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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 1, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is "abc7 news." >> we're just lucky that nobody died from this incident. it wouldpfh have caught us in right spot in the bedroom it could have been a disaster. >> if you have any trees in your yard this ask a story you have to see. a massive branch breaks without warning. today the homeowner is left with tons of debris in his yard. good morning. >> abc 7 nor tiffany wilson is in south san jose near fullerton drive and parish court. tiffany? >> reporter: good morning.
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if you look around me you can see they still have a ways to go. and this is just part one because arborist came by this morning and told the homeowner this entire oak tree has to come down. >> came into the bedroom and this is where the -- this is where the branch fell, right here. >> reporter: part conversation piece -- >> all the neighbors love the tree. everybody talks about the tree. >> reporter: -- part landmark -- >> it's a heritage tree. a plaque in the tree came out. >> reporter: -- part natural habitat. >> there's been a screech owl family for a couple of years in the tree. >> reporter: now this massive 200-year-old valley oak tree is history. >> we like the tree, but obviously we're thinking it's&# unsafe now. so it's time to come out. >> reporter: last night dave was in his san jose bedroom when he heard a roar. a branch collapsed damaging his roof, punching through the wall, and just narrowly missing his window. >> if it would have caught us in the right spot in the bedroom it could have been a disaster. we're just thankful that nobody got vbi
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it was last week's heat wave that brought down this more than 200-year-old oak. this morning a lot of neighbors have been stopping by saying they want to have their trees inspected so something like this, you see that hole right there? doesn't happen to them. live in south san jose, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. a big loss for a san francisco business owner. more than $40,000 in antiques stolen from his store in the financial district.
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abc7 news reporter is live with the investigation into this smash and grab burglary. amy? >> hi, natasha. we just talked to police. they don't have any suspects. they are still working this case. it happened on jackson street between montgomery and samsung. the thieves left behind a mess but got away with a lot. take a look. the owners let us inside their shop, stein antiques, to let us see the damage. you can see where they broke through a window to get in and smash the glass cab bet to get the goods. the thieves left their flashlight behind. we kept a safe distance from the scene. police will want to dust for fingerprints. they left some pieces of the tea set behind. you can look at what it looks like, what they got. it's from the 18th century. it's silver so it's very valuable. police say reselling these antiques would be risky. they are worried the thieves will melt the pieces down and sell the silver. >> these are very unique tight
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items. not something you can typically go to a pawn shop because it will raise a red flag for all the pawn dealers out there. it would be horrible if they were destroyed in any way. because that's a piece of history and, you know, just to lose something like that, horrifying. hopefully we can find the suspects and bring them to justice. >> reporter: here are some pictures of the missing pieces. that it want you to keep an eye out for just in case. so look. they got away with more than $40,000 worth of antiques. this again, happened on jackson street. it was overnight. the store didn't have any surveillance cameras but police will be looking up and down the street to see if other shops have cameras that may have caught an image of the bad guys so they can track them down. the owners were so sad this morning. they did not want to go on camera. they were telling us that they feel very violated. they called this foul and said their stomachs just hurt.
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reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. new this morning san jose state is going to bring back its men's track and field program, nicknamed speed city. that's storied program was disbanded in 1988 because of budget problems. it's going to return in the 28 20 18 school year. speed city produced several olympic medalists including tommy smith and john carlos. they famously delivered a black power salute on the medal podium at the 1968 games in mexico city. a statue as you can see i'm mort ralizing that moment locate and campus. some of san francisco's wealthiest tenants are reassured their high rise building is a safe place to live. this after learning the millennium tower is sinking and tilting. it's located on mission and fremont streets. according to an independent consultant hired to monitor the problem, the rest additional building has sunk 16 inches since its completion in 2008. it's also tilted two inches. the owners are pointing the
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finger at their neighbor. they allege the massive hole dug next door for the new trans bay transit center is to blame for the building's issues. a spokesman from millennium partners issued a state say, quote, 301 mission has settled more than originally anticipated because it was affected by such subsequent motion by others. the millennium tower association says, it will take all necessary steps to ensure that the billings are fully repaired and that all parties that caused or contributed to the settlement conditions are held legally accountable. we have reached out to the trans bay power authority. we'll bring their response as soon as we get, heartbreak for a school community as they learn about the death of a beloved bus driver. 30-year-old tanika was shot and killed at a popular hot spot in austin, texas, early yesterday. she was there visiting her fian fiance's family. she was from san carlos and worked in redwood city. co-workers with the sequoia union high school district held a vigil last night.
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they say she was a sweet woman and absolutely loved her job. >> terrible loss for her district. the transportation department. she will be extremely missed. and she didn't deserve to die like this. >> an arrest warrant has been issued for 24-year-old believed to be the shooter. four other people are wounded and expected to recover. more fallout today for republican presidential nominee donald trump after his remarks about the family of a fallen u.s. soldier. trump is fighting back and the war of words is growing. abc7 news jessica castro is tracking this for us. >> the back and forth on this one does not seem to be dying down, with new demands this morning for an apology from trump but the republican nominee hasn't backtracked. the fight is growing between donald trump and the muslim parents of a fallen u.s. soldier. u.s. army captain uma can was killed in a car bomb in iraq. his parents were thrust into the spotlight after they gave a speech at the democratic convention which attacked donald
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trump. the republican nominee then said this to abc's george stephanopoulos on sunday. >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: she plater explained she was emotional and couldn't speak. but trump's observation didn't sit well with the khkhans or many others. >> i really want to maintain mine and my family's dignity. there was no need to comment the way he commented. >> reporter: this morning 17 gold star military families wrote a letter to trump demanding he apologize. the letter posted online said trump minimized the risk service members make for all of us. they added, this goes beyond politics and that it's simply about decency. also today arizona senator john mccain said in a statement trump disparaged the khans and, quote, i hope americans understand that the remarks do not represent the
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views of our republican party, its officers or our candidates. >> we want to be out of this controversy. wet don't want to continue. that is not our style. >> reporter: in the just the past few hours said this, mr. khan, who does not know me, viscously attacked me from the stage of the dnc and is now all over tv doing the same. nice. reporting from the newsroom, jessica castro, abc7 news. >> thank you, jessica. happening right now, a long awaited korean war memorial is opening to the public. survivors and families are all about san francisco's presidio right now for the unveiling of the new memorial. live look at the ceremony. we can tell you there are several dozens perhaps hundreds of people there. it has taken seven long years to get to this point. more than 2,000 korean war veterans are buried at the san francisco national cemetery. this will be the west coast first major monument dedicated to the korean war.
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as fans are faying good-bye, oakland has traded popular outfielder josh reddick and pitcher ridge hill to the los angeles dodgers. in exchange the as will receive three minor league prospects. the 29-year-old reddick was in his fifth season with the as. second longest tenured player in the club. hill was in his first season with the as and both were enjoying solid seasons this year. still to come at 11:00, a driver's bumper nearly falls off during this hour's long police chase through several california counties. how this all ended. the travel warning issued as new zika cases are found in florida. and a terrifying crash caught on video. this car flipping several times. good samaritans rush into action. the dramatic rescue coming up next. the heat wave snapped over the weekend. in fact, check out today's temperatures. two to five degrees co
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that massive wildfire burning near big sur continues to grow in size. the soberanes has burned 63 square miles. it is just 18% contained right now. california fire says winds have shifted the fire which began on july 22nd. it's now moving near the los padres national forest. one person has died. 68 structures destroyed. evacuations remain in place as
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thousands of homes are still threatened nchtsds new this morning, florida's governor just announced the number of zika cases likely caused by mosquitos has more than tripled from 4 to 14. governor rick scott is now asking for federal help. those new cases are clustered in the same squil mile neighborhood in miami-dade county. workers are going door to door to spray hot zones. despite the additional cases health officials do not expect a wild spread hout break here in the u.s. a woman is under arrest after leading officers on a chase that spanned three counties and lasted three hours. we brought this all to you live this morning. so here is -- she is behind the wheel of that red car. see her turning. this started around 4:30 in the morning. chp says officers spotted her speeding and weaving erratically. see her bumper was ripped off at one point. they tried four pit maneuvers but the driver was able to get away every time. eventually she drove into this cul-de-sac and it ended. authorities got out of their cars, guns drawn, took her out
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of the car. she was handcuffed and was taken into custody. back to florida. this was not a whohollywood stu. this is real life. a car flipping nearly a dozen times. incredibly the driver survived. good samaritans rushed to his rescue and then worked together to save the driver's life. >> people came over with fire extinguishers, put out the fire. we flipped the car back over, pulled the guy out so he did not burn alive. >> start pulling him out and another guy probably about my age helps me. we pull him out of the car. >> and then cops and paramedics did their job and they took over the rest, really. >> that crash is now under investigation. police say the driver was conscious when they took him to the hospital. they say he hit a mill box and some atvs parked outside a scooter dealership three blocks before that big crash. >> wow. coming up next, this is kind of the talk of the newsroom today. there is a fast food chain testing out a drive-thru for customers without cars.
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and if you're ready to save some money and breathe some cleaner air, stick around for my accuweather seven-day forecast. also coming up, beauty queen backlash. the newly crowned miss teen usa criticized for offensive tweets. her apology and why the pageant is sticking by her. plus -- >> to me, traditional high fashion women's shoes is abusive. >> lady, we've all picked pain over fashion at times,
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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in hawaii they say that pala is the god of volcano and she must be smiling. two quis and a smiley face. spotter from the creator in hawaii last week. helicopter tour company paradise helicopters captured these images while lava from the crater reached the ocean for the first time since 2013. you can see it there. maybe that's why she's so happy. >> reminds me of a pixar song with the ukulele. >> i love you. >> that's right. look at this. evenly from the east bay hills camera. looking at the sun peeking over the clouds around 6:15 this morning. gorgeous. >> a different view from our mountain view camera. the sun rising over the water there. that is gorgeous. let's go outside to our meteorologist to look at the accuweather forecast. >> hi, guys. up here on the roof. sun is out. still a few clouds lingering around but refreshing breeze. those two time-lapse movies you saw were early indications that
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today was going to be a little different than the heat we had last week. let's look at your highlights. steady diet of clouds and cool nights which will lead to slow morning sunshine and average to below average highs moving forward with the coolest highs coming at us as we head towards the weekend. right now we've got 17-mile-per-hour wind at fairfield. a breeze if you're going to be out on the water. but no small craft advisory like we had last week. if you're on a ferry it's going to be a little brisk but not like last week. san jose calm. upper parts of the atmosphere the winds are starting to come out of the west more than the southwest. that's why you're seeing less haze. even probably no haze at least not from the soberanes fire. let's look at your current conditions. 60s. smat, fremont southward. a few 70s there. inland east bay. let's go from our coolest to highest today. san francisco, 66. out on the coast, 60 at the sunset. daly city only 58.
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over awe along the east bay shore, oakland is 69 as the clouds have now, let me look behind me, yep, all sunshine. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s everywhere else. all right. over on the peninsula we go. and we'll have mid to upper 70s like that 75 in san mateo. down into the south bay a lot of upper 70s to low 80s like san jose at 80. a little warmer gilroy, los gat gatos, mid 80s. north bay, below average with 80 at 'stros and mid to upper 70s elsewhere accept novato at 82. inland is going to be the warmest. compared to the fact they were 20 degrees warmer a couple degrees ago. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. no fog, just a little bit of cloud cover. 3:00, sunscreen needed, absolutely. 5:00, breathing cleaner air. by 7:00, grab a jacket because we will be down in the upper 50s at the coast around the bay, upper 60s and mid 70s inland.
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let's see how far we will drop tonight. look at the cloud cover and sleeping comfortably once again. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. locked in this pattern today, tomorrow, wednesday. you may get your car thermometer or porch thermometer to say 90s inland east bay neighborhoods. look at thursday, friday, and saturday, mid to upper 80s inland. low to mid 70s around the bay and barely 60 at the coast. kind of swinging the pendulum the other way after being so excessively hot last week. >> got it. thank you, mike. this is causing a lot of strong opinions. newly crowned miss teen usa is going to keep her title despite a racist twitter scanned pem she admits to using language she's not proud of. hours after being crowned she took to twitter taking responsibility for a series of racist tweets back to 2013. they show hay use the "n" word repeatedly. she says she doesn't have any excuse and going through some personal struggles at the time. the misuniverse organization says it's committed to
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supporting her continued growth. all right. high heel fans, listen up. podiatrists are getting in on the fashionable shoe game. this doctor is from loss gatt loss and warted to rethink the structure of her shoes. one trick is to reduce the angle. so the traditional heel is on the right. olaf's shof is on the left. >> all the weight is distributed on the ball of the foot so the toes are contracting. it's unstable, painful. there's no pressure on the ball of the foot. metatarsal is in a stable position. because it's stable now you look at the toes and the toes lie flat. >> she makes shoes in the hundreds of dollars. there's good news president three-inch heel category as well, comfort shoes have gotten more fashionable. easy spirit and rockport both offer stylish heels with no padding. wales is testing a new concept for late night patrons catering to people who may have had a little too much to drink to go through the drive-thru.
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>> no drive-thru, walk a walk-thru, huh? meander. it allows customers to buy burgers and fries between 2:30 and 4:00 a.m. located conveniently right next to a nightclub. it was so successful over the weekend and the
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usually it's like a worst nightmare scenario being pulled over by police. certainly something to ruin your day. >> in virginia a traffic stop didn't end in a ticket, a treat. >> it's against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone. >> oh, my god. >> so -- >> kevin with the halifax police department posted this video on facebook it shows officers stopping a woman for breaking the law by driving without an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. >> yeah, he hands out multiple ice creams. >> good for her. from all of us here at abc7 news. have a nice day. >> live look outside right now. >> definitely a cooler trend we're experiencing. if you like it, like that, then you're going to have a great
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>> you know what they say. if at first, you don't succeed, try, try again. and that's why we've invited a few folks who had some tough luck their first time here to come back today and take another shot at that $1 million. it's second chance week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] very special day. i am excited about this. our first contestant is a risk taker who gambled his way to the $500,000 question, took a chance, and lost $225,000. [audience groans quietly] he didn't come back for the money. he wants redemption. he's here to beat the game today. i can't wait for this.


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