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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and this is not the first time the mayor had been in trouble with the law. the mayor participated in a booze-filled game at a camp for kids according to the arrest this morning. >> this didn't have to result in an arrest. they've been talking about this for a year, they can make a call and say we're going to have a court date in august. >> charges include felony eavesdropping, misdemeanor sale of alcohol to a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child endangerment. the allegations stem from the stem if a strip poker game at camp last summer. the audio was confiscated by the fbi. according to the d.a., it
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contains a conversation between participants involved in a strip poker game. the conversation indicated they were naked, one of the participants was a 16-year-old male. in all, investigators say they found 23 photos and four clips related to teen hz in the camp. another investigator said he had cameras and jasmine green says her 17-year-old thought about going this year but decided not to. >> my daughter was going to the camp. she got a bad vibe. she didn't want to go. >> the district attorney is renewing a push to test untested rape kits in calling for an end to the backlogs. it's estimated half a million
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have never been tested. >> then, the woman is retraumatized going through the kit. can you imagine of trauma of having that rape kit sit on a shelf for years? >> two years ago, an i team investigation uncovered thousands of rape kits and police have tested hundreds of backlogged kits. a fire in pittsburgh damaging two houses this afternoon has been extinguished. the fire started in the electrical box of a home near stone harbor drive. it spread to the garage and house next door. firefighters were able to put the fires out within an hour. the people inside of the home escaped without being hurt. the cause is under investigation. sky 7 shows you a rescue on
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a naval ship this afternoon. here, you can see temperatures carrying a dock worker out of the ship on to a gurney and a waiting ambulance. he slipped and fell about 10 feet on the naval ship guadalupe. the fire department tweeted video of the rescue. crews use theed a rope system and the victim is in the hospital with moderate injuries but should be okay. police in livermore are trying to find a vandal or vandals who damaged a wall honoring veterans. it happened at v.f.w.building. the picture is from ron gillett. our media partners report at least 14 bricks commemorating the service were knocked out. damage estimated at about a thousand dollars. police have no leads and no information on a possible motive at this point. >> a former chinatown gang leaders will spend his life in
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prison. the sentence is handed down in a wide ranging corruption case that took down a senate senator. yee pled guilty to racketeering charges and is now in prison and due to be released in 2020. he said he will appeal the sentence handed down today for 162 charges including murder, conspiracy, and racketeering. in the room, the sentence was delivered and joins us now, live from the newsroom. melanie? >> reporter: the government said life sentence was not only mandated but appropriate. raymond chow's girlfriend called today the beginning not the end. raymond shrimp boy chow's life sentence follows a massive investigation that netted 29 people, including former state senator leland yee. a jury convicted chow on racketeering, conspiracy and
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murder. the judge said the most-powerful evidence for sentencing included recordings as well as his own declaration he is not going to change. >> raymond changed his life. he's in the changing back. that is an example. >> after released from prison, supporters say he mentors hundreds of teens. >> he made kids want to make better choices. >> but the government and judge said it was overshadowed for a quest for power, one agent testified he gave chou cash for arranging illegal activities. chow thought the money was a sign of respect. >> in my own community, my
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elders put money in my pocket all the time. >> chow said he had problems with his attorneys and said i'm in the apologizing to the victim. i feel sorry for them because they didn't get the right guy. his girlfriend says he will appeal. >> we'll be able to have a better team with us and go forward. >> the judge called the investigation appropriate. the judge said he'd leave it to the federal bureau of prisons to die. >> two baby was zika related birth defects were born in california. both mothers were infected overseas and both babies survived. to date there are 114 travel-associated zika cases in california and 21 involve pregnant women. 1800 people have been infected
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with the virus. that includes 500 pregnant women. it's not zika, but west nile virus that is prompting mosquito spraying in parts of atherton. praying starts at 9:00 tonight and the treatment area is south of 84 around alameda avenue and austin avenue. two cats killed by coyotes in the past week have neighbors understandably on edge in a west san jess yeah neighborhood. but more disturbed after seeing surveillance video of the coyotes stalking the pray in their backyard. why no one is helping address this problem. >> in south san jose, coyotes are turning house cats into their food supply. in this case, coyotes are moving
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deeper into urban areas. at 1:00 in the morning, a surveillance camera caught two coyotes stalking luna, the cat. the kill happened just out of view of the camera. >> we learned of it. a phone call woke us up from our next door neighbor who found our cat. that dead, and half eaten. >> the last known killing was a month ago. >> it's devastating because we just heard of another neighbor found just a couple days ago. >> the video is shocking to whitney. >> they were out there 15 minutes after they
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and killed it. >> julie st. gregory, spokesperson for animal care says coyotes aren't going away so best advice is keeping cats inside or build what is called a cateo, an enclosure. >> you want your cat to be happy. to do that, if you build something like this, you have a solution, for everybody. >> animal care doesn't respond to coyotes. state wildlife says it intervenes only if a human is bitten. a toxic problem is spreading across northern california. it's blamed for the death of a dog. >> at 6:00 tonight, how to protect yourself from toxic algae blooms. >> if you don't like to spend a lot of money to be in a crowd of people. >> bringing in thousands of people, but what about the ones who already live here? next, a look at the neighborhood
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that hosts outside lands. low clouds, fog, and a drizzly chill. >> from apartment listings to glasses of wine and portable power, who is benefitting from
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who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. 80 artists and nearly a quarter million people. it starts again, tomorrow. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley joins us live with a look at what it takes to put on the show.
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leslie? >> right here, radiohead and lionel ritchie will headline on that stage starting >> this is a destination for artists and fans and we sold out in 45 minutes. >> tickets cost $375 for a three-day pass. once selling out a single day pass was $400. many rely on shuttles, bikes, uber and lyft. >> i try to avoid it. i don't like to spend a lot of money to be in a crowd of people. >> some said they were able to
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rent out their houses for four times. >> the festivals are very big and crowded. i can't afford a three-day pass. it's in walking distance to my house. >> half of the fans are coming from out of town. they pump $50 million into the san francisco economy. air bnb says they command a 400% and this year, new cell towers are set up. >> we have capacity to serve these selfies, pokemon go and era of snap chats. >> 60 bands are performing on a new l.e.d.-lit main stage. in golden gate park, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> good news for fans of one of san francisco's oldest gay bars. the stud bar has been in danger of closing since the owner saw
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the rent jump 300%. but a coalition have banded together and announced they're close to being able to buy the bar. >> this is allows us to bring it into the night life of san francisco. san francisco is changing and we want to be able to meet the needs and maintain a vibrant space. >> the co-op includes workers, performers and a newspaper editor. a marine science laboratory is celebrating it's $50 anniversary this week. and chris nguyen is live with the projects they've been working on. >> reporter: this is a world class operation in the heart of monterey bay. after speaking with students and
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staff, it's clear they're passionate about the work they're doing. >> climate change is a big issue. a lot of them are trying to understand what that is. >> reporter: seven cal state campuses are dedicated to studying marine sciences. >> people who live on land don't understand how important the oceans are to their live. >> reporter: the program is known internationally for hands on approach to research. right now, faculty members are looking at whales. this has been a growing number of cases where they have been struck by boats. researchers are determining why they aren't able to react. >> might be swimming capabilities. >> scientists are focused on
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aqua culture, michael graham says more needs to be done to get the u.s. up to par with other countries. >> we want to look at nutritional values. >> and if so, focus on the future that will guide the campus another 50 years. >> so called colt fire is only 15% contained. winds tonight are a big concern to firefighters and could cause the fire to grow. the sobramnes fire grew to every 51,000 acres. it's only 27 contained two weeks after it started. saturday's planned half marathon
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has now been cancelled because of the unhealthy smoke lingering in the air. >> well, weather here is chafrmging a bit. >> it is very cool. >> this does not feel like august, does it? dreary and cheshg out the temperatures, it's 11 degrees cooler in fairfield. 12 degrees in concord. 15 in lever more. this is a view from our camera, looking over the bay.
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72 in morgan hill. this is the view looking eastward from our south beach camera. cloudy skies, and 65 in santa rosa now. and 67 in livermore. one more view, you can see morning, overcast and drizzle are likely. below average temperatures and overnight, locally inland, low temperatures in the mid-50s. notice the push by 5:00 tomorrow morning there will be reduced visibility and probably damp spots. by mid day, we'll see low clouds and fog giving us a mild and
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sunny day inland. low to mid-80s inland. saturday is cooler and sunday, a hint of warmer days still to come. highs mid to upper 70s and low to mid-70s on the peninsula. and inland east bay, will be our warmest tomorrow, highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday and then, there will be a drop off in temperatures later next
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bay area's business watch, the goal of a new algorithm, the social media giant introduced today. facebook defines click bait as headlines that tend to mislead viewers. you have probablily taken the bait. i know i have. it will make quick bait headlines less prevalent. intel is recalling it's fitness watch because it can overheat and burn people. so the santa clara company is recalling all of the watches and will stop technical support in december. today, intel's stock barely moved. >> california's antiquated 911 system is due for an overhaul. lawmakers will need to approve
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$900 million calling for revamping the 1980s era infrastructure to accept text for help as well as videos. the new system may reduce human errors made by >> plans come as the state's 911 system faces a crisis. many communities rely on money from the state to keep the mrg systems running. california has $11 million in it's fund and l.a. time reports it's down from $77 million just three years ago. >> the mayor of san francisco wants to eliminate traffic fatalities in the city. >> the short term goals he's set to reach that deadline.
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>> toxic algae is blooming in a north bay winner. >> until now, if you want owe use a mass transit clipper card you had to pay. but not
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thr warnings along sonoma county beaches tonight about toxic algae. >> it is growing past guerneville. rafting on the russian river draws families looking for adventures. olivia is visiting from ohio. she says the russian river is a far cry from rivers back east. >> totally different water quality this, is super clear. we can tell it's amazingly green. looks great. >> most of the water is clear, but river visitors may notice sticky green stuff growing along the banks.
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sonoma county health officials posted signs here, warning about the toxic algae and importance of keeping children, and pets away from it. >> dogs are really drawn to it. they're the ones at greatest risk because they'll eat. >> it last year a dog died after ingesting the algae. >> right now, the levels are very low. it's safe for families with young kids as long as they exercise healthy water habits. >> these signs echo the advice and remind families to rinse off with clean water after river fun. the health department
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the algae but keep kids and away from this toxic algae. >> two details are emerging about the american stabbing attack in london. darlene horton died, five others were wounded when a teenager with a knife started attacking people in russell square. a hiker found on on mount tamalpais has been identified, as a doctor specializing with patients with high risk pregnancies telling his family he would be hiking yesterday afternoon. another hiker found his body 50 feet down a ravine off hidden meadow trail. officials say there is no indication of foul play. >> san francisco's mayor is ordering city agencies to speed up projects that improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians,
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focusing on 7th and 8th streets. two cyclists have been killed in that area in three years. the latest in june. the mayor wants safety improvements there and calls for traffic calming on jfk drive in six months. as the new school year approaches, an alarming statistic is out that says that only assaulted report to it police. prosecutors and police teamed up with local colleges that took part in training, focusing on resources for victims of sexual
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assault. >> it does not mean we should not collect forensic evidence. >> local colleges and universities adopted a hash tag no consent, no excuse. >> there is no word yet if strike will continue. the walkout prompted long lines as work slows to a crawl. >> here yesterday, and standing in line. the sheriff says there is a strike. so if you're taking care of tickets you're not going to be able to take care of it today. >> 280 employees say they haven't gotten a raise in eight years. >> july turned out to be the best fund raising month yet for donald trump. his campaign raised $80 million. still, that is less than hillary clinton who brought in $90
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million in july. trump claims his opponent is weak on security issued. >> we're supposed to be briefed and i'm saying you can't brief her. you can't brief her. let's protest. >> secret service agents rushed the stage as animal rights activists interrupted her. they were escorted out and clinton acknowledged them as they left. >> these people are here to protest trump because trump and his kids killed a lot of animals. thank you for making that point. >> a new poll finds clinton with a 15-point lead over trump, her largest yet over her opponent since may. results if the maris institute poll showed it is both because clinton is gaining and trump, falling. the split is now 48% to 33%. margin of error, 3%. >> president obama weighed in on the election during a wide ranging news conference this
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afternoon which we broadcast life. the president addressed a comment trump made that the general election was rigged. >> the federal government doesn't run the election process. states and cities and communities across the country are the ones who set up the systems and voting booths. >> today, president obama turned 55. and michelle obama writing the smile still gets me every day. he was 47 to take office. donald trump is 70 and hillary clinton is 68. >> stay with us, mikes yil finney is helping protect you from fraud. >> how he helped change security of the clipper card sis tichl. >> pokemon go changed things.
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>> still ahead, who is enjoying the perks
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>> they arrested the 26-year-old man inside for possession. >> there >> this is a major change that was first put into >> i said goodbye to this and cancelled his card but then, a shock. >> i was being made to pay about
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$22 of bogus charges run up by thief clipper said bruce had to pay for the rides. clipper pointed to the agreement. >> i mean, what parallel universe is that all right? >> he took it to dave cortese. >> people have been victimized and running up fares he took the issue to the commission which voted to change the rule. agencies will absorb charges. it took a year to get the agencies on board to cross the
6:41 pm
t's and dot a's but now, it's official. the agreement says customers are only responsible until reporting a missing car. >> score one for good guys. i'm glad they did the right thing and i do appreciate channel 7. >> clippers planning to update the old system, me that could take years, and i want to hear from you at 415-954-8151 and you can reach me on my facebook page. >> thank you. >> the game pokemon go is still near the top of the charts for
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apple. >> how it could help build houses.
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the bay area tech innovators are learning about the ways pokemon is hitting it big. we found employees at trulia searching for a golden egg. >> we have a map. >> the makers of this house hunting app build a way to use it for pokemon hunting. they mapped habitats. >> it's essential to understand including pokey stop. >> it's where they can make apartments go like hot cakes. >> people are highlighting if you rent this case you never have to collect the balls.
6:46 pm
>> now, revel has data on how good. >> we've seen if there is a pokemon go stop that day. >> you might find your phone begging for power. >> pokemon killed my battery. >> using graphics and a camera. >> it's terrible. >> sean signed foup for a portable phone charger. >> we never imagined a game to change things the way it has. we've seen a 45% increase in usage since it launched. >> a big boost to business, and the places where players can now power up. >> so you're in this line bar because of this? >> that is correct. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the internet is getting
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faster. the average down load speed is 50 megabits per second according to speed test. and said 8 million tests are run every day. >> it got gloomy and drizzly here today. >> someplaces more than just a little bloomy. over the bay, it's chilly and i mean chilly. tomorrow, we'll see high temperatures upper 50s at the coast and low 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast monday, tuesday, we'll see upper 80s and low 90s
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inland. two days and it's dreary. >> who says you can't go home again? >> right. larry beil has a return guest appearance on espn sports center. >> here is a bit of larry. >> one team will be likely >> he worked for six years until arriving in 2001. >> will be back on sports center tonight at tomorrow night at 10:00. >> way to go. >> yes. >> before he was at espn we worked in honolulu together and now, end up at abc7. coco chris made an amazing
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giants trying to avoid being swept by the phillys. check out this grab by fans. san francisco took a lead in the first. and a single starts the moore was striking out seven and he gets a counter part. the phillys had bases loaded it's 3-2 thanks in part to this
6:53 pm
first hit. giants win 3-2. redemption for a solo home run, let's go, a's. rookie ryan sealy crushes this pinch. a three-run shot puts u.s. on top 5-2. a wild pitch and a score. this game is tied at
6:54 pm
chris doubled off the right field wall and now a's lead angels 6-5. >> there are questions facing this year's 49ers team. after missing 2014 because of knee reconstruction. yesterday he was rewarded with a four-year, $43 million contract extension. his ability to come back from what could have been a year ending injury. he says he's living proof hard work can pay off. >> when i do this, you want to hear guys say you deserve it. and when they say that to me it keeps mow at this time ti vating me. just to show guys it's possible. you have to put the work in it. go out there. and do your
6:55 pm
in 23 games, he threw for 5300 yards and bears opened season against hawaii alabama is ranked number one. and russell westbrook is going to stick around oklahoma the two have not salt down and talked. hard feelings there.
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this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply >> police say this is a suspect and the warning is for the incoming class. >> then at 11:00 a bay area war memorial without rage from veterans and search for the person responsible. >> tonight at 8:00 it's battle bots followed by greatest hits at 9:00. >> and on jimmy kim yil live, actors morgan freeman. >> that is this edition. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> we'll see you tonight at 9:00
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