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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it knocked at the power at the intersection. streetlights are out. the buildings look dark. 350 customers are affected. pg&e said that they are working very hard to get the power turned back on. they know a lot of people are going to need alarm clocks and coffee. hoping to get that turned back on soon. they are getting closer on the situation. still trying to figure out what happened, why there was a fire underground. we are working the story here at the scene and get you more details. >> new this morning a man is hospitalized as he drove into several parked cars and got trapped in his own car in san jose before midnight. you can see how hard the parked cars were hit.
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they were pushed self feet forward. it took firefighters two minutes to get the driver out of the car. he was taken to the hospital. there is no word on his condition or in drugs or alcohol will involved. he was speeding before the crash. >> a killer is loose five days after a popular college instructor was shot and killed. 37-year-old david moglen lived this san jose with his wife and two daughters and taught economics at foothill coverage. he was shot at willow and south first street after 10:00 on thursday evening. san jose police have not released any information about a motive in the killing. tiffany is at the campus this morning with a report coming up on what the school plans to do. >> another shooting on an east bay freeway a man shot in the head while in his car. this marked the 36th freeway station in nine months yesterday in emeryville at eastbound 80 at the powell street off ramp. the 27-year-old man is from
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oakland and now he is in critical condition. there is a lost road rage and it can happen anywhere and people -- the more guns you have the more things happen. >> no safety anywhere. you cannot even drive your car on a freeway anymore. >> c.h.p. said that most of the shootings have knock been random and they have most often been gang related. >> a man reported beaten by sheriff deputies has now filed a federal lawsuit against alameda county. two deputies are facing criminal charges in the case for the video you can see here. deputies swinging batons at salah abdeslam in an alley in san francisco in the mission district after a 30 mile chase last november. salah abdeslam broke bones, concussion, and deep cuts to his head. the lawsuit named eight deputies in all. alameda county has fired one, they put two on leave, but five others are still working for the
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department. >> the officers have so much given to them and so much power and trust and training from the public it is really upon they measure up to what we expect. >> the alameda county sheriff is not commenting on the lawsuit. salah abdeslam is in federal custody on unrelated gun and drug charges. >> given the news of police and community relations it is interesting that it is "national night out," bringing neighbors together and help support anticrime programs and police community partnerships. all bay area cities will hold an event tonight mostly at parks and rec centers and bart stations. local national night out events is at >> former san mateo police officer accused of sexually assaulting sever women while on duty is expected to appear in court. winchester faces charges of rape, kidnapping and sexual battery involving five victims including one only 17 years.
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we broke the news of winchester's arrest two weeks ago. he is scheduled to be in court in redwood city this afternoon. >> a strike on wednesday could shut down all santa clara county courts. that is when clerks will walk off the job. they are underpaid and everworked and have not received a raise in eight years. last week the clerks unanimously rejected an officer that included raises for all employees. the association said they need more money to stay in the very expensive bay area. >> warning if you ride your mountain bike in marin county, look out for booby traps. this is scary, what bicyclists discovered in the ground on a trail in fairfax, a rubber strip with 34 rusty skews. the bicyclists worried someone is trying to discourage them from using the trail in the white tail open space preserve. >> this could be trying to send
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a message, it is not effective, but it is an open space lands that are shared by many people. >> county park rangers in marin county, are increasing their patrols along the trails. >> fires are holding their own against the deadly soberanes fire this morning. the containment remains the same as yesterday, more than 40,000 acres and 18% containment. more than 5,000 personnel are on the lines right now and 57 homes have been destroyed, and one person has died. >> haze from the fire is so bad that astronomers at the observatory on mount hamilton had to shut down the telescope to keep the lens clean. >> could you have sticker shock when you see your next pg&e bill with higher rates starting going of the month yesterday. increased gas bills go out lou august. the typical household could see a jump of 9%. covering to our media partner,
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pg&e said that customer toes still pay less than the national average for gas and look terrorist. they need the extra to invest in advanced technology and infrastructure. >> this is a story so hard to believe but it is true, one of the most expensive addresses is getting shorter. the luxury high-rise building is sinking and residents are taking steps to stop it. famous athletes and tech tycoons call tower home above the new transbay transit center. >> we put a lot of money for it, built beautiful apartments. >> she live on the 42nd floor but does not have to sell but is worried. >> i will leave this property to my son and i would like it to have value it should have. >> who will want to buy now it is revealed it has sunk 16" and 2" since being completed eight years ago. the partners, the developer said
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construction of the trend it center has caused the tower to settle. the tower authority claim that the company did not build into bedrock. either way this is not good for the 17 units currently up for sale. >> we will not find a market. >> a specialist of luxury real state said hold off on selling until it is sorted out. but if you must sell, there is an opportunity for buyers who will get a reduced price. >> i instruct my clients to buy because obviously they will resolve it. it is not like you are waiting 40 areas to find the second floor is the first floor. >> residents are working to fix the problem at the hoa meeting agreed to hire a construction defect attorney the first step in a legal fight that could take years. >> this morning, think twice before sending an angry e-mail a squabble between a texas tourist and the san francisco board of
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supervisors is going public. jessica? >> we have sent an e-mail we wish we could take back and when you hit "send," it is gone. an intern for the board of supervisors is also gone for good after an e-mail exchange got leaked to the "san francisco chronicle", after a texas man visited san francisco last week and wrote a letter to the supervisor saying in part and i quote, "i was embarrassed to be an american because of the way san francisco is presented to the world," talk about trash all over the city. an intern got ahold and wrote back the following and i quote, "why don't you write a letter to the edtory of whatever ton you are from in your panties are in a punch. the response forced an apology to be should for the office, get rid of the unpaid intern, and acknowledge that, question, san francisco streets are pretty
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dirty. the texas man accepted the apology and no word if he will come back to visit san francisco. >> now, heading up to the north bay with your temperatures as you head out the door, at the love low-to-mid 50s until moment oh at 57, the warm spot, and we have santa rosa at 53 and napa at 55, vallejo at 58, a few 60s this morning, around newark and redwood city and san jose and brentwood, and san francisco is at 55. the golden gate bridge was a west wind and it is light, barely moving with a lack of food. marine layer is up 2,000 feet. today, nature too choppy if you are kayaking, dew on the grass if you are hiking and garden, watch out for the strong sunshine with the temperatures comfortable. now, a look at san jose, 280 and 17, there is haze hanging around today is the day, then, we will transition from southwest
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mid-level wind to western wind and we will see an improvement in the air quality. we did not reach a "spare the air" day and we should not today. today and tomorrow, temperatures are steady, but look at the drop off on thursday, below average, and i will let you know highway long it will last. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> we are filling in a bit on some of our busiest routes so look at the south bay, san jose, 101 at 880 starting to fill in, starting to research out and no mocking issues this morning and overall off to a very quiet start. committing on the drive times at this early hour in i travel westbound 580, tracy to dublin out of the central valley, 3 minutes and an together to concord is 14 minutes in the green. san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes, in the green. construction left over from overnight and i will show you that in a now. >> happening today, metering light along the east shore freeway are turned on for the
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commute. heads up, the new ramp meters eastbound interrogate 80 are on from noon to 8:00. last week in emeryville, we watched as drivers knew right beyond the red lights to memory on to the freeway so the curve at the powell street on ramp makes it hard to see the new lights, smart meters adjust depending on freeway and on-ramp traffic but it does not work if you don't see them. >> taking on trump, the reason veterans groups and members of his own party are again, condemning the republican presidential candidate. >> lost or not lost? what? that is the question. the new information on one of the most universal the most universal recommendations in al
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> your voice your vote, republican presidential candidate donald trump is afraid the november election will be rigged and called hillary clinton the devil as new polls show his opponent with a nine-point lead. here are the new numbers. >> hours of new polls showing hillary clinton with a solid lead in the race for the white house, donald trum declares this. ai'm afraid the election will be
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rigged. he calls on all republicans to be careful on election day during an interview on fox news. i hope the republicans are watching closely or it will taken away from us. >> donald trump is focused on a rigged election, many veteran groups say his party are condemning his comments. republican senator and war hero john mccain is leading the charge, saying in a police decembering statement, our party has bestowed upon him the nomination it is not accompanied by unfettered licenses to defame those who are the best among us. >> g.o.p. have the nominee mike pence on the campaign trail was forced to defend donald trump when a military mother asked of the controversy. >> boo. all the pro trump crowd booed and pence said he and trump support military families. >> i have spent time with our nominee and i have never been around someone more devoted to the armed forces of this country. >> in virginia clinton have the nominee tim kaine took on donald
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trump's controversial muslim ban. [ inaudible ] this is a race that is absolutely critical. >> another member of team clinton aiming donald trump, billionaire warren buffett is challenging trump to release his tappings before election day. >> the united states military has launched air strikes against isis targets in libya at the request of the tripoli government, targeting an isis tank and some vehicles and analysts say the strike highlights the growing concern of the group's increased throat to europe and the disability to inspire attacks. libyan government is run by the u.n. and is described as being "fragile at best," and u.n. officials say the american ground troops will not be used in the attacks. >> happening today the family of late "star trek" actor is expected to sue fiat chrysler after making the vehicle that killed their son. the 27-year-old actor was rush
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crushed by his jeep in june when it rolled back. he was pinned between the car and a brick mailbox pillar. it was subject to a recall because the gearshifter confused drivers causing the cars to roll away. it is not known if he had the problem fixed. >> republican weers are closing this on a zika virus vaccine, the first round of riles are underway, just in time. florida has now identified 14 cases of the zika virus that is video by mosquitoes. the first to develop inside the united states. in a highly unusual travel warning, the centers for disease control is advising pregnant women to avoid that part of miami where mosquitoes are transmitting -- zika virus israel to humans. the virus can stay in a person's system for months. >> anyone who is traveling to an area where zika virus is transmitting, when you come home, use repellant for three beaks so you will not be that person who infects the local mosquitoes that makes a pregnant woman sick. >> the centers for disease
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control said that people who have been in the hot zone recently should have protected sex for two months. >> certainly something to watch. >> now, a check of traffic with alexis. >> we are doing okay and quieter than this time yesterday. no blocking issues to report, and, pretty light volumes on the san mateo bridge so folks heading westbound, normal drive time is about 15 minutes if you are leaving hayward and headed to foster city. most of our construction projects that were scheduled overnight are clearing from the board and i was going to tell you about alameda headed to oakland it was closed overnight. it with respected up a little bit ahead of schedule. that was scheduled to be closed until 5 o'clock but they got it done a few minutes early. we will look at more drive times in a few but mike is looking at our forecast and happen tuesday, mike. did you know tuesday is the most productive day of the week? >> i did not notice. yet. not back here. >> okay. fair enough.
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>> good morning, everyone, a look at sfo with cloud cover 55 degrees and we will have delays. i will let you know when they let me know. clouds to sun and it is seasonable temperatures, clouds and drizzle the next few nights and below average highs beginning on thursday. here is a look at the winds that are light, but for forward at 22, and 20 in angel island if you are taking the ferry this morning. now, cool of the to remain aest, downtown san francisco, 66, and that is the warmest other than south san francisco, we down in the 50s by the time you get to daly city and richmond. heading over the peninsula we have 74 in san mateo, palo alto at 7 a and millbrae only at 70 degrees and over into the south bay we will keep going down 81 and hazy sunshine today, but it will hopefully be the last day we will have 80s around santa clara and 87 in managerren hill,
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and across the north bay, 83 in santa rosa, sonoma is 79, vallejo is 74. novato is warmest at 83 and santa rosa. inland east bay, a touch warmer today, upper 80s, to low 90s. we will fall back and the 50s tonight. my seven-day forecast shows this is temperatures the same amount and a drop off inland on thursday, below average through the entire weekend. >> in louisiana light next strikes were caught on camera, and here is downtown baton rouge yesterday afternoon. you can see the lightning hit several times, and no reports of injuries, baton rouge is expecting more showers and thunderstorms for the rest of the week. >> worried about a movie remake is causing a firestorm of reaction. the role that is not sitting well with fans. all the creative way a driver got an unwanted passenger off
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the garbage truck. >> in today's -- continue a big step forward for space tourism with resuming testing of the planes that were suspended 20 months off after a fail accident. >> in the new flights are going smoothly it could carry passengers to the edge of space. >> few december fewer people are picking tablet computers. new numbers show shipments like apple ipad and samsung dropped 12% in the second quarter compared to last year, and apple is doing its part to break the glass ceiling, unveiling 100 new emojis with women as everything from weight liters to private detectives. apple is also replacing the pistol emoji with a green toy pistol emoji with a green toy gun part of ios10
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. flouses, is the most universally recommended health habits but new questions on how effective it is. the folk federal government saying there is little evidence that it presented gum disease for cavities. for decades we have been told the opposite. the associated press did a review of 25 studies and found that they were weak, unreliable, and prone to bias.
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dentists agency the weak scientific evidence but urge patients to floss to avoid gum disease. i am seeing my dentist today and i will confront him. >> if you think it is hard to stay away from work when you are not at work you fought alone. a new study suggests employees emotionally exhausted that they are always available. the study said managers should establish formal policies of e-mailing after hours. for example, ruling out correspondence after a certain hour, and on the weekends. >> we expect meteorologist mike nicco to be available at all times with our wet questions. >> and i am. just a tweet away. a facebook post. good morning, everyone, sonoma county fair resumes at look, at 66. 83 is as warm as it gets, 79 at 6:00, and grab a jacket, national night out from 6:00 to 9:00 in most neighborhoods, and a look at the temperatures, it is going to be cool by the time you get to 9:00 hour in the
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50s and 60. if you travel around the state, still going to be hot influence the central valley in fresno and palm springs over 100, hazy and lake tahoe and 84. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is start to get busy in the cash plainer lanes and the fast track lanes are move fine, and same for the car tool lanes and so far drive times all in the green this morning and we will take it southbound 101, golden gate bridge at since minutes, and rough day yesterday, westbound 80 across the bay bridge, only seven minutes if you are headed out, and westbound 92, 14 minutes is looking good on the cameras. our traffic maps are coming up. >> do you remember the movie "splash." >> i do. >> well, hollywood is planning to go retro bringing another big move from the 80s back to the silver scene. so, tatum will be a star in the remake, the tom hanks and darryl hannah movie, and this time there is a big twist, because
4:57 am
tatum is going to be the merman and an actress would i have never heard of is the role played by tom hanks. "splash," fans are say that some movies do not need a re-make but i will question why you would not want tatum as a merman. >> i endorse. but who is that? we will find out. >> some bears like to do things the old fashioned way, but some would like to do this, hitching a ride to their next destination. this hungry bear decided to catch a ride on this garage truck and a volunteer firefighters caught the unusual sight on his self and rolled until the hitchhiker hopped off into the branches after tree to escape. he looks chill even with the backup. >> we are continuing to stay on
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top of breaking news in san francisco, necessary, at 5:00 a.m., the overnight explosion that superintendent pg&e workers scrambling to the tenderloin. >> three dozen shootings on east bay highways, still ahead, the reason some feel helpless against what they consider senseless violence.
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