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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 31st. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. carolyn. >> good morning. the fog this morning made it into the inland east bay but it's gun to erode. we have mild visibility half moon bay. it is sunny here in san jose with temperatures -- in san francisco with in the mid-50s. oakland 61. mid-50s morgan hill and half moon bay. look at the cloud cover here. it was brisdy earlier in san francisco and now we have
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the cloud cover just kind of sitting with temperatures in the low 60s to mid-50s. we will look for the clouds to erode around the bay by about 10:00 and then we will look for temperatures once again to be at five degrees cooler inland today. yesterday you saw some upper 90s. how about low 90s today and a seasonal outlook for august. that's coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. this morning san francisco authorities are trying to find out how a man fell to his death on the cliff near the sutro baths by be point lovos. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana was the first journalist on the scene and this is a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: this was a swift and sizable effort to save a life. rescuers on surfboards, firefighters on jet skis and the coast guard with a fast boat all swarmed the area, but it was a
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rescue that didn't end well. >> we retrieved the victim from the water and he was transported by the coast guard to marin, which is the base for the coast guard. unfortunately the adult male was deceased. >> reporter: at for the baker the body was driven away in a black van. officers with the police and ranger service inspected a few pieces of evidence. they have not released any information about how the man fell off the cliff or who he is. san francisco firefighters say the area where he fell in was not easy to get to. >> trails are marked for the safety of the people walking by. it's a beautiful area, but you have to be careful and stay away from the edge. >> it's rough over here. it's crazy. like if you are from the area you know you don't get too close to the cliff to go look at anything. >> kimber watched the rescue effort. the san francisco fire department made a special heroic effort made by the park service beach patrol. they went into the water without wet suits. this has been a tough year in this area. in april five young men were swept into the water at ocean beach. two did not survive.
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abc7 news. we have breaking news out of austin, texas this morning. one suspect is in custody and police are looking for two others. police say the violence happened in the city's entertainment district around 2:00 a.m. local time when a suspect started shooting into a crowd. that was in downtown austin. the suspect is still on the run. the second shooting occurred in a parking garage when a man fired off shots during an aggravated assault. people nearby disarmed him and held him until police arrived. the assault victim has been hospitalized. also in texas this morning, a full team of federal investigators is at the scene of the worst hot-air balloon crash in u.s. history. it happened yesterday near lockhart texas, which is about
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30 miles outside austin. 16 people were killed when the balloon hit a power line, caught fire and fell to the ground. powerlines are an occupational hazard. >> you are trying to land the basket or land the balloon near a road, and oftentimes it will require you to either skip over or land next to high-tension powerlines. >> close friends tell our abc affiliate in austin that the experienced pilot was among those killed. >> hayward police arrested a man in a hit-and-run crash around 8:00 last night. it happened last night around industrial boulevard and sleepy hollow. one person was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. the chp is still sorting things out and hasn't told us how the accident happened or if there is more than the one injury. hayward police have arrested a man accused in a hit-and-run crash while driving drunk.
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it happened around 8:00 last night at industrial boulevard and sleepy hollow. police say the driver of a blue pickup truck was racing another car when the truck slammed into a mercedes, seriously injuring the driver. three people in the truck ran away. a witness who saw the crash and then went to help the victim said he could not believe it when he saw the driver run away. >> you just damaged somebody's life. you caused harm to them and you just don't want to help out? and you don't want to take responsibility for what you have done? >> police later found the driver of the truck hiding inside of the other car he was racing service is back to normal this morning after a fire on the track closed down the walnut creek bart station. it happened just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the fire ran about 50 feet along a fiberglass cover on the third rail. smoke could be seen for miles.
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firefighters took about 30 minutes to put it out. they think a power pickup paddle is to blame. those paddles move along the third rail and send power to the train. if one of those paddles was stuck in an up position or flipped into an up position and made contact with something other than the third rail, theres a lot of energy there, which is definitely enough to set something on fire >> by 4:30 trains were being single-tracked through the station. full-service resumed at 7:00 last night. this morning bart officials are also looking into an arrest made by some of its officers in san francisco. cell phone video of the incident at the embarcadero station has gone viral. and some witnesses say the officers used excessive force. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard has the details.
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>> reporter: this was the scene tourist pamela martinez captured on her cell phone friday. a man being arrested inside the embarcadero bart station. >> it was a brutal scene. my legs were shaking. >> bart police were arresting a 22-year-old robbery suspect. inside the station dozens watched. some way the officers went too far. >> one officer had his knee on the kid's with back and looked like he was going to break it and one guy yelled please let your leg up, you are going to break it. >> officials say the police thought he was armed but a gun was not found. officials say the handcuffed man resisted arrest and may have kicked and spit on officers. moments later the video shows this one punching the suspect. they believe the man was racially profiled. >> everything coming forward about people of color being profiled and treated unfairly by police, that bart police thought it was okay to behave that way. >> we showed the video to san francisco police commission member joseph marshall, who has no jurisdiction over bart
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police. >> the young man looks like he was hit on the ground and subdued and handcuffed. i don't see any reason for that. that looked to be very unnecessary, very improper. >> bart said in a statement the suspect was uncooperative with officers and physically resisted the detention. the man was arrested for resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. an investigation is now underway. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> happening now, thedth annual san francisco marathon is over. just a few runners have yet to cross the finish line. here's a live picture from the golden gate bridge camera. you might be able to see one or two stragglers as they make their way through the fog. organizers say some 27,000 runners participated in the race. they sent out this video of the start in the dark at 5:30 this morning. the run went through the city,
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crossed the golden gate bridge before finishing at the embarcadero and fullsome. you can expect street closers in the area to remain until later this afternoon. lisa, they had some good running weather. >> it could have been a little on the damp side, but they like the 50s and the cloudy skies. but if you are in the north bay and the southerly wind bringing the breeze on top of mt. tam may not be your friend. cool you off significantly. 50s and 60s right now but we are talking cooler for the next several days and temperatures maybe even below average. that's coming up next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, will hillary clinton get a post convention bump? new numbers from one of the first polls since the dnc in philly. >> they're off! >> a death-defying leap of fatal in southern earn california.
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a daredevil tries to jump 25,00e
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. did you feel it? according to the usgs there was a magnitude 2.7 earthquake about 4:15 this morning near napa. there are no reports of any damage from that shake. now to the race to the white house.
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one of the first polls since the democratic convention is out and if it's any indication, hillary clinton may be in line for a big post convention bump. clinton has opened up a significant 56-31 lead over republican donald trump. libertarian gary johnson captured 7% and green party candidate jill stein sits at 2%. this is a research poll. the day after the republican convention it had clinton at 39% and trump at 34. donald trump can't avoid controversy. he's now in a war of words with a muslim couple who addressed the democratic convention about their son who sacrificed himself for his army buddies. abc's marry bruce reports. >> it was the most raw motion of the convention. the grieving father of a u.s. army captain killed in iraq, killed in iraq, challenging donald trump. >> you have sacrificed nothing
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and no one! >> trump responding telling abc's george stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview that he knew sacrifice. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i worked very, very hard. i created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures and i've had tremendous success >> are those sacrifices? >> oh, yeah, i think they are sacrifices. >> and he said the mother did not speak because of her religion. >> she had nothing to say, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> but she tells us the real reason was her grief was overwhelming. >> i was sad. >> what would you like mr. trump to know? >> mr. trump, you need to understand and you will be better. >> her husband is furious. >> running for president is not an entitlement. disrespect to our family and to the mother, not realizing her
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pain. shame on him! >> mary bruce, abc news, washington. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is campaigning with running mate tim kaine in ohio. it's a battleground state. she was just cleveland speaking to a church. clinton has been drawing a contrast between herself and donald trump. >> donald trump spoke for 75 minutes and offered zero solutions. now i don't think that's good enough. i have an old-fashioned idea, if you are going to ask somebody for their vote, we owe you a clear explanation of what you are going to get for it. >> trump's campaign manager defended his candidate. he said the real issue -- going back to the issue about the muslim man and the death of his son -- trump saying the real issue is not the death of captain kahn, but radical
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islamic jihad. skydiving history made last night in southern california. >> he's in! >> an experienced skydiver jumped from a plane before simi valley without a parachute. luke aikens landed safely in a net less than half the size of a football field. the whole thing was broadcast on live tv. the 42-year-old made more than 18,000 jumps. all of those were with a shoot. he now holds the world record for the highest free-fall jump. >> cal fire said a fire expands. 57 homes have been destroyed. it started nine days ago and the cause is still not no one. an animal shelter is trying
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to make room for pets forced out of their homes due to the fire. this weekend the shelter is letting people choose their own adoption fee on any of the 94 pets up for adoption. that's to make room for pets like this donkey. the spca from monterey county provided abc7 news with these pictures of some of the evacuated pets. the skies above san jose have been a little smoky because of a 124-acre brush fire. it's burning near the park. right now no homes are threatened. investigators aren't sure how it started. flames are now 75% contained. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast now with lisa. >> the hey, carolyn, good morning to you. kind of gray out here but we are already seeing some sunshine. you notice the fog is over around el~cerrito, oakland, the peninsula and the north bay.
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but it's sunny in parts of the south bay. you see the sun trying to come out here at sfo. actually we are going to see the low clouds and fog retreat. most of you enjoying a nice day, 61 oakland. 65 in mountain view, san jose. 55 morgan hill. we are looking at the low clouds, the fog over richardson bay and much of marin ask the cool due to the southerly wind flow. it depends how the air shifts, what air you get, how warm it gets. and particularly with the fog. the north bay you may be enjoying the cool down. 58 napa, 57 petaluma. there we have the sunshine in our east bay. i wanted to show you this smoky view of the haze around lake tahoe. all the fires in northern california. the poor air quality will continue. mist and drizzle at the
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shoreline. hazy due to the fire in monterey. the southerly wind drifting the smoke up into the santa clara again. and then santa clara county, i should say. then as we get into tuesday, the wind shift out of the west will drift it to the east of us. but there is no heat in the forecast. no intense heat wishes is good news. here's the low clouds, the fog you see. still cloudy half moon bay. pacifica noontime. elsewhere it's sunny and we have the onshore flow. with that, and the winds out of the south, at times we are going to see santa clara valley and the east bay with moderate air quality. just a frame of reference, highs usually should be in the 60s san francisco, 70 in oakland and low 80s in san jose. and we are right around where we should be with even a couple degrees below average for you on the peninsula, in the city and up in the north bay. so we will look at some minor fluctuations by tuesday and wednesday. this is what i mean by the wind shift.
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when it comes more off the ocean, that airflow drifts to the east. that's why the east bay will be getting smokier and will be getting warmer and tuesday and wednesday when we lose the southerly wind. just kind of depends where you are around the bay. 1:00 this afternoon, how about 80s for you at the garlic festival, should be nice. a little hazy there. look for upper 70s menlo park. san francisco 64. looks like the giants will get some sunshine. 79 sonoma. and still kind of warm, 74 this afternoon at 3:00 in san leandro. berkeley, sensible, 69. 89 in concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast, upper 50s with the persistent marine layer off the coast. today, tomorrow and then tuesday and wednesday we still see the effects of the poor air callwellty in the east bay. south bay may get a break. cooler thursday into friday.
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folks are asking is it going to stay hot? looks like august is coming in around anchor even a little below average. >> i like what you said, no expense heat on the horizon. >> right. >> that's nice to know. thank you, lisa. you know the catch phrase there's an app for that. these days there's a service for that, is more like it. next on "7 on your side," mike finney explains
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maybe you need someone to take your dog out at the last minute or you have an urgent need for a dog sitter. there's no need to panic. >> she enjoys a playful moment with her dog. when she can't be there, she relies on the dog sitting service. >> if i have something that comes up last minute, wag can have a walker there within 30 minutes or less, and it's super easy. >> the wag sitters are given a lock box and they can access the house key that way and take the dog for a 30-minute walk. services are also available for pet boarding. >> things can fall through, and then you know someone will be there for your dog. >> allen said his dog sitter usually requires one week notice, but will handle
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last-minute requests if she's available. >> the person we have can do the same for us, but she's pretty unique in that respect. that would be awesome. >> we found two other services. one is rover, who handles ongoing or occasional needs, and the other is thumbtack. you can put in requests for various services, including pet sitters. when picking someone to care for your dog, make sure that person is bonded and insured, that they have been thoroughly screened. and find someone you are comfortable with. >> i think the first time it was a little nerve-racking. i met her in person so i think that was nice. the fact they let you do that ahead of time is helpful. >> she uses an app to request her walkers and sitters through wag. wag charges a standard $20 for 30 minutes walk and 50 bucks a night for sitting boarding. rates vary depending on who you hire. the convenience of such services is their biggest attraction. >> it's my go-to anytime i have
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something unforeseen come up. >> we have links to all the services we mentioned in the story. you can find them at i'm michael finney. "7 on your side". >> much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. why a ballot measure to legalize marijuana use in california could lead to pot-smoking ads on tv. 16 people are dead in a hot-air balloon disaster in central texas. coming up, more on what
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and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hello. we are getting sunshine in the south bay and east bay. in santa cruz it will be a cool day with temperatures in the
9:30 am
60s. but it will brighten up a little bit. 67 in the cities. mountain view 65. half moon bay still great at 56. and atop vollmer peak from the east bay hills camera, 50s in the north bay with 60s in the east bay and the clear sky. it is cooler, as much as 11 degrees cooler around antioch this morning compared to this time yesterday. livermore and san jose, you are cooler, as well. elsewhere with the low cloud deck, insulated us a little bit so we are slightly warmer. but the breeze kicks up around the bay. clouds remain at the coast and partial sunshine here in the city. i'll have the numbers for you coming up. carolyn. >> thanks, lisa. federal investigators in texas will be back at the scene this morning at the site of the world's worst hot-air balloon disaster in u.s. history. 16 people died when the balloon they were riding in burst into flames and crashed. elizabeth herr joins us live
9:31 am
from lockhart, texas with the details. >> carolyn, faa investigators are on the plane now and scheduled to arrive here later this afternoon. we understand the first thing they want to do when they get here on site is take a look at the wreckage and then start to figure out what went wrong. this morning the hunt for answers intensifying in what is now the country's worst hot-air balloon crash ever. >> you see their heads and it was like -- they were the last -- there were lots of people in there. >> joey and other stunned eyewitnesses captured these pictures of the balloon flying low over the farmland. moments later a disaster, leaving 16 people dead. >> first i heard a whoosh, and then just a big ball of fire up. >> all you could tell is it was a fire. a big ball of flames. >> according to authorities, the balloon burst into flames saturday morning after possibly
9:32 am
hitting powerlines and plunging to the ground in lockhart, texas. >> we have a vehicle or balloon fully engulfed in flames. >> the balloon at the time operated by heart of texas hot air balloon drive. and it had an experienced pilot. this was a large balloon, 85 cubic meters, meaning it could carry 16 people. so what went wrong? investigators say it's too soon for answers. but it was two years ago safety investigators raised concerns, calling for more regulation of the balloon tour industry but the regulations were not increased by the faa. >> as for the victims in this tragedy, authorities have so far not released any names, but i can tell you tributes continue to come in for the pilot, with friends calling him a great pilot.
9:33 am
he had that happy, go-lucky outlook on life. i'm elizabeth herr for abc7 news. back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. a san diego police officer is alert this morning after a shooting that killed his partner during a traffic stop thursday night. police say nine-year department veteran wayne irwin is awake, but investigators have yet to interview him. the city is mourning his partner's, johnathan, a 16-year-old veteran of the force. >> we had the opportunity earlier this morning to meet with the officer's family, his wife and two children and told them directly how proud all of us are, our city, our state, our nation for j.d. >> the suspect, 52-year-old jesse gomez, was shot and taken into custody. investigators are reviewing police body camera video.
9:34 am
at this point they aren't calling the shooting an ambush. knew this morning, pope francis told hundreds of thousands of young people in poland to believe in a new humanity. one that does not use borders as barriers. he's in eastern europe, his visit included a visit to the auschwitz death camp. many people were there as part of world youth day. now to north carolina and the story of a boy with autism who was turned away from a local restaurant. six-year-old e. j. patterson was eating his favorite food, mcdonald's french fries, at a golden corral restaurant with his mom. they were asked to leave because the french fries came from outside the restaurant. when a mcdonald's franchise owner heard e. j.'s story, he stepped in and offered him an unlimited supply of french fries for a year.
9:35 am
>> your heart bleeds, you know. >> she said the gift will be a big help. she usually spends about $200 a month at mcdonald's. one woman celebrated her 80th birthday by doing something some people half her age are afraid to do. she went skydiving for the first time at the lodi airport in the sacramento area. this is how she wanted to celebrate her eight decades on earth. she was a bit nervous at first. but said the butterflies went away once she stepped out of the plane. it's cold and then all of a sudden it was so peaceful. beautiful. i loved it. i had such a good time! >> her great granddaughter and grandson jumped before her so she did not have to go first. ann said she wants to skydive again for her 90th birthday.
9:36 am
as a debate over climate change heats up in california, a recent poll shows people are willing to pay more for electricity if it comes from renewable sources. governor jerry brown's climate change reduction policies focus on developing renewable energy and shifting away from fossil fuels. critics say clean energy generated by solar or wind power is simply too expensive. but a report from the state's nonpartisan public policy institute suggests californians are willing to step up to the plate. >> we looked at many income groups, and found a majority of all the groups said they would be willing to pay more for electricity to help fight climate change. >> more than 60% of those polled said the events the of climate change are happening now. but among republicans about a quarter say that will never happen. polls also show californians are in favor of legalizing marijuana, but an initiative to do so could bring smoking ads
9:37 am
back to tv. proposition 64 is on the november ballot. it would allow people 21 and older to process and use marijuana. however, the initiative also has a provision that would allow sellers to hock their wares on tv. some say that's why it should be defeated. smoking ads for cigarettes have been banned from tv and radio since 1970. still ahead on the sunday morning news, there are lots of salmon to be caught in the sea this season. what's behind all this new activity? and on this last sunday in july, here's a live look from our abc7 exploratorium cam at pier 15. cooler temperatures are on the way. last week's intense heat is
9:38 am
over. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few.
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. >> two of san francisco's zoo's youngest residents are on display. two penguins made their public debut in front of nearly 1,000 people during the annual march of the penguins. they wad he would off to join others of their kind at penguin island after successfully graduating from fish school. they dove into the pool and are now part of the larger colony. pretty cute, isn't it, lisa? >> doesn't get much cuter than that. another cloudy day at the zoo
9:41 am
today. in santa cruz it's gray. the southwest winds later on today will bring up smoke from the fire from the south not only into santa cruz but the south bay, the santa clara valley. we will talk about who is going to see it and how warm it is going to get or how cool it is for the week ahead coming up next. >> also next, buster posey helping the giants snap a three a game losing streak with his arm. mike shumann has
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>> in sports, the giants will try to win their second game in a row for the first time since the all-star break. matt cain faces national's lefty gio gonzales at at&t park. first pitch is at 1:05. yesterday the giants got a come-from-behind victory over washington. here's shu. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the giants ended their three game slide yesterday with jake peavy on the hill. hunter pence is back. doubled in the first but did not score. top of three, no score, the two-run shot to left. he won't be happy with that pitch. still 3-0 in the fourth. a new man, nunez. two-run single brings in brandon belt and joe panik. nice start for the newbie. giants ground out and now 5-3. bottom of the inning. buster posey tries to steal
9:45 am
second and start a washington rally and they snap the three-game slide with the 5-3 victory. meanwhile, the a's in cleveland. prior to the game billy burns traded one to kansas city for a minor leaguer. billy beane starting his garage sale before monday's about deadline. everyone has their head on a swivel wondering who is next. one is called up. gives up a solo shot the bottom of the first. game tied at 1. bottom of two, jose ramirez, big fly, 2-1. top. four. billy butler tosses his bat after crushing one. he has some words with the former a. jimenez was waiting for him to play. the umpire made sure nothing happened. tied the game at 2. bottom of third home run given up by overton and the indians go on to win it, 6-3, the final. the raiders have been the media darlings in the off season with high expectations of winning the afc west. it will start with third clear
9:46 am
-- third-year players carr and cleo mac. carr needs to be a clubhouse leader for the silver and back. mac has dominated on defense and he will grow with the rest of the defense. he leads with play on the field but i think he will be more vocal this season. >> i feel the work we put in out here right now will give us the confidence to go out and win games. that's what we are looking forward to doing. >> i think in my head, i need to train as if i'm the rookie still competing for that starting job even though they told me you will play down the road. i still want that same mind-set and the chip on my shoulder, a second-round thing. it still bugs me. >> 49ers reported yesterday. a lot of questions to be answered for new head coach tim kelly, including who will start at quarterback. but the run game will set the tone for the offense if he can stay healthy. >> the issues will be way better year than last year. not just for me, but for the whole offense.
9:47 am
things will be good for eric. i'm excited. >> the tempo, once you get used to it, it definitely is a competitive advantage. i mean, it's not like he's out there drawing up plays in the sand that are brand new. but just the way he puts things together. >> it should be exciting. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> thank you, shu. let's go to lisa. it was drizzling a little bit when i left home early this morning. >> yeah. yes, yesterday and today you had to use the wipers and the runners, i think, got a little wet for the san francisco marathon. but they liked the weather. in the 50s, cloudy skies. still cloudy in san francisco. it will take time to get sun around at&t park. right now the fog footprint shows. the marine layer toward hayward in emeryville, oakland, fremont and vallejo. but it's clear in the east bay, up in the north bay and parts of the peninsula. but not here. it's sunny at the airport.
9:48 am
looking at numbers ranging from 57 san francisco, 61 oakland, 65 in mountain view. and as well as san jose. morgan hill 57 and half moon bay mild visibility at 56. we have the sun here now. south winds early. then they will switch around and you will get some patchy, hazy smoky conditions in the south bay. santa clara valley again today. 60 napa. 61 petaluma. east bay 67 and fairfield, concord and livermore a cooler morning for you. feels good, in the low 60s. it's pretty gray across the bay in emeryville. numbers at 69 for your high today. it's cool and not everyone is going to clear around the bay. becoming sunny for most of you this morning. hazy skies in the south bay. no intense heat on the horizon. we will see another weather system shift to the south and influence our weather come tuesday, wednesday. but in the meantime we are still looking at the air quality and the smoke from the fire in monterey to the south central bay and also the inland east
9:49 am
bay. keep that in mind for today, the next several days, where we had better air quality where the marine layer is slow to retreat. with that the persistent clouds and fog will keep it cool along the shoreline. monterey mid-60s. we are looking at cooling all the way into the sacramento valley. 93 there. 84. it's been hazy in the sierra nevada. that's not going to change. yosemite will get cooler today. 85 in l.a. and smoky in southern california. and average high is 89. we will see that throughout much of the work week. then we will look for the temperatures to get cooler for thursday, friday and saturday. so we do have a series of low pressure systems that will continue to affect our weather, bringing in temperatures around normal or below it for the week ahead. so the day planner for the sonoma raceway today, pleasant. 70s by 1:00, and by 4:00 low 80s.
9:50 am
so from our south beach camera, the giants today going for another win. partly cloudy skies, slightly cooler today. a little bit of a breeze out there. low 60s for you and also around the bay we are looking at numbers ranging from 59. ocean beach should be cloudy as well as pacifica and half moon bay. the rest of the beaches should get sunshine. 69 richmond. look for 78 in fremont, palo alto and 83 in san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast, little change with the summer spread from the 50s and the persistent marine layer from the coast. 90s inland valleys. then a wind shift, slightly cooler for some by the middle of the week and looking at a very quiet pattern, carolyn, right on through next weekend. so it's been pretty hot for our friends in the east bay. i think you will enjoy it. >> we are starting off the month of august about where we should be. >> yeah, that's right. >> all right. thank you, lisa. well, you may have noticed a lot of fishing boats lately off the
9:51 am
golden gate. there's a bounty of salmon, and it did not happen by accident. abc7 news reporter wayne friedman tells us why. >> when she turns ahead, we got him. keep cranking, keep cranking! >> it is an experience so timeless, so elemental. an angler, a fish, a bite. >> you are not going to let it go. you can't let it go! >> the trip on this boat, called the wacky jacky, began before dawn. that's jacqueline douglas at the helm. she's the queen of bay area fishermen. she's been taking out this group of anglers once a week for more than 30 years. they are hooked. >> did you see that go zing, zing, zing? >> it's been said that catching a fish is a lot like eating chocolate. you don't know what you are missing until you hook one, and then you want more. for arnold champagne it is been a while. every cast an exercise in optimism.
9:52 am
>> it's been about training and about hoping, it's about a new day. >> and this one a certain kind of fish. >> we are looking for king salmon or chinook. >> nice one! nor would that fish be the last. in this case, an experience partially man-induced. >> in the boat! >> some of these fish we've seen before. >> we saw that fish when he was about four inches long. >> here's where. two years ago the state transported some 30 million baby chinook from hatcheries upstream to the sacramento river delta and then released them. it saved the fall run. now we are seeing the pay-off as the same fish return home after a watery odyssey. if you believe in destiny, to arnold champagne's waiting hook. >> the challenge, the fight, all of that! makes for great fishing! >> so much that when the wacky jacky landed they caught enough to spread the wealth for everyone on worked. it's a tradition on this boat.
9:53 am
>> four pieces. >> sharing the boat fish, they call it. unless your name is arnold, who landed two fish. his own. >> great day. great day on the ranch. >> a great season for all of us. from fisherman's wharf in san francisco, wade friedman, abc7 news. >> up next, how you can power up and help improve the lives of kids who rely on the oakland children's hospital.
9:54 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $478 million powerball draw. a ticket purchased in new hampshire matched all six numbers to win that massive jackpot. a ticket bought at the liquor and food mart in sunnyvale and quality market in capitola matched five numbers. those tickets are forth $785,000 each. these numbers from the super lotto plus. >> no one picked all six numbers in that draw. wednesday's jackpot increases to $22 million. happening today, people who love pokemon go are sponsoring a toy drive for patients at ucsf benioff oakland children's hospital. the toy drive will be from 12:30 to 3:30 at the store "in game" in oakland on washington street. there are nine stops near the store.
9:57 am
they have lures on them for the entire three-hour event. join and fun and try to capture as many characters as you can and help improve the lives of children who rely on oakland children's hospital. >> good, cool weather for pokemon hunting, lisa? >> be of course, you have to have that. temperatures in oakland today, upper 60s to near 70. you will get some sunshine in about an hour or so. 64 in the city, partly cloudy. 74 san mateo. 78 palo alto.83 the south bay. notice the trend. quiet and cooler by the end of the week. >> i'm liking it. thank you, lisa. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with my buddy, lisa argen. the news continues online on facebook, twitter and all your devices with our abc7 news app.
9:58 am
abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day!
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