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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> we will start over. i am regular. it is 6:00 a.m. >> and now, tracking the traffic issue. >> take two. some commuters may want to reset because we have had a rough start from tracy area. we confirmed five minutes ago that both of our blocking incidents, westbound 580 and at livermore avenue and at vasco road, both cleared. this is a 12 mile backup through the altamont pass. it is ten miles per hour. you are culling. delays on the bay bridge and a problem in south bay, possibly a new one in palo alto. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning, from the roof where it is misty downtown san francisco and drizzle as you drive hang the coast, the golden gate bridge and possibly up into the east bay hills this morning. the day planner as we look at the fog and the 50 on the golden
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gate bridge at 11 miles per hour wind. 48 to 5859 7:00, clouds at the coast, and the rest of us have sunshine, and 80 at noon and then poor air quality inland at 88 at 4:00, and 59 a coast. grab a coat. 56 to 78. >> new information for bart righters, the underground bathrooms closed since 9/11 could finally come back. cornell barnard is at the bart station with reaction. >> we are getting an earful from bart riders would say finding a public restroom in san francisco is next to impossible. including all bart stations. ten underground stations restrooms have been off limits. since 9/11 attacks for security reasons. bathrooms now are storage facilities. bart bosses considering reopening the restrooms after a
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lost complaints from riders. it is time for relief. >> figure to help public...sometimes we are at everyone's mercy you and cannot use a restroom. >> i commute each day and people always need to use the bathroom. >> you would like to see them reopened. >> maybe even remodels >> that would be considered, too. many transit agencies is reopened subway bathrooms. bart board will talk about unlobbying the idea this morning at the meeting. >> happening today the first of two services will be held for a former san mateo redidn't killed while playing pokemon go. a viewing is held for calvin riley in san mateo at 6:00 p.m. at st. gregory's church.
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police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed riley on saturday night. he graduated from serra high school in san mateo last year. he was a star athlete. a funeral mass is held tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> a warning to manage position players: three people got their phones stolen in berkeley. this is where the thefts happened much the one on dan street was july 12 and the other two on 31st, the robbers jumped the victims while preoccupied with the game but it is not then in they are related. >> back to pokemon go, this man is under arrest now with pokemon go robbery in the mission district. evans grabbed the cell phone of a player on 17th last night and become for felony strong arm robbery, terrorist threats and narcotics charges. >> breaking news of the must popular department stores in america, macy's just announce need are closing stores across
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the country. jessica is tracking the details. >> macy's will close 100 stores, about 15 in the area but not where they will happen the we do not know where it will be affected but hundreds of employees could lose their jobs but macy's said they will offer relocation in possible. the closures happen early next year. the closures are to focus effort on stronger locations and increase the size of some of the locations and "quality staff." right now macy's has 675 stores in the united states and to dozen stores in the bay area. >> delta c.e.o. is talking about the computer crash that grouped the lamb of the airlines. delta had to cancel and delay
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throughs of flights sin a small fire caused the electrical system failure that led to the operations center being knocked offline. the c.e.o. said though are looking into why the backup system failed. it has been devastating. >> this is worst case scenario? >> apart from a loss of a plane, absolutely we have never experienced this level of outage in our history. >> delta flights are about back to normal, with 29 cancellations today and 138 delays around the nation. aformer oakland a's slugger is praising pittsburgh police arrest baseball bats were found that were stolen from his car. these two were arrested suspected of breaking into his s.u.v. which is parked outside the hampton inn, an employee saw it happen on surveillance video.
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canseco players for the minor league pittsburgh diamonds. >> santa clara court employees will meet with a mediator today. both sides will meet with a mediator. union leaders say the strike will continue through negotiations. >> five boyfriends and a chicken have tested positive for west nile virus in contra costa county, found in concord, alamo, orinda, brentwood and antic. the chicken was in a coop. west nile virus is spread by mosquitoes and officials say although no one in the county has testified positive for w nile it is important to test for west nile. >> much needed help is available for victims of a five alarm fire in san francisco. the small business administration declared the june 28 fire at mission and 29th a disaster. it makes federal assistance
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available allow businesses to borrow up to $2 million to repair or replace damaged or destroyed property, machinery and equipment. also, the 40 displaced residents and families will be able to take out $40,000 loans for replacing personal prosecute. >> happening today crews will continue to the removal of last of five big dresses of the span of the old bay bridge. the trusses have been lowered and it will be lowered to the port oakland to be dismantled. all this is left is 14 smaller trusses. >> a dramatic police take down in canada, the deadly attack they thwarted. >> new details on a new movie features the bay are ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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>> we have a traffic alert. from the central valley to the tri-valley we have a massive backup. this is from two early problems westbound 580. one is around livermore and the second is behind that, near vasco much both are gone. using the distance measuring tool, check it out, 11 miles of backup. the early problem in san jose is
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gone but we have a new one season 101 in palo alto area. at willow road, a multi-car crash and a delay starting to build. beyond 84. we have delays on the bay bridge, too, westbound. i will show thank you in a few minutes but right now mike nicco has the forecast. >> more schools returning from summer break. this is unified school district in pescadero with sunshine and 60 at 3:00. have a great year. lighter breezes make kayaking and canoeing and the water sports less treacherous with no small small to worry about and strong sunshine hiking and swimming is good, inland, where it will be warmest, 80s to mind, 60s and 70s around the bay, hazy and seasonal or getting warmer tomorrow with more 90s inland, and even hotter, still, climbing on
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saturday. we have more of the upcoming host focusing on the winchester mystery house in san jose with oscar winner movie with helen muir based on real life person, sarah winchester spending her life constructing the enormous mansion with secret passages and trapped doors. she believed it was the only way to washed off spirits of those shot by winchester rifles and a second character, a san francisco psychiatrist, who was sent to the home to evaluate her mental husband. helen mu ir does in it do anything bad. >> you will need the man who could be luckiest guys in the world and a familiar sight in world and a familiar sight in london could come to the bay oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. wait, fruit of the loom makes breathable underwear? yeah, they have tiny holes to let the air through but...
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. canadian man and potential suicide bomber was killed during a police take down, 50 miles from the united states border. police killed the 23-year-old during a raid which is not that far from detroit, michigan. authorities say he landed to detonate a suicide bomb in a public area. he was well then to canadian intelligence and police officials for his support of
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isis. earlier this year he was under a court order to not associate with any terrorist organizations. it is not clear which city he landed to go to. >> san francisco judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against twitter by family members who lost loved ones in the deadly isis attack saying twitter was cause for isis deadly attack much the judge found they did not claim he was on twitter but left the door open for the plaintiffs to clarify the argument and now twitter has crackdown on the service by radicals. >> new interview with assange is rei nighting conspiracy theories of death of a democratic national convention staffer. 27-year-old seth rich was violently attacked and kill july 10 nearly washington, dc, home. assange would not say if he was a wikileaks source, the organization now is offering a
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$20 the reward adding to $25,000 reward offered by washington, dc, police. police have been saying it was a "robbery." you can hear what assange has to say at 7:00 on "good morning america" next. >> good news for commuters, the a.c. transit board is occurring a proposal to buy ten double decker buses trying out the 42' buses last year. there are 80 seats used primarily on transbay rides. it could an big plus. >> this morning we had seven or eight people standing up for the ride. in i take a latter -- later buses it is more included. i would not mind these. >> the transit authority is will considering in contra costa county. >> bill moving through the legislature adds more options to "race," portion of college application. the public university
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applications and state medical forms would add asian subgroups like indonesia and taiwan and pakistani and thai. the bill is backed by asian-american groups, but critics question the reasoning and focus on asian-americans. >> we like data. we like to get more data to be able to put the right tools to the right problems. many in the asian community were concerned they were being singled out. >> the author said it is not sure what the data would be collected for and the proposal heads to the senate appropriations committee later this week. the governor is vetoed a similar bill last year calling it "unnecessary." >> stanford scientists are break ground with 3-d aren'ters and can take 3-d pictures of objects and then print them toed in how each rock was formed in space. >> a good run but the robot t
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refer is about, pepper is appearing for the first time in the united states. what do you think of the name "pepper." pepper look more like "salt." this is in silicon valley, taking a temporary job at a temp store. she got her first break in 2014 and has helped identify human expressions so in it perceives you are sad you get a hug. >> "top gun," fans, this is a great time to become a pilot, with the air force in a pilot shortage, 20% of fighter pilot jobs are mat filled and that number will go up the next few years. the air force is asking congress do boost financial incentives to recruit and keep pilots. >> a man who could be the luckiest people on the planet, bashar escaped the crash landing
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at dubai last week managing to walk away unharmed but this week he learned he won $1 million in a dubai lottery and he said it was the 17th time playing the lottery. [ inaudible ] i said, are you joking? >> he said he will continue to work as his job at the auto dealership until he is ready to retire. he said that rather than spending the money on something lavish he will use it to support his family. >> seep like a good man. >> now, a look on our traffic problems. >> we have a lot of issues. the worst is through the central valley into the tri-valley and we still have 11 mile of heavy traffic from two earlyallies on westbound 580 in livermore area. check out how fast we are going at 13 miles per hour and further back we are going at eight miles
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per hour so the altamont pass is just a mess. also, not looking great on the bay bridge traveling westbound look at this, you are slow all way back to the bay bridge toll plaza with an early crash before you get to the embarcardero we confirmed all the vehicles involved are pumped off the fremont exit at this point, but, our drive time westbound 80 for the bay bridge is 30 minutes so you are looking at delays. check out the toll plaza it will take a while to get through. another problem in palo alto, and a new problem between vallejo and richmond, we will look at both of those in a few. a little misty on the roof? >> yes, miffy on the roof, and most of san francisco, we will look at our temperatures coolest this west portal at 52, and the financial district, and the ferry building and downtown at 55 degrees, andship drove at 55 and american canyon and petaluma at 53, and pleasanton at 57.
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we have clouds over sfo i checked and there are no arrival delays and i keep an cry on it. poor air quality, clouds and drizzle return, and so does inland heat, and it could last for six or seven days. now, right now you can see high pressure is building from the south and that is bring us the warmer weather and caller conditions we have gusty winds at 25 at fairfield, and that is it, no small craft advisory. low-to-mid 80s in milpitas and lazy conditions in the south bay this afternoon. a lost low-to-mid 70s on peninsula, until redwood city and palo alto upper 70s. and milbrae is 69. we are nearly 60 along the coast and downtown, and south san francisco and sausalito upper 60. upper 70's to mid-80s through the north bay valley. language the east bay shore, upper 60s and low-to-mid 70s until castro valley and union and fremont and upper 70s to 80s and at the game, going for a sweep, the as at 7 at 12:30,
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and hot sunshine. it will feel like 80s if you sitting in it but the temperature will be seven. upper 70s to low 90s inland. and sweltering and melting temperatures inland, mid-to-upper 90s tomorrow through next week. >> a new mural is going up in san francisco in the hayes valley neighborhood, and we have a photo of the image of civil rights leader chavez. share your pictures #abc7now . >> michael finney has tipped for fly others next. >> a country is saying that vegan diet is not okay for kids vegan diet is not okay for kids with a propos
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
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>> and italy is going to the extreme to protect their food, holding parents locally response official they give their kid as vegan diet. they say it will not give the kids elements essential for balanced growth. for serving a child a vegan diet, punishment is a year in jail. >> harsh. now, ask michael finney, on travel with disabilities.
6:26 am
michael finney has the answer. >> my mother has a disability, how do i make sure to fine the right accommodations when we travel? >> when you and your mother travel it is not always necessary to notify the airline in advance but it can be a if idea. the bottom line, the laws are clear: airports and airlines are good to go with almost any kind of problem or issue that your mother may have. however, i would suggest you call in advance so for sure they will know you are coming. glad you asked before you travel. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on the smart 15 or tablet at slash ask finney. your question could be answered right here. >> a berkeley based wine country company will be guilty for wire fraud after
6:27 am
customers claim they paid for wine on-line and it was never delivered. the company filed bankruptcy protection claiming $720 million in debt. the magazine reported he will plead guilty and to case 20 years in prison. >> champagne shortage? it could be on the horizon. according to a wine magazine, because of frost, rot and mildew in france the grape yields are lower than expected. they rot but it spread quickly and champagne makers say this is the lowest for the industry since the 1980's. >> next, the sent for a missing south bay mother and child with the child potentially in danger. >> an explosion and massive fire at an apartment complex in maryland with two dozen people hurt and many more are displaced. >> new research shows how much time we are spending on our commute each year.
6:28 am
you may not like the answer. >> gorgeous picture from the east bay hills this morning showing the smoke that has us concerned with the "spare the air" alert issued today. the sun will wake up the clouds in the temperatures, inwere that, 92, but 59 at the coast. that, 92, but 59 at the coast. a heat wave coming in
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that, 92, but 59 at the coast. a heat wave coming in california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is thursday, august 11. and now a few different trouble spots on the commute. >> where do we start? an ugly drive time westbound 580 tracy to dublin from two early crashes. in livermore. they are long gone. we have one hour and eight minutes' drive, 25-minute delay. at least. we are on a 10 mile backup merging with the normal heavy delays from tracy. southbound 101 at willow road and palo alto we have a crash on right shower, a bit of a delay. a new problem in hercules, westbound 80 beyond highway 4, hearing of a problem in the right lane on the shoulder now. we have slow traffic westbound on the bay bridge and i will show you that in a few but right now meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> misty in san francisco.
6:31 am
drizzle along the coast. nothing measurable. i am not expecting anything measurable. just in, 36 minutes is the average for the arrival delays. the day planner is waking up temperatures a degree or two cooler than yesterday, but, still, a lost mid-to-upper 50s through 7:00, and we will stay in the 50s at the coast and the clouds are clinging again and sunshine around the bay and 68 at noon, to 75 at 4:00, and 79 inland by noon and 87 at 4:00, and poor air quality developing. >> south bay police are looking for a den-month-old little boy now missing for more than a month. they saily mom took him. they are worried about his health. matt keller this san jose. matt? >> good morning, reggie, the district attorney deals with child abduction involving parents but in this case it is especially urgent they fine this young child.
6:32 am
this is ten-month-old boy, afterly mother took off with her son when child family and services was going to take custody the child. investigators have been look for him and they are turning to the money for help. the urgency is due to what could be a serious health condition. >> we do not know the extent of medical condition. show has not finished the mel tests -- medical tests. we have republican to believe there is something serious going on but we do not know because she has an cutted her -- abducted her child. >> she has many distinguishing features including multiple tattoos and a teddy bear on her left bicep and silver hyundai. the d.a. will not say why she lost custody her child. she has ties to san jose but
6:33 am
they believe she could be anywhere in the santa clara county. >> we are tracking breaking news in maryland, a powerful explosion at an apartment building and, now, the search for survivors. jessica has been tracking the details all morning. jessica? right new it is a search-and-rescue recovery effort. five to seven people are still missing and 25 people have been hurt, with injuries from severe to minor. this is what is happening at the scene in montgomery county, maryland, an aerial view of the partly collapsed building which has been destroyed. first crews are still out there and they have been dousing hot spots throughout the morning. the flames from the explosion were huge. it took firefighters all night to get this out at six hours, the entire area was evacuated and 90 are displaced.
6:34 am
people woke up in the middle of the might and they had to get out through the windows. >> we were sleeping and i heard a "boom," and there was a fire. at first i was thinking it was a pew we are outage and she checked and it was fire and big flames coming from the roof. >> the debris field is huge. it is scattered up to 100' away and stores have break be witnesses and they are using k-9 units to look for missing with the fire chief optimistic through the morning and still is calling it a search operation. "good morning america" will have a report at 7:00 from the scene. >> this morning the man accused of fatally shooting kate steinle last year on pier 14 is due in court for a pre-trial hearing. lopez sanchez has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges. kate steinle was walking along the pier with her father when she was slot in july of last
6:35 am
year. lopez sanchez is undocumented immigrant and said the begin went off accidentally. he was deported give times before the shooting raising questions about san francisco's sanctuary city law. all the mystery continues surrounding the body of a man discovered inside of a mall sneer san francisco's union square. sources say that the man pod's was discovered in a stairway near the back entrance to the westfield maland the we entrance is primarily an emergency exit. sometimes people sneak in that way. san francisco pose are not saying anything about the victim other than he is a man inly 30s much the medical examiner is ruling the death "homicide." >> they are trying to pull surveillance video, the westfield mall is full of cameras in the area. >> seeing a gay was killed and no real details of what happened
6:36 am
it was frisky. >> police are not releasing the identity physical his family is notified and are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> police are needing your help to find a missing girl. 15-year-old has not been heard from since saturday night. it is believed she is a run away but the case is unusual because she does not have a cell phone or money and not active on social media. if you see her, cause police. >> a silicon valley planning commissioner is quitting her job because something many are familiar with, high housing coughs. she where a public resignation letter voicing frustration to city leaders in palo alto saying slow and her husband cannot afford to live there with their combined income as a 2:00 lawyer and software engineer. they have to sure a home with another couple and i quote, "if we wanted it buy the same home it would cost $2.7 million and
6:37 am
our monthly payment would be $12,177 a month in north, taxes and insurance which is $127,000 a year, an entire income before taxes of a professional." >> the berkeley city council will hold a special meeting today to consider modifying the minimum wage on ballot in november. if june it was announced two different proposals would be on the ballot, one increasing the minimum wage to $15 next year, and the other would happen in october of on 19. the city council will consider having one measure on the ballot, but not clear which one, and the city council will meet at 6:00 tonight at old city hall. >> new details of police worn bobby cameras and 70 officers are wearing the cameras. a sergeant told the " francisco examiner" do not capture everything because there are issues with audio, and the
6:38 am
cameras do not follow eye movement. >> after the deadly pg&e san bruno pipeline explosion and the verdict, the city council is ask ing to have an independent monitor. fores have asked for a monitor fore years but so for they have not been successful. a jury found pg&e guilty of six criminal charges in the blast this killed eight. >> protesters will now decide if a homeowner faces chances stemming from the valley fire in lake county. the fire killed four people and plans destroyed 1,900 buildings and charred 118 square miles. yesterday, the officials revealed the owner of the home on high valley home installed a new hot tub and admits he tried to do the wiring himself. >> law is a permit required for electrical installation. to our knowledge we could not elect or identify a permit. >> it will be fund over to my legal staff to determine in a
6:39 am
crime has been committed. all the district attorney has a month to file misdemeanor charges and two years if it is a felony. they zeroed in on the home after the fire started but they had to check out hundreds of leads blaming the fire on everything in arson to drug laboratories. >> firefighters are missing their gear. fire hoses, pumps, gas cans all last behind as crews were deployed around the fire line. the soberanes fire has killed one person and destroyed 57 homes. right now it is 50% contained. full containment is not expected until the end of the month. it was sparked by an illegal campfire. >> the traffic alert is starting to get better if you are coming from tracy, westbound 580, a big mess from two early collisions in livermore. westbound 580, still dealing with the residual delays through altamont pass, but now
6:40 am
down to only eight mile backup from 12 mile backup. that is still a headache. westbound bay bridge the toll plaza is congested this morning, and you can see back through the maze, just barely moving aside from the car pool lanes with an early crash before the embarcardero at san francisco side of the bridge, long gone now. a problem on the san mateo bridge in the right center lane. obviously we have heavy traffic there, as well. we will look at the drive times in a few minutes and right now meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. a little misty? >> absolutely. golden gate bridge and east bay hills, as well. kids are holding back-to-school. in milpitas, the school buses could be running as school is starting this week and next week. you start off with clouds and 55 at 7:00, and sunshine and 83 by
6:41 am
3:00. have a great year. our air quality now is good to moderate and later today it will be moderate to poor inland east bay neighbors like walnut creek. soberanes fire is going to send smoke our way and it could do it all the way through the weekend. right now, though, today is the 14th "spare the air" alert. temperatures are 60s in san francisco, and cooler on friday and saturday, and the high pressure is being. it will take the rest of us, 70s and 80s and 90s and add three or four degrees on to that friday and saturday. >> look at this, a sketch of a man that san bruno police say snuck through an unlocked sliding door, burglarized the home and punched someone inside. it happened on the court on tuesday afternoon, and he is described as hispanic, with heave build, and 6' tall. police are warning homeowners to keep their doors and windows locked. >> in novato in your bicycle has
6:42 am
been stolen, on saturday night officers found five bicycles and 33 bicycle frames stored in a novato garage. the police department posted the pictures on facebook. there are road and mountain bicycles there have been altered. there are no arrested. we have the pictures on >> a beloved pet disappeared in the north bay, the human reward the owner is offering for sassy pants' run. >> breaking news from macy's the announcement that has some shoppers upset and how investors are reacting. >> but, first, weather and traffic during the commercial break with a look at the golden break with a look at the golden gate bridge.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> bart could bring back passengers on the go who need to...go, the underground bathrooms that closed after 9/11 could be coming back. what is happening today, cornell barnard? >> yes, many are asking, what restrooms? they did not know they existed. we are getting an earful from ride are whose say finding a public restroom in san francisco is next to impossible including all bart stations. ten underground bart stations rest troops have been off limits
6:45 am
since the 9/11 attacks for security reasons. most have become storage facilities, and, in fact, bosses are considering reopening the restrooms after complaints from riders, and this morning, riders say it is time for relief. >> it is a problem if you are trying to catch a train and you have somewhere to go in a hurry. it has been a problem. and it is time to re-open some. >> you need to because you are going for a long ride and it is a great idea, but, at the same time, it has to be secure because you never know what you will find in the restrooms. >> remodels of the restrooms is being considered and many transit agencies is reopened their subway bathrooms and bart bosses will consider unlocking facilities at a meeting later this morning. >> this morning, a north bay woman is desperate to find her
6:46 am
missing french bull dock, saying whoever runs her dog sassy pans will get $10,000 reward. sassy pants was taken when the dog walker let her play in novato in late june. kinnard believes sassy patches was stolen and still alive in someone's home. >> why have kids. this dog is my child. i love this dog. people say, you could buy telephone or 15 new dogs for $10,000 but this is my dog. >> kinnard has searched craigslist, put up fliers and called dozens of vets. the doc is microchipped but she lab to be turned in to scanned. we have more information on the search. >> she may have gotten a big doe motion -- demotion but the former uc davis chance already will still receive her salary of $424,000 and get retirement and health benefits. for a year.
6:47 am
>> she resign on tuesday after an independent investigation into ethics violates and months of controversy. the perk allows chancellor level lay during the "transition," year without having to teach classes. linda katehi will become an engineering professor. >> california legislators have authorized an audit of janet napolitano's office, after the request was made to see how nap map is spending the $686 million budget. auditors will examine in there are enough internal budget controls in the system and officials say it covers the same ground as six previous audits in the past three areas. >> we will get you back to breaking news at 6:00, macy's closing 100 stores and investers are reacting. >> jane king is tracking this at
6:48 am
the nasdaq in new york. jane? >> good morning, macy's shares are trading higher but over all the market is getting a lift with so many department stores struggling with those going online and those who go to the stores go to discount retailers. they are not sawing which 100 stores. over all, the market questions are positive and the dow is up 50 or 60 points and jobless claims hing eddie compared to the previous weekend. also, we are keep an eye on commuting and how much time and money we spend commuting. next, we waste a full week in traffic each year, the insurance center said the average person center said the average person waves 42 hours and $9630 last traffic. >> and a merger that could
6:49 am
happen one involving elon musk that involves a solar roof anyone looking to replace an entire roof sold in one piece with capabilities built in not in traditional solar panels. >> keep your eye on the video, the man on the grass, he and his friends decided to test out the new kites. a gust comes along. watch. there it goes. did you hear that? his friend laughing. some friend. the best headline "let's go fly a human." >> is he okay? >> now the traffic update. >> we have a lot of read on the traffic map. plenty of areas to get to. a hot spot is westbound 80 an early crash near the embarcadero
6:50 am
long gone but another crash at the treasure island off ramp. it is on the shoulder. the delays are lingering through the maze. westbound 80 is having a tough time through the berkeley area. through emeryville. through by birth and bay point we have a lot red, several miles of backup blocking the left center lane and now it is pushed to the right center, trying hard to get it to the shoulder. our drive time, delays are out there 101 southbound, golden gate bridge is okay and 17 minutes westbound on the bay bridge through the toll plaza and westbound 92 san mateo bridge, some delays at 23 minutes. the lingering delays from the central valley in a few but, first, microsoft has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone from the roof where it is misty in san francisco. in the south bay, near the shark tank and 87, you can see it is
6:51 am
hazy, an area that could be smoky. from the soberanes fire. temperature at cupertino is cool of the at 52 and 57 in san jose and mountain view and los gatos at 66. any arc at 60, redwood city 61, san carlos and alameda 57, 56 in fairfield, 53 in novato and 54 in san francisco. we from the exploritorium, "spare the air" and steady highs and clouds and drizzle tonight inland heat wave developing and next several hours drizzle near the coast but not measurable. temperatures in the south by upper 70s to mid-80s with hazy sunshine, a last mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula, and through san francisco 59 in sunset marina downtown at 67 degrees and upper 70s to mid-80s through most of the north bay. along the east bay shore, upper 60s to mid-70s and inland, temperatures running in the upper 80s to low 90s and
6:52 am
low-to-mid 50s with cloud cover and drizzle near the coast and the heat wave is on inland mid-to-upper 90s tomorrow through wednesday nearing 80 away the bay and 60s at the coast. >> a well-known entrepreneur will launch a free public wi-fi service for low income people in san francisco. craig's list founder will turn on wi-fi access in st. anthony's in the tenderloin providing meal can clothing to low income residents. it is a wave helping people who are the most in need of succeeding and increasingly high-tech world. >> back with the 15 things you need to know before you go. >> use the breaking news app for personalized alerts on your personalized alerts on your smartphone or tablet and enabl
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hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. >> now, we start with alexis. >> traffic has been a big headache. the drive time for the worst area westbound 580 tracy to dublin we had two separate crashes in livermore. long gone now. the worst point this morning up to an hour and continue minutes, but we are down to 48 minutes but, still heavy on the bay bridge. all the identity of a man found dead inside one of san francisco's most popular malls still a miss friday. sources say he was found in the stairway of a back entrance to bloomingdale's at the westfield
6:55 am
mall near union square. all the santa clara district attorney needs your help to find this mother and her ten-month-old son. the prosecutors say they took off after losing custody a month ago. authorities are concerned the boy may have a health condition. >> santa clara county court officials and employees will meet with a mediator to try to end the week long strike. employees want raises and the county said they do not have the funds. >> poor air quality is developing today. another "spare the air" day, 14th of the summer season, and 50s at the coast, and 70s an the bay and 80s inland, and only getting hotter this weekend. >> six, the huffington post is without its key huffington a tweet this morning saying she starting a new company and leaving, focus on health and
6:56 am
wellness. >> you may want to stay up later tonight or get up a lot earlier for an extra special night your shower, the event is expected to have double the number of meteors than usual with the best time to watch? early, between 1 and 5:00 a.m. >> perfect because we start weekdays at 4:30 a.m. and you can general us and watch at the same time. >> see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. a massive explosion rocks an entire apartment complex. >> it appears there was some sort of explosion. the debris covers the entire road. >> residents climbing out windows, dropping children to safety as hundreds of firefighters battle the three-alarm blaze. at least 25 people rushed to the hospital. the search for survivors is on right now. a s.w.a.t. team takes down a suicide bomber near the u.s. border. the isis supporter planning to attack a major city. a dramatic confrontation overnight. hillary clinton doubles down accuses donald trump of inciting violence against her and the moment this man scales trump tower looking for a meeting with the republican nominee. and big wins for the golden girls of team usa. >> she's a full second ahead. >> katie ledecky anchors a huge victory in the 400-meter relay as m


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