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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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saturday night at san francisco's action adequate evening park playing pokemon go with a friend. police have no suspects. calvin graduated from serra high school last year. he was playing baseball at delta college in stock continue. police hope a suspect will be caught soon. former basketball teammates say calvin certainly had a beautiful spirit. >> he had more heart than a kochy freshman, we was always happen and tough to see him gone. >> my hope is the individual or individuals responsible for this do the right thing and turn themselves in. a family deserves that accountability. >> park police put out a plea for information from anyone who has information on calvin riley's murder. the funeral is held this
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morning. after 11:00. in san mateo. >> condolences to the family. the funeral is open to the public and if you want to attend it starts at 11:00 in san mateo at st. gregory's church. >> someone could be trying to poison animals in a south bay park. that has sheriff deputies and rangers stepping up patrols. suspicious tablets were discovered in a water area that pets use in san jose. the park maintenance worker found the three white bars in trough on wednesday. officials think it could be rat poison. it is not believed that any animals drank the water. fliers are posted to warn users to be alert near water sources. >> a strange situation in san jose. police are looking for the vandals who cut down nearly two dozen trees. they were sawed down in san
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jose's willow glen neighborhood. new video shows the stumps left behind. and signs that say "this tree was murdered." the environmental group our city forest planted the 46 trees as part of a $50,000 project sponsored by a city council member. >> several people are hurt after a plane headed for northern california was forced to make an emergency landing in south dakota. jose can is tracking this. >> good morning, 24 people were hospitalized. including two crew members. there was severe turbulence on the flight. jetblue was traveling from boston to sacromento and forced to make an emergency landing in south dakota last night. look at some of the pictures from inside the plane, everyone hospitalized under evaluation but no major injuries were one lady needed a income brace. passengers described chaos, with
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things going all over the plane and people screaming. >> a it was like "bang," like we hit a wall and rocked straight down. stuff in the aisles, people cry ing. >> jetblue sent a replacement plane to bring the passengers who were not hurt to sacramento scheduled to land half an hour ago. we are working to confirm they made it safe. >> happening now, police are looking for a driver who hit a man crossing sonoma boulevard and kept on driving. investigator say the man was controlling the boulevard off of cherry street at 11:00 a.m. and not in a marked crosswalk. police believe the light colored nissan headed south and they want to talk to anyone in the area. >> happening today san francisco police will join a mother's unrelenting crusade to get justice for her son shot and killed 10 years ago. he was only 17 when he was shot
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30 times in august of 2006. his mother seen three years ago has been keeping the case alive posting signs and passing out fliers, $250,000 reward has not brought forward any witnesses. in anyone saw or knows anything about the murder, please come forward. >> a man found dead in the stairway at the shopping center in san francisco was a chef. he is frank galicia a line cook at upscale sons and daughter restaurant. his brother said that the 28-year-old moved here from boston for a "dream job," and hoped to open his own restaurant. he cannot thing of anyone who would have wanted to hurt the man he knew as a free spire. >> it was probably something i am sure that was pretty. police have ruled the death "homicide." they have not made an arrest or release the cause.
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>> a boy who has been missing for nearly a month is safe this morning. the district attorney said that they have located davione. investigators are still looking for his mother. satima purnell took off with the boy in july. she has been in trouble with the law twice in the last decade. >> 3,300 students receive a brand new become pack filled with school supplies. the annual donation for kids for low income families and this year, sacred heart is preparing the most backpacks in the education campaign's 14-year history. organizeers say that is because of the high cost of living in silicon valley and the increasing cost for school supplies. the give an starts at 9:00 a.m. >> did you see it it? it was 25 minutes to catch the meteor shower lighting up the area.
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the science center posted a viewing party. tiffany tells us this year's was the best in more then a decade. >> streaks of light with a massive amount of history. >> these are made up of materials part of the original solar nebulous. >> they streaked across the night sky particles from a commodity, some just the size of a grain of sand. >> as they enter the atmosphere they burn up. >> the meteor shower is considered exceptional with twice as many shooting stars. we have upper to thank for the extra special show. >> every 12 years, jupiter comes around and goes under the path of the commodity. or the string of particles and gives it a pull and that causes, two years later, the rout burst. >> you can see up to 100 an hour, and 200 if you lived away from the city lights. all the best way to see it is to, first of all, get away from
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the fog. you want to see the sky. try to find a dark location. look up high to the northeast. that is where all of the meteors will come from. the earth is part of a bigger universe. this is a way of reminding us. >> if you took photos of the meteor showers, share them with us # abc7now. >> alex it is not looking at the stars because there is too much on the roads especially in livermore. >> look at the stars sounds like a nice way to start the day. and we have a sig-alert here, so a few minutes ago, c.h.p. was saying three hours until they got the pole repaired and now they are saying six hours to be back open and operational. that is a big deal for antioch
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and brentwood and discovery bay. if you want to take the road over to buy ron, you could go the other way around, down to 680 at highway 4 but there will be a lot company. another traffic update in ten minutes but, now, we will check with mike and the forecast. now, the meteor shower as gnashary -- natasha mentioned you can see it in 25 minutes. inland, east bay, no worries, up to the low 60s right now to watch the showers. low 60s at the bay and even better viewing at rosa we will probably have flight arrival delays. swimming is good and maybe after a long day of work, inland, you
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may want to go. whether you are kayaking, canoeing, boating, watch out for strong sun. in san jose, in the south bay, 84 today, 85 on saturday, all of us are warmer today, and tomorrow, and we pull back on sunday. that is going to be temporary with the temperatures in my seven-day forecast could be warmer next week. i show you that coming up. >> candid words from donald trump the admission he could be stumbling in the run for the white house. >> a frightening road rage attack caught on video, what attack caught on video, what caused a
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> officers are looking for the driver who opened fire at a driver of an s.u.v. in a road rage caught on camera by another driver. a man in a dark honda pull as gun and starts shooting after the woman turned on her wipers and got wiper fluid on his car. unbelievable the he turned alongside her and a 13-year-old boy and fired off two shots this happened north of los angeles on monday. show said the man was upset because she got his new car wet.
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>> the level of this was quite alarming to us and i cannot imagine in a vehicle and being fired upon driving with director family members. it had to have been terrifying. we are trying to make an effort to locate this suspect and bring him to justice. >> ridiculous. no one was hurt. the tires of the s.u.v. were blown out. the suspect is still on the loses. >> right now donald trump is watching sliding polls and hillary clinton is helping to seize opportunity. >> good morning. donald trump has had an un conventional campaign from the start but in the rare it move yet, he now is entertaining the idea of not winning presidency. >> it will work or i will, you know, i will have a very, very, nice long vacation. >> it is a rare admission from donald trump asking for help as polls show hillary clinton with a strong lead. showing concern about red
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states. >> i have a tremendous problem in utah. >> he doubled down on a new line of attack. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis, the founders. >> hillary clinton gave the economic speech in michigan on thursday. >> more extreme version of the failed theory of tricker down economics with his own addition of outlandish trumpian ideas that even republicans reject. >> hillary clinton fending off more attacks about her e-mail. >> 33,000 e-mails, no good folks. all the state department is backing her up, saying there was nothing inappropriate in the communication between hillary clinton staff and the clinton foundation during hire time as secretary of state. >> we noticed this before a trump rally in florida last night, a supporter draping a confederate flag near the stage
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that had his name on it. it did not stay up along, the police and campaign staff member got to the flag and removed it before donald trump walked in. the 27-year-old was upset it was taken down and he said he just bought it before walking in. >> hillary clinton will sit down with jimmy kimmel on monday, august 22 at 11:30 right here at abc7 at 11:00. >> bart is moving another step closer to opening nation restrooms closed since the 9/11 attack. the board will vote in a few months on a plan to redesign and remodel restrooms at 19th in oakland and powell station in san francisco. unlike the old bathrooms, these will have separate stalls and a sink is on the outside. all the idea is to open the space up and make it safe. see in it will work for the rest of the system. >> the bathrooms would not open until early 2018.
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in the pilot program is successful, bart could expand the project. >> thousands of people are expected to attend the jazz fest in san jose, 27 years long, with 12 sames and 120 performances from honored the world. the video from a previous festival is here. there will be a colorful variety of food and drink. it runs through sunday. the first performance is 5:30 tonight. >> there was an early sig-alert. alexis? >> good news and bad news, but, first, the good news, the sig-alert was canceled. we thought it would be all morning in livermore southbound before the landfill a vehicle took out the power pole. there were only minor injuries. they are saying they have cleared the road and though will have pg&e come in at 7:00 this morning and make repairs, not
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sure if we will have additional close ires but we are making phone calls to get to the bottom of that. we have a new commuter alert. we got word of equipment problems and a major thai at daly city in the pittsburg and bay point areas. we will check with mike nicco and the forecast. >> we will start with san rafael. we have been watching the fog develop. you can see mainly clouds. south on 101 we will see more sunshine. and warmth. especially inland. the heat wave will start today. air quality is suffering this afternoon. it will be cooler on sunday. it will be a lot hotter next week. an indication we have high pressure is variable and the winds are light. with the marine layer being compressed because of the searching air, you can see by noon we are clearing out. but the coast has pockets of sun. in the south by we are 84 in san
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jose. to 90 in gilroy. to sunnyvale and milpitas in upper 70s. up the peninsula temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s. redwood city will top out at 80. san francisco is 67. the marina is the cool spot at 59. daly city is 61 influence the north bay, upper 70s to mid-80s. and 84 in santa rosa. the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 70s. minal destination inland east bay, a lot of low-to-mid 90s. my seven-day outlook shows possibly 100s inland on tuesday and wednesday. a couple of baseball games tonight. the forecast is next. >> million dollar listings the area where the seven figure prices are now the "new normal." >> the new aran about to make oakland the center of video gaming in the bay area. first, the tech bytes. >> a new headache for volkswagen, researchers say hackers can construct a wireless device that will clone a
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vehicle's key. 100 million volkswagen made in the last 21 years can be unlocked and driven off. volkswagen confirms the flaw but said not all models are affected. >> facebook has a news speed software adjustment. again. they want you to site updates most important and relevant to you. >> amazon will deliver a series about hugh hefner with 13 episode documentary series in the works. american playboy hugh hefner story is available next year and along with amazon video only plan. the question is: who will play the question is: who will play james
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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>> those victimized by the june mission fire in san francisco can begin the process of getting federal aid. federal aid is being made available to them. small business administration will open a loan outreach center on mission street and will be open until augusta. business owners can borrow $2 million and displaced residents can apply for $40,000 in loans. >> san jose is now the most expensive metro market for homes in the whole country. according to a new report by the national association of retailers. the average home price in san
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jose is slightly more than $1 million. again, that is the highest ever for a metro area. >> a our prices have again up because there is little prosecute in the lower price points available. >> this is so discourageing. we talked with a happy couple who bought their home for $300,000, 23 years ago and cabbed in for market value. >> i never thought we would make money with our house. >> well, you did. a last other people are, too. their neighbors bought their home $45 years ago for $41,000. if you ask gamers they say it is a long time coming. by the end of the year you will likely see an arena dedicated to. sports, in oakland, to be first venue focused on playing games competitively similar to this in southern california. the arena is letted in jack london square near the amtrak station. san francisco-based twitch
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signed up to show the tournament. >> you can watch at home. compete at home. but the culmination is to gather together and see who is best. >> if you are not on board, it will bring in $1 billion. a year. by 2019. >> time to catch up. >> a day after facebook announced they found a way to defeat ad blocking software, guess what? an ad blocking company said they already have found a work around. facebook is disappointed the company are punishing people on facebook. you could be thinking how do you figure? facebook said the ad block software also blocks posts from your friends. >> that is what they say...the engineers are working on a plan to circumstance imvent the plan that circumvented it. the ad blocking community said it will likely find another way around it. and so it goes. >> a new trailer for the "star
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wars" film. >> there is not time. >> can we watch the whole thing? >> i'm on board. >> before 1977, when the star was being. , fopping a clip last month at the "star wars" expo, with the run of darth vader which has been rhymerred for some time and word that james earl jones recorded some of the dialogue for the characters. >> and james earl jones is the voice of...what's his name? >> darth vader? >> sorry, what does that mean? >> he is coming back. >> alexis? >> mike nicco is shaking his head. unfortunately, we do have
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commuter alert this morning. we have equipment problems with bart today. they have not said what they are. there is a major delay at daly city. and pittsburg and bay point and dublin/pleasanton directions. big heads up. obviously not how we want to start our friday morning commute the golden gate bridge is showing light volume with mist and fog. not too bad. speaking of mike, we will check with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. we will talk baseball, a's taking three out of four is not bad. marineers are in time for three games. dropping down to 60. baltimore orioles are take on the giants at 7:15. 59 at at&t and down to 56. heading to santa cruz? foggy. hazy this afternoon. because of the soberanes fire. temperatures in the low-to-mid 70s through the weekend. after having low-to-mid 50s in the morning. you can see 100s creeping into
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fresno, and 84 headed to lake tahoe today. safe travels. >> san francisco has another star in the food scene with a new bakery as "best in the country." the news was south far that abc7 was at the bakery as people waited to get a famous flakey breads which the magazine describes as impossibly tender. the person in charge only started baking full time three years ago. [ inaudible ] >> started as a home baker. [ inaudible ] you try to impress your friends at home. >> that is armondo and his love for the perfect bre said high will still take three days, three days, to make each.
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>> a first at the summer olympic a stanford swim are makes history in the pool at rio. history in the pool at rio. >> arc california (whispering) what are you doing up? history in the pool at rio. >> arc california (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack.
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well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:00 a.m. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is friday. i am natasha zouves. we will get to alexis smith tracking the early sig-alert and now trouble on bart. >> in livermore the sig-alert is cleared. it was a car in a power pole to be repaired at 7:00 a.m. and vasco road is back open. the commuter alert has equipment problems causing major delays


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