week. near 100 or touching that in pierre. 96 expected in kansas city. 91 expected in minneapolis. not the best of beach days.
7:35 am
across the northeast today. >> ron just asked a question. how many named storms have we had? the next one would be "e." i can't remember what that is. this weathercast is brought to you by fruit of the loom. earl. i think it's earl. >> edward? >> rob, mr. rico suave rocking the pocket square this morning. but coming up on "gma," a casual rob. doing the nascar of the air. drone racers taking off to the skies to show their incredible moves. >> he's hallucinating. >> there he is right there. something's happening. >> what is going on with your hands? >> was there a defibrillator nearby? >> i needed one.
7:36 am
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♪ highway to the danger zone normally, i don't do this. but i do have to report that -- >> but when i do -- >> -- there was some developing news in the commercial break. we're doing a story about drones. you hear the song. paula was playing that song during the commercial break. there was incredibly dorky dancing going on on the set. i don't want to name any names but his initials are rob marciano. >> those aren't initials. >> they aren't? >> those are actually his name. >> oh, my bad, my bad. >> for once, dan, you're correct. >> i would like to say dan recused himself. because i believe you could have trumped him on the dork-meter. >> i didn't want to pull a hamstring. >> all right, let's talk about a new extreme sport, it's airborne. >> drone racing. rob's been getting a drone's eye view. what's happening, man? >> so fun. i went out there yesterday to
7:41 am
check it out. last christmas, 400,000 drones were delivered to would-be pilots. some, you know, hovering above the living room is not enough. they're taking it to the next level. this could become the next formula one of drone racing. 100 drone pilots convening here at the liberty science center in new jersey. the liberty cup, the only drone race with new york city as a backdrop. >> flying these drones is like a mix of nascar, video games, and vr. i designed this course so that it's more like a free-wheeling roller coaster ride. >> reporter: how fast can some of these drones get going during this race? >> over 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: the key is, go fast, don't crash. not always the easiest thing to do. what are your main concerns with racing against all these competitors? >> just trying to keep it in the air and not crash. >> reporter: do you have a call sign? are you maverick, goose? iceman? >> i'm just known as zoomas. >> reporter: that sounds pretty fast to me. you don't need a nickname when you have a name like zoomas.
7:42 am
what's your call sign? >> i go with ohmigod. >> reporter: this looks very complicated. >> it's not. we wear these goggles. what we see on here is what the drone sees. so this is really where all the magic happens right here. >> reporter: can i feel and see what it looks like? >> absolutely, as long as you promise not to fall over. >> reporter: well, if that's happened before, i might do that. ♪ whoa. oh, my goodness. dude, you're -- you're making me sick to my stomach. whoa! oh, my god, that's why they call you that. i'm almost falling over. >> don't fall over. >> reporter: i'm not, tommy. that was unbelievable. i think i like this sport. yes, that is -- what you're seeing. it's not virtual reality. it's just reality through goggles. it's like flying in an airplane. these guys are crazy with what they do.
7:43 am
you know, this is all about science, technology, engineering, and math. it's a big s.t.e.m. thing. these guys were all really, i don't want to say geeky, but pretty smart kids. a lot of them are gamers to go outside and do this. >> it's nice for the gamers to see sunlight. >> they get to socialize as well. we've come a long way from the days of the whirly bird. >> thank you, rob. i give everybody credit. especially rob. he kept his lunch in his stomach. coming up here on "gma," how to keep your kids safe from potential threats while playing pokemon go and other games. that's after a quick break. stopped going wrong? ythit no more accidents. no more disasters. where would state farm be? here. to help with college. here. for that first car. and here. for new beginnings. because in a world where nothing went wrong, your state farm agent will still be right here. helping make life go completely right.
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pokemon go. those two words have some what consumed our society. but it's also created a safety
7:47 am
risk. some kids have been robbed or hit by cars. it's not just pokemon go that is risky business. here to tell us how to protect our children from mobile and online gaming threats is bill stanton, security expert. thank you for joining us. first and foremost, why are the games dangerous? >> it's called attention deficit creep. that's where we think we're in control but we're actually not. and that's where your child -- an example of this is, your child is looking at the game. you think they're only going to gaze at it. in reality, while they're walking or riding a bike, they could crash. >> how do these predators take advantage of our kids? >> one of the biggest addicting facets to this game is the lure element. and that's where potential predators could lie in wait looking to do harm to your child. it's important to educate your child to keep one foot in reality while they're playing games in virtual reality. another danger could be internet con. where a child goes to buy things, items for this game, and they'll take their personal information and credit card information. >> how do we keep kids safe?
7:48 am
how do we take the next steps of keeping our kids safe? >> old school rules and modern day games. what our parents taught us, everything in moderation. important to educate yourself about what makes these so popular to your child. and compromise is paramount. keeping them safe and your mind sound. >> great, great advice, bill, thanks for joining us. coming up, the moment we've all been waiting for. "pop news." jon karl are sara. warming up. right there, stretching his "pop news" joints. >> we're ready. we're ready. >> belly bump. >> oh. >> belly bump. >> oh.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
♪ cheater! >> why are you showing him the answers? >> i didn't show him. he was creeping over my paper. >> it's time now for "pop news." and i wouldn't want to be jon karl. >> now, i know what it's like to go to school with jon karl. he's looking at my sheet. i clearly was the smart kid, jon. the republican and democratic conventions may be over. but not our fascination with them.
7:53 am
and helping us out with this part of "pop news," which we're calling it "pop-litical." >> pop-litical? who came up with that? >> we brought in our chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl. we wanted to test his pop culture knowledge. of the convention and see just how closely he was paying attention. thank you for joining us. >> yeah, it's a great pleasure. >> you may regret it. >> now i'm going to question if he cheated if he gets any of them right. >> i don't see answers. where are the answers? >> they're blended in. what songs did katy perry sing at the democratic convention? >> um, well, she sang that one, "roar." right, didn't she? >> yeah. >> and then she sang that -- what was the other one, dan? come on. >> firework? >> no, not that one. >> sounds like -- >> rising. rising. >> exactly. that one. >> okay, so now that you have the answers, and i'm guessing you cheated, would you like to sing a line? >> yes! >> no. ♪ got the eye of the tiger
7:54 am
a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ >> oh, i remember this one. you hear this one at every single hillary clinton rally. it's a little bit -- >> so that's how you knew it? >> it's overdone. >> see? >> was that your roar? >> he got it right. >> we're going to get him -- you did. you did. you might have cheated. what instrument does vice presidential candidate tim kaine play? >> oh, this is easy. >> oh, i know that. it's harmonica. he brought six of them along. he played "wagon wheel." i can help you out with this. >> yeah? >> who wrote "wagon wheel"? dan knows. bob dylan. yes, yes. >> oh, my gosh, i found a harmonica. could you play for us? >> how did you happen to -- >> you play the harmonica? >> yes, i do. very well. >> wow, i kind of belie it. >> this is the moment where you drop the harmonica and walk off set. >> yes, i can go. i can go now. >> he cannot go anywhere. we have got another one. question three, scott baio spoke
7:55 am
at the republican convention. >> you told me this was only about the democratic convention. >> that was to throw you off. so, i don't have to tell the truth in "pop news." you're the chief white house correspondent. different jobs. what character is he best known for playing? >> well, chachi, of course, on "happy days." >> how was that character related to fonzie? was it -- it's a family member. there's a relation. a brother, a parent, or a cousin? >> definitely a cousin. >> definitely, a cousin. >> paula, you are the worst. >> no, no, he got it. from the anchor chair. answers >> you cannot stop the man. >> stop making false accusations. next one. >> no, jon, that was it. you nailed it. you nailed it! it's a drop the harmonica moment, people! >> drop the harmonica and leave. because we're about done. >> what we do need to tell people the only reason we were able to book jon karl is because they told him he could not do "this week" if he didn't do "pop." >> it might be his final day covering politics.
7:56 am
for abc news. great to know you. >> you're the best. you're such a good sport. >> thank you for joining us. "this week" with george stephanopoulos and maybe jon karl coming up later. >> and sara haines! request george stephanopoulos and maybe jon karl coming up later. >> and sara haines! now from abc7 news. good morning. runners are on the streets around the city for the san francisco marathon. here is a live look from the golden gait bridge camera where more than 27,000 runners are. the marathon goes through the city across the golden gait bridge before you head into
7:57 am
follow some. the road closures will continue to this afternoon. you can see all of the closures and the race route again at happening today people who love pokemon go have sponsored a toy drive and it's for patients benefitting the children's hospital. it's from 12:30 until 3:30 on washington streechlt there are nine stops near the store that have lures on them for the entire three hours event. to join the fun and capture as many characters as you can and help improve the lives of children that rely on oakland children's hospital. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast now. good morning to you. we have a sunshine here in walnut creek. we have the clouds in livermore county. there's a push to the fog this morning and clearing a little bit later today and cloudy and
7:58 am
55 in the zi and 62 in mountain view and half moon bay with just over a mile visibility on 55, and this is the gray sky of the east bay to oakland. temperatures in the east bay is not cool and we have the drizzle on the coast. today the cooling trend continues with just upper 80s to low 90s in land and 75 and then cooler by the end of the week. >> sou
7:59 am
8:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> stirm storm over a fallen soldier. after a father's emotional challenge -- >> you have sacrificed nothing. >> donald trump on "this week." >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made? >> i've made a lot of sacrifices. >> now see the full exclusive sbrir right here, right now. plus, the gold star parents respond. >> shame on him! and the four-star general attacked by trump here live. joe biden on the historic election and what's next for him. plus, the final countdown. can trump's message reach new voters? will clinton convince her toughest critics? >> from


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