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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 5:00 a.m. more important, it is friday. i am reggie aqui. >> i am a natasha zouves. >> i had to use my windshield wipers this morning. >> i did several times. drizzle is heavier today. it is more widespread. it will affect more of us in the commute. it will be and all the way through 9:00. possibly even 10:00. temperatures are the same this morning. notice by noon we are dry but, still, a lingering cloud like yesterday, 59 to 71. clouds will open up and the cost will have a shift at 60 to 80 inland. this evening, grab a jacket, 57 at the coast to 72 inland. >> we have a new problem in the richmond area, just got a map put together, and we are confirm ing a few more details and eastbound 580 between regatta and marina approaching the 80 merge we have a two-car crash and a vehicle on the
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shoulder with the other vehicle blocking lane one. find out how serious that is with an update in a few minutes. >> new this morning, a play on the praise black lives matter has some members of the san francisco police department facing criticism. the controversy is over a photo published in the san francisco police department union newsletter, two labs the black one has a sign black labs matter and the white one, "all labs matter." next to the image maybe it is time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric and it was sent by someone named esther wood as union supporter but the photo is doing anything but bringing levity and many are saying it is insensitive to the black lives matter movement where supporters are feel the black community is disproportionately profiled and killed by profiled and.
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the backlash comes from in the department with the group that representing black and other nonwhite officers told the "san francisco chronicle" it show as lack of understanding and is inflammatory. the department is currently being reviewed by the justice department follow be the police shootings of several black men and women. >> if you live in san jose, the city wants you to download an app h app in change for cash prices with the goal to make differenting safer and to save fuel. that depends on how you use it. our reporter is here to explain. >> good morning, natasha, in theory it could help drive safer but technology can be used for good and sometimes not. hopefully it is not used to gun red lights. an interesting idea you can download and test it for yourself. here is video from signals, the company that is partnering with
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the city of san jose's department of transportation. they want people to download then lightened app to test it. makers say it predicts wren a light will turn green and a few seconds before it changes, the app on the phone chimes to tell you the light is about to change. that is also letting drivers no how long they have to wait when they stop at a red light. the goal is to help people dial more fuel efficiency. if you participate in the traffic study you must drive regularly in san jose have iphone 5s or later and drive a 2008 or later model vehicle. if you complete the constituteddedly is a $1,000 grand prize, car dealing packages and amazon and uber gift cars. drivers who participate in the study will have a plug in data collection device put in their car so that the makers of the app can use the data to help improve it. the study is expected to last
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six months. >> that is interesting. >> the california department of public health said that two backs have been born in the state with zika-related birth defects. two sources confirm one of the new mothers who has had zika gave birth to a baby at alta bates in berkeley a couple of months ago. the infant was born with microcephaly where the shed smaller than normal because the brain does not develop properly. this is no treatment. the women were infected in countries where zika is endemic. >> a drug and alcohol counselor accuse evidence drugging and sexual assaulting a teen girl will appear in court today. petaluma police arrested the 38-year-old brett niebergall on tuesday after certain his apartment. investigators say he connected with a 16-year-old through social media before meeting at his home last saturday. brett niebergall worked at family services add a leader recovery counselor and has been
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suspend pending the investigation. >> the power is back on after a large pg&e outage starting at 5:30 yesterday afternoon, at its peak, 20,000 customers in the south of market area were in the $. pg&e told abc7 that it is still trying to figure out the cause. >> super bowl 50 did not pay off for san francisco street vendors so the city is now trying to make up for the loss. the 158 street artists impacted by the have been party at the plaza are getting $590 each. artists contend they lost $2,500 each during the super bowl event. artists were moved from the normal spot because the plaza was closed as part of market street. >> politics now, donald trump will campaign in wisconsin will campaign in wisconsin today, the home state of endorse. this is the extreme difference
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we have seen so far, the survey shows that hillary clinton leading donald trump 48% to 33% and that is a 15-point spread. other surveys show closer to 9% and president obama referenced the poll when he took trust to task saying the november election will be "rigged." hillary clinton is going to be in washington, dc, speaking to the national association of black journalists. >> some of you my have taken off today or made plans to get as far away from the park as you can, because it is the outside lands music fest kicking off today, and the bay area is ready to rock. >> radiohead, radiohead. >> that is right, radiohead, muppet fans, lionel richie and
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duran duran are a few of the bands playing. we were at polo field at one of the four stages. gates open at 11:00 a.m. with several road closures and tens of thousands are expected to attend. plan accordingly. >> i forgot the money -- are performing. >> good morning, everyone, here is what is going on with the outside lands music fest coming up in the next weather segment. in the north bay, a lost mid-50s and patchy drizzle closer to the san pablo bay, temperatures running in the mid-to-upper 50s and in newark and san jose around 50. as we head through the weekend, no summer warmth, we are as warm as 84 in antioch and fairfield and livermore, clear lake is warm at 90 and everyone else is in the 60 and 70s. tomorrow, it will be pleasant, 60s around the bay, 70s and
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80s inland, and closer to average on sunday. in the seven-day forecast? >> in richmond, we got off the phone with c.h.p. and they confirmed eastbound 580 before you get to the 80 merge, there was a fender bender collision with a vehicle making it to the shoulder and the other is blocking at last a lane and possibly two lanes so working or more details the other problem is eastbound 80 beyond the toll plaza on the cartinez bridge a disabled vehicle in the clearing stages and a slit delay. new trouble for the man would shot and killed trayvon martin. next, george zimmerman was purged. >> cashing in on the pokemon go craze and how technical innovators are using it to sell innovators are using it to sell everything from
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, cam bowl and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. look at damage caused by a tornado that made its way through new orleans, with three buildings collapsing, and two people went to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries caused bit storm. yesterday, the tornado had winded clocked at 80 miles per hour. >> pictures from italy, showing the incredible story, a cargo plane blocking a highway. do you see this?
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a snapshot taken by a driver. the jet skidded off the runway in milan and broke through the fence that separates the airport from a highway. this morning, the mishap forced the airport to close for two hours and other flights were diverted to airplanes in milan. no one was hurt. plane just arrived from paris. >> george zimmerman, you remember the map who shot up articleed teen trayvon martin was purged in the face. in a 9-1-1 call, george zimmerman said he was talking about shooting to people seated at a table, and a man overher the conversation, walked over, and asked him if he was dragging about it and, then, the man punched george zimmerman. other patrons in the strength confirmed that it did sound like george zimmerman was dragging about the killing. >> there is an alarming new stat that said only 5% of women sexually assaulted on college
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campuses report the assault to police. the period from the stat of school year until thanksgiving day is none as the red zone, where we see the most cases of sexual assault. to raise awareness, the prosecutors and police are teaming up with colleges that are local and focus on making resources available for victims of sexual assault, and even in they are not ready to press charges. >> it does not mean you do not need services and we should not collect evidence in case at a later date she decided she wants to prosecute the case. >> local colleges and universals have adopt the # #noconsent,noexcuse. >> ifyouareheadingtosantacruzto b ettheheat. you cannot drive through los gatos. on a map we will show you where south santa cruz avenue is going to be closed every weekend through labor day. the news group reported that the city council voted to close that short cut around bottlenecks on
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highway 17. >> a consumer group said california drivers are getting ripped off by oil companies. curing to consumer watch dog, the gasoline prices are the lowest in the country but the group said this is usually an 88 cent difference between the wholesale price and what you pay at pump, and oil companies keep pumped prices artificially high, and the companies claim that market forces keep the cost of gasoline high. >> catch 'em all. it could be a game but the craze over pokemon go is working its way interest more parts of real world as our reporter discovered, the bay area tech innovators are showing how pokemon go is good for business. >> in east are we found employee s searching the office for golden eggs. lately they are looking for something else, we have an interactive map, a way to use it
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for pokemon hunting, with the schools and grass and fire stayings and cools habitats for different pokemon. >> you look for where you will live next it is essential to understand all of different local as expects. >> including pokemon stops? >> absolutely. thai is where players stock up on virtual supplies, such as apartments going like hot cakes. >> people highlight if you rent this space you are at a stop so you do not have to worry about colleague the balls. all the stops are good forers including this point of sale system has data on how good. >> we have seen in there is a pokemon go stop in the area or around the store there is 10% increase. in sales. in that restaurant. >> when you are hunting for pokemon go you may not be the only one who is hungry, the must important partner, your phone, could be budgeting for power. >> g.p.s. and the camera, it is terrible. >> john signed up for the
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portable phone charges that subscribers can borrow at bars and restaurant made by a local start-up a boost to their business and to the thousand-plus places where the players can now power up. >> i love look at the pokemon. >> pokemon. >> pokemon. >> natasha hates when people "pokemon," incorrectly. >> good morning, everyone, walnut creek is one of areas where you have the patchy drizzle with the cloud deck over the mountains and morning drizzle and afternoon sunshine and again tonight keeping us below average until next week when the summer warmth is back. getting ready for drizzle, and, in fact, it is the thick of the all week coating our streets and highways and we will do that through 9:00, we have clouds by noon, and the winds will shift
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with clearing as we head into the afternoon hours, more sunshine than yesterday, but, with the drizzle or clouds, temperatures will hit in the same ballpark, and that is mid-to-upper 70s for the south bay, san jose at 76, and deeper, morgan hill and gilroy is 80 and up the ifence that from mid-70s to 68 and milbrae, low-to-mid 60s along the coast and the downtown area and south san francisco, and sauce least, and as you head into outside lands music fest 56 and mostly cloudy as noon and clearing at 3:00, 60s and a cool breeze and drizzle developing this evening with temperatures in the 50s. mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valley and east bay more from 66 at berkeley to newark at 74. our last stop, 76 in men and brentwood is 86. my seven-day forecast shows cool weather hanging around and warmer on sunday. >> sounds like quote have a major problem for marin county this morning, southbound 101 in sausalito, got reports of a new crash involving two vehicles, one of those has nipped on its
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side and blocking the slow lane so the far right lane on southbound 101 is at spencer avenue on-ramp is we will make phone calls to find out how serious it is, so that will always take a while to clean up to be cleared. we still have this problem in the richmond area, eastbound 580 between regatta and marina, involving two vehicles with the far last lane blocked. that is a blocking incident not seeing any delay from that so far this morning in the bay bridge toll plaza, slowly by surely starting to fill in. update on the flipped vehicle on southbound 101 in a few minutes. >> former 49ers oaklander is enshrined into the pro football hall of fame in ohio, receiving his gold jack ceremony. jerry rice will attend.
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>> murder mystery in new york city. >> a young woman out for a jog was found dead just blocks away from her home. here are the details in the "first look." >> this morning in "first look," the hunt for a killer, police continue scouring the jogging path where the woman according to police was sexually assaulted and then murdered on tuesday. the detectives describe what may have been a case of stranger rape, and desperate to find any clues that could lead them to the person who attacked the neither-year-old in brad daylight running a trail blocks from her home. show want out for a run on the path at 5 o'clock on tuesday was found by her father, 15' off the shoulder face ground in the grass strangled. >> my concern is in it is someone that lives in the area he could do it again. >> officials say that d.n.a. evidence found at the scene could be the best answer. we will have more on the investigation at 7:00 a.m.
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a rare copy of superman's 19389 comic book day but sold at auction for nearly $1 million. >> the copy of the comic number one is one of 100 copies 15 to exist. >> the original cover price was 10 cents. the new owner is remaining anonymous. >> seven things you need to know as you start director -- your day. >> adele is making headlines after a weekend in the bay area. >> apple sells phones and >> apple sells phones and computers and is
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the more was infected with zika when she gave birth at alta bates a couple of months ago. >> stockton mayor silva is under increasing pressure to resign after being accused of playing strip poker with children at his summer camp. silva's first date is scheduled for august 16. >> three, a georgia father is facing involuntary manslaughter charges after his twin babies died in his s.u.v. the officers say the father tried to cool the girls off in a poole year. >> four, santa clara county court employees are pounding the pavement today for day three of their strange. they want to raise the work stoppage that is shutting down all court businesses. >> check out view from emeryville with low clouds and drizzle making a misty morning with oakland average and the rest us from 6-9 degree cooler-than-average. i will let you know in it will last. eastbound 580, between regatta
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and marina boulevard in richmond all lanes were blocked to clear an incident. they got all lanes back open a couple of minutes moment oozing and the backup will unwind and another crash southbound 101 with details in a few. >> seven, a rare sight in southern oregon, two new leters of gray wolf pups have been spotted and oregon fish and wildlife said the breed was nearly driven to extinction in the 190s apple will start selling solar power. federal energy regulators approved the election to sell power from the sun at market rates. last year, apple invested $850 million in the california solar project in monterey county and generated enough energy to generate tens of thursday of homes. apple has applied to sell excess electricity on the roof of the new space ship campus which is under construction. >> elvis plans get a chance to see the king's old roadster now fully restored.
5:26 am
bmw spend two areas repairing it back to the original factory specification to the original color, white. he bought it when he was at the station in germany, and painted it red. it will be on display in pebble beach august 21. >> she won an oscar, ten grammys , the 9th highest paid celebrity last year and she shopped at h&m. adele still has the same problems all of us have, even embarrassing problems. ♪ from the other side >> additional was at h&m and her credit card got "declined." that is what show told the sold out crowd on sunday according to the mirror.
5:27 am
if you were out there is saw the concert, please confirm it. she was mortifyied but she said no one recognized her. to make it worse, her dog got into a fight as she left the store and she was lobbying the store without her h&m clothing. so many shocks things involved in that. >> i like she combines low and hide. >> i am just surprised. i thought she was a niemann's kind girl and surprised she had the dog with her and further surprised that no one recognized her. >> right. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including the reason your pg&e bill could be going down days after rates were raised. >> take a close look at this >> take a close look at this surveillance video and the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i am natasha zouves. >> we made it to the end of the week. i am reggie aqui. it is august 5. this is not a major rain. >> this is dip california of summertime drizzle. we get the lowest amount of measurable rain. you may need to take an umbrella just in case. you can see the low clouds and drizzle falling on san francisco, and temperatures today are going to start in the 50s in the at lunch, 59 at the coast and 66 around the bay and 71 inland and end up in the 60s and 70s and 80s by 4:00. southbound 101 in sausalito area, we have a vehicle on its side, on southbound 101, right around center avenue on-ramp, a little bit of a delay is starting to build this so you can see the green changing to yellow and a tow truck is on the way.
5:31 am
an update with conditions around the golden gate bridge, and you could understand why the crash happened. in a few minutes. >> we are learning two wednesday were born -- two babies were born with zika related birth defect including in the bay area. jessica castro has the details. >> we have learned the baby with zika related birth defects was born at alta bates in berkeley. the philipine was born a couple of months ago. the state department of public health announced yesterday that two backs born in california have zika related microcephaly after their mothers spent time in countries with zika endome ice-- endemic. the head is smaller than normal because the brain does not develop properly. there is no risk to the public. >> mosquitoes that carry the virus have been found in 12 california counties, there is in evidence the mosquitoes transmitting zika in the state at this time. >> public health have confirms 114 zika infections associated
5:32 am
with travel in the state of california. 21 of the patients were pregnant women. officials continue to urge pregnant women to avoid travel to places where then zika cases. >> a novato company that main teas electronic medical records for dozens of has paid a ransom for their records. the company was hacked july 26. since that time, the doctor whose depend on the company have been unable to access patient records. the company clients include several medical groups and county public health clinics and saying it does not appear that patient data was compromised. >> if you did not get tickets in the first 45 minutes you did not get tickets. even if you are not going to hand land you will hear and see the effects. amy hollyfield is at golden gate park with the details. i am looking forward to the
5:33 am
muppet band performing. >> you will be there? >> i an not. i western i were. >> i hope for everyone that is coming here there will be better weather. it is gross out here. very wet. very drizzly. wet lands, not outside lands. look at the gallons, very slick on the pavement. the fields are going to be soggy in the weather conditions. if you are coming here you may want to think of weather proof boots. the main stage shows it is customized to san francisco. this is the concert's 8th year and it is as popular as ever with 70,000 people here a day. the clouds demand a lot of cell phone and have had to administrator cell towers because last year they set a record. >> last year our concertgoers used 20 million selfie in the time of snapchat and facebook we me they will use more data this year and we are prepared for
5:34 am
this. >> pokemon go and all of that. >> people are consuming more datas than ever before and we want to be ready to make them have a seamless experience at outside lands music fest. >> 20 million selfies we can do a whole story on that. the store sold out in 45 minutes were the price is on the second hand market are lighter where a leday pass ceiling for $375 and a one-day pass is $400. lionel richie, duran duran, radiohead are some of the headliners. it is known to be loud. crowded. wet. the gates are opening at look this morning. >> i want amy to do all weather reports from now on. >> what? >> her terms like "gross," are really describing the situation. >> even if you do not attend listen land it will affect you
5:35 am
in the area. we will check with alexis track all of that. >> if you are not trying to get in on the fun i would say stay as far away from golden gate park as possible. richmond and sunset will see a lost impact. everything around golden gate park will be limited can they are doing a shuttle from the civic auditorium near city hall in you are trying to get to golden gate park it is an option with taxi stands in four locations on fulton and lincoln, and muni is feeling it the most with 12 lines affected with significantly increased ridership and all of that is on twitter, keep in mind, 60 to 70 found attending the next three days from noon to 10:00 p.m. so it will be packed. >> a man who police say drove drunk, hit a san jose couple and last will be arraigned in court today. dr. morse and her husband, a musician chris durbin were killed in the crash.
5:36 am
officer arrested the suspect on wednesday. craig am certain accused of speeding, drink, driving recklessly and leaving after he rear ended the couple as though drove south on cam citizen avenue. witnesses told police they only saw two cars which led those in the neighborhood to conclude there were only on cars and the people that died were speeding down the road and they spun off and hit the carthe. >> a tip led police to allen who has a history of drinking and driving. >> uc berkeley police are looking for a man who help appropriately touched a 20-year-old female student that happened at noon yesterday. the groper is a white male, 50 to 60, clean shaven, and wearing a dark gray colored shirt. >> mayor accused of playing strip poker with children at his summer camp is under pressure to resign. f.b.i. agents the stockton
5:37 am
marian tone silva yesterday at the scamp grounds where he holds. summer camp. formals state allegations stem from a strip poker game in his bedroom with underage counselors last summer. investigators say ought yes recorded on the cell phone indicate the counselors were naked. 23 photos were found and four videos relating to sill "haves" activity with teens at the camp. >> did not is to result in an arrest they have been talking about this information for a year and they could clearly make a call and say we are going do have a court date in august. all the charges include felony eavesdropping, sale of alcohol to a mainor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and childen dangerment. the first court date is scheduled for august 16? >> cal fire could have the cold fire burning near lake berryessa contained by tuesday. it is only 15% contained with 4,47 acres burned sense breaking out on tuesday near the border of napa and yolo county.
5:38 am
evacuation order was lifted yesterday and containment has improved on the southeast side of fire allowing people in the neighborhood to go back home. >> in monterey, cal fire does not expect to fully contain the soberanes fire near big sur until the end of the month growing to 51,000 acres. the fire is only 30% contained right now, and the wildfire has burned 57 homes and it is blamed for the death of a contractors. evacuations are in place for thousands of people. tomorrow, the half marathon has been canceled because of air quality conditions. the unused water and food and supplies will be donated to firefighters. >> we know it is damp outside and we will look at the temperature and how to dress for this in the mid-to-upper fits on the planes from 53 in daly city to redwood city at 59 and most of our neighborhoods are close to that with some 60 along the east bay shore and palo alto to san jose and concord and mill valley and napa at 56.
5:39 am
this is how it looks in san jose, 280 and 1, pretty cloudy this morning. if you are going to do sailing, no small craft advisory, lighter breezes, if you are kayaking or canoeing. peoples are good with sunshine. chill. temperatures in the 60, water temperature in the 50s. if you are walking watch out for the drizzle. walnut creek shows 680 is wet in the drizzle as we lack sub. stems today and tomorrow pretty steady as we wake up to cloud cover and drizzle tomorrow morning, by sunday we will see the warming trend. >> we are officially in a signature alert for southbound 101 in sauce least. this the crash that rolled over on its side in the far right lane but message crews are there and they have taken away the two right lanes, still less than a mile backup from yellow to the red and probably an hour until we get the lanes become open and at 6:30 it should be cleared.
5:40 am
this camera is south of where the crash is, on the southern end of the golden gate bridge with road conditions, spray is kicking up and we have a lot of mist and drizzle in the area, so i am betting it has something to do where the crash, you want did slow down on the rap asked curves and take it easy. that is our only crew blocking incident. >> if you have court business in santa clara county today you may want to make some other plans. that is pugs you are likely going to face this again, for the third day, workers are on strike hundreds of workers were turned away by tickets family law mediators fighting for a pay raise the many who want to take care of sigh takings and other court business were told they had to go home because there was no one there to help them. >> pg&e bills could bow down. yes, down. there was a deal reached
5:41 am
the commission and several other groups cuts the monthly bill increase from $4 to 50 cents. all parties were work on how much pg&e should be allowed to charge customers over three years starting in 2017. we told you a few days ago the rate is going up so i am pretty cop fused. >> you are only paying 50 cents more so...>> next, apple is willing to play hackers flaws in the software. >> shame on you. >> anger and it rage after a >> anger and it rage after a vandal hits an
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a dock worker is recovering after falling 10' on a navy shape. san francisco firefighters put him in an ambulance. the accident happened yesterday. on the mid-deck the guadalupe. a rope system was used to raise him up and pull him out. the victim works for a private company and not in the navy. >> vandals deface add monument arching local veterans. 15 bricks were ripped off the wall that were engraved found cracked and stacked in a pile.
5:45 am
the wall and path were built in front of the veterans memorial building. the v.f.w. members are ruled someone would deface an honor for veterans. >> shame on you. you desecrated a monument and memorial here to all veterans in livermore. why? >> i was devastated. we worked so hard on this to try to keep it clean and neat and so people can enjoy looking at it. >> right now pose do not have witnesses, and it will cost at least $1,000 to repair the wall. >> there is a warring for pet owners in san jose neighborhood this morning. coyotes are killing cats in the boehner west neighbor. this is near elm grove court caught on the surveillance camera last thursday cornering a cat long a fence just out of view of camera killing it
5:46 am
leaving remains on the neighbor's lawn. the cat was named luna and owners were not aware that coyotes moved in to the unable. ait is devastated. we just heard of another neighbor who found their cat killed by a coyote a couple days ago. obviously, the problem is not going away. it is not just random. >> animal care center urges pet owners to keep the cats indoors or build an help closed outdoor pen. >> if you consider yourself a parking expert you could get very well paid. apple announced at security conference in las vegas they will offer cash rewards up to $200,000. rewards called bug bounties go to hackers with information on security flaws in apple software. the highest reward, the $200,000 reward goes for those who find vulnerability in the firm wear the software that is close to the metal of the machine.
5:47 am
>> now an issue in the north by. >> good morning. we have a problem for marin county drivers, with the traffic alert on southbound 101 and a flipped vehicle right around spencer avenue, and that now is blocking to lanes, the two far right lanes are fully blocked and crews are saying it will be an hour before we get them back open. we had a mile backup behind the crash, and keeping a close eye on that, coming and going with light volume at the hour. we will have a problem in it stays. eastbound 580, we had a crash that cleared 20 minutes ago. it has recovered. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on as of 5:40 with car pool lanes okay and everyone else is slow. another update in a few minutes and right now, meteorologist mike nicco is on the roof, misty and drizzly. >> it is. it let up on the roof and i don't need the umbrella but it is damp around me with puddles.
5:48 am
i can see it on the embarcadero, also, be aware. the golden gate bridge shows it is damp, with a cross wind at 11 to 12 miles per hour up to 20 miles per hour at angel island and damp and brisk if you take a ferry this morning. morning drizzle and afternoon sunshine, rinse and repeat tomorrow. and that is going to keep us away from summer warmth next until week. winds are around 10 in san jose, and napa so the sea breeze is out there another contributing factor to below average temperatures today. clouds and sunshine in the south bay, san jose at 76 and same in milpitas, and 80s around morgan hill and gilroy. up the peninsula we go from patchy drizzle to sunshine this afternoon, and mid-70s mainly, and cooler on the coast, and low-to-mid 60s in pacifica and half moon bay, drizzle to mostly sunny across san francisco and upper 50s and low 60s until you get to mission at 63 and south san francisco at 66, daly city at 61. around santa rosa areas of drizzle to sunshine,
5:49 am
mid-to-upper 70s and the east bay shore, drizzle to sunshine, and upper 60s to mid-70s and inland east bay, temperatures hanging out in the upper 70s to mid-80s. my seven-day forecast shows we are ready for summer, on monday. >> at 6:00, michael finney is helping anyone thinking of buying a home what he should do before you start the house hunt. >> if you lose your clipper card, we have good news, the cards now are more secure and how you are now protected in it is last or stolen. >> for get tenth dollar bills >> for get tenth dollar bills this
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so delicious, it should have another name.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we have really crazy dash camera video from ohio and it does underscore an important reminder to all of us. we will note for you the trooper is okay. it is hard to watch. sergeant jim smith...he is hit by the vehicle and essentially tumbles into the air. this happen as week ago, and the woman smith pull over at the time, as you can see, runs out of her car, trying to help him. thankfully he only suffered minor injuries. charges are pends against the driver who crashed into smith and of course this is a reminder to all of us, watch out when you see a police officer pull someone else over, northbounding lights, slow down, and make sure you are going around the vehicle so something like this does not happen. >> warnings are up along a popular stretch of the russian river in sonoma county about toxic algae that could sicken children and kill pets. it is now growing loan the banks of the river stretching from
5:53 am
willis in mendocino beyond guerneville. last year you may remember a dog died after ingesting the algae. official say it is safe to swim, raft and enjoy the river and the signs remind families that you need to rinse off thoroughly with clean water after you are out there. >> officials in sonoma are offering a $5,000 reward to find out who shot a cat with a hutting arrow. this is a two-year-old cat expected to survive. the owner of the cat found the arrow in the rohnert park. >> if you use a clipper card to pay for the commute a new policy will recollect you if your card is last or stolen because of the persistent of "7 on your side" and michael finney. we shared this story of a man who lost his wallet on bart and immediately called to cancel the credit cards and clipper. under the old rules of clipper,
5:54 am
he had to pay for the thief joy riding until the end of that day. "7 on your side" pushed the transportation commission for a change for a year. >> score one, i am glad they did the right thing. i appreciate channel 7 for keeping after it. >> now you can stop getting charmed for rides when you make the call and report that the clip are card is last or stolen. local transit agencies will an associate the cost of fraudulent rides. >> alexis has a traffic issue in marin county. what are you watching? >> it is a vehicle that flip on its side so not a great start to friday morning drive on southbound 101. in the sausalito area. we had a mile backup. the crash is southbound 101 at spencer avenue and the two right lanes down. we do not have significant delays. we have a crew on the way to the scene. so, hopefully, when they arrive they have a better idea of what they are dealing with and
5:55 am
officials are saying an hour just after 6:30 this morning. we have 30-40 minutes. on the golden gate bridge i have a feeling it may have contributed and it is slick, moste and drizzly conditions so slow down. mike nicco son the roof and he knows that because he is in the elements. how is the hair holding up? >> so much product in the hair...something you may need, extra hair spray today. outside lands music fest forecast 56 at noon, sunshine at 3:00, and 60. 56 at 7:00, and headed through the week it will be cooler this weekend and it will be waller into sunday. if you are headed to the sonoma county fair the last couple of days, 74 at 3:00, dropping into the 50s this evening and holding to the benches, santa cruz, morning fog and afternoon sunshine and low-to-mid 70s. >> san francisco's mayor is ordering city agencies to speed up products that include safety
5:56 am
for bicyclists and pedestrians and it focuses on specific areas including 7th and 8th in the south of market area, and two bicyclists have been killed by vehicles in the area in the last three years, and the latest happened in june. the mayor wages safety improvements completed there in the next nine months. the directive called for traffic calm on j.f.k. driver and golden gate park in the next six months. >> amount done has the first branched cargo plane, one of 40 that will make up company's own air transportation network. the air network is the see allege based campaign's latest push toed and up the delivery of rods to millions of their on-line customers and for the purpose of eliminating the need to use u.p.s. or fedex. amazon has also leased 40 boeing jets and 11 are already delivering packages for amazon's prime. >> this is something that a last us wind chill we would have had in college, a pizza a.t.m. >> a university in ohio is teaming up with a french company
5:57 am
that has had this aroundup for a long type, a first time the pizza a.t.m. is coming to the united states. you pay $9, you push the button, it is heated for three minutes, it is put in a box and injected through the slot. the machine holds up to 70 pizzas and they hoping it will be the next big thing. >> seriously, they do not she us the pizza. >> next, swiping right, if you >> next, swiping right, if you research links your steam. >> two permanent pittsburg police officers are making serious accusations again the department where a lawsuit department where a lawsuit raising new concerns about
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, now at 6:00, a photo
6:00 am
printed in the san francisco police union's august news let certificate raising eyebrows. and new questions on grabbing the relationship between officers and the public. thank you is weather to talk about this morning on if you are just headed out. the roads are slick. we are going to go to our traffic reporter, fault far from there. >> north of camera in sausalito a vehicle flipped on its side and the road conditions probably had something to do with it. it is slick. southbound 101 at expense are avenue, we have two right lanes fully blocked with a sig-alert issued at 5 4:00 and the estimate is 6:40 to be cleared. right now we do not have huge delays with a crew on way and hopefully they will give us an update. mike nicco is on the roof and it is a little misty and drizzly. >> i can see the puddles and the mist just picked up on


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