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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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crews work around the clock to tie to begin control of the flames. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. it is thursday, august 4. more on the fire in a second, but, first, the sun is coming up and we are tracking a big cool down about to hit the bay area. mike nicco has more. >> inland, temperatures could drop 10- to 15-degrees. lesser at the coast. the water moderates the temperatures. mist and drizzle this morning in downtown san francisco. you can see the soupy marine layer from mount tamalpais temperatures are cooler this morning, low-to-mid 50s by unanimous and 56 to 74 and by 4:00, 58 to only 80 inland. alexis? >> the haze is on my south bay camera, so, san jose, 101 at 880, moving along okay on the morning side, further south of there, you will see the delay. from the 680 area and if you are
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travel south of there heading northbound, interest san jose from gilroy to morgan hill we have stop-and-go traffic and the yellow changes interest red but over all, not too bad. we will check on our drive times in a few minutes. a wildfire burning is growing and this morning there is some positive news, officials say it is now moving away from home. our reporter is near winters and yolo county. >> i just got breached by cal fire with new numbers 4,700 are the number of acres that have burned now. containment is now at continue% compared to 10%. they hope to turn a corner today on the fire and take charge. they face intense challenges. the rugged terrain is number one issue. it is burning in the same area from we years ago so they know the roads and the trails.
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the fire is burning away from homes of people so this is in dire threat to life or property. they still have mandatory evacuation in place for three dozen homes. they say they focus on the area today. >> we are working to lift evacuations around the area and to strengthen the lines around the homes. it is burning away from the area. into a more open area and that poses challenges. >> they do worry abut the unpredictable winds. they whipped up yesterday and they have so many firefighters here and why they do not get too confident. in word on the cause, but no one has been hurt at this point. >> thank you for the update, amie. >> we have new details from london we have learned the woman killed in a random knife attack was an american. another american is among the
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five injured. security is ramped up this morning, and police have the 19-year-old suspect under arrest. they say he has several mental problems. though do not think this is tied to terrorism. no wound idea life threatening injuries. >> we have breaking news from florida, a stunning view of a big-rig that is dangling over an overpass. jessica is here with the details. what is happening? >> i show you the images coming through the newsroom in the morning, the truck is d.c. eling off the side of a freeway on-ramp and you can see it is in a dangerous position the truck driver is out of there. we can tell you no one has been injured. police are trying to get this pulled back because it is in a very dangerous spot not only for cars below but there are train tracks below and we have heard this is the rail system of the city. this is going to be a big mess for the commute. the on and off-ramp is shut down
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entirely from the freeway. we are getting some reports this can take three hours to remove. it could take a while. we are leadership the truck pay have been carrying cabbage. some reports say cabinets. either way it is not hazardous but concern now is for the fuel tank in the truck. some report say it could have been come pressed when the crash happened. we are watching this in case something happens. hopefully there are no problems with the fuel tank. that is the latest here in the newsroom. >> marin county sheriff deputies are looking to see why a person died in the wilderness on mount tam. a hiker discovered someone lying motionless yesterday afternoon, a rescue team used ropes to reap the person in a ravine off hidden meadow trail. our media partner reports no immediate signs of foul play. it is believed the victim could be a hiker who fell.
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>> a northern california man has an appeal on solve -- sole media after someone vandalized his infant son's grave. he provided abc with the photos of the statues, the pray angel and a lion. he is offering to help the thief as long as he gets statues back. >> bring 'em back, you know? let's talk. we can come out here and you can membership me water my son's tree and talk about it. whatever you are going through. >> he is offering $250 reward. he posted the three on facebook and it has been viewed 278,000 times. >> convicted chinatown gang leader raymond "shrimp boy" chow faces sentencing in san francisco court over 162 organized crime charges in january including murder and racketeering, the murder conviction carries automatic life sentence. a judge has town down the appeal to have the case dismissed.
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a grand jury indicted chow and 28 others two years ago including former state senator ye. now in prison. all the man accused of death threats again the acting chief of police is going before court today. he is accused of send a tweet calling for the beheading of chief toney chaplin with the pill at $200,000. >> the man akilled of shooting and killing a san carlos woman visiting austin, texas, is in instead. authorities say the school bus driver teqnika moultrie was not the intended tar guest the suspected gunman, of 24-year-old. police arrested mccray yesterday in atlanta. teqnika moultrie was visiting the family of her fiance when she was killed on 60 the street. police believe the gun machine was aiming at someone else. all the eight-year-old who was
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molested at a concord dentist's office has filed a lawsuit. the girl is suing the clinic for unspecified damages. the oakland based dental business employed the man accused of sexually molesting her and taking pictures and video on two separate visits. the girl's suit said the employees failed to supervise the remain employee, abusing and video taping at least four gives >> remember this shocking crash? it was caught on camera? the driver is meeting the good samaritan who saved him. samaritan who saved him. >> a couple who is helping lgbt
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>> we are back with mist and drizzle. hopefully, it is not too much of a deterrent this morning or an obstacle. in the south by we will start with temperatures at 51 in los gatos and 56 in cupertino, and santa clara and san jose at 60. we have 54 in danville. san carlos and novato at 53 and san pablo is 56, and san francisco is 54.
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more mist and drizzle from emeryville camera, sailing and small craft advisory, morning dew, but a nice breeze. telephone degrees cooler inland, and tomorrow, into saturday, not much of a change. we will see in it homeds out for the weekend coming up next. >> i have more mist or drizzle on my cameras. looking at 580, southbound filling in through walnut creek and the northbound side started off with a sig-alert, sounds like a serious crash was involved but it cleared just before we went on the air at 4:30 a.m. and we have a typical crawl through the bay bridge with the car pool lane moving along and what is the original one. southbound 101 golden gate bridge at seven minutes through the toll plaza and you are okays westbound 80s continue miles for the bay bridge and 92 westbound san mateo bridge in the green at 15 minutes. >> a san francisco based company is the first in the state to offer health coverage for
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fertility treatments to lgbt employees and partners. according to the silicon valley business journal the payroll company offers $20,000 to cover fertility procedures lick in vitro. the average list of an in vitro furtherrization is $12,700. the failure rate of 75%. >> big concerns of the water in rio de janeiro ahead of the olympic games and a bay area startup reinventing the commute startup reinventing the commute is, expanding service and were get your own liquid gold. go on, git! there's gold in them thar shells.
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>> in kentucky, about 40 miles northeast of louisville, it is hard to see from the picture because it is zoomed out but there is a big-rig in the center of the highway. it is a cattle truck that overturned in the middle of the interstate. 116 baby cows were on board. we are told this some of dead. we are not sure exactly what number but many survived. dozens took off running down the middle of the interrogate through traffic and into the wooded area, and they are try to round them up and keep them safe. the driver of the big-rig was trying to round up the lose ones state police are on the scene and they are trying to get this contained before there are
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accidents. they are trying to round them up into a horse trailer that has arrived. >> chariot is expanding services in san francisco in addition to bringing commuters from noncentral neighborhoods like richmond and sunset to downtown, the private shuttle start-up will now take commuters from downtown to the same neighborhoods. chariot prides itself serving those in neighbors who do not have adequate public transportation. >> tesla has new details of the upcoming cars, elon musk confirms the next vehicle is a compact s.u.v. that is not likely to hit the market until at least 2020, coming during a disappointing anings report, the palo alto based company reported a loss of $1.36. a share. >> remember this video from florida, a car phelps nearly a dozen times? the driver inside is now talking about that experience. and meeting the good samaritan
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who saved him. the 43-year-old joe myers has no memory of the crash. doctors say he had a seizure and he owes life life to a group of people he had never met before. >> they pull me out through the sunroof because they could not open the doors, which were wedged shut. it is a miracle i am here. i am grateful to those people. >> it is unbelievable. he only had scraped and bruises from the crash. no broken bones. he said he will not drive again until doctors figure out what caused the seizure. he thanks the good samaritans after meeting them. later we will hear more from myers and his mother, starting at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> we are learning more about danger lurking in the water for olympic at lets in rio de janeiro, where a firsthand look at the raw sewage when he flew above the waterways used for the
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competition. high levels of backtoryia and other germs could endanger olympians. >> the diseases that could affect people that are exposed to the pathogens could be acute breathing like hepatitis, ear infections and worse. >> we have more information on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here. >> the trump name is beginning to disappear from a city after labor day when the former trump casino in atlantic city is going to shut down. the workers have been on strike for 34 days and the casino is losing money. the trump casino is now owned by carl icahn. >> california secretary of state is leading an effort to register latino voters for the election. this is part of the mobilizing latino vote in townhall. they hope that families will be
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well represented at the polls in november. >> it is important latinos and everyone, but especially that teens regular step and turn out and vote because our community lags in both registration rates and in turnout rates compared to everyone else. >> at 7 million voters, california has the most eligible latino voters of my state in the united states, currently latinos represent 34% of of the population but only 23 pass vote. >> someone needs to cold goldie looks because she is upstepped by this video. an adorable scene from lake tahoe. it is not dangerous. this is a mother bear and her kicks, they are having fun on the water and the beach sharing it with the other beachgoers. people tried to main tape a safe distance but they are pretty close. they wandered on to the beach,
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zipped around and took a dip. >> why do people act like it is a normal day? that dieback -- that going toward the bears... >> like yogi strolling through and checking out the picnic baskets. >> yogi can turn into a fierce mama bear any second. >> an hour and 20 minutes flight arrival delays at sfo right now because of the low clouds and drizzle. especially over the water, taking a ferry or near the coast, summer is taking a break. back to average next wee the inland east bay, look at these, upper 70s to let 80s in most neighborhoods and antioch is the warmest at 83
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degrees. in the north by, sunshine, still strong, burn factor is high and the mid-to-upper 70s and a look in the south bay where we have mid-70s to low 80s until you get to gilroy at 83 the warm spot with the air more healthy today, on the peninsula, 72 at san mateo right in the middle between 75 in redwood city and palo alto and pacifica at half moon bay in the upper 50s, and along the east bay shore, 68 in deck, to 73 inship drove and union city, and finally, the least affected is san francisco, where we have upper 50s to low 60s across the city. my seven-day forecast shows clouds and in the mits, drizzle again, tomorrow is saturday and cooler we warm on sunday and back to average by monday, tuesday, and wednesday. a lot of cloud cover in the morning the next couple of days. >> looking good this morning. nothing new on boards in the past hour. nothing currently blocking. check out the south bay. san jose is looking good.
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yesterday we had crash after crash. maybe just a little bit ofedly here on northbound 101 between 680 and 880. that is it. so far. from south of there between san martin and morgan hill, three or four miles of stop-and-go traffic and arching 19 miles per hour and we have been watching this all morning, westbound 580 from tracy through the altamont pass, again, stop-and-go traffic but nothing blocking. mass transit is just ahead. cash and kids, michael finney isancing a question of getting your children on track to save. >> dramatic rescue in the mountains of central california, the effort to save a hiker the effort to save a hiker st
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>> c.h.p. posted this video of a helicopter rescue in fresno, california, a southern california hiker got sick, had to be hoisted to safety, after getting stranded, and this happened on friday. man activated his personal location beacon that alerted first responders and they got which. the sheriff department search-and-rescue team hiked there, and stayed with the man overnight. the next morning, the c.h.p. crew flew in and lifted to
6:26 am
safety and that is the dedication of the crews. >> incredible. >> in it is time to ask michael finney, from victoria about opening a savings account. michael finney has the answer. >> i a ten. i want to open a savings account. >> victoria, you are only ten and thinking of save money? you are great. most banks over a kids' account that has low fees or in fees and no minimum deposit. all it taxis is for you and your parents to go in together and set up an account. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on the smartphone or tablet. your question could be answered right here on abc7 morning news. >> a war over wasn'ts now bring the wheels of justice to a groining halt in santa clara
6:27 am
county at court. >> and clint eastwood is coming to the defense of hillary clinton. sort -- defense of donald trump. sort of. >> and the reason that the california 9-1-1 system is having its own emergency. >> clouds and mist is what most us are dealing with unless you are up 2,600 feet where the sun is bright. where we live, that is where the real weather is, up to 12 degrees cooler today compared to - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare] lois prices from grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6 on thursday. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am feeling chilly and there is a cool down? >> yes, there is. even in san francisco, it will be cooler than yesterday. but not is dramatic as it will be inland. we not need the air condition conditioning. you can see the cloud deck, and i am standing in light drizzle to mist right now on the roof. san jose is one of cloudy areas, and at the day planner, upper 50s and upper 60s to mid-70s, coat, and bay and inland, by 4:00, in the upper 50s and low 70s around the bay and only upper 70s inland. the 90s are gone. we will look at our fires next. alexis? >> in the south bay in san jose,
6:31 am
heads up, someone lost a couch they were hauling this morning, and southbound 280 half a mile's you get to the 880 interchange. that is in the fast lane. lane win. could be already hit by a vehicle. cars are swerving. we have emergency crews on way. the california 9-1-1 system is facing an emergency. running out of money. >> katie marzullo is in san jose this morning. law enforcement officials testified saying local communities rely on state funding for the sunday snap system. that state funding is greatly deleted and it is down to $11 million. and was closer to 77 million just three years ago. the state is in the process of upgrading to a new system known
6:32 am
as next generation 9-1-1 better work with wireless callers and maintaining the two systems could cost more than $900 million according to an official. there is frustration with lawmakers. >> it is a tragedy. it is probably not because they are running out of money but the myths in sacramento have not run out of wind. the state pays for 1991 service through a tax on phone bills and the industry, hour, is pushing for that to change. they are asking lawmakers to take money from the general tass fund and from grants. a woman i spoke with said she is not worried when it comes to funding emergency services, lawmakers will find a way. the ground is shaking for northeast california and 20 earthquakes have rattled the area in the past ten hours, and the biggest hit before 10:00
6:33 am
measuring 4.5 and the biggest this morning was a 3.4 after 3:00 this morning. the sheriff said they have received no reports of injury or damage. >> san francisco police are still on the scene of an all night stand off with a suspect in the ingleside district going on new for 14 hours. the man is barricaded in a home at ocean eve. police think that he is armed. and mentally unstable. the hostage negotiators are on scene but the man is believed alone. police did mutt say why they went to the home in the first place. our crew learned he is an assault suspect. last choke, streets were closed off in the area. avoid the street off ocean avenue. >> if you details of a stabbing rampage in london last night. we have learned this morning, that the woman who died was an american. we have detail on the investigation. it was a 60-year-old american
6:34 am
woman who died and another american was among the five would were hurt but the injuries are not life threatening, terrorism has been rule out, however. there was no indication that the 19-year-old 17 was radicalized. they say he has severe mental health issues and police talked to the suspect and map's family. he lived in london for a decade, but also, grew up in norway. the attack was last night in russell square a popular part of london. all the police were screaming, stop, stop, stay but are. he turned around and continued. >> it was the biggest police response the city had seen in the square since being targeted in a bombing in the summer of 25 tollway. although terrorism has been ruled out, london is all of europe is on knowledge given recent events. this makes 600 police were added to the london streets.
6:35 am
>> in the south by, hundreds of court workers are expected to be back on the lines this morning with more than 300 court employees picketed outside the hall of justice in san jose yesterday. court operations were entirely halted. clerk offices were closed the hundreds of jurors were sent home. employees demand a raise after no increase for eight years. the court is advising thin with a court date today they should still show up just in case the case moves forward. >> san francisco, leaders representing city john tores say a tentative agreement has been reached with the maintenance group negotiating for cleaning companies. on monday, hundreds of john tores marched down market street, blocking traffic. members will vote on the new deal by tomorrow. itallys $1 an increase over the first year and additional increases over the next three
6:36 am
years. >> police in the north bay arrested a drug and alcohol counselor accused 6 drugging and sexually assaulting a teen girl. investigators say the 38-year-old brett niebergall met the girl through a social needia app. he was arrest on tuesday after searching his apartment. brett niebergall works at family family counsel soling center. he works with foster kids. this is an opportunity for police to remind families of online safety. >> i would just encourage parents of minors to make sure they know what their children are doing online and not accessing politicians that make them the victim of predators. >> the executive said brett niebergall has been suspended. he is out on bail. >> top story from yesterday morning, a deadly crash, a car went off a cliff in santa cruz mountains. the driver, 29-year-old we
6:37 am
garcia, turned himself in, the c.h.p. said that he was driving without a listen. he likely faces manslaughter charges along with felony hit-and-run accident charges a 19-year-old woman, stehpanie mo ntes decided. also, a teen girl suffered serious injuries. >> the phillips 66 refinery agreed to pay $790,000 to settle air quality complaints. this is after the bay area air quality management district fighting phillips for 87 violations from 2010-2014, a third from flames that escaped during an unlanded shut down in 2010. the fines will help pay for ininterests at local oil refineries. >> poll numbers show donald trump is slumping. democrat hillary clinton leads donald trump 49-39% in the latest fox news poll that just
6:38 am
came out. trump has not said anything about dropping out of race. however, we have learned that the g.o.p. leaders are explore their options, should trump bow out of the election. donald trump ignored the issues campaigning in florida yesterday. all the campaign is doing well. it is never been so well united the right now, it is the best in terms of being united that it has been since we began. >> while trump was in florida hillary clinton was in colorado. the form is the state slamming trump for remarks about family of a muslim american army officer killed in iraq. >> client eastwood surprising some people this morning with commons he is making about donald trump, and telling esquire magna donald trump is not racist and that americans need to "get offer it." saying "everyone is walking around on egg shells," claims racism is "overused."
6:39 am
he did not endorse donald trump but said he is on to something. >> not just hillary clinton getting getting a bump after democratic national convention but rebound is see higher approval rated at 54%. at 50% headed into the convention. the approval rating now is the highest legal since before the second inauguration. >> residents near a wildfire in the north bay can breeze easier. the flames are now moving away from homes. the cold fire is butting near lake berryessa. amy hollyfield is near winters, with the new information. >> we just got briefed by cal fire with good news. those people living in the we area can go home with the evacuation order lifted for the area three dozen homes backed by that. we have new numbers, they are saying it has burned 4,700 acres
6:40 am
up from 4,600, and they are saying it is 15% contained with a few things working in their favor. it is not a direct net to hems or people of it is burning in the same area as the fire from two years ago. they know the trails and the roads. it is still rugged. the winds can whip up in the afternoon so they are not getting too confident. >> we saw what happened yesterday afternoon and we have so many resources here boat on the ground and the air. >> the good news is the of evacuation orders are now lifting. firefighters are wanting to establish a safe line around the homes and they have done just that. they hoping to turn a corner today on the fight but it is expected to be a hot challenging day. they do not know what started the fire, and they say that no one has been hurted.
6:41 am
better news in monterey, cal fire officials say the winds are would being in their favor today, helping this gain the upper hand in battling the soberanes fire. high are humidity and lower temperatures are expected to help crews with films scorching 47,000 acres so far with containment at 27%. flames have burned 57 homes north of big sur. a camp fire initially sparked the wildfire ten days ago. >> we will see what the cold fire has firefighters dealing with. 52 a 1,900 feet. the heat is 53% and winds are calm. the winds will kick up this afternoon. staying around 13 to 15 miles per hour. pushing all the smoke back into the central valley. toward lake tahoe. yesterday, the winds kicked in for the son sob fire. the air was cleaner. in most areas. that is the case today. the mid-level winds are blowing
6:42 am
from the southwest. there could be a touch haze in the south by. right new, everyone is good to moderate, later, the forecast forego air quality, and the golden gate is getting more fog by the moment. be careful. the next few days, steady and below average. >> we okay on the roads. in san jose, northbound 280, heavy on the southbound sides of the road north of where the camera is at continue minutes ago i told you of reports of a couch in the fast lane and i heard that some vehicles were swerving to get around that, one possibly hit it and we had c.h.p. rolling law and they said though did not see anything so it is again. a couple of slow spots on our traffic ma'am if you are coming in westbound 80 through hercules, it is stop-and-go, and same in richmond to berkeley and westbound 4 coming from antioch to pittsburg and southbound 680 to walnut creek until you get to 24, no delays mass transportation it and that is another great option.
6:43 am
we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza in a few minutes. >> hundreds of jobs coming to the north bay and we will tell you where and how soon. >> a new ranking of had earthquake's most stolen cars is earthquake's most stolen cars is yours on the
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> hurricane earl made landfall in belize this is a photo taken before the eye of the storm hit
6:46 am
the coast. earl is battering the caribbean nation with 80 miles per hour wind and warnings remain in affect for belize and parts of mexico. forecasters say that earl will weaken as the storm moves across the land. people can still expect to get drenched with half rain. >> more than 50 yours after president kennedy challenged the nation to go to the moon a bay area start" is now taking on a new mission on the moon surface. the decision will sends a private company to deep space for the very first time. moon express is the first to get private permission to fly to the moon. no humans will go on mission, justify an unmanned space craft. we spoke with the cofounder, by skype and he is in cape canavaral where they are now based. >> this is the time when humanity is leave the shores of earth and all of future will
6:47 am
look back at a time we became a space species. all the maiden voyage is scheduled for late 2017. >> "now hiring," is going up at graden resort, hiring 300 people as they are ready to open a brand new he fell. the 200 room hotel will open november 15 with a pool, spa, and of course meeting and convention space. the, expansion will make graton the second largest employ employer only behind kaiser permanente. >> and now, jane king has the stocks in the money report today. >> we are higher today, jobless claims, and weekly numbers, every thursday, and they were steady and we get the big monthly report tomorrow. the bank of england cut interest rates and that is what is giving
6:48 am
us a boost on wall street today. as you mentioned, office depot is closing 300 stores, saying they have to close the stores to cut costs and move on from the failed merger with staples. most of the stores will be closing over the next few years. it will finished by 2019. on student debt, california is fought too bad. california is ranked 16th best, 4th best over all for lowest average amount of student debt. most of the best debt states were in the west, including utah at one. if you are driving a 1996 accord, look in the drive to make sure it is this, the monday coors were stolen more than any other car brand, with 52,000 times in 2015. in 1996, that was the model year that was the most in demand according to the thieves and honda was the top 2 positions
6:49 am
and smaller civic was in second place. >> now, jane, we are talking about branding and back school supplies. >> if you live or plan on going anywhere near san francisco golden gate park which weekend, start praising now for big crowds. >> it is the outside lands fast value kicking off the these day celebration tomorrow. tens of thousands of people are expected to show up, and radiohead, lcd sound system are headlining, commuters closures e sunset and richmond district. >> i am the original one excited about lionel richie? >> a lot of people are. i want "all night long." and "dancing on the careering
6:50 am
ceiling." >> good morning, everyone, san francisco temperatures show outside this is what will happen each morning at 53 to 55 and then sun in the afternoon and upper 50s to low 60s like the video from last year. her take as break with temperatures cool you are and we have to wait until next week when they get back to average, clouds and drizzle and breezy again, same area as yesterday, from 2:00 to 11:00, this afternoon, and evening, west winds up to 24 to 38 miles per hour and north of the bay bridge through the tell a.t.m. the winds are keeping the clouds around longer with plenty of cloud cover in the north bay in 101 and in the bay by noon and then the clouds will hang around through 5:00, and we will see what it does to the temperatures, cooler-than-average in the south bay with mid-to-upper 70s and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy in the local 80s and on the peninsula, 6 in millbrae, and only low 60s in downtown
6:51 am
san francisco and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valleys and mid-60s to low 70s for most of the east bay and as you move in, upper 70s to mid-80s a refresh change. my seven-day forecast shows cooler tomorrow, and saturday, and a little bit of a bump of faster sunshine on sunday with the 60s, 80s, and 90s by tuesday. that is average. >> a last clouds on my traffic cameras. a lot of traffic. pretty much just carl pool lanes -- car pool lanes are moving. everyone is inching along. two problems in the south bay: northbound 87 before 280. we have reports of a disable wreck blocking last center lynn. folks are swerving around it. there is a backup at a meal to two miles. there is delay behind it. north of there, northbound 101 before matilda a on car crash. one vehicle hit the guardrail
6:52 am
and the far right lane is ed. >> cheers to happier marriage, a study finds couple would drink telling stay together. republican ares say an occasional glass of wine or beer may not be exact the key to a happy marriage but it is a key to less irritated marriage. the study surveyed drinking habits of those 50 and older and those would had just one drink a year were more likely to say their partner does not let them done, get on their nerves or criticize them. however, in the study, when only the wife drank ahelp, -- alone it was...a lot worse. they have to do it together. that is i am saying. >> is this the wine or are you less irritating?
6:53 am
less irritating? >> stay tuned.
6:54 am
>> if you are heading outdoor here are the seven things you need to know. a half hour from now, hundreds of court workers are expected to return to the pick account line outside of the hall of justice in san jose. the strike halted most court operations yesterday. employees you are demanding a raise after no pay increases for eight years.
6:55 am
>> raymond "shrimp boy" chow will be formally sentenced today. he was convicted of 150 federal charges in a political corruption days including murder with automatic life sentence. >> authorities now say that the woman killed in a london knife attack was an american. another american was among the five others hurt. police say this is no evidence the 19-year-old suspect was motivated by terror. >> firefighters are battling the cold fire near lake berryessa and hoping for calm are winds. it is now burns 4,700 acres sin tuesday and only 15% contained. >> cries are working to pull the dangling semi truck from an interrogate in boca raton, florida, with the concern that the fuel could spill on the train tracks below. they have stopped all commuter trains. >> you are expensing more mist and drizzle this morning and temperatures are anywhere from 2-12 degrees cooler from the cost inland. it has been quiet until 15 minutes ago and we have a
6:56 am
problem before 280 in san jose disabled vehicle moved off the shoulder but we still have three mile backup. we continue now online and twitter and facebook. >> if you enjoyed the cooler weather enjoy the afternoon. see you 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a deadly knife attack in london. an american woman killed. five others wounded in a popular tourist spot. authorities now looking for links to terror as security steps up across the city. chaos in the trump campaign as trump splits with his running mate over a key endorsement and faces more bad news in the polls. but trump insists he's never been better. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> what trump's campaign is saying this morning. his campaign chair is joining us live. the murder mystery in new york. a young jogger disappears after going alone on a path that she normally ran with her dad. killed in broad daylight. her body discovered feet from the road. the massive manhunt now under way. and the major new concern in rio as abc news tests the water where 1,400 athletes a


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