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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 10, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a slow and bizarre chase from the peninsula to the east bay. look at that, the driver is damage olding a large pair of garden shears out the window. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am natasha zouves. it was a series strange moments. look at this scene, the man waving at several patrol cars on his tail. this began in menlo park at 2:30 am. police tried to pull him over for possible d.u.i. but the suspect backed up and tried to run over the officer instead. we can tell you the officer is
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not hurt. >> from there, the driver kept going, this is near 5th and embarcadero in oakland the suspect turned the corner and hit the woman in her car flipping it in the other direction. now you can see the aftermath, gotting out to look at dam and appears to be okay. >> the suspect was spotted driving the wrong way on 880, certainly dangerous. before the chase finally ended in the oakland hills, three hours after it started on the peninsula. our reporter was there as c.h.p. took the suspect into custody. what finally got the driver to stop? >> it was not because of any change of heart. it was the tires gave out, and simi could not go failure another -- forward another inch. >> after following the toyota at speeds from 25-40 miles per hour, spike strips were taking away all the rubber. all the wheels were lodged so
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the car could not drive and start add small fire and he stopped and physically could not drive further. >> heavy smoke surrounded the vehicle and c.h.p. officers approached. when the suspect refused to cooperate officers fired several nonlethal bean bag rounds at the car witnesses. this is and of the damage last no one. then, they brought in a contra costa k-9 unit. >> he was swearing and had symptoms of intoxication or possibly a mental disorder. >> you can see the suspect practically incoherent. officers spent several minutes trying to calm him down as they waited for the ambulance. ought driver was taken to a hospital for treatment of the dog bite and the investigation of the car continues. officers found at left one pill bottle inside. >> c.h.p. is not releasing the
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suspect's name at this time. however, they say they are checking with his family to see in there is a history mental illness. thank you. south bay% looking for two burglary suspects who are pat of a trio that break into an apple building this morning. police say the three load them on a chase that stretched to san jose where a suspect was captured. our reporter is where it all began in cupertino. matt? >> apple security was still working the scene in cupertino a couple of hours ago. it was their description that load to the arrest of one of suspects. say the broke were gas door temperatures the story. apple security spotted three people steeling from a building in cupertino at 4:20 this morning. a sheriff deputies started following the suspect's bmw on highway 85 into the neighborhood in san jose where the car chase came to an end and a foot chase began.
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deputies set up a large perimeter in the neighborhood at lee and camden going door to door looking for the suspects. the second deputy saw the suspects fleeing. on foot. we saw which direction they were going the they spotted the driver of the bmw. >> he was caught in starbucks. >> an employee said he tried to get in the bathroom but did not have the code. law enforcement arrested him after. >> i saw the police around here and they were load a guy into the ambulance and he looked roughed up. >> the search for the other two suspected was called off at 8:00 a.m. >> deputies report some of the stolen laptops from the suspect's car and apple had "no comment." >> the f.b.i. and local authorities are giving more information now about arrests helpinged to recent highway shootings in the east bay.
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the sours say that the agents arrested more than 20 suspected gang members. the operation happened last weekend. some of them are responsible for a number of highway shootings along with other crimes, including drugs, guns, prostitution, and attempted murder. authorities also seized evidence in the investigation worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> over 200 marijuana plants were part of an illegal hash oil operation. also, a mercedes and nice bmw. the cigarette boat that you can see to my left. >> operation began last year with an investigation by concord police interest increased gang violence in the county. >> san jose police are asking for help to crack case of a string of unsolved shootings. for months, someone has been shooting at cars overnight. continue shootings have taken place since early may on blossom hill road mostly.
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the most recent happened this past friday, august 5, after one the night before. in eight of shootings only vehicle was hit by a bullet but june 2nd, driver was grazed by a bullet and early july a. was hit by shrapnel or glass. extra police are patrolling and officers have canvassed the area and have happened out fliers to residents asking for help and information. >> from oakland, police are searching for the person would shot and killed a woman who was visiting relatives. sky 7 shows officers searching in east oakland for people who live on fresno say that they heard more than a dozen gunshots, and 24-year-old was killed. police are asking then with information about the motive for her murder to come forward. >> this morning, we are learning more about the verdict handed down against pg&e for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the city rapped up a news conference just. months ago, and discussing the utility conviction on six
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criminal could yous that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. pg&e has been ordered to pay $3348 only a fraction of the $562 million that the government originally asked for. even show, san bruno city manager had a strong message this morning. >> the guilty verdicts finally hold pg&e fully accountable for their deliberate negligence and their wanton disregard for customer safety. these verifies make it clear that now is the time foreign pg&e to accept responsibility for the urge. need for improvements to their corporate business practice and for them to make safety a highest priority outcome. >> now the verdict has been handed down against pg&e, lawsuits filed by the victim's family can move forward. they have been put on hold while the trial against utility was underway. >> in yolo county the cold four is still dinnering after scorching 5,700 acres.
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firefighters have made some progress in containing it and now it is 97% kind. the flames destroyed two structures, and the four started near lake berryessa on fuse and is "under investigation." >> the firefighters expect full containment by tuesday. >> the placative fire in monterey county, the son sob is 50% contained and burning 68,000 acres so far. one person has die asked three were injured. 57 homes have been destroyed. the firefighters say the cause was an illegal catch fire. crews hope to have full containment bit help of the month. >> we have new details about the court employees? santa clara walking the picket lip since friday. the board of directors has unanimously voted to enter talk over pay raises. county officials say they cannot afford what the workers want. the trick is continuing today but both sides are working to select a mediator and schedule a settlement bit end of the week. >> delta is expecting all things to be back on track by the end
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of the day, two day after computer outage grounded flights around the world. this morning, delta canceled another 255 flights, mostly because of displaced crews. the c.e.o. issue an apology for the second time and said this should be the final day of ironing out weapons. since monday they have canceled 1,800 flights, and delta blamed a power failure in atlanta. adonald trump is doing damage control after controversial comments about the second amendment. what he said he really minute and the big name coming to his defense. >> shooting in florida has many asking, how could this happen? a woman's effort to be involved in her community went terribly wrong. >> gearing up for back-to-school and how you can help some bay area students in need. >> a look outside right now at our exploritorium camera at bicontinue in san francisco, a gorgeous-looking day with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast c
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>> the abc7 news app on the poe on your schedule on one screen. all the weather, traffic, and news that lives where you live. >> happening now, crews are remove the final truss on the old eastern span of the bay bridge, and this is a youtube page showing work under way, slow work, with crews starting at 6:30 this morning and work is expected to take all day. crews worked last in to remove another truss with the last one
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lowered on to barges in the water and taken to the port to be dismantled for scrap. >> we are tracking developing news in florida where investigators are looking into how an officer shot and killed a volunteer at a citizens police academy. the 73-year-old foam librarian was volunteering in a role playing event, "shoot doesn't shoot," and police in florida call eight track inaccident. a woman volunteering at a community event oppose safety shot and killed by by an office. >> we were stand there, thing she would stand up in a minute. the 73-year-old mary nolton a federal librarian was participating in a community role-playing event zip dead she the public in florida what it is like when police are forced to make split second decisions. the facebook pictures show a similar class back in march. witnesses yesterday at the academy event say an officer fired at her with what were supposed to be planks, but the
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gun mistakenly had one live round in it. this is a horrible accident, participant was mistakenly struck with a live round. >> she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> we express or deepest sympathy for the family and friends of mary nolson and are shocked by this horrific accident and our grieving deeply over marry's passing. all the officer involved is on leave while the florida d law enforcement investigates. >> donald trump and the campaign are spending today trying to explain comments that republican presidential nominee made seeming to encourage supporters to use violence against hillary clinton, and here is what he said. >> wants to essentially abolish, the second amendment, and in she gets to pick, in she gets to
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pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe this is, i don't know. >> donald trump insisted he was talking how voters can keep hillary clinton out of office but giuliani tried to help him out. >> we know donald trump is not particularly indirect. donald trump is going to say something like that he would say specific like that. >> the clinton campaign responded with a statement saying anyone seeking to be president should not suggest violence in anyway. >> are you ready for some football? what the 49s are doing they have not done in over a decade as a way to bring in a commemorative season. >> good morning, from a sunny san francisco, we have one more day of pretty clean air, and season a.m. temperatures before the heat rises and so does the conditions with our air quality. >> sky 7 headed to. [ news right now in east san
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jose. we hearing reports of a plane through a fence on tully road with an update after the break. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws.
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but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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>> from east san jose, a small plane is on tully road by the airport and you can see sky 7 is now flying over the scene. the san jose fire department said that the plan right there went through a fence at the airport. that is a maul general aviation airport. actually a lot people take flying lessons this and we do not know if it is a student or what happened. it was never airborne but it rolled through the fence and now, it has going partly on to tully road.
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unfortunately, the fire department said this are no injury -- fortunately, the five department said there are no injuries. one lane is on as people driving by the plane on the road. it is fought clear what went wrong that caused the pilot to go through the fence. we are continuing this on twitter for more breaking news coverage. >> other news, now, sad news from the sports world this morning, long time opes help host john saunders has died. soppeders worked with our sister network for 30 years. you recognize him from sports center, an anchor on the flag ship program and hosted studio and play-by-play program for college football, basketball, and hockey. he was 61. no word on how he died. >> the 49ers are kicking off the nfl son with a special public practice, and happening right new in san francisco. athat is right, an interesting camera movement for you, and 9,000 fans received free tickets
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through a lottery and are watching the practice at the stadium, part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary, the home from 49 until the 70s until they moved back to candlestick park and will be on the field until 1:15 today. until today the 49ers did not practice there since 2004 but they help it will be an annual event after this. >> a taste of nostalgia. >> and playing a little football and get out there in general. >> they are grateful? >> a lot sunshine the hopefully everyone has the we sun scene with them or maybe an umbrella, temperatures are very nice right new in san francisco at 65 degrees. we will look at other temperatures, in oakland we are 65, 69 in san jose, and santa rosa, and low-to-mid 70s as you head into our inland neighborhoods. from our east bay hills right new we have quick are sunshine and terms tempered by faster sea breeze and more clouds and cooler tonight, and the heat and poor air quality is what will
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condition me as we head and the weekend. here is a look at this morning, and youing notice the clouds moving from southwest to northeast. that cleared them out and brought more haze. into some neighborhoods. we have moderate amounts of air pollution in the north bay, and south central bay, and we are not having the usual wind pattern that deplete our pollutants and push them into the central valley but, rather, pushing them into the bay so we have the issues the small craft advisory shows an hour shooter from 3:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening and the coast has sunshine but fault so much as the last couple of days. it is mostly sunny inland and lighter breezes in san jose, and 80, and mid-70s in milpitas and heading up the peninsula a last mid-to-upper 70s until millbrae at 68 and pacifica is 58, and our spread across san francisco, is 59, and the
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sunset, to 66 downtown, and daily city, about 58, and across the north bay, we will have santa rosa the warm spot at 84, but closer to the bay itself, like vallejo at 74 in san rafael and 75 breezy, and along the east bay her line, normal and 69 in oakland, and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere and at game ton, a's are going for three in a row a when evening game because they have another game tomorrow afternoon at 7:00 first pitch, 64 and dropping to 2359. the last stop is warm, almost hot inland east bay neighborhood, upper 80s to low 90s. fur heading out this afternoon into the evening hours we will drop from the mid-80s to the my 70s from 3:00 to 7:00, and 72 around bay to 6, so grab a coat. you will need a coat better part of the day at coast and colder at 56 by 7:00, my seven-day forecast shows by the time we get to friday the wind is shifting and come from the southwest, and that could pull the smoke in from the soberanes fire into the south bay. as the heat is rising, so does
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our chance of having poor air quality. that will last all the way through the weekend. >> pokemon go has a new update rolling out and players seem to like it. there are two new ways to track pokemon. the new views are only rolled out to some users so one view, the list of pokemon near but no indication how close they are. and the other one includes pokemon in the area and what stop you need to visit to hunt them down. both updates are openfully helping you minute needs walking around aimlessly looking for pokemon. >> moms and dads, believe it or not it is time to start thinking of getting director kids for back-to-school. this morning, operation home front is underway collecting backpacks and pain and more, to benefit military families. you can doughnut at any bay area dollar tree store. you have until tomorrow to give.
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it is national smor. s day, everyone, and how the girl scouts celebrating the special occasion and when you can get a taste of s
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>> looking for love online? researchers have uncovered a common theme among the users of
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a match making app. a safety deadline for hundreds of building in san francisco, and slow going could produce a fast rate of fines. that story is at 5:00. >> it is time to bring owe the graham crackers, in thing chocolate and the marshmallows or combine it into one thing, it is "national somes day," and to celebrate, the girl scouts stopped by "good morning america" this morning, two sand switch style cookies. >> s'mores inspired but both versions will not be available until next year. something to look forward to.
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