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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. >> it is monday, august 8th. gosh, we are waking up to a rough time for delta passengers. a massive computer outage means that all flights nationwide and really around the world are grounded right now. we're going to get to this in just a moment. matt keller is at san jose tracking this for you. let's start with alexis smith tracking trouble on the roads. or the trouble it's causing. hi, alexis. >> there we go.
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my mike is on. we have a sig alert in the tri-valley. pleasanton area. a really big tree about 18 inches in diameter fell on southbound 680. so this is past 580 just past stone bridge drive. it either hit a couple of vehicles or the vehicles hit it. and tow truck is needed. they also need to chop up that tree and get that off the roadway. right lane is fully blocked. we still don't have enough to know when we're going to get that back open. unfortunately that causing is a two-mile backup. that is going to only get worse as question get further into the morning. if you coming from the dublin area down through pleasanton, think about an alternate at this point. we're going to make a call to chp and see just how close they are. i know we have a tow truck on the scene. i'm not sure if we've gotten anyone with a chainsaw to cut that up and get that out of there. there's a lot of branches and leaves and stuff like that across the roadway as well. we'll have an update on that in just a few. right now, let's get to mike
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nicco. >> thank you very much. good morning. let's see what your weather has in store for you. quiet. the clouds are coming in they don't have much moisture with them. you can see the breezes. not very strong as we look at the ferry building. they will pick up a little bit. let's break down today. 47 to 58. microclimates this morning. 59 at the coast. 78 where it's going to be sunny in a lot of areas toer your lunchtime. 61 to 88. it's going to be a little warm for your inland commute. enjoy comfortable evening, 57 at the coast to 76 inland. back to that breaking news. delta air lines experiencing a system wide computer outage right now. here's a live look inside mineta san jose airport. large scale cancelations expected throughout the morning. passengers can expect confusion as well. here's why. delta says flight status systems on websites and at airports are incorrectly showing that flights are on time. so don't believe that when you see it. the airline says it is working
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to fix the issue. delta says the problem stems from a power outage in atlanta, the airlines worldwide hub. matt keller is at mineta san jose hub more on passenger impacts coming up in our next half hour. 20-year-old college baseball player was shot and killed at aquatic park while playing pokemon go. the man who shot him is still on the loose this morning. abc 7 news reporter is at that location live with the details. ellissa? >> natasha, such a sad story. calvin riley and a friend noticed someone suspicious waping them as they played pokemon go on their phones over the weekend. shortly after that riley was shot. the 20-year-old is from san mateo. heed a greated from serra high school and pitching for san joaquin delta college in stockton. a family friend was the assistant athletic director at serra. he told me that riley branched off from his friend while playing pock monday go and went around a corner and was shot.
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the family wants to get the word out in hopes someone comes forward with answers. >> calvin is one of the most amazing selfless, always put others before himself. would never say one bad thing about anyone. was always positive and encouraging. >> reporter: park police are asking anyone with information to contact them. they don't have anyone in custody. we do not have a description of the shooter. i also spoke with riley's coach at delta college. he told me this was a huge loss for everyone. calvin had an infectious personality. in san francisco, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> so sad and baffles. thank you. the person who shot and 17-year-old boy in hayward is also still on the loose this morning. someone shot the teen several times on muir street saturday night. a second 17-year-old boy as well as an 18-year-old man were wounded in that shooting. both of them are expected to
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survive. developments in the richmond police department sex scandal that has rocked the entire bay area. a new report from within the department does place blame on some officers. abc 7's jessica castro is here with more on that. >> a new memo written by the richmond police chief says his officers violated policy when dealing with an underage prostitute that is according to our media partners at the mercury news. that memo was made public yesterday also claims the violations likely did not break any criminal laws. as you may know, this all stems from allegations by a woman named celeste guap. the daughter of a police dispatcher who claims to have had sex with more than 30 law enforcement officers including some in oakland, richmond, livermore, and the alameda and contra costaer is he's office us. guap said she was unden age for some of those relationships. guap has implicated five officers in the richmond police department. guap has said those officers were off duty during their relationships and it was after
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she turned 18. guap is also a richmond resident. the entire sex scandal started in oakland with an officer committing suicide last year after guap told one of the supervisors about -- or a superior at least about that relationship. reporting from the newsroom, jessica castro, abc 7 news. happening today, normer dog groomer charge with an maul cruelty after the death of a dog under his care is scheduled for preliminary hearing. he was grooming a do ing a dachhound. the dog died with a punk churd lung and two broken ribs. he pleaded not guilty. three children remain in sf general's intensive care unit. recovering from eating what may have been drug-laced candy at a party. abc 7 news lilian kim has that. >> reporter: it was one after another, guests falling ill after something they ate.
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police say a total of 19 people got sick. three of whom are children still in the icu. they were guests at a quinceanera. >> at my watch i don't want to see nobody die. >> reporter: he's at a security guard at the building where the family wented out a room. a 61-year-old man sitting at a chair was the first to show symptoms which included heart palpitatio palpitations, shortness of breath, vomiting and swollen tongue and rash. >> he said, i feel pain. i said, no, asked the wife, what did he eat? but he responded and said, i ate a candy. >> reporter: candy was gum my candy that had no labels or markings to help trace where it came from. the department of public health is testing it and other items consumed at the party to determine the exact cause. they're also doing blood analysis. as for san francisco police, they're conducting interviews. even brought in their special victims unit eshl isly trained to interview children.
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>> we don't know. we don't know if this is an intentional act, inadvertent act, food product, store bought, homemade. those are the types of questions we're going to look at. >> lilian kim, abc 7 news. happening today, state senate committee is expected to hear legislation that would protect consumers from being blind sited by medical bills. they address what happens when consumers use in network facility. it is primarily a battle between health insurers and doctors but patients often get stuck in the middle. it would require insurers to reimburse out of network providers. san francisco's chinatown power house rose pack wants to put the brake osen a plan that would turn lower stockton street into a car free zone. several businesses in union square want to make that area between market and post streets into a permanent pedestrian walkway. the city has done it before. in fact, they did it over the christmas holiday putting
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artificial turf there. they had food vendors there. you would walk through it during the shopping season. pak said stockton street is vital for businesses and promising to fight a pedestrian mall. we do have a couple of traffic alerts to get to. one causing a bigger backup than the other one. let's get you to pleasanton now. southbound 680 coming from that 580 interchange, two miles of heavy traffic. that's due to a tree that fell this morning. far right lane is still blocked. working on get that cleared along with the vehicle who unfortunately hit that tree right after it fell. the other problem is just north of novato before@there on the. we had a sigalert with a serious crash overnight. a car hit a telephone pole. so they're still working on that investigation. we're looking at mass transit in a fuse minutes. right now, let's get over to mike nicco with a look at our forecast. >> good morning. we'll start inland east bay where temperatures are in the
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mid 50s to 60 in antioch. and pittsburg. let's look at the rest of your neighborhoods. you can see mid to upper 50s. we're going to keep an eye on you for some fog developments. 55 in san francisco. here's a look at san raf fell. southbound juan looks quiet. walking the dog with dew on the grass. jogging, sunny this afternoon, have sunscreen and small craft advisories for parts of the bay. sailing is going to be a little difficult this afternoon. here's a look at san jess at 280 and 17. you can see a few clouds trying to develop. a little bit of haze. air quality is fine as the winds continue to blow the soberanes fire smoke into more of the celinas. temperatures do not change much. locked in. but that will change come thursday, friday, and saturday. i'll have that coming up next. the u.s. starts off strong in the summer olympics. the americans sporting gold this morning and the one surprising loss. loss. also, driving while drowsy.
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today investigators are expected to be back at the scene of a fire that gutted a nursery in san martin. you can see firefighters attack the flames from above with helicopters just like they would do for a wildfire. it broke out at the lakeside
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nursery on murphy avenue around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. one man rushed to the scene after he saw smoke rising. >> i also seen propane tank shot up like 200 feet up in the air and blew up. but looks like there's a lot of wood that's burning, too. that's why it's so black and a lot of plastic. >> there are no reports of injuries. the mother of a woman murdered as she jogged if new york ncity is vowing to bring hr daughter's killer to justice. she was attacked in a park close to jfk airport. detectives have not identified a suspect. her mother is doing everything in her power to see that person ends. paying for the crime. >> the whole entire world knows >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, piece of filth that you are. >> police do not believe vetrano
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knew the person who stringled her. a $10,000 reward is offered. nfl fans are need to wait to get their first taste of football this season. cancelled the last night's hall of fame game in canton, ohio, because of a poorly painted film. the fresh paint made the artificial turf feel like walking on cement. officials tried to fix the problem but they ultimately decided the conditions were not safe. league officials say mant nans crews used the wrong kind of paint. the united states off to a strong start. abc's jim ryan reports now from rio de janiero. >> michael phelps made his 2016 olympic debut in the pool for the 4 x 100 meter freestyle relay. phelps showed why he's the most honored olympian in history leading the u.s. team to victory collecting his 19th gold medal. 23 olympic medals in all. so far rising swimming star katie ledecky hit the water in the semifinals in the women's
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400 meter freestyle. as expected the 19-year-old phenom won a gold medal after picking up a silver on saturday. katie ledecky breaking her own world record. u.s. defending champion dana fulmer took the bronze. sweden's sara took the gold. the u.s. women's gymnastic team romped on sunday in the qualifying. behind their 19-year-old superstar simone biles the american women finished nearly ten points in front of a seconds place china. biles three-time world champion finished well ahead of teammate aly raisman. all five women earned a spot in either the all around or event finals. biles and raisman both. serena williams was victorious in her match against australia. but serena and her sister venus three-time doubles gold medalists lost their first round match for the first time, stunned by the czech republic team. 6-3, 6-4. the williams sisters entered the match with a 15-0 career record
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in the olympics. jim ryan, abc news, rio de janiero, brazil. the glitz and glamour of the olympics. unfortunately not carrying over to the olympic village. you've heard about the stories of the poor living conditions. chances are you have not seen anything like this. apparently this journalist for npr has to turn on his shower by turning on his bathroom faucet. yeah. he thought the shower was off and turned the faucet knob and now it's running. it took him a while to figure it out. he just thought his shauower wasn't working until he turned on his sink. no word on how he needs to flush the toilet. maybe he can raise and lower the blinds. traffic problems this morning. let's go over to alexis. >> mike nicco is here with me claiming he can fix that plumbing problem. >> really? >> unfortunately i don't think he's going to be able to fix what's happen og ting on the ro.
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we had a tree fall 3:45 this morning. still trying to get that cleaned up. two miles of backup on 680. starting to spill over on 580 as well. also, marin county, if you're going to take the ferry this morning, 7:30 a.m., that is going to be on a backup vessel. it will take about 15 minutes longer into san francisco. and then the 8:40 a.m. is fully canceled. and that is due to tech issues. i haven't heard about any other residual delays due to that. we'll take a look at our live traffic cameras coming up. right now let's get over to our handy man mike nicco. >> i do have a -- what do i have? a garbage disposal waiting for me at home to fix when i get there. go to the gym or go home and fix the garbage disposal. streak of summer to start the week. temperatures close to average. cool and clouds. arrive late tonight and a warming trend into the weekend. above average for some
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neighborhoods. let's look at our winds. 13 in concord. na napa, 14. they're going to pick up this afternoon. east of the golden gate, north of the bay bridge. you know this song and dance. it starts at 3:00 this afternoon until 10:00 this evening. if you're on the water you can get a west wind around 24 to 38 miles per hour. let's talk temperatures. slight warming down in the south bay. san jose, 81. sunnyvale, 77. as you head up the peninsula, san mateo, 71. we'll go from clouds to sunshine. warm spot looks like it will be redwood city about 78 degrees. downtown, our average high is 68, 69 right now. we'll be at 67. pretty close. coolest will be around the sunset marina. as you head through the north bay, breezy near the bay. deeper in, it gets warmer, santa rosa. 87. near the water of it's going to be breezy across the northern section. berkeley and richmond. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s.
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our last stop, inland east bay neighborhoods, warm to hot with mid 80s around san ramon. 90s out highway 4. my accuweather. get used to this. they will get warmer for thursday, friday, and saturday. >> sounds good, thank you, mike. new numbers are shining a light on an alarming trend. increasing number of americans who are driving while drowsy. the report by the national highway traffic safety administration recommends better drowsy driving laws and awareness. last year drowsy driving was blamed for 5,000 deaths crossing an estimated $109 billion. that does not include property damage. one in every four sleep deprived americans drive drowsy every single day. new details overnight in a water park ride accident that killed a lawmaker's child. >> alex has details in gma's first look. >> authorities investigating what went tragically wrong at this popular kansas city water park. >> our thoughts and prayers are
5:20 am
with the family during this difficult time. >> reporter: abc news learning the 10-year-old son of kansas stit representative scott schwab died while riding what's known as the tallest waterslide in the world here at the schlitterbahn water park. >> it brought tear to my eyes that someone else lost their child that's my child's age. >> reporter: before the ride even opened two years ago many raised questions about its safety, especially after watching these early safety tests showing sandbag dummies flying off the slide. the ride's opening delayed at least lee times while the park reworked it adding seat belts and safety netting. and we'll have more details on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm alex perez, abc news, kansas city. for some people drones are more than just a hobby. you're watching the national drone racing championships this weekend in new york city. pilots take their unmanned aircraft more than 60 miles an hour through obstacles to win.
5:21 am
they aired the race in the second year. it's sponsored by san mateo based gopro. national champion will compete against the fastest drone pilots in the worldcom october. >> are you surprised it's glitchy? >> yeah. who doesn't love a dancing robot? what about more than a thousand of them at the same time? it's a new guinness world record. check it out. look at this. 1,007 robots dancing simultaneously in china. nearly double the previous record. each machine is controlled using just one phone. they had to dance a full minute in order to count. do you like this or the opening ceremony from rio. be honest. >> stop pr they're very in sy thrks c. >> i think we got our answer. >> just put some samba music to it. seven things you need to know. >> and shoppers duck into a mall to escape a storm. why it was the wrong move. >> see why it was a big weekend for cosmic fans in the -- comic
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. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, these are seven things you need to know. breaking news. a frustrating morning ahead for delta passengers. the airline is experiencing a worldwide computer outage right now. delta says flight status and system on websites in an airport are incorrectly showing the flights are on time. oakland police are searching for a suspect near interstate 880 after two people found dead inside a burning car. this is in the area south of 98th avenue. a third person was taken to the hospital. number three, oakland police officer is recovering after crashing his patrol car this morning near 14th and foothill boulevard. another koran into a building. 23 no word on that driver's condition. that scene is now cleared. taking a look at our sig alert for pleasanton. southbound 680, had a big tree
5:25 am
fall. that is still blocking the right lane. look atta ba that backup. two miles on 680 and 580 now as well. that warmer weather you saw yesterday, another five back to summer. look how close our temperatures are to average. i have even warmer weather coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. number six, police are hoping the public can help find the person who shot and killed a 20-year-old from san mateo as he was playing pokemon go in san francisco. calvin riley was killed at aquatic park saturday. police say they have little to go on. number seven, a mega merger in the works right now for two of the biggest names in internet shopping. walmart is expected to announce today that it is buying online for $3 billion. it would make it the largest u.s. e-commerce acquisition in history. an actor will smith made nearly $3 billion at the box office but he has never had an opening like this weekend
5:26 am
"suicide squad." it features some of bad guys and gals of the d.c. comics universe teaming up to help u.s. intelligence. critics really hated this movie. >> yeah. >> just 26% positive reviews on rotten tomatoes. audience did not care one bit. >> are you sure or did they pay for their ticket and then they cared? >> no. at least they didn't care before the important part when they gave their money. it earned $135 million. that is the third largest opening of the year. jason bourne, bad mom, the secret life of pets and star trek beyond rounded out the top five. >> i don't want to see any of those. speaking of comic book, enthusiasts spent their weekend look for the next big find. abc 7 was in berkeley for the berkeley come my cic-con. organizers shared how hollywood has renewed the interests in comics. >> people who haven't heard of the super heroes before are just getting interested in the super
5:27 am
heroes. so they see it on the big screen and they want somebody to take home with them that relates to the movie they just saw. >> one of those is going for more than 100 bucks. >> i know. >> wow. show organizers would like to host more comic book shows in berkeley. people in mexico avoided a storm by shopping inside a of a mall or so they thought. check this out. water just pouring down into the store in mexico. this is about 350 miles west of mexico city. see that water stream there on the right of your screen? the area was hit hard by rain and appears the roof gave way spending this waterfall straight into the mall. a whole lot of damage to contend with. we're going to come back with a full 90 minutes of news including the reason you might experience service delay it is you are heading to a santa clara courtroom today. courtroom today. a wildfire is
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i want to start with this breaking news. a rough start to the week for airline passengers. all delta flights are grounded right now following a worldwide computer outage. thank you for joining us. i'm natasha. >> i'm renlg difficult. th people are wondering what is going on and when they're going to be able to take off. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose with what we know about outage right now. matt? >> good morning. in just the past five minutes or so we saw an update here on our flight board. this los angeles flight at 6:00 a.m. leafing here from san jose changed from on time to boarding. that is actually some very good news here in san jose this morning. it's a confusing morning. delta says this is actually part of the glitch that all the depar churs and arrivals, the boards that you see at the airlines are
5:31 am
going to be confusing because they're all going to say on time. so seeing that it says boarding is actually good news. they probably are boarding. they're telling everybody here in san jose to head on up to the gates. i got an update from a san jose airport spokesperson about 15 minutes ago. she told me delta is reporting their computer systems are slowly coming back online and expect residual delays and cancelations until their systems are fully online and restored. delta reps in san jose told airport officials they expect all flights here to take off on time this morning so that boarding sign is a good sign here in san jose. here's one passenger's experience. >> they didn't tell you they were having any problems or issues? >> no, i didn't even go over there. i just showed them the -- the lady over there at delta and they said just go to the gate because i have the boarding patsds. >> pass. >> you're hoping for the best today. >> yeah. >> power outage in atlanta impacted dale computer systems and operations worldwide.
5:32 am
no word on how how long it will take for them to restore. you may have luck in san jose but your connecting flight in another airport may not take off on time or at all. delta is offering up refunds to customers. if you don't want to chance it with delta cancel your flight and try to book on another airline. we're going to find out here, the first flight is leaving at 6:00 to los angeles. i have a couple of people up there at the gates texting me and letting me know whether or not there is going to be delays for their flights. we'll pass that information on to you. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. so first trouble at the airport, and now trouble on the road. >> alexis smith is tracking several early issues in the morning commute. >> that's what happened about 3:45 this morning. a tree with about 18-inch diameter fell on southbound 680 but just past stone ridge drive in the pleasanton area you can see that backup has spilled over on westbound 580 as well. foothill drive just to the east of that is an option. and if you're coming from the
5:33 am
westbound direction you can take 84 to cut around that. although that is filling in with red now as well. hopefully we will have new information on this coming up in just a few minutes. right now let's check in with mike nicco with a look at our forecast. >> let's take a look a what's going on with live doppler 7 hd. it's not raining and no drizzle that i've heard of yet. if you're near the coast, that may be the best place. marine layers, it's not climbing of ever the east bay hills. that's why it's clear from our cameras. east. here's your day planner for today. >> all right. thank you, mike. breaking news now in san francisco. police are confirming to abc 7 news they're working the shooting scene at second and mission streets. near a nightclub where there may have been a disturbance that led to someone being shot. waiting for police to return our calls for more information. san francisco police are hoping you can help them find the shooter who killed a college baseball student who was playing pokemon go. 20-year-old calvin riley was playing the popular saturday night at aquatic park.
5:34 am
a popular spot to get rare pokemon. a friend says a gunman who appeared out of nowhere shot and killed riley and then ran away. police say there was no confrontation leading to the shooting. calvin riley graduated from serra high school in san mateo and was won the san joaquin delta college baseball team. ago fund me page has been set up to help pay for funeral. so far it's raised more than $36,000 of $40,000 goal. if you would like to help we have the link on our website. just go to contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating the death of a woman in the community of blackhawk. it was found on quail run lane and quail run drive yesterday. they believe the suspect and victim knew each other. no word if the person is under arrest or the person's identity. learning more about the 18-year-old who was killed in a skydiving accident in the central valley.
5:35 am
friends and family gathered to remember tyra turner. he just graduated from high school. it was his first jump and he was at the parachute center with family and friends celebrating a birthday there. he jumped with an instructor but the chute didn't deploy. both men died. turner's mom talked about their final conversation. >> miss every day about him, i don't know why this had to happen. i can't change it. but i can live in his honor. >> the center's owner says the instructor was a veteran skydiver with about 700 jumps under his belt. the faa is investigating what went wrong. new details in the sex investigation involving a young woman and several bay area police departments. richmond police chief alan brown says several officers likely violated their department policy but they don't seem to have broken any laws. they're accuse of having sex
5:36 am
with the woman you see there, celeste guap in june. she said she had sex with more than 30 officers in the bay area. chief brown says the first investigation into the officer's involvement should be completed in the coming weeks. a wildfire continues to burn across the state including a fast moving one in southern california. firefighters are battling the so-called pilot fire in the san bernardino mountains. started yesterday. latest numbers release say it's burned 1500 acres so far. some residents in the area are being evacuated. firefighters are making progress against the cold fire burning offen the edge of napa and yolo counties. 5300 acre fire is now 60% contained. cooler weather slowed the fire spread over the weekend. cal fire says firefighters are making good progress in re-enforcing containment lines. the largest fire in the state is burning in monterey county still. near big sur. right now the soberanes fire is 45% contained. it has burned though almost
5:37 am
58,000 acres. it's exactly half the size of the city of san jose. you can see the new images posted by cal fire. evacuation orders have been lifted for several areas. governor brown has declared a state of emergency. well, once you make it out of the central valley, typical delays. we've got an additional backup for you this morning. this is our traffic alert we've been following since 3:45 today if still have that tree down blocking the right lane. southbound 680 past stonei believeing are drive. use foothill road to the east for an alternate or use 84 as well. but right now we're getting close to four miles of backup. two miles on 680 and it spilled over on westbound 580 as well. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. filled in over the last few minutes. as of 5:33 this morning the metering lights are on. so expect those typical delays as you get through plaza. looking okay once you make it out to the actual bridge. we will take a look at another problem in marin county coming up in less than ten
5:38 am
minutes. right now let's get to mike nicco with a look of our forecast. >> hi. let's start on the peninsula where we have a temperature running 47 degrees in wood side. up in the elevations. a little bit cooler. pacifica and daly city, 52. everybody else around 54 and 55 degrees. menlo park at 51. how about if you're along the east bay shore. down to san jose. concord, napa, cooler mill valley. this is the way it looks in walnut creek. you can see the clouds not quite making it here yet. and inland east bay is where we're going to find our extremes on the high side. brentwood, antioch, pittsburg, 91 to 92 degrees. got to go to the coast for the other extremes. 58 to 59, daly city, pacifica. let's look at even else and show you what's going on. san francisco, 67 today. oakland, 73. san jose, 81. petaluma, 84. tomorrow, some minor tweaks gets it a little bit warmer inland. but so minor you probably won't even notice it nor will you notice the drop wednesday. but wait until you see the
5:39 am
weather forecast, that drop is a little bit of a tease because it's going to get warmer thursday, friday, and saturday. >> thank you, mike. a former san mateo police officer accused of sexually assaulting several women while on duty is scheduled to be on court today. noah winchester pled not guilty involving five victims. including one who was just 17 years old. today winchester's attorney is trying to get his bail reduced from $3.1 million. we're also expecting to find out the day for his preliminary hearing. barring a last-minute settlement you can expect limited services at courthouse across santa clara county. court employees were on the picket line for a third straight day trying to par again for a new contract after eight years of no raises. they really can't afford the raises that workers like clerks and mediators are asking for. more problems and delays for b.a.r.t.'s new cars. according to the east bay times, there is now an issue with a high voltage switch in the car's
5:40 am
power supply unit. it could shut down when it gets too hot. engineers say problems with the same system in b.a.r.t.'s original fleet didn't come up until the cars had been in service for a number be of years. b.a.r.t. was supposed to get the first train in december. that is now going to be pushed back at least until may of next year. from insults to apology plan. coming up next, the speech donald trump is giving today that he hopes will help refocus his campaign. his campaign. also, outside lands,
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residents of the gulf coast are racing themselves for a week of wet weather. forecasters are predicting rain in the amount of 10 to 15 inches through the next five days. the state department of emergency management is urging people to prepare for flooding similar to the situation in miami recently. tropical storm earl is now blamed for 39 deaths in mexico. the death toll climbed overnight as a result of landslides in the states. the governor of pueblo took time on sunday to view the. all the damage will be repaired. bombing outside a hospital in pack stakistan continues to . 63 people have died. that number is up from 53 since last hour. the explosion happened in the city of queta.
5:43 am
close to the afghanistan border. targeting lawyers at the gaets of the emergency ward. they are there following the shooting death of a local lawyer. doz zones of others are injured and no one has claimed responsibility. all right. on to presidential politics now. donald trump will make a major economic policy address in detroit this morning as his struggling campaign tries to get back on track. the speech will focus on getting americans more freedom to use their tools to achieve financial gain. a weekend abc news/"washington post" poll shows hillary clinton had an eight-point lead after a disastrous week by trump. clinton who will also give a major economic address in detroit this thursday will spend today campaigning in florida. exciting day for students in san ramon. today they're going to celebrate the grand opening of their new school. bella vista elementary on trumpet vine lane is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30. showing off their new $260 million campus. it was fund eed by the voter approved measure d. the school district posted these
5:44 am
photos on the website. bella vista elementary is going to be home of the trail blazers and it will serve students from k-5. the first day of school is next monday. now, all there is left to do is for crews to do that massive clean-up job at san francisco golden gate park this after another successful outside lands festival. ♪ we can see some of the fun that tens of thousands of people had this weekend at the polo field. the mega concert was mostly peaceful unlike some previous years. >> it's been a great weekend. there's been very, very few issues. i would say the bigger issue has been people jumping the fence and trespassing. we've had numerous arrests each day. >> you and your friends may have posted photos, videos, snaps from outside lands. at&t says concertgoers used enough bandwidth to post 19 million selfies on social media. very nice. we're going to bet back to alexis and she's tracking a few
5:45 am
traffic issues. >> taking a look at tri-valley in the pleasanton area. we have had the traffic alert since we started at 4:30 this morning. pretty big tree fell on southbound 680. that is still blocking the right lane. so i know they are trying to get fire crew or a landscaping crew out there to get the chainsaw out and get that chopped up and off the roadway. so you're jammed for two miles coming from 580 and that has spilled over on to westbound 580 as well. just to the east of that for an alternate. there is construction on 84. you may want to avoid that as well. taking you up to the thnovato area. we still have this sig alert. one northbound lane is closed from the very serious crash overnight and that probably will not reopen until noon today. taking a look at the south bay. hazy here in san jose. 280 moving along fine. we may have a problem on 84 just on an on-ramp. so i'm going to do some investigating. i'll have an update on that in just a few as well as possible new problem in the hayward area
5:46 am
as well. next traffic update in ten minutes. let's get out to mike nicco now. he is up on the roof. easy for me to say. sorry. messed your name up. it's monday, mike. >> i understand completely. good morning. no worries. yeah, decided to come up on the roof and do investigating. let's open the weather window on sfo. probably we're going to have flight arrival delays because of the cloud coverage. 5 55 degrees. bay and coast is the best place for clouds the next couple nights. even warmer weather is coming this weekend. you can see over the next six hours. there may be drizzle along the coast. the rest of us are going to be dry. in fact, look at the sunshine today. all the way out to even the north bay coast. the peninsula may not be quite as sunny as it was yesterday. but still, even a lot of sunshine as you head down towards the monterey bay. let's see our temperatures down in the south bay. we'll have 76 in milpitas. upper 70s, low 80s, elsewhere. mid 80s. we'll have mid to upper 70s for
5:47 am
most of the peninsula. san mateo, pill bramillbrae, th exception. nearly average downtown, south san francisco upper 70s. near 70 degrees. 81 in napa. 87 in santa rosa. breezy conditions will keep berkeley and richmond in the mid to upper 60s while everybody else is in the mid to upper 70s with oakland, 73. san ramon valley, mid to upper 80s. out highway 4 though, look at that, low 90s. here's a look at tonight's temperatures. you can see the cloud cover now extensive as this morning. a lot of low to mid 50s until you get into the inland. east bay and the south bay we'll have mid to upper 50s. here'sly accuweather seven-day forecast. pressure will keep us steady tomorrow and wednesday. warmer weather is going to arrive for thursday, friday, and saturday. you will really notice inland, mid 90s. 80 around the bay. 60s at the coast. hope you have a good day. we'll take a look at tropical
5:48 am
storm javier and what it's doing to cabo san lucas when we come back. airbnb is the second most valuable tech start up in the country. it values the home sharing company at $30 billion. second only to uber which is valued at 68 billions dp san francisco based airbnb is looking at experiences that will pay locals to tour specific sites. this story might make any of you car enthusiasts out there cry. the driver of a classic mersz dees crashed her car into a rare ferrari while trying to park. what happened? >> oh. >> this is in virginia over the weekend. the stunned ferrari owner you see him there in the white shorts getting beeped a lot, he had mercedes owner, are you serious? and then, you know, a few words we can't air on broadcast television. the ferrari is worth about 300,000 bucks. >> yikes. >> i'm sure he's well insured. >> let's hope. >> still. we give one spot of good news.
5:49 am
all morning long tracking this massive computer outage for delta passengers. >> delta tweeted out they have lifted the ground stop following a power outage. however, just know if you have a delta flight today there's a very good chance it's going to be canceled or delayed. we're going to have a live report from another san jose in just a couple of minutes. first, how tesla's car technology may have saved the life of a driver who was suffering from a serious medical condition. are you one of millions of americans not taking all of your vacation? the new study and why some people aren't taking enough time off.
5:50 am
5:51 am
the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
5:52 am
in the north bay a woman lost a large amount of money and chips at casino after someone stole her purse and we have a photo of the woman police say is responsible. there she is. she's now wanted for grand theft. officers say the victim was gambling at park west casino in petaluma yesterday morning. the purse was taken as it was hanging on a chair as she was gambling. more on the mosquito fogging is scheduled for tonight. it will begin at 11:00 p.m. preside it will last for several hours. we brought up the maps so you
5:53 am
can see where this is. residents in that area in yellow did receive fogging notices on their doors. control says mosquitos infected with west nile were found in some areas of south san jose. if you're looking for a job target is hiring now. they need 100 employees for new store in cupertino. the so-called flexible store is going to be on stevens creek boulevard a mile and half from the full size location. precede actual their interview online and showed up between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. hiring event is at the nearby target at 20745 stevens creek boulevard. interviews will be held each monday throughout the month. it's designed for smaller location with items for local customers. are you someone who doesn't use all of your vacation time? if so, turns out you are not alone. a study by project time off found that last year more than half of american workers left vacation time unused. it amounted to 658 million days.
5:54 am
of those 222 million could not roll over and they were just simply lost. expert says that many employees don't take all of their time because their boss never takes time off. there you go. >> that's a bummer. i never want to hear that. >> this is all the beautiful places you are not taking a vacation at right now. >> alexis is not going to take vacation any time soon because she just started. >> i got to save some time up before i can use any of it. and if you are not on vacation about to hit the road heading into work this morning, unfortunately we have a traffic alert in the tri-valley. this is in pleasanton. we've been tracking this since about 3:45 this morning. stem had that tree down in the right-hand lane. again, that is holding steady at four miles for your backup. if you're coming from the east, you can use foothill road for your alternate. 84 is pretty heavy. as you can see that is pretty much at a stand still just about seven miles per hour. we do have slow traffic in hayward and another look at the san jose area. we'll do that? just a few.
5:55 am
mike? hi, everybody. pretty quiet out here. breezier than it was this time yesterday when i was out here. let's look at your temperatures around the state. 64 in monterey. mid to upper 90s through the central valley and yosemite. palm springs, 108. right now it's a tropical storm. its name is javier headed toward cabo san lucas. it's going to make a direct hit this evening. by tuesday and wednesday, nothing to worry about. >> thank you, mike. missouri man is crediting tesla's autopilot feature for possibly saving his life. the 37-year-old says he suffered a pulmonary embolism while driving home last month. so he had the autopilot feature on and that kind of works like a cruise control. it works your braking, accelerating and even your steering. so it helped him go 20 miles down the highway close enough to the hospital for him to finish the trip. i'm assuming this isn't him because he's 37 years old and
5:56 am
that man isn't. his condition got to a point where he couldn't drive his model x has a feature that would automatically slow the car, turn on the flashers and pull on the right lane although he admits now it probably would have been better to pull over on the side of the road instead averages team of engineers in palo alto is giving us a unique look at plasma erupting from the sun. take a look at this. nas ia released this video of a solar flare the known as icar. it's oozing plasma on its surface. nasa launched it in june 2013 to observe the sun. car' mission is being monitored by a team at lockheed martin in palo alto. scary lucy is no more. we're going to explain all this. there is a new statue of the iconic comedian now on display. hundreds of fans gathered saturday at lucille ball memorial park in western new york and you see her right there. the tarp removed from this new statue and her likeness because lucy was born there. this new statue was unveiled on
5:57 am
her birthday. look at this. and it was unveiled to replace this unflattering version by a different artist which was banished because of a facebook campaign. people really did not like it. it's not going away though. it's going to be given another spot in the park. really looks nothing like her. >> it's not going away. >> i know. we're going to be able to see her. >> are they just going to put any person's name to it because it might as well. michael is tackling personal finances. his tips to improve your credit score. >> breaking news about delta, the ground stop just lifted. we're going to help you plan ahead if you are flying today. also, one minute their celebrating. the next they are being rushed to the hospital. what may have sud difficult sickened
5:58 am
california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. here is the breaking news. delta just lifted a worldwide
6:00 am
ground stop following a massive computer outage overnight. still there is a lot of residual damage. passengers already facing delays and cancelations today. >> abc 7 news report matt keller is tracking the trouble all morning long at mineta san jose. a few flights will be taking off again soon? >> that's the good news. that update about 20 minutes ago from delta air lines, the grouned stop has been lifted. they're starting to put flights in the air. in fact, here in sachb jose you can see this flight, first flight here out of san jose to los angeles at 6:00 a.m. has closed. it was boarding about half hour ago. that flight has taken off. we got salt lake city and we have minneapolis boarding right now. that's good news here in san jose. there may be a lag time in displaying the flight status on flight boards on their website and apps. the problem has been fixed according to delta. this has been a confusing morning for everyone. including the delta workers. what are y


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