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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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on this murder mystery. >> reporter: it's going to be a very difficult night. people started showing up for the memorial and viewing here. i did just get a chance to speak with a family spokesperson told me it's not easier for them, but they want to thank everybody for their support. it's been five days since calvin riley was shot and killed at san francisco's aquatic park and still, no arrests. we don't know a motive. there are no known witnesses and no description of the shooter. what we do know is that riley and a friend noticed someone lurking at the top of the hill while they played pokemon go on their phones. riley ran ahead and jogged past
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the building alone and his friends heard gunshots. investigators say it could be the key to cracking this case. >> if anyone had a photograph, video, make took a selfie in the area between 9:00 and 10:00, there might be information in there that could be useful. >> it's possible to get answers. >> reporter: rick smith, a former fbi agent says video from businesses could show who was coming and going that night. he thinks there is more to the story. >> that would be the worst case scenario. in my view, based on my experience, that is the least likely event. >> reporter: smith says investigators need to build a time line. police patrol the spot and family and friends gather at st. gregory's church to remember the 20-year-old to say goodbye.
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$70,000 has been donated to the gofundme page to pay for the funeral. look for a link on police swarmed a neighborhood east of lake merit this afternoon when gunshots were fired from inside of a house. >> police took no chances and they tried to coax the suspect out. the large police presence to the home is just east of lake merit. police say gunshots were heard and there were reports the man had been firing into the it took 30 minutes for the
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suspected shooter to come out of the house. you can see him walking backwards slowly and they took him into custody. officers entered to see if anyone was else was inside. they did not find anybody, but police tell us they'd recovered two guns. police told us they have left the scene and reopened the neighborhood to residents. now, we're going to move on to talk about alameda county deputies trying to find two men who exchanged gunfire this afternoon in castro valley. sky 7 was over the ranch area this afternoon, authorities say the worker told him the ranch was close by. the gunman fired toward the worker. the worker shot back. deputies say hunting is allowed
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on the area. >> developing news now on the death of a man whose body was found in a stairwell at westfield mall in san francisco. the victim is a line cook at the upscale sons and daughters restaurant on bush street. his father says he moved here from boston for what he called a dream job, hoping to open his own restaurant. he can't think of anyone. >> he never wanted to be in an altercation. he was a brother. police believe a missing 15-year-old girl was pretending to be an adult. she disappeared from her home saturday night. her mother had just taken her cell phone and computer because of her reported online activities. police say this is not your
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average run away case because usually, teens will contact family after a few days. >> she's not in trouble. so if you're watching this, deanna, we need you to call your mom. we want to help you. >> right now she doesn't have a cell phone and isn't active on social media sites. in santa clara a missing 10-month-old boy has been found, safe. authorities are looking for his mother. they say she took off after she was told that child services is going to take custody of her son. records indicate cornell had been in trouble with the law twice in the last decade. a sky diver lacked two key
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certifications. he was not a certified member of the united states parachute association, a violation of regulation. the director tells us he was not certified to use the random parachute. it did not deploy, killing him. >> the marin mammal center says a stranded dolphin was dehydrated when it died. sky 7 spotted the dolphin south of san francisco international airport. they recovered the dolphin wednesday. the cause of death hasn't yet been determined. a new rule went into effect that bans seafood imports from fisheries whose nets snag whales and dolphins. the national marine fishery service prohibited imports from
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fisheries that don't meet american standards. a major change owe to the retail landscape today, macy's revealed it will close 100 stores around the country. david? >> dan, most stores will be at second and third tier locations. they don't have the foot traffic and there will be layoffs but savings will go shoppers. >> retailers have been analyzing how habits are changing. >> they're looking at the time and dollars versus physical store, how they can better serve
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customers. what is the mix? >> no one knows that better than jesus salcedo. >> online shopping has taken over. there is nothing you can do. people like the convenience of shopping from home, not having to deal with parking. >> macy's will close stores where stores will be declining. macy's identified it will sell the men's store on stockton street. men's wear will move to the flagship union square store. macy's will invest in online and mobile platforms. >> this process is more difficult. >> they don't make it friendly? >> no. no. it's not. no. >> macy's closed it's cupertino
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store last year and said nothing about plans for a new bhoomingdale's at valley fair. a 16,000 square foot arena will host video gamers. hi, leslie. >> you can say it's the kind of sport watching super star video gamers in action. e sports is on the rise. and in this building it's about to be a game changer for the bay area. >> teams of five gamers of the world will battle it out on center stage in what will be oakland's new e sports arena.
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>> there are students and gamers in the area. >> it will feature video screens and abilities to brad tournaments around the world. >> culmination is they want to gather together and be the best. >> twitch will stream the tournament here in the audience is expected to be around 300 million people and projected to rake in $1 billion a year. gamers are shocked it took this long to get an arena in the bay area. and it will be backed by the same company. and there is big money at stake.
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this arena is getting on gamers paying a monthly fee and joining recreational local gaming leagues. it should be ready to blast open by the end of the year. >> the bay area's housing market just hit a milestone. next, the first city in the nation to talk a million dollar median. and after being closed for 15 years, changes that bart could make. >> i'm spencer christian. get ready for summer sizzle. >> ne
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san jose has become the most-expensive metro market in the country. median home prices soared to $1 million. vic lee is live with some answers, vic? >> reporter: i wish i would have bought a home decades ago. realtors do tell us the market has been softer, meaning buyers can have more powers but does that soften the blow? depends on who you talk to. for those who live here, the report by the national
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association of realtors was no surprise. the median home price broke the million dollar mark. >> does it shock you? >> it's getting old. >> surplus of buyers with low inventory. >> there is very little property in lower price points available. >> in san jose, look for homes. >> just from other states, and
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they're relocating. >> the fishers made a killing. they bought 23 years ago for? >> it was 299. >> they sold for? well, let's just say the prevailing market rate. >> how much did neighbors pay? >> $41,000. >> how many years ago? >> 45. >> they're sitting on a bank. vic lee, abc7 news. >> california national guard joined the fight against the sobranes fire. the fire burned 70,000 acres and it is 55% contained. >> in san bernardino firefighters are making progress
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containing the pilot fire. the fire started sunday with 1500 firefighters on the lines. and in fresno county, fire crews are trying to contain a wildfire burning near colinga. it's destroyed a home and outbuilding. >> an east bay swimming lesson picked up an unexpected member today. a deer jumped into the pool with the kids. eric? >> reporter: a sunny day here in berkeley. kids 3 to 6, in the pool, learning how to swim. and a baby deer. one of these doesn't belong. ever seen a deer in a life
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jacket? our young deer jumped into the pool. >> never deer in a pool. sprung into action. >> reporter: several kids were in the pool this morning when the deer crashed their lesson. >> we needed time to get the children out of the pool. >> reporter: staffers put a life preserver on bambi. >> the stav led the deer to the steps and he sprung out of the pool and into the bushes.
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>> reporter: it is not uncommon. this deer made it back into the wild. eric thomas, firefighters discovered this male foal yesterday. firefighters transported it to a ranch in hayward. >> let's talk about the lovely weather. >> it could be heating up. spencer? >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. right now it's breezy with gusts up to 28 miles per hour this is
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the view from our roof top camera. 65 across the bay and 57 in half moon bay. this is the view from half moon bay. 76 in petaluma and check out this view looking west. we'll see low clouds and fog near the coast and bay and air quality has been poor and we have hot days ahead through wednesday. overnight, fog over the bay clouds and fog making a push into the bay.
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by mid day, we'll have mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland. fog lenningers at the coastline. high temperatures low to mid-60s on the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-90s inland. and air quality will be sunday, temperatures drop a bit and here is the accu-weather forecast. you can see the heat is not going to ease up until thursday. mid to upper 90s inland. friday, tomorrow, through next wednesday. around the bay, highs upper 70s and around 80. on the coast, a range from 60 to
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niners fans, there is a new way to get you to levis stadium. it's going to run before, and after, every home game this year. the trains will stop less frequently than normal trains.
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and cal train has you covered on those game days. it will provide sundays for the rest of the season. you can watch 49ers for the kick off here on abc7 monday, september 12th. >> the opening of the largest tesla store will open tomorrow. and will educate the public about green energy. there is a perk of they also installed tiny lockers for people to charge cell
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phones. the stock indexes set nasdaq added three points. bart may change something, where passengers could be the first to regain access to underground bathrooms. >> newest employee in this store never gets grumpy and never needs a lunch break. pepper, the robot, ahead on abc7 news. a special requirement you have to meet to get this limited edition tee shirt which is
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it's been so long, some bart riders can't remember using a bathroom at stations. >> after september 11th, bart closed bathrooms at all 10 stations. >> bathrooms at platform level stations have always remained open. >> reporter: bart riders haven't seen what is behind these doors since september 11th. >> i try to avoid bart bathrooms. >> they've been locked. >> at today's meeting, the board
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seemed more receptive to redesigning and remodelling old bathrooms at two stations. 19th streets and the powell station in san francisco. these would have separate stalls and the sink on the outside. >> idea is open the space up and make it safe. and see if that works for the system. >> if approved they would be within the line of site of the station agent booth. >> i'd love to see them open and running. >> it's not serving the public. one responsibility is to serve the public. that would be an asset to the system. estimated costs would be $225,000. the 19th street bathrooms about
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$175,000. if successful, bart may decide to expand to include all underground stations. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the berkeley city council will hold a special meeting to consider modifying the minimum wage ballot measure. one would make the change in october of 2019. tonight, the council will consider having one measure on the ballot. >> for the first time, police chief tony chaplain indicated he wants the job, permanently. abc7 news was at a discussion with he discussed recent introduction of officer-worn body cameras.
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>> we have over 60 cameras in the field now. and this is trial and error for us. >>. one victim's family hired john buress. he claims the police officer that shot joseph mann was an alcoholic and unfit for duty. two years before, his wife received a restraining order claiming he abused her and their children. >> if they'd followed policies of calming the situation down, not creating a conflict, this would have never happened. >> police say mann raised a knife toward them and they had to shoot.
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police believe mann should have handled the situation with more care. >> a one and a half year old toddler suffered injuries when he fell from a third story window. the boy was flown to children's hospital for treatment. a screen gave way and the boy fell. police are investigating the matter. santa clara county court employees met to end a strike that lasted more than a week. when asked about the status, the court rely plied they're ongoing. >> in a store in pal yes alt yes, don't be surprised if the sales person who greets you isn't a person.
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today was pepper, the robot's first day on the job. >> we invited them to come to be part of our staff. >> the last time we met they had a block party. >> pepper will be talking about himself or herself. >> pepper worked in mobile phone stores learning american it yi it certainly isn't the first robot to be in a u.s. retail store, but when a robot looks at
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you with big, longing eyes, it's hard to deny it's different. >> this is different than talking to a tin can. >> his arms are meant to be used to engage with you. >> i can detect feelings like when you're happy or sad. >> something that is vital in retail. >> if you're not happy, so sorry. what can we do? >> pepper is kid friendly. and with 12 hour battery, never needs a break. >> try to keep in touch. type your e-mail on my touch screen. i also play air guitar. >> pepper is pleasant. the san francisco got one more star in its food scene. bon apetite magazine named this
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bakery as the best in the country. people waited to get some of the famo famous crossaint. he only started three years ago. >> i started home baker. and baking at home, you're going to try to impress your friends. >> his love for these perfect croissants impressed "bon apetite". >> ousd high school students can get this tee shirt at no cost. it's the fifth year of the give away from the company that is all about local love and pride.
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>> drivers are getting to look down on the eastern span. >> looking at what is different about the demolition of the last big trucks of the old bay bridge. >> if you kill an animal, you think that is too bad. >> what people are doing
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today marks two years since the death of robin williams. he took his life alt age 63. last year, fans left messages outside of the "mrs. doubtfire" house in his honor.
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a petition effort renamed the waldo tunnel as robin williams tunnel. happening now, the charles schulz museum open and can enjoy free ice cream from coldstone creamery. almost 100 cartoon strips are there, on display. final big truss on the old eastern span on the bay bridge is partly ready for the demolition possess. crews cut the truss into three pieces. this is the fifth of five and it's the first time they're splitting one up to be
6:41 pm
there are still 49 that need to be removed. >> 500 people died in 2011 and 2014. most from people serving to try to avoid debris. triple a says make sure you secure items so they don't make debris on the road. another danger, animals crossing the road. >> results of northern california experiments to help animals get from one side to another. california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids
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here is question. what animal kills more americans than other? >> the answer is deer, killing an average of 200 people per year in collisions. >> these creatures use man made structures to get across roads alive. interestingly, this idea is exploding. >> if we hit an animal, we thought that is too >> the ground is full of tracks
6:45 pm
and biologists think they can do better. >> we have a lot to learn. >> just miles away, sandra jacobson is showing off an experiment under construction. two identical tunnels. fences will help guide >> they are trying to determine what works best. >> they can maybe put stumps inside of the structure. >> the projects are part of a team with many agencies working together including caltrans which is trying cross beings in
6:46 pm
other areas, too. >> we're able to show they're working better than we'd expected. >> caltrans is hoping this will lead to better and cheaper solutions. >> that is a this. >> it's pioneering this new discipline and we want to learn if the best. >> he says it can cut collisions and still allow animals to get to where they need to go. so research shows people don't know how to avoid an accident
6:47 pm
ahead of you. to find out more go to abc7 news. >> water prices went up too much in antioch. and the ranch has been open 16 years. >> you may want to stay up later tonight for a special perseid meteor shower. if it's too foggy to see the sky, nasa is providing a live stream. we have a link on our website. the bay area is a fascinating place to live no matter with you go. >> spencer is back with the
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forecast. >> going to be warming up but not before we take a look at conditions with the fog making its move. so there are details again. peak time will be 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. if you're inland, we expect to see 150-200 meteors per hour. we'll see our low clouds and fog overnight. into parts of marin and sonoma county. temperatures 60s on the coast. we're going to have mid to upper
6:49 pm
90s inland and 80s near the bay. low 60s on the coast. a nice, warm to hot ahead. >> kevin durant is in rio. we found out when he'll face his old teammate. the schedule just came out big games on christmas and martin luther king day. spor
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good evening, with kevin durant joining warriors every night is going to be like must-see tv and nba schedule released today for 2016 and 2016 highlighted by dates against the cavs and the thunder. kevin durant switched teams warriors are going to face cavs in cleveland. and some other points, opening
6:53 pm
season is october 25th against the spurs. six final seven games at home, and they have lebron james announced he'll sign a $100 million contact. he will make $30 million this season and $33 million next season passing michael jordan as the highest paid player ever. >> i can't wait to get the group back together. the team, the franchise, and get the fans. without you, we won't have been able to do what we did. i'm ecstatic. i can't wait to get the band back together. >> a's went looking for a rare
6:54 pm
four-game series sweep this afternoon. plenty of good seats grand slam off of daniel cologne. that is atop measures. so billy butter with a's back in and it's and so it looks like game over, but they challenged overruled so last chance for danny valencia
6:55 pm
and he grounds out. collin kaepernick absence from practice, the schedule is a rest day. sunday, more practice because tomorrow they're holding a joint practice session. >> i'm really excited about it. and have had many conversations but for us, it's going to be huge. and then, it's a different offensive scheme. you know? >> in rio, team usa leading in
6:56 pm
gold as well as medal counts. nine more than china. and a lot of guests are in the studio here. and let's see your face. they're on television. >> join us tonight on cable channel 13. a discovery that put the sharks on the top of the longevity list. that is coming up but that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us, we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here are our three finalists -- a volunteer c.a.s.a. guardian ad litem from manchester, new hampshire... a currency trader from chicago, illinois... and a paralegal from washington, d.c... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. oh, good crowd here today. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. as you all know by now, our finals are a two-game affair. now, in yesterday's semifinal, matt had a runaway game. he couldn't be caught in final jeopardy!
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the day before, the same was true for alex jacob. but on monday, kerry won her game not in a runaway. but i have a feeling she's not too worried about these two guys. so, good luck to all of you. here we go. let's take a look at the categories. those three letters coming up in each correct response. and in that words in flowers category, each response is a word within the name of the flower that indicates something. matt. let's start off with words in flowers for $600, please. alex: don't give me any of your this body part. kerry. what is lip? lip. yes, that's a tulip. flowers, $800. this other word for a country is in bloom.


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