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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the urgency in finding the boy is because of a serious health condition. >> we do not know the extent of the medical condition because she has not finished the medical tests. we have reason to believe there is something serious going on with him. we do not know because she has abducted her child. >> the d.a. said pernell has facial piercings and multiple tattoo and a teddy bear on her left bicep and could be driving a four door silver hyundai. the d.a. will not say why she lost custody but reports indicate she has been in trouble with the law twice in the past 10 years. she has ties to san jose but could be anywhere here in santa clara county. >> breaking news, dozens of people are hurt after an explosion at an apartment building in maryland.
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jessica castro is tracking this. >> right now there are five to seven residents missing and they are searching with dogs to try to find the people. at least 30 have been hospitalized with minor injuries. three firefighters were hurt after battling the massive flames in montgomery county, maryland, a three-alarm fire shooting out of the apartment complex after an explosion. some were forced to go out of their windows to get to safety trying to climb on to the fire truck ladders. there was a massive response, 160 fire and rescue workers. >> there was a fire that woke me up and i thought it was a power outage. she went to check. there was fire and big flames from the roof. all the images from the air show how the debris scattered to 100' away. 90 people are displaced.
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natural gas is shut off to the building. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused the explosion. >> scary. >> the man accused of fatally shooting kate steinle on pier 14 will be in court for a pre-trial hearing. juan francisco lopez sanchez plead not guilty to second-degree murder charges in her death. kate steinle was walking on the pier with her father. she was shot in july of last year. lopez sanchez is undocumented immigrant and said last year the gun went off accidentally after he found it under the bench. he was deported give times before the shooting raising questions of san francisco's sanctuary city law. >> a man's body was found at a popular mall in a san francisco mall near union square yesterday
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morning. katie marzullo has the story. >> around 10:00 in the morning after the westfield mall opened it became a crime scene. >> officers arrived and call the medical examiner, the incident was ruled "homicide." >> raymond saw the police tape when he arrived for work. >> see and hearing a guy was killed with no details on what happened, it was freaky. >> san francisco police department will say the body of a man in his 30s was found in the mall but a source said this the victim was in a stairwell neck to a back entrance to bloomingdale's. >> there are other businesses in the immediate area. >> an elevator contractor was working at the building next door when the body was discovered. >> he works in the area all the time. >> a very busy area and a lot of traffic. it would be very odd to see
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anything unfortunate go on. >> employees are surprised. and rattled. >> i feel like you are not walking through. >> if you have information contact the police. san leandro police need your help to find a miss girl, 15 -year-old has not been heard from since saturday night. police believe she ran away but her case is unusual because she does not have a cell phone or money and has not been active on social media. if you see dianna call police. >> planning commissioner is quitting her job because something many of us are familiar with: high housing costs. kate downing voiced her frustration to city leaders in palo alto. this is video of her at a housing event last year. she said she and her husband cannot afford to live there with the combined income as a tech
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lawyer and software engineer, having to share a home with another couple and write "if we wanted to buy the same home it would cost $2.7 million and our monthly payment would be $12,3077 a month in north, taxes and insurance." that is an entire professional's income before tax. >> the berkeley city council will consider modifying the city's minimum wage ballot new coming in november. in june, it was announced two different proposals would be on the ballot, one increasing the minimum wage to $15 next year and in october of 2019. there will be only one measure. it is not clear which one. the city council will meet tonight at 6:00. >> bart could be ready to finally reopen the bathrooms inside of the underground station. they closed the rest rome at all ten underground stations after 9/11 attacks. some are now used for storage.
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bart's board will discuss reopening the bathrooms this morning at the meeting at 9:00 a.m. in oakland. >> new details of police body cameras as san francisco police department is rolling them out. 70 officers are wearing them and according to the "san francisco examiner" they are notifying limitations as they are getting used to them. one sergeant said they do future capture everything and do not follow the officer's eye movement. officers say the cameras do not record all the audio they expect. it is being reported back to headquarters. >> prosecutors will decide if a homeowner faces charges after last year's valley fire in lake county. the fire killed four people and displaced 118 square miles. officials say the owner of this house on high valley road installed a new hot tub and admits he tried to do the wiring himself. law is a permit required for
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electrical installation and we were unable to locator identify a permit. >> it will be turned forever my legal staff to determine whether a crime has been committed. >> a district attorney has a month to filed misdemeanor charges and two years in the charge is a felony. investigators say they zeroed in on the home after it started but had to check out hundreds of leads that blame the fire on everything from arson to drug laboratories. >> firefighters need help to recover missing equipment used on the front lines against a massive wildfire in monterey county, fire hoses and pumps and gas cans left behind when the crews were rapidly deployed. the soberanes fire has killed one person and destroyed 57 homes and is 50% contained. full containment is not expected until the end of the month, and an illegal campfire sparked it. >> we hoped to leave the soberanes fire hype us but a shift will bring it back to our
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lives. they are dealing with 67 degrees at 2,700 feet. and 37% humidity. wind at two or three miles per hour. surface winds from the north blowing the smoke away from us. the mid-level wind and high pressure is building from the southwest, and that will push the smoke back interest our neighbor. that is why today we have a "spare the air" day, the 14th of the season. everyone is breathing easy now. inland east bay neighborhoods is where we will have the biggest issue with smog and fine particulate matter. today we are pretty close to yesterday, 67 in san francisco, peninsula is 70, and 80s in the south bay and east bay and north bay inland 90s, warming up tomorrow and saturday. alexis? >> we have a minor problem right now. i will get you to mountain view, northbound 101 before san
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antonio road a disabled vehicle in the right lane. message crews know about it. there is a crew on the way. we have green traveling conditions. other than that, pretty typical traffic flows, bay bridge toll plaza filling in a little bit here, but the lights should not be on for another hour. we are okay. we have a minor issue through altamont pass on the eastbound side, the light are side and we will look at that just ahead. >> a beloved pet is missing in the north bay and the huge reward the owner is offering for sassy's return. >> scaling a skyscraper, we know >> scaling a skyscraper, we know what drove this
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is a man that snuck through an unlocked slying door. he burglarized a home and punched someone inside. it happened on tuesday afternoon. he is described as hispanic with a heavy build. about 6' tall. keep your doors and windows locked. >> if you have a pet will feel for this woman. she is so desperate to find her missing french bulldog whoever returned it gets $10,000 reward.
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>> she a diva, very demanding, she gets treated unbelievably well. all the pampered dog is worth $10,000 reward, said the owner, kelly kinnard. >> she is pricily to be. all the dog walker let her play near deborah court in june and the leash dangled when she ran off in the field. there is a lot to be tangled in but the owner insists she alive. >> i used the leading pet psychic to figure out where she is. she thinks she was stolen and is alive. and being kept by someone. >> unusual. but, whatever works. i have called 60 vets. i talked to the marin humane society regularly. >> she certains craigslist. >> i saw your dog. >> puts up fliers. and produced a video.
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sassy is microchipped but you have to turn her in to be scanned. >> it is sad when you lose a dog like a family member. >> why have kids this dog is my child and i love this dog. people say you could buy 12 or 15 new dogs for $10,000 but it is my dog. >> for more information head to in novato i am katie utehs. >> if you live in novato and your bicycle has been stolen, police want to hear from you, they found five bicycles and 33 bart frames. the police department posted the pictures on facebook. it includes road and mountain bikes believed changed with special parts. police have made no arrests. we have a link with the pictures on >> hillary clinton is launching a campaign to win over more republicans and independent voters. she said donald trump is inciting violence, starting a
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platform that aims to recruit support others. this is as donald trump is getting a boost from the n.r.a. responding $3 million to run this ad in key states like pennsylvania and ohio. >> out of touch immigrant, leaves you defenseless. >> that has been sponsor by the n.r.a. and the donald trump campaign spent zero dollars in general election tv ads while hillary clinton is pushing $56 million. >> a man is under psychiatric observation after trying to climb to the to which trump tower in new york. this is how it ended. police pulled him inside of the building after the very slow 2 1/2 hour climb up the side of the manhattan skyscraper using suction cups. authorities did not want to grab the man until they were sure they could grab him safely. >> i reached out. i took hold of his hand. i said, sir, you need to come with me. i brought him inside with the
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help of my partner. >> best climb the 20-year-old from virginia posted a video say the reason he climbed the to tor was to get trump's attention. >> the climber will likely face charges but it is not clear what charges. >> clear your calendar tonight for a beefed up meteor shower if you can dodge fog. there will be double the number of meteors, up to 200 an hour because of gravity from jupiter bringing in space dirt toward earth. the best time to watch is define 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. on friday when we are up. of course, come and watch us. >> we will get to meteorologist mike nicco with the weather. will we have cloud cover? can we see this? >> great question. if you are driving down the highway, looking?
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i have never done that, no. but, yes, along the coast we will find it. san francisco, the central bay to the east bay hills but in the south bay and inland east bay this is where we will have the best chance. we will look to the northeast. we could get 150 to 200 an hour. the height is tonight, the best viewing is midnight to dawn. give your eyes 45 minutes to adjust to the darkness. in the north bay, temperatures are running in the low-to-mid 50s from 50 in calistoga to tiburon at 55. 60 in redwood city. tracy is 61. everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s but daly city is 52. "spare the air", steady highs, clouds and drizzle developing tonight. sweltering heat inland this weekend. the next six hours, drizzle will dry us between 9:00 and 10:00. hazy sunshine in the south bay, upper 70s to mid-80s today. up the peninsula we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s like yesterday. 7 in san mateo. below average.
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san francisco is from 59 in the such set marina, 58, to gown at 67, and in the north bay, temperatures from the mid-70s around vallejo and san rafael to low 80s around napa, novato and our last stop upper 80s to low 90s inland. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures mid-to-upper 90s inland. tomorrow, all the way through next wednesday, a heat wave for six days, in the upper 70s and nearly 80 away the bay and comfortable 60s at the coast. alexis? >> did you forget my name for a moment? >> i would never forget your name. >> at altamont pass we have a problem but it is lighter traffic. eastbound 580 around stone cut a big-rig plowed into the big sand barrels and took them out. it is blocking the right lane.
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it will be there for a while. the when -- westbound side is filling in from tracy and walnut creek southbound 680 wide on so far today with average volume so we are looking good. another look at traffic in 10 minutes. >> thank you. she resigns under a cloud of controversy. the financial parachute that taxpayers are giving to uc davis chancellor. >> strangers and screening, a mother horrified to find that random people can ranch her nanny camera on internet. >> in tech bytes apple is planning a major overall for the pro, thinner laptops and improved graphic processors. they are looking to reverse sluggish sales. >> sonny is expected to release updated version of play station 4, supporting ultrahigh
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resolution 4k content for game asking media. it is expected to be unveiled next month. in new york. >> ordinary citizens now have a new way to communicate with president obama. using a check box on messenger. there is a page that will guide users through the process of sending a message. the feature is the first of its kind for any government. >> high-tech way of sending a letter to the president. letter to the president. >> helpfully you get
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> new details of the future of former uc davis chancellor continuing to receive her salary which, by the way, is more than $424,000 and will get retirement and health benefits for a year. she resigned on tuesday after an independent investigation into ethic violations and months of controversy. a perk allows leaders to receive the chancellor level pay during the transition year without even having to teach a class. she does plan to become an engineering professor. >> when you drive are you nervous after a car or pickup with items strapped to it? now, we are getting a look at how dangerous it really is. aaa released a study saying 200,000 crashes like these involve debris over the last four years.
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and has caused 500 deaths and 39,000 injuries between 2011 and 12014. aaa is calling tore drivers do make sure the loads are properly secured. >> as many vw owners look to sell cars back after the mission scandal the federal trade commission is warning dealers against misrepresenting the buy back process. they are telling owners in a blog posting to make sure they find out how much they can get for the cars. the fec said potential buyers could offer a good deal which could be less than what car owners can get from volkswagen under the settlement. >> a wake-up call if you have a camera to keep tabs on what is happening in your homes someone else could be watching. the texas summer discovered strangers were viewing the stream from a camera set up in her children's bedroom, an oregon mother saw and alerted the houston mother through facebook people are watching my kids in their home dressing, sleeping playing, your worst nightmare. >> in the system is connected to
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the interest rate it is vulnerable and most of the systems are not designed to be secure. the mother believes that someone hacked into her camera through a video game her kids were playing. >> there are quite a few barts on bart, with 20 dressed up in bart simpson masked traveled from car-to-car from embarcadero on tuesday. artists say that this is the first bart on bart public art project. the idea is to get people off their cell phone and interacting with each other. the horror! those involved have more ideas in the works. >> i get nervous when people are in masks on public transportation. >> my reaction. >> i don't know, mike nicco... >> in san francisco, i don't think twice. >> good morning, everyone, how about this? going for the sweep today. four game set, 12:35 first pitch, positive would and a's
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67, warming up to 70s, high u.v. index and it will feel 10-15 degrees warmer. it is thursday and thinking about doing something for the weekend and heading to santa cruz you can see the temperatures are in the upper 60s to low 70s with fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. traveling around at the state, we have mid-to-upper 90s through the central valley and hazy south of monterey and 64, mid-to-upper 70s around san diego and los angeles and 1023 in palm springs and a stunning 80 in lake tahoe. safe travels. >> looking outside on our bay bridge camera, we had a decent lineup building in the cash lines and we only had two of those open and now we have slow open. that is the only slow part so far this morning through the toll plaza, the fast track lane and car pool lane are moving okay and drive time is mostly average, with 580 westbound, tracy to dublin is our slow spot early this morning at 33 minutes and westbound 4 antioch to concord, 13 minutes and san rafael to san francisco, no delays in green at 18 points.
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a couple of minor blocking issues and we will talk about that at 5:00. >> a new study showing children with epilepsy have feelings of exhaustion, embarrassment and skim face. epilepsy causes electrical misfirings in the brain and can lead to seizures. it affects eight out of a thousand people. some children are concerned about naughtoning able to control their bodies. researchers found the disease impacts social life and some feel isolated from friends. >> in florida officials have confirmed another case of staff -- -- zika virus with 14 new travel-related cases and now a total of 439 cases across the state of florida. miami officials are convinced that the active zika transmission are happening only in one square mile area near mid-town. >> delta is still struggling to get back to normal after a
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computer outage and the big question the c.e.o. said they want answered. >> a passive fire burned dozens of people out of their apartments in the mission leaving some with nothing the leaving some with nothing the helping hand washington is now
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> the bad news is, you are up. the good news, it is thursday, august 11. we will look at our warm weather forecast from mike nicco. >> our friday eve forecast, live doppler hd is showing drizzle near the coast and our higher elevations, so watch out. it could


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