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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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pokemon g
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. came up, shot him in the back and ran way for nothing. >> a family friend saying it is totally senseless. no motive at all. tonight police are looking for whoever murdered a college athlete from the peninsula at a popular spot in san francisco. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. eric thomas has the night off. he was playing pokemon at san francisco's aquatic park when he was suddenly shot and killed. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us from the park with the story. laura? >> reporter: hi, chris. especially during the day, but even at night, we have seen people walking around aquatic park with their heads down playing pokemon go. we understand this is exactly what this young man was doing about this time last night when a shot rang out.
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>> from what we know there is no confrontation, nothing said back and forth. >> calvin riley was just doing what so many others are doing right now, playing pokemon go when someone shot him and ran. it happened last night when the 30-year-old riley and friend were near the beach at aquatic park. >> all of a sudden when the friend came around the corner, he heard a gunshot, saw his friend fall and whoever did it ran way and possibly got into a car. >> reporter: john kirby. >> definite lay tragedy. this is where people come to have fun and recreate. >> reporter: pokemon go is a phenomenon around the country and especially it seems at aquatic park a hot spot for catching rare pokemon. a place where people of all ages are walking around looking down at their phones. >> so how do you keep yourself safe when you're looking down especially at night time?
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>> usually we all stay in groups and just we always have like either messenger and keeping track of everyone, see where everyone is. >> reporter: riley's family must try to make sense of what happened to him, a young man just out having fun. >> calvin is one of the most amazing selfless always put others before himself. would nef say one bad thing about anyone. always positive, encouraging. >> reporter: in san francisco, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> and because of the generosity of more than 350 people, a go fund me page for calvin riley exceeded its goal. the more than $34,000 will be used to help pay for funeral expenses. we have been reporting on other crimes related to pokemon go since the game came out last month. three men, arrested for robbery. a girl found a dead body.
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man in san jose was stabbed while playing. at least two pokemon go layers, reported getting robbed in san francisco. three children in intensive care are among the 19 people who got sick at a party in the mission last night. public health officials are trying to figure out whether candy or something else they ate is to blame. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim is in the newsroom with the story for us. >> hi, chris. the party included people of all ages so children and adults ended up at the hospital. one after another, guests falling ill after something they ate. police say a total of 19 people got sick. three of whom are children still in the icu. they were guests at a 15-year-old girl's coming out party. >> i don't want to see nobody die on my watch. >> reporter: a security guard at the women's building where the family rented out a room for the festivities, saying a 61-year-old man sitting on the chair was the first to show symptoms, including heart palpitation, vomiting, and in
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some cases swollen tongue and rash. >> he said, i feel pain. i asked the wife, what did he eat? he responded saying i ate a candy. >> a candy said to be gummy candy with no labels or markings to help trace where it came from. department of public health is testing it and other items consumed at party to determine the exact cause. they are also doing blood analysis. as for san francisco police, they are conducting interviews and even brought in special victims unit especially trained to interview children. do you think foul play was involved? >> we don't know. we don't know if this is intentional, inadvertent, if the food product was store bought or homemade. those are all of the types of questions we will be looking at. >> while three children remain in icu everyone else is believed to have been treated and released. in the newsroom, nbc news. >> a fire gutted a nursery in san martin.
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as you can see, firefighters attacked the flames from above with helicopters just like they do o for a wildfire. fire broke out around at the lakeside nursery on murphy avenue around 4:30 this afternoon. one man rushed to the scene after he saw smoke rising. >> i also seen a propane tank shot up like 300 feet in the air and blew up. looks like there is a lot of wood. it is so black and a lot of plastic. >> there are no reports of injuries. investigators don't know what sparked the fire. water park in kansas city will be closed tomorrow after the son of a kansas state lawmaker died going down the world's largest water slide. 12-year-old caleb swab died on the roof which is the water park's main attraction. it is 168 feet tall and so risky that riders hear a two-page safety warning before going down. riders reach speeds up to 45 miles an hour. test brg it opened speeds were
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up to 70 mile-an-hour, so fast they decided to slow down the slide. investigators are working to determine what caused the deadly accident. one of the men killed in a skydiving accident in a central valley this weekend had just graduated from high school two months ago. tonight friends faenlly of 18-year-old tyler turner held a candle light vigil at a park in his hometown. turner and his instructor died during tan dem jump yesterday. earlier today, reporter joe na barra from our sister station in fresno spoke with the team's mother. >> tyler turner's cap and gown are still hanging near the front door of his home. just a couple months ago he was walking in his graduationer is mooen looking forward to moving out of los banos. his dreams and aspirations were great. but shattered on saturday. tyler was killed in a skydiving accident. his mom, fran seen turner, said it was his first jump and he was doing in tan dem with an
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instructor. before they went up, she said tyler said a prayer and made peace with god. >> he turned around and gave mae hug. and said, i love you, mom. i love you, son. squeezed and he got on the plane. >> turner isn't sure what went wrong. she said one out of two parachutes was deployed. the main one but it didn't slow her son's descent. looking back she said things didn't quite feel right. because of safety video turned off early. >> we will miss him everyday and i don't know why this had to happen. you can't change it but i can live in his honor. >> she is left with questions all while mourning the loss of her youngest child. >> abc 7, news. >> under is good news to report tonight on california's two biggest wildfires. the coal fire burning on the edge of the napa yellow county
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border didn't grow any bigger. fire remains at 5300 acres. containment now at 60% up from 50% this morning. cal fire said firefighters are making good progress with reinforcement of containment lines. in monterey county the largest fire in the state group by just 300 acres today. burning an area half the size of the city of saab jose, these are new aimages released by cal fire. the sheriff's office lifted several evacuation orders or downgraded them to warnings this afternoon. the fire is now 45% contained. >> in the north bay, a woman lost a large amount of money and chips at a casino when someone stole her purse. police say this is a picture of the thief. she is now wanted for grand theft. officers say the victim was gambling at park west casino yesterday morning. the first was taken after she left it hanging on the chair as she gambled. tonight golden gate ferry tells tus is canceling the 8:40 a.m. ferry because of technical
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issues. it is not clear when the issues will be resolved. ? santa clara county legal services will be limited at courts houses this week due it a lab labor dispute. their union wants a new contract. court officials say they can't afford the raises. all divisions of the court are hearing cases on a limited basis and several clerks offices will be closed. still to come at 11:00, donald trump's slide in the polls continues tonight. ne next, what he is hoping to do to refocus his campaign after a rough week. and thousands soak in the music during last day of outside land. >> a nice sunny day today. but low clouds and fog ready to be transport aid cross the bay. how
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to the race for the white house tonight, a new poll for abc news showing hillary clinton increasing lead over donald trump. trump is trying to refocus his campaign after a difficult past week. abc news reporter devin dwyer has the latest from washington. >> donald trump with a new line of attack. >> the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. >> the republican nominee trying to use clinton's own words against her. >> what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited. >> trump pouncing as clinton widens her lead in a new washington post poll. clinton up 8 points. gains among women and consolidating among democrats. trump struggling to win over
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ohio governor john kasich. >> i wish koib fully enthusiastic. i can't be. >> and trump facing strongest approval for the muslim parents of fallen american soldier. >> hillary's comments just don't get the same attention that trump's do. >> a super pac releasing new ad featuring gold star mother talking about her outrage in her trump treated the khan family. >> when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. >> she was standing there, she had nothing to say. >> i would like it tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. >> trust worthiness still a problem for both nominees. clinton erunning mate trying to reassure americans their administration would be more transparent. >> bottom line is this. she made a mistake and said over and over again i made a mistake and i've learned from it and i will fix it and i apologize. >> devin dwyer, abc news, washington.
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>> nfl fans need it wait another few days before getting their first taste of football this season. league cancelled tonight's hall of fame game because after poorly paint field. players campaigned the fresh paint made the field feel like walking on cement. officials tried to fix the problem but ultimately decided the conditions were not safe enough to play the game on. >> one of san francisco's biggest shows outside land and just a short time ago. you're looking at some of the tens of thousands of people having fun at the park. the concert was peaceful too. >> a great weekend. very, very few issues. i would say the bigger issues than people jumping the fence and trespassing. we have had numerous arrests each day. >> fans may have posted videos from outside land and so far there is record-breaking mobile data usage. concert goers use enough band width to share 19 million
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selfies. abc 7. news was in berkeley today. comic book fans seeing if they could find new gems. this is the first time a comic book show has taken place in berkeley in two years. organizers tell us they would like to host more comic book shows throughout the year. >> lourds, ladies and a few gestures at the renaissance fair. abc news was at discovery park for the fifth annual celebration of medieval times. a celebration fit for royalty. as you just saw, it was a nice day to be outside across much of the bay area. lisaarden has the full accuweather forecast and lisa, how are things looking for the work week? >> chris, we will have minor changees. looking like summer warmth by the enof the week. here is a look at live doppler 7 where the fog is building along the san mateo cost. this feature here is one of the
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systems that is a allowing for the cooler westerly winds to really keep us in this pattern for the next few days. meaning we won't get out of the 6 os at the coast but we will see some sunshine there tomorrow. 57 in san francisco and 60 oakland mountain view and low 60 san jose. upper 50s, so then below average. looks like couple of days of warmth headed our way to bring us back towards average. right now more 50s in the north bay and 62 by the delta. 64 concord. livermore at 60 degrees. we are warmer this evening by 3 to 5 degrees in inland east bay and warmer in north bay. and looks like most of the low cloudiness will stay in san francisco and little bit over into oakland. we won't wake up with too much fog tomorrow. but it will burn back and so we will see a slight warm-up the next couple of days with more sunshine. then summer warmth looks like it will come back at the end of the week. not a huge warm-up but still
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more like average and more what you would expect for august. 56 in san mateo. about 50 in santa rosa when you wake up tomorrow and this is the plan where the low clouds and fog, you can see them over into the east bay. then pulling back and we will look for that sun from stinson beach and patchy fog with partly sunny skies and half moon bay. so as we climb to upper 80s to near 90 tomorrow in inland valleys, little warmer. coast and around bay stays the same. some are spread for tuesday and into wednesday just slightly cooler reading. so we are looking at minor changes with low 6 os, little fog, little sun. half moon bay. 73 in santa cruz. pretty sunny day all around the bay tomorrow. look for 81 in san jose. that's about average. 85. 77 in sunnyvale. and on the peninsula, mid to upper 70s. we should see about 77 in mountain view. almost there. san francisco sunny afternoon
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with 65, upper 50s to low 60s in richmond and sunset district in the north bay. one of the warmest days you will see is tomorrow with upper 80s. 81 in napa. so it all depends on that wind flow that northerly wind favors santa rosa, sonoma county. east bay mid 70s with plenty of sunshine for you. fremont, newark and upper 80s inland. 87 in liver more. low 60s to 90 through the middle of the week. and notice by friday and saturday, we've got mid 90s and, 80s around the bay. and just slightly cooler by the end of next weekend. so still august looking still pretty comfortable out there. chris? >> lisa, thank you. still to come on abc news at 11:00, this isn't your typical race. drones pass each other at speeds up to 60 miles an hour. see the special competition unfold next.
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for some people drones are more than just a hobby. you're watching the national drone racing championships this weekend in new york city. pilots take unmanned aircraft more than 60 miles an hour through obstacles to win. espn 3 aired the race which is now in its second year. sponsored by san mateo based go pro. national champion will compete against the fastest drone pilots in the world in october. mike shumann has the night off. rick joins us with a look at sports. hi, chris. >> the a's try to prevent being swept by the cubs.
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you can't blame giants pitcher madison bumgarner if he was a little mad and a little bummed. he was nearly perfect against washington and still took a loss. after taking a ball off his face, hunter pence didn't start. bumgarner struck out 7 over 8 innings. scoreless in the seventh. revere makes a spectacular over the shoulder catch. you can see belt's frustration. in the nationals half, ramos breaks the scoreless tie with solo home run off bumgarner. that's enough as washington wins 1-0 despite getting just two hits. nats take the series winning 2 of 3. a's put sunny gray on 15-day disabled list. he hurt himself yesterday
11:29 pm
pitching against the cubs. foot-long corn dogs can help fanes a little bit better. getting out of bases-loaded jam in the third by giving ben zobrist a line to first. only allowing two solo home runs and in his day the a's had gone scoreless for 19 straight innings until marcus connects if the eighth it put oakland on the board. but that was it as chapman comes on to get the save. that fastball saved at 104 miles an hour. the cubs complete a three-game sweep with 3-1 victory. >> cubs are a good team and you know, i felt like i did a pretty descent job looking at damage and you know, just the two mistakes that i left out and you know, just i felt like i for the most part did a pretty good job. and just got to build off that and take it to the next job.
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>> ichiro becomes the 0th player in major league history to reach 3,000 hits. he came in the seven j inning against the rockies. 42-year-old outfielder risking triple off the wall. marlins and ichiro beat colorado 10-7. it wasn't a complete surprise that after 22 years in the majors, alex rodriguez will play his final game on friday. released by the yankees and work for the team as a special adviser and instructor through the end of next year. a-rod's career is tainted by steroid use. he is fourth in the all time home run list with 696. >> we all want it keep playing forever. but it doesn't work that way. accepting to end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete. saying good-bye may be the hardest part of the job. but that's what i'm doing today.
11:31 pm
>> and abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show, jim furyk makes golf history by shooting the first ever 58 on the pga tour. chris? >> rick, see you soon. thank you. still ahead at 11:00, scandal and weather problems make headlines during day two of the olympics. report from rio, next. also, are you one of millions of americans not taking all your vacation? next the new study on why people aren't taking enough time off. stay close. we'll be right back.
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good evening and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. in tonight's headlines, police in san francisco are trying to piend the person who shot and killed a college student while he was playing pokemon go. calvin riley and a friend were playing in the aquatic center of the fisherman's wharf area. riley was a graduate of school in san mateo. he was attending san joaquinn delta college in stockton. san francisco health department is testing candy believed to have put three children into intensive care. a total of 19 people got sick at a party in the mission last night. the gummy candy had no labels or markings to trace where it came from. a water park in kansas city will be closed tomorrow as investigators try to figure out what caused the death of the
11:36 pm
12-year-old son of a kansas state lawmaker. he was killed while riding down the world's tallest water slide. to the rio olympics happening in brazil. today new scandals emerged and weather problems at some of the events. many of the world's top athletes and our country's best hopes were in action today. abc news reporter jim ryan is in rio with the story. >> a new doping scandal at the olympics. the track and field manager sent home facing investigation after video surfaced of him offering to protect athletes and fall out from russia. >> he failed these athletes. this disgusts me. >> after the doping scandal the international paralympic committee decided all paraolympians were banned. strong winds ripped through the city, causing delays, knocking over fencing and ripping off
11:37 pm
banners. katie ledecky won a gold medal after picking up a silver on saturday. the u.s. women's gymnastic team romped on sunday in qualifying. behind their 19-year-old superstar simone, finishing nearly 10 points in front of second place china. the three-time world champion finished ahead of teammate aly raisman. serena williams won her match but serena and her sister, double gold medallist, lost their first round match for the first time stunned by the czech republic team 6-3, 6-4. they entered with 15-0 career record in the olympics. rio de janeiro, brazil. >> anger filled the voice of a mother as she focused on the person who killed letter
11:38 pm
daughter as the young woman jogged near her home in new york city. she was taked near a park close to jfk airport. detectives have not found suspect but the mother vowed that person will pay for their crime. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak, piece of filth that you are. >> police do not believe atronno knew the person who strangled. a $10,000 reward is being offered. >> a missouri man credits tesla's auto feature for possibly saving his life. the 37-year-old told slate magazine in july he suffered a pulmonary embolism while driving home. luckily he had auto pilot on which works for braking, accelerating and steering. it helped him get to the
11:39 pm
hospital. if his position got to the point where he couldn't drive, his car has a feature where it would pull over, turn on flashers and pull to the right lane. take a look at this, the driver after classic mercedes crashed her car into a rare ferrari while trying to park. the ferrari owner looked at the mercedes driver and said "are you serious" along with other words we can't repeat. that ferrari is worth about $300,000. now a home sharing company is valued at $70 billion, second only to uber valued at $68 billion. airbnb is are you someone who doesn't use all your vacation time if? if so you're not alone.
11:40 pm
a study by project time off found that last year more than half of american workers left vacation time unused. that amounted to 658 million days. of those 222 million could not roll over and were simply lost. an hr expert said employees don't take all their time off because their boss never takes time off. you met a bride whose father couldn't be there at her wedding. she got the next best thing, her father there in heart. we have this touching story. >> reporter: when jenny waked down the aisle this weekend in pennsylvania, the man whose arm she held was not her father. that would not have been possible. because her dad, michael, was gone ten years already, snatched from his little girl's life in a murder. who was this person walk big her side? >> you're right. you will see a parking lot, my aunt is wearing white pants -- >> a person she would not meet
11:41 pm
until the day before the wedding when she had to talk him to the route to the church. 10 years ago, thomas was in desperate need after heart. the heart he got was michael, jenny's dad. she grew up knowing a part of her dad was out there. >> talking to him and writing let earns calling. >> but all long distance -- >> until -- >> jenny wrote me a letter. and said, if you're willing, will you walk me down the aisle. >> thank you so much for coming. >> are you kidding? thank me? >> there they were in the moment of her meeting, jenny closer to her dad's beating heart than she had been in years, so close she reached to feel that beat. and on this, her wedding day. that was possible. abc news. >> still aahead on abc news at 11:00 -- >> fortunately there's no more
11:42 pm
room left in the space station. >> talking own wli abc news about her out of this world experience. >> also a rare look at the wonder and awe of our universe. you will have to see it for yourself. >> and 50s and 60s across the bay right now. pretty nice out. but we will see a return to the low
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an astronaut who grew up here in the bay area is flying high above the earning tonight. this week she took a few minutes to talk to abc news reporter jonathan bloom about space from space. a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> last month astronaut kate rubens arrived on the international space station. >> as first time space traveler how is the food up there? >> turns out the station is truly international. >> we have brought things like hot sauces from around the world. so it is actually really phenomenal cuisine. unfortunately there's no wine on board space station. >> that would have been a little piece of home. kate grew up in napa and went to vintage high school. >> every time we have a pass over the u.s. and over california, i try to look out and wave to everybody down below. >> she will have an even better view on her upcoming space walk. >> we have assembled parts to the suit, the boots and gloves and the hardware needed for the
11:46 pm
space walk. >> she will help connect the first international parts with the crew. >> kate has an idea of what is coming up. but until you experience it is not quite the same. >> going over and over proceed you're. >> so we don't have to use a check list. we know it basically by heart. >> the heart is another focus for rubins. studying cells brought from stanford. >> those are heart cells. one of the things we are very interested in is cardiovascular function in space. >> imagine a pe try dish -- >> up here the water forms drop lets and floats away. >> how to do science in space is topic one when ruben talks with students at vintage high. >> fun for us to share our experience and what it is like living and working in space on the international space station. >> in san francisco here on earth, jonathan bloom, abc 7
11:47 pm
news. >> it is raining plasma on the sun surface. take a look at this. nasa releasing this video of solar flair captured by agencies imaging speck tro graph. you can see the sun spewing solar material and oozing on its surface. the satellite launched in june of 2013 to observe the sun. iris's mission is being monitored by team at lockheed martin in hall palo alto. meteorologist lisaarden is here tracking conditions. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. just want to tell you about the flooding across the southeast. flood watches up for most of florida, south carolina, north carolina and portions of georgia. very wet weather pattern takes shape the next couple of days. we can see the rest of the country. very warm, 102 in dallas. 109 in phoenix. looking at dry weather of course here in the golden state. so look for temperatures today and tomorrow. very similar with low 90s in sacramento.
11:48 pm
we are looking that smoke pushing to the south with that northwesterly flow and that will bring some hazy skies to monterey. 93 in yosemite with 81. partly cloud aye in los angeles. low clouds an fog to start the day. san francisco perhaps over in oakland and by midday we are sunny. should be a nice afternoon with 75 in palo alto. look for after wrath in san jose. 81 for you. 88 in concord. up in the north bay warmer numbers here around santa rosa. 71 in richmond and oakland. so the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring temperatures in 60s. all week long at the coast. upper 70s bay side. 90 inland. then a little bit of high pressure building that onshore flow pulls back. we will see high pressure bringing us mid 90s inland by a friday and saturday. not going to last though. very slight warming trend by the end of the week. chris? >> lisa, thank you.
11:49 pm
rick quan joins with us sports. >> apparently the hall of fame wasn't ready for some football as first preseason of the year has to be cancelled. >>
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. at the travellers championship, jim furyk made history by shooting the first ever 58 on the pga tour. it still wasn't enough to win the tournament. russell knot took the title by sinking this final putt, finishing 14 under, winning better than jerry kelly. but the day also belonged to feweric. he had 10 birdies and eagle. he just misses this birdie on 18. he finished 12 under for date. he taps in for par, finishing in fifth place. >> so much fun today to go out there and get in contention and
11:53 pm
have an opportunity to break another barrier on the pga tour and then be able to be successful and do it was a great feeling. and all of the great players that played this game, to stand up there alone with the score of 58 is pretty cool. >> pro football hall of fame is fielding some shame tonight as preseason opener had to be cancelled because of unsafe field conditions. the packers and colts were supposed to play the hall of fame game in canton, ohio. but it was called off about two hours before kick off. most problems with a paint job at midfield and end zones which left the field slippery and dangerous for play perps fans were given a full refund but it wasn't much consolation. since the all-star break, madison bumgarner has gone winless if five starts. allowing just two hits over eight innings against washington today but still lost. after taking a foul ball after his face yesterday, hunter pence did not start. bumgarner retiring 11 of the first batters and striking out
11:54 pm
seven. with the game scoreless in the seventh, giants have two men on. belt says this tanner roark pitching over and toç center a was caught. can't believe it. a solo shot off bumgarner proves to be enough as washington wins 1-0, despite getting two hits. tomorrow giants are at miami. giants outfielder making his first game in the majors one to remember. sends a ball off the wall for a double. adrian gonzalez and reddick both score. in the fifth, delivering again this time with a two-run single. his four rbi are the most for a dodger making his major league debut. l.a. wins 8-5. now just one game back of the giants. more bad news for last place
11:55 pm
oakland a's. today putting sunny gray on pitching disabled list with strained right forearm. he hit himself yesterday pitching against the cubs. chicago has bases loaded with one out in the third but zobrist flies for an inning-ending double play. only allowing two solo home runs but this one in the receive j put in his day. in the eighth, marcus simmen goes deep to snap a scoreless streak for the a's. but that would be it for oakland. chapman comes on to get the save. gets chris dave ounces a fastball to end the contest. cubs complete a three-game sweep of the 3-1 victory. semien was asked how to continue. >> hitting can be contagious so we have to set the tone early,
11:56 pm
get out to big league and that will help us out. >> ichiro just the 30th player in major league history and first in japan to reach 30 3,000 hits. came against the rockies today. he risked a triple off the wall. marlins beat colorado 10-7. nascar with a final road course race of the year with nine laps to go. kyle busch with the lead. loses it when he can't make the 90 degree turn. allowing hamlin to take the lead. hamlin takes the checkered flag. it is hamlin's first ever win on a road course. summer games in rio team usa tied for most gold medales with three. 12 over all. four more than second place china with eight. italy and japan won seven each. then australia with six and south korea with five. this report is brought to you by
11:57 pm
river rock casino. >> i still can't believe the williams sisters are out of tennis. that does it for us. i'm chris nguyen. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. as always, when you see news happening where you live, be sure to use the hashtag abc 7 news. make it a great week, everybody.
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to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack. whaaaat?!! no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun. jack's new brewhouse bacon burger, new from jack in the box.
11:59 pm
hey, where did jack go? he was just here. they are.ou and me, they're, they're strange creatures. they don't think like you and i. you know it. they just, they ignore us. totally. it's like we're only here to serve them. yeah, that's what i been saying. but then they turn around and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? got my eye on him.
12:00 am
(man speaking indistinctly over p.a.) dinner with your dad? every sunday. you want a doggie bag? every sunday. thanks.


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