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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:00 a.m. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is friday. i am natasha zouves. we will get to alexis smith tracking the early sig-alert and now trouble on bart. >> in livermore the sig-alert is cleared. it was a car in a power pole to be repaired at 7:00 a.m. and vasco road is back open. the commuter alert has equipment problems causing major delays
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and all trains are held in pittsburg and bay point and dublin/pleasanton directions. we talked to someone with bart and they have power but not sure what the problem is. they want to make sure the trains are safe. right now we will check with mike for at look at our forecast. >> good morning, everyone. the marine layer is compressed. we are putting more moisture in a smaller area so there is mist and drizzle in the morning around the bay and the coast. can you see how low the clouds are from the exploritorium camera at pier 15. 7:00 on the day planner, 5 60, 92 on this 15th "spare the air" day and i will look at the air quality now and what to expect this afternoon next. >> troubling news this morning in the south bay, someone could be trying to poison animals at a park. matt keller is at the county park in san jose. matt? >> good morning, natasha. investigators have no leads.
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the substance is believed a chemical used to kill rats. look at where the substance was found. inside a water trough. inside the county park in san jose off the trail. a maintenance worker found three white bars floating and dissolving in the water. this was a strong chemical order leading park officials to think it may have been rat poison. suspicious substance is tested. the trough is used by dogs, birds, cat el, any animal in the area. >> they cleared it out and made the water clear so that when cattle come through and dogs, it is clear to drink. >> people who use the trails are obviously upset and questioning why someone who do which. fliers are posted on all bulletin boards warning users to be alert near water sources. just in case. the sheriff deputy and park rangers will have extra patrols in the area.
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disturbing. back to breaking news from overnight, several people are hurt after a flight headed for northern california was forced to make an emergency landing in south dakota. jesus can castro got an update. >> i confirmed the passengers who were not hurt are safely in sacramento, the backup plane that picked them up landed in sacramento in the last hour and they are getting off the plane with 22 passengers and two crew members hospitalized after the flight hit severe turbulence traveling from boston to sacramento and made an emergency landing in rapid city, south dakota. look at these photos from inside plan you can see in this new photo how badly the bathroom was damned. we are seeing reports on social media of passengers thanking the crew members saying despite the crew's injuries they kept the situation from feeling worse. passengers described things
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flying all over the plane and a lot of people screaming. we are working with abc station in sacramento to talk to the passengers now exiting the plane. back to you. >> very scary. >> friends and family are gathering this morning to remember a young college baseball player shot and killed while playing pokemon go. 20-year-old calvin riley was killed on saturday at 5 o'clock aquatic park in san francisco. a crowd gathered at st. gregory's church in san mateo for an emotional goodbye. several of his classmates from serra high school were in attending a. pack police have little to go on. officers are urging those responsible for calvin's death to turn themselves in. >> in a separate pokemon story an effort is underway at the capital to keep sex offenders from take part in games hike that. the popular game is a feature allowing players to set up a lure bringing other players to a
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spot where they can catch pokemon and some of the lures have popped up at sex offenders' homes much last week lawmakers in new york state banned registered sex offenders from playing. >> a man who fired shots from inside a home in oakland is under arrest. sky 7 shows you the large police response of 7th and east 21st street yesterday afternoon. 30 minutes for the suspected shooter to come out of the house and surrender, and you can see him walking toward the police and took him into custody. police recovered two guns and no one was hurt. >> university of california police are looking for a suspect in a series of attempted robberies in albany. the incident happened at 4:45 yesterday afternoon near the university village playground a community for california students married or with kids. six suspects approached two men to take their money and demand money and cell phone from a woman with her toddler. the suspects were last seen on bicycles and one on a
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skateboard. >> happening today, a wealthy internet entrepreneur will be sentenced in the san francisco courtroom for violating his parole stemming from domestic violence case seen here in april. he was given three months probation in 2013 after pleading guilty to battery of an ex gulf. a judge ruled he violated that when he assaulted a woman in las vegas. he could serve up to two years in prison. all the owner of a bankrupt wine country in berkeley admitted he took $45 million from online customers for wine that he never delivered. john fox owns the company on university avenue and the attorneys say that he sold rare and expensive wines he knew he wasn't going to deliver. he also admits to taking newspapers from the business to pay for expensive cars, private golf club memberships and nearly $1 million in gifts he gave to women he met on-line. he faces up to 20 years in
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prison. >> on the peninsula, arc california -- oracle will break ground on a new high school and here is what it will look like, home to design technical high school which is now located in burlingame. the co-funder said long ago he would love to have the school where students learn to think. it will open at the new location in the fall. it will be free. open to any student in the state. >> we imagine that snoopy and freeways are covering this morning after celebrating the 14th anniversary of the charles schultz museum. the museum in santa rosa offers free entry and cold stone ice cream. a good combination. no peanuts. but it would be great to put on the ice cream. >> cold stone often has crushed peanuts. or something. it features life work and of course, a lot of examples of
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peanuts cartoon. >> alexis smith how are the bart delays? >> in good news. an equipment problem. all trains are stopped. between daly city and the park and pittsburg and bay point and dublin/pleasanton direction. it is causing major delays. we talked to them at bart. they said they are not sure of the problem. they have power. we are okay. a look at the maze from emeryville westbound 80 to the maze still looking at light volume. in livermore, we will check soon on that. and now, mike? all the soberanes fire did not cool off with 35% humidity. the winds are light. the winds are push out of south and bring us haze so walnut creek which now is clear and 60 degrees, that is where we could have the poor air quality.
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everyone is green. right now. on the 15th "spare the air" day, we could see poorer air quality. >> along the east bay shore, 54 at castro and oakland is 58, and richmond is 56. temperatures are manley in the mid-to-upper 50s. to antioch and brentwood and livermore and san jose and los gatos we have low 60s. today the temperatures are warming starting 60s along the coast in san francisco. 70s and 80s an the bay. 80s and 90s inland and warmer tomorrow. it pulls become tomorrow. barely noticeable on sunday. and warmer weather in the seven-day forecast. >> thousands of bay area students will begin walking to schools soon. what you need know to keep them safe. safe. >> jerry sandusky is
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, by bay. >> a strong earthquake shook the pacific ocean, 7.2 earthquake hit at 6:00 p.m. our time. u.s. geological survey reports there is no threat of a tsunami. the area sits on the ring of fire wherers are common. >> jerry sandusky will try and
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over turn his conviction of assaulting ten boys. he did not testify back in 2012. he is basing the appeal on constitutional violations and ineffective lawyering. the appeal will last three days serving 30 to 60 careers in prison for the largely kept separate from the general inmate population. >> three years after the fact, the video of former toronto mayor rob ford smoking crack cocaine is released. he went to the grave denying he did this. news of the video sparked a political scandal for ford and he was never actually charged. the video was not made public because it was evidence in a case involving his former driver. ford admitted to alcohol abuse and checked himself into a facility in 2014. he died from cancer at age 46 in march. >> a rescue of three students in arkansas. >> in the "first look," release
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after three arkansas station university students who disappeared in a cave are found safe. [ inaudible ] >> the group, missing since wednesday, found 10 or 15 americans from the entrance to the cave. >> scared >> we heard a small voice in the distance. >> 25-year-old soon-to-be senior and cub scout leader reported missing by his wife and two incoming freshman, japanese exchange students on a cave expedition exploring the cavern during the summer break. >> it is brutal. a lost dangerous areas. all the deep and dark cavern, called the blowing cave. >> no one has said never to is found the end. >> more on the dramatic search at 7:00 a.m. >> a quick thinking scuba diver saved the life of another diver. this happened early this year but the video just now is going
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viral. i can see the woman pulling off her mask and regulator when she panicked during a dive off the coast of south africa. the photographer, tried to put it back in her mouth and rushed her to the surface. it can be dangerous because of the risk of decompression, but she gasped for air and surviving the woman's face was obscured. >> millions of kids are going back-to-school and aaa wants you to take it slow with after school hours the most dangerous for kids we walk. aaa said a third of child pedestrian degrees in the past decades have happened between 3 and 7 p.m., and urging drivers to be careful in school zones and to stay off the phone. >> northwest bay smart train line is receiving a final boost to make trips safer for passengers, getting $3 million
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in form funds that is used to build a safety system as the agency looks to extend the rails to larkspur. it slows or stops trains and tries to prevent accidents. >> the southwest outage that canceled more than 2,000 flights could cost airline $80 million. the computer system failure chaos happened with dallas morning news estimating the refunded tickets and searches will cost $82 million in the end. southwest said that amounts to a .5% drop in revenue. >> now, back to alexis smith. she is busy. >> we hoped for a friday "lite" but, instead, reggie tweeted we have bart drama. not what we wanted. we have an equipment problem. in daly city. all trains are stopped between daly city and balboa park in dublin/pleasanton and bay point and pittsburg. bart is not sure what the
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problem is. they have power. they are trying to make sure the trains are safe. no one will head in the eastbound direction. from daly city. physical they get it figured out. natasha mentioned sig-alert with trouble on the roads. in livermore southbound vasco road, before the landfill we had someone take identity a power pole with the vehicle. sit down along with the wires and they pushed that to the side. they are saying pg&e will come in at 7:00 this morning and make the repairs, possibly lane closures along vasco road. right now, though, all lanes are open. we will look at our traffic cameras this a few minutes but we will first check with mike nicco and the forecast. >> we made it to friday. >> you have been so busy each morning. >> two weeks. >> you can see the bay bridge, fuzzy because we have fog developing now the marine layer is squashed down.
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heat increases and the air quality declines, and fewer clouds but, still, cool tonight and hotter next week. the next six hours show mist and drizzle, and it is just the dampness and fog you run into, mainly around the bay and the north bay valleys. temperatures are upper 70s in milpitas and sunnyvale and flirting with 90 in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and mid-70s to nearly 80 on the peninsula until millbrae at 70 and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco. at the game, baltimore orioles are coming to take on the giants and we hope they play just as poorly. 59 at 7:00, and dropping for 56. cool. as urge. at at&t park. temperatures are in the upper 80s to low 90s inland east bay neighborhood. along the east bay shore we will have temperatures running mainly in the mid-70s to nearly 80. with the a's see allege is in town to take them on dropping
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down to 60. in the north bay, mid-to-upper 80s. my seven-day outlook shows a few degrees away from the coast. we substack a couple on sunday and the 60 at the coast and 80s and 90s and 100s an bay and inland for tuesday, wednesday. >> now, olympics. >> it is about the two stanford swimmer, our very own, made history. >> she got gold and now we look forward to track and field. more now from jim ryan. >> 19-year-old simone is the queen of women's gymnastics in rio de janeiro on the way to gold in the final she mastered the vault, the beam, and the floor. and now is the champion
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redemption of a sort after missing a bronze four years ago. the american women's stole the show in the mens 200 individual, michael feltens in the greatest rivalry. and the individual swim in the summer games surged to victory and the only swimmer to win four consecutive golds in the same event. and an american tied for a gold medal in the women's 100 freestyle with canada in olympic record time. simone is the first african-american woman to win an olympic in any individual swimming. katie ledecky set a new record qualifying in her signature event, the 800 meter freestyle. katie ledecky was seven seconds faster than anyone else in the pool. an american defended the judo title forcing her opponent to tap out, automatically winning.
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>> now, president obama is out with the summer play list and there is one bay area group on it. tower of power from oakland, their song "so very hard to go," a select file on the president's list. the white house said the mix was hand selected by the president including from aretha and prince and miles, and jay-z and other common artists. >> he has been doing this for a while? great, great summer play list. >> a deer in a life jacket, the rush to save the wild animal that jumped into a bay area pool. >> the future is now. one-of-a-kind service for one-of-a-kind service for sh
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>> here are the seven things you need to know. alexis? >> major bart delays. an equipment problem in daly city. right now all trains are stopping at 24th. they are heading back to the east bay. trains south of daly city are not moving. >> we are sending our reporter, cornell barnard, to check it out. >> breaking overnight, 24 people are recovering after the sacramento bound jetblue flight hit severe turbulence. the plane forced to make an emergency landing. in south dakota. >> park rangers are searching for the person who could be trying to poison animals at a park in san jose. a maintenance worker spotted the bars in a water trough on wednesday. officials think it could be rat poison. >> the 20-year old college student killed while playing pokemon go in san francisco is laid to rest. calvin riley was shot on
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saturday at a water park. police are asking for help to find the killer. the funeral is 11:00 at st. gregory's church in san mateo and open to the public. >> after a week of seasonal temperatures, the heat is coming on. look at the mid-to-upper 90s in lakeport and antioch and brentwood. head to the coast to escape the heat. low 60s. it is a "spare the air" day. >> did you see it in the perseid meteor showers lit up the sky. there is another chance to see it tonight but not so good as tonight. send us your photo and video using #abc7now. >>ifyoucannotgetenoughofthe pumpk >>ifyoucannotgetenoughofthepumpe shop,starbucksiscapitalizeonthe p umpkinspacemaniaandofferingthe dr inksatgrocerystoresacrossthe coun try. >> too early the >> when we told you about pepper the robot coming to palo alto and anyone who walked into the
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we store, there you and see her or him. >> what is it? a gender? >> it is "it," you will get a special greeting from it. >> my name is pepper. welcome. >> i am obsessed. >> this is the first job in north america, and the robot is designed to be more approachable than other robots and it does not just answer questions but engages with customers and creates empathy and can detect your face and whether you are happy or sad. it will offer you a song or a hug. >> robot is has cameras in the eyes and 4' tall it will be affordable for small business. pepper is on display until next thursday. check it identity. >> and now, pepper does not know me. >> you could be spared soon from springing forward and falling back each year, the ritual for back each year, the ritual for some people is
5:26 am
vote on a ballot measure to suspend daylight saving time in california. in this happens, and the governor signs it, the choice will be left up to us, the voter s, whether it appears on the 2018 ballot. >> this is aspirational video. >> a deer is alive, because of quick thinking workers at a public pool in berkeley. they rushed to put a life preserver on the little young deer to keep it afloat after it jumped in the pool next to young swimmers at the park yesterday. jeff shared the photo of the rescue. the staff were able to keep the animal from swimming too close to children. >> the staff are trained in dealing with a the love emergency but never "dear in a pool." the staff led the deer to the pool step and the deer spring out of the pool and ran into the
5:27 am
bushes. >> it jumped in fully clothed. the animal hops the fence to get on the deck. >> good for it we have a full 90 minute of news including the commuter alert with major delays on bart after a problem on the tracks. electrics electric is tracks. electrics electric is tracking that.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, glad you are here on friday, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is friday, august 12. 5:30 in the morning and we have a problem, big bart delays, before you leave the house, listen to alexis smith. >> a major commuter alert. we have all kinds of problems this morning on bart. it is getting worse. here is the latest.
5:30 am
we talked to a bart representative. there is some type of track problem between balboa park and daly city station. they do not know what it is or why it is happening but they do have power. so far we do not have bus bridges set in. no trains are moving. on the dale city line and all trains from the east bay are stopping at 24th street station in san francisco and turning back to the east bay. some trains are also stopping at the montgomery station and turning back because there are so many people we have a couple of crew on way. in will be a ripple affect all morning. it is a "spare the air" day but, honestly, maybe it will be better driving or, perhaps, car pooling today. mike? >> not the start we wanted. >> definitely not. sorry to hear that. we have fog with the lowest visibility 1.75" in santa rosa. some of our reporting stations are getting fog. it is just not registering yet.
5:31 am
in some areas we have nicaragua and no reporting stations. watch out for varying conditions. the golden gate bridge has mist this morning. the day planner is waking up a degree or two warmer. mid-to-upper 50s. at noon, circuit at the coast and clouds. 71 at the bay. faster sunshine today. interest 4:00 hour, still 61 at coast with pockets of sunshine and 76 to 92 inland and by sunset at 8:00, back into the 70s in must area, 60s at the coast. the fog is the big tell. it is up at santa rosa and it will be thicker sliding to petaluma as we head over the next couple of hours. it will fade, then, as we get to the 9:00 hour. we will see the sunshine. a warming trend is ahead in the seven-day forecast. two of them. >> developing news in the south bay, someone could be trying to poison animals in the south bay park. that has sheriff deputies and
5:32 am
rangers increasing patrols. suspicious tablets were discovered in a water trough that pets use, in the county park in san jose. a park maintenance worker found the three white bars in the trough on wednesday. officials think it doen rat poison. it is not believed any animal drank from the poison water. fliers are posted on all bulletin boards to be on alert. just in case. >> san jose police are looking for the vandals who cut down two dozen trees. 23 trees sawed down in san jose in willow glen neighborhood. you can see what is left: the stumps. signs say "this tree was murdered." the environmental group our city forest, planted 46 trees as part after $50,000 project sponsored by city council members. >> breaking news overnight, several people hurt after a flight headed for northern california was forced to make an
5:33 am
emergency landing in south dakota. jessica has another update for us. jessica? >> we are getting a better idea of mapped from passengers who just landed in sacramento an hour ago. the people would landed are lucky. they did not have to be hospitalized from boston to sacromento when their plane made an message landing in south dakota last night. people were screaming. a lady needed a neck brace. a bathroom toilet ripped from the floor of the plane. [ inaudible ] >> we dropped like that. without a warning. a few people were injured. i am an emergency room nurse so i helped a doctor. minor injuries but big deal for everyone else. it was frightening. >> a total of 24 people were hospitalized. including two crew members. we are hearing the left side of
5:34 am
the plane did better than the right side. i will have more through the morning. reggie, it sounds like it was a long trek because they were to land in california last night and just making it this morning. >> when someone said it was like a "toy we are of terror," not good. >> police want to find a driver who hit and killed a man in vallejo and did not step. a man was crossing at sonoma boulevard last night. he was not in a marked crosswalk when the car hit and killed him. the car is a like colored nissan. they want to talk to anyone in the area. >> ten-month-old santa clara boy missing for a month is safe. the district ton said they have located davione. investigators are trying to find his mother. the d.a. said satima purnell took off with the baby july 9. she was told that child services would take custody her son.
5:35 am
satima purnell has been in trouble with the law twice in the last decade. >> today, 3,300 students will receive a brand new backpack filled with school supplies. community services in san jose of sake credit hard has donations for kids from low income facts and is preparing the most become packs in the education campaign's 14-year history. the number keeps going up because of the high cost of living in silicon valley and the increase in confidents for school supplies. the give away starts at 9:00 a.m. >> if you did not see it you missed out on the perseid meteor shower the best in a decade. the perseid meteor shower considered outburst of exceptional showers with twice as many shooting stars the we have june toker to thank for the show >> every 12 years, jupiter comes around and goes under the path of the comet.
5:36 am
it gives it a gravitational pull causing, two years later, the rout burst we see. >> you can see up to 100 outbursts an hour and continue away from the city lights. if you took photos or video, share it with us on social media #abc7now. you could see it online or our newscast. >> anyone about to get on bart, what is the latest, alexis? we do not have a lot of new information but we have a major commuter alert this morning. there is an equipment problem causing significant delays. the problem is between balboa park and daly city but they cannot identify the problem. the peninsula and san francisco stations are affected, all trains stopping at 24th and ling back to the east bay, and not able to go any further.
5:37 am
daly city fought moving at all so we have crews on the way for the 24th street station and heading to daly city where the potential track problem is. we have been talking to bart members and they are not able to first out what is going on. hopefully we get to the bottom of it soon. expect significant delays. everyone else is looking average this morning with metering lights on and no significant problems for the south bay, either, northbound we we filling in, in san jose, but this is it. bart is the only major issue. another update in ten minutes and right now we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and look at our forecast, we have made it to the weekend. >> we are getting close. that for sure. speaking of seeing anything, you will not see anything but tonight the perseid shower, as natasha talked about, it will still be around in the northeast, best above a thousand feet and inland.
5:38 am
the warm spot is redwood city at 60. the rest of us, we have palo alto and antioch in the low 60s and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s until mill valley at 47 and san francisco at 55. inland it is hot. light breeze. if you are on water or bicycling , high u.v. index with real heat coming up in the ten seven and triple digits. >> san francisco police will join the mother's crusade to get justice for her son shot and killed nearly ten-years ago. the boy was only 17 when he was shot 30 times in august of 2006 and his mother paulyet has been keeping the case alive and posting signs and passing out fliers, $250,000 reward has not brought forth witnesses and police are asking anyone who saw or knows anything on the murder to come forward. say the man found dead in a stairwell in san francisco was a chef at a local union square
5:39 am
restaurant. victim is frank galicia a line cook at the upscale sons and daughter restaurant. his brother said the 28-year-old moved from boston for "dream job," and hopes to open his own restaurant. he cannot thing of anyone who would want to hurt the man he knew as a free spirit. >> he was robbed of his life over something i am sure was petty. all the death is ruled a "homicide," and no cause of death released. >> candid words from donald trump the add motion he could be stumbling in the run for the white house. >> frightening road rage attack caught on video. what drove a driver to open fire what drove a driver to open fire
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> halfway, pleasanton by bay >> unbelievable story. officers are look for a driver who opened fire at an s.u.v. in a frightening case of road rage in southern california. caught on camera by another driver. a man in a dark honda pulls a gun and starts shooting at an s.u.v. why? the woman driving the s.u.v. turned on her wipers and got fluid on his car. you can hear the gunshots. the man pulled alongside the
5:42 am
woman and a 13-year-old boy and fired two shots. this happen north of los angeles and the map was upset because she got his new car "wet." all the legal of this incident was alarming. i cannot imagine being in a vehicle and being fired upon driving with director family members. it had to have been terrifying so we are trying to make an effort to locate the suspect in this case and bring him to justice. >> no one was hurt. the tires of the s.u.v. were blown out and the suspect? still loose. >> donald trump is watching polls slip as he continues the campaign in pennsylvania after making a rare admission in a phone interview. this is as hillary clinton has a strong lead in the polls going after donald trump's economic plan, saying it is a more extreme investigation of the failed theory of trickle down economics. donald trump said he called clinton and president obama the founders of isis, and said this. >> it is either going to work or
5:43 am
i am going to, you know, have a very, very nice long vacation. >> the state department is backing hillary clinton as trump continues to attack the e-mails, and the department said that there was nothing inappropriate in the communication between hillary clinton staff and the clinton foundation. >> before a trump rally a supporter draped the confederate flag you see on the scene. it has donald trump's anyway on it. police and a campaign staff member removed the flag before donald trump walked in. the 27-year-old map was upset it was taken down and said he bought it outside of the rally before walking in. >> hillary clinton is going to be on jimmy kimmel on august 223 under. >> a bill requiring the development of a standard rahm kit throughout california is move on to the state senate. you may anyway note there are
5:44 am
10-12 different types of kilts used in different counties. that means there are variations among the crime laboratories and the higher chance for mistake. bill was passed by senate appropriations committee and will be heard by the senate. >> bart is moving another step closer to opening the rest troops closed since 9/11. the board will vote on a plan to redesign and remodel the restrooms at 19th in oakland and powell in san francisco. they would not be single but have separate stalls and sink is outside. >> the idea is to on the space up and make it safe and see in it works for the rest of the system. >> the bathrooms would not open until 2018. in the program is successful, bart could expand the protect to include all of the under ground stations. >> a fun event is happening today with thousands of people expecting to attend the jazz fest in san jose. this is the festival of for the
5:45 am
27th year with telephone stages and 120 performances of artists from around the world. this is video from a previous festival. vendors will serve food and drink running through sunday. the first performance is 5:30 tonight at the plaza chavez park. all the big story is bart. major delays. alexis has what is happening. >> this is impacting a lot of folks for friday morning. big commuter alert. some type of equipment problem. between billion bowia park and daly city. that has all san francisco and peninsula stations responsing major delays in ill bray and sfo and east bay direction. all trains are stopped between 24th station and peninsula stations. they have not specified the problem. i am not sure in they know. this we is crews on the scene
5:46 am
trying to figure out. we have our news team on the way to a couple of the spots. we will send them to daly city where the problem is and 24th where everyone is getting off. if you are traveling toward the peninsula, that is a huge issue. we will have updates soon. another minor issue southbound 101 beyond donohue a vehicle fire is hanging over the right lane. no delays. so far. another update on the bart situation, mike nicco is on the roof. >> it is damp up here. the fog. the compressed marine layer, the moisture in the form of mist and drizzle, you can see how low the clouds are. by afternoon, more sunshine and warmth. air quality is suffererring. our 15th "spare the air" day and it will be cooler on sunday and hotter next week.
5:47 am
an indication we have high pressure on top of us with variable wind. they are light. it will bring us hazy sunshine in the south bay at soberanes fire smock coming our way the upper 70s to mid-80s until morgan hill and los gatos nearly 90 and san jose is 84. peninsula is almost average with slight warring and upper 70s to increasely 80 and cooler along the coast and low-to-mid 60s from pacifica and half moon bay and milbrae is 70. a video across san francisco and the many that is 59 and downtown is 67. across the north bay, we have upper 70s to mid-ity for most neighborhoods and 84 in santa rosa with patchy fog and sunshine and average in oakland and 74 and a last mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay more line and inland we are warmest, upper 80s to low 90s and if you close to turn on air conditioning today could be day and you have it all weekend as we hit the upper 90s tomorrow and mid-night on sunday and the 100s inland on tuesday and
5:48 am
wednesday and hit the 80s around the bay and stay in the 60s at the coast. >> a mystery at women, a star player is hospitalized and police say something doesn't seem right. could she have been poisoned? >> but, first, million dollar listening, -- listings where the seven figure prices for homes are you new normal. anew arena making center of gaming. >> and the commute is a major headache for so many at apple store or google play by store or google play by activating push
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>> good morning, i am traffic reporter, election electrics with a big traffic alert. major delays with bart all san francisco and peninsula stations are spending major delays, trains are stop between 24th street station and peninsula stations right now. we have new information on what could be causing this. >> thank i, alexis. >> today business owners and residents and families victimized by the june mission fire in san francisco can begin the process of getting federal aid. we told you yesterday morning about federal aid made available. the small business administration will open a loan outreach center at 23301 mission street that remains open until
5:52 am
august 25. business owners can borrow up to $2 million and displaced residents and families can apply for $40,000 loans. >> san jose is now the most expensive it tremendous market in the entire country for home prices. according to a new report the average home price in san jose is slightly more than $1 million. that is highest ever for a minute area. >> our prices are up because there is little prosecute in the lower price points available. >> who happy? sellers. we talked it a couple would bought their home for around $300,000. 23 years ago. and just sold it for market value. >> never thought we make money for or house. all the neighbors bought their home 45 years ago for $40,000.
5:53 am
>> and bay area, an oakland arena will open next year an arena that is a thousand seats, near the amtrak station, and gaming fans can cheer on teams and players. [ inaudible ] >> a lost technical people and students and gamers in the bay area. >> that is the v.p. of twitch, streaming the event. if you are not convinced, it is projected to bring in $1 billion a year by 2019. >> a day after facebook said they have a way to defeat ad blocking software, an ad blocking company said they have found a work around. facebook said her to disappointed the ad blocking companies are punishing people. how do you figure? facebook said the ad blocking software blocks posts from friends. the engineers are work on a plan to defeat thing that defeated
5:54 am
them. the ad blocking community said we will work around that, too, and it keeps going around and around. >> we have two toteers working bart issues. and alexis smith has updates. >> we are hearing there are equipment problems and they cannot get them fixed. we will have a report from a couple of our crews. we have been following this for an hour. we have trains stopped between the 24th street station and san francisco and the peninsula station. so we have to stop at 24th and turn around and head back to the east bay. major delays. and all peninsula stops in the millbrae andand east bay direction. this is going to impact a lot of folks. ever continue we have the equipment problem solved and the train is moving that will be a ripple effect for the commute. obviously a last folks are getting in their vehicles, too, but here is a look at the maze, starting to fill in, westbound
5:55 am
80 for the forbes coming through berkeley and through emeryville and heavy traffic through the toll plaza follow and a look at the bay bridge closer to san francisco, average volume and just keep a close eye on that. >> mike nicco, i see fog and mist on the camera. same on the roof? >> i an getting wet. pay have to break out the umbrette. the mist is thick. like a light drizzle. through the day, this will lift at 9:00. with sunshine. and 7:00, it will be 65 and the mariners are town. baltimore orioles are taking on the giants. cooler at 7:00, at and dropping to 56. at the beep, santa cruz is the warmest, low-to-mid 70s after the morning fog burns off and temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50s. we have more than 100 degree
5:56 am
highs for fresno and palm springs and 83 in lake tahoe. mid-to-upper 90s for the rest of the central valley. get ready for the heat. >> if you check your work e-mail, at home, you are probably nodding your head to this story because researchers including one from cal looked at 300 additional whose use work e-mail after hours suggesting that it is doing more harm unanimous good. to you. the anticipation of getting the next e-mail is draining. and responding to it is more is. the effect on work and life balance is leading to physical and emotional issues. have that conversation with your boss. good luck. >> san francisco has another star, have you heard? a food magazine named this brakery as the best in the country. we were at the bakery as people waited to line to get the now
5:57 am
fame out croissant described flakey and impossibly tender, a direct quote. that is a surprise to the owner would started babing full time three years ago. [ inaudible ] >> i start the as a home baker. cooking at home you try to impress your friends. all the love for the perfect croissant impressed the magazine but he is not changing his standards and said he still is going to take three full days to make >> huge delays for bart riders dealing with a problem with the track. >> and an effort to keep sex offenders from playing pokemon go with changes for california go with changes for california to keep our kids safe.
5:58 am
5:59 am
america thought our pancakes but we knew we could do better. so we did. we made denny's new pancakes 50% fluffier with fresh buttermilk and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free. that's the denny's love'em or they're free guarantee.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. a major headache for bart riders. a problem on the track causing big delays. >> we will start with cornell barnard at 24th street bart. in san francisco. what is going on? >> this is a good day to be uber and lyft or taxi driver you will be very, very busy. bart trains have stopped at 24th street station. a lost travelers headed to sfo are stranded. you are trying to get to... >> san francisco airport, a flight to denver. what happened? >> bart stepped at 24 there. cannot get through to san francisco airport. we have to come up with another means of transportation. >> what is your plan?


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