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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning. it's sunday, august 7th. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meet like niko in for lisa argen. >> glad to mentioned it's sun say. i'll be here tomorrow. filling in for lisa today. appreciate the opportunity. patchy fog through about 9:00, then it will start fading. it should be out of there by 10:00, 10:30 tops. let's talk temperatures. saratoga 51. santa clara 52. and everybody else about 53 to
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56 degrees with san jose at 55. you can see 48 novato, the cool spot. almeda 56 and san carlos 54. you see a thin layer of clouds this morning. thinner than yesterday. you look at your twelve hour day planner, we are going to warm into the upper 50s, upper 60s and low 70s by noon. 50s at the coast by 4:00. low 70s to low 80s around the bay and inland. looks like below average but more sunshine today, cornell. >> mike, see you soon. in developing newses a nine-year-old boy is in critical condition this morning after eating possibly drug-laced candy. 14 people, 7 adults and others were hospitalize add of suffering multiple symptoms at the coming of age party in the mission district. >> as the units arrived on scene they were presented with multiple patients presenting with cardiac pal pawtitions, a swollen tongue, rashes and
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anxiety type behavior. >> all the victims had eaten gum my watermelon candy. police are asking anyone at the party who saw something to give officers a call. pacifica police this morning are looking for more victims, as well as suspects, in an expanded rape case in the city. one man is accused of several sexual assaults and in the past week alone , five more victims, all men, have come forward. we have details. >> pacifica police arrested joseph courtney july 28th at his home. this is also where they believe most of the victims were drugged, raped while unconscious, and videotaped. no one answered the door, but neighbors say courtney lives here with his mother, sister, and three-year-old niece. >> we suspected it for a long time. >> those in this park pacifica neighborhood say something illegal was happening here for years. they called the police. they suspected drugs were involved. and now no one is surprised by any of it. >> this could have been stopped a long time ago, and it's awful,
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everything that's going on. >> i think it's wrong. there should be nobody like this in the neighborhood. i mean, yeah, my children are grown, but i have grandchildren. people across the street have kids, and they are small. >> courtney is also charged with possessing child porn. investigators say courtney contacted the men through dating apps, and they all agreed to have consensual sex, but instead he's accused of drugging them with ghb before raping them. courtney insists his client is innocent. >> these are allegations from people who were engaging in voluntary sexual contact with one another and they knew what they were doing. >> this counselor is sure it's only a matter of time before more men come forward. >> when they are sexually assaulted, the shame and guilt can really keep them quiet >> lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that
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left a man dead in aquatic park. officer arrived and found the victim with a bullet wound to his torso. s they gave cpr, but he died. it's unclear what led up to the shooting or if police made any arrests. richmond police are investigating a death that left a woman dead. victim was a woman in her 20s who was riding her bike. there's no word on any arrest there. >> in the south bay san jose police are investigating reports of a stabbing. authorities say one person was stabbed on gumdrop drive near pepper be meant drive around 9:30 last night. police have not released any other details. and are working to know the extent of the victim's injuries. >> a sky diver and his instructor have died. sheriff's deputies found their
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bodies near el campo near lodi yesterday morning. they were doing a tandem jump and their parachutes did not open. sheriff's office released few details on their identities so far. >> both are male and both are adults, early 20s. >> the coroner is calling their deaths accidental. they jumped with a skydive lodi parachute center. the popular school has a history of deadly jumps. back in february ramiro sandoval from concord died after his parachute malfunctioned which caused him to crash into a you wall. he was an experienced sky diver. and a sky diver legend was killed in another accident in 2009. robert bigly got his parachute tangled up in a jump. he and a companion died in that accident. "the stockton record" reports there have been 13 deaths relating back to the skydiving school, dating back to 2007. california could become the first state to legalize a controversial movie motorists called lane splitting. accidents are on the rise and at least two people have died in
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such accidents in the bay area. the state legislature has pass a newly-drafted bill calling on the chp to establish guidelines like safe speed limits for motorcycle riders to drive between cars. >> it's not in the code right now. it's not legal or illegal. it's a gray area. >> i think having rules to let people know the right way to do it. the will now goes on to governor for his signature. >> a restaurant is being sued for lack of access. yesterday abc7 news was at the a drive-in which just moved their handicap parking place closer to the entrance in response to the lawsuit. the drive-in was built in 1966 long before laws were passed to protect the disabled. the suit demands lower countertops and larger bathrooms for wheelchairs. the owners fear too much remodeling could hurt the business. >> we are willing to go part of the way and do what we can, but we don't want to destroy our
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-- everything about the charmful our restaurant and destroy the building. >> abc7 news reported on the attorney behind this lawsuit before. scott johnson filed thousands of similar cases throughout california. his opponents suggest that his lawsuits are about making money. we reached out to johnson, but he has so far not returned our calls. san francisco police say crime is going down this year at the outside lands music festival. 70,000 music lovers packed golden state park yesterday. police caught some people sneaking in. they cited 27 people. two were arrested. and there was one report of sexual battery as a woman said she was groped from behind as she danced. officers tell us robberies and purse snatches are going down which could be because of the new electronic bracelets that are used in place of cash. most fans say they aren't worried about crime. >> outside lands san francisco, what more could you ask for? we have good people, music, beer, wine, all you can drink. great food from around the pay.
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-- the bay. i love it here. this is my home away from home, baby! >> absolutely. the music continues today at noon on seven stages. the main headliner is lionel ritchie about 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> an update on two major wildfires burning in california. some people are being let back into their homes after being forced out by a fire in monterey county. fire burned 55,000 acres and is 40% contained. a total of 57 homes have been destroyed. 2,000 more remain threatened by the fire. it started back on july 22nd as an illegal campfire that was left unattended. the fire has wiped out one of six california condor feeding stations but none of the 82 living birds living in the area have been killed. our media partner "the mercury news" reports the flames are burning about 8 miles away from three nests containing young condor chicks still being fed by their parents. wildlife rescuers are prepared
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to pull them out, if necessary. >> and the coal fire in yellow county is 45% contained. yesterday there was a warning, no flying drone near any fires. it causes a safety problem for air operations, making it more difficult to contain the fire. cooler temperatures should help. mike niko is checking your forecast. hey, mike. >> the winds are blowing the smoke away from us. we have a sea breeze this morning that will keep the temperatures in check but there's a warming trend coming up in the seven-day fast. >> and how the rains this past winter could affect your drive in one east bay city. and the federal plan that
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>> this is abc7 news. >> back this morning with a live look from our south beach cam. a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge, twinkling lights going on until sunset tonight. mike niko will have the forecast coming up. caltran started a storm damage repair project in the east bay. abc7 news was along highway 13 at meraga avenue in oakland.
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they are repairing a slope that by rains. this is just east of the northbound be on-ramp. the project includes earth retaining structures and replanting trees. they say it could take several saturdays and ramp closers to complete the job. san francisco-based airbnb is now the second biggest home based start-up. ed they are experimenting with new business areas. a feature called experiences will pay locals to conduct tours of particular sites. more than 100 people took a free test ride on the north bay's first passenger rail line there in 60 years. saturday's test ride is one of many offered by the sonoma-marin area rail transit, called smart. regular service in expected to begin later this year.
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the route goes from the airport boulevard station to downtown san rafael, a distance of about 43 miles >> getting the classes needed in college has never been easy. now some students at cal are fining it more difficult to enroll in the subjects they need because of a new system that puts a cap on units early on. lyanne melendez has more. >> classes at u.c. berkeley begin august 17th. by then undergraduates should have a maximum of 16 units, in other words four courses. some students were still trying to enroll in classes. >> i have to sign up to a computer science course and those fill up quick. >> she has 16 units. under their new enrollment process requesting her another class would put her over the 16-unit cap, no longer allowed. >> i'm unable to add another course because i'm limited to 16, but i want to add another course so i have a full load. i need to figure out do i need to drop a lasso i can drop this
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class? >> before students signed up for know knowing they would drop one, and it was called holding the course. now they can't. it's a new system called cal central. >> they went with the system because basically students were enrolling in a bunch. classes that they weren't sure they were going to end up taking or not. so that made their wait list process go slower. >> it used to make it harder for some students to get into a high-demand course. >> nobody can hold on to the course. you are either enrolled in it or you are not. that's good >> is but some opportunities of berkeley expressed their concern about the new process. >> they are stuck where they are only technically enrolled in maybe one or two classes which causes a bunch of problems, making them potentially not considered a full-time student. >> it could affect their financial aid and any hopes of graduating on time. at u.c. berkeley, abc7 news.
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>> abc7 news was at samaritan house in san mateo when there was a backpack give away yesterday. it provides school supplies for deserving children. monday 500 kids picked out fair favorite backpack, all donated by the community. . >> the biggest frustration for us in the course of thisout has been the absolute -- i mean, the admi ttance of an elected official like our governor saying i don't know how we are going to get out of this. that is not acceptable anymore
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>> water advocates want to use a depleted reservoir near santa barbara to keep some of the water that's in northern california right now. no signs of rain but mike niko again a big weekend. a lot of people heading to outside lands. what's your best advice, a jacket, two jackets maybe? >> dress in layers and you can peel one off as the sun will break out this afternoon. it will warm a little bit. you know how you can sit in the 60-degree air temperature and still have the sun beat down on you and feel hot. that's exactly what will happen. here's a look from the roof camera. we have a nice sea breeze and a marine layer. you will be a little cooler today. we aren't going to quite reach average. that will happen tuesday, two of the warmer days this week. it will be partly cloudy and cool tonight's and the cool spell wednesday, thursday and friday. looking over the next six hours, absolutely no rain showing up on live doppler 7hd. let's talk about the cloud cover and when we will see sunshine. by noon it's cleared out the of about the entire bay er skin
6:18 am
land areas and pockets will develop along the coast. we will see how it affects the temperatures. the south bay mid-to upper 70s. a few 80s los gatos, morgan hill. and 73 in santa cruz. in the peninsula low to mid-70s. redwood city 74. cooler milbrae, 67. upper 60s along the peninsula coast. that's where the clouds will be the most stubborn today. mid-60s for downtown san francisco. if you are going to outside lands, here's your planner, noon 51. 3:00 59 with sunshine breaking out. it will be breezy this afternoon. 58 at 6:00. and then as we end, it will be cooler, about 54 at 10:00 tonight. heading up to the north bay a lot of mid-to higher 70s. a look at sausalito, 64. even with sunshine upper 50s to near 60 degrees along your coast. richmond, berkeley, oakland, dress for upper 60s today.
6:19 am
castro valley about 75. if you are going to the game this afternoon, cubs and a's. 1:05 first pitch. warming to 68. burn time about 15 minutes if you are in the direct sunshine and it will feel about 10, 15 degrees warmer if you are sitting in the direct sunlight. a lot of low to mid-ohl's until you get to antioch and brentwood. 88 and 90. temperatures in the 50s this morning. you know, the house shouldn't warm up too much this afternoon. let's talk about the coast. always love it, especially when you go on a sunday and you see the families gathering and the pop-up canopies all over the beaches. sounds like a great time. 73 is the coolest. 61 in half moon bay and ocean beach. temperatures in the water is about 56 degrees. all right. tonight seas temperatures back in the 50s for most of us. a little less cloud cover and 50s santa rosa where some of the fog is lingering right now. watch out if you are traveling around there. let me take you through the next
6:20 am
seven days and the accuweather seven-day forecast. you will sea the cloud cover diminish the next couple of nights. that's why we have faster sunshine and warmer temperatures monday and tuesday. the sea breeze kicks in and the marine hayer comes back. possibilities of drizzle wednesday and thursday morning. to the lesser extent friday and saturday where with he see the warming trend. nothing really extreme the next several days. >> i like it. mike, thanks so much. coming up next, a matter of heart. a bride has a mere stranger walk
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>> dan joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning >> good morning. the day gun in rio. team usa snagging their first goal. key early wins forst men's basketball team and women's soccer team. our team is on the ground reporting on the action from inside the venues and the security concerns outside. and donald trump waking up to more bad news. the new poll showing hillary clinton with a significant lead. overnight donald trump revealing a new line of attack on clinton for her latest explanation nor the e-mail flap is on message but is he on rebound? >> and new police body cam videos showing the fatal shooting of an unarmed black
6:24 am
teenagers. demonstrators are up in arms over missing footage. they are accuse the department of a coverup here while the officers themselves are relieved of duty. it's all coming up next. see you soon. a bride walked down the aisle yesterday on the arm of a man who received her father's heart ten years ago. [lady crying] >> she felt the beat of her father's heart in arthur thomas's chest the night before her wedding. michael was murdered in 2006. he was an organ donor. thomas received his heart after 16 years of waiting. >> i needed the heart or i would be dying within the next few days. >> talking to him and writing letters and calling and receiving flowers and sending gifts for the past ten years, and now it's finally like here. >> it's really remarkable. thomas and his wife drove from new jersey for jenne's big day after she wrote him a touching letter asking him if he would walk her down the aisle.
6:25 am
>> a scary lucy is no more. a new statue of the iconic comedian is now on display. hundreds gathered yesterday at the lucille ball park in celeron. ball was born there. the tarp was removed from the statue. the mayor gives the new statue two thumbs up. >> it's beautiful. we couldn't ask for anything better. >> now this is scary lucy. the unflattering version had a different artist. it was banished through a previous campaign. the previous statue isn't going anywhere, though, it will be given another place in the park. >> sam hitch, the man in orange, may have broken the guinness world book record yesterday for the longest the triathlon while raisings money for pancreatic cancer. he swam 105 miles on the east
6:26 am
couldest in june, biked 3,000 miles across the country and finished a 771-mile run right here in the bay area. congrats to him. popular summer exhibit at the san francisco zoo celebrated its 40th year. nature trail is a pathway that winds through the children's zoo. volunteers show off small animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles. last year volunteers for the last four decades reunited for a special lunch in. many have gone on to other jobs at the zoo. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. how donald trump fares in a new poll after another tumultuous week. also north korea like you have never seen it before. and a top government official gives his first u.s. television in
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>> good morning. cornell bernard in for carolyn tyler.
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we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. mike niko is in for lisa argen. >> good morning, everybody. >> let's start with temperatures around san francisco. about 53 to 56 degrees. westportal, glen park 53. castro about 55. same thing in mission. now let's look around and see elsewhere. clear around hillsburg and petaluma. temperatures in the upper 40s. fog forming in those areas. 56 belmont and union city. pleasanton 62. the west wind about 14 and the cloud deck coming down the next hour or so. then it will retreat. 58 at the coast, 72 inland. 59 and 82 at 4:00. great day to wash the car and maybe even a picnic. >> see you soon, mike. thank you a universally bad week for donald trump now reflected in a new abc washington post poll. he's achieving historical highs in bad categories. 70% express anxiety about a trump presidency and 60% believe he's way assed among minorities.
6:31 am
clinton leads trump 50 to 42%. barack obama enjoyed a similar post convention lead in 2012. donald trump told spiritters at a rally last nice his democratic rival hillary clinton has problems and america doesn't want someone who would short circuit. he was mocking clinton for a comment last week where she said she short-circuited while discussing her e-mail controversy with fox news. the green party held a national convention yesterday in houston. julian assuming spoke to them through a live video feed. dr. jean stays stein accepted the nomination. she depicted her candidacy as the true heir to bernie sanders. presidential politics will be one of the main topics of
6:32 am
discussion for this week. rudy giuliani will talk about his candidacy campaign. "this week with george stephanopoulos" airs right here at 8:00 followed by the weekend news at 9:00. get the updates for the race for president on your mobile devices. unable push alerts for immediate updates the u.s. imposed new sanctions against north korea and the nation conduct add new missile test last week. bob wood roof was inside the secrettive nation as these developments happened. it's a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> despite the growing tension we get access never allowed before to view the capital from this soviet chopper from the square famous for the military parades to the bridge to the smokes power plant. driving two hours south we arrive at the demilitarized zone. >> here's the line. on the other side is south korea. >> north korea soldiers on one side, american and south korean troops on the other. one the north korea's top
6:33 am
officials gives us his first tv u.s. tv interview in decades. hours before the meet, a miss a missile launch. >> they said north korea launched another ballistic miss i'll into the sea off the coast. what's your reaction to that? >> he said these kinds of launches are payback for u.s. sanctions, which he calls nuclear blackmail. >> he said this is a declaration of war and the united states will have to pay terrifying price for these kinds of sanctions. what is that price? >> he said americans detained in north korea will be treated with the laws of war. people like the 21-year-old given 15 years hard labor for the theft of a sign. >> is there any communication going on right now between your country and ours? >> no. >> zero? >> before we depart, director
6:34 am
general haan insists north korea won't dismantle by nuclear weapons and then the final handshake as he thanks us for our visit. abc news. the california rights gun group is suing after a legislative lawyer blocked a blog post which listed the addresses of lawmakers who recently supported gun control legislation. the firearms policy coalition filed the federal lawsuit friday on behalf of an unnamed member responsible for the post. that person said they would keep the names posted until lawmakers repealed it, or died. >> you can expect limited service again this week at courthouses across santa clara county. the union is trying to bargain for a new contract. officials say they can't afford the rays workers like clerks and mediators are demanding. many clerk's offices will be closed across the country.
6:35 am
a new system is so clever it can fool two out of three people. it's a twitter got, wig is software that produces automated tweets to targeted users. the got reads what the user tweeted before, customizes a message, and then sends it to them with a short link. they found two out of three times people clicked on the links without knowing what it was. this is known as phishing. scammers usually send them out as mass tweets that work about 10% of the time. security specialists say it's easy to protect yourself, just don't click on the links without knowing what they are a heart-warming story out of china. >> and here's a live look from the mt. tam cam. i could look at that all day. a beautiful shot of the matt reason be layer. mike niko will have your forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> the oldest tree in poland is on life support this morning. the tall u-tree in the southwestern part of the country, it's around 1300 years
6:39 am
old. rodents have gotten to it. parts are dying and others drying out. a tree surgeon who studied the year for more than three years has wrapped it in a high-tech blanket to help keep it alive. the whole operation costs about $18,000. parts that died, though, are come back to life. this tree could be the oldest in the world. a red wood in muir woods was thought to be 1500 years old but last year scientists revised that figure to just 778. if you are head today muir woods, grab a jacket. same goes for outside lands too, right, mike? >> yeah, both starting out with some cloud cover and maybe a little drizzle. here's one area that will have a lot of sunshine along the coast and a temperature of 73 today. i'll look at the rest of the accuweather forecast coming up. >> also next, hunter pence shows his toughness after taking a foul ball to the face.
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>> it would be nice to be at lake tahoe this morning. mike niko said it's a sunny 77 degrees at the lake. a little hazy but i'm sure it will burn off later. mike will have the full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. stay stay tuned. >> in sports this morning giants ace madison bumgarner takes the hill against the nationals u san francisco tries to get their first series victory since the all-star break. first pitch at 10:35 a.m. at nationals park. last night the giants beat
6:43 am
national's ace stephen strasburg. here's rick quan with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. washington's steven strasburg was trying to become the first pitcher in the majors to win 16 games this season. instead the giants handed him just his second loss of the year. dusty baker has his team in first place in the n.l. east. it was a painful day for hunter pence. he fouls this ball off the plate and it hits him in the side of the face. it left a huge bruise but he stays in the contest. he struck out. and matt cain threw five scoreless innings. he struck out brice harper twice. giants broke through with two runs in the first after a triple. and buster posey brings him home with the rbi single. after another nunez triple in the fifth, brandon belt hits a high pop-up to shallow left field. it will drop for a double and nunez scores. the giants go on to win 7-1. strasburg lasted just 4 2/3
6:44 am
innings. it was his shortest outing of the year. the a's turned back the clock yesterday at the coliseum but they could not turn back the cubs. the cubs were threatening in the second. he fields the grounder and gets him at the plate. in the third, two on and stew -- two out, zobrist singles off the single of gray to give the cubs the lead. gray had to leave after throwing 72 pitches. then the dribble down the third-base line. anthony rizzo scores and it's 3-0. cubs win 4-0. the a's aren't sure about the seriousness of gray's injury. >> he felt it in the fourth. and the foul and curveball, he felt it again. i think after that, i think they might have saw that and when i
6:45 am
came in from the fifth, they told me that was going to be it. they said hopefully it will feel okay the rest of the day today and coming in tomorrow, that's going to be the big test former raiders quarterback ken stableler and former 49ers owner ed debartolo jr. were inducted into the hall of fame yesterday. stabler's bust was revealed by two grandsons. he was the league's mvp in 197 had and won a super bowl in 1977. debartolo revealed his bust with the help of his daughter. during his time the 49ers won five super bowls in 14 seasons. he shared this story about his good friend bill wall. >> i wish bill walsh could be here today. i miss him every single day. at the very end i was with him at at the stanford hospital. it meant so much to have those last few hours together laughing
6:46 am
and sharing old memories. he told me that even though he wouldn't be there to see it, that he believed i would make it to this hall one day. about a week after i was selected as part of the class of 2016, i received a package in the mail from bill's son, greg. it was a small 49er's helmet with bill's autograph and a note bill read that said, i knew it was just a matter of time. congratulations on your election. love bill." >> a touching moment from yesterday's ceremony. and finally oakland's andre ward improved his record to 30-0 last night with a 12-round unanimous decision over alexander brand. that's sports for this morning. i'll see you tonight at 5:00. thank you. and mike niko is in for lisa today. a lot of people heading to outside lands. i'm not one of those people because i get cold too easily.
6:47 am
maybe grab a jacket, right? >> absolutely. temperatures about 54 degrees right now. it's a little misty and we will warm up to 589 with sunshine in the afternoon. look at the marine layer. it's out there again. you look at mt. tam. a beautiful sunrise developing there. here's the highlights for this forecast cycle. more sunshine and warm today. clouds will return. cool to comfortable. good sleeping weather. those are the nights ahead. and a kitty coaster of highs this week. nothing too extreme. santa rosa three quarter mile visibility seconds ago but now the fog has shift aid way from the airport, it's about a mile and a half. watch out for the patchy, dense fog. in san jose a below-average 78. a lot of upper 70s until gilroy, los gatos. low to mid-80s there. let's head to the santa clara county fair. a lot of sunshine.
6:48 am
even though it's 77, it will feel warmer than that. that means your skin may burn quicker too. a cool 61 by the time we close up at 11:00. san mateo clouds and sunshine. about 70. a lot of low to mid-70s this will until you get to bill bray. and pacifica and half moon bay around 60 degrees. it's the peninsula coast that will see the most cloud cover today. downtown san francisco, a little mist and 54 degrees. coolest in daly city, 59. warmest south san francisco, 66. mission about 65. as we head up into the north bay, patchy fog to sunshine. a lot of mid-to upper 70s in other neighboring. thinking of heading over there, about 674 degrees this afternoon. the last day of the sonoma county fair. 88 degrees by 3:00. 74, getting more comfortable by
6:49 am
7:00 and round it out at 11:00, 54 degrees. definitely a jacket for that. in richmond, 68. everybody else in the mid-70s with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. we've got the last day, the fremont festival of parts this morning. cool and dry. we will be in the low to mid-70s from a mild lunn to have strong sunshine at 3:00 and hats a wrap at 6:00. inhand, another day of saving money. no need for the air answerer at least not no antioch. here's a look at san jose. you see cloud cover starting to breakthrough -- or i should say sunshine starting to breakthrough the cloud deck. sailing is good today, light breezes. kayaking, also nice. beaches are fair. there will be sunny spots and most around santa cruz. swimming, going to be good, especially inland. temperatures will be a little warmer. look at tonight's lows. just like we are dealing with
6:50 am
this morning. let me get out of the square show you all seven days of the forecast. a little warmer, especially inland monday and tuesday. then the marine layer deepens. drizzle wins davies tally i and thursday morning. that will lead to two of the cooler days. then we start to see a little bit of a warming trend for friday and saturday. nothing really extreme in the seven-day forecast. cornell. >> something for everybody there. mike, thank you very much. hundreds. bay area children from underserved communities getting a chance to get out into nature this summer, thanks to a partnership between the ymca and the national park service. and the program is a win-win. good for kids and good for the environment. >> it's that moment of truth the for a beginner. >> am i going to sink? >> a few minutes later she's paddling like a pro. these kayakers are from the bay area ymca in san francisco. city kids getting a week of outdoor adventure.
6:51 am
>> because staying in the house is not going to do anything for your education. >> the bay area is beautiful. >> more than 500 bay area kids will get to try a lot of a being tests at national parks of the just a few miles from their homes and with a very clear message. >> i own this park! >> i own this park! >> say you own this park! >> you own this park! >> this group is from the chinatown y. on this day they are at the presidio helping with the native plant nursery. >> they will grow with big purple flowers. >> they do everything from washing pots to planting seedlings. they also pull weeds. >> when they have a fundamental relationship with nature earlier in their lives, their whole lives expand and for the rest of their lives nature will be a part of it. >> all this is harming because after prom called "let's move outside" promoted by michelle obama and made a reality by a partnership between the ymc the a of san francisco, -- the ymca of san francisco and
6:52 am
the national parks and other nonprofit support groups. >> we are really thrilled to be able to partner with the ymca to bring san franciscan youth to their own national park. >> the goal is to reach kids who did not have easy access to nature. >> because they can embrace all this. you can't always play video games. >> his favorite thing about the program is teamwork. >> how we work together as a community. >> and remember that girl who was afraid her kayak would sink? she had such a great time, she convinced another frightened girl to give it a try. [applause] >> the program director still gets choked up by these moments. >> the best feeling in the world. i get goosebumps just thinking about the potential of programs like this to reach youth in our community and to make a positive change. >> this is the second year of the program. >> work together. >> which costs about $180 per child per week. most attend for free because of grants and donations. the team is already trying to raise money to keep it going next year.
6:53 am
dan ashley, abc7 news >> that is very cool. of the camp program runs through august 12th and there is still room for a few more kids this final week. to find out about attending or donating, we have a link at s ♪ coming up next,. sounds. hawaii, where you can f
6:54 am
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here are the winning numbers from the powerball draw. nobody picked all six numbers but a ticket purchased at pure water in union city matched five of five. that ticket worth more than $241,000. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $67 million. >> accidents be shy. >> i won't be shy. the sports director larry beil and morning anchor natasha greeted fans yesterday at the aloha center he is san mateo event center. it begins today at 10:00. there's plenty more to enjoy. arts and crafts, island cuisine, lots of music makes for a relaxing day in san mateo. if you are headed out, mike niko has your forecast.
6:57 am
about. >> yeah, it's cloudy now but we will have sunshine. 58 hayward and oakland. if you do a little golfing this morning, maybe a little dew on the grass or walking the dog, same thing but that will be gone about 9:00. we will have low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay to upper 70s in the south bay. mid-80s in the north bay and the warmest temperatures northland mid-to upper 80s. hope you enjoy us. >> thanks for joining us for the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm cornell bernard in for carolyn tyler, along with mike niko for lisa argen. the news continues with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. a beautiful shot at mt. tam as we say good-bye. good morning america coming up next. have an amazing sunday, everybody!
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news. oscar pistorius found injured in his prison cell. taken to a hospital. the olympic athlete serving six years for killing girlfriend reeva steenkamp. now back behind bars. this morning, the story he's telling prison officials. city on edge. >> if we don't get no justice, they don't get no peace. >> anger over how chicago police handled this case. [ sirens blaring ] why didn't a police body camera capture the exact moment when an unarmed black teenager was shot dead? what we're hearing from the police brass this morning. donald trump's new attack. zeroing in on hillary clinton. using her own words against her. >> i may have short-circuited. >> people of this country don't


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