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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:00, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is tuesday, august 2nd. mike nicco is here to give us our forecast. >> how are you mike? >> doing well. hopefully you are. fog is developing around petaluma. i will keep an cry on this. visibility is three miles. look nor varying conditions traveling 101 from petaluma to santa rosa. over the bay bridge it is quiet in the mid-to-upper 50s and as we head inland it is mid-80s. mid-70s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. chose to average. now, aelectric us --
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>> looking good. this morning, we all clear on the bars, knocking blog and mostly green. everything is looking okay in the san jose area. we do have red filling in coming from the central valley, so if you are taking a westbound 580 out of tracy, already starting to feel the push averaging just about 29 miles per hour. we will look at our traffic cameras coming up to a few. >> more on the breaking news we are tracking out of san francisco this morning. we just got an update from pg&e moments ago, they have just restored power to 350 customers in the tenderloin after a vault fire this morning underground at 12:30 a.m. can you see the picture of the crews still on the scene. earlier smoke could be seen coming up through a manhole. pg&e said it was an underground equipment failure and they did not elaborate. there are reports that some people in the area are without cable or internet right now.
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we will have an upstate from the scene in our next half hour. >> a local college campus is greening and per flexed. a popular professor was gunned down in san jose. david motion lynn was killed on thursday night. we are at foothill college. tiffany? >> good morning, david david moglen was teaching here for 12, and only 37. his colleagues this morning are setting up a scholarship fund so his memory lives on. the den of the department said that his murder comes as a shocked and absolute sadness for all of the students and faculty here. now, rather than e-commerce, foothills coverage is offering grief counselling to students were david was shot is killed on thursday at 10:00 p.m. in san jose. fess have not released anyness on a possible motive or suspect. the dean of his department said
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that he was well liked. >> he cares for his students and works hard for them and helps them with a difficult subject matter which is economies. >> david's widow does not want to be identified but she shared in family photos with us, saying that they were married for 10 years and david was a wonderful father to their two daughters. she also said that david was a musician and songwriter and released an album. this morning, the search for his killer continues. >> investigators in texas say a gunman was not targeting a bay area woman killed in a shooting over the weekend. san carlos residents and school bus driver, teqnika moultrie, was shot on sunday morning in austin visiting the family of her fiance. they were to be married in september. a suspect has been identified but not yet been arrested.
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>> the oakland police department is facing a second lawsuit in connection with a fatal police shooting last year. the suit is filed by the mother of an adult son of richard perkins jr. who was shot by four police officers last november while carrying a pellet gun. the familiar said that perkins told officers it was a pellet gun before being shot. the mother saw surveillance video from the gasoline station that has not been shown to the public and she said it shows her son with one arm raised when he was shot. >> last month, perk ins' daughter filed a wrongful death lawsuit against oakland lived. >> santa clara judge has set the new date for a trial accused of killing sierra lamar who disappeared four years ago on the way to school. the lawyers tried to get the trial post popped until october. the judge refused and said the trial will we begin september 19. the frame of sierra want
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resolution. >> we have exercised patience after four years of waiting for this and we are anxious for the court to get this going. all the defense attorneys are still trying to move the trial out of the santa clara county. >> a san francisco man died at a music festival in southern california over the weekend. nine people were rubbed to the hospital during the two day test value in san bernardino. three dies including 22-year-old from san francisco. a coroner will determine the cause of death. the video from 9 festival facebook. last year two difficulties -- died, drug related. >> a dog fell through a legal in a sidewalk and had to be rescued >> the video shows the dog rescue happened and you can see the hole that the dog fell
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through, right on the sidewalk. it was about 7' deep. and five firefighters spent part of their morning trying to rescue the dog. they hooked down and going down the steps inside of the building where it was located. trying to get down one floor. the owner was grateful. >> what does it mean? his name? >> tiny. i have always had him. >> she is a little hard to understand but she said that her 15-year-old dog, tiny, is blind, which explains how he fell down the hole. he is safe and sound this morning. >> i am glad the dog is okay. >> happening today the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to approve proposals aimed at protecting renters are structure fires. a proposal would prioritize the renters for affordable housing in they are dismissed by fire. another would require the landlords it notify their tenants of various fire safety
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tee tires of the building like the fire alarms along with maintenance updates. >> san francisco's controversial tech tax is not appearing on the ballot, making them pay their fair share of taxes to offset housing and homelessness but the supervises voted not to send the proposal to the full board. the tax would have generated $115 million a year. >> a warning to both hikers and bicyclists who enjoy a trail in marin county after a dangerous booby trap. someone is trying to send a message to those who ride the trail, and our reporter, cornell barnard, has the story fairfax. >> leslie and still land are and zylan are looking out for booby tracks like this one,
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anchored into the ground. >> scary. >> to know that we could hit something like that any day day...bummer. >> the sheriff wants it necessity how it got there locked in an area considered private property. but used by hikers and bikers. >> the bicycle coalition said the strip was no mistake. >> it could be they were trying to send a message. it is not effective. it is not effective way of delivering a pentagon. >> he points to growing an moss i to bikers who share the same trails as hikers. >> they mink all mountain bikers want to ruin the true. >> is that true? >> we love it here as much as the hikers. >> we are saying hello, and sharing trails respectfully. >> the sheriff deputies and rangers will increase patrols but want the bikeers and hikers to look out for anything strange.
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>> see how dry everything is and we not even in october. speaking of the fire threat, this is the wind forecast for soberanes fire, it still has a southwestern component at the surface in the middle part the atmosphere, we are going to get more of a western wind and try to shun the smoke off to the east away from us. we will notice it more so tomorrow and thursday. temperatures are waking up inland east bay in the mid-to-upper 50s until pittsburg at 60 degrees. we are see the same thing in hayward and to the south, and santa rosa is cool of the at 52, and oakland is 59, and our temperatures are darker grand is 50s, and green, 60, and yellow, 70s, and orange, that is going to be 80's, and notice we are going to have a little bit of an up uptick, steady tomorrow, and look at this, 5-12 degree cooler oz tuesday.
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alexis? >> a big difference from yesterday where we had crash after crash and today we are just starting to see our typical slow spots. southbound 680, from walnut creek, to 24, there is company starting to see a few brake lights. we had a delay forming in the bay bridge toll plaza that is spined out. fast track is looking good and no metering lights so far. >> mass transit shows no delay for caltrain, 37 trains in service for bart. all on time. ace rain is hooking good. in the green. no delays. >> a half a mile of gunfire, after the break, a split second decision that saved the life of a militia cashier. >> race against time, witnesses >> race against time, witnesses save a
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. happening today, funeral services will be held for the french priest who was killed in the normandy church attack a week ago. two teens who pledged allegiance to isis took several people hostage in the catholic church on tuesday and slashed the throat of 86-year-old father. police shot and killed the teens, both 19. thousands of people are expected to attend the funeral today in normandy before a private burial. >> scary security video this
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morning from houston, texas, happening in a super market on friday. you will see a gunman firing into the ceiling, and now a man runs interest an office, and closes the door. then he opens it for the cashier just before a suspect tries to get in. as you can see another gunman tries to shoot open the door, kicks it, the door helds. the would be robbers run out of there, get in a green vehicle and leave the employees behind. the shooters are still loose. >> the campaign trail now. a military mother was booed when she questioned vice presidential candidate mike pence about trump's remarks on the gold star family of a muslim american soldier killed in action. >> will there ever be a point in time when you are able to look at donald trump in the eye and tell him "enough is enough." >> boo. boo. boo. >> he thanked the woman for her question and called the captain
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khan an american hero. >> people are hammered in the southeast from thunderstorms not what they wanted to hear. this is south carolina, where rain flooded parts of historic city of columbia. flash flood watches are in affect, up and down the eastern seaboard. on monday, the devastating flash flood in maryland is being called a one in a thousand year event. >> mike, when the ground is saturated like that is that what causes the flash flooding. >> or the rain rate coming down 4" an hour, that is what i read and when it is saturated it makes it worse so a double whammy. here is a look at what is going on, everyone, sun by noon, and seasonal highs and clouds and drizzle, and the cooling trend on thursday, and this is the cloudy conditions in san rafael hooking south on 101. not teach of fog out there although we keeping a little bit of an cry on petaluma because
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the sun is developing in your neighborhood. here are the next few hours, quiet on live doppler hd, and we will go straight to our numbers today, upper 70s and for milpitas, sunnyvale, low 80s for cupertino and santa clara and san jose, and mid-to-upper 80s in gilroy and santa rosa is 70s. millbrae is the same. the peninsula is mid-to-upper 70s. downtown, south san francisco, at 66. headed through the north bay, we have upper 70s to mid-80, like northwest oh and santa rosa at 83 and the warmest weather to the north, cloverdale and lakeport mid-to-upper 90s and the east bay shore refresh breeze at berkeley at 67, low-to-mid 70s elsewhere until fremont at 77 and castro valley is 79 and moving inland, we will have upper 80s along the respond valley and concord out highway 4 low-to-mid 90s same in him. tonight, look at the temperatures, we are ifing do have upper 40s to upper 50s
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from the north by to inland east bay and a chance of drizzle right along the coast and, possibly, in the east bay hills an the tunnel at the commute. my seven-day outlook shows i want you to notice tomorrow, steady pattern, and look how much cooler it is on thursday, and bodier chance of drizzle that morning, and it will be breezy with the cool breezes keeping us below average, tapering by sunday and monday and we will warm back to average. have a good one. alexis? >> it will be a good drive today. weather-wise we are listening quiet and traffic wise, as well, big difference from year's commute with a little bit of red starting to fill in westbound around the bay bridge toll plaza but we are looking okay, really, most traffic flows are in the green and as we head out and look at antioch to concord it is wide on westbound. the slow of the spot on the traffic map so far this morning is get out of the central valley with no surprise leaving tracy and heading to the altamont
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pass, using our speed indication tool, just about 21 miles per hour average. that is right on track for this time of day. starting to fill in volume for westbound san mateo bridge commute if you are leaving hayward headed to foster city, still, just about 16 or 17 minutes across the san mateo bridge, so right on am for this time of day, and our drive time, still, in the green across the board, and westbound 4 built antioch to hercules you saw on the traffic map, 27 minutes in the green. westbound 80, highway 4 to the the maze is 18 minutes and northbound 87, highway 85 to the san jose airport, just eight minutes. we will take a closer look at the south bay coming up in a few. >> pregnant women in the neighborhood near miami are on high i letter. >> we explain why in the "good morning america" first look. >> in "first look," we go inside this florida neighborhood, just a square mile north of downtown
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miami where 14 cases have zika virus have been transmitted by mosquito. >> there individuals who are at risk in the one mile radius >> the virus is frightening for pregnant women. >> how do you feel that zika is so close? >> scary. as a summer you want to protect your child. >> you have taken steps and your home to cut down on mosquitoes? >> make sure no plants have water sitting there and keep the door closed. >> at 7:00 a.m., we will go one-on-one with the director of the centers for disease control, for "first look." >> celebrity strangers came together to help out a four-year-old whose prosthetic leg was stolen at orange county beach last week. the star of "shark tank," heard
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and helped replace the league and he threw a party for the boy yesterday although it was a day after his own wedding, to kim johnson of "dancing with the stars" the most positive kid, he is four, something like this happens and he is just got a great outlook on life. great outlook on life. thathe who lost a leg and arm during the iraq war and he said that the boy has a bright future. >> gives me the "feels." >> apple iphone and ipad users will see see more gender options with the new emojis including female athletes and professionals and more family options including a green toy squirt gun replacing the existing pistol emoji. this is after the group's new yorkers against gun violence start add campaign to demand
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5:25 am
economics. he died after being shot on thursday evening. >> an underground equipment failure caused a fire so powerful, two manhole covers blew off in van's tenderloin at geary boulevard. it is not clear what equipment failed here but there was a brief power outages in the area now restored. >> check out our highs compared to yesterday. the closer to the bay and the coast cooler but inland we are warming up a few degrees but do not expect that to last. i have much cooler weather coming in your seven-day forecast. >> six, taking a look at things in the south bay this morning, san jose, 101, northbound side at 880 starting to fill in toward downtown but no blocking issues this morning, we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up in a few minutes. >> it is "national night out," the event bringing neighbors together and supports anticrime programs and police community partnerships. every bay area city is holding
5:26 am
an event and a list of local and national night out we develops go to >> pop star said she needs to focus on her music and is dropping her lawsuit in california against her long time producer. she is dismanaging the sexual assault suit but a similar case remains in play in new york, where she has also sued the producer alleging he rapid her and frequently ridiculed her. the doctor claim she made up the story to ruin his reputation and get out of the contract with sony. >> adele has been busy touring including three sold out shows in the bay area while on a stop in seattle she spotted a drag version of herself in the audience. this is video from instagram. the singer inviteed her double to go at stage and was surprised at the resocial media ambulance. aidala has a last show in the bay area tonight at oracle arena. >> nice moment. >> coming up next at 5:30,
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problemming news we are tracking problemming news we are tracking a deadly bus crash, and your ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> good morning, at 5:29. it is tuesday, august 2nd. we have word of breaking news right now of a fail bus crash near livingston on highway 99, half an hour southeast of modesto. >> five people have been killed and we hearing that the bus hit a freeway sign pole. many others have been injured and are being treated as we speak, the c.h.p. said that there were approximately 30 people on the bus and they are going from southern california to the sacramento area. >> highway 99 is shut down right now. we are going to continue to gather new details on the breaking story. download the free app and down
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load punish alerts to get the latest information. >> now, the weather and mike nicco. >> good morning, taking a look at current conditions, it is clear other than the haze from the smoke. hopefully the weather is not an issue. here is live doppler hd, you can see the clouds are late arriving but they are pushing all the way to our inland neighborhood as you can see from our east bay hills camera. we will break out our day machiner, 50 to 59 at 7:00, 57 at the coast to 80 inland, and 58 to 89, that is close to average, not beginning to stay that way. the seven-day outlook is next. >> good morning. close to average on the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are going to be trying to head westbound, and get through the toll plaza we are looking at heavy volumes i just checked, no metering lights but i have to believe that will happen the car pool lane is the only one that is moving along at this point. drive time is starting to flip over from green into the yellow, and westbound 580, tracy to dublin is 39 minutes and in the
5:31 am
green on westbound 4, southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, flight delays and 18 behinds. another update coming up in 10 minutes. >> breaking news overnight in san francisco, pg&e is investigating a possible underground vault fire with one manhole cover blown off. our reporter is at the scene in the tenderloin. >> they are still working to return this intersection to normal and they have power back on but the traffic light is still not operating in this area so it could be a dangerous situation, something to keep in mind if you are coming here. pg&e crews still are on the scene trying to figure out what happened, after some scary moments. check out this video, smoke was spilling out of the manhole covers here, and pg&e said it was because of an underground equipment failure. this is at geary at there was a shawl fire that went out on its own. it did knock power identity here at this intersection for half a
5:32 am
block in each direction, and 350 customers did not have power. they just get it turned back on so it is good news for people living here getting up soon and ready for work. no one was hurt when this happened so that is also good news. now, they are going to work to investigate exactly what happened and working to repair the damage and, also, hoping to see the traffic heights coming back on soon. >> new this morning, a man is in the hospital after he drove interest several parked cars and was trapped inside of his own car. this happened in san jose, on before midnight, you can see how hard he hit the cars they were pushed several foot forward, and it took firefighters 10 minutes to get driver out of car are and taken to the hospital. no word were his condition or whether drugs or alcohol were involved. police say the man was speeding moments before the crash. >> a killer remains on the lose
5:33 am
this morning, five days after a popular college instruckor was shot and killed in san jose. 37 year old david moglen lived in san jose with his wife and two daughters and taught economics at foothills college. he died after being shot after 10:00 p.m. on thursday. san jose police have not released any information about a motive in the killing. our reporter is on campus and will have a report coming up on what the school plans to do now. >> another shooting on an east bay freeway a man shot in the head while in his car. this is the 36th freeway shooting in nine months happening yesterday in emeryville at eastbound 80 at the powell street off ramp. the 27-year-old man is from oakland and now is in critical condition. >> there is a lot of road rage and it can happen anywhere. the more gun you have the more things will happen. >> no safety anywhere.
5:34 am
you cannot even drive on the freeway. >> most of the shootings have not been random but are gang-relate shootings. >> a man reported beating by sheriff deputies has filed a lawsuit. two deputies are facing criminal charges are for the video you see here, swinging batons at salah abdeslam in an alley in san francisco in the mission district after a 30 mile case in november. salah abdeslam has broken bones, concussion, deep cuts, and his lawsuit named eight deputies in all, alameda county has fired one and put two deputy on leave but five others still work for the department. >> these officers have so much given to them and so much power and trust and training from the public it is important they measure up to with we expect of them. >> the alameda sheriff is not comment on the lawsuit and slaw law is in federal custody on unrelated gun and drug champions. >> happening today, a federal
5:35 am
san mateo police officer accused of sexual assault of women while on duty is expected to appear in court. winchester faces charges of rape, kidnapping and sexual battery of five victims include one who is 17. we broke the news of the arrest nearly two week ago, and is scheduled to be in court this afternoon in redwood city. >> a strike on wednesday could shut done all of santa clara county's courts. the superior court said that when they walk off the jobs after being underpaid and overworked. they have not received a raise in eight years. last week, the clerks unanimously rejected an offer that included rays for all employees, the association said they need more money to stay in the very expensive bay area. >> firefighters are holding their own against the deadly soberanes fire this morning. the contain president remains the same as yesterday. we are talking about 40,000 acres and 18% containment.
5:36 am
5,000 personnel are on the lines. 57 homes have been destroyed. one person has died. haze from the fire is so bad astronomers at the observatory on mount hamilton had to should down their scopes because the lens need to stay clean. >> could you have a case of sticker shot when you see your next pg&e bill because higher electricity rates started yesterday. increased gas bill, through august. the typical husband hold customer could see bills jump 9%. if you have a bill of $145 that will be an have a $3. according to the mercury news, their customers still pay less than the national average. though need the money to invest in advanced technology and infrastructure. >> crazy story. a reminder to think twice before sending out the angry e-mail. a nasty squabble between a texas
5:37 am
tourist and the san francisco board of supervisors is now going public. jessica is explaining this. >> a texas tourists visited san francisco, thought it was dirty and e-mailed the board of supervisors but what came back to his inbox was not a very nice e-mail. an intern is reportedly to blame for the nasty response. the on-line exchange was sent to the "san francisco chronicle" and the texas map visited last week and wrote the following to supervisor "i was embarrassed to be an american because of the way that san francisco is presented to the world," the man went on to complain about trash all over the city. the response he got was "why don't you write a letter to the ode tore of whatever town you are from in your panties are in a bunch." that mail rely was forcing the supervisor to issue an apology for her office and, also, get rid of the intern who wrote it.
5:38 am
she also acknowledges that yes, san francisco streets are pretty dirty, and has said she spent the weekend calling 311 about trash on local streets. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the man has accepted the apology. >> we should all be careful what we send out in e-mails. >> now, the weather, is it my imagination or is it humid, mike? >> yes, when the marine layer comes back it brings humidity. we will have drizzle the next couple of mornings, and, really, pumping up the humidity. >> good morning, everyone, san francisco is fairly uniform at 54 to 56 degrees. the temperatures are 2-4 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. temperatures are mid-to-upper 50s until you get to pittsburg and tracy and union city and palo alto at sick, and saratoga at 52. san jose is hazy.
5:39 am
kayaking is not too choppy. hiking, water dew, and garden, strong sunshine, otherwise it could not be were better or typical for august. today and tomorrow close, not much of a change in the temperatures but a dramatic drop off on thursday, a cooler day. alexis? >> you get to show everyone the pretty pictures and i show you the ugly ones on the traffic cameras. bay bridge toll plaza, who are officially on as far as the metering lights are concerned. the car pool lanes are looking okay and fast track and cash lanes, not son, add that into the commute if you are heading out and head across the bay bridge but we do not have anything blocking when you make it to san francisco so the ride should be okay when you make it through the toll plaza. a new problem for solano if you are coming in when 80 we have a report of a choice on the
5:40 am
on-ramp. it is minor and not fully blocking, maybe just have to swerve around that. and mass transit looking great so far today, fur going with that option, no delays no caltrain, and bart has 37 trains and in issues and ace train is on time so no delays system wide. we have drive times if you are behind the wheel and another update in continue machines. >> metering lights along the east shore freeway are turned on for the afternoon commute and most of the new ramp meters eastbound lane of interrogate 80 are on from noon to 8:00 p.m. this is video from last week in emeryville you could see the drivers seem to be blowing by the red light. the curve makes it hard to see the lights and maybe that is what the prop was, smart meters depend ago freeway and on-ramp traffic. >> taking on truck, a reason veterans groups are and now members of his own party are
5:41 am
again condemning the republican presidential candidate. to floss or not to floss? that is the question, with newness on one of most universal newness on one of most universal recommendations in all
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5:44 am
house. a fresh round of harsh words from donald trump after the latest polls have him trailing hillary clinton by nine. yesterday in person, trump said the november election could be rigged but provided no evidence. he criticized bernie sanders for endorsing hillary clinton and called hillary clinton the equal of lucifer. >> if you just went home and went to sleep and rethatted he would be a hero but he made a deal with the devil, she is the devil, he made a deal with the devil. >> warren buffett is backing hillary clinton, and said he with drive people to the polls himself in order to beat donald trump and issued a challenge to the real estate magnet to reveal his tax return. thank you have been airstrikes against isis in libya at the request of the tripoli government, targeting an isis tank and vehicles and an lives say the strikes highlight the growing concern of the group's
5:45 am
increased note to europe and ability to inspire others. the lib republican government is run by the u.n. and is described as fragile at best. the u.n. officials say american ground troops will not be used in the targeted attacks. all the family of late "star trek" actor is expected to sue file create chrysler would made the vehicle that killed their son. the 27-year-old was crushed by his own jeep in june when it rolled back on a steep drive the he was pitched between the car and the brick mailbox. the gear shift was subject to a recall because the cars can suddenly roll away and it is not known in the problem was fixed. >> researchers are closing in on >> researchers are closing in on a zika virus vaccine,
5:46 am
in females, the first spread in the united states. the centers for disease control is now telling pregnant women not to go to the part of miami where mosquitoes transmitting zika virus directly to people. experts say that the virus can stay in your system for months. >> if you are traveling to an area where zika virus is transmitting, when you come him, use repellant for three weeks and you are not that person who infects the local mosquitoes that makes a pregnant woman sick. all the centers for disease control said people who have been in the hot zone recently should have protected sex for two months. >> first, zika virus, and now it is super bugs in the water that has people concerned days before the summer olympics in rio de janeiro. a 16 month long study found that provide's waterways are contaminated with rue sewage with environmental are yous and a drug resistant have bacteria. high levels of viruses and venues that are used for water
5:47 am
sports including sailing. officials insist everyone will be safe. >> f.b.i. employee with top security clearance has pleaded guilty to funneling documents to china. the prosecutors say the electronic technician gave sensitive information to chinese sorts starting in 2006. he was charged with illegally acting as an agent of a foreign government a crime that carry as maximum sentence of ten years in prison. the f.b.i. said chun got regular payments and even prostitutes. chun was released after the three. >> a cool sight in louisiana lightning strikes were caught on camera, downtown baton rouge, yesterday afternoon, you can see the lightning hit several times and no reports of injuries, and baton rouge is expecting more thunderstorm for the rest the week. >> interesting in cleveland, covering the convention, we saw a lot of lightning and thunderstorms and we never see that here. my partner and i were excited.
5:48 am
>> so jealous. if we could just have one thunderstorm...just one. a little hail? >> you mentioned how it was are month humid so i came out and i am on the roof and i can feel the mist. this is going to be anybody are the next couple mornings and you could need the umbrella the next couple of mornings closer you are to the coast and clouds and sun, seasonal and clouds and drizzle and below average on high side starting thursday and watching the fog in petaluma, still, 2 1/2 miles, so, not anything dangerous yet. san francisco is 66 degrees, cooler than average, sun is setting at singlet, and daly city is 59, and the warm spot is south san francisco, at 66, and head over to the east bay, oakland, 70, a cooler spot in the upper 60s and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70s and san mateo is 74, a cool spot, with milbrae at 70, and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70s unless the coast, half moon bay at 62, and
5:49 am
in the south bay below average with upper 70s in sunnyvale and milpitas, santa cruz is 70, and, low-to-upper 80s for everyone else and in the not by, nothing extreme here, 83 in santa rosa and vallejo at 74, and novato at 83, and petaluma at 80. inland east bay, mt. diablo is looking beautiful, pittsburg is 90 for our cooler spots along with livermore at 91 and concord at 90. tonight, cloud cover again, temperatures are mainly in the 50s not much changes tomorrow and it is cooler inland for thursday, friday, saturday, and we warm back to average on sunday and monday. alexis? >> we were doing well for the entire morning where ourers crash, so far today, and in the south by. east san jose, you can see northbound 101 before you get to tully road a two car collision. this is just partly blocking the opramp and it looks like the pain line is starting to slow down and when you are beyond that, we have a normal crawl filling in approaching 880, as
5:50 am
well. so looking at our drive time with our tool, it is 21 miles per hour average, and for the most part, we are looking good dead and we are starting to fill in. south 101 san francisco to san francisco is nine minutes and that is great, and northbound area, highway 238, to the made, it is 13 minutes and northbound 85 to the san jose airport, our northbound 101, that is 19 minutes where the crash is, and you can see it is starting to slow things down. we will check out our cameras 10 minutes. >> coming up at 6:00, michael finney has an important tip for anyone planning a trip overseas. >> where are we going? >> exciting. but, first, word after movie remake is causing a firestorm of reaction. the role that chaning take. >> still ahead the creative way a driver got the unwanted a driver got the unwanted passenger
5:51 am
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. we are hearing from the newly crowned miss teen usa who now is calling the offensive tweet as careless mistake. she stopped by "good morning america" for an exclusive interview. the 18-year-old found herself embroiled in controversy weapon her past tweets emerged hours after she was crowned the new miss teen usa on saturday night in las vegas. she said she is sorry for a series of racist tweets dating back to 2013, showing her using the "n" word repeatedly. >> i am very sorry, it is embarrassing, something i am ashamed of and i have grown up from the 15-year-old girl would used that language. it is never acceptable. i was being a follower and i was
5:54 am
trying to guilty in with my friends, it is not acceptable. ever. >> she plans to turn her situation into something positive by telling her story and hopes of discouraging others from using offensive language. >> no more flossing? is that true. the most universally recommended health habits and new messages on how effective it is. the federal government is say there is little evidence it prevents gum disease or cavities. there was a review by the associated press found the 25 studies were weak and unreliable and prone to bias. american dental association maintains that flossing removes flak and most dentists urge patients to floss to avoid gum disease. >> it is hard to stay away from work when you not at at work? "exhausted but unable to connect," shows employees are emotionally tire the by the expectation they are available
5:55 am
even when not at work, and managers should establish formal policies on mail after hours, such as after an hour and on weekends. >> no one wants it touch that. all right...good morning, from the roof. the mist is getting heavy. lick a light drizzle in san francisco. we will head up to sonoma, the county fair in santa rosa we opened the gates at liquor, 66 and topping out at 83 at 3:00, and at 9:00, 61. and tonight is national night out from 6:00 to 9:00, with 50s and 60s, and 80s to begin and 50s and 60s and 70s by the end and i will show you what is going on because the smoke is thick up in lake tahoe, again, 4 through the central valley, and 95 in sacramento, 103 in fresno. be came. >> we are look at heavy traffic right now, westbound 80 through
5:56 am
berkeley, at 20 minutes from golden gate field to get through the bay bridge toll plaza, so, obviously, heavy traffic, inbound, for the folks, heading cross the bay bridge, and a mocking issue in san jose, on the map, northbound 101 before you get to tully road the right lane now is block the because of a two car collision with more details and an update on the backup in a few minutes. >> hollywood is going retro. again. bringing another 80s movie back. tatum will star in a remake make of "splash," yes, the tom hanks movie about the man who falls in love with a mermaid but the roles are going to be reversed, and it is tatum who is from the sea and actress who until now, we had never heard of, but she was in "jump street," according to natasha, "splash," fans are
5:57 am
taking to the internet saying this doesn't need a re-make. >> it will be great. we will see. >> tatum as a merman is going to be popular. >> some bears like to walk and others would rather hitch a ride. a hungry bear decided to catch a ride on the garage truck in new mexico and he is on the top, a volunteer firefighters caught the sight on his cell phone and he rolled until the bear hopped off and jumped into the branches of a tree to escape. finally. we are tracking breaking news out of the central valley, a terrible bus crash on highway nine, at least five people have died and the highway is now shut down. >> we are staying on top of breaking news in san francisco, as well, the explosion overnight that sent peck peg workers scrambling to the tender line. and a dramatic rescue in the
5:58 am
and a dramatic rescue in the north bay with an effort to to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack.
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>> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> a deadly bus crash. >> terrible live pictures. jessica? >> i was able to get new information from the scene. the charter bus hit a pole on highway. the pole went straight through the windshield. at least five people are dead. at least five others have been flown to the area hospitals. we have images of the bus and the aftermath. several ambulances are on the scene. they are still pulling people from the bus right now. this is on highway 99 near livingston and it is halfway between sacramento and fresno. there were 30 passengers on the charter bus traveling from southern california to sacramento. northbound 99 is shut d


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