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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:00 a.m. on this monday. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. welcome to monday and welcome to august. we are starting the month out with bad problem on the road. alexis has a traffic alert. >> good morning. you have been keeping me busy today we have several issues but this is probably our biggest issue. westbound on the bay bridge it is really starting to get ugly. this due to a multi-car crash beyond the treasure island on-ramp so it sounds like we have one person with minor injuries, fully blocking the right lane with response on the team but check this out you are crawling all the way back to the maze and beyond it at this point so several miles of backup, sounds like they are trying to get a tow true on the scene and they checked with c.h.p. to see when this happened. it was just after 5:30 so a few
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minutes after they fund on the lights and i can show you what it looks like in the maze as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza, it is ugly and it is bagging up here and backing up until halfway cross the bridge. right now mike nicco is hanging out on the roof. >> it is looking good with a the love gray, a lot of cloud cover and to my right at the first support after treasure island you can see the red lights flashing but when the scars are beyond there, you can see it is back up to speed and trying to get there. you will have more on that so i will stick to the weather and live doppler hd you can see the cloud cover. this is another signal that the heat wave is offer. check out our temperatures 53 to 3589 at 7:00, 59 to 78, and sunny but for the coast and at the coast it will be 60 to 86 inland, below average and this evening, enjoy 58 to 76. rogue joy? >> a heart breaking loss for a school community on the
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peninsula with a popular school bus driver shot and killed in a random attack. jessica is tracking that story. >> good morning, reggie, 30-year-old teqnika moultrie lovedening a school bus driver and even come booted in state school bus rodeo events where drivers compete in parallel parking and unloading and 50 loading kids. friends and co-welcomeers decorated her beloved bus, she drove for sequoia union high school district and lived in san carlos and group up in the south bay and went to woodside high school. she was in austin visiting the family of her fiance. she would been married in the fall. she was killed at random. a gunman opened fire killing her and injuring four others. >> she and and others would hant off after work and on brakes and everything. i will miss her as a person.
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>> teqnika moultrie's brother spoke with abc from las vegas and described her as someone who absolutely loved her family. austin police are still searching this morning for the 24-year-old gunman and we will keep you updated. jessica castro for abc7. >> breaking news in the south bay fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire at strip mall in san jose this started at 3:20 at shopping center at willow and sign, the fire was a second alarm briefly but it was called off. one opinion was inside but we are tolds with not injured. >> a 30-year-old man under arrest now accused of killing a man in santa rosa happened shortly after 7:00 last night the police say bruce lee, homeless, got in an argument with another homeless man, punched him, the victim hole to the ground and hit his head and pronounced doubt at the scene.
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the identity is not released. the suspect last the scene but was arrested. >> in san francisco, police are investigating a burglary in the financial district. an antique store on jackson and montgomery street was hit and the own are said $35,000 in merchandise was stolen including candle sticks dating back to 1771 valued at $17,000. can you see them there, they took a sterling service set worth $18,000 and a 19th century pitcher was taken. there is no word on arrests but we have reached out to san francisco police and we will bring you anymoreness as soon as we get it. >> in the south bay to families are waiting to find out in it is safe to move back in after huge tree branches came crashing doing into their home. tiffany is in south san jose. tiffany? >> if you are a him owner this
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is a nightmare. look at the tree behind me, the portion that looks like it was sawed-off, it fell spontaneously. one of the homeownerred was this the bedroom when the tree branches crashed and they narrowly missed him. take a look at some of the video you can see the freshly sheared off limbs, it looks like half the tree fell away. the homeowner said that the cracking wood was so loud that he knew something was wrong and immediately started running. >> it sound like a 747 take off by you or landing in your backyard so it was one noise that you will never nor get and a noise i never want to hear again. >> the tree busted through the back wall of the bedroom and smashed through a window, fortunately, no one was injured. both displaced families are waiting on engineers to give the all clear before they move back in and as for the flow, it is
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registered and the heritage tree with the city of san jose and listed as a 54" wide valley oak tree estimated to be 200 years old. we are waiting to learn in drought or disease weakened the tree and whether it will need to be cut down. a man who lost his legs in a bay area protest 29 years ago is back in the news this o after someone stole his hand bicycle. brian wilson lives in portland, organize and was then when run over by a train during a protest at the concord naval weapons station and last his legs. he last the hand bicycle on his driveway over the weekend for just a minute while he dashed inside. >> i want out again before 4:00 to do another errand and it was again. i dreamed last night that somebody felt so guilty though brought it back and i would she
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it here in the driveway this morning. >> you can imagine, the hand bicycle is a big part of wilson's life, estimating that he has rid were the bicycle 75,000 miles. he believes the crooks were attracted to the electric list on the bicycle. >> tens have identified a man who died after falling in san francisco near point lobos, 50 50-100 feet from the ground to the water. he work at a gunshot. employees from "call to remain as," posted a remembrance on facebook selling t sures to cover the funeral expenses. >> in the north bay, rohnert park police need your help to find thieves who stole a c over the weekend on rohnert park express way at a cell phone. the man you will see grabbed the gold galaxy 6s before leaving the store. if you have information on the incident or the man contact the rohnert park police. >> two men are finding him selfs this trouble with the law.
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acussed of climbing a cable on the new eastern span of the bay bridge offer the weekend. highway patrol officers order them to crime down to the span's bicycle path. c.h.p. will likely ask prosecutors to charge the pair with trespassing. >> scandal rocks the miss team u.s.a. competition with the winner this year now apologizing after racist social media postings surfaced hours after being crowned. >> a big announcement from uber, a move that will exact their business overseas. >> a quick look outside this morning, a little bit of gray to start the day, we have weather start the day, we have weather and traffic through
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sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time. value, done my way. a. >> good morning, i am traffic reporter and we are highlighting a big problem, westbound on the bay bridge a multi-car crash beyond the treasure island on-ramp. a few vehicles involved, the right lane is blocked. you are backed up through the maze. the drive is ugly westbound 80 if you are coming in southbound 101 along the golden gate bridge, still six minutes but 23 minutes in the red for the bay bridge if you are traveling westbound to san francisco, and, still, okay westbound on the san mateo bridge at 15 minutes.
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now, heading back up to the roof and check in with mike. >> it is going quietly. no drizzle. no mist. a light breeze. it is gray. the cooling trend continues. check out temperatures and how uniform they are in san francisco, coolest at 56 in west portal, warmest at 59 in the financial district. downtown, at 58, 60s in san leandro, palo alto south, into the south bay, and mid-to-upper 50s everywhere else. sfo, the clouds are creating an hour and two minute arrival delays, is what they average. walking the dog or jogging, watch for the strong sunshine and sailing, no more small craft advisory, and walnut creek shows the cloud cover, still going to be nearly 90 the next couple of days and the rest of us in the 70s and 80s and cooler weather coming up in the back half of the seven-day forecast. >> you this morning, the dominant ride handling service in beijing is acquiring uber operations in china, and now the
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>> a police cheese chase in southern california is still going on. we first brought this at 5 o'clock a.m., tale starting just after 4:00 a.m. and this is our sister station in los angeles. the red car is speed down the highway. the driver was speeding in wood hand hills. they tried to pull him over. it started slowly and has gone through los angeles, long beach, parts of orange county and is speeding up. there have been no crashes but the driver has been gallon through several lights. we will keep tracking this, it has been going on, new, for more than two hours. >> we have developing news from afghanistan, the taliban championing sonsibility for a deadly truck attack this morning in kabul. a police officer was killed and four were wounded when a truck full of explosives rammed into the wail of a guesthouse for
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foreign contractors. three gun membership walked in and started shooting. the explosion shook the city and it load to widespread power outages. >> new details in the 2014 malaysian airlines crash, a world leading airline crash investigators believe the plane was deliberately flown into the sea, in the australian addition of 60 minutes it is claimed that the formals may have known the missing plane's pilot purposefully flew it off course. the agency heading the search confirms he used a home flight similarity to plot a course where it is believes do have disappeared. it vanished in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. >> new this morning, the owners of the pulse nightclub said they will reopen as a memorial to the victims. the 49 people were killed in the nightclub in scene by a lone gunman. it is not clear what kind of a memorial would be build or whether the entire club would be transformed into a monument for the lives lost.
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details on the memorial or a timeline were not released. >> this morning the newly crowned miss teen usa is at the center of a twitter scandal. she admitted using language she is not proud of. hours after being crowned miss teen usa in las vegas the 18-year-old went to twitter taking responsibility for a series of racist tweets from her social media account. the tweets state back to 2013, showing she used the "n" word repeatedly and said she does not have any excuse and miss universe organization defends her say she will keep her crown and the organization is committed to supporting her continued growth. >> the bay area has a unique new school that started preparing students for college, starting in kindergarten with this video of the on house for interested parents and students one of five of its kind in the country. students get a hands on stem
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focused education. we looked it up and it said tuition was $24,000. an americanized version of the rigorous education models from europe and asia, and the new school will open august 10. >> over to alexis and the traffic. a number of problem areas? all the worst right now is westbound across the bay bridge tut a fun drive if you come from east bay this morning. we have taken our cameras and swung it around so you and see the backup when you get beyond the toll plaza, and pass the on ramp from treasure island is are we have the three to four car crash blocking the right lane and we are waiting for the tow truck. here is a look at what it is doing on our traffic maps, an ugly drive all the way back beyond into emeryville, and just four miles per hour average. i want to update you on a couple of piper problem spots, eastbound if 80, beyond 280 a crash in the two center laps which has clearedded and a couple of early problems
6:20 am
southbound 8 area, one in san leandro and one to the south in the hayward area, still trying to recover but it is looking better. we have mike on the roof this morning and i have the bad news, you have good news. >> i do. if you were tired of heat it is over and it will stay away for a while. the gray is reaching all of the neighbors and from the east bay hills cameras the clouds are penetrating the hills and valleys, mount diabolo in the distance and the sunrise looks gorgeous. great morning to sunny afternoons all week, 50 steady diet of clouds and cool nights and highs that are nearly to below average all week. the next few hours, getting us through the morning commute until 9 2:00 it is flow of any moisture, temperatures today are coolest to warmest, downtown san francisco, 64 and we should be at 68, well below average. the sunset at 60, and south san francisco is 66 the warm spot. to the east oakland is 69 and the average is 72. most of us in the mid-to-upper 70s but richmond and berkeley
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in the mid-to-upper 60s. headed down the peninsula we hit a lost mid-to-upper 70s beyond the milbrae at 70, and, then, heading into the south bay, 80 with hazy sunshine and the last day we have to deal with the haze, as the winds are bringing cleaner air starting tomorrow. santa rosa is 80, below average and a lot of mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay and our warm spot where we do not need the air conditioning today, mid-to-upper 80s inland east bay. tonight, cloud cover comes back and so does the fists. minor fluctuations the next two days and you will not notice it. thursday and friday, it is more breezy and it will pull cooler air in, we will try to get back to average for saturday and sunday. >> thank you, mike, a cross country crusade to raise money for veterans stopped in the bay area over the weekend. we were in south san francisco and harley davison owners happened over the patriot flag and a banner to the golden gate harley group. the owners took the flag around
6:22 am
america, in 2009, and this year the 100 day relay started this milwaukee on memorial day. >> controlly, the purpose as the gays come back from overoverseas and they have personal needs this is just another way they can help out. >> the relay covers 48 states in all, and the next stop is lathrop into the san joaquin valley. >> michael finney accept hadding us save the photos we post to snapchat. snapchat. >> muni is
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>> name to ask finney, on videos and figures on snapchat. "7 on your side" and michael finney has your answer. >> snapchat has the new memory feature that comes soon. what it will allow you to retrieve all of the old photos and videos from snapchat? >> there are no official apps that can help you retrieve photos of videos you shot and did not send. there is one-third party app not related to snapchat, that you might be able to use called fone paw, not guaranteed to work but
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a scan hooks for the unsaid snap materials. good luck. >> if you have a question for michael finney report it on your smartphone or tablet or share it on social with # askfinney. muni riders you could have extra passengers because transit is jumping on the pokemon go bandwagon. we are told that muni operators will allow time to scan your surroundings for potential characters under your seat. >> officials say that play the popular game while riding muni is a harmless way to pass the time but i an not waiting for the scanning of the character, in the bus is slowing because someone is scanning a character we will have a problem. >> next at 6:30 we will update the investigation under way
6:27 am
after an overnight fire at a south bay strip mall. >> bart riders who park at half dozen stations across the bay area, get ready to pay more. asticker shot at check outline, the reason the cost of the next cell phone is going up. >> from the roof, we are watching the clouds and the sea breeze and check out what it does to our temperatures from 2-5 degrees below average, 60, 70s, andity, and the 90s are gone and 100s may not run for gone and 100s may not run for a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> attention if you take bart in the morning, if you park before you get on the train you will want to take extra cash with you this morning. starting today, parking lot prices are going up at several stations. good morning, i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. welcome back, reggie. since you have been gone we have a new face here, alexis, we are putting him to work this first day. >> and i have not sat down all morning, westbound on the bay bridge, i got good news in the last few minutes, westbound 80, right beyond the treasure island on-ramp we had a multi-car crash in the right lane that has cleared. look at our drive time at 28 minutes from the maze to the ski way and our emeryville camera, we swung around, so you can look
6:31 am
at that mid-span, it is moving better so hope any the drive time will come down in the next few minutes. meteorologist mike nicco on the roof has tweeted out gorgeous pictures. >> they gorgeous. we will try to capture as many as we can. it is gray where most of us live but it is pretty dry this morning. we will look at the golden gate bridge you can see it is not fog, cloud cover this morning, and the cloud cover is going to be back to the cost by noon so we are starting in the mid-50 to low 60, and we will hang in the mid-50s to upper 50s at the coast are noon to 4:00, and we will go from upper 60s to mid-70s around the bay and upper 70s to upper 80s inland, a town haze in the south by, but nothing too hot account haze is going to go away, also, and we will talk about that will coming up next. >> big clang if you take bart this morning, starting today, it will cost you more to park your car at six bay area bart stations, and amy hollyfield is at the north concord bart with
6:32 am
the story. amy? >> yes, the station is one of them, natasha, and this real estate behind me is valuable, pretty popular so the race to park this is going to go up 50 cents a day. here are the stations to see price increase, west oakland is the most expensive up to $8.50. the others are in the $2-$3 range, richmond is $3, coliseum is at $2. some riders say they have quotes about the money. others in concord have the long view, they remember when bart trains were not running at all because of technical problems. >> of course i would refer not to pay it but i am saying fixed the tracks and they are available. >> i want some benefit. in i get the same condition and same trains, late, and i am paying more for service...or more to be able to park my car i
6:33 am
want to see a benefit on the other end. >> bart said that this is all about sly and demand. officials evaluate the loss every six months in the station parking lot is full, the increase of the rice by 50 cents. the money goes into a special account for station improvement. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. muni will run longer buses on the fulton line this month, announcing the buses will start august 15 along fulton and gearry. they are 60' long rather than 40' buses. though provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. it carries 22,000 each day, one of busiest, part of the muni forward program to reduce included buses. >> heartbreak and shock for a school community learning of the debt of a belove bus driver,
6:34 am
30-year-old. to temperature was shot and -- 30 year old teqnika moultrie was shot and skilled in a random shooting in austin, next. she worked in redwood city, and co-workers held a vigil last night saying teqnika moultrie was sweet woman would loved her job. >> a terrible loss. and for the transportation department. she will extremely missed. she did not deserve to die like this. >> an arrest warrant is issued for the map were at screen, 24 years old, believe the shooter. four ours are expected to cover that were injured. >> police are look for a hit and run driver who seriously injure add woman. a stolen s.u.v. hit a motorcyclist at 12th and howard leaving her with life threatening injuries. agmc yukon drove into the
6:35 am
oncoming traffic before hitting the motorcyclist. pass fund the stolen car a file blocks away. they still looking for the driver. >> new information just in to the newsroom, water has been restored to all remaining customers in berkeley after a broken water main. you can see the big crack, 79 year old iron pipe burst yesterday sending a 200-pound manhole into the air and water gushing into the street. crews worked to fix this with 50 customers with no water all or part of sunday. >> i cannot underscore how important it is to have emergency water supplies at your home. >> it is believes the pipe was just old and is replacing 40 mile of aging pipe in the east bay. afire crews this monterey are picking up axes and shovels and hold out to fight the deadly soberanes fires with the massive fire near big sur is at 40,000
6:36 am
acres which is 62 square miles. that is the size of san francisco, sauce least -- sauce least and israelis and colma come bind. 350 have been evacuated. a man was fund dead in his car. 68 sturctures have been destroyed. the fire now is 18% contained. >> a long awaited korean war memorial will open to the public, survivors and their families are on hand when it is pulled off the new million at san francisco's presidio at 10:00 a.m. today. it has taken step years to get here. the man behind the million said that san francisco is the ideal location. >> san francisco is the departure point for many, many of the americans. and the ending point. i came back to san francisco. >> 2,000 korean war veterans are buried at the national national cemetery cross from the cemetery all the parents of a decorate
6:37 am
muslim army captain killed in iraq say that they are ready to step away from the public feud with donald trump. last week at the democratic national convention, khizr khan said trump sacrificed nothing inly life and should be ashamed. donald trump responded saying he sacrifice add lot citing creating throughs of jobs. and insin waited his wife did not speak because must her muslim faith did not allow her to looking hillary clinton nearly speechless. >> an attack as he does on we can't's khan's mother, a gold star mother? >> she said that grief kept her from speaking not her faith. the chan's say staying in the controversy is their that are pat. all the local chapter of care speak out criticizing donald trump's comments. >> trump's argument is that muslims are a danger in this
6:38 am
country, and they are making us less safe, and they are not patriotic. most americans who saw the family at the dnc would argue they are the epitome of patriotism. even that want enough for donald trump. we unfortunately, it seems muslims can not do anything to make him happy. >> the head of the bay area chapter told us that americans will remember captain khan and his family's sacrifice for generations. >> donald trump is backing down from the claim, sort of, the nfl wrote a let about the presidential debate, 2012 the three debates are scheduled against nfl prime time games. trump claimed the league called the schedule conflict ridiculous but nfl denied this and then donald trump said the candidate was made aware of conflicting daylights by a close source to the league not a letter. >> president obama will address the progress on veterans issue in atlanta at the national convention for disabled american
6:39 am
veterans. the president expected to talk about how the country can ensure veterans off their benefit. >> he will discuss the continued expanded toos for service members and their families all the gilroy garlic fast value was smoking and it let up yesterday. that will continue. the marine layer is deep enough to reach into the soberanes fire with democrats at 64 and humidity is 66. the winds are from the north at three to four miles per hour. they will turn to the southwest today briefly but more to the west and that is why we are good doing have clean are air moving forward in the south bay after today. 59 in los altos hills and los gatos is 53 and milpitas is 59 and everyone else 60 to 62 in the south bay all the way to the wood and alameda, and danville at 58, and lafayette at 57, san pablo is a cool spot at 51 and novato is 56. the temperature trend, you will notice not much change a degree
6:40 am
or two warmer inland a it could hold on wednesday, but on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, i have cooler weather coming up in the seven-day forecast. but first, we will check with alexis. >> a tongue twister, and looking outside on our traffic camera, still rough, westbound 80 through the maze at the bay bridge toll plaza, we had an early crash on westbound 80 beyond the treasure island on-ramp so for all of the folks coming from the east bay holding into san francisco not an easy drive but we are really starting to improve when you make it out to the mid-span and getting closer to where the crash was, it is cleared for 15 minutes. a new collision popped up, in livermore, westbound 580, we have a motorcycle down and before you get to first street, however, it sounds like minor injuries are blocking the express lane so working on more details and we have a backup forming. our drive time is. coming up to a few minutes.
6:41 am
>> we go back to southern california where a driver has been leading officers on a pursuit for several hours. jessica is tracking that from the newsroom. >> we have an update, now it is spanning three counties. police following this red vehicle, four-door sedan now in surface streets in ocean side area so this is in san diego county, we watched the cargo through southern california up from los angeles down to san diego now, and it has been driving radically through the morning, nearly clipping some peoples and driving in excess of 100 miles per hour. right now, you can see onsurface streets, but last check in the ocean side area, in you are familiar with southern california, you can see right new it is clear and that has been the case for most of the morning, and other drivers on the roads, you can see right now, stopping in some of the traffic and that has been the
6:42 am
condition as the morning commute continues that it would be highly congested and the driver, we do not know what that person might do our los angeles affiliate saying it could be a woman, a female driver and we will keep tracking it. >> two south bay families forced from their hoes after the huge and ancient tree crashes down. how a man narrowly avoided getting hurt. if you think the lines at starbucks are longer, you could be
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> to people have died. another man is still missing. there was a severe flooding in the town of ellicott city, maryland. you and see they had to form a human chain in order to rescue a woman whose car was stuck in the floodwaters. the governor of maryland declared a state of emergency. 6" of rain hit saturday night. most it fell in the span of two hours. there were 120 water rescues, 170 cars destroyed. at least 25 buildings were damaged. >> meteorologist mike nicco is saying this could be more rain today, hopefully nothing as severe as over the weekend. >> i guarantees that. one in a thousand year storm and a few showers in delaware and new jersey moving away with no advisories.
6:46 am
there would be flash flood warnings out in it was repeating. you can see scatter nature of the showers but notice the yellows and oranges are over in delaware and they move away from maryland so they will be very light today. light enough they will not aggravate the situation. we will not see a repeat of yesterday. >> in the south bay, two families are waiting to find out in it is safe to manufacture back in after a huge tree branch came crashing down into their home. tiffany is in south san jose. tiffany? >> yes, look at the tree or what is last of the tree right here behind me. you can see where the massive him snapped, crashing into two houses, and some of the branches smashed the window and a wall of the bedroom, and a him owner was in the bedroom when it cracked. >> it sounded hike a plane crash and the size of the tree...we are glad no one was hurt and everyone is accounted for.
6:47 am
>> two families had to spend the night away from their homes as they wait for engineers to inspect for structural damage today. this tree is registered as heritage tree with the city of hose and called a 54" wide 200-year-old tree. we are waiting to learn in drought or disease weakened the tree and in it needs to be sawed down. >> thank you, tiffany. say the next time you buy a cell phone it could cost more. jane is at the nasdaq with more on the story and the stocks. >> good morning, welcome back, reggie. we do have the first day of august underway and we had good month in july several records but we start off august down side slightly with the dow lower by 30 and lower, slightly, across the board. after areas of slashing prices and stunning promotions and uncutting each other, the
6:48 am
wireless carriers are saying discounts could be done on smartphone. sprint and at&t and at&t and verizon have risen classes are will do so. the vice war has played itself out. >> california wine sales jumped last year, and wine shipments from the state reached nearly $32 billion, a report $229 million sold in the united states. >> star picks has reportedly cut the barista hours resulting in longer wait times. originally, this was reported by buzzfeed, with the baristas claiming that the coffee giant streamline scheduling system is giving them less hours and that was contributing to few per people on the schedule and longer waits. starbucks denied this. reggie and natasha? >> would you eat this? a russia rip made from -- a
6:49 am
shrimp mid-from algae? it is the most popular seafood in the country but the process of getting it to the dinner table is bad for the environment. san francisco's new wave foods is trying to create a sustainable replacement for shrimp by building the substitute out of red algae. google plans to serve the rod in the cafeterias in the first few months of next year. >> not usually a good feeling to be pulled over but for some drivers in virginia, that turned into laughing. >> it is against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone. >> ice creep rather then a ticket? >> yes. >> kevin posted this video on facebook showing officers stopping a woman for breaking the law by driving without ice cream cones on a hot summer day and they are getting a lot of love on social media and you can look at her face, why are you stopping me?
6:50 am
>> so cute. i don't know in silt a good idea ...the stress you it worth it? >> for the pay off. >> everyone wants do go vile -- viral. >> dropped the attitude and, oops, how nice. where was that in the east bay last week? we are on the roof where it is gray and cool. check out the cameras, a more beautiful picture as the clouds walked across the east bay hills and valleys toward mount diabolo signifying more cool asking we will have more clouds and below average temperatures the next several days after having a steady stream of clouds and cool nights. winds are 23 miles per hour in fairfield and a nice sea breeze blowing through. watch out on the ferry. it will be brisk compared to land. upper 70s to low 80's, and warm spot is los gatos and gilroy only hid 80s and
6:51 am
low-to-mid 70s in millbrae, and upper 50s to nearly 60s along the cost and downtown and south san francisco below average with mid-to-upper 60's. and the warm spot, novato and 82 and up to lick port to get to 90 and a last northwest bay in the money 70s and low-to-mid 70s for not of the east bay sure, and orinda in the upper 70s, and in the east you hit upper 80s is if you get the 50 degree air in the house, inland east bay neighborhood, there is no need for the air conditioning. check out the temperatures tonight and the cloud cover, a represent of this morning. my seven-day forecast shows we will stay stagnant and it is good if you do not like the heat, tuesday and wednesday and the clean air is around because of the pattern stagnant, and cooler and breezy on thursday into friday and a slow warming for saturday and sunday. alocation us? >> a new issue southbound 880 at high street off ran, not sure what it is.
6:52 am
we will get to the bottom of that in 10 minutes. i had a problem come asking going inside the bay bridge toll plaza with a fender bender and these are the four guys that started off with a crash. that is in the clear statements and no longer blocking and that is good news if you are trying to get through. the drive times as promised, westbound 4, antioch to hercules is 38 minutes, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is tough influence the berkeley stretch due to the early crash we had on westboundnating near treasure island and 39 minutes in the red, and northbound 87, highway 85 to the san jose airport you are in the cell let at 11 minutes. the problem on southbound 880 is another update in a few minutes. >> we back with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> use the app to get. [ news and real time updates and personalized alert on the smart personalized alert on the smart 15 or tablet with push
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6:54 am
>> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, a school community on the peninsula facing heartbreaking news this morning. the beloved bus driver teqnika moultrie was killed in a random shooting in austin, texas, visiting her fiance's family. >> we have a look at a police pursuit that just helped in california. in southern california. it started in woodland hills when police trayed to pull office the driver. the chase has gone through three counties, no injuries reported.
6:55 am
>> three, our traffic map shows something crass all lanes of southbound 880, before high street in the oakland area, and we have not confirmed what it is but use caution and there is no backup yet. >> now, the sunshine, sunny inland by 11:00, and mostly sunny around the bay but cloudy at the coast the better part of the afternoon and temperatures are average to below average from 60s at the coast to only 80s inland. >> people living in two hims in san jose are waiting to find out in they are allowed back in. a giant oak came crash down and narrowly miss add him owner, saying that it sounded like a 747 coming into the bedroom. >> the business owner in san francisco is dailying with a huge loss after the antique shot was burglarized. the theives made off with $5 5,000 in stolen goods. >> tesla announced they are buying solar difficult in a deal
6:56 am
that is worth more than $2.5 billion. tesla said this create as win stop 1407 -- a one cleaner energy. we will see you in 25 minutes. another big welcome back, reggie. how does it feel? >> feels like i'm back at home. in my comfortable bed. i'm enjoying that.
6:57 am
keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. state of emergency. >> oh, my god. >> deadly flash floods pound the east. half a foot of rain in just two hours sweeps away cars. at least two people killed. 120 water rescues. people link hands to form a human chain saving this driver. now the east on alert for more dangerous flooding. new trouble for donald trump. the gop nominee in an escalating war of words with a muslim family of a fallen u.s. soldier who told the nation trump does not know real sacrifice. >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? >> i think i have made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> the candidate facing outrage from both parties and what he told george about president putin that is unleashing a new firestorm.


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