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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ground located near monicello dam. >> there is no evacuation center set up yet. let's take a look at the flames to the upper left side of the screen there. >> weather reports crucial. let's touch base with sandhya patel. >> yes let's take a look at conditions near the fire line. it's really dry there. in the drought that is not a good situation. warm as well, 86 degrees humidity, 34%. the only good thing now is the wind is not terribly strong gusting to three miles per hour. that is why you saw the live picture of the smoke. the winds in the are gusty. fairfield at 18
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miles per hour. >> we're on the story and will continue to monitor the fire closely. down load the app free. today we learned an illegal camp fire started the 43,000 acre sobranes fire. >> i'm not panicked but i know things can happen quickly. >> one person has died and the fire is now 18% contained. abc7 news was in the mission district as the strike team returned from monterey county. a 22 person crew has been trying to stop the spread of the flames.
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the crew was hiking up and down steep terrain. >> it's unusual and burning in deep-seeded fuels. the crew says they're welcomed by the community. neighbors would greet them with snacks and coffee every day. an investigation is under way into an early morning bus crash in percent yesterday county. >> the bus crashed into a poll and nearly split the bus in half. >> the crash happened along 3:30 a.m. today, we hooked into the bus company and safety records. >> abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is here with that part of the story. >> the bus company is given a
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satisfactory rating. no crashes but the driver of the bus that crashed today had a severe violation on record. mario mario vazquez hasn't been able to tell investigators what happened. >> he was very careful because he wanted to go home. >> the federal motor carrier safety administration website highlights problems including vazquez, who was operating a vehicle on a suspended license that was suspended for a safety related or unknown region. vazquez was charged february 6th and convicted the following month. his license has been reinstated. the number of vehicles and drivers placed out of service is
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highlighting problems including a defective brake warning. this was an instance of nonworking headlights a tire worn down and inner material exposed and worn welded or missing components. violations highlight problems with driver log books including a false report. it will be up to investigators to determine what happened here. the california public utilities commission -- a bus can operate without being regulated by california if it's route ends outside of the state. that was the case in this crash. the bus was headed to washington state. in the newsroom abc7 news.
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alameda county could pay $130,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by four women who say they were subjected to deplorable conditions inside of the santa rita jail. wheels says the jail had overflowing toilets and walls stained with blood and feces. also forced to take off their clothes in front of other deputies and inmates. a former san mateo police officer will stay in jail facing 22 felonies including rape kidnapping and battery. five women have come forward and
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his attorney requested a reduction in bail today. >> neighbors in one community are on alert while police investigate an alleged sexual assault at the neighborhood pool. abc7 was in concord with police say he touched a teenager and tried to remove her shorts. they don't believe he's if the neighborhood. >> he came into the gate because the gate is locked with a key and you have to have identification for the area. >> the homeowners association says it's alerted everyone in the community by e-mail. police hope surveillance video will help them identify the man. two men are aaccused of filming young dance students back stage. the case came to life as investigators were looking into child pornography charges in a separate case.
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a violation of trust is what they're saying after learning these men are accused of filming dance students undressing at this theater. >> there is nothing that compromises my girls' safety. >> she knew both suspects eight years. it started with a separate child pornography investigation. a search warrant turned up videos on cell phones. >> we started working immediately to attempt to identify the individuals. >> the men worked as technical personnel. police say they've recorded the girls from the rafters. >> as far as recourse for the parents there could be civil litigation to follow a criminal
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case. >> the two suspects were arrested for possession of child pornography. that charges from a prior investigation that turned up the video from the theater. the da will now consider new charges. >> prosecutors in the deadly pg and e pipeline explosion case are asking to cut the fine against the company. prosecutors are making that move four days after jury clib brags started. pg and e was charged with safety code violations in that 2010 blast that killed eight people. the napa valley wine train hit an suv this afternoon and it was captured on video. take a look at the security camera that captured the suv.
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the impact spun the vehicle 90 degrees and pushed it off the streets. the accident happened at 2:00 this afternoon. railroad police tell us no one was hurt. noaa is confirming 2015 is the warmest year on record and as sea levels rise, many are concerned about the affects on those who live, and work, along the bay especially in silicon valley. chris? >> whenever there is a major storm, the fear is that we can see more flooding play out in other parts of the bay area, if more isn't done to help with climate change. scientists say climate change is making our planet hotter and many residents are worried about how it could affect generations.
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>> i don't know if you people realized what to do exactly. to make the difference to stop this. >> she spent the day with family at bedwell bay front park and says more must be done to help protect the environment. >> i cannot picture life like i said without nature. so i cannot have balance. you know? >> locally, bay area voters passed a region wide $12 parcel tax expected to raise $500 million over 20 years. the money going toward helping with habitat restoration. it's good news for companies such as facebook and google. researchers say the properties sit in the flood zone. >> there are homes and businesseses that are in line in the next few decades for flooding events. >> dr. cordero is a specialist
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. >> this is a buffer to mitigate that increase in sea level that happens during winter time. >> some may question the validity others say they won't be sitting it out on the side lines. >> they affects us directly and indirectly. >> still ahead, forging new relationships thu food and fun. special significance of the national night out parties in several communities. a major refinery had more than a dozen serious incidents. a travel service books a couple on a flight to the wrong island and won't
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update on breaking news out of the north bay. the wildfire burning near the napa and yolo county line. the fire is 300 acres and growing. we're told crews are evacuating the canyon creek resort camp ground. campers are being ordered to leave, however there is no word of anyone being hurt. sarah hawkins took this photo of the smoke and we'll bring you updates as we get them. so enable push alerts for updates. hundreds are gathering now in neighborhoods across the bay area for national night out.
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this year's party is significant for oakland where the mayor is expected to take part. wayne? >> the one behind me started at 4:00 this afternoon. we have seen california highway patrol. you might say it's building trust. >> in oakland, welcome signs materialized block by block. >> for anyone and everyone. >> brenda and her neighbor, the party began yesterday with preparations for 40 or 50 people. >> tonight that is where police as well as neighbors. we can come together and just talk about issues. get to know each other. in these parts jenny includes family pictures and
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mostly her kids. she's done neighborhood day care almost a quarter century. >> i don't forget a face or name. >> if you ask she'll rattle off success stories with pride. she mourns the sad cases. >> i have had maybe five that i know of that have gone to prison. they were good kids? >> good kids. >> they're victims of stacked odds they say. >> our kids need to know the police is okay. we want police officers to see our children. >> if you want to be part of this we have a list on our website share what happens on abc7.
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>> getting classes in college has never been easy. now, students are finding it more difficult to enroll because of a new system that caps the number early on. >> the owe is hes this year is different. this has students singing the blues. classes began august 17th. by then under graduates should have 16 units, four courses. this afternoon they were still trying to sign up. >> very to sign up for a computer science course. >> laura has 15 units and under the process requesting another would put her over 16 unit cap.
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>> i'm unable to add but i want to add another course so i is a full hood. but i'm trying to figure outdo i need to drop a class to add a class. >> under the old system students cosign up for more than 16 units and knowing they'd have to drop one of them. now, they can't. >> students were enrolling in a bunch of classes they weren't sure they're going to end up taking and so that made wait list go slower. >> that used to make it harder for some to get into a high-demand course. >> nobody can hold on while i'm enrolled or you're not. that is effectively good. >> the association yated students expressed their children. >> so they're stuck and only enrolled if maybe 1 or 2 classes. which causes problems making
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them potentially not considered a full time student. >> that could affect financial aid and any hopes of graduating on time. time you now to turn our attention to the weather. >> yes. today, upper 50s to low 90s. behind me, low clouds are creeping towards the bay. so fog is there but places like san jose seeing sun this evening. 61 in san francisco. 70s from mountain view to san jose. a look from our camera, 73 in
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santa rosa. marine layer looked like it's coming at you. it's shallower and fog near the coast tonight. cool conditions thursday through saturday. tomorrow morning if you're taking a ferry, it's going to be gray. starting off on the cool side, forecasts sheing you fog at the coast and in oaf parts of the bay. at 7:00 a.m. we'll see patchy fog. 93 antioch. 64 san francisco. mid-70s in san rafael. and 82
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in san jose. temperatures dropping below average heading into thursday through saturday good thing near that fire, it is dry and we're in a drought the winds aren't strong near that fire. >> coming up what is turning out to be a steep learning curve for
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workers put finishing touches on chime way. it's ab an expressive music exhibit. users sit in a chair that triggers chimes. it creates an arch way where people can walk and enjoy the music. >> we want to bring children together. it's for every age group. >> the city worked two years to develop the project. the grand opening is tomorrow. happening now lights are running along the east shore freeway. it started metering at noon and
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until 8:00 p.m. tonight. the lights started during the morning commute last week. our cameras caught drivers blowing past them. the goal is to use technology to produce congestion. caltrans hopes to have the system fuchgsal by labor day weekend. >> there are accusations of an unsafe culture in a major bay area refinery. >> the response from the tesoro-martinez refinery. a visitor complains about trash and gets an unusual response. the litter letter that ruffled feathers ahead
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. we begin with a live update on breaking news from the north
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bay. a wildfire is burning out of control now, 300 acres and growing. >> sky 7 is hiv over the scene. >> abc7 news just arrived and is live with the latest on this. >> here is a look at the smoke above us. we're standing in a vineyard. and we're hearing it started about 4:30 this afternoon burning in a rural area near monicello dam road. 150 firefighters are battling this now and we've seen a number of people that camp at that resort near this location.
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so those folks have been they have to go. you can see the smoke in the air and there are ashes falling here very very active situation. 300 acres burned. this fire is burning now at napa and yolo county border. we're live here lonny riviera, abc7 news. a new report accuses officials officials of a lax culture. >> reporter: a federal agency
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says there was a deficient safety culture that led to 15 separate acid spills over five years. the most serious happened on february 12, 2014. two workers were burned in the unit and 84,000 pounds the sulphuric acid was released onto the grounds. it happened again to two more workers later. >> these appear isolated events they're indicative of safety culture deficiencies. >> our report notes the systems routinely exposed operators to avoidable risks. >> in a written statement tesoro told us we agree with improving safety of the operations and inaccuracies in the case study do not detract
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from a resolve to learn from the incident. cal osha fired tesoro25,000. >> it implemented a safety culture program. they've got the union involved and they meet with employees on a frequent basis. >> officials told us they have updated their sampling equipment. >> hard to believe but 14 weeks if today, voters will decide who will be the next president of the united states. today, president obama voiced his strongest opposition yet to the republican nominee. >> there has to come a point in which you say somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgement or
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temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world. because a lot of people depend on the white house to get stuff right. >> donald trump tweeted a response president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states and posted a statement criticizing the foreign policy ideas of both obama and hillary clinton. >> if you can't stand donald trump, you think donald trump is the worst you're going to vote for me. do you know why? justices of the supreme court. >> today's rally a veteran gave donald trump his purple heart. >> i wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> hillary clinton didn't campaign today she attended a
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friend's funeral. her running mate rallied in daytona beach, florida. a state president obama won in 2008 and 2012. three officials with the democratic national committee resigned today including ceo amy gacy. former dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz already stepped down following the e-mail scandal in which the party appeared to favor hillary clinton over bernie anders. >> san francisco has dirty streets according to a visitor from texas who wrote to the president of the board of supervisors to say so. the response was unexpected to say the least. >> reporter: there is a lot to see in fisherman's wharf. if you look down, you might see this. >> dirt, bottles is not a nice situation in san francisco. >> it moved one visitor to write this letter. saying the amount of trash made
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him embarrassed to be an american. he send it to the board of supervisors president. here is the response from staff. if you're embarrassed to be an american, you're barking up the wrong tree here, buddy. why don't you write a letter to the editor of whatever town you're from if you have your panties in a bunch. he said the response came from an intern who has been told not to come back. those familiar with procedures say interns are supposed to sign their name and forward to the right department. >> in cases we respond within 48 hours, our crews will be out there picking up litter or trash. >> public works says it picked up 32000000 pounds of street trash. >> i think it's pretty clean. >> there is ht of trash.
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>> the supervisor says it's a battle. >> taking care of streets is like pushing that rock up a hill in hades. >> and the president didn't stop to talk, she agrees there is work to be done. >> do we need more trash clean up? >> of course. >> something that looks like a child's game is part of a hospital quality test. >> how it helped this 8-year-old boy breathe better. >> it was incredible. like wow. >> still ahead what michael finney did that earned a reaction like that. stay with us.
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childhood asthma can be a traumatic battle for kids. >> now a start up believes it has a way to spot coming attacks and possibly deliver faster intervention. >> eric thomas has the story.
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>> like most kids 8-year-old finn loves video games. this could help head off asthma attacks that leave him fighting for breath. >> feels like you're not really breathing and you're wheezing. >> but now, finn is part of a group helping evaluate a new device called the airis. it gauges lung function of asthma patients. the founder says it turns it into a game. kids travel in an air balloon by blowing into the device which beams to a smart phone. >> only way to get into the next level is that you have to exhale hard for a long time. >> tata can accessed by doctors and patients and he believes it could provide an early warning of changes in the lung that's can proceed an as in a attack, giving doctors a
6:41 pm
chance to potentially head it off. ucsf asthma specialist is a principle investigator and can't comment but says a system for collecting information could proceed vied valuable information. >> to be able to look at the value then we can determine how well it is controlled. >> they hope to apply for the fda for clearance providing faster care for millions suffering from asthma. the person who makes a mistake has to fix it. right sf. >> next, why one couple needed michael finney
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>> if there is a could be tough to correct it. one couple needed help from michael finney. >> this is a mistake from a booking agent but he was told too bad. life has been full of ups and downs. >> when you hear cancer you know, you freak out. after treatment doctors cleared him for the vacation. >> everything is great and we're going to have a great time. >> the couple would spend a week in hawaii with friends. that is what they thought. >> we looked at the paper work. we said wait a minute. it's the wrong island. >> it turned out the flight was to maui not kauai. he called the agent. >> he insisted no. that is what you wanted.
6:46 pm
>> not only that, they'd have to pay $1,000 more for the flight. >> i said you play back the recording and you'll see the error. >> barbara says the manager listened to the recording and admitted it was cheapo-air's mistake, still he couldn't correct it. >> i'm frustrated and thinking wait a minute, what about 7 on your side? >> so barbara contacted me. and the company stepped up. booking the couple for the same price. >> it was like, wow. >> cheapo-air did not address what happens saying it had to get approval to refund the ticket. it said cheapo-air is not the in
6:47 pm
service provider. the couple is just happy they're headed for the right island. >> i got you to think first of all. >> the work is fantastic. >> the couple says the agent didn't seem familiar and they admit they were so distracted. so when you book a flight, check it for accuracy. normally you get 24 hours to make changes. now, yesterday i aired a report at this hour explaining how to get fico score at the website many of you said the company asked for a credit card number and trial member before giving out the score.
6:48 pm
they custodied you go -- suggested you go to free credit we asked for an explanation and it said it would back to us as soon as it researched the issue. i apologize for trouble with that report. to see my reports and to get information, select 7 on your side. >> thank you so much michael. >> i wanted to take a look at the wildfire burning in the north bay right now. >> through smoke you can make out the flames there. >> we know it started in yolo county and into eastern napa.
6:49 pm
>> take a look at the video of a dc airplane. they appear to be battling the fire as much as they can. right now it is cooling a little bit. and relative humidity is still unchanged and winds remain light. hopefully, the wind will increase humidity in the next few hours. low 60s coast side and hazy in the south bay. wide range of temperatures, in
6:50 pm
the mid-80s inland ando 60s coast side. >> we have larry beil in now. he's covering sports and baseball tonight. >> if you like bizarre, i'm your man. a fan is
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with two new pitchers on the roster, the giants began a road trip to philadelphia with madison bumgartner getting shelled. you're going to learn sparky. 3-0 phillys in the second. that is crushed a three-run blast to left. brandon crawford connecting solo bomb down to five runs and just getting started. two of the bases loaded with
6:54 pm
giants for crawford again. singles up the middle scoring two more. into the right field giants erasing a lead, suddenly, a 6-6 game with craziness here. who knows what that guy was doing. giants down 7-6. hunter strickland, sheesh. this game is now tied 8-8, in the 8th. 49ers held a practice in pads and they're moving at warp speed. the competition is getting attention, it remains unclear who is going to be on the
6:55 pm
receiving end. do have preparatory smith stepping into a leadership role. >> it is wide open. and you'll have an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity. >> the guys working for the opportunity and younger guys are going to have the shot now. >> not being around players and they've shown knee growing up and taking care of the people that take care of you. you know?
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share the knowledge that was shared with me. >> pokemon go's wife christina tweeting my mic was not on. which is okay because i didn't know what's happening. patrick marlo playing pokemon go and his wife said they pulled his car over so his kids can catch a piccachu. >> got it. we'll move on. thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 a wildfire is growing near the
6:57 pm
napa and yolo county line. >> then, at 11:00 playing pokemon turned violent for one man. >> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire abc7 news team have a great evening.
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